Superstars Have Too Much Power In The NBA

Jan 22, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (35) reacts after a shot during the second half against the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center. The Thunder won 111-105. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, a bombshell dropped in the NBA, with Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant, who led the Thunder to a 3-1 series lead against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals only to lose the final three games of the series, has just made an incredibly controversial decision that highlights what is the biggest problem in the NBA today.

The players have too much power, plain and simple.

Superstars in the NBA are absolutely infuriating. In today’s league, these guys have no sense of loyalty. The stars only want the quickest, and easiest route to a championship possible. They’ll conspire years in advance to join forces with their best friends in other locations, they care nothing about digging deeper within themselves and overcoming other great teams.

The logos on their jerseys and the cities they play for don’t matter in the least. If I were a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers or Miami Heat, the titles won by either team would feel hollow and cheapened. It wouldn’t feel like my franchise had just won a title as much as it was just a convenient location for LeBron James and his buddies to win their individual rings.

Just look at the state that the Thunder are in right now. With Durant gone, there isn’t even a thought of building around Russell Westbrook. Instead, his name has instantly become the hottest in trade talks around the league, and the prevailing mentality is “why would he stay?”

Thunder fans have gone from being one win away from the NBA Finals, to staring out into a dark abyss with little to no hope for their future. All because the face of their franchise chose to take the quick and easy way out, and abandoned ship.

That to me is the biggest problem that exists in the NBA. It isn’t tanking. Its the fact that franchises and their fans are constantly at the mercy of some of the biggest divas that sports has to offer.

Just look at what’s gone on in the last five years alone.

Denver Nuggets fans knew years in advance that Carmelo Anthony was going to force his way to the New York Knicks. The only question was whether or not the franchise could get anything in return for him. A guy as talented as Dwight Howard, who just signed with the Atlanta Hawks, has now spent his prime across four different franchises. And of course, the most infamous example of all was television special that announced LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach, “The Decision”.

Durant going to the Warriors is the latest example of this, and its bad for the NBA in so many ways.

The Warriors were obviously already a contender without Durant. I’m not sure that his presence really makes them that much better than the record-setting bunch they were this season. With the Thunder in ruins, the league also now has one less contending team on the playing field. Sure, the idea of Stephen Curry and Durant together is extremely intriguing, but at the end of the day its not something that needed to happen.

This kind of thing has got to stop.

The NBA owners need to do something to combat the superstars, and even out the balance of power in the league again.

If Adam Silver can step in to stop the Sixers from tanking, whether it be through trying to draw up last-minute lottery reforms, or forcing the organization to hire Jerry Colangelo to essentially force Sam Hinkie out, why can’t he do something to give franchises some protection against their stars jumping bolting?

Plain and simple, its time for the NBA to implement a franchise tag system. Stars bailing on their teams has just gotten way out of hand in the last five years, and league franchises owe it to themselves and their fans to have some method of protecting themselves from being held hostage by elite players every time unrestricted free agency comes about.

I truly applaud a guy like Kobe Bryant, who even in his last season had no desire to go latch on to another franchise for one last playoff run. Say what you will about Bryant, but respect that the man never once considered taking shortcuts and leaving the Lakers. Bryant may very well be the last star of that caliber that we see play out his entire prime with one team.

It’s scary to think about the direction that this league is going in. You can only hope things change by the time Ben Simmons and some of the Sixers’ young pieces are up for free agency.

64 thoughts on “Superstars Have Too Much Power In The NBA

  1. Superstars have power in every sport

    But I don’t wanna talk about that, let’s discuss Russell Westbrook potentially being available for trade and coming to Philly

    The Sixers will trade for a PG and who’s better than the best in the LG?!

  2. No sport gives it’s superstars and second, third tier players so much power… The CBA is dominated by the players, crippling teams and ruining the competitive balance.

  3. Russell Westbrook News***

    My source was told that there’s no chance Russell Westbrook will do a renegotiation or extension of his contract, with only one yr remaining


    1. Yea Diddy, Henderson is athletic, can shoot and can create his own shot

      We’re now signing legit NBA players to fill out this roster

      1. Henderson is garbage as a player – but brings something to the table for the locker room, but I like Rudy Fernandez. Once upon a time he was a legit shooting threat.

  4. nice take denny…

    nba just filled with pussies who dont want to compete anymore. its laughable. just look at durants tweet when lebron left the cavs and compare it to now. what a flip flopping fraud…

    its the culture of the nba now and its terrible for the fans of the game. nba players just dont care anymore, the real stars make more from endorsements then their team which makes them less loyal to the city.

    it wouldnt surprise me at all if nike offered durant a bunch of money to go to golden state b/c they were scared of under armor getting too much press from curry…

    nba cant stop it, you just need players that are hungry and wanna compete against the best. durants a soft fraud and wanted 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pick in the school yard pick em…

    1. I agree it’s terrible for the game in terms of the competition.

      But keep it real. It’s not like the Durant signing to golden state was gonna change any thing next season.

      We ALREADY know that Lebrick is gonna back since he plays nobody to get there time and time again. It’s sad and the weakest 6 trip finals appearance in sports history.

      And golden state was going to
      Be back as well. Spurs are still great but it just wouldn’t happen. Clippers would form a way to lose and Durant and Westbrook had 10 years together didn’t they? 6 western finals losses and a finals loss eventually u just need to accept it wasn’t going to happen eventually.

      Let the baby face assassin get his 2nd and Durant get his first.

      It is no different what Lebron did. Or
      The Celtics In 08.
      You need superstar talent around u to win rings. Never has been a team to do it except the 04 pistons and look now stacked they were with coach brown leading them

      1. its 100000000000% times different than what lebron did and what the celtics did.

        celtics BUILT a team and cashed in assets to get ray allen and kevin garnet to pair with rondo and pierce. a brilliant gm, and having assets did that…

        lebron left a shit team to go play with his 2 best friends… obviously that special was whack as fuck and corny as fuck but they joined forces to BUILD a team

        this pussy ass didnt build shit and isnt building shit… he just pussed the fuck out like the heartless bum he is and went to an already built team a team that was the best regular season team ever…

        so awful this is just anti everything good about sports imo

        1. It’s no different.

          It’s hall of famers joining up with hall of famers.

          Durant has been close just like Lebron had gotten close before he got his first ring. It’s about winning. And when Lebron called up his BFFs and formed a team everyone knew he was going to get a ring in that conference. I mean you just KNEW. The talent pool sucks in the nba.

          That Kevin Durant has joined with curry. You KNOW he is going to his at least one ring.

          It’s no different then Lebron joining up with Dwayne wade, Ray Allen, bosh and Kevin love etc.

          You need talent to win rings. Okc had it. But Durant and Westbrick just wasn’t enough. U need more. A coach, depth, and hall of famers next to u.

          Just like Jordan had.

            1. Again it’s no different. Lmao

              People knock on Durant for not being able to win a ring. Now that he goes to a team where he can actually win people bash him for that.

              Lebron was winning 66 games and contending for a finals appearance when he was in Cleveland part 1. He left and teamed up wth hall of famers. And he got bashed for it. From the soap opera set to how he left the team that drafted him
              And his home town.

              Durant will get his. Be happy for him. Class act dude and one the the most special atheltes we have ever seen in the nba

              1. That’s your opinion and I can tell you most passionate NBA fans find him to be a pussy for this, but anyway I’m watching summer league and this Philly team has no shooters, and struggle mightily without Simmons on floor, and this buy Caruso sucks so bad

  5. No new article on how great Ben has been in sl, the guy has super stardom all over him, work on his j and will be Great, and major news the homie Dario is coming over baby, so I see our depth chart as

    C noel
    Pf saric he will fit better with Noel then oak did
    Sf Simmons he’s a lot better on perimeter d then we thought
    Sg Henderson he’s good on d and gives us a 3 pt shot
    Pg Bayless perfect with Ben running show just cut and Ben will find u
    C emblid he will only play 15 to 20 mins then slowly give him more time as season progresses
    Pf oak he will get a lot of time at c and pf but will look great with actual a real pg
    Sf Covington
    Sg luwawa or Hollis
    Pg Sergio need him to run the second unit as Ben runs first unit
    With these two units you will see a lot good depth and a real NBA roster that has a chance to net at least 30 wins and show we are coming for the NBA, chip 2020 here we come

      1. just watched some saric highlights from croatia vs greece and croatia vs italy. kid looks like a beast, i was shocked at his quickness, his physical play and i like this fade away jumper hes putting up.

        hinkie got boned

        1. the espn article i believe that you referred us to did mention that he was such a prickly pear that the part of the process wouldn’t have worked well with him…
          i will say that simmons is as advertised– that smear campaign was bogus- guy is already professional in interviews etc– i don’t THINK you will see him on TMZ fighting in the streets or going 100 mph– part of that may be that the sixers are finally getting some real nba players with maturity… but i think the kid is going to be very impactful.

    1. Or how the phillies have played very nice ball up to the all-star game– figured some things out– solid young pitching staff with more on the way, stud at 3rd, stud behind plate, stud in center– joseph is hitting again, asche hitting yet crickets from the gcobb writers.

  6. I believe are future stars are already on the team. Simmons, Embiid and Saric will be our Max contract guys. We will build around them for the next ten years. Okafor too if they don’t trade him, I like Oak but I think he’s out of here.

  7. Congrats to Superstar Tim Duncan on his Retirement after a Stunning 19 Year Run in the NBA with Multiple Championships, MVP’s and just an All-Around Great Teammate On & Off the Court and epitomizes Professionalism at the Highest Level of Competition and will likely go down as our Generations “Bill Russell” just by way he handled himself bad by the way he simply Won…
    We will likely never see another Player like him playing for 1 Franchise for that long and Winning that often… Kobe, LeBron may have better individual Stats but Tim Duncan was the consummate Team Player who put his personal stats behind his Teams & Coach’s Needs which was Winning !!

  8. Man training camp a few weeks away and I’m scared shit could ugly quick for the Eagles.

    We got a bottom 10 loser as the qb
    A new head coach with no track record and a befuddled attitude (his demeanor reminds me of Ryan Sandburg)

    A 3rd string qb who was drafted 2nd overall who the entire fanbase wants to start

    An awful wr group

    A return to the wide 9

    Then we got the 2017 NFL draft here with no 1st round pick

    This city could get really nasty towards this team real quick if they don’t come out firing… Doug seems to be the type of jackass to stick to Sam no matter what and this city won’t stand for mediocrity with Bradford while wentz is in street clothes every week.

  9. I dunno. Not sure if I agree with you Mhenski. I’m feeling good right now. Certainly better than the past few (10?) years. There’s some hope. At the very least potential for something exciting for the next decade.

    Look, I’m not expecting much this year at all….I am just excited for the future.

    Feel I picked a good game to come down for also (GB)…2 possibilities:

    1 Sammy Sevens is having the year of his life and birds are 7-3 or something and competing for the playoffs (25%)

    2 Sammy is Sammy and either gets broken in half or plain sucks (or some combination of the two) Eagles are 4-6 or something and I get to see the kid.

    Can’t lose!

    1. Oh I like the future, well at least the Carson wentz led eagles future. I’m highly skeptical if Doug “the librarian” pederson. And I get a bad feeling wentz isn’t going to play this year. This guy seems stubborn and dumb enough to keep him benched regardless of circumstances…

  10. And while I’m thrilled that we got a qb I got a bad feeling we getting a top 5 pick after this year only to turn it over to the Browns and they make the selection in philly… Meanwhile the guy we gave that pick up for will not have played this year and if he has 4 games or less…

    The kid needs to play day 1. Jamies did , yota did, Oakland qb did dude the Rams got is… It’s a qb friendly league these days. It’s not 1990. Qbs got it easy there’s no point in protecting them anymore, they aren’t getting better sitting on the bleachers. And this philosophy from Doug scares me. It tells me he isn’t thinking 2016 football he thinking 1990 football.

    1. If Cam Robinson falls to the 2nd round. He has to be the Eagles targeted pick.

      6-6 335lb Offensive Tackle, from Alabama – Hands down need – I’m Not trying to hear Big V Paul, stop it.

      – And if they can deal for another 1st, or 2nd, we need Pass rush from the OLB position – Myles Garrett, Texas A&M, in the 1st, or Tim Williams, Alabama, in the 2nd.

      1. Cliff I agree, if Cam is there you have to take him, however, I just do not see anyway he falls out of the first. If Laremy Tunsil did not slip to the second after his draft night debacle then I do not see Cam Robinson falling out of the first. It would be nice though.

        If Tim Williams is available that would be a great pick or Quincy Adeboyejo Ole Miss WR 6’3″ 200 40. Soft hands, can track the ball and can legitimately run routes.

        1. Taking an early Look for the Eagles 2017 Draft..
          I would think the Eagles will have around the #42 – #45 Pick Overall which will come in the Mid 2nd Round …

          I don’t see where OT Cam Robinson, DT Myles Garrett are anywhere on the Draft Board come in the Mid-2nd Round… In Terms of Trading Up to get back into the 1st Round.. I just don’t see who the Eagles have on their Roster , that another Team is willing to give up a 1st Round Pick in Return for …

          The 3 Positions of Biggest Need in my Opinion are

          OLB Position – The Eagles are Lacking Depth and that Big, Rangy, Athletic OLB that Schwartz loves to have on His Defenses..
          Kendricks has Big Play Ability, and now goes back outside but has never been consistent enough in his Practice & Play to be counted on every Week
          ILB Jordan Hicks was Playing Lights out last Season as a Rookie but again, Injuries has been his bugaboo his entire Football Career going back to College where he missed lots of Games..
          OLB N Bradham had his Best Season as a PRo under Schwartz in Buffalo a couple years back.. can he become more consistent at the point of Attack.. He has the Size & athleticism, but he needs to show it week in and week out

          Behind these 3 Projected Starters are a lot of Unproven Players outside of Najee Goode who is a Solid Back-Up/Special Team.. But who else after him?

          DT Position – Fletcher Cox is the anchor but what happens if the Eagles Can’t Re-Sign Bennie Logan, The Depth behind these 2 Players is very limited.. Signing Mike Martin helps, but I am not sold on either Beau Allen/Taylor Hart in terms of their upside moving forward as a 4-3 DT..Neither are explosive enough for what Schwartz wants.. There are some Undrafted DL that will be in Camp like big Derrick Lott, D Vaeao & A Shittu but adding another High pedigree DT would be a smart move

          WR Position – Eagles have 12 WR’s in Camp which about 1/2 have limited to no NFL Experience but will have plenty of Opportunities to shine this Camp/Pre-Season…
          Veterans like R Randle,C Givens,T J Graham all have 1 Year Prove It Deals..
          Youngsters like Huff & Agholor have to prove this Camp and Pre-Season that they actually belong on a NFL Roster and can contribute as this Current Coaching Staff has little ties to these Players that were Drafted in the Chip Kelly ERA ..

          Looking at some Prospect Lists of 2017 Draft , here are some Players who may be able to help out the Eagles at these Positions of Need

          OLB Carl Lawson – Auburn
          OLB Tim Williams – Alabama
          LB Skia Moor – South Carolina
          OLB Da’Sheon Hall – Texas A & M

          DT Eddie Vaderdoes – UCLA
          DT Carlos Watkins – Clemson
          DT De’Shawn Hand – Alabama

          CB – Cordrea Tanklersly – Clemson

          WR Travin Dural – LSU

          Again, the Prospect List will move around as Underclassman Declare, Injuries Occur, Off The Field Issues, etc,etc or even Severe Injuries to Eagles Players which now changes their Draft Needs, etc,etc …

          1. @ Eaglehaslanded & Paulman – Cam Robinson was just arrested a few months ago on felony weapons charges – and as a result will fall to the 2nd round – and possibly to the 3rd depending on the outcome of his case.

            They would have to make a deal to get Myles Garrett – who BTW is a DE Paul, not a DT….

            You don’t see anyone they can trade?? I do, I would trade Lane Johnson, Connor Barwin, Josh Huff, and or Brandon Graham to get him. Take a shot at signing Joe Thomas to play LT in free agency, and let Cam Robinson play at RT

            1. Yes I’m aware that Cam Robinson was arrested but he’s in a pretty strict rehab program at Alabama instituted by Nick Saban along having weekly Drug Tests and Community Service as part of his maturing process..
              Also this is not a very Deep Draft Class at OT so his Value and Atalent Level will push him up the Board
              Also i’m aware Myles Garret is a DE which was a Typo mistake by me and is
              probably the best Pass rusher in College going into the 2016 Season and will be a Top 10 Pick if healthy and no off the field issues occur this year…

              And I don’t see Much interest in an aging, expensive Barwin or Rotational Players at best B Graham/J Huff that would ever return a high draft pick
              Lane Jonson and his new Contract is not going anywhere nor would many Teams want to pay his Guaranteed $$$$ for a RT
              Just like a Fletcher Cox who is now untraceable with his new Contract, so is Lane Johnson, Vinny Curry, Zac Ertz who all have lots of Guaranteed $$$ on their Deals

              1. I watched NFL Insiders after he was arrested, and they spoke about the mindset of GM’s around the league in reference to prospects who are dealing with legal issues.

                It doesn’t matter to them how limited the talent is at a position, they will always steer clear of those “risky investments”.

                You yourself, are always talking about signing players with legal, or drug related issues – so please don’t start being inconsistent now, and hypocritical in reference to Cam Robinson – He WILL fall to the 2nd round Paul. Believe it or not, he will be push down the board into the 2nd round, allowing the Eagles to benefit from his issues – ala Wendell Smallwood – not that Smallwood is in the same talent group, but you know how it works.

                The money teams would have to spend on keeping a player like Joe Thomas, would be less of a bargain, as compared to taking on the contract of an already guaranteed Lame Johnson. Barwin, Graham, and Huff would just be throw in’s. Barwin is actually a rotational player too.

              2. Next April/May is a long ways off and lots will happen Cliff..
                If Cam Robinson works hard, keeps his nose clean and does the right things and stays healthy, he will go 1st Round.. I just read an article 10 minutes ago and why the Prosecuors in Louisiana are Dropping the Case. He and 3 other Friends had a Stolen-Weapon and less than 1 Gram of Marijuana Found in their Rented Vehicle in a West Monroe, Louisiana Park which Cam was the Driver
                Robinson and 1 other Person (Hootie Jones) were brought to the Police Station for the original charges since he was operating the Rented Vehicle and Jones was in Front.. The other 2 Friends in the back of the Vehicle were not Arrested … Prosecutors now are saying they are not sure who the Stolen Weapon even Belongs to or how it ended up in the Vehicle to begin with and are dropping the Charges and Case
                A lot can and will happen between July of 2016 and the Spring of 2017
                My Bet is that Cam Robinson, if he stays clean, healthy and productive gets Drafted in the1st Round and that it won’t be by the Philadelphia Eagles…

  11. Thunder GM Sam Presti may look to trade Russell Westbrook “sooner rather than later,” according to sources of Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.
    The Thunder just lost Kevin Durant for nothing, so if Presti gets the feeling that Westbrook is intending to leave as an unrestricted free agent next year, he could look to deal the superstar guard this upcoming season. Beck also reports that the most likely landing spot for Westbrook would be the Celtics, as Boston has a copious amount of assets. To be clear, this is more or less a rumor, and this “report” essentially states the exact opposite of what Adrian Wojnarowski reported a few days ago.
    Related: Celtics
    Source: Bleacher Report
    Jul 13 – 11:34 AM

    JAH+Sixers 1st+ Lakers 1st + rights to swap with Sac – DO IT NOW

  12. Nelson Agholor has been cleared off all sexual assault allegations. Time to focus on football. Hope he has learned a valuable lesson from this experience….don’t trust those hoes.

    1. Henski calm down man it would be essentially a one yr contract and we gotta pay someone to get to floor, he would be great for a young team to learn from a vet like Gino, colangelo is doing great man. After reading the tea leaves I see Noel is being traded, after seeing okafor so pro sixers right now and Noel silent, you gotta say bye to Noel….I’m so excited about the sixers way more then the eagles right now, Hinkie died for our sins is my new phrase, next yr we can get fultz and maybe Jackson too, we will be a contender soon and for a long time

        1. Collangelo didn’t do shit. Hinkie got embiid Saric and Simmons. Collangelo got a bunch of bench scrubs. Henderson/Bayless/Rodriguez.

          And obviously i would never trade for Westbrook without a guarentee from him.

          1. Now it’s fuck Colangelo see mhenski your all over the place your fine with the Sixers when they make the kind of moves you want. The minute they make a move you don’t like presto fuck Colangelo you lose all godamn common sense.

            1. Nah idiot. Hinkies moves were $ all our talent came from him. Trying to throw 30 mill at a 40 year old is irresponsible and dumb. Learn how to read yaidiot ain’t no presto and all over the place. U Sound like a fuckin idiot with nothing better to do then troll

      1. I think you mean Jackson, and maybe Fultz( If he proves he can play on that level)

        And I agree – Noel is outta here – and good riddance; The ultimate one trick pony scrub.

  13. Colangelo deserves great credit for bring this sad thing called the “process” to an end and beginning the real process of building an NBA team. The pick up of two veterans like Henderson and Bayless is a better move than anything Hinkie has done. This is not to say that Bayless or Henderson are ‘great’ players…they are not…they are simply NBA caliber players that can help …
    What good is having high draft picks that you can’t develop?
    The Sixers are headed in the right direction…

    1. So hinkie gets us Simmons embiid okafor Saric Noel the lakers 1st next year or the year after and collangelo got Bayless and Henderson. Haaaa. Fkn bizarro world

      The direction of this team is Saric Simmons Noel embiid okafor and everyone else is just a guy in a jersey.

      1. The process people conveniently forget that there were 100’s of losses, embarrassing parade of D- league players and a joke of a ‘team’ on the floor. A product that was unwatchable. I understand their argument is a ‘means to an end’… but there are bylaws in the nba that you must try to win. The sixers clearly violated it, of course the shitty NBA deserves what it gets because by in large its a horrible product.
        Simmons to me seems better than advertised, Emiid has had more surgeries than games played, to the best of my knowledge hasn’t played a minute of 5 v 5 in practice.

        1. How many times have we gone over this? no i didnt forget any of that. look around the nba its a 2-4 man league. ill pass on being irrelevant, ill gladly lose every game for 3-5 years if it means building a 10 year dynasty. shit ill take losing every game for 3-5 years to have a shot at 1 championship let alone a shot at multiple years.

          id have given up 10 straight years of not winning 1 game for that 1 year iverson went off and we lost to the lakers in the finals and we didnt even win it all.

          the landscape of the nba is messed up, there is 0 parity. you know in the preseason which 2-4 teams are winning the title. being competitive is for little leaguers, highschoolers, college teams. no 11th place trophies in the bigs.

          i dont care about the bargaining agreement, that same agreement lets bron go with wade and bosh, durant go with curry, klay and draymond. fuck that

          and if we were really violating shit we wouldve been fined, lost draft picks or at bare minimum the owners wouldve voted to change the lotto system last year when they had the chance.

          you are ok with having a shit team lead by iguadala, and michael carter-williams and getting the 8th seed. im not

          i wanted talent and now we have some and their will be more coming next year. the future is finally bright. this year we gonna suck but compete and ill watch every game cuz we got talent.

          1. That’s what I’m saying henski I couldn’t stand the 40 win sixers with igudola as our best player and knowing we are gonna get our ass kicked in playoffs, now that we have superstar potential with talent oozing everywhere we can compete for championship for a 10 yr stretch, hac it’s just the way of NBA, either follow your super friends or make your own

          2. I get it… the NBA is shit product. I know why they did it- it is just a a bad taste (of course shit tastes shitty)— Barkley said there only about 4 teams in the entire league worth watching– and he makes his living through the nba–
            They didn’t get fined but be clear they got a mandate from the league to do something basketball like

  14. In other news camp opens in 5 days and we havent had an article in 2 weeks. Gary can you address this? Why dont you allow your writers to write here anymore?

  15. Some NFL News and Recent Transactions

    Dolphins Sign RB Arian Foster to a 1 Year Deal
    Cowboys Sign LB Justin Durant to a 1 Year Deal
    Buffalo Bills 2nd Year and promising RB Karlos Williams, Suspended the first 4 Games of the NFL Season for Violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Program
    Panthers CB Charles Tillman Officially announces his Retirement and may stay on as a Asst Secondary Coach to work with all their Young CB’s
    Raiders Extend CB David Amerson with a new 4 Year Deal
    Jets Sign DT M Wilkerson to a 5 Year Deal
    Broncos Sign OLB Von Miller to a 6 Year Deal
    Ravens Sign one of the NF:’s Best Overall Kicker’s Justin Tucker to a 4 Year Deal

    Not much else happening around teh NFL while Players,Coach’s and Front Offices are finishing up their time off, family vacations and will start reporting to their Home Cities here soon to prepare for Summer Camps ..

  16. Interesting QB Battles around the NFL this Summer to Start the 2016 Season

    I like Blaine Gabbert to Beat Out Kaepernick for the 49ers Opening Day QB

    I like Trevor Siemian to Beat Out Mark Sanchez for the Broncos Starting Job
    before Paxton Lynch is ready to take over

    I like Austin Davis to Beat Out RG3 for the Cleveland Browns Starting Job

    I expect Sam Bradford to Beat Out Daniel/Wentz for the 2016 Starting QB for our Eagles .. (I don’t even think Carson Wentz will even be Active on Game Days for 2016 unless Bradford/Daniel get Injured)

    An interesting thing to follow is how Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo handles the Patriots Offense during the Summer and more importantly during Tom Brady’s 4 Game Suspension to Start the Season.. Watch for GMCliff’s under the radar Rookie QB, Jacoby Brissett to get more Reps this Summer than a usual 3rd String QB does in case Garoppolo fails to impress or improve… Garoppolo’s Rookie Contract will be coming up after next Season and if Brissett shows more promise and upside, then he may jump ahead of Garoppolo in terms of who the Future QB is for the Patriots as Brady has 1-2 Years left in him body..

    Some 2016 Awards…

    Offensive Rookie of the Year — RB Ezekial Elliot – Dallas Cowboys
    (Runner Up – Kicker Robert Aguayo — Tampa Bay)

    Defensive Rookie of the Year — Safety Karl Joseph – Oakland Raiders
    (Runner Up – DB Jalen Ramsey – Jacksonville Jaguars)

    Coach’s Fired after the 2016 Season

    Chargers – Mike McCoy
    Lions – Jim Caldwell
    Titans – Mike Munchack
    Bills – Rex Ryan
    Colts – Chuck Pagano

    Site of the 2017 NFL Draft — Los Angeles
    Team with No 1st Round Pick – The Eagles….

    Super Bowl
    GB Packers over the Pittsburgh Steelers 38-35 in OT….

    1. Only line I read of Paul’s post

      “Site of the 2017 NFL Draft — Los Angeles”

      DUDE BUY A GOD DAMN CLUE. you are so out of touch with all philly sports its nuts.

  17. Fraudman master of the obvious…
    Ok one by one:
    Gabbert beats out Krap… No secret Kelly is high on Gabbert, he’s been consistent
    RG3 is awful
    Doug Peterson has said wentz will not dress … And that there is no competition … So Bradford ‘beating them out’ is fraud nonsense
    Rookie in NE to get more reps… No shit, Brady is out of course he will get more reps

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