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Jeff Teague trade would be a mistake


Could the first move by new Sixers general manager Bryan Colangelo be in the works? According to multiple NBA sources, the Sixers and Hawks are discussing a trade that would send center Nerlens Noel for veteran point guard Jeff Teague.  It’s also been reported that the Sixers would be including additional players in the deal, linking shooting guard Nik Stauskas and forward Robert Covington as those players.

Let’s start with what the Sixers would be getting in Jeff Teague.  An immediate solution to the point guard position, Teague is a career 12.1 points per game player while averaging 5.2 assists and 2.2 rebounds.  Teague has improved his statistics the last four seasons, averaging 15.7 points per game, 6.7 assists and 2.5 rebounds during that time.   While he has increased his numbers as both a scorer and distributor, he has struggled to improve as a legit NBA defender.

The current Atlanta Hawk will be 28 years old when the 2016-2017 NBA season tips off.   Jeff Teague has one year left on his current contract before becoming an unrestricted free agent.  Translation, if the Sixers were to indeed make this deal, Teague would likely receive a max contract and cement himself as the starting point guard for the Sixer for the next five to six seasons.

Teague is a player that would fit a need at point guard but his max potential has likely been reached.  On the other hand, Nerlens Noel has yet to reach his ceiling, although there is concern with how he fits with the crowded front court that is the Sixers dilemma.  If Noel is the big man to be moved, simply getting a player like Jeff Teague in return is not equal value, especially considering the Sixers are reportedly willing to add additional assets to get the deal done.

The Sixers have made it known that they are willing to move some of their front court depth for starting back court help.  The challenge for Colangelo will be making a deal that improves the Sixers long term and not one that simply fills a position of need with a “serviceable” player like Jeff Teague.

All things considered, this deal for the Sixers appears to be lopsided, and not in the favor of the Sixers.  The Sixers could go the route of signing a free agent point guard for a two year contract and focus on drafting their point guard of the future whether it’s this year or with the 2017 draft that is projected to have better talent at the guard position.

Say what you want about the job that ex-GM Sam Hinkie did during his tenure in Philadelphia, but every trade that he made felt like the Sixers came away victorious.  The trade with the Hawks as it’s been reported would not be a win-win situation for the Sixers, and hopefully it’s a mere discussion between two NBA teams that never becomes finalized. on Facebook

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34 Comments for “Jeff Teague trade would be a mistake”

  1. Let’s hope this trade doesn’t go through. Stand pat and wait for a better opportunity to present itself . I feel as if the Sixers are getting desperate for a PG..

  2. Sweet Lord.

    Please bring back Hinkie.

    • What has actually happened to make you say bring that loser back?

      • I’d bring him back in a second. The man laid out a plan got us Noel Simmons embiid oakafor and Simmons. In addition to a high lakers pick and possible kings swap and a future kings 1st. The futures is bright. The plan was laid out for all to see and although we whiffed on towns Jabari and Wiggins we still got a lot to work with. Now hopefully this jackass don’t fuck it up and bring a loser like rose in.

        • Thank u mhenski.

          All his hard work is about to acredited to someone else.

          Hes the one who made the sixers interesting again, and has given us a potiential bright future.

          Getting rid of a 21 year old promising defender for a 29 year old pg?? Along with robert covington? What?

          • Losing doesn’t take hard work….

            • It takes hard work to set up a bright future. And thats what he did.


              When embiid is a stud. Youll see.

              Winning the 8th seed every year in the east isnt hard work either

              • You do realize that Embid has had more surgeries then games played? Big man with bad feet… You’ve heard of this haven’t you?

          • It’s called needing some veterans on your team that can actually play. Not just guys to fill the roster out or taking on another teams money. Sixer fans think this is going to be like Michigan back in the day. We are going to have a fab five huh. No not in the Nba you need a veteran or two or three on your team

  3. Teague deal is ok, next year the sixers have more possible top five picks. It’s better talent coming out next year, you can get your point guard of the future then. After all if everyone on here is cool with wentz not playing much. Then they should be ok with Teague holding it down until the sixers can find the future star.

  4. Future star at the point guard position I meant to say.

  5. First off Noel has to go. The curse of having 4-5 top 5 picks in a row is all there rookie contracts begin to expire year after year. You cant keep all of the picks. What are you going to do give Noel a big contract next year? Then Embid followed by Saric, then Simmons? It cant work like that. All of the sudden Noel cant be moved?. lol. CoAngelos thought process is to get a vet guard in here right away, short term, so he can develop his young bigs right away to see what he has. Then draft a guard of the future next year to take over. Its a blessing just that Noel is the one being moved right now instead of Okafor. Noel doesn’t get you much thus the Teague imminent signing. Noel wasn’t going to be retained anyway because as I stated before you cant resign all these draft picks. So I’m fine with it.

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    Those of us who were fortunate to watch him Box during the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s were treated to Boxing’s All-Time Best… He transcended Sports and changed how TV/Media covered Sports & Athletes
    I remember during the 70’s when he lived in Cherry Hill in the Woodcrest area off of Hwy 561, which was just a few miles from where i grew up, and we would bump into him at Woodcrest Bowling Alley, the local Supermarket or Echelon Mall.. He was always playing, laughing & upbeat with Kids and loved all Sports and all kids from whatever background they were from…He was a one of a kind Person, Athlete & Ambassador of the Sport & Human Spirit .. God Bless Muhammed Ali…

  7. Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquire said 15 teams contacted Sixers about Nerlans and Okafor.
    Seems highly likely that one of them will be gone whenever that first day of trades can be announced.

  8. man i cant decide if i think its beyond sad lebron cant win in the finals or if i think its hilarious

  9. Having a surplus of young bigs in a league devoid of young big talent isn’t a detriment. You never give away a young big who has shown Noel’s type of defensive ability for a slightly above avg guard like Teague who’s knocking on the door of 30yrs old. Teague will try to leverage in a year for a max deal or bolt. He isn’t worth max money and signing him to such would put us right back on the track of cap hell for maxing out or overpaying marginal FA. As EOS just stated, allow the market to play out. There are plenty of teams who would love to have Noel. Our leverage is the other teams NEEDS at a position of strength for us. It’s quite simple.

  10. 76ers Mock 2016 Draft

    #1) Forward – Ben Simmons – LSU (6-10 240lbs)
    #24) PG – Demetrius Jackson – Notre Dame (6-2 200lbs)
    #26) SG – Patrick McCaw – UNLV (6-7 185lbs)

    • Pman I like Jackson a lot I would definitely take him at 24 reminds me of Kyle lowry except more explosive with the hops

      • I like Guard D Jackson as well who can run 2nd Unit immediately, Play some Defense, supply toughness & leadership smarts until they Draft/Acquire a Stud Guard but gets a good, solid All-Around Player

        At #26 I think a SG is needed .. McCaw is long and lanky but can shoot
        There’s also the kid from Fla State, Beasley who is another long, raw shooter

        A dark horse selection at#26 could be Ben Bentil of Providence as many mocks have him down in the 25-30th Range which is hard to believe but he can really shoot well from the outside, run the floor and maybe becomes that Brandon Bass, Danny Green type for instant Offense as #3 or even a #4 if you go to a small lineup .. Bentil is not much of a Passer or Defender but he can Score..

        • Good eye on McCaw Paul…excellent…He would be a nice pick later in the draft. However, I don’t think there is a chance the Sixers keep both of those late first rounders.

          I would like to see them draft Ben Simmons #1.

          Then trade Noel, and both #24 & #26 picks, and the Lakers protected #1 pick next year to a team in the 10 -15 range, for a player and their pick, like Milwaukee AT #11, and receive Giannis Adetkoumbo, then draft DeJounte Murray of Washington 6-5 PG/SG.

          If they do keep both picks –
          #24 – Patrick McCaw 6-7 UNLV – SG, or trade to Portland to get McCollum
          #26 – Trade with Portland to get CJ McCollum, along with using Saric & some future picks.
          and in a trade for a 2nd rounder – AJ English Iona – PG/SG

        • Oh, many mocks have Ben in the 2nd round.

          Like my son, he would have benefited from another year of school.

          Ben is a good kid, and will make his way around the league, and eventually find a team that can utilize his skill set, and talents.

          To me he is more of an Antonio Davis type player; low post rebounder, and defender, 10-15 point scorer.

          • GMCliff – What’s your thoughts on SG Malik Beasley of Fla State (6-5′)
            He’s still Raw but has some upside as a Penetrator & Shooter and could make a nice #2 playing alongside a True PG..
            He could be on the Board at #24 or #26 and would be a nice Pick also

            • Paul, Love him….He should be considered higher than he’ll probably go in the draft in my opinion. He has real potential.

              He reminds me of a Joe Dumars type of player – smart, with more size, and athleticism – a pretty good shooter. He could be a steal, if the Sixers could get a hold of him.

              I like him a lot more than Jamal Murray. He would be best coming off the bench for now, as opposed to being penciled in as a starter. But, He could develop into something special.

            • Beasley won’t last until #24, so I didn’t consider him at that point in the draft because he wouldn’t be available to the Sixers, unless they were to make some sort of deal to get him.

              Josh Jackson will be high on their list in next years draft, and I love his game – but Beasley is a much better shooter. So if they could get Beasley on the roster, I think they’d have some weapons in the two of them at SG…

              My point in saying that is that, they don’t have to trade for a high draft pick to get talent elsewhere in the draft; Get the best deal you can for Noel.

          • I like Paulman’s comparison of Bass much better than Antonio Davis. I think Bentil is very small for an NBA PF really small and too slow to be a SF. ( Tweener) I think Antonio Davis had average PF size, strength and wingspan to defend and rebound in the low post. For Bentil to make a rotation he is going to have play like Bass or step out even further like McDermott. No way Bentil can play like Antonio Davis and make a NBA team.
            Malik Beasley is a slasher, so the problem becomes is Beasley a good enough slasher to warrant the basketball ? ( meaning he has to be a 1st or 2nd option in the offense) I don’t think he is so when a player becomes the 3rd through 5th option as a SG he is a sniper not a slasher. ( he won’t have the basketball in his hands until first and second option are defended)

  11. USA Olympic team practice squad called the Select team invited Sixers Okafor & Grant to help prepare the Olympic roster for Rio. I guess Okafor is healthy and heeled from season ending meniscus tear.

  12. If 76ers Deal Noel for a Veteran Point Guard
    Maybe the 76ers could look at Center’s AJ Hammons of Purdue
    or Chinanu Onuaku of Louisville with that 24th or 26th Pick..

    Another Young Guard out there is Anthony Barber of NC State who led the ACC in Scoring last Year and has some size at 6-3′, Quickness and can Distribute the Ball and is a good All-Around Player.. he only goes about 175lbs so he will need to strengthen up and is also from the Hampton/Tidewater area of Virginia like Allen Iverson, Mike Vick, Ronald Curry, Aaron Brooks and where many other Great Athletes have come..

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