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Eagles need to extend Fletcher Cox soon


The Philadelphia Eagles need Fletcher Cox and they know this.  What they know and what they are willing to pay are two different story-lines.  There is no denying how talented of a player Cox is, and the disruptive presence he brings to the defense.

How big of a contract Howie Roseman is willing to sign is likely preventing the two sides from getting a deal done.  Cox is looking to get paid like other defensive tackles who recently signed big contracts, like Ndamukong Suh, Malik Jackson, Marcell Dareus and Gerald McCoy.

Roseman has publically stated that Cox is going to get that big pay day and be a Philadelphia Eagle for a very long time.  The Eagles don’t have a ton of cap flexibility this season, but being creative with the salary cap is one of the strengths of Roseman.

Sam Bradford, Darren Sproles and Ryan Mathews are likely gone next season.  Jason Peters could also join this list, and if Jason Kelce doesn’t rebound from his 2015 performance, he may also be suiting up for another team next year.   Even if it’s just Bradford, Sproles and Mathews who are gone, that’s well over twenty five million dollars the Eagles will have to assign elsewhere.  That elsewhere needs to be Fletcher Cox.

Fletcher Cox is the most dominant defensive lineman to suit up for the Philadelphia Eagles since the late Reggie White.  To think that Cox has yet to reach his prime playing years and now has the opportunity to maximize his talent under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, is all the reason to pay the guy what he is worth.

Howie Roseman signed a lot of extensions this past off-season; and the one he needs to sign must happen before bad blood begins to spill over. The media circus is already going to be on the quarterback situation, the Fletcher Cox deal doesn’t need to be yet another “distraction” that rookie head coach Doug Pederson is asked to comment on. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Eagles need to extend Fletcher Cox soon”

  1. This for me is the only real elephant in the room.

    Its quite a conundrum. I obv want Cox to be on the team, and would like him resigned….but $100 million + for a DT is really dumb. I think that could have a crippling effect on a cap.

    Teams should only dole out the $100 million deals after they win SBs….not before as there are always roster-cutting moves that have to be made to accomodate the monster deals. The Eagles have a bit of wiggle room here as there won’t be a lot comitted to QBs from 2017-2020, so I think that’s where they’ll be able to fit Cox in.

    • vinnie, I’ve tried to explain the business of sports to these guys and its a lost cause. Everyone wants Cox signed but you said it…. how much is a great DT worth? I don’t know..
      That said, I predict him signed by mid july….

      • don’t worry about that Cox or Bennie Logan, Howie identified the backup DE ( Vinny Curry) as a must have and the 3rd String QB with 1 career TD as more important ( Chase Daniel )

        • so if he signed cox to $100M and Cox tore an achilles day one of camp… $65 of that $100 was guaranteed and stayed on the books for 4 years… cox came back but was only serviceable you’d have an argument with the signing… I believe the statement would be “bad signing”– Daniel and curry were cheap

          • Curry costs 23 million and Daniel 13 million is cheap?
            10 wins and second place wasn’t good enough for Gamble to stay in 2014.
            7 wins and second place wasn’t good enough for Marynowitz to stay in 2015.
            Howie thinks he can do better with Curry and Daniel for 36 million guaranteed .

            • In relative terms neither is crippling. Again with Manowitz and Gamble? Who cares…?
              You guys that cry over money don tender stand it in relative terms…curry is I think $23 which is a 3 year 7.5….
              Again, you offer no alternatives?
              Fraudman you continue to just throw shit against the wall… At least zero is consistent, he believes the philly teams should have all minimum contracts

              • They were Bad Contracts (Curry/Daniels) as was Brandon Graham, Michael Kendricks and even Brett Celek’s didn’t make much Sense at this stage of his Career…. It’s not my $$$ , but overpaying for Average Production is not a way to maintain and build a Roster and especially now in a Rebuilding Year

              • So you understand nfl financial stability? None of those contracts are debilitating. Who was available you couldn’t get? Also, you have correctly stated but are now flip flopping… That FA are not worth it and that it’s better to pay your own guys… Who should they have signed?

  2. Curry/Daniel Deals were Overpaid …
    The Eagles have 3 DE”s getting paid as Pro-Bowlers (Barwin,Graham and Curry) without tgetting the Production back in Return.. Its one thing to maybe overpay for 1 Player at a Position, but not the Entire Position
    They did the same thing at RB Position last Year (Murray/Matthews & Sproles) and are doing it again this Season at QB (Bradford/Daniels)

    Fletcher Cox will Demand a Bigger Deal than Malik Jackson got a 1 Year Wonder who got a 6 Year $90 Million Deal with the Jaguars and $42 Million of Guaranteed Money…
    He and his Agent will be looking at the $100 Million + with $50 In Guaranteed
    $$.. Hes a very Good Player but this will cause some other Veterans to be moved,released due to Cap Issues…
    Hopefully they get this Deal done sooner rather than later..
    No Fletcher Cox makes the Eagles go from an Average DL a pretty Weak DL
    The Eagles sure could have used some of these very good DT’s from this past Draft Class.. There were some good ones on the Board in the 3rd/4th/5th/6th Rounds to add some Depth..

  3. Fraudman and zero please remind me who has walked that has hurt the eagles? Who haven’t they signed.

  4. Who is Who??

    SO I went through all the tweets and took out all the superlatives describing the QB throws and demeanor.

    Can you guess who is who?

    nice deep pass
    nicely thrown
    nearly picked
    nothing flashy
    nice pass

    best throw
    good touch
    nice pass
    really nice
    really nice
    really well
    really nice
    good throw
    bad throw
    slightly underthrown
    little wobbly
    looking sharp
    really nice
    strong but erratic
    pretty bad

    threadded needle
    a rope
    really good
    missing badly
    rough throw
    deep throw
    leads wr
    not bad
    great throw
    nice deep pass
    nice pass
    playbook “bursts open”
    quicker decisions
    shots downfield
    really really nice throw
    some communication issues
    bad spiral
    really nice
    up and down
    not doing well
    perfect placement
    batted at LOS
    fooling D
    sails high

    And more importantly…..which of the 3 sounds best??

  5. Relax – Cox isn’t going anywhere and will be signed eventually – let’s stop making false narratives where none exist.

  6. Mandatory OTA this week June 7- 9 for the Eagles.
    Darren Sproles and Fletcher Cox were no shows for voluntary camp.

  7. All the doom and gloom about not having cox signed is for naught…. as USUAL on this site. People don’t understand the business side of sports… hell the eagles have control of cox for 3 seasons still. Cox is more in a rush to sign than the birds- birds have 100% of the leverage.

  8. no they dont. and until a new , more enlightened generation , slowly replaces the current one, things will stay the same as they are,.With minimal changes, There are many good aspects for attrition.Gerbils, and drones do as they are told.Always been that way, always will be that way,

    • They don’t have the leverage? are you silly? Are you paying attention to whats happening in Denver and V. Miller? They control him for 3 years at which point he will be 28…. right now the franchise number is $13M so in essence worst case is they get him for 2 years and $26 guarantee after this season– miller was only offered $29 guaranteed. Cox probably wants $60, some of that undoubtedly in his 30, 31 age season… we shall see.

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