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FletcherCox10Fletcher Cox and Darren Sproles showed up today for the mandatory workouts.  Cox is in a unique position with his contract as he and the Birds continue to try and work something out that will make sense for both parties.

Cox has another year on his contract, then he will become a free agent next year in 2017.  The Eagles could let him play for $8 million this year and then franchise him next year at $13 million, but if they did that they would have an unhappy player.  Like that “Bad Blood” in the Taylor Swift song, they don’t want that to build up between Fletcher, his agent Todd France and the Eagles.  It’s an interesting situation that will take further negotiations to get straightened out.

Howie Roseman must get him signed or this entire franchise will suffer because of it.  Jim Schwartz’ defense will be affected by the play of Cox.  He could and should shine in this defense.  I get into the numbers and the details of the Eagles defense and why it is built around Cox.

Darren Sproles is important to this year’s team as well.  He doesn’t have the long term affect that the Cox signing will have but the Eagles 2016 team is much better with Sproles on it.  He is getting near the end of his career, so he may be trying to send a message by not showing up for the voluntary camps.

It’s always worth talking about what’s going on in the mind of two of the Eagles best players.

The Eagles quarterback situation is going to get a lot of attention and rightfully so.  Let’s look at it a little closer.  Is Sam Bradford really separating himself from the other quarterbacks like head coach Doug Pederson has said or is he trying to eliminate the competition at the quarterback position which his assistants Jim Schwartz and Frank Reich mentioned?

Who was the idiot who threw a beer bottle at Ryan Howard?  Has it come to that where if a player makes an out you throw a beer bottle at him?

Did the Cleveland Cavaliers throw in the towel last night?  Did LeBron James and his teammates give full effort against the Golden State Warriors in game two of the NBA Finals?

The Eagles are working out tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have another podcast up focusing on the workout.  I’m going to be doing short 10, 15 and 20 minute podcast talking about exactly what happens at the workouts which will begin at 1:20pm.

18 thoughts on “Fletcher Cox and Darren Sproles Report – G. Cobb Podcast

  1. I don’t think the bottle hit Howard. Sunday Night I watched the Mexico vs Uruguay Men’s Soccer Match from Arizona ( Copa America tournament ) and they tossed massive amounts of bottles at Uruguay players during play. That is the 2nd Mexican National team match on USA soil that I witnessed their fans threw and hit the opponents players with bottles.

    1. So are you thinking Ryan Howard is pulling a gmcliff and just making up stories for attention or making up fake stories to try and sue someone?

    2. And that also happend in LA some 10 yrs back when USA played against Mexico. Mexican fans were tossing beer bottles (some supposedly filled with urine) small batteries, and other objects on the field at the USA players. They also booed our national anthem as well. Classy huh!?!

  2. The fan that threw that bottle crossed so many lines. The lines were crossed even if Howard’s career was like Steve Jeltz. Fans are not part of the game, they nor anything in their possession should enter the field of play. The fact that the moron did it to a guy that finished top 10 in mvp voting 6 straight years, put our team in national prominence , was the one player in baseball that no one would leave the room to piss when at bat is even more despicable

    1. I agree with HAC.. There is No Place in Sports for Fans Throwing, Tossing onto the Playing Field/Court or Ice .. Wasn’t there a Big Fan Incident during the Flyers Game recently too..

  3. So MLB draft… I am switching from my vote for pitching to Kyle Lewis and then Micky Moniak. The more I read about Lewis the more I like him. Small school be damned. i want the highest upside and I am not convinced that that is Puk, so I would go with a bat.

    1. Kyle Lewis from Mercer University which is in Macon,Ga and is in the Southern Conference, Corey Ray from Louisville and Mickey Moniak have all moved up the Draft Boards as Position Players and will be in Contention for the Top Pick
      I like all 3 of them..

  4. Rip Ryan Howard. Most memorable Howard moments

    The idiotic mayor giving him the key to the city and calling him Ron Howard while doing so

    The do you wanna be me ? No! Presser

    The Achilles blowing out

    Winning the World Series

    3 World Series dingers vs Tampa.

    Coming up tiny vs the yanks in the World Series

    Coming up tinier vs cards in the nlds

    1. I would add to the list his ability to put the team on his shoulders in August and September. The dude literally carried them to titles late in the season

        1. well henski i’m sure you remember being glued to the tv or your seat at the park when he was due up– there were a million moments-
          oh well…move over big piece its tommy joseph time.


    in other not so good news crawford is struggling bad to find his swing in AAA, i thought it was a mistake bringing him up. dude cant hit

    1. depends if they want a starter ? or a 40 man roster player? i
      f both starter and 40 man roster player it would be David Buchanan;
      non 40 man roster best triple A starter but not on 40 man roster than it would Zach Efflin;
      or their best triple A prospect non 40 man roster player then it would Jake Thompson;
      or 40 man roster but not a starter but a middle inning pitcher( Mario Hollands or Luis Garcia ).
      My guess they call up Luis Garcia for immediate help then 4 games later call up David Buchanan to replace Garica if Velequez isn’t ready for next start.

      1. my guess is they will put him on the DL for a minimum of 15… there is no way they are risking that guy– And you are probably correct– Buchanan—

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