Signing Stephen Tulloch Would Be Great Move For Eagles

StephenTulloch1The Eagles are making a great move if they sign veteran middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who played for the Eagles current defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz in Detroit.  According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Birds are pursuing a contract with the veteran middle linebacker, who was recently put on the free agent market by the Lions.

“I’ve got a lot of background with Stephen,’’ Schwartz said earlier today. “I was in Tennessee when we drafted him. He ended up being the starting middle linebacker for us there. When I was the head coach in Detroit we brought him up there. I have a lot of respect for the guy and his production.’’

Tulloch will not only be able to backup second-year potential star, Jordan Hicks, but he’ll also be able to give him great advice in how to play the wide nine defense. He’ll be able to talk to Hicks about his own experiences at the position.  In some ways that will be even better than a coach, he’ll be able to talk through things with Hicks, which will allow him to anticipate what he’s going to see on game day.

One of the keys to being a linebacker in the wide nine defense is being able to anticipate where a run may break because it will surely allow some runs to get through.  The linebackers are asked to be great open field tacklers because the defensive line is focused on getting to the quarterback.  Quick hitting plays up the middle or traps with the centers, guards and tackles pulling, take advantage of the defensive line getting upfield.  The linebackers have to anticipate where dives and traps will break before the ball is snapped.

As I said earlier, Tulloch will also be able to backup Hicks, which is very important because the young linebacker has an extensive injury history throughout his years at the University of Texas.   He got hurt last year after playing Pro Bowl caliber football.  If Hicks were to go down, there’s not a better player they could find to step into the middle linebacker spot in the wide nine than Tulloch.   During his time in Detroit, he did an excellent job of anticipating where these runs would break and hopefully he can do the same thing here in Philly.


52 thoughts on “Signing Stephen Tulloch Would Be Great Move For Eagles

  1. Bring him on board…I mentionedTulloch last evening and back in the Spring when the Lions released him.. It’s a no-brainier and remember that Hicks really hasn’t proven anything yet.. Yes, he had a very strong 5-6 Game run last year before getting injured, but so did Jamar Cheney, Joe Mays, Witherspoon when they first Played too.. Signing Steve Tulloch for Depth/Possible Starter for running downs / red-zone Defense should be made…

    In other News WR Josh Huff continues to drop down the Depth Chart (3rd Team) and playing his way off the 53 Man Roster as I expected and mentioned
    Earlier in the Off-Season..

    Also Marcus Smith is also falling behind DE Steven Means and will have to shine during the Pre-Season to make the 53 Man Roster too

    Remember this Coaching Staff has no ties to any Chip Kelly Draft Pick

    Maybe the Eagles can move these under achievers for a 7th Round Pick to aTeam that needs help in those Positions…
    Cowboys can surely use a DE with No Hardy and Both Randy Gregory & Demarcus Lawrence having Suspensions Stsrting the Season..

  2. Eagles WR Jordan Matthews Sustain a Knew Injury putting him out for the next 2-3 Weeks says Coach Pederson

    Bears Center Hroniss Grasu suffered a Torn ACL and is out for the Season
    (The Bears are in the Market for a Cener as they are very thin at the Position)

    NO Saints Release WR Hakeem Nicks 2 Weeks after signing him which will likely end his Career as he’s bounced around the last 2-3 Seasons

    Browns Name RGIII as their Starter over Josh McCown going into the Pre-season Phase of Summer Camp states HC Hue Jackson

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          It seems that you both always post your juvenile response’s just minutes after I post something and are always together and of course neither of you can ever post an Original Thought for that would mean taking a Position on something or anything… Talk about Frauds.. You 2 are the Biggest ones on here …

          1. So the other 15 people that read this site don’t read the same sites?
            Take a stand ….? I do stupid I take one stand per issue.. Not multiple. I was clearly in Foles and wrong, I didn’t flip flop. I have been consistent in all my stances, you will predict playoffs and last place within the same thread

          2. Paul 1st gotta admit test & tickle was pretty hilarious , well done.

            2nd I didn’t sAy shit to you today

            3rd you post know original thoughts. All you do is copy and paste the news. You’re dumb ass has no ties to Philly and no clue about this city or team. You’re dumb ass didn’t even know the NFL draft was here next year. And you’re dumb ass don’t know that wentz is outperforming all qbs in camp…

            Get a life loser

            1. Don’t know why you talk about chadda ford country club as if it’s a bad thing sounds like you’re jealous or something. But don’t be jealous I’m not a me member there or any country club not really my style.

              Now I know you have no real life friends and your kids hate you because you’re a white trash drunk and you have nothing better to do than post on a Philly sports blog but trust me when I tell you try hard to get real friends and things to do besides gcobb dot com

  3. Eagles 2016 Mock Roster for 53 Players (Version #1)

    Special Teams (3 Players) Kicker Cody Parkey, Punter Donnie Jones & LS Jon Donebros

    Offense – (25 Players)

    QB (3) – S Bradford, C Daniels and C Wentz
    RB (4) – R Matthews, D Sproles, W Smallwood & K Barner
    TE (4) – B Celek, Z Ertz, T Burton & MJ McFarland
    WR (5) – J Matthews, N Agholor, R Randle, C Givens & Paul Turner
    OL (9) – J Peters, A Barbre, J Kelce, B Brooks, L Johnson
    with I Seumalo, M Tobin, S Wisnewski & Vaita Halapoulivaati as Reserves

    Defense (25 Players)

    DE (5) – V Curry, C Barwin, B Graham, M Smith II & S Means
    DT (4) – F Cox, B Logan, B Allen, Destiny Vaeao
    LB (6) – N Bradham, M Kendricks, J Hicks, S Tulloch, N Goode & Deontae Skinner
    CB (6) – L McKelvin, N Carroll Jr , E Rowe, R Brooks J Shepard & J Mills
    Safety (4) – M Jenkins, R McLeod, E Reynolds & C Maragos
    (Eagles can play Ron Brooks at Safety if Injuries occur)

  4. I believe that’s a good projection Pman but I see a couple players at wr and dt we pick up because we need more reliable players at those positions, it’s probably too late now but I’d like to trade for Gordon but his price will be too high, but these wrs have me scared, like stinkson, trash scared

    1. That would be a good trade Z…….hold that thought….. because it is a logical, and reasonable thought…..

      I could see Gordon here next year with a salary cap casualty Desean, and a drafted WR, or two, along with Matthews, and Agholor. Giving the Eagles the most explosive WR core in the NFL…..

      1. Hue Jackson has stated that he’s excited to see RG3 and Gordon as team mates like they were at Baylor. If Gordon can keep his nose clean and be a productive team mate, he’s going to be re-signed by the Browns. He’ll have the coaches backing and RG3’s. If the aforementioned happens, Gordon is going nowhere.

          1. Cliff, Josh Gordon is a top flight pro bowl caliber wide receiver, talent wise, what’s not to like? It’s his decision making that’s the problem. He has to get his head straight and lay off the weed. If he could do that, and if for some reason the Browns let him walk, then absolutely, I’d love to have him. I don’t see it happening though, either he’s going to mess up again, or the Browns re-sign him.

            1. Love your honest assessments Eagle…

              Honestly, I don’t know either, but it sure would be nice….

              Besides what better options are there?

        1. The Browns could also be silently nervous as well, and be willing to give his rights up for the right price….say a conditional 5th, or 6th round pick, because they know they wouldn’t get anything higher in value…..

          Small price to pay to upgrade your receiving core….

          1. I don’t understand why the browns would trade him at all, let alone for such low value– never sell LOW!!!– if the guy straightens up they have a good receiver if he continues to be an ass, they cut him — its a risk/reward scenario– unfortunately you (as usual) only see it from the eagles side– trading a conditional for a guy who MAY turn it around is a risk/reward equation– the browns have the same equation….

            1. No Ciggy, unfortunately, there you go (as usual) being an instigator, with your daily personally directed criticism – which is unnecessary, but your Ciggy – so what else is new.

              I understand it from both ends, but the comment is always towards wishful thinking in the Eagles direction. We don’t know what they’re thinking – and neither do you.

              Do you think they can get a 2nd, or 3rd for him??…..not likely; not even close from any team – right. So, why would it be so unreasonable to think, if they were considering trading him in the back of their mind – because THEY’RE NOT GOING TO JUST COME OUT, AND SAY “WE ARE GOING TO TRADE HIM” – that the Eagles couldn’t make a play for him??

              It called being aggressive. Our WR core stinks. What would you do to improve it Ciggy??…..

              1. But then you always take it a step too far… when it DOESN’T happen you will say the SHOULD have traded for him like I said when in fact YOU HAVE NO IDEA– what is discussed or not discussed so to make a definitive statement ‘they should have traded for him like I said…”
                I don’t think they can get much more than a pack of gum for him so there in lies the point… they ain’t trading him they will ride it out to try to salvage a guy they stupidly picked in the draft… if he somehow turns out they can say we drafted an asshole, stuck it out and now he is a contributing member of our 4-12 team! yay us!

              2. Yeah, like the statement that they should have traded Lame Johnson huh???

                If I’m right how you want to see it doesn’t matter…… a lot of posters on here have been overrating him for a few years now – so today I want you to stop.

              3. I like his measurable Eagle, but I can’t always trust that coming out of the SEC, as long range productive pro….

                James Connor, and the kid out of Toledo, are my RB targets, and I can get them in the later rounds.

                I want the Eagles to trade Lame, in a package that will get our #1 back this year, and go after Myles Garrett, sign Joe Thomas, as our LT, and make a deal to get a second #2., and draft Cam Robinson, and Tim Williams.

                3rd round – Tony Connor-S- Ole Miss, and, Kevin McDermott OT -UCLA
                4th round -Kareem Are -OG – Florida State 6-5 335lbs
                5th round Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan, and James Connor – RB- Pittsburgh
                6th round Jelani Hamilton -DE- Miami

              4. GM looney tunes… You don’t understand it takes two to pull off a trade…. They have to agree… You can’t just throw out trades and bitch that they don’t happen…..

              5. Trades haven’t been my issue with the Eagles, its been talent evaluation, draft. Picks chosen, free agent signings.

                If they are in a position to be aggressive, and get the guy the need — do it
                But like you said you don’t know if they were working something out or not… so don’t criticize me for wanting them to be aggressive.

                Stop being a jerk Ciggy…

  5. Sad and very unfortunate news about J Matt who has been putting in unbelievable amount of work into his body and craft this offseason. Anybody who follows him on snapchat should see the workouts this man does.

    Sucks. This will take him out of rhythm somewhat. Hopefully he can make it back in that green bay week 3 preseason match up.

    If healthy I am predicting he has a 1200 yard season 10-12 tds and finally comes out and establishes himself as a number 1 wide out.

    On a side note. has anybody ever been more excited for a preseason game? Cannot wait to watch Carson come out and play the 2nd half..

  6. Just hope this kid is something special man like the rest of us.

    Kinda hard to have too much confidence in a 2 year starter at a powerhouse like North Dakota STATE. Well really 1.5 year starter due to injury

  7. In reference to the topic of signing Stephen Tulloch, I would decline that option at first glance.

    He has had too many injuries in the last few years – MAJOR INJURIES – We just got rid of DeMeco who had similar injuries, and now we want to sign Tulloch. for what looks like very generous money????…….I don’t get it

    For me he just isn’t what he used to be. Now, if they can get him for a team friendly contract, his experience in our new defense in a reserve role may be valuable to our LB’s…

    other than that……it’s not worth it….

      1. Z at first I didn’t know what you were talking about. Just heard…I’m done…Lame Johnson it is. What a moron this guy is go get popped for PED’s again. Dope!!!

        1. I see you guys are coming around…… good.

          Ziggy Ansah was never suspended for any illegal substances once, and still kicked Lame’s but while he was juicing…

          Not so stupid wanting to trade him now huh!!!???

  8. What is really brutal is the guy Villanueva who Chip tried at DE is now the starting left tackle for the Steelers. That’s scouting and understanding talent.

  9. Stupidity surrounds the Eagles!

    Dumb moves, preventable injuries, PED use…

    If Lane Johnson is suspended we may as well cut the guy…how can you depend on the guy?

    It really looks bleak…a high round draft pick on the juice

    How do we replace him? How can we replace him even next year with no first round pick?

    Dumb, stupid idiot!!!!

    any good play that he gave probably came from being on the juice..

    Now with a

    1. Here’s a stupid move made by the Eagles this week
      WR Deon Long was signed by the Eagles this week after the LA Rams Released him for having a Woman in His Dorm Room during Camp Time which is a No-No at every NFL Camp around the NFL…
      The fact that he had a woman over is neither here nor there, but this Kid is trying to make an NFL Roster and one of the Rules laid out by your potential Employer is that No Woman are allowed in the Dorm and then he goes about breaking it anyways, and not caring about the consequence’s …
      and then the desperate,stupid Eagles pick him up 2 Day’s later… What a joke the Eagles Organization has become …
      This Deon Long has played for 4 College Teams nad has tried out or spent time with 4 NFL Teams… Why would any Team what a Cancer like him in your Locker Room….. Just Crazy

        1. Very sad news john Saunders passed, he was truly a great sports anchor, and I’m gonna miss him on Sunday’s this actually made me cry, he was a true class act, rip js

      1. Pman…Deon Long is nothing more than a camp body. Not worth the time spent posting this as he has no shot of making the team or having an impact be it positive or negative. He is not even a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things and you’re worried about him breaking up the locker’mon man. If you’re going to complain, let it be something worthy. Calling the Eagles a joke because they brought in Deon Long who will be here a month is in it self laughable.


          1. ******* HOT TAKE ALERT*********

            ‘Eagles are a joke of an organization because their 90th ranked guy on their camp depth chart doesnt follow the rules’


  10. fraudman you do know the conversation when the eagles called the rams for a reference (actually you don’t because you don’t understand the business) but here goes:
    howie: hey jeff, howie here what about this kid who got a bj in his dorm room
    fisher: look howie, decent kid was horny and stupid I have to establish a tone, he’s not great probably would have been cut after the 4th preseason game
    howie: can he play a little special teams
    fisher: yeah he can cover punts, return a little, raw in running patterns (or some such non-sense
    howie: thanks jeff, think we will give him a look…

  11. Hot Take Alert.. Deon Long was in the locker room with loud music that jason peters didn’t like. Peters was seen along with Brent Celek, Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins crying about the locker room and its culture== they were totally intimidated by Long who has built a following in the locker room creating a North Dallas 40 culture, its like Jimmy Johnsons Hurricanes etc.

  12. What I am looking forward to most this Eagles season:

    1 – 2nd half tonight to watch Wentz
    2 – preseason game 4 to watch Wentz
    3 – watching doug to see if he puts in Wentz when its time or gives the reigns to this bum Chase Daniels over him

  13. There used to be Phillies articles on this site but since there aren’t anymore I will make a baseball post: Prince Fielder is officially done– He cannot play anymore and is still owed $120M– is that a bad contract? Well as it turns out certainly it is…. Pujols is still owed $165M and is performing ok for an old man but we all know its diminishing returns, and he’s just a DH now, Verlander is far from a dominating pitcher now yet is still owed $112M– the reason I bring this up is all the whining over a players contract and money that is done on this site– its the business its the market– players who bring BRAND identity are measured differently (as far as worth to a team) than other players– Its the business, Howards contract seemed insane but it is just the cost of doing business…

  14. This site is sometimes a great place to learn the inside stuff on pro football Also so ambiguous , hard to tell if the regulars actually like and respect each other or actually despise, or just city boy male bonding going on.But it is interesting .

  15. Man prince fielder was pretty tough to watch and listen too. Rangers probably protected with insurance from having to pay that outta there budget , right?

    1. probably but the money is not relevant– thats the point– anytime a fan leads with a diatribe about the money a billionaire pays a millionaire is just stupid– these billionaires understand marketing, branding and payroll– big name players like howard making $25 mill is nothing and not an argument point–

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