So Far This Has Been A “Trey Burton” Eagles Camp

TreyBurton2Head coach Doug Pederson had his Eagles hitting here today at the Nova Care Complex.  Tight end Trey Burton continues to shine.  He is taking advantage of the nice package they have put together for him as the second or third tight end, depending on the formation.  Offensive coordinator Frank Reich said he liked Burton, but by now it’s got to be LOVE because of all the passes the young man has been catching.

Burton put a double move on a defensive back and was wide open going down the sidelines as he pulled in the Carson Wentz throw in a LIVE drill.  He has been catching passes in each and every part of the practice. Whether they’re in 7-on-7 or a team drill, Burton is getting open and catching the football.

I could see the Eagles playing a lot of two tight end sets on first and second downs because it looks like a running formation with two 245 pounders in there as extra run blockers.  Surely any defensive coordinator has to keep all of his linebackers in the game because he’s got to defend the Eagles running game.  That will give Ertz and Burton chances to be matched up against the opposing team’s linebackers, when the Birds go with play action pass.  Sam Bradford will put the ball in the running backs’ stomach, then pull it out and he will be throwing the ball to a wide open tight end.

With this 21 formation, two tight ends and one back, the Eagles should be able to do plenty of damage.  The key will be running the ball well to set it all up.  If they’re able to run the ball, it’s going to put the opposing defensive coordinator, as well as his linebackers and defensive backs in a no-win situation.

The safeties were active today in the workout. Eagles safety Rodney McLeod laid a lick on Zach Ertz after the tight end got open down the seam.  McLeod made a few more tackles during the workout.

Safety Ed Reynolds II came from the other side of field, then made an open field tackle against running Kenjon Barner. The running back didn’t have time to put a move on the hard charging tackler.

I saw Chris Maragos make a nice play in the red zone work.  The safety put himself in great position to pick the ball off, but tight end Chris Pantale was able to fight him for it enough to get the ball out of hands and onto ground.

Big Beau Allen broke through the offensive line and made a tackle in the backfield on Barner at the goalline.  It was a touchdown saving play.

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  1. I have stated before that Trey Burton one of the best offensive weapon we have if given the opportunity. He may be to small to block but he ha Aaron Hernandez written all over him.

  2. 5 rips birds for paying Sam I am a whole lot more than he got paid and then drafting wentz who potentially will be better than him…. My favorite eagle of all time can’t help himself…. Total ass, Schmidt like…

    1. Everybody ripped the eagles for signing sam and chase to thst ridiculous contract. Eveyone in the country but when mcnabb says the same damn rhing its a problem. Lol typical.oh and Wentz has a long way to go to becoming the best qb in Eagles history so please give me a break with the potentially bullshit. Odds are he is likely to be closer to foles and kolb then mcnabb.

      1. It’s his passive aggressiveness… Look up,the word potential… If he is as good as 5 then we have something.
        I really don’t think 5 wants someone to be as good as him….

    2. smh…the Greatest QB in Eagles history gets no respect…even when he is absolutely right! He called the Eagles moves ‘dumb’…and they are dumb.
      And they are compounding the stupidity by putting Wentz on the bench to hold up his development a full year!
      The question still remains…can Wentz play? Is he a franchise Quarterback?
      Bradford, Daniels, and everything related to QB is irrelevant until we find out about Wentz!

      1. he gets great respect for his play– he is an idiot that runs his mouth, a petulant baby– jealous and school girl like–
        As far as Bradfords money? who cares– they paid him on the outside chance he delivers on his vaunted potential (30 year old and we talkin’ potential)– if he delivers they get a shot at the playoffs and a pic or two for him– if he doesn’t deliver then its not your money–and you have a rook who has sat, learned and will hopefully deliver on his potential much before 30.

        1. Bull…McNabb is the victim of a biased local media who just don’t like the guy.
          The weak psycho-analysis is absolutely ridiculous!

          McNabb is right

          The move is dumb

          1. 5 has always been pouty with the media and fans,,, he got butt hurt by the draft and instead of coming out like a winner and saying FU Cataldi he took backhanded pussy jabs… Again, on the field my favorite player, but he’s a bit of a puss.
            Only reason u do t like the QB situation is cuz you spent months sucking SAMs cock and he is tossed to the side.

            1. LMAO…kool is clearly still pissed off about the move, understandably so with all of his harangue about Bradford being a top notch franchise QB of the future, how the Eagles were not drafting a QB in the first round even if Wentz or Goff was available at 8 or would not trade up for Wentz or Goff blah blah blah yada yada yada, just to have the rug pulled out from under him on April 20th when everything kool preached about was proven to be bullshit and he was made to look like a complete dope of epic kotitian proportion. Get over it, move were wrong, just as you are about Trey Burton.

              1. Bull…EHL you are still confused and stuck on stupid..

                I said that Sam Bradford was the best available QB for the Eagles…next year! I said that Sam Bradford played well last year!

                Stop lying and putting words in my mouth that I didn’t say. I didn’t say he was great…I said he was the best available!

                And guess what…he still is the best available…

                All of the reports coming out of training camp are telling us the exact same thing

                Sam Bradford is the best QB on the roster…

                The problem is that he doesn’t belong on the roster, when you decide to draft a Quarterback with the second pick of the draft AND give up valuable picks to move up and get….he should be your starter.

                By all credible accounts, the move is stupid..when you get a guy who you project to be a ‘franchise’ QB you let him develop on the field…unless you have a chance to win a SuperBowl…no one has predicted that for the Eagles next year…

                I don’t believe Carson Wentz is a franchise QB…and if you are telling me now that he’s not better than Sam Bradford (who according to all of you-Bradford sucks)…then what are you telling me??

                The reports from Sam Bradford bashers like Jimmy Kempski are telling us the same thing about Carson Wentz. They keep telling us that he is “not ready”

                That is not a good sign at all…

                All of this good coaching, all of the reports about how smart he is, all of the reports about his physical attributes…How about getting the kid ready and why aint the kid ready?

                How about getting him ready by letting him play and take his lumps!!

                He’s going to have to take lumps eventually whether its this year or next year…but lumps he will take….

                It makes no sense whatsoever!

                Great, Franchise QB’s with the character and fortitude will overcome rough times…and shine…stop

                The Kid should be playing…bottom line…not Sam Bradford or Chase Daniels!

                You lames didn’t want Sam on the team…you wanted to get rid of him…now your talking about letting Carson Wentz develop…by sitting on the bench


                There are numerous other questions about the Eagles that makes you scratch your head and wonder…”what the hell are they doing”

                They are running a stupid camp with all the hitting increasing the chances for injuries. They have had major scares already with Matthews and Ertz rightfully publicly complained about the guys who may not even be on the team going low on him!

                Stupid and dumb

              2. Koolbreeze, once again you are failing to look at this situation in it’s proper context because you were so rattled and butt hurt over your ridiculous assertions about Bradford being the franchise QB.
                Once again, when the Eagles signed Bradford, the Eagles picked at #13 and they had to have a viable QB to be competitive for the immediate future (per Lurie). There was no way the Eagles knew they would be able to make moves to get them up to pick # 8. Once they traded Kiko and Maxwell which got the Eagles the 8th pick (after they signed Bradford) they still did not believe they was in range of getting either Goff or Wentz, (who you claimed they would not pick at 8 if available or move up to draft either) they knew they wanted Wentz but they had no way of knowing they were going to be able to trade up further at that point. Once the eagles were able to trade up to #2 overall everything changed..obviously they went all in for the future QB.
                The plan from that point was to keep Bradford to make the team competitive for 2016 and serve as a bridge QB while Wentz learned the system from Daniel and watching the game. (Smart)!

                The fact is the Eagles signed Bradford because they wanted to remain competitive, however, the plan was to find a future franchise QB during the draft(hence the real reason he was only signed for 2 years. The Eagles had their eyes on Wentz since the Senior Bowl. Once they took him out for the happy meal at a cheap restaurant the decision was made at that point that Wentz was their guy, it was just a matter of finding a way to get him. However, according to you, this was all a ruse to push down talent…you thought you had it all figured out. The two year massive deal was just protection to see if Bradford could stay healthy. I told you it was essentially a one year deal and it gave the Eagles the ability to cut Bradford after a year if they found their future QB…check the archives before you try and say I’m lying. You were wrong and you’re a joke! You’re still mad.

                What the Eagles did was smart. They looked at the QB’s coming out in the next two years and did not like any of them. They decided that Wentz was the guy they wanted to lead their team in the future and went to get him. it was a smart, contrived plan.

                As far as Bradford being on this team, ask yourself Kool, why did Bradford sign the 2 year deal? Here’s a life line buddy, no other team was interested in him. His agent knew this because there was no interest shown in him during the combine.
                Why did no one want to trade for Bradford after he demanded a trade and ran home abandoning his team mates during OTA’s when the Eagles acquired the #2 pick. No team was interested…so where is he going? The Eagles can’t cut him because of the cap hit, plus they want to use him to stay competitive.

                The smart move is to keep him, hope he plays well and recoup a pick for him, maybe a 2, if a team is desperate enough and he plays well enough, perhaps a 1 (doubt it) but the Eagles moved up 5 spots from 13 to 8 by trading Kiko, Maxwell and pick 13.

                Regarding Bradford being the best QB on the squad, that’s to be expected as the rook learns and acclimates himself to the game. What everyone knows is that ability wise, Wentz is superior to Bradford. Bradford has the experience over Wentz right now which makes him more prepared to play, but that’s why what the Eagles did is smart. All of that nonsense of the Eagles having to trade Bradford because they moved up to take Wentz is garbage.

                One last thing, Bradford outperforming Wentz and Daniel in practice means nothing, Bradford was great in practice and pre-season in 2015, then the real Bradford came out.

              3. Look…where did I post that you stated Bradford was great? I stated that you said he was a top notch qb as you so proudly boasted and echoed Peterson’s thoughts about Bradford. So how am I lying and putting words in your mouth? I will gladly re-post you stating that. Poor kool..still confused and baffled about Bradford not being thee guy. Lean back son…you lost.
                Further..the Eagles been stated that Wentz was not going to be ready..nor would he play this season…so where’s the surprised…the plan has been laid out..just because you don’t like it does not mean it’s the right fact..the fact that you don’t like it makes me that much more in favor of it being the right move.
                Two weeks into practice and claims of him not be it ready..for what…he was not going to play this year anyway.

              4. EHL, you stumbling and tripping over yourself…stop it!!!!

                “Competitive” for what?

                We all want to be “competitive” for a Super Bowl

                When you trade up and give up picks for a guy that’s what you are telling us…that Wentz is the guy that will eventually lead you to a Super Bowl…What the hell do we want to sit him on the bench and lose a valuable year of his development into a Super Bowl winning QB.

                The “plan” only makes sense if you believe that you got a shot at winning the Super Bowl this year with Bradford, and even then it makes no sense because if you believed that you would not have drafted Wentz.

                mhneski is already blasting the Coach as a ‘buffoon’…

                A number of people are saying that the kid looks very good for a rookie…so why not give the kid the shot…coach him up and let him play…

                If he makes mistakes….fine…he makes his mistakes and learns THIS year giving us a better shot to compete NEXT year, and the following year we should be in the running for a Super Bowl

                Unless, we find out that this kid is overrated, is not a ‘franchise’ QB and that we have screwed up…big time!!

                Put the kid in…and let him play!! Let him sink or swim!

                The “plan” makes no sense…

              5. koolbreeze, I’m asking you again, who was going to trade for Bradford? The Browns clearly did not want him, they did not want him when the Eagles traded for him, they did not want him this year.. they went with RG3, the Broncos lead by GM John Elway had 0 interest in Bradford and said as much. The Rams did not want him back. Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly (49ers) said they did not look at Bradford. Chip already knew who he was and said no thank you. Bradford’s agent went to the combine and found no interest for his client.
                Bradford himself stated “this (Philadelphia) is the best place for me. This is where I want to be”. He knew there was no interest in his services. He signed the two year contract to prove himself worthy of a longer bigger contract, so, he was willing to use the Eagles to increase his value, just like the Eagles are going to use him as the bridge QB and remain competitive.

                As far as cutting, the cap hit would be to much, and that would be stupid to have signed Bradford on March 1, 2016, then cut him April 28, 2016. What you are saying kool is based purely on emotion, it makes no sense, what would be the point?

                The plan is excellent, the rookie will have his chances to play this year in McNabb did. He will be starting in 2017. He needs time to get acclimated to the speed of the game and get his head wrapped around the play book. Pederson and Roseman want the O line, skill players to all be working in concert by 2017, then the franchise QB comes in in 2017. That is the plan.

                So once again kool, who were the Eagles going to trade Bradford too?

                Cut him? For what after they signed him to the massive deal..was Bradford willing to give the signing bonus back? No..we know that!

                What you’re saying makes no sense.

                Either get on board with the Eagles, or lean back and jump ship.You clamored for Bradford to be back, he’s back. Now you want to get rid of him because things did not work out the way you wanted them to. How petulant of petulant. Stop with the kicking, screaming, gnashing of teeth with the plan is stupid, cut or trade Bradford, play the kid nonsense. Get over it!!! The Eagles have rejected your plan…never validated it since we now know the Eagles were interested in Wentz after the Senior Bowl which took place in January!!!

                Trade Bradford… who? Stop ignoring the question. Your silence demonstrate that what you are saying was not even possible in your eyes. Your just venting your frustration…I get it.

              6. not my argument but feel i gotta jump in.

                imo they shouldve cut sam, if they cut him pre draft his hit was only around 5 mill and only counted against this year. i think the only reason they didnt was emotions and fear…

                sam has no place here. chase is here. they signed sam not knowing they would get wentz and had to safeguard themselves i guess… once they got wentz it shouldve been the chase daniels show (doug pedereson 2.0) for half the year then wentz show (mcnabb)…

                now ur in a spot where when/if bradturd sucks/gets hurt its chase while wentz doesnt do dick… kids gonna be an inactive all year so he wont even be learning game flow/tempo/playcalling by wearing the headphones…

                its totally irresponsible we are in this spot. you dont move up to #2 to get your franchise qb and have him be an inactive all year. not in todays nfl where rookies can dominate and qbs are so protected…

                wentz should be qb2 worst case this year and it makes me sick we gonna trot out this loser bradturd after his pussy ass crying, and awful season last year and waste a year of everyones time and talents

              7. Koolbreeze, Charlie Casserly sums it up perfectly regarding keeping Bradford around for this season. On the NFL Network yesterday Casserly stated the following:

                Even after hitching their wagon to Wentz as the future of the franchise, Casserly believes it was the right move for the Eagles to bring Bradford back.

                “You have some options, here,” Casserly said. “You have Chase Daniel, the veteran guy who knows the system, not a top-talented guy. He’s a good backup. Probably, if you played him 16 games, he’d come apart at some point. But, he’s your security blanket.

                “The surprise to a degree is Carson Wentz. I thought, going back to college, comparing him to a player in the NFL … Joe Flacco. Same level of competition, but I think he was a better prospect than Flacco, and I like Flacco, I think he is a top quarterback in the league. This guy is better because he’s more athletic. One thing Wentz has done is grasp the system, he’s a very smart guy, he’s grasped the system quicker than I think even the Eagles thought he would because he’s such a smart guy.”

              8. mhenski…the more the merrier.
                I think it’s well established I’m not a Bradford fan, I’m a part of the hate Sam Crew as kool likes to say. However, from a business standpoint you do not cut the guy you just signed for that money..period. You’re not just going to eat that cap hit. The Eagles knew they wanted Wentz after the Senior Bow, but, they sat at pick 13. They were still at pick 13 when they signed Bradford. There was no shot of the Eagles landing either Wentz or Goff at 13 so the smart move was to re-sign a QB that gives you a shot at being competitive while you find your future franchise QB.
                Thanks to Roseman’s ability to wheel and deal, he got the Eagles up to 8, then 2, but, there was no way to know that the Eagles were going to be able to get their guy at the time Bradford was signed. You have to look at this situation in context and from a business perspective. Not only would the Eagles take a cap hit, but they already gave Bradford his signing bonus of $11,000,000 dollars, which Bradford understandably so was not giving back. That’s 16 million total if they cut him if there was going to be a 5 million dollar pre-draft cap hit…no team is going to eat that. It’s unrealistic.

                As far as today, or even after the move up to pick two, the decision was already made to play Bradford for a year. He is an asset for trade or draft picks if he plays well, that’s Bradford’s value to the Eagles right now. I’m not gung ho about watching Bradford play as he has no place here long term, he’s one and done. However, I understand the long term plan and see the big picture from a business model perspective and a developmental talent perspective. It’s the right move.

                Believe me, I want to see Carson play and develop, I watch every posted video I can and read the reports about his practice performance from that are posted from training camp. We all have to be patient though. If Bradford plays well and nets us a good draft pick, no one will be complaining during the 2017 draft. Book it!
                Go Eagles!!!

  3. For such a great player his passive aggressive personality couldn’t help itself…. He could be a lifetime Philadelphian, never buy a beer… Think Parent, Dawkins, etc

  4. I would like to see more of Trey Burton out of the Backfield as a FB/HB and be utilized in motion a lot similar to what Dallas Clark was to the Colts or what even Jordan Reed is used by the Redskins..Put him on the move and most LB’s can’t run with him and Burton to too strong for most DB’s to handle.. Eagles just signed 31 Year Old Brent Celek to a 3 Year – $13 Million extension too after the big 5-Year Contract Extension that Ertz received

    Burton could give the Eagles a lot of Options in the Passing and Running Game as we may see 3 TE’s on the Field with only 1 or 2 WR’s in obvious passing situations..

  5. Former Eagles CB Brandon Boykin placed omInjured Reserve by the Bears for his Injured Hip which may end his Career at this point.. Boykin has been on 4 Teams the last 12 Months (Eagles, Steelers, Panthers & Bears)
    I thought it was odd when he rarely got on the field for CB needy Steelers last year whose Secondary was terrible, then the Panthers sign him, and decide to Draft 3-4 DB’s in the Draft and go young even though they let Josh Norman walk and lost Charles Tillman to Retirement leaving the CB Position completely wide open for them going into 2016 Season for a legitimate Super Bowl Contending Team…

  6. Trey Burton always looks good in camp, practice…

    His problem comes when its time to produce in the game!

    I’m not putting any stock on Burton playing well now!

    1. LOL.

      “always looks good in camp, practice…”

      “His problem comes when its time to produce in the game!”

      You do know who that describes to a tee don’t you? Doubtful… can’t even recognize the irony of your own statements…

    2. Kool…Trey Burton always produced when he was put in games..problem was that Chip did not use him…and when he did get in the games and produced, Chip wouldn’t leave him in. Watch the Thanksgiving game against Detroit..perfect example. Part of the reason Chip was fired before the season ended…stupid moves.

  7. What the hell Are you fools talking About?

    His problem never been producing in games because chip never gave him a chance to play.

    Jordan Reid & Dallas Clark at hb and fb? Slot wr yes. Backfield nah

    1. Both Jordan Reed & Dallas Clark have lined up in the Backfield as FB’s, then many times, move out in Motion so that by the time of the ball is snapped, they already have a big jump on the LB that’s trying to cover them…

  8. So Trey Burton is this years early camp hero– the one to shine- thats good you need a few of them every year- Marcus smith has also been singled out, would be incredible if he can actually play-
    As for Burton if in fact he is this versatile, pass catching dynamic TE then watch out– a 3 TE set with Celek and Ertz would create match up difficulties galore for the opponent– would be perfect for check down sammie…. or he may be a camp star… time will tell.

  9. The same motley crew of idiots and dopes!

    Trey Burton’s lack of production is now all Chip Kelly’s fault

    Funny, Zach Ertz produced

    Brett Celek produced

    Trey Burton produced in camp, exhibition games, practice

    He didn’t produce in actual games when he did play

    the guy had 3 catches for 54 yards

    Until he proves it in a game…he’s a special teams guy…Period

  10. Kool, Burton is the 3rd TE behind Ertz and Celek. He started 0 games, most of his snaps are special teams snaps. The fact is he had limited snaps on the offensive side of the ball. In the Detroit game he had 2 receptions for 49 yards. Chip did not play him after his 49th yard. That’s on Chip. How could Burton show what he could do if he’s not getting offensive snaps? Understandably there are only so many offensive snaps the 3rd TE is going to get, but, that does not mean he can not play.

    1. Burton is the name this camp…. Remember, how Boykin was the guy the eagles couldn’t live without, SAMs big game against the packers, every year there are guys who shine in camp from the medias flawed perspective… Some turn out..,, others are Bradford and Boykin

    2. It also doesn’t mean that he can play EHL!

      He has to prove it! If he is such an offensive weapon…why hasn’t he proven it?

      He’s a special teamer and I’ll believe that he more than that when he does it…until then I’m not buying the hype about him in training camp!

      1. Koolbreeze, how can he prove anything when he is stuck behind Ertz, Celek, James Casey who Chip the genius brought in (so he was going to use him)?
        You fail to address the question. He’s showing his skill and play making ability in practice, unlike Chip, under Pederson and Reich, he will be given an opportunity to show what he can do in games.
        BTW, Reich came out and said he loves Burton, remember what happened the last time an Eagles coach said they loved somebody…Pederson said he loved Wentz…but you said it was all a ruse…lmao.
        Chip had no plan, no game plan, all he did was play tempo, no real plan for his players in game..nothing. Chip was a boob…you’re type of guy!!!

  11. So wentz is playing with 3rd string looooozahs and has way more tds than Sam and chase yet Doug won’t give him 1st team reps. Guys a fucking moron

  12. News prediction 3 years early . With a little help from the media.Jim Schwartz hired as Eagle new coach. Pederson a true gentleman, but not ready to take on the likes of the hard noses coaches, he will encounter during his growing pains.Schwartz makes and rebuilds his creds. And once again becomes head coach.

    1. Schwartz won’t last 3 Years as a DC with the Eagles, if he turns things around for the Eagles Defense ,which most think he will, then he will be in line for a HC Job for the 2018 Season for another Team..

      1. Keep an eye QB Coach Jim Defillipo as the Next Eagles HC
        He will be the Coach who most closely works with QB Carson Wentz and if this relationship gets off to a good start for Wentz then keep him mind..
        Lots of People around the NFL are very high on Jim Defillipo
        I expect that he will be promoted in 2 Years time and replace Frank Reich as the OC

        1. “next Eagles HC”

          For God’s sakes com-on man.

          1 – Pederson hasn’t coached game one yet
          2 – Pederson will get at least 2 years, probably 3 (min – even if failing)

          3 – If he fails….Then it’ll be a whitewash in 3 years. Pederson AND the entire staff gonzo.

          4 – If he succeeds, then its Pederson for a decade while his assistants get poached by other teams (as what happens whenever a team is successful.

          Odds of Jim Delfilipo being the next Eagles coach?


          1. Not sure if talking to me but, just to clarify, my pedictions are very right on. I wish pederson well. realize he has not coached a game as yet, But Jim Schwarts is impressing a lot of folks in Eagle land,And I as well give Pederson 3 years , A very nice respectful man and a decent coach.But Schwartz is head coach material. You read it here first!!

            1. Patrik i recognize that you are a young guy on here but please understand that if Schwartz does the job you and many predict he will be long gone by the time the eagles need a head coach– Pederson will have a very long leash–

              1. Schwartz is the type of coach that Eagles fans drool over. Fiery, blunt, holds players accountable. No wonder why everyone is slurping the dude before he even has coached a game here. Don’t forget that Mr. “Head coach material” was 29-51 in Detroit. No I am sure that a bunch of excuses will come out about why he didn’t work out there because everyone wants to love him so bad, but in the end he was not a very good coach in Detroit.

              2. bugs that is 100% correct– many a great coordinator that couldn’t be head coach– the guy will do a nice job as DC in my opinion…. he’s done it before as DC– lets let him do the D== have some longevity, be pedersons answer to Jim johnson–

              3. Well. I cant think of a winnable,logical answer to that statement.Unless there is some kind of contractual agreement.My best answer is Lurie wont give Pederson more than 3 years to show steady progress,A newbie head coach ,against an old battle scarred vet. like schwartz, will have the fans yelling Doug must go .However I think ill defer to you on your point ,Schwartz will be long gone by then,if if that move is contractually ok with the Eagles and nfl.

  13. Eagles in heavy negotiations with Veteran LB Stephen Tulloch who played and knows Jim Schawrtz very well.. Tulloch is no longer a 3 Down LB and in not very good in defending the Pass but but still can be very effective versus the Run and in Red Zone/Short Yardage situations where the Eagles have really struggled in recent years….
    This will help the Eagles lack Depth at LB and also tells me that Schwartz is not exactly satisfied with only Hicks/Goode as his ILB .. Having Tulloch will give Schwartz and this Defense some more options at the LB Level

  14. Its so impossible to get an accurate picture of what’s happening. Look at today’s’s “report” on the QBS today at TC.

    On Bradford we get:
    Page 2: “Its hard to pick Bradford’s worst throw because there were so many. He let a few sail high and others right intot the ground.”
    Page 3:”36 reps 12 of 13 with 4tds and 2 ints

    So which is it? Did a large number of passes sail high and hit the ground….or was he 12 of 13??

    Damn annoying.

    Overall (I believe this is just in full team 11 on 11.)….allegedly…..its:

    Bradford 112 for 179 with 12 td an 3 ints (wich a bevy of traditional Bradford checkdowns)
    Wentz 125 for 187 13td 1 int

  15. Buffalo Bills Rookie ILB Reggie Ragland sustains major Knee Injury as the Bills have already signed LB’s Brandon Spikes and David Hawthorne

    Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron suffers major Knee Injury in Practice andwascarted off the Field.. The Lions are very thin at TE with Brandon Pettigrew still recovering from last year’s Knee Injury and will probably be inthe market for a Veteran TE

  16. If all the Excitement of the Eagles Summer Camp so far, is about 3rd String TE Trey Burton, then this 2016 Season will be a real struggle to follow and remain excited about.. Good Grief….

    Congrats to all the HOF from last evening Induction Ceremony…
    Some Great Players & Coach Dungy

  17. Actually fraudnan a quiet TC is a good T C…. We don’t need excitement…. Yeah there are 3-4 fans that think Burtin is a story…. Good let them…. Meanwhile keep everything quiet, no huge ups or downs…. That’s what we want, boring coach, no major distractions, no flamboyant assholes getting on tmz … Perfect

  18. 5 Players who looked bad Today per NJ.Com

    QB C Wentz 9 out of 20 with a couple of Int’s ans not on same page with his Receivers) & C Daniels & 3/5 of the a Projected Eagles WR Corp in Agholor, Huff & Givens…

    The 5 Players who looked Good
    CB Jalen Mills, CB Randall Evans, LB S Gause, RB R Matthews & Safety R McLeod

    We keep hearing how strong the Eagles Defense and Secondary look and I believe it’s more of a product of Coach Jim Schwartz simply being way ahead of Pederson/Reich in getting his players ready to play
    Also the Eagles have one of the weakest WR Corp’s in all the NFL and Schwartz and Eagles Secondary are just man handling this WR Corp

    We may see Season where the Eagles WR’shave very little production besides Jordan Matthews as the TE’s & RB will have to be leaned on heavily…
    Eagles Opponents will have a upper hand in game planning for their is no fear once outside the numbers or deep down the field… 1 on 1 on the outside and have the Safeties double down on the TE’s and in the Box against the Eagles Running game..

    1. not sure where you are getting your reports but Schwartz has been super critical of the secondary– has actually gone off in a news conference– you continue to make shit up.

    2. May want to re read nj dot com

      Bradford was awful 12-23 , 4tds, 2 picks and should’ve been more picks.

      Wentz did not throw a couple picks he threw one, his first of camp actually.

      Wentz has been the most productive qb in camp in terms of tds and not turning it over yet our buffoon coach won’t give him any 1st & 2nd team snaps. It’s a disgrace. Bradturd & chase are both awful and not NFL starters and our head coach is so dumb he refuses to let their be a competition

  19. Clown car is full I see ..The kool and the gang are back in dysfunctional harmony…Prognostications are fools gold ,the roster still has more holes than a brothel ,so analysis ,at this very moment is tantamount to throwing darts by Stevie wonder..Trusting the analysis that a wide receiving Corp,is the first pre-season priority.Ive been reading the posts and I’m on board with a Josh Gordon ,or something that’s an upgrade ..Analysis of Wentz is diminished. By his targets as much as his inert abilities …The most significant upgrades this season are the two subtraction a of Bill Davis and RileyCooper a dumb rock and the others a dumber rock..I have been laying low in the desert heat of100 degrees and I’m now putting myself back into the deep end of the pool …Sam I am ,and company will hopefully garners successful mirage and garner a pick in the draft ..that’s the optimal goal of. The franchise…after that ,there’s twill be gravy

    1. desert, that’s all I’m saying. Hopefully Bradford plays well and the Eagles can recoup that second pick we gave up for him…at the least a 3rd. You don’t just get rid of the possibility….for who?…for what?

      1. Plays us into a win in the playoffs, we have a fun year, the kid marinates, returns a second rounder…. kid starts off with a successful core, the second rounder is a starting OL and we move forward– Sam I am with yet another huge contract in some far away place— win win

        1. i was at first on board this hopefully sam does good train and we recoup draft picks but not anymor. i see reality and reality is that dudes a bottom 5 at best starting nfl qb. he fuckin stinks, is not an nfl caliber qb and a chicken shit loser. you cant win with him and he cant play above average.

          get the pussy the fuck outta here.

          1. last year was the most uninspired, embarrassing qb play ive ever seen from our opening day qb.

            guys a loser

            guys a chicken shit

            guys a coward

            guys a baby

            fuck this mother fucker.

            he done after this year.

            never getting starter money again

          2. is something for you to read about Bradford:

            Posted on Bleeding Green Nation

            Every year, ESPN’s Mike Sando gathers a group of “league insiders” to create tiered rankings of all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks. The panel consisted of 42 insiders, including general managers, head coaches, offensive coordinators, defensive coordinators, personnel evaluators, and other position coaches/executives. These insiders assign each quarterback a grade from 1 (best) to 5 (worst). The rankings are compiled into an average and the quarterbacks are divided into five different tiers.

            Last year, Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford ranked No. 23 overall. This year, he’s even lower. Bradford ranks all the way down at No. 28, which is the fourth tier: “Might not want this guy starting all 16 games.” He’s only one spot ahead of the fifth and bottom tier: “Do not think this guy should be starting.” Here’s the write-up, via ESPN In$ider.

            Bradford made no friends among voters when he publicly complained about the Eagles’ decision to draft Carson Wentz second overall. However, some thought Bradford showed enough late last season to generate optimism around his performance projection.

            “He was healthy for the first time, he knows where everybody is, knows how to use them and he reads coverages easily,” a head coach said.

            An offensive coordinator called Bradford the ultimate tease as a highly skilled player who can appear rattled and does not deliver ultimately. Bradford still has not played behind a strong offensive line or in an offense with exceptional weaponry.

            “He has the arm talent, I think he is a smart guy, I think he is a little [soft], which came out the way he handled his business to begin with this offseason,” a QB coach said. “I just don’t see the decision-making, consistent accuracy and the fortitude that [makes me think] we have a shot to win every Sunday. With Doug Pederson coaching, I would take Alex Smith over Bradford, but it’s the same kind of situation.”

            Bradford entered this offseason with 78 TD passes and $78 million in career earnings. The $22 million guaranteed in his current deal will push him to the $100 million mark.

            “I’m not the greatest Bradford guy,” another QB coach said. “I don’t think he can create anything himself, and in this day and age, pockets aren’t going to be clean.”

            Only five quarterbacks ranked worse than Bradford: 29) Colin Kaepernick, 30) Blaine Gabbert, 31) Mark Sanchez, 32) Robert Griffin III, and 33) Case Keenum.

            The Eagles re-signed Bradford with the goal of being competitive in 2016, but it’s clear they’re not big believers in him, either. Philadelphia spent a lot of money on Chase Daniel due to Bradford’s history of being injury-prone. Then the Birds went out and made a huge trade to move up to No. 2 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft to acquire Carson Wentz. Bradford may enter this season as the starter but everyone, including the veteran quarterback himself, knows it’s only a matter of time before Wentz replaces him. The Eagles are expected to move on from Bradford after this season.

            Elsewhere in the NFC East, the New York Giants have the division’s top rated quarterback: Eli Manning checks in at No. 9. Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys is listed two spots lower at No. 11 while Kirk Cousins finished at No. 20 overall.

            1. that shits obvious. problem is ill take krappernick, gabbert, sanchez and rg3 over him so i guess i have him ranked 32.

              FUCK YOU LANE JOHNSON!


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