Doug Pederson: “We’ve Got To Get Wentz Starter-Ready”

CarsonWentz1Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he didn’t get much sleep last night, prior to getting in his first training camp practice.

Starting Quarterback – Again, Pederson made it very clear that Sam Bradford is the starting quarterback.

Putting on the Pads – The Eagles will practice with pads for the first time next Saturday.

Work To Do On Wentz – Pederson said he and his coaches need to get Wentz starter-ready, which means they want to develop to point where they’re not concerned about him taking over the starting job.   They want him in position where if there’s injury, they can just plug him in to play without worrying about what he’s going to do.  The Birds head coach said that Wentz knows he isn’t ready yet and needs to work on a few things.  They want him in position where if there’s injury at the quarterback position.

Nelson Agholor Arrest – Pederson said he hasn’t spoken to wide receiver Nelson Agholor since he was accused of rape.

The Quarterback Rotation – Early in camp the 2’s and 3’s will get a lot of work, it will gradually change so that at the end the starters are getting most of the work.

On Carson Wentz:  “He came in ready to go. You love everything about this kid, His energy, his work ethic. There’s just little detail things he needs to work on his footwork his drop, his progression and his eyes. He came back with the right frame of mind. We’re going to get him where he needs to be.”

On Sam Bradford: “Welcomed him back, congratulated him. He left this spring playing extremely good football. He picked up today where he left off. Looking forward to these next couple of weeks while leading up to these games.

On Cornerbacks:  “There’s great depth with the addition of Jalen Mills breing some good completion there. You’ve got Ron Brooks over there. Nolan is coming off the injury and I expect him to compete at that spot. Eric Rowe is part of the depth we had there. He’s a big kid who we look forward to seeing grow.”

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12 thoughts on “Doug Pederson: “We’ve Got To Get Wentz Starter-Ready”

  1. I’m convinced Doug is dumb.

    Says we gotta get him starter ready. Immediately gives him 0 1st team or 2nd team reps.

    The way they treating the 2nd pick of the draft is gross, especially with veteran slouch nobodies in front of him

    Then the dumbass says Andy called plays to the oc who relayed to the qb because the coach headsets only have 2 channels and he wanted 1 channel to the oc & 1 to the dc. And Doug said he doing the same system… Well turns out the coach head set has 3 channels. Gross a guy can get a hc job making millions and be oblivious to simple shit.

  2. They just got to camp Mhenski and the pads have not even came on yet.

    You have a guy in Chase Daniels who has been in the system for 5 years now and is going to be the futures back up for multiple years in Wentz.

    Let that “bum” Bradford play his ass off and get us back that draft pick. You cannot do that by not giving Sammy the majority of the snaps. Carson will get his reps and learn as the season goes on.


  3. Oh so it will all work out and we will live happily ever after

    Carson Wentz-The Golden Boy- will “learn” by getting no reps with the first team, sitting on the bench for a year and then Bradford will play lights out…get us our draft picks back when we trade him…and then the Golden Boy will magically re-appear next year after a year of “learning” on the bench in street clothes

    This is the dumbest crap I’ve ever heard!

  4. He had to sit and wait In not only HIGHSCHOol but college as well Kool.

    This is something that he is not a stranger to. Having to spectate and take in all that comes with watching and knowing what it’s like to go through an nfl season.

    It can only help. Even if it’s by 5 percent it’s worth letting the man sit while Sam gives us our draft pick back to make this team even better when wentz takes over.

    One thing is certain. He will be more comfortable in year 2 then year 1 when he takes over and had a grasp of the offense

    1. It’s dumb nieve and old school. Not top pick qbs sit any more they start and our dumbassed coach gonna make him 3rd string. And if he is inactive on game day how the hell is that gonna help him?

      Stop this is beyond irresponsible and flat out dumb. The NFL has changed since the worst qb in eagles history (Doug himself had to start over don Mac). It’s a qb friendly league and one where the cream rises fast. You don’t treat the 2nd overall pick with kid gloves and make him 3rd string!

      This is embarrassing

    2. Moving up and giving up draft picks to move up dictates what you have to do…

      The Eagles moves says that Carson Wentz is a franchise Quarterback that they believe will lead them to a Super Bowl..

      You have to begin the process immediately

      You don’t learn the game sitting on the bench, sitting on the sidelines watching

      You learn the game by playing

      Let the kid take the lumps so that he can be ready to do something next year…

      If you believed that Bradford could take you to a Super Bowl this year then you wouldn’t have drafted the kid

      So we are simply wasting a year playing Bradford in front of Wentz…

      Let the Kid play…at least give him a fair chance in camp to fight for the job and if he shows the ability, the smarts, and potential and if he is anywhere near Bradford….the Kid should get the job!

      Just like what happened in Seattle…when they went with Russell Wilson

      Sitting Carson Wentz on the bench is ridiculous

  5. Who cares about headset issue. It’s a nonstory that was written during the darkest period in the offseason with nothing going on in all of sports.

    He knows now.

    Wentz will start at age 24 next season and this will all behind us when we get that pick.

    Until sam gives us the best chance to succeed when we don’t have a first rounder next year.. We have nothing to lose. We have options at the qb position unlike most teams like the Titans and bucs who did not..

    No need to rush

  6. There are going to be some games this season where we’re either so far ahead, OR, so far behind on scoreboard that the kid needs to be put in…even before Chase Daniel. CD is not the future; he’s a permanent backup…even for the kid. I don’t want to see Wentz sit for entire year with no real NFL game action. They have to dress 3 QB’s regardless because if Bradford goes down, they must have a backup for Daniel. If this team is not in a genuine position to win the division, I want to see Wentz given the experience so he can become THE starter at QB next year.

  7. Sure. If your down by 30 or more put the kid in.

    I just do not see that happening with our schedule this year. I see Philly opening up with W’s againST Cle,Chi,Pitt,Bye,Det, and Wash to open the season.

    At the very worst were 3-2 at this point in the yEAR.

    Then go on to play Minn, Dal, NY and falcons. With wins against Dal ATL and Minn.

    Philly very well could be 6-3 at the mininum with losses to pitt washington and giants.
    Its gonna be that 3 game stretch SEA,GB,CIN that decide our season.

    The question is can we get 1 win out of those 3? GB in Philly? or stun Seattle?
    I believe we can get 1. And then we close out the season with 3 division rival games at home with 1 trip to play baltimore.

    We win division at 9-7 or 10-6

  8. I see very little chance that Wentz is even Active on Game Days in 2016 if both Bradford/Daniels are Healthy ..Teams go with 2 Active QB’s on Games Days and that’s it.. The Wentz Pick is about 2027/2018 Seasons and the Future which I know no one wants to hear about..
    The Eagles Offense will be a real work in progress and very low Scoring (among the lowest Scoring in the NFL) so they are not blowing out anyone or getting 30 point leads on opponents.. In fact, they will struggle to keep pace with high scoring Teams like the Steelers, Packers, Seahawks, Bengals, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys and will have to rely on their Defense/Special Teams to create Turnovers & Short fields and even Score some points of their own..they should compete with Teams like the Browns, Ravens, Lions, Vikings, Falcons but Bradford will have to play at Career Best Level consistently to have a chance against the better Teams on their Schedule ..

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