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Eagles Sign Fletcher Cox To A Six-Year $103 Million Dollar Deal

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Fletcher Cox #91 of the Philadelphia Eagles sits on the sidelines before a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on August 24, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Brian Cleary/Getty Images)

JACKSONVILLE, FL – AUGUST 24: Fletcher Cox #91 of the Philadelphia Eagles sits on the sidelines before a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field on August 24, 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Brian Cleary/Getty Images)

Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and his family are probably sitting somewhere smiling and laughing with joy. They’ve got a lot of good reasons to be smiling and laughing.  Cox became a very, very wealthy man today.

The signing is great news to anybody associated with the Eagles.   The fact that the Birds have worked out a six-year deal with their All-Pro defensive tackle should bring a smile to the face of every Eagles fan.  He was the heart of their defense a year ago, but this year he will be even more a focal point of this defense.

This signing means the Eagles best and most valuable defensive player will be available and dominating in the middle of Jim Schwartz’ defense for another six years at least.   That’s very good news to Eagles fans.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the deal is worth $103 million dollars with $63 million dollars of it guaranteed.  That’s a lot of money.  In fact it’s the largest guarantee for a NFL player that’s not a quarterback.  I’m not surprised.

This is extremely important because this defense will feature Cox.  He will be given the chance to dominate games like previous  Pro Bowl defensive tackles like the Lions Ndamukong Suh and the Titans Albert Haynesworth, who both played the same position in the Schwartz scheme.  Suh, who said to have a great work ethic broke the bank in a more than $100 million dollar deal with the Miami Dolphins.  Haynesworth was signed to a $100 million dollar deal by the Redskins, but he got fat and out of shape and wound up being a major disappointment.  The former Tennessee Titans defensive tackle didn’t have a good work ethic in college and he had a reputation for gaining weight when he was playing with the Titans.

One of the reasons Howie Roseman and the Birds front office felt good about paying Cox this huge sum of money is because he has a great work ethic.  Now we will see if his effort changes after now that he’s got a huge bank account.  I’ve been impressed with him as a person during my interaction with him and I don’t think the big pay day will affect him in a negative way.

“You’ve never heard that Fletcher Cox had ‘dog’ in him,” ESPN’s Schefter said. “He’s regarded as one of the team leaders, a guy that they want to build around. There was a real question about [Haynesworth] coming out of Tennessee that there was the stomping incident, there was the work ethic incident, there was the reason that he even dropped in the draft from really a top one or two, to where he was taken in the draft.

“Those questions have not really existed here with Fletcher Cox. Contracts of this size, it’s always part of the factoring how it’s gonna impact the guy and his motivation and desire, but I think the great ones are not motivated by that money as attractive and nice as it is. You do this because you love this because you take pride in this because you’re a consummate pro, and whether you’re paid $114 million or $114, you go about the job the same exact way. And I think that’s part of the belief on Fletcher Cox, and we’ll see whether or not it turns out to be true.”

The Scwartz scheme forces the offense to single block the featured defensive tackle with a guard.  It’s very difficult to double-team this featured defensive tackle because he lines up on the outside shoulder of the guard.  The DT is too far outside for the center to get to him and the offensive tackle can’t help him because he’s got to block the defensive end.

Cox had 9.5 sacks in the 2015 season, he will get even more in Schwartz’ defense. on Facebook

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32 Comments for “Eagles Sign Fletcher Cox To A Six-Year $103 Million Dollar Deal”

  1. Still not sure about a 100 mill to a DT. That’s a lot of cap room.

    It’ll be interesting to see the yearly breakdown when it appears (probably tomorrow). My feeling is that this will really be a 4 year deal with heavy cap hits in years 2,3 and 4.

    Eagles have the luxury of doing this because they’ll be paying peanuts to their QBs for the 4 years after next. So they had a little luxury there.

    • Vinnie they were stuck. There is noway they couldn’t sign him. What a PR nightmare that would be no matter how much sense it would make. My frame of reference is in alignment with the NE, GB, Seattle’s of the world. They never pay there d lineman that kind of money they trade them or let them walk. The Miamis, Buffalo’s, Texans and now the Eagles of the world pay that kind of ridiculous contract to a DT.

  2. Congrats to Fletcher Cox and His Family & Agent … The Eagles have a lot of Guaranteed $$$ on this Current Roster and will have some difficult Decisions Next Off-Season on who needs to be moved, released, traded etc…
    Sam Bradford, Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, Brett Celek, Brandon Graham, Connor Barwin, Michael Kendrick’s, etc…
    Hopefully they all play well and remain Healthy for 2016 ..
    Eagles currently have little $$$ at the WR & CB Positions on long term Deals so they need these Young Players at these Positions to really step up and become impact players for they will not beagle yo afford top Free-Agents at these Positions and Drafting Players here will take some time to develop

    • I’d say Bradford, Barwin, and Graham are traded, or released. Peters if he is healthy may be asked to take a pay cut, and move to Guard, or be released.

      Ryan Matthews, and Myckal Kendricks are possibilities depending on their health, and production.

      I see the Eagles, with no first round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, making a splash in free agency going after – Ziggy Ansah, Khalil Mack, Sheldon Richardson, and Larry Warford.

      Early 2017 Draft Wish List –

      2a.Cam Robinson – Alabama – 6-6 326 – OT
      2b.Tim Williams – Alabama – 6-4 237 – OLB

      3a. Connor McDermott – UCLA – 6-9 310 – OT
      3b. Kareem Are – Florida State – 6-6 334 – OG
      4a. Tony Connor – Ole Miss – 6-1 217 – SS
      4b. Vincent Taylor – Oklahoma State – 6-3 310 – DT

      5. James Connor – Pittsburgh – 6-2 225 – RB

      6a. Corey Davis – Western Michigan – 6-3 207- WR
      6b. Jelani Hamilton – Miami – 6-5 292 – 4.7 40 – DE

      7.Kareem Hunt – Toledo – 6-0 225 – RB

      • I see very little chance that Khalil Mack, Ziggy Ansah ever become Free-Agents with their respective Clubs.., the other two (Richardson/Warford) could very well hit the Market next Year..
        The Raiders are Playoff Contenders for 2016 & beyond and Mack is a big reason why..

        In Terms of Eagles Draft
        I think they have to address LB & WR & RB in 2017 Draft
        With Signing FA Brooks, & Wisnewski and Drafting of Selamula & Vaitai and youngsters Bunche I think they are ok along to OL in the short-term
        LB & WR have a lot of Concerns moving forward…
        Can Hicks and Kendricks play a 16 Game NFL Schedule? Is Bradham a 1 Year Rent a Player… Who provides the Depth or future if these guys get Hurt/Underperform..
        WR is wide open beyond 2016
        It’s make or break Seasons for both Huff/Agholor
        Randle is hurt often but is playing for a Contract as is Chris Givens…
        I rather see some of the Young WR’s inCamp get as many reps as possible for
        I see Huff a goner and possibly Agholor depending on his potential legal issues as he has enough distractions and struggling still adjusting to the NFL..
        There’s Matthews & Zac Ertz as Eagles a Receivers and then ?? All around and really no one else to be concerned with or have to game plan against..
        If I am posting Defense, I press-man Coverage the Eagles Outside WR’s all game long and double Team Ertz with a Safety over the stop and who else is going to hurt me inthe passing Game?
        The Eagles better be able to Rush for 150 Yards + per a Game as a Team or they will struggle to get TD’s On Offense.. Defenses will stack the Box to take away the run and challenge the Eagles to go over the top onthe outside to beat them.. The Question becomes, who onthe Eagles can win the 1 on 1 Battles outside the numbers in the passing game…

        • I see Ansah becoming available absolutely…I can’t see him signing a long term contract with the Lions, and never becoming a contender for a Championship.

          His best year as a pro was playing under Jim Schwartz, and he makes his signing with the Eagles a possibility.

          I agree Khalil Mack would be tough….but NOT impossible…Those four – Ansah, Mack, Richardson, and Warford – on this team along with a good draft makes them instant contenders, and I would be all in for going for it.

          Paul, you know, I have been screaming that the Eagles have no Pass Rush; Barwin, and Graham aren’t going to get it – never were.

          I hate that Huff, and Agholor, are still talked about as impactful WR’s on this team, when it’s obvious to me that they aren’t. Drafting a WR, isn’t going change our whoa’s instantly either. They have to be fortunate in finding some gems to go along with Matthews, who is just a slot receiver…

          If you remember Paul, I asked the same question – If Barwin, and Graham get hurt, who steps in. Now we’ve changed to a 4-3, our LB core is evLen thinner. That’s why my calling for the drafting of Khalil Mack, Jamie Collins, and Bud Dupree was correct. But as usual, they don’t think like I do, and are now scowerring for answers……..

          Drafting Kelechi Osemele, Larry Warford, Gabe Jackson, and Brandon Brooks would have solidified the Guard position a long time ago – The Eagles love working from behind, because they aren’t very good at identifying the talent.

          • GMClueless – Sixers working out Jaylen Brown today Tuesday June 14 , you going to be at their facility to see him ?

          • I would love for the Eagles to get their hands on Ansah, I just doubt very much f Detroit is going to let him go and will probably even Franchise him if they have to buy him for a Year….
            Next Season is a big one in Detroi as Coach Caldwell and Staff are on the Hot Season and probably need to make the Post-Season to save their Jobs..
            QB Matt Stafford has to establish himself as a Winner, Does he really have what it takes to Win in the NFL and the Answer so far has been No..
            With Ownership going to the more aggressive Mrs Ford with a New GM in Place, I don’t believe the Lions are going to stand pat as they have in the Past.. .

            The Eagles have 3 Highly Paid DE’s in Curry,Barwin & Graham who are all getting paid as Pro-Bowlers and will need to start producing more consistent Results and then it’s a make or break Season for 3rd Year 2014 Top Draft Pick Marcus Smith II to go along with this Year’s Draft Pick Pass Rusher DE A McAllister…
            There’s a good chance that at least 1 of these 5 players will likely be gone after the 2016 Season and perhaps 2 of them depending on how well MSII & McAllister Play or don’t Play..

            At OL with the Big Deal on Brandon Brooks, signing Wisnewski, using 3rd/4th Draft Picks on Issac Seumalo & Vaitai with other Young Players like Malcolm Bunch, Barrett Jones, Bruce Johnson with Barbree & Tobin there that I just don’t see the Eagles pursuing a Big Name Free-Agent along the OL for the next Year or Two..

            LB Position is Critical and getting some Depth at DT must be addressed too as the Eagles will have Beau Allen, Taylor Hart and Mike Martin all competing behind Bennie Logan

            • But Ansah will have some say in if he wants to sign with them…

              Barwin, and Graham, aren’t Pro Bowlers, so moving on from them will not be painful.. Marcus Smith shouldn’t have been drafted, and is thus a waste of roster space. McCallister has potential, but hasn’t done anything to suggest he will be here in the future, or will make the team this year.

              Wisnewski, is a journeyman, and only has a one year contract. Issac Seumalo, is a center, and shouldn’t be counted on as a viable option at Guard. Barrett Jones, Bruce Johnson with Barbree & Tobin all stink, and need to be upgraded.

              Taylor Hart has no business on this team, and should be cut immediately; He brings nothing to the table

              • The Lions will have first Option as they can simply Franchise Tag Him for 2017…Also if Jim Schwartz turns around this Eagles Defense, which is desperately needed, then he will become a strong HC Candidate elsewhere in 2 Years time…

              • That’s absolutely true Paul. Lions will have an advantage. My point was only that he doesn’t HAVE to sign his Franchise Tag, and seek to be somewhere else, and wouldn’t mind Philly as an option under the Coach that drafted him.

                It will take Schwartz 2 years just to get the ammunition to succeed here. But. I absolutely agree with you that he will be a head coaching candidate sometime in the future. My hope is that we get the talent on the roster before he leaves.

              • No a Player doesn’t have to Sign a Franchise Tag and can be Cut just like Josh Norman was who then became a Free-Agent.. or a Team can put that Player on the Do Not Report List making that player ineligible to play for anyone else for that Season which really doesn’t benefit anyone and i don’t believe has ever been done by a Team before..
                With Curry,Barwin and graham all Locked up for the next couple of Seasons
                the Eagles would have to Move 1 to 2 of these Players to Open playing Time and Cap Space before going out and Signing a Big $$$ DE is my bigger point… Can it be done, absolutely, Will the Eagles doing, very unlikely …
                I see very little Player Movement or Activity in Free-Agency next Off-Season with the Eagles unless there are a rash of Injuries at a Certain Position, etc,etc..

              • and we shall see my friend….

  3. If the LB position is somehow solidified (big question) then the eagles will see a big turn around on the D– statistically they will get up to 10ish– they will be better at takeaways etc– the combo of davis and kelly was brutal on the D… there were just too many 3 and outs from the Offense– that and the pace…

      • I think the Eagles CB Corps can be a pretty Good Group
        McKelvin, Carroll, Rowe, Brooks, Shepard & Mills and some of the other Young Players is a pretty Talented Group starting out…
        Maybe they don’t have a “Shutdown CB” but they should have a Competitive Group with hopefully no real weakness…
        McKelvin, Carroll can make Plays on the Ball while in the Air as we have seen from their Past Play.. Rowe,Shepard, Mills, Grymes, Rices, etc will all improve in this area .. Can they Tackle, Win some of those 1 on 1 Battles and Not get burned Deep when Playing 1 on 1
        I think this is the Deepest CB Group the Eagles have had a few Years in terms of QUality Depth and Interchangeable Players who can play Outside, Inside Slot, Nickel, etc,etc …
        Keep in Mind, Jim Schwartz loves to Blitz his CB’s so who in this Group can really explode to the Pocket and close the deal and get to the QB and force an early Pass or a get a Sack when Blitzing..

  4. Im more worried about the Eagles corners then anything else. It seems like every year we are sticking round pegs into square holes. I concerned about the speed in the secondary… and I hope I am proven wrong.

    • At the end of the Day for 2016 and especially early on, I am way more concerned with the Eagles Offense and their Ability to Sustain Drives and Get TD’s … Can they Run the Ball, What Receivers Step up in the Red-Zone which has been a Problem for Years… Ertz will be a real threat in the RZ, Jordan Matthews has proven had can get open and fight for the ball .. but both Huff, Agholor are big Question Marks and unproven.. Chris Givens is Fast with Size but is kind of soft and relies more on his Speed than his Size or Strength.. Can Reuben Randle be that big,strong Target on 3rd Downs and in the Red-Zone… Hopefully so…

  5. Richard Sherman was a 5th round pick BEFORE he was Richard Sherman…. Someone has to step up

  6. Agree about the WR’s Pman- we always hear about the potential of our TE’s and WR’s and I want to see more from them. I dont want to engage in the QB chat again but.. we need less drops and silly mistakes from WR all around. Even the simpletons should be able to agree with that,

    At CB- I dont know about the group. Rowe has shown some potential and the others are coming with big expectations on their shoulders. Thankfully they were all handpicked by our new DC… and I have gone on record how excited I am for the DC… but we just dont know. I was sure that Maxwell would be a huge upgrade and would be physical on the line. Instead… they played him off 8-12 yards off and he looked foolish. I dont know this crew yet.. nor do I know how they will play them, there is LOTS of hype surrounding them (including SS) but I want to see it. Im not being negative, Im just not counting on the CB/S unit to be tops. It should be a work in progress and we will need to be patient.

  7. The most expensive 8-8 team in history

  8. diddy- Im fine with this because most of it is homegrown talent and/or most others have an out soon. Chase and Sam are here for a time… not forever. Peters time is drawing near. The bottom line is that they need to draft a few gems in later rounds that will allow us to make a run (on the field, not in FA).

    • Beautiful Stevo. Beautiful.

      Philly did what all great teams do. Which is take care of their own.

      There not going to be relying on FA. Howie learned his lesson from that thank god.

      Just gotta do the obvious and draft well.

    • I actually agree Stevo, but after all the money they spent their still 8-8. They did the right thing but still their 8-8 that’s all

  9. As I suspected, the Cox deal is heavy for the next 4 years (after this). Its really a 4 year extension through 2020. He can be cut in 2021 or 2022 with no dead cap hit at those time. Of course I think he’ll be re-neg’d after 2020, but just stating he could be cut then with massive savings (in fact he could be cut or re-neg’d after 2020 without too much dead cap penalty.

    2020 is of course when Wentz’s rookie deal runs out, so they’ve timed these up pretty well.

    Cox gets big time QB $$ until 2021 and the Eagles can do it because they won;t be paying that big time QB $$ to any QBs. They were able to use that wiggle room.

    However, if Wentz is $$, then I highly doubt they’ll be able to re-sign him and Cox in the future.

    As we have seen with the Saints, Baltimore, and a host of other teams….the best move is to win that SB before the cap crippling QB deal is signed…..Eagles best window might just be 2018-2021.

    • I don’t know if Howie can draft, he has his hits and his notable misses but the guy can manipulate the cap with the best….

    • I was pretty close with the 4 Year $60 Million in Guaranteed $$ Offer I mentioned last week for this is essentially what his new Deal is..

      • No u said 4 for $60 with $45 guaranteed which I said was reasonable but cox camp would not take

        • My 4th Year had a $5 Million Guaranteed Buyout making my Offer $50 Million in Total Guaranteed $$$ to Cox if the Eagles were to part ways with him after the 3rd Year ($15 + $15 + $15 + $5 in Guaranteed $$$$ = $50 Million)

          • And it didn’t get it done. That 5th and 6th year are there for a cap friendly extension

            • It’s not my $$$ so no worries, I do hope he dominates the middle of that line of scrimmage in this new Jim Schwartz Defensive Scheme.. I’m sure he’ll play well, but he needs to dominate now and take games over when it’s crunch time..

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