Report: Eagles LB Bradham Defending Girlfriend In Assault

NigelBradham53Ryan Mathews is injured before reporting to training camp and linebacker Nigel Bradham gets arrested a couple of days before reporting to camp.  What is going on here?

I don’t know what happened in the Bradham situation but originally I heard he had taken a swing at a hotel worker, who was took a long time bringing something to him.  Now it seems that the first report was wrong.  It now sounds like Bradham punched somebody who was physically attacking his girlfriend.  I understand him getting physical if someone hit or tried to hit his girlfriend.

Unfortunately the guy he hit is said to be 160 pounds.  Bradham is listed at 240 pounds.   We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Bradham did report to camp on Wednesday and he will practice on Thursday.

I’m checked out Twitter and got numerous reports from Howard Eskin.

Howard’s usually good at finding out information in these type of situations.

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