Eagle fans keeping it “REAL”


The sense of excitement that typically boils over for the upcoming Eagle season is somewhere between a broken stove-top and a slow-simmer.  Some fans will fault the depleted offensive play-makers that Chip Kelly left behind or Howie Roseman resuming his old role.  Others may single out the hiring of Doug Pederson as head coach or trading away multiple picks to draft Carson Wentz.  Pick your reason and stand by it, it’s likely you will revert to it for comfort and clarity many times throughout the upcoming season.

The 2016 season is “odd.” The excitement rests in the hands of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and not the head coach.  The talk of three tight-end formations does very little to spark intrigue that that the offense can generate game changing plays.

Out of all the current storylines and those sure to follow, the Sam Bradford situation is one that puts the fan base in an uncomfortable situation.  Bradford is doing his best to say and do the right thing all why knowing it’s a ticking clock for his tenure in Philadelphia.   Best case scenario, Bradford is successful under Pederson, warranting a draft pick next offseason; yet not enough success that the Eagles are forced to keep him as the2017 starter.

As for Carson Wentz, it’s like telling a small child they can look but don’t touch.  No matter what transpires throughout the preseason, the smallest bit of excitement for the future franchise quarterback has to be tucked away until the head coach feels the time is right.

When there are more pros than cons with the level of talent available to be successful in the NFL, Eagle fans recognize what they have.  NFC East champions or finishing under the 7.5 win total is open for discussion and debate. Staying positive will be tested, but fans sense mediocre talent, and are grounded with their expectations.

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  1. *********HOT TAKE ALERT********

    The sense of excitement that typically boils over for the upcoming Eagle season is somewhere between a broken stove-top and a slow-simmer.




  4. You can no longer count on Lame Johnson if this is true..Lane Johnson is denying the report. If this story is true the Eagles need to get two new tackles…I’m not a believer in Big V.

  5. You have got to be kidding me…10 game suspension? F**k this is going to sting real bad. The Eagles need to sign an O lineman ASAP! Jason Peters is fragile as hell, and now Lane is done for 10 games. Paulman which free agent tackles are available? Maybe we can bring Eugene Monroe out of retirement..

    1. which OL would you suggest? I’m doubt there are any good unemployed tackles at this time– they will watch the cuts very closely tho…
      terrible news– does this mean his huge weight gain in college was chemically induced (rhetorical question)– if he can’t maintain his strength and weight without roids he is done–

    1. Collins WAS NOT on the board as per billionaire gentlemans agreement

      lots of reports now from les bowen that this may not be real… everyone take a chill pill.

  6. Fraudmans next post, 8/916 4:32– “This just in Lane Johnson suspended for roids, this leaves HC Pederson with little choices at LT, even worse LT Johnson was regarded as the replacement for RT Peters as he is getting older and will need replacement”
    You heard it here from fraudman!

    1. This Just In as News Remains the same on GCobb, “Haveacigar, but no Balls” is Still an Asshole!! Now Back to your Regularly Scheduled Programming …

  7. This from Glazer:

    Just heard from Lane Johnson, says he took an amino acid that was approved but tested positive for peptide. Fighting it as well as company. You’re responsible for what goes in your body but he insists it was approved. Waiting on B sample

    1. make roids legal, then make all the idiot players in all sports sign waivers that we aren’t responsible for their long term health– lets have hitters hit 100 HR, pitchers throw 120 mph, 400 lb lineman that can run a 4/8, QB’s that can throw 110 yards to recievers running a 3.8, hoops players literally jumping throw the roof etc…

        1. If you are SF why would you do that? Johnson is one “wrong” supplement from a two year ban, huff has shown nothing as an NFL player… I have to think they have half a brain….

  8. Who cares he was average at best. He was Philly fans and media good. He was a avg player even when he was cheating. Certainly not a top 5 good.

    1. LOL!!

      I care. I’m a philly fan, and I didn’t think he was good period.

      But I do agree, that he wasn’t close to how many saw him on this website.

      1. You were right then cliff and reserve the right to gloat. I never thought he was not good coming out of college, but was consistently unimpressed with what I saw. Anyone that claims they say a good RT is still slurping down Kelly smoothies. He was avg at best on roids. What will he be afterwards? smdh

          1. im a lane johnson fan, mostly bc without him we started dennis “the lesbian” kelly…

            i dont comprehend how this makes you happy

            1. Johnson is a good player- he fails to give him that credit…. if however he is guilty again it raises character issues the same as it would with a josh gordon etc— can he be counted on???? first time was adderal and this time its apparently something minor but that doesn’t matter– its his responsibilty … As I say with the illegal druggies, if he can’t be counted on then he’s not worth it…

            2. So you really don’t appreciate him was a player you just think he’s better than what we have….

              I am not as happy as I feel justified in my opinion of not like him as a player. I think he’s soft – and apparently so does he himself –

              He wasn’t really that good alas aa RT, so I darn sure didn’t think he was our savior at LT…..Sucks for our team, but perhaps this will be a step in the right direction to getting rid of an overhyped average talent.

  9. Lane will try to use the oldest trick in the book he will claim that the Amino Acid he took he didn’t know the banned substance was in meanwhile not tell everyone that he took 3 other supplements that he knew it was in.

  10. Ridiculous…

    no excuses..Johnson more than anyone should have been super careful..

    so much money on the line…how do you even come close to such a stupid move so risky

    Lame Johnson reflects the Eagles…risky, dumb, and foolish!

  11. Croatia knocked off Spain in the most improbable win of the men’s basketball tournament so far.

    Dario packed Pau Gasol in the final seconds of the game and knocked off a free throw finishing up with 7 rebounds and 5 assist.

    This man very well could be our version of a bigger Manu heading into the new era.

    1. he had a nice game against argentina too

      Dario Saric had an impressive all-around game in a loss to Argentina on Tuesday, scoring 19 points with 10 rebounds and seven assists in 35 minutes.
      He had the game-winning block in his previous outing vs. Spain, but looked much better on the offensive end in this one. He missed all four his 3-point attempts, but finished 7-of-16 from the field and was active on the glass. Saric could be a nice complement next to Ben Simmons in Philly because of his shooting range, though he will be competing for minutes with Robert Covington and Jerami Grant. Saric and Croatia will be back in action vs. Brazil on Thursday.

  12. Bailouts, fair-weather fans, and frauds…

    The Eagles haven’t even played a single pre-season game and people are bailing out already!

    1. You from philly? Listen to sports radio? The entire city is down on this team! Everyone knows Bradford is a loser. Everyone wants some wentz or something to look forward to. There’s nothing. Mediocre defense, no offensive weapons, Sam bradturd and Doug “the librarian” pederson.

      There’s nothing but crickets.

      Eagles fans ain’t dumb. Philly sports fans ain’t dumb. They don’t need to play a game. People know wassup.

  13. As an Eagles fan I’m pumped. I want to see some of the rookies and UDFA’s like Jalen Mills, Myke Tavarres, Quentin Gause, Isaac Seamalo, Trey Burton, the receivers, the defensive line and of course Carson Wentz!

    I never believed the Eagles were going to be a playoff team so I wasn’t looking for much this year. What I also want to see is the teams development under Pederson’s leadership and his coaching/time management during the game.

    As far as Lane Johnson is concerned, we will see what happens once the B Sample is tested. If Johnson is suspended then the Eagles have to look at drafting a new left tackle because the Eagles will not be able to count on Johnson.

    I’m ready to see what this season holds and start finding out what needs to be addressed talent wise for 2017. College football starts Sept. 1!

    GO EAGLES!!!

  14. Looking forward to the start of the preseason. I want to see what Schwartz can do with this defense. Of course, want to see Wentz start his development. I see too many issues on offense, and looks like we might have a long season ahead. Learned from last year, the preseason does not prove to be an accurate indicator of how the season will go, but at least it is better to watch guys actually play imstead of reading about practice.

    GO BIRDS !!

    1. Mhenskie everybody and there momma was hot on the Eagles last year. Had us favored to go all the way with chip jelly and his back to back 10 win seasons.

      When preseason got started expectations got even bigger.

      And look what happened..

      No hype is a good thing. And can also be very dangerous.

      1. If you can find 7 wins on that schedule with this team more power to you… 8 wins is a Super Bowl this year

  15. It’s almost football season and I feel like this team needs a good old dcar tongue lashing. Where you at?

    What about ts Johnson? guess she followed mike to Pitt

  16. Turncoats and frauds!

    How can you suddenly bail…you were all for the “Plan”

    The new Coach hasn’t been even given a chance yet and already the excuses are coming from mhensk, haveablunt and others.

    If the Coach stinks and there are no offensive weapons how is Wentz supposed to get better?

    Oh…my bad…he is supposed to sit on the bench behind a disgruntled Bradford!

    He’s the guy you begged for..pleading to replace Bradford…you defended the moves of the Eagles organization to the hilt in getting the kid…now before the start of the first pre-season game you want to bail on the guy! The same guy who is supposed to ‘coach’ up our franchise QB to get him ready?

    You guys are all over the place…if you have declared the Pederson is a bust how in the hell can you honestly carry a reasonable expectation that he will be able to develop Wentz???

    If you believe that Pederson sucks than you may as well throw Wentz under the bus with him!

    So far what Jeff McLane said today is what we have heard about the kid from other sources:

    “He is an above-average athlete for a quarterback.- Check we already knew this.

    He can be an effective thrower on the move – perhaps partly because of that athleticism.- Check we already knew this..

    He can be inaccurate and needs to work on ball placement.- Uh-oh!

    When he has missed receivers on intermediate-length routes, the passes have tended to sail high.–Oh boy!

    He has a tendency to hold the ball too long in and out of the pocket.” – Same in college!

    And the repeated mantra…he’s not ready

    Yet he is the second pick of the draft!!

    smh…Dumb and Stupid

    1. koolbreeze, what are you ranting about? One person (mhenski) said he wasn’t pumped or excited. Stop with the drama filled theatrics based off of one individual. You guys…what you guys?

      Wentz is the man, will be glad when he takes the reigns over and the true rebuild of the Eagles is underway, til then, it’s all par or the course.

      Lol, you’re picking information about Wentz from practice, not highlighting the wow passes he’s made throwing the deep ball and in tight windows, but highlighting the things he needs to work on as a rookie in his first mini camp. You said you were going to give him a chance, he has not played one game yet, not taken one snap and you have bailed already…lmao…that was quick, but I knew you were not real about that though…you’re still PISSED that Bradford is not the guy!!!LMAO. Deal with it.

      Go Eagles!!!

      1. Koolbreeze, I had you pegged in April!!!

        April 20, 2016 – 7:40 pm

        Profile photo of Eaglehaslanded

        When Wentz begins to play and wins games koolbreeze will say the defense that Wentz was playing against was bad, he was checking down, the defense and special teams won the games for us . He will also say that Wentz has to win the next game, then the real game to win will be next week, then there will be excuses as to why Wentz was able to pick a part a defense..because that’s what he did with Foles, and he’s already preparing it for Wentz.
        He will simply dip back into his hater book of excuses. He will not give Wentz a fair shot, the first pick he throws Kool will get on the he’s a bust . He’s already rooting against him and he’s not even on the team.

        1. koolbreeze
          April 12, 2016 – 11:37 pm

          But he’s the Quarterback expert…a former QB…he’s the guy whose judgement the Eagles are relying upon…not to mention that his Offensive Coordinator is an ex-QB as well…
          They all said please…please sign Sam Bradford!
          Money talks and bullshit walks

          Now the Eagles don’t know what they’re doing huh??? LMAO, the irony, The hypocrisy..the hating!!! CTFU!

        2. EHL your rants are pure foolish…

          It is you who already have the excuses ready for Wentz

          When he overthrows receivers, gets confused and is unable to read the defense you will chalk it up to him being a rookie

          If we dont see development, if we dont see growth you will blame the Coach

          Your coddling the kid already…after repeatedly bashing Bradford, calling for him to be cut or traded…you now are ‘comfortable’ and saying that he can keep us ‘competitive’ while Wentz sits a whole year!

          Scared and nervous that the kid may turn out to be a bust…you want to coddle him on the bench for whole year and then NEXT year when he has the growing pains you going to cry and whine that its his first year playing so give him a break!!

          What if the simple reality is that the kid cant play?

          What if the problems he had at the Division 1-AA level of ‘holding the ball’, not being able to quickly read the defense follows him to this level and is magnified by the greater competition.

          Suppose this is what Hue Jackson saw about the kid and decided that Cleveland would have a better shot with RGIII

          Again…I hope that I’m wrong…I hope the kid is a Franchise QB…if he is he should be playing…THIS YEAR and before training camp and exhibition season is over he should take the job over!!

          This is what Russell Wilson came in and did…this is what other franchise QB’s did…

          If Wentz is a franchise QB at the end of this exhibition season, we should all be demanding that he plays!!!

          If not…we may have a big problem!!

          1. koolbreeze, what excuses have I made for Wentz? You’re saying I have excuses prepared..ready made up for him, where have I given any excuses for the kid? He hasn’t played. You’re speculating at best. If Bradford has 6 years of excuses..well what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

            You can’t compare the situation with Bradford to Wentz…apples to oranges. You are failing to contextualize the situation. Bradford is going into his 7th year. His career has been average at best with tons of excuses to cover up his six years of mediocrity. Wentz has not taken a snap yet and your talking about me making up excuses…I have not seen him play long enough or at all in a meaningful NFL game to make up excuses..lol..try again.

            Your whole argument is based on speculative hopes of Wentz failing as you are looking for vindication for being so wrong about your Bradford being the franchise guy!

    2. Koolbreeze, you’re such a fraud. You conveniently left out the rest of McLane’s analysis of Wentz’s performance which states:

      The combination of both positive and negative could be used to describe almost any first-year quarterback at this stage. Wentz is a work in progress. He’s learning a new offense with new terminology. He’s having his throwing mechanics altered. He’s being asked to grip a new ball differently.

      You did not want to add that part in there. You conveniently edited that piece out because it does not fit into your narrative or support your biased agenda.

      Didn’t you say …I’ll give Wentz a fair shot..

      Lol yeah sure…Fraud Hater!!!

      1. Fool EHL…read exactly what I have been saying…

        Wentz problems as a rookie IS expected

        My contention is that the problems that he faces is not resolved by sitting on the damm bench…watching someone else play…

        It is imperative that we find out sooner rather than later if this kid is the real deal!

        You cant find that out with him sitting on the damm bench!!!

        He has to resolve problems like holding the ball too long, accuracy, footwork, and other problems by PLAYING against top flight competition

        Read what I said in response to mhenski and what others have stated

        If you dont believe in the Coach then what reason do you have to believe in their ability to develop a QB…especially when the ‘plan’ is to sit his ass on the bench for a year?????

        1. Foolbreeze..it is imperative that we find out what the kid can do..and we will.
          I’m fine with Wentz playing game 1, but I know that’s not happening so why bitch and moan about that which I can’t control. So you need to stop bitching, moaning, gnashing your teeth and crying as well. The coach who you proclaimed the QB expert and the other former QB’s said please..please find a way to draft Carson Wentz…lmao!!! Kool, the coach nor the Eagles organization is listening to you.
          As I stated, I would love to see Wentz play this year from game 1, it would make this season exciting..people are not pumped because we know what we will get with Bradford…mediocrity…7-9..more of the usual!
          So your elementary school scared to play the kid argument is pathetic at best and definitely ridiculous.

          However, just to entertain your drivel let’s say what you are hoping is correct. The kid stinks it up this year, then what? He’s still going to get at least two more years to develop so what’s your point. Your argument is inane and borderline stupid.You are failing to live in the real world.

          The Browns have our 1st pick in 2017..so what’s your plan then. There will be no trades to get Deshaun Watson, Chad Kelly who you mentioned can’t play..he’s a glorified Tebow because of his last name and being Jim Kelley’s nephew. You’re acting like Wentz will be sitting on the bench for 4 years like Aaron Rodgers.
          Once again, where is Bradford going..no one wants him now, no trades and he’s not getting cut. The Eagles are not paying Bradford 11 million this year to sit on the bench..who would. Your problem is that you fail to comprehend the context of the situation as well as the business aspect of it.
          Doug Pederson signed a 5 year contract…he’s not going anywhere soon so he’s not rushing Wentz. It was Lurie that wanted to re-sign Bradford to remain competitive. It was Pederson, Lurie and Roseman who wanted Wentz as his franchise QB.
          If Bradford was not here…absolutely play Wentz..but, the finances are dictating this as much as the owner.

        2. As you mentioned in April when they signed Bradford…’they are the quarterback experts’– so as QB experts lets let them develop Wentz as they see fit– as you correctly stated, “they are the quarterback experts’

  17. The plan for Wentz is perfect. I called it before the Eagles traded up to the #2 pick.

    Profile photo of Eaglehaslanded

    March 10, 2016 – 9:02 pm

    The Eagles are perfectly set to take a QB at 8. They have Bradford as the competitive QB to hold things down until he is gone, then you have Daniel to teach the rook the offense. No player the Eagles draft at 8 is going to get them to the playoffs..that falls on Bradford. The o line will be better and the receivers should not have a worse year than last. It would have been a disaster if we took Manziel..but I said he could not play….Wentz and Goff can play in this league, and a couple of years of watching will only help like it did for Aaron Rodgers. Just because Johnny football( the disaster you liked) blew up in your face does not mean that other QB’s will suffer the same fate. The fact is kool whether you like it or not the Eagles have to draft a realistic possible QB of the future..and that is not a late round prospect. Bradford can be cut after this year…the Eagles have to have a viable option in the wings to be the franchise QB, i.e. long term solution.

  18. What a barrage of stupidity from you EHL!

    First, the Eagles didn’t take a QB at 8..they took him at 2!!

    This changes the whole course of the argument…when you give up valuable picks and move up you should be getting a franchise QB that you are projecting to lead you to a future Super Bowl…any other QB you have becomes mute and should be discarded.

    No one..including me that liked Sam Bradford and said that he was the best QB available picked the Eagles to win a Super Bowl with him next year.

    As a result, Wentz should be the starting QB and as the 2nd Pick in the Draft he should be challenging Bradford for the job…with those “wow” plays you are talking about!

    The reality is that the kid is not even close to challenging for the job..they dont even have him as challenging to be Bradford’s backup!

    That is disturbing news…no matter how you slice it!

    They gave up valuable assets including what could be this year a top ten pick

    1. Foolbreeze, read what I wrote in it’s proper context.I did not say the Eagles took Wentz at 8. When I wrote the post the Eagles were drafting at 8th pick. Look at the date I originally posted it dope!
      My point for re-posting that is that before the Eagles moved up to pick 2 I had already figured it would be a good idea to play Badfrod for a year while Wentz develops. Chase Daniel then can teach Wentz the system. It was easy reading for you, and you still failed to comprehend it….lol There was no need to trade Bradford or cut him at that point if the Eagles were going to draft a QB at 8 at the time…nor 2 once they moved up to pick #2. Reading is fundamental!

      1. This koolbreeze guy is dumb af! How do you even post here anymore after the Vick fail, Bradford fail, then Eagles 2016-2017 Bradford and draft predictions and proclamations?

        Just stop it, stop embarrassing yourself!

        1. stop embarrassing yourself E0S, WITH ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR MANY IDENTITIES…..Just pitiful, and hypocritical talking about Koolbreeze as if you’ve never heard of him before…

          Rootdown IS Eagles0superbowls……no one on here is stupid E0S – JUST STOP…

  19. Here’s a more thorough, accurate and analytical assessment of rookie Carson Wentz’s first two weeks at training camp.

    Carson Wentz: Strengths and weaknesses through the first two weeks of training camp

    By Jimmy Kempski
    PhillyVoice Staff

    Tonight the Philadelphia Eagles will play their first preseason game, and many Eagles fans will get their first look at second-overall pick Carson Wentz. After having watched him in person for a week at the Senior Bowl, a day at the Combine, and in a couple dozen Eagles practices, here are some strengths and weaknesses I’ve observed in his game.


    • Size: At 6’5, 237, Wentz is the biggest of the Eagles’ quarterbacks, and has prototypical size for the position in the NFL.

    • Arm Strength: Again, of the Eagles’ quarterbacks, there’s little question that Wentz has the strongest arm of the group. He delivers deep passes with ease and can put the ball on a line on intermediate throws.

    • Athleticism: There is a wide gap between Wentz and the other Eagles’ quarterbacks here. Wentz is a threat to run. He can escape the pocket and hurt you with his legs. While you won’t see him barrel over defensive backs in a training camp setting since hitting the quarterback is off limits, that’s a part of his game as well.

    • Aggressiveness: By far, Wentz has taken more shots down the field than either Bradford or Daniel. Taking risks isn’t necessarily a strength unless you’re actually producing big plays, and in fact can be a negative if those risks are producing turnovers. However, I’m of the belief that the quarterback has to be able to make difficult throws down the field to be successful in this league, so for now, we’ll chalk up Wentz’s willingness to let it rip as a strength.

    • Making throws while climbing the pocket: When he senses the outside pass rush closing in, Wentz does a great job climbing the pocket while maintaining his vision. Typically, when quarterbacks are forced to quickly move up in the pocket, their vision will narrow to the middle of the field, making them less likely to make throws to the sideline. Wentz, however, still uses the entire field when he steps up in the pocket. He can contort his body on the run and throw sideline to sideline. That puts the defense in a difficult spot. They’ll have to respect his running ability while still covering the entire field.

    • Improvisation: I’ve been impressed by Wentz’s ability to make something out of nothing. For example, there have been a few occasions in which he’s fielded a shotgun snap off the ground, popped up, and quickly delivered a completed a pass, when other quarterbacks might have been content to just jump on the ball or try to get outside the tackle box and throw it away.

    • Throwing on the run: This is where Wentz has made some “wow” plays during camp, and I believe it’s because he’s stopped thinking momentarily and is just playing on instinct. Wentz can throw with velocity while going to his right or left. He’s not always pinpoint accurate while on the run (as most quarterbacks aren’t), but there’s big play potential here.


    • Consistent accuracy: Wentz has often been inaccurate during training camp. When he is off, he is most commonly overthrowing his receivers, missing them high. Doug Pederson attributed that to mechanics, timing, and not yet completely seeing what he’s supposed to be seeing. In other words, when Wentz has a more solid grasp of where his receivers will be and what opposing defenses are trying to do to him, the thinking is that Wentz will settle in and become more accurate like he mostly was at North Dakota State. But for now, improvement in this area is clearly needed.

    • The wobble: Wentz’s passes have often wobbled. They still get there, but the wobble makes them more difficult to catch. When the weather becomes harsher, wobbly footballs are more prone to dying in the wind. Again, this is not something Wentz did much in college. Pederson attributed it to Wentz not yet being fully being up to speed mentally and believes the wobble will wane.

    • Locking in: There have been times when Wentz will zero in on a receiver, allowing the defense to anticipate where he’s going with the football.


    Wentz is a rookie, just as a reminder. Unsurprisingly, he’s been up and down. There are times he’ll make plays that Bradford and Daniel could only dream of making. Other times, he’ll miss a throw wildly or the ball will come out a little ugly. As Pederson explained (and I buy it), a lot of that has to do with trying to learn the offense while adjusting to the speed of the game at this level. Wentz has a ways to go before he’ll be the franchise quarterback the Eagles think he can be, but there’s been enough good to offset some of the early growing pains.

    Follow Jimmy on Twitter: @JimmyKempski

    1. Howie said the next upcoming couple of drafts of NCAA QB prospects is weak and that Carson Wentz is SO FAR SUPERIOR to the what is going to be available that he was willing to trade 5 draft picks and 3 starting players ( Maxwell, Kiko and Murray) to get Wentz. If Wentz is only good enough to be the 3rd string QB on a non playoff NFL team never won a super bowl before franchise than the NCAA Football season is going to be horrible. bwahahahahaha.
      Howie better win this division since gamble, marynowitz and kelly weren’t good enough to stay finishing in 2nd place in the NFC East.

  20. EHL, you are simply a scared, petrified puppy

    Stop whining and whimpering

    Stop being weak and wimpish

    Rookies who are drafted No#2 in the NFL draft should play…period!

    Russell Wilson wasn’t perfect as a rookie for Seattle but he should the tools, the smarts, the talent, and the heart…so they played him and he got better.

    Why CANT Wentz play? What’s stopping him…

    Are we contending for a Super Bowl this year…with this team and Sam Bradford…NO!

    Did we give up draft picks to move up and get the kid! YES

    All of the problems we seen from Wentz can only be corrected with him PLAYING…not sitting on the bench. Physical tools are not the problem with the kid…is can he handle the mental part…is he tough enough!

    The way the kid can improve is by PLAYING! Its that simple!

    Everyone can see…that Wentz has the physical tools the ONLY question is does he have the mental tools, the fortitude, the mental toughness to play against NFL caliber talent!

    We cant find that out with him sitting on the bench!

    Stop being a scared puppy…man up EHL!

  21. EHL..you are scared…lol..scared of what, my job or life is not on the line….scared of what your babbling…what are you talking about..scared of what you have to say? Of Wentz struggling? He will have his struggles, ups and downs, but at the end of the day he will be the stud franchise pro bowl QB!!! Book it!!!
    But anyway…whatever… Lmao..okay …buddy, whatever helps you sleep at night.

    You mad bruh…Sam Bradford is the franchise QB..book it…ROTF and LMAO.

    The Eagles can go ahead and start Wentz for all I care because it will be interesting and exciting to see….more-so than Bradford, but they won’t so there is no need to even continue the discussion. 3 years..we will see!!

  22. “The Eagles can go ahead and start Wentz for all I care…”

    Flip-flop again!!! LMAO @scurred EHL!!!

    You said you were down with the ‘plan’…now you flip again

    Lame, scared, petrified

    I’m consistent…when they traded up and traded away draft picks I’ve made my position clear

    Bradford shouldn’t be on the team-Wentz should start

    He’s the second pick in the draft…the Eagles are my team…if he is the franchise QB he should play

    Consistent and clear

    Flip,flopping, scared, nervous

    Stop whimpering…stop posing…stop being a fraud

    You lame EHL..an embarrassment

    1. Kool, it doesn’t matter to me…I have no say in the matter…whatever Pederson thinks is the best plan for Wentz I’m with…

      You keep bitching and crying about Wentz not starting on gcobb…no one at 1 NovaCare way cares what you want..you lost…get off the rag and move on. Go to another website and stop embarrassing yourself.

      Flip flopper..The Eagles rely on the QB experts and they all said please..please sign Sam Bradford…fast forward…I was wrong…they don’t know what they’re doing…lmao

      All because they drafted Wentz…you were wrong…and you’re mad…lol!!!

  23. EHL, stop with the lame cop outs!

    We are chewing the fat, talking shit on gcobb it is known that none of us dont have any say…

    But the lame ‘whatever Pederson thinks’ is simply a weak and whimpering way to hide! Its a flip-flop because before you argued that the kid SHOULD sit on the bench…now presto…you suddenly “dont care”

    What a wuss you are! LMAO…soft and lame…

    1. Koolbreeze..I will give it to you. You are consistent….consistently wrong..CTFU!!!

      Kool,..it doesn’t matter..because you don’t matter. Everything you have suggested and thought was going to happen was/is wrong.

      Bradford is the Franchise QB- WRONG

      The Eagles are not going to draft a QB in the 1st round- WRONG

      The Eagles will not move up in the draft to draft a QB- WRONG

      The Eagles will not take Wentz or Goff if they are available at 8- WRONG

      Nelson Agholor will come in as a rookie and be better than Maclin..he’s tougher- WRONG

      You’re Mr. Irrelevant. You’re looking to still be relevant with the nonsense of playing Wentz…he’s not playing..you lost..get over it. This topic is trite…you can keep on with this conversation with yourself…have fun.

    2. Kool..the fact is I got exactly what I wanted..the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz as the franchise QB of the future and said no to Bradford….nothing else matters..especially what you think as it relates to Wentz’s development. But I get it..you need to find a way to save face and remain relevant on this board. How embarrassingly pathetic.

      Kool, no it doesn’t matter to me…my position of how they should do it is clear, but what I think does not matter. I’m just realizing how much time I’m wasting with you belaboring something that has no relevance or bearing to the outcome of the situation. It’s boring now.

      The Eagles drafted Wentz

      The Eagles are going to sit him and let him learn from the bench..

      And there’s nothing you can do about it but bitch and moan…you know..your usual drivel!!
      End of Story

  24. EHL…well you got one thing right:

    “what I think does not matter”

    It’s the only thing of substance you have stated

    You are simply a lame ass frontrunner that always wants to position yourself so you can say that you are right…without standing, without taking a real position…

    You have always been a boring lame, whining and bitching

    Your not a real Eagles fan…you are a frontrunner ready to turn on the team as soon as you get a hint that it might not work

    You are scared, petrified…shaking in your boots…

    As a man…I am willing to admit when I missed the call…no problem at all

    As I stated…as stand up guy…and not a bitch ass…I’ll eat all the crow in the world if Carson Wentz leads us to a Super Bowl…as I stated…just pass the mustard

    But if Carson Wentz is not the franchise QB…if he turns into a bust…what will you do?

    Hide, duck, cry, whine…and bitch out…

    That’s your usual position EHL…a lame! CTFU

  25. The chronicled bitching of koolbreeze

    The Eagles are stupid to move up to Draft Wentz or Goff-Bitching and moaning

    The Eagles should trade or cut Bradford- Moaning and whining

    Bradford should no longer be on the team, they need to trade him- more moaning, whining and bitching

    The Eagles need to start the rookie…the plan to sit him is stupid….waaaah…more bitching and crying

    Howie’s a bean counter- moaning

    I was wrong…The Eagles don’t know what they’re doing …bitching, whining, moaning, belly aching, flip flopping and crying.

    Don’t sit him on the damn bench- belly aching and bitching

    Let him take his lumps..let him play…more bitching…bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.

    We’ll know after a year if he’s a bust…just pure stupidity!!!!

    An original compilation of bitch sessions
    Written by:

    You’ve already been served your crow with salt…as soon as the Eagles traded up and drafted Wentz. Man up and own it.

    .Everything I wanted I got

    Draft Carson Wentz…check

    Sam Bradford is the bridge QB and Chase Daniel teaches Carson the system…check

    Carson slated to take over in 2017 and show that he will be a future pro bowl franchise QB ..Check

    Eagles get a 2/3 round 2017 pick for Bradford…hopefully..remains to be seen.

    Nothing for me to bitch about..unlike you.

    Everything I wanted and predicted I got so I’m good.

    You..not so much!…

  26. LMAO…wimp, bitching…scarred

    EHL you remind me of the cowardly lion who goes off to see the Wizard to get a heart!!

    “I’m good”…

    Well why are you ‘good’ EHL??

    Cause “what I think does not matter”

    You are absolutely right…you don’t even see yourself as relevant, EHL

    In a whimpering state of irrelevance you tell us “whatever Pederson says”

    Lame and weak!

    The bottom line is clear…the EmptyHeadedLame

    crawl back into your hole of irrelevance…leave the football talk for real men

    its not for whimpering, scared bitches

    Its for true Eagles fans…

    1. koolbreeze..Lol..now you’re crying that I’m irrelevant…after I pointed out that you are irrelevant. You steal more lines than Melania Trump.

      More bitching and whining from you.

      Pederson is the QB expert..
      after they draft Wentz…WAAHAA…I was wrong..they don’t know what they’re doing..they’re stupid…LMAO..True Eagles fan indeed..lol…crying flip flopping hypocrite!!! Way to hang in there with the team!..Way to backing Pederson…who you called a QB expert.

      “Big..it doesn’t make any sense…Andrew Brandt says it best”..LMAO..Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch…all day long.

      Kool, you don’t talk about football..you bitch, moan, whine, cry and bellyache about what the Eagles are and are not doing. You never talk about talent..you never talk X’s and O’s..you just bitch and moan..the Eagles are stupid..sobbing

      You cried about the Eagles moving up

      You cried about the Eagles drafting Wentz

      You cried about the Eagles sitting Wentz

      Wahaha…EHL..You’re not a real Eagles fan…LMAO…

      You cried about The Eagles not trading or cutting Bradford..

      ….real men don’t cry and bitch all day long..LMAO.

      Now you’re bitching about how I pointed out you were bitching, moaning, whining and crying.

      My point…When things don’t go the way you would like them or expect them to..you cry like a baby…Stop bitching bitchbreeze!

      CTFU@ You…you’re mad!!!

  27. EHL…CTFU…you declared yourself irrelevant

    Like you said lame:

    ““what I think does not matter”

    I’m simply agreeing with you…you are absolutely right EHL

    your irrelevant and what you think simply does not matter.

    You whined for another QB

    You bitched and moaned about Bradford

    You got the QB and now filled with abject fear of failure, you want the kid to sit on the bench! Scared shitless that you may have to be called to carpet if the kid fails..

    You are so scared you want the kid on the bench for a whole year…

    Hey EHL…



    1. Koolbreeze..

      You know what..ok…I’ll admit it, I’m now compelled to confess…..you…you got me bro, you got me..I’m so so scared..just.. oh I’m just so so nervous..I don’t know what to do..please..please help. Oh why did Howie ever draft Carson Wentz when we had Sam Bradford as the franchise…after all, we gave him that massive contract..a two year deal, all the signs were there…it makes no sense to me either kool..I…Oh… I..I just don’t understand….CTFU!!!

      LMAO…I bet you actually believed that bullshit..FOOLBREEZE

      Bwahahahahahaha…I gotta be honest..it’s a comical narrative that I truly find hilarious 🙂

      However, unfortunately for you..You’re truly the joke. You can be quite entertaining when you’re off your meds.

      EHL you’re scared to play Wentz
      EHL You ‘re scared he’ll be a failure..
      EHL..Boo…(Boo..Really) LMAO…How corny!!!
      EHL EHL EHL…LMAO…stop bitching !!!

      It’s actually sad and I know I should not laugh at your disability..but you’re pathetic… kool…you have nothing substantive to say so you immerse yourself into your delusional fantasy world and make shit up to attempt to validate your pathetic embarrassing existence on GCOBB …lol

      You’re so desperate, grasping at straws and gasping for air. Give it up son…you got nothing. You’re the Ritch Kotite of GCOBB.

      No facts, no basis, no foundation to build your delusional dreams on…you’re just detached from reality..unhinged from the real world…Aimlessly floating in fantasy football world..

      obviously the Eagles drafting Wentz and not making Bradford the Franchise QB drove you off the edge…CTFU

      You’re experiencing sheer desperation to feel relevant….but you don’t matter…that ended 4/20/2016..LMAO..

      Listening to you cry, moan and whine is pitiful…You gotta trade Bradford Now…

      You can’t learn sitting on the damn bench..

      The Eagles are stupid!…We’re in trouble now!…

      Wentz will be a bust!…
      Waah waaah waah..on and on and on you go bitching, moaning, crying and whining.
      Wentz only played for 1AA…What if he can’t play…sounds like you’re scared as shit to me…stop bitching… Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch…

      Bitching from the bench..with koolbreeze…

      Hey Kool, is Sam Bradford still the franchise QB of the Eagles???? Can I book that???

      Kool…understand this sonl…Carson Wentz is a STUD!…..Franchise QB of the Philadelphia Eagles..future pro bowl player… I know you don’t like…but get used to It. It’s time for you to get out of fantasy land and come into the real world of Philadelphia Eagles fans !!! Get on board..or bail out!!!

      Oh…and just a reminder to you.. stop bitching, crying, whining and moaning about Wentz every chance you get ..it’s very unbecoming of an alleged Eagles fan…

  28. EHL…it is one thing to complain about the team

    it is another thing to be a scared, rabbit

    “Carson Wentz is a STUD”

    Really? Then let him play? He should start like all the other STUD QB’s that are drafted No#2 in the NFL draft, when the Eagles gave up prospects for him

    But you see…your ‘bitching’ is not the common complaints, boos, that Eagles fans have always had about our never won a Super Bowl team…

    Your bitching is a whiny, fearful bitch…scared to take the heat…you don’t really complain in the sports fashion…you have a pathetic whimper

    “what I think does not matter”

    Beat ya feet EHL…whimpering, bitching, scared…

    Your not Eagles fan with all that…

    Hey EHL…

    BOO!!!! CTFU!!!!

  29. koolbreeze….now you’re trying to rationalize and justify your bitching…GTFOH…CTFU…

    Hey..in 1992 Ice Cube came out with Steady Mobbin

    2016…koolbreeze has been….STEADY BITCHIN…. CTFU

    Waaahhh…the Eagles coaches can’t coach or judge takin the right QB…but 5 months ago they were the QB experts… what a 180. Steady bitchin…

    Did the Eagles make the right choice?…Steady bitchin

    # koolbreezeaRealEaglesfan???

    Crying, whining turncoat….Go getcha Dak Prescott Jersey…you’re a closet rat Cowboy fan….no doubt! Steady bitchin

    The Eagles are stupid…steady bitchin

    Sam Bradford needs to be traded…steady bitchin

    We’re in trouble…Steady Bitchin

    What if Wentz is a bust?…shaking and shivering in your thong….Steady whining, moaning and crying…Steady bitchin

    Big…I don’t know what the Eagles are doing…it makes no sense..Steady bitchin

    Andrew Brandt says it best…it makes no sense…Steady Bitchin

    Hey Kool…
    Carson Wentz is A Stud…Franchise QB….Future pro bowler…Book IT!!!

    Oh..and kool…stop yo’ steady bitchin…

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