Surprise!!! Ryan Mathews Is Hurt Again!!!

SamBradford&RyanMathews2I told you that keeping Sam Bradford, Ryan Mathews, Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks healthy were the keys to this season and before the Eagles could all even get to training camp one of those four is injured.  Mathews, who I believe may be able to improve the team more than any of the others, is already down with an ankle injury.

He reported yesterday but won’t be practicing until his ankle gets better.  He was put on the Active/Non-Football Injury list.

I know guys get hurt, but how do you hurt your ankle getting ready for training camp.

Chip Kelly used to say everybody gets hurt in the NFL.  I disagree.  I believe some guys get hurt more than others.  I don’t think there’s any question that Mathews should labeled as injury-prone.

He’ll definitely be back from this injury, but there’s no reason to think that he won’t go down again.  It’s one of the reasons I feel backup running backs Wendell Smallwood is going to get a lot of playing time in his rookie season.  Of course veteran Darren Sproles is still around, but he only has a certain number of times he can touch the ball in a game, that’s why I see Smallwood playing quite a bit in his rookie season and Kenjon Barner could play a great deal as well.

That’s reason for concern because young players usually make some mistakes.

Let’s make it very clear, Mathews was a first round pick for the Chargers and he went to the Pro Bowl twice but they let him walk because he gets hurt too much.  He’s a stud of a player.  Think about the way he took off on that long touchdown run against the Carolina Panthers.  He’s got that home run hitting speed and he’s built like a monster.   He would still be in San Diego if he didn’t get injured all the time.  How can the Eagles count on him if he gets hurt all the time?  The bottom line is, THEY CAN’T!!!

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  1. I never understood why certain players get pigeon-holed into certain categories. .I swear my eyes must of deceived me. I thought I saw Kenyon Barner last summer tear it up. Then I saw Barner play at the end of the year and explode through the whole a damn near 5 yards a clip. Then we come into this year and we have no RB. What does Barner have to do?

    1. I watch KC and Baltimore throw in 5 different RBs who can run but the sky is falling in Philly. Stick a RB in there and tell him to run hard and hit the hole. My goodness it should be the easiest position in football to replace.

      1. Those Teams both have a Run First Mentality, The Eagles have yet to identify their Offense as anything yet under New Coach Pederson , hopefully they will be more Physical and Run First but we will have to wait and see ..
        Another RB will emerge as this Current Trio of Matthews, Sproles, Barner will not cut it..

        1. Fraudman being stupid again… Of course they will be a run first team…duh.
          They will be fine at the least important single position in all of football. They are more worried about their ling snapper who will probably be doing shows in Vegas instead of snapping… That criminal from WVU, sproles, Barney or someone you haven’t heard of will be fine

          1. I think it’s a risky, but smart move – getting a #1 receiver – if he can stay clean – on the cheap.

            Now all I need is for them to bring Desean back, and our WR Core is the tightest in the league…

  2. Fractured clavicle, fractured foot, fractured hand, broken clavicle, fractured collarbone, 2 sprained ankles, strained calf, sports hernia, MCL tear, 2 hamstrings and 3 concussions.

    Apparently now has another sprained ankle.

    I dunno. Its too bad. Guy is clearly talented, but can;t be counted on.

    His contract/cap hit is nothing, and he can be easily cut next season….so he is what he is….a guy who will contribute in about 10 games today.

    This is fine….as long as Smallwood pans out. Hopefully Matthews will be able to play enough to allow the Eagles to ease Smallwood in.

    This is just a building year anyway, so I am not all-together worried too much.

  3. You are right on with your analysis .of Ryan.He is a tough guy,but if he can contribute 9 or 10 quality games , The eagles and fans should be happy , Not too many workhorses in today’s nfl can stay healthy, A full season in today’s new nfl. IT will become the norm some day soon.Many reasons why, but this day is coming soon.

  4. Darren Sproles Extended thru the 2017 Season at $4.5 Million which is insane.. The Eagles have become like the Redskins/Raiders of the last 10 Years and keep throwing $$$ at their aging Players…
    Hey I like Darren Sproles, and who doesn’t for he’s a Good Guy, but an Aging RB at 33-34 Years Old, who has faded in both his last 2 Seasons, down the Stretch and now I going to commit another $4.5 Million in 2017 when I need the Team to get Younger, Strong and More Production at the Position ..
    I don’t think so… The Eagles are already $11 Million over the Cap for 2017
    Reports are that they threw in more $$$ to his 2016 Deal in essence to give him a Raise.. I don’t understand this for a Team that hasn’t Won jack or a Playoff Game in what 8-9 Seasons… Hey, its not my $$$$ …

    1. Salary is irrelevant – cap hit is important.

      I will wait and see until Sportrac puts his new contract up on their site before passing judgement – but from what I understand it was mostly frontloaded to this year….

      If they have him at a low cap number next year (say under 2 million) and I suspect they do, then its no big deal at all. He’s going to be their Brian Mitchell – a return specialist. Mitchell was productive into his 30s.

      1. It just sets a very bad precedence when you have a Veteran Player who was unhappy with his Current Deal and sit’s out all Spring during the Voluntary Camps/OTA and say its not about the $$$ when indeed Sproles was unhappy about his Current Contract… (To Pay $4.5 Million for a 10 Touch’s a Game Player, who really slipped in the last half of both the last 2 Seasons and whose best days are behind him is not good Contract/Roster Management)

        Darren Sproles will be 34 come the 2017 Season
        The Eagles are rebuilding this 2016 Season with a bottom half finish in the NFC and its time to develop Young RB’s and found out what they have in these other RB’s .. Sproles is not going to be part of the Wentz ERA
        moving forward and Just because everyone likes Sproles because he’s a good guy doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye about his Production…. 3.8 Yards Average per Carry last Season which was a Career Low for him… He Caught 55 Passes on 84 Targets for a 65% Reception % for an 8 Year Low Average of 7.1 Yards per Reception…
        All His Stats are Trending in the wrong way..

        Brian Mitchell Returned Kick-Offs which Sproles has only Returned 2 in the last 2 Seasons with the Eagles.. The NFL is probably doing away with Kick-Offs in the Future anyways..

        Special-Teamer Devin Hester was just Released by the Falcons as old man time caught up with him also…

        Maybe Coach Doug Pederson will utilize Sproles better than what Chip Kelly did.. Maybe Sproles will produce more over the course of the Season since he received a Contract Extension and more $$$, who knows…
        Either way, the Eagles will need a Productive Darren Sproles in 2016 if they want any chance to be competitive since they have unproven depth at the RB Position behind him..

      2. I too believe it will be front loaded. I’m fine with a guy not playing when he has just this year left on his deal, cant blame a guy for looking out for his own interests. He has not complained or done situps or made any noise.

    1. Yea, this makes a lot of Financial Football sense.. Go Pay a 33 Year Old RB coming off Career Lows in Yards per Carry and Yards per Reception a Raise on Top of his already bloated of his $4.5 Million 2016 Salary because he’s the Team Best Option.. It’s just stupid and tells you how desperate the Eagles are and how thin they really are at RB .. What’s Roseman & Coach Pederson going to do, turn Darren Sproles Into a workhorse RB in his 12th Season … and whoever thinks or compares Sproles to a Jamaal Charles Type of RB is even more Asanine… Sproles always was and remains a “Scat-Back” which are a dime a dozen in the NFL and not worth $4.5 Million which now will even cost them more for 2016 .. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.. They should Use that $$$ to get a WR, another RB, another LB, another DT or another Pass Rusher

      1. Funny, you whined about his lack of touches for the last two years…. Now you whine about his salary.
        A grown man whining about another grown mans salary is petty. Also, I’ve asked before and you never answer…who does this signing prevent the birds from signing? You just see dollars and you have no idea…the eagles understand the cap very well .

        1. 2 Years Ago is an eternity in Football HAC…
          I only care because the Eagles and GM Roseman this Off-Season have made poor Financial Contracts with many Players that will come back to bite them them as they fail to upgrade other Positions of need..
          Bradford, Celek, Lane Johnson, Curry and now Sproles were all overpaid and the worse thing is that the Eagles were only competing with themselves in these Deals.. As was the case with the re-signings of Graham, Kendricks &
          Kelce the year before..

          1. Fraudman speak with forked tongue yet again… You have correctly stated that a team is far better off spending money on it’s own home grown players than on free agents… Now you claim Johnson, ertz etc are overpaid… They signed team friendly deals… Once again you receive an F in sports finances… Big fat F

  5. pman, any WR, RB, LB OR DT that is currently not on a roster is a dime a dozen. I’m more interested in developing the current players on our roster than bringing in guys off the street at this point. The Eagles are in a be competitive/developmental year. While the offense and defense gets acclimated into the installation of systems, Wentz will be learning from the bench. 2017 is year 1 W.E. (Wentz Era). The Eagles will get WR’s and RB’s from the 2017 draft.
    I still believe there is a diamond in the rough WR on the roster, Marcus Johnson. He just needs to develop and get mentally comfortable to the speed of the game. As you know I like Quincy Adeboyejo WR Ole Miss in 2017, I also like RB Royce Freeman- Oregon.
    Don’t sleep on LB Myke Tavarres.
    You can laugh at me, but; I have a good feeling about Marcus Smith II as he has moved back to his natural DE position. Trying to turn him into an OLB was stupid and unconventional, but; such moves were symbolic of the Chip Kelly era!

      1. It’s cool. I welcome the laughter and invite ridicule. MSII is my dark horse veteran for 2016. MSII was grossly misused and miscast as a 34 OLB. His natural position is DE in a 43 due to his skill set and ability to go forward and attack. He has an explosive burst and quick first step that allows him to get off around the edge. During the last 3 games of the season he had 2.5 sacks…the sack he got on Eli Manning in which he beat Eric Flowers demonstrated that burst and ability to get to the QB. Watching his Louisville tape you see the same explosiveness that allowed him to get double digit sacks. Smith II’s poor performance thus far is due to him having to try to due things such as read and react, pedal backwards, cover and lets face it, Chip did not give this guy an opportunity to play to his strengths, however, when he was given an opportunity to go forward and attack the QB, he produced hurries and sacks in the last 3 games of the season, that can’t be disputed or denied. The tape doesn’t lie. I am forgetting about the previous two years because of the role he was asked to play, but not suited to play. I’m going out on a limb on this one because I see the ability, he just needs to put it together this year by being given snaps in the right scheme. Given the chance in Schwatz’s system, I believe he can.

  6. Trey Burton=Aaron Hernandez without the off field issues. Im telling you I love Burton. I think he is a stud that hasnt been used. He is the most explosive player on the offense IMO yes better than Ertz if given the opportunity. He is big, strong, fast and athletic. The coaching staff is raving about him and its about time to get him on the field consistently.

    1. They overpay for average Talent therefore they remain mired in mediocrity in Terms of Record, Talent on Roster & Depth on Roster…
      Look at their DE’s for example. (Barwin,Graham, Curry are all paid like All-Pros for Average Production). Their OL with Peters, Kelce, Lane Johnson all very highly paid and still they can’t convert on 3rd/4th & Short year after year after year… RB’sMatthews & Sproles are highly paid and are rotational players… 3 QB’s all highly paid during yet only 1 can Play… Meanwhile their WR’s are among the worst Corp in entire NL for a 2nd Year in a Row… Their LB Corp has little Depth and History on injuries .. Go ahead and spend the remains 2016 Cap Space on good guy Darren Sproles for it makes little difference to me as the Eagles Win 6-8 Games in2016 and still have the remaining holes throughout their Roster for 2017..

  7. Paulman, these accusations of over payment by the eagles, are they facts or your opinion.?The eagles are in what used to be refered to as a rebuild ing phase. But that word is now taboo in the nfl.Most fans are 2 to 3 years ahead of themselves in expectations,When the team is ready to compete again most if not all your thoughts will moot.

    1. My point is Patrick is that the Eagles are in a rebuild time with New Coach’s/Schemes and A new QB of the Future so why sign Guys to long Term Deals or extend into the Future now who either haven’t won anything before or who won’t even be on the Roster in 2-3 Years Time when its Carson Wentz Team
      What good are these Veterans that they’re over-paying for and taking playing time away from Players that they need develop?? Celek is taking Reps, Ryan Matthews/Sproles are taking reps away, 1 Year Deals to WR Givens, Graham, Randle for what? To find lightning in a bottle??

      We’ll see what happens but I’m still seeing the same old mediocre talent out there for about 6-8 Wins for the 2016 Season .. No biggie to me… It’s been40 Years, what’s another 2-3 Years of mediocre Football..

      1. I know you are a pretty astute football , guy, but your about the same as I was when I was younger!You care about the Eagles, more than the owners do and , most fans,At times I think these owners have so much money it just does not matter to them. They are like the old time burlesque strippers, they just show you enough to keep you interested and enough to make a young mans pants grow,Enjoy opening day!The nfl is a great product, to watch for me ,but way way too much power and money ,

  8. Teams like the Raiders/Jaguars who have sucked but have now been Drafting good young Talent and then have the Cap Space to acquire Talent at Positions of need as they become more competitive… Eagles are maxing out Contracts and Salaries before they are even competitive within their own Division let alone the NFC Conference which has a solid 5-6 Teams way ahead of them..

    1. Fraud man F in football business again… Also double talk again… Celek is one and done, why pay him? Because you are building a culture/team from within … You still have not explained what you would do differently such as ‘don’t sign curry or Ertz and use the money to DO WHAT’… In order to somehow prove you understand please complete your thought…. Use the money where? But be careful because you are on record saying FA is no good and keeping your own is good…. You are in a corner

  9. Sproles Bradford and Celek are all gone either next year or the year after. Keep the Veterans on this roster to help tutor and mentor the young guys for the new era.

    Vinny Curry got paid because he is going to be a beast for this team under Jim. He has played behind some depth and did not get a lot of playing time under Kelly.

    Lane is a very young athletic tackle thAT is only going to get better and is in year 4 of his career.

    Howie will keep Philly in a great situation in terms of money and cap. With Barwin and Sam getting shipped off next year that already saves philly a decent bit of money.

    1. Eagles are already $11 Million over the projected 2017 Salary Cap so it’s obvious that 3-4 Veterans will be Cut/Released/Traded after the 2016 Season
      (Bradord, Peters, Ryan Matthews, Barwin or Graham )
      Who knows, if Bradford plays really well in 2016, then keeping Chase Daniels in 2017 or beyond is probably a waste Roster Spot for the $$$

        1. You do realize that you Have no idea when it comes to cap maneuverability? There are 5-7 young players primed to over perform for their minimal salaries? That is the NFL and u just don’t understand it

    2. Kelly actually chose to play Taylor Hart over Vinny Curry – for the majority of the year – because of his Oregon ties, and his amazing ability to identify talent…..

  10. And how the hell could anyone get mad at resigning one of the most slept on players in the league in darren sproles?

    He is the best 5th round pick the eagles have ever had.

    Never had any serious injuries and has never been a every down back anywhere he went. He has 2 good years left in him for sure not only as a rb but a punt return specialist as well.

    Great signing. Philly could not afford to lose him with Ryan destined to go down. Good mentor for the young RBS in Smalls and Barner.

    Everywhere Darren sproles leaves, look what happens to that team. LOL.
    Squeeze every ounce of ball out of him

    1. Signing him wasn’t the complaint that Paul was stating – It’s the money he signed for..

      I see what his concern is – and I agree with him to a certain degree. Wendell Smallwood may be Sproles’ successor, but he is just a rookie at this time, and hasn’t proven it yet.

      So, signing Sproles would be of some benefit – but for that much money is where I would express concern. Again, they had the opportunity to draft DeVontae Booker in the 3rd, and valued a Center more……..SMH

      There was our answer to Matthews injury prone uncertainty – with he, and Smallwood potentially being out future 1-2 punch….

      The Eagles whoas as a successful Championship Organization beins withtheir inability to draft strong talent; So then they wouldn’t have to compensate by overpaying declining veterans.

  11. Peters more then likely gone as well and still probably has 1-2 solid more years in him with a more slowed down methodical approach.

  12. At Eagles open practice…Darren Sproles is still lightening quick.
    Bradford is still the check down king…sailing passes and a little inaccurate. Wentz checking down also..hasn’t gone long yet. He can fun though…just ran a designed run play for him…he’s fast and athletic, especially for his size(big dude). Nice to have that running option at an.

  13. Carson.Wentz is having a good 11 on 11 drill. Accurate and finding hot receiver under pressure. Knows how to step up in pocket .fool out and elude pressure.
    I like this rookie TE.. MJ McFarland. Big kid can catch

  14. Eagles should move Josh Huff to running back. As a WR he does not have reliable enough hands to play the position consistently enough to be effective. As a RB he possesses the speed, strength and physical running style to perform well in that role. Only question would be does he have the vision to hit the right hole quickly, I don’t doubt his ability to get to the edge. When he has the ball in his hands he makes plays…let him do it from behind the line of scrimmage.

      1. Huff has talent, he’s just not receiver, I don’t know if he has concentration lapses, bad hands or a combination of the two. Try him at RB before showing him the door.

        1. Huff is just not a NFL Caliber WR.. He was Converted from RB his Sophomore Season by then his Coach Chip Kelly to become another Bubble Route/Screen WR/Scat Back for the Ducks to utilize his open field ability which he was effective in that Role at the College Level.. But Huff does not have Natural Hands to Catch well, His Route Running is not very good and that he has struggled picking up a NFL Play Book.. At Oregon, he was asked to run 3-4 Routes.. It’s a whole different Story at the Pro Level as we all know.. If he remained at RB for his College Career , maybe he would have had a shot in the NFL, but now some 4 Years later after not playing RB it would be very difficult for him to have any consistent success.. Kenjon Barner is basically the same type of Player as Josh Huff, which is a Scat/Back/Returnman.. A RB with good open Field/Return Skills but limited everywhere else in terms of Receiving, Route Running, Blocking, Running Inside,Protecting the QB etc,etc…
          Chip Kelly’s Offense at Oregon was designed with multiple Scat Backs/Receiver Types, who in numbers with their sheer volume & speed of the plays would simply wear down opponents at the College Level which made many of the Statistics of Duck RB’s & WR’s “Over-Inflated” … What Oregon Duck RB or WR has done well at the NFL Level that played under Chip Kelly ?

          Huff will not make the 53 Man Roster as this Current Coaching Staff and GM Roseman have no ties to Him.. I expect he will be Cut by the 2nd Round of Cuts as he won’t even be a “Bubble Player”

          Huff and Barner could probably play in the Canadian Football League as both are not NFL Caliber Talent

          I rather see some of the Younger Players at WR & RB get more Reps and see what their Upside is about ..

        2. I haven’t seen any talent. He isn’t big enough to play running back. So trade him to chip who thinks he is talented….HeSucks…

          1. Not big enough?!?! He’s 5’11” 206, that’s big enough to play RB, that argument is ridiculous when you look at the size of some of the other backs in the league. It does not have to be a feature role, he has the talent to play RB. Cliff, you only see talent in all star caliber players, you do not think about players who can be productive and play a specific role, you can’t have a team full of all pros.
            As far as talent, he does not have the speed to play in this league? skill as a runner after the ball is in his hands?, His production when he secures the ball after he gets it says that he does and he produces as a runner once he gets the ball. I’m on record as not being a Josh Huff fan, however, I think he should get a shot at RB.

            1. I see the talent in anyone that is talented – and as far as Josh Huff is concerned, I haven’t seen ANY semblance of talent – He is only here because his College Coach, who has no real clue as to NFL Talent drafted him when he shouldn’t have.

              I respectfully disagree with you Eagle, I don’t think he is a RB, WR, or a cheerleader in the NFL….He is CFL/Arena League Caliber Talent.

              Wendell Smallwood, who I have seen play since he was a little boy, is the same size as Huff – but is way more talented, faster, and has more heart than Hush…

              1. You stated he wasn’t big enough to play RB as part of your reasoning as to why he can not play that position…do you still maintain that position as it relates to Huff? Then you say Smallwood is the same size so you are arguing against your own criteria.
                Smallwood has not played a snap in a NFL regular season game so we can not truly measure or determine how Smallwood’s talent will translate to the NFL. To do so would be premature at best, in your case, bias since you have allegedly watched since he was a little boy. I hope Wendell can ball, however, I am basing what I am saying on what I have seen Huff do when he has the ball in his hands, to say he has no talent is at best disingenuous, once again, when he has had the ball in his hand he’s produced against NFL first string defenses. I’ve never seen Huff shy away from contact so I’m not certain as to how you are measuring his heart.
                I never thought I would be put in a position to defend Huff, but, I think you are incorrect to say he has NO talent. Is he inconsistent? Yep! Does he need to concentrate more? Yep. Was he drafted two rounds before he should have been? Yep, but, he still has NFL level talent. Try Huff at RB!!!

              2. Cliff, for the record NFL Combine 40 times
                Josh Huff first run 4.45 and 4.47 on second run
                Wendell Smallwood 4.47…no second time listed, perhaps he did not run second 40.
                So Wendell Smallwood is not faster than Huff either, in fact the opposite is true according to the official records.
                Another fact about Huff, he breaks initial tackles as he runs with power and attitude. That’s why I think he’d make a good RB…he has that mentality.
                I see heart and toughness as I watched his Eagles highlight reel. He just needs to be more consistent catching the ball!

              3. I’m pretty sure josh huffs combine 40 time was over 4.5. I remember this because when we drafted his scrub Ass too early cuz he was a duck I remember thinking u can take a wr that runs 4.5+ 40 and has no size …

              4. mhenski, the only thing you have to do is youtube Huff’s 40 yard dash at the 2014 NFL Combine…4.45. Then you can google articles written about his combine workout stats…4.45 and 4.47 40 times. These are those pesky facts. As I stated, I’m not a Huff fan, but my opinion of him as a player can’t change or manipulate his speed or his performance/production when the ball is in his hands, the facts are non-debatable.

              5. NFL dot com has his 40 listed at 4.51 and he was a 5th or 6th round projected pick

                NFLdraftscout DOT com has his combine 40 listed at 4.51 too

                another website… looks like that 4.47 time comes from his pro day?

                “Where He’s Projected: Huff is a mid-round prospect that is hoping to get into the draft on the second day, either in the late second round or early third. But his lack of height prevents him from being a higher pick. He did help his cause by running a 40 time of 4.47 at his pro day, which followed up a 4.51 time at the combine.”

                either way .04 is immaterial…

                but what is not immaterial is the fact that he blows

              6. I have NEVER seen Huff run over anyone, blow by anyone, nor not be brought down on the initial hit in the NFL.

                As for the Kuechly analogy – Apples to rocks – I knew Kuechly was talented, but I didn’t think he was the stud that he was; Huff isn’t crap…..

              7. Cliff, if you have not seen him blow by anyone or break tackles then you are not watching every Eagles game. Watch his Eagles highlight reel and you will see it. That footage kills your argument. First you said he was to small…wrong, then he was not faster than Smallwood…wrong again! Great thing about youtube, all of this footage is available to watch. He’s a physical runner… try him at RB. As far as running over anyone, he’s been playing WR, the position does not lend itself to running over defenders like RB does.

              8. mhenski, I know he was drafted way to early, Chip was a dope, Huff should have been a 5th/6th round pick, no question. However, that’s water under the bridge now. Huff is not a WR, he is a RB and that’s where I believe he could add value on this team. Trying him there is not going to hurt.
                I did not like the Huff draft because of 4 reasons:
                1. He was way over drafted
                2. He was brought in to replace Desean which was a joke in itself, he can’t hold Desean’s jock
                3. He was not a natural WR.
                4.Huff was another Duck and the Chip bias was nauseating.
                Move him to running back and see what happens. Removing my antipathy for Chip and his ridiculous drafting of Ducks, I’m not going to say he can’t play in the NFL, his production after touching the ball says different.
                Lastly, I am seeing all kinds of times for Huff’s 40 on different sights ranging from 4.45-4.51. regardless, that is good speed for a RB.
                Huff had 1 rush in 2014, he ran the ball for 7 yards..see if he can do that consistently! What harm does it do.
                I know the stench of Chip is deep, but, I want to see if Huff can play RB.

              9. No…. never, and if he did it couldn’t be more than once. You’ll never find consistent video of something like that because he isn’t that type of player.

                And he isn’t faster than Smallwood…. Huff is a 4.5 guy…. Smallwood ran a 4.47 consistently…..

                You’re right, I didn’t like him as much as others, but no one said Kuechly wasn’t talented.

                Bottom line for me is Huff isn’t an NFL talent, and never has been.

  15. Free-Agent RB’s still out there who could Help the Eagles in a Rotational Role
    Anthony Dixon, Joquie Bell, Zac Stacy (if healthy), Michael Dyer would all be upgrades and insurance in case Ryan Matthews Injured Ankle and his other Injuries continues to linger on

  16. Looks like Jordan Matthews experiment is done at outside WR… he is turning out to be a disappointment too

    1. mhenski, what were your initial expectations for Jordan Matthews after he was drafted? Chip said he was a slot receiver. His first season he totaled 872 yards. In his second season he accumulated 997 yards from the slot. That’s good production and his production increased from his first to his second season. He has improved production wise. He is going into year 3 where he is expected to now make another jump. I just want to see him become more consistent catching the ball which I think he will. Other than that I’m fine with him thus far.
      Next draft, the Eagles need to target Ole Miss WR Quincy Adeboyejo 6’3″ 205, he is that speedy deep threat sure handed the Eagles have been missing since DJax was exited.

      1. I like him Eagle, but he will be 1st rounder, and we have no 1st rounder.

        I still feel that we need to upgrade our pass rush, and linebacker core. We also will need to draft another OT.

        My wish -WISH – list is : Myles Garrett, Cam Robinson, and Tim Williams.

        Free Agents are going to be key next off season.

        Ziggy Ansah, Joe Thomas, and Larry Warford, would be my targets, while hoping Desean, and LeSean are cap casualties…… and someone give me Josh Gordon…

        1. Cliff, hopefully Adeboyejo flies under the radar as he has been. Myles Garret and Cam Robinson are first round locks…trust.

          Tim Williams is a pass rush specialist beast…he may slip to the second round though. If that happens he’s definitely a good pick.

          1. Myles Garrett and Cam Robinson will go in the Top 10 if they stay healthy and Out of Trouble .. Eagles won’t Pick until the 2nd Round and most likely in that 40th-45th Range

            Early 2017 2nd Round Mock Pick for the Eagles –

            A) DE/OLB Lewis Neal – LSU
            B) DE/OLB Marquis Haynes – Ole Miss
            C) DT Eddie Vanderdoes – UCLA
            D) LB Skai Moore – South Carolina
            E) WR Traven Dural – LSU

            1. The Eagles do need to find a quality OT. When Peters move on, whether Johnson slides to the left or not, a legit top notch tackle needs to step in to stabilize the line and protect Wentz!

              1. Eagles Drafted OT Vaitai who will become the RT by 2017/2018 Season
                Next Year after Peters is released, Lane Johnson goes to LT and Gardner, Tobin & Vaitai all battle for RT..

              2. Big V played LT last Season for TCU and at RT the Year Before…
                He was Drafted in mind to take over at RT when LJ moves over to LT

              3. There is no guarantee Paul…
                that big V will even make the team, let alone be anointed the starter at RT.

                I would not make Lame our LT, I would trade him, Barwin, Bradford, and a future #1 to Cleveland to get our #1 back for this draft year, and try to get my hands on Myles Garrett.

                Then draft Cam Robinson when he falls for his legal issues, and get another pick, and draft Tim Williams.

              4. There is no Guarantee of anything but the Eagles Drafted Vai and will give him every opportunity to learn and Win the RT job by 2017/2018 and become the next RT when Lane Johnson moves over to LT to replace Jason Peters..
                Vaitai will be a Back-Up or possibly even a Practice Squad Player in 2016 but he’ll probably make the Roster over Dennis Kelly since he is a 2016 Draft Pick while Dennis Kelly is a 5 Year Vet from Andy Reid/Chip Kelly Era whose Upside never materialized ..

                Both DE Myles Garret and OT Cam Robinson will be Top 10 Picks in the 2017 Draft barring major Injury or Off-The Field Legal Issues

                Cleveland is in a Rebuild Mode and has no Interest in Trading their Top Picks for Eagles Players who are Expensive,Aging and Under-achievers.. Why would Cleveland do something so stupid as that Cliff ?
                Cleveland likely has 2 Picks in the Top 10 Next Draft and will Draft their QB of the Future and another OL/DL/WR to Help Hue Jackson turn around that Franchise..

                Eagles 1st Selection will come around the 40th to 45th Overall Pick in the Draft in the 2nd Round and Myles Garret,Cam Robinson will be long gone…

              5. And Paul, and Ciggy will reinforce there statements with anything said or hinted to the fan base , or the media, that Big V will get an opportunity to start at RT, OR that he was brought in for the opportunity to become our starting RT.

                Please paste your proof – no proof?? – I’m sorry whose goofy with one sided opinions with no substance??

              6. I don’t know Paul, why did Buffalo give the Eagles a 3rd round pick for Bryce Brown – which you also screamed would never happen?? – But it did, The point is it only takes one.

                One reason, is that they will lose Joe Thomas to free agency, and they may value an already established OT to protect that new QB, INSTEAD OF A ROOKIE – That’s not unreasonable, and would be smart for them to take – plus a 2018 #1 pick.

                The Eagles will do no better than 6-10, but my guess is that they go 5-11, 4-12

                which puts them in the top 5, where that can draft Myles Garrett. And I think Cam Robinsons legal troubles are more serious that you understand, and you’re correct if they persist – He will be available to the Eagles in the 2nd round.

              7. Bryce Brown Returned a 4th Round Pick from the Bills and not a 3rd Round Pick (It was a Conditional Deal based on what WR Steve Johnson did with the 49ers and what RB Bryce Brown did with the Bills)
                Wasn’t the Bills GM Fired after that season for lots of poor Trades like the ones above. Is Bryce Brown even on a NFL Roster ? … I stated that he was a dime a dozen RB who took just about every hand-off to the sideline for fear of Contact and would not last very long in the NFL as he was a Poor Blocker and Receiver out of the Backfield and never got over his Fumbling issues so he was never a 3 Down RB to begin with and simply a rotational RB to get 4-6 Carries a Game to give Starters a breather …

                About the only thing in Bryce Browns Favor was that he was Young and Cheap and not under an expensive Long Term Deal like the Players You listed in your Post.. Its 1 thing to roll the dice an make a Trade for Player on a 1 Year Deal where the $$$ is not an issue but it’s another story to accept a 3-4 Year Big Contract with Guarantee and Bonus’s etc,etc fo a Team can simply sign a Free-Agent under their own Contract Arrangements and not Give up Valuable Draft Picks …

              8. Cleveland has Drafted 3 OT’s the last 2 Drafts
                Cam Erving, Shon Coleman and Spencer Drango will all battle for replacing Joe Thomas.. The Browns do not want your Eagle Players that you listed for Trade..(Bradford, Graham,Barwin… Why Would they ?)
                Lane Johnson just signed a Huge Extension at LT $$$ with the Eagles and is not going anywhere.. You can not like it, but that’s your Problem….

              9. duh cliff– every player drafted gets a chance to show they belong– the eagles havent drafted any other lineman in the previous 2 years– anyone living in reality would presume he would get a look– as a matter of fact I’m sure that all 90 men are getting a look– some more serious than others– but with the depth issues on the O. Line, with Peters age if you don’t think he’s getting reps and a look then you are sillier than previously thought.

              10. And Paul all of them including your boy Cameron Ervin stink, and they know it.
                Lame already under contract would be a bargain for what they have to pay a real LT like Joe Thomas…

                I never said the Eagles would trade him. I said I would trade him.

                You still haven’t provided any. Proof they wouldn’t take Lampe one way or the other. All you’ve given me as usual is your personal opinion.

                Memory serves me correct you were just as confident stating the eagles wouldn’t get a 3rd round pick. for Bryce Brown, and you were wrong..

                They need to get that draft pick back….. and no one wants the scrubs you’re going to suggest.

                Ciggy is that your proof??….. please shut up.

              11. Gm loony bird…ready you said this:

                And Paul, and Ciggy will reinforce there statements with anything said or hinted to the fan base , or the media, that Big V will get an opportunity to start at RT, OR that he was brought in for the opportunity to become our starting RT.

                I respond with a drafted player will get a look and you say no proof– as for the media or fan base– they don’t announce plans to replace players currently on the roster and under contract– it is called common courtesy to your employee– they don’t owe the media that explanation– do you really think that V isn’t going to get a shot to be a starter in the future? are you that steeped in desperate lunacy?

              12. So in other words you don’t really know – you’re just going to assume??

                You know what assuming does to you Ciggy??… that’s not reinforcing proof brush that big v will be, or there are plans to make him our RT in 2017.

                But it does prove whose Looney…..FYI

              13. And I was Right Cliff, for the Eagles did not get a 3rd Round Draft Pick in Return for Bryce Brown… They got a 4th Round Pick which I explained in the last Posting concerning Bryce Brown…
                Joe Staley will not be coming to the Eagles in Free-agency so you take him off your list.. Top College Prospect DE Myles Garrett and OL Cam Robinson are most likely Top 5 Picks in the 2017 Draft, so there is no sense in my Mocking them to the Eagles since the Eagles won’t be picking until the Early-Mid 2nd Round (38th to 44th is my Guessing Range)
                Did you forget to take your medicine today ?

              14. Eagles received the Bills 4th Round Pick in 2015 (#113th Pick) for Bryce Brown and that’s it… The Eagles Traded that #113 Pick the Pick in 2015 Draft to the Detroit Lions for their 2016 3rd Round Pick (which became the #77 Selection) and was Traded to Cleveland Brown as part of the Carson Wentz Deal Package for the Eagles to Move up to #2 Overall

                The Eagles at #79 (their own 2016 3rd Round Pick) Selected OL Issac Seumalo..

                Are you now going to say the Eagles Got Carson Wenz for Bryce Brown…..

  17. Disaster?

    Philly is the only team in the East arguably that can sit there qb of the future and build around him for the next 15 years.

    Romo is old
    Kirk is a big ?
    And You never know with Eli.

    We also have the best defense and special teams in the division which will balance out if our offense struggles. I can see our special teams and defense helping us win a few games.

    We should only be improved on offense however. Were young, and with an improved Oline there is no reason why Sam cannot be improved in year 2 away from his knee injury and playing with the same personell back 2 back season.

    Jordan and Zach should both have career years. Nelson broke his ankle last year and just needs to focus on the catching part. Josh is in year 3 and if he does not show anything this year consistent then he never will.

    Celek is still a beast and can be depended on running and catching some routes here and there. Do not sleep on Trey Burton who is athletic and has had time to learn and adjust to the nfl game since being undrafted out of Florida.

    Philly can, and will be good enough to compete for a playoff spot.

    You get in the playoffs and anything can happen. Especially if our defense starts to take off and get better as the season goes on .

  18. People act like we were terrible on offense last year.

    We were 12th in YPG with 365
    13th in PPG with nearly 24
    Were we elite? No. But far from being terrible. I can see us being a top 10 offense and defense this season.

    1. No we don’t have the best defense at all.

      Terrible on offense would be a compliment for our offense last year. If you watched every week you know it was disgusting and repulsive and the worst offense we had since probably Doug pederson.

      Yards were skewed by chips gimmick

    2. One thing to keep in mind CT is that the Eagles will face much better Team Defenses in 2016 than they did in 2017

      The Seahawks, Bengals, Ravens,Steelers, Seahawks,Vikings, Bears & Packers were all in the Top Half (15th or better) in the NFL in 2015

      Combine this with New Coach’s, Blocking Schemes and Players and this 2016 Eagles Offense is going to struggle big time out of the gate..
      Without many Big-Playmakers on Offense, the Eagles are going to have to Execute at a very High Level every Game, Limit Turnovers & Penalties and Negative Plays ..They will have to play Ball Control Offense and take advantage of Field Position and Turnovers that their Defense and Special Teams provide.. Can this be accomplished ?? Possibly, but right out of the gate with a new System, Coach’s & Players, It’s doubtful until they can really establish a consistent Running Game which their Backfield is kind of in transition right now as the WR Corp develops..

      The NFC East Defenses By Comparison for 2015
      17th – Cowboys
      28th – Redskins
      30th – Eagles
      32nd – Giants

      So the 2015 Eagles Offense Played 6 Divisional Games versus some pretty Bad Defenses last Year

  19. Preseason NFC East Rankings

    Offense –
    1) Cowboys – Romo Back, Healthy Dez, Rookie RB Elliot & A Morris, have the Best OL in NFL.
    2) Giants – Improved OL with stability, Eli with OBJ & a Healthy Victor Cruz
    Who is their #1 RB ? Can R Jennings stay healthy ? A Williams and his Fumblitis
    3) Redskins – Most of their Offense Returns except for RB A Morris, Improved OL, Deep Receiving Corp can beat you Short or Deep
    4) Eagles – ??? at Outside WR, ??? at RB and ??? about Sam Bradford

  20. Stats do not tell the full story. We were 30th in defense yes. But when you have been on the field longer then any defense the past three seasons then your going to give up yards.

    Davis and Kelly implemented a bend but dont break scheme. Force turnovers (which the defense did ALOT under Davis) and get pressure on the qb. The corners were going to give up big plays. But philly would hold opposing offenses to 3 on drives very frequently.

    The past 48 games (3 seasons) the defense and special teams in philly played good to win and did their job in about 40 of them. Maybe even 41-42.

    Its not like we were surrendering 30-40+ every sunday. Turnovers and drops is what killed philly the past 2 years.

    We will win the division this year. Jim Schwartz will turn this defense into a juggernaut. Especially in years 2-3 and 4 if he is still here.

    He will be a HC again in this league, Maybe even here if Pederson does not work out.


  21. Sam bradfords a loser dude. He ain’t winning no division and that’s just the beginning of our problems

  22. Bradford is 28. Been in the league 6 years but only played in 4.

    Out of those 4 he played on a shitty team in a tough division. You cannot name me ONE elite qb in the league today, or ever that was successful without a supporting cast.

    Then after missing 2 years came to a Philly team handcuffed by chip kelly and not having a full training camp. None of the WR helped him much or the big FA signings in Maxwell kiko and Murray.

    My point is..His best days are ahead of him. I doubt he gets that unlucky and tears his knee again. Quarterbacks get better in there 30s. He will be 29 mid season and at the start of next year.

    If he went to Denver, or the Jets or maybe houston if brock does not work out sometime down the road. Shit maybe Arizona? He would be contending for atleast ONE ring his 30s.

    1. Do you really think Sam Bradford could even fit Arizona’s Coach Bruce Arians and his Down the Field Passing attack ?? C’Mon Man …
      Bradford wouldn’t last a Practice under Bruce Arians .. Dink and Dunk is not what Bruce Arians Offense’s are … Check His Time with Big Ben , Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck.. Bruce Arians runs a down the field over the Top Passing attack which requires a big strong armed QB who can get the ball down the Field, Not the Dink and Dunk Passer that Bradford is …

      1. 1 qb with a shitty supporting cast – Brady easy.

        Cam newtown offensive cast last year was awful and he was insane.

        31 NFL teams disagree with your asssssment of Bradford.

  23. Eagles Defense Statistically since 2010

    2010 – Ranked 12th
    2011 – Ranked 8th
    2012 – Ranked 15th
    2013 – Ranked 29th
    2014 – Ranked 28th
    2015 – Ranked 30th

    QB Sam Bradford will never see the Post-Season as a Player in the NFL
    He simply is not a Winner.. A QB has to be either Physically Gifted (Cam Newton, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers) or be an excellent Natural Leader (Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Peyton Manning or even Russell Wilson) or at least be a strong combination of the 2 (Flacco, Eli)
    Sam Bradford is neither of these … He’s Average Physically and Below Average Leadership Skill Wise.. He’ll be out of Football by his early 30’s

  24. Eagles 2016 Season Prediction (Early Version #1)

    1st Game – Beat Browns 20-16
    2nd Game – Lose to Bears on Monday Night 23 – 16
    3rd Game – Lose to Steelers 31 – 16
    4th Game – Beat Lions 24-20
    5th Game – Lose at Redskins 26 – 17
    6th Game – Lose to Vikings 23-16
    7th Game – Lose to Cowboys 30-20
    8th Game – Lose to Giants 28 – 24
    9th Game – Beat Falcons 23-20 in OT
    10th Game – Lose to Seahawks 28-10
    11th Game – Lose to Packers 31-16
    12th Game – Lose to Bengals 26-16
    13th Game – Beat Redskins 23-20
    14th Game – Lose to Ravens 24-13
    15th Game – Beat Giants 26-24
    16th Game – Lose to Cowboys 27-19

    Eagles Finish 5-11 and a 2-4 NFC Divisional Record and have a lot of work to do on Offense to Score TD’s

    I hope I am wrong, maybe this Eagles Offense will be better than I expect
    but you know that the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Steelers, Bengals, Packers,Seahawks, & even the Falcons will Score in the Mid- 20’s if not Higher..Can the Eagles get into a Shoot out and beat any of these Teams ?

    Early Games that are a Must for the Eagles to have a successful Season
    Bears & Vikings who are also offensively challenged.. If Eagles can Win these 2 Games early in the Season, then maybe they can battle to .500 and get stronger as teh Season goes along, but if they lose both these Games to the Bears & Vikings of the NFC Central, then this Season will turn ugly when they play against the better Offenses and Teams that will be on their Schedule

    1. Depends what you think a successful season is.

      For me, a successful season next year would be one where the Eagles finished between 7-9 and 9-7.

      Visible and obvious improvement on defense into the teens – including clearly observable pass-rush improvement.

      Wentz playing in the final 4 to 6 games where he is competitive. Proves he can handle the bigs and throws more tds than pics….say 8 tds to 4-5 ints. Hopefullly goes .500 over his 4 or 5 starts.

      Pederson showing the head-coaching gig isn’t out of his league either. Intelligent play-calling. No stupid “Andy Reid like” challenges and pathetic timeouts.

      That happens and I am happy.

  25. Cowboys Backup QB Kellen Moore breaks leg at Camp Practice
    Expect them to go out and Sign Free-Agent Nick Foles as their Back-Up

  26. I’m very well aware of Big V’s playing history at TCU, I’m also aware of what the plans are for him regarding why the Eagles drafted him. I am questioning whether he can be an effective RT. He has a lot of work to do with his footwork. He struggles mightily against smaller speed rushers and inside moves from athletic defenders.

    1. as with most young OL and especially big OT like Vaitai.. he has to learn many of the Techniques and Tricks of the Trade so to speak at the NFL Level
      Many times these Younger taller OL don’t quite down down low enough and a speed, smaller rusher get under their pad levels and can push a 320-330lbs gut right off his feet… Most everyone who has watched Vaitai are actually impressed with his Footwork for his lack of experience but he has to get a stronger core, proper bend, use his hands more, etc,etc .. Again, these are all skills that can be taught and Coached up which is what the Eagles will do… most reports have this Vaitai as a bright young fella who is eager to learn and is not afraid to put in work in order to get better which is half the battle.. I think the Eagles may have a gotten a solid Player in him..
      Right Now the Eagles have Barbree, Gardner, Tobin Kelly and Vaitai all with OT Experience so they will be fine for 2016 and could very well play Vaitai on the Practice Squad but if he shows Promise and plays well this Summer them i expect that he will be on the 53 Man Roster with Kelly or Tobin seeing the Waiver Wire

  27. On a Side Note, Congrats to Tom Jackson who will be Retiring after this Weekends Hall of Fame Broadcast from ESPN Football Night after 29 Years with the Station…
    Tom Jackson was an old school Player and Analyst who had those long gone traits of Mutual Respect, Humility and Knowledge about the Game of Football, the NFL & Life itself… One of Good Guys in Football and Sports
    who made a great Team with Chris Berman over all these Years.

  28. QB Nick Foles is set to Sign with the KC Chiefs and reunite with Andy Reid and be Back-up to Alex Smith…

  29. Eagles Lose Undrafted FA Signing DT Connor Wujciak, from Boston College, who injured his Shoulder and Season Ending Surgery

  30. Eagles using Josh Huff in end around plays. According to Elliot Schor Parks, Brandon Lee Gowton and Ed Kratcz…Eagles have been running end around plays handing the ball off to Josh Huff. Reports are that they must’ve just installed plays …have not seen it until today. Kratcz reports Huff looks good in this role # fast.

    This is what I’ve been saying…he can’t catch well enough to be a reliable option so hand the ball off to him. Try him at RB. Perfect time since Wendell Smallwood is out with an injury.

  31. Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 51m51 minutes ago

    Wentz just went 5/6 with 5 TDs in a red zone drill #Eagles

    Eliot Shorr-Parks Verified account

    The 1st/2nd team defense just demolished the 1st/2nd team offense in back to back drills #Eagles


  32. Cliff, your boy Austin Seferian Jenkins has been supplanted as the #1 TE by an UDFA TE from Harvard by the name of Cameron Brate. Coach Dirk Koetter says Saferian-Jenkins was taken out of practice during the spring for not knowing what he was doing. Further ASJ must play better to get more opportunities.

    1. The Red Flags of Austin Sefarian Jenkins that he had during his Draft Run up have unfortunately remained true during his 3 Years with the TB Bucs.. His Conditioning, Football Smarts, and Work Ethic and overall Maturity have now been questioned by 2 Different Head Coach’s in his brief Career…
      The Guy is Talented but everyone in the NFL is Talented, He’s lazy, unfocused and not willing to put the work in type of Player who only ends up short-changing Himself and his Teammates.. I expect that he will likley be dealt so that they get something back in Return, I would not be surprsed to see ASJ Traded to the Seahawks where Coach Pete Carroll has a way of salvaging these type of under-achievers, plus the Seahawks have depth issues as Jimmy Graham’s return is taking longer than expected from his Severe Injury and that ASJ is from Washington State
      Studies show that Jimmy Graham’s Recovery Chances from his Injury and Procedure are among the lowest in the Sport of NFL in terms of Players healing 100% and getting that explosiveness back

      1. Paul for years now I have ignored your petty jealous mocking of my suggested prospects – although you never say anything positive of the other 36 pro bowlers _ I wonder why that is??….smh

        Like when you were mocking me about Khalil Mack when he got off to a slow start – nothing more to say huh ??…

        Like I told you before you’re my guy but you will never know talent better than me. Like Dawkins said either you have the eye or you don’t – and you don’t…

        1. What happened to your cant miss Stud of a Generation DE Jadaveon Clowney
          I was probably the only on here to say Stay Away from him at all costs due to a Poor Work Ethic, Attitude nad Maturity and that he won’t play thru pain and is always injured… Check out his 3 Year Stats…
          Dion Jordan, another up and coming Stud Player who I said Stay away..

          You wanted to Trade Multiple Top Picks and Players for WR Josh Gordon who is one incident away from a Life-Time Ban,,, GTFOH…

          1. I have never labeled anyone as can’t miss…… I’m still missing your reference where I said that…

            And I still want Josh Gordon….. my trade for him had conditions in his contract to protect the Eagles….. as it still would… don’t try to put words in my mouth.

          2. You have had plenty of Good Picks and Selections over the Years but you have had misses too, just like the rest of us …
            The thing is you typically go with the 6-7 of the Top 20-30 Players and act as if the Eagles should be able to land a few of them which is never going to happen.. and Your Trade back and back and back or trading current Players on the Roster with big contracts for High Draft Picks to other Teams is just simply not realistic..

            From 2013 .. Some of your Top Prospects in the Top 2 Rounds
            Dion Jordan, Zekial Ansah,DJ Fluker, Sheldon Richardson,Jarvis Jones, Matt Elam, Jonathon Cyprien, Justin Hunter & Jaime Collins..

            From 2014 .. Some of your Top Prospects in the Top 2 Rounds
            Jadaveon Clowney, Greg Robinson (we both liked and he’s been Bad)
            Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack, Mike Evans,Kyle Fuller,Deonne Bucannon, Jimmy Ward, Demarcus Lawrence, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, Paul Richardson,Jeremiah Attatochu, Stanley Jean-Baptiste, Kony Ealy,

            From 2015 – Some of your Top Prospects in the Top 2 Rounds
            Jameis Winston, Vic Beasley, Ereck Flowers, Marcus Peters,Bud Dupree,
            Breshad Perriman, Stephone Anthony, Dorial Green-Beckham, Jalen Collins,
            Jaquiski Tartt ,Senquez Golson, Randy Gregory, Quentin Rollins..

            1. You never ever saw me state Matt Elam’s name, or Justin Hunter, Jameis Winston, Jimmie Ward, Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, or Jarvis Jones as players I wanted to see on the Eagles – NEVER

              I never mocked Dion Jordan, Jedaveon Clowney, or Greg Robinson, I always said I wouldn’t mind having them on my team – I always mocked Khalil Mack, Sheldon Richardson, and Ziggy Ansah…..3 pro bowlers, along with MANY other Pro Bowlers….and very minimal misses

              I have always said I am 85% correct when it comes to the draft. My major hiccups: Luke Kuechly, Odell Beckham Jr, and Russell Wilson……percentage is way better than yours…I don’t sweat any criticism…..

              but you continue to be inaccurate

              1. I didn’t say that you had the above Players mocked just for the Eagles..
                I listed Players that you liked and thought highly of and I’m sure out of 35-36 Players I listed, that I may have made a few errors as this was from the top of my head…
                You can Mock 6-8 Great Players every Year to the Eagles which means nothing since they may have a legitimate shot at 1 of them at most.. You Pick Top 10-15 Talent we the Eagles are Selecting 22nd? What does that mean? And then you complain the next 3-4 Years, saying the Eagles should have Drafted X.. GTFOH

  33. Keep an Eye on the ever expanding Eagles Guard Brandon Brooks…
    Word out of Houston is that he did himself no favors last Years staying out of shape and having some minor Injuries last year in his Contract Year..
    The Texans basically replaced Brandon Brooks with Free Agent Jeff Allen of the KC Chiefs on a 4 Years $28 Million Deal with $12 Million in Guaranteed $$$ While the Eagles Paid Brooks $40 Million with $21 Million in Guaranteed $$ 5 Years… The thnig that concerns me about Brooks is his Weight
    which was a concern of Houston where he used to play at 330-335lbs and last Season ballooned up to 340-345lbs… The Eagles have him listed
    6-6 335lbs but some reports have him up to 345lbs again.. and if he misses a couple of weeks early on in Camp, he could end up having these leg muscles/hamstring pulls all Season long… Not the Summer Camp Start that I was hoping or expecting from by Brandon Brooks…
    When these Big Guys miss too much conditioning time plus he’s in a New System to begin with with new Teammates is not going to help him and he needs to be out there as much as possible ….

    2 more important Player went down today with leg muscle/hamstring issues
    OT Jason Peters (Quadriceps) & Safety Malcom Jenkins (Hamstring)

  34. Gm looney tunes take on O. Beckham:

    April 8, 2014 – 6:19 pm
    Profile photo of gmcliff
    and he is one of those Diddy that I think will be a bust in terms of big time expectations….and really have us missing DeSean..

  35. On a Side Note,
    Congrats to Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook and his new 3 Year Extension paying him Approx $87 Million and still having an Option to Test Free-Agency after 2 Years, but this now allows the Oklahoma Franchise to build around him to keep him for the long-term and this also allows Westbrook to commit to the Franchise now for 2 Seasons and focus on Basketball .. A Win-Win for both Westbrook, the Thunder, the NBA and for many Basketball Fans..

    1. The fool from Boone what happened paulman wasn’t Westbrook suppossed to be with the Lakers instead of signing an extension with OKC.

  36. Paul stop you’ve made a lot more than a few hiccups…. And some of those players you mentioned I never liked.

    What were the overall rankings of Josh Norman, Khalil Mack, Ziggy Ansah, and Marquis Colton, their senior years???

    1st round, top 100, top 1000, you still have to identify the talent.. ..

    Remember you told me I was crazy because I said Trent Richardson, Stephen Gilmore, and Stephen Hill, were overrated???

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