Agholor, Randle, Givens & Huff Fighting For Jobs Tonight

Jordan-Matthews-Josh-Huff-Rueben-Randle-and-Nelson-AgholorI’m eager to see the Eagles wide receivers play tonight because none of them, other than Jordan Matthews, who has been consistent enough to be named a starter, has shown that they clearly should start.  Former Giant Rueben Randle is very close to securing himself a starting spot, but he hasn’t quite nailed down yet.

We’ve seen quite a few flashes from Nelson Agholor and Chris Givens as they have battled through training camp, but their consistency needs to improve.  Josh Huff has been even more sporadic, so he needs to have a big night even more than Agholor or Givens.

Too many times in practice, I see Eagles receivers double-catching the football, which means bobbling the ball or not catching the ball cleanly.  If you don’t catch the ball cleanly in practice those bobbles are going to become incomplete passes during a game because a defender is going to knock it out of your hands.

I expect Randle to continue to show his experience by making plays consistently and taking one of the starting jobs.  There are three of them and as I said, Matthews, who will miss the game tonight due to a knee injury, already has one of the starting spots in his pocket.  I expect Sam Bradford to get the ball to Randle tonight because usually quarterbacks will look for veteran guys they can depend on.  Randle has earned some respect from the Bradford and the other quarterbacks during camp, so I expect them to look for him when they can.

Agholor is the guy with the most potential for a break out performance, but he needs to finish the play when he’s out there.  He’s got the quickness and speed to do something special, but he has to stay focused.  Too many times during this camp, I have seen Agholor be unable to protect the ball once he catches it.  He needs to focus on securing the football first when he catches it, rather than trying to run after the catch too soon.  He must put it away, then use his athleticism to make something happen.

Huff is one of the best receivers on the roster when he gets the ball in his hands, but he drops too many passes.  I’ve seen them get the ball to him on quick screens, but he bobbles the throw and disrupts the play.  The former Oregon receiver also has the ability to contribute on special teams.  It could be the factor that keeps him on the team.

Givens has shown his deep speed during the training camp and he has a familiarity with Bradford, which could be the factor that keeps him on this football team.

Free agent Paul Turner has a chance to find his way on the roster, but he’s an underdog along with T.J. Graham.  Turner, who is undersized  has looked good in the slot because of his ability to break quickly.

61 thoughts on “Agholor, Randle, Givens & Huff Fighting For Jobs Tonight

  1. Dario filled it up again today. Really liking this mofo.

    When you got the #1 overall pick but more excited to see Saric & Embiid you know its getting hype.

  2. That man Dario will be loved in Philly for years. I just feel it.

    I hope Noel is gone if it has to be between him and Okafor. Imagine Simmons dishing out that Liberty out to Saric and Okafor in the paint.

    Thank you Hinkie

  3. Wentz looks and operates like a qb.

    Guys the best qb on this team right now. Most tools, most athletic, commands the field and huddle. Get these 2 backups the fuck out his way.

    Agholor blows and is a mut

  4. Wentz just showed why he will be special. Unblocked DE coming right at him..skirts the defender and runs away from him. Then throws the accurate strike to the wr. Athletic play…kept eyes down field while running from two defenders. Can’t wait for Wentz to get acclimated and take over.

    1. Agree Irish. Not only does he have it he gets it… Great release. Sees the field so well. Mixes his speeds up, throws touch when he has to , speed when he has to

      I’m fucking stoked for this kid and this city and this team. Now if they’ll stop wasting our time with Bradford and Daniels…

  5. Wentz is the best qb on the team right now. He can do things the other 2 can’t. This is madness. Kid ain’t gonna learn shit riding the pine, being on the scout team, and being inactive on game day.

    My god this ain’t rocket science

    This myth of damaging psychi is outdated and bullshit.

    This is frustrating. I want the guy to get reps with the 1st and 2s.

    This some dumb shit

  6. They need to get the kid on the field!

    The “plan” is ridiculous!

    The kid needs reps!

    He needs experience

    He needs to play!!

  7. LT 34 years old with degenerative back problems.
    RT possibly about to miss 2/3 of the season.
    A RB who can’t stay on the field backed up by a rookie who will have no idea how to pick up a blitz.
    WRs who haven’t learned how to catch.

    A fan base that boos after every mistake.

    Rookie coaches most often struggle too.

    Wentz in ther and Eagles are (probably) 3-8…boos pouring down….Wentz presses…tries too hard….there nothing positive that will come from that.

    Throwing a rookie qb from North Dakota state into that mess to start the season would be a recipe for long term disaster.

    What is the freekin Rush? Let’s give him half the season to get acclimated….let Bradford get his skinny ass crushed…

    Wentz comes in after the season is over at 5-7. He takes over…there’s an enthusiasm bump….he goes 2-2 and looks like a hero.

    He feels great. Eagle fan feels great….it’s a win win all around.

    1. Vinny, you can’t worry about the boos, an NFL QB can’t be that mentally soft or weak, if he is, he has no business in the NFL. I’m good with bringing Carson along slowly, not because I’m concerned about his mental toughness, but because I think it’s a good way to assist with the transition to the speed of the NFL game while learning how to be a QB in the NFL. Truth is, there is no right or wrong way to go about developing the QB, it just depends on the philosophy of the coaching staff.

  8. Carson Wentz’s play was what I expected. He is going to be a stud once he gets more experience and acclimated to his receivers. Wentz showed poise in the pocket, showed command of the offense and his arm strength. Wentz exhibited very good mobility moving in the pocket, moving the pocket and running for yards. Additionally, he demonstrated escapability as he eluded two defenders and threw a perfect strike to a receiver downfield.
    Wentz has to become more accurate as he sailed some passes, however, that will come in time. Further, he has to learn to not try and make a play on every down when the pocket has collapsed on him..that lead to his pick.
    I’m confident that he will be a franchise QB.
    Overall, good showing for the rookie. He will continue to develop and be who I believe he was going to be when I wanted the Eagles to draft him in February.
    If Bradford gets hurt, Wentz needs to be the guy from that point on.

  9. Bull!

    haveablunt, I was wrong…I no longer believe that they know what they are doing.

    Look at the money they signed Daniels too…and he looked like an overmatched bum out there…

    Its clear that Daniels is a third string Qb…small no arm…no athleticism…

    When you trade up in the draft, give up valuable assets and make a guy the second pick in the draft it makes absolutely no sense to sit him on the bench.

    The very thought of him not even dressing on gameday is absolutely ridiculous!

    Vinniedafool, your scenario is ridiculous..if the kid can’t handle the boos he’s not a franchise QB…he has learn by playing. Positive can come out of negative, tough experiences…we have seen that with other franchise QB’s…Troy Aikman is a perfect example…he went 1-15 in his rookie year but showed improvement, poise, and toughness

    He bounced back and went on to win Super Bowls…if Wentz is a franchise Qb he will handle the boos, handle adversity and bounce back.

    Everyone can see that he has the physical tools…the question is does he have the mental toughness, how will he respond playing against first string defenses, how will he respond in the tough times?

    You can only find it out by playing not by being coddled and sitting on the bench and running scout teams…

    Can he bounce back?

    1. You were right bro… Stick to your guns don’t be a flip flopper… They wanted Bradford cuz he was the best available, you were correct…now they picked wentz and want to teach him on the sideline and classroom …they know QBs …stick to your guns

    2. LMAO…you’ve been wrong quite a bit gotta get over it Kool. They’re not doing what you want them to’s over. Pouting, complaining, bitching, moaning, whining and crying about it won’t change a thing. Stop it!!!

  10. Fools…I am sticking to my guns…

    There is a bottom line here…If Wentz is a franchise QB he should play

    When you move up in the draft, give up draft picks, and grab the second pick in the NFL draft you dont sit that guy on the bench!

    haveablunt, when circumstances change you have to respond to the changing circumstances…Sam Bradford shouldn’t be on the team…he should have been traded…you guys are the flip-floppers…you didn’t want him…and now flip-flop…suddenly you want him and want to sit the kid on the bench for a year

    What are you scared and nervous about???

    Man up…and stop being scared puppies!

    Let the Kid play! .

    1. No you’re flip flopping..flip flopper…fish out of waterbreeze. You stated that the coaches knew what they were doing when they signed Bradford to that massive contract to be the franchise QB…lol. Now the Eagles coaches and organization do not know what they are doing because they moved up for Wentz and will not start him. Flip flopping.

      Cry koolbreeze cry on the road to loosing!!!!

  11. No EHL…you are the lame flip-flopper

    A scurred puppy

    You didn’t want Bradford at all…

    Now presto you want him…

    You wanted them to grab a QB..

    Presto…they grab a QB and you are petrified to let him play

    You wanna tuck him away, guard him from pressure, make excuses

    Wimp ass EHL…

    Stop being scared…let the kid play!

  12. Flip flop flip flop. Kool you are a flat out joke…the Rich Kotite of gcobb. No one has been more wrong than you. You have no credibility….none!
    Tell me Kool is Sam Bradford still the franchise qb..should we still book it?..lmao..lame ass.

    Umm..Play the kid..Tell that to Doug and stop crying and whining on gcobb about it…let’s see if the coach listens to you…Tell him he’s scared to play him… just sound stupid.
    If the Eagles did play Wentz it would certainly be more interesting than watching Bradford…the franchise…ooops U mean the bridge QB.

  13. LMAO…stop it just stop it EHL…

    Sam Bradford is the best QB on the team

    Problem is he shouldn’t be on the team…Play the kid…the Eagles made the move…I’m a grown man…not whimpering pup like you…they made the move…I disagreed with it…but now they have to play the kid and I like I said…

    I very much hope I’m wrong about the kid…I hope he’s a franchise QB

    He has to prove it…by playing! Simple as that!

    You are the wimp…that wants to hide, wants to tuck the kid away for a year to delay your own accountabliity…scared that the kid will fail…

    You wimp EHL.LMAO…a scared, lame, wimp!

    1. kool, I asked you a question…Is Bradford still the franchise QB? LMAO…stop cowering and answer the question!
      The fact is I did not want Bradford as a franchise long term QB..nor did the Eagles!
      The fact is I stated in March that I was fine with Bradford being a bridge QB until the Eagles got their franchise QB and develop him..I have been have flip flopped. First the Eagles were the they do not know what they are doing because Bradford is not their guy…lol….backstabbing flip flopping cry baby!

      Stop being a bitchy, whining, moaning and crying baby about Carson Wentz not playing this year…mad that you’re not getting your way. You did not want Wentz so why are you bitching about him playing. You wanted Bradford, you got him..for a year. Enjoy the curtain call.

      You’re just mad that he is only a stop gap and not what you thought he was when the Eagles signed him to that massive two year contract..follow the

      I vociferously stated that I wanted Wentz, and I’m stating that he will be a pro bowl caliber QB..but I’m never make any sense. Wrong as usual. So if I’m scared of Wentz failing in your eyes although I’m saying he’s going to be a pro bowl QB…then keep on enjoying that thought…but you’re wrong like you always are….book it!!! lol

  14. Stop it wiTh Sam Bradford the best qb on the team he’s awful and doesn’t have half the skill set wentz does. I’m not even sure Bradford is better than chase.

    1. It was clear to see wentz has the talent over sleeves and midget out there, by week 8 I do a evaluation and if Bradford is playing good and we are at least 500 then he stays at qb but if he is sucking and we are at 500 still then bench his ass for wentz right away

      1. Wentz is the future for this team, no doubt, but to say he is better than Bradford after that game last night is something I don’t get at all.

        What I saw was an incredibility athletic and talented QB who is not ready to throw against NFL defenses. The guy has all the potential in the world, I agree but he was high on literally every single throw last night except for the second pass to ertz.

        Against NFL first team defenses high is the worst place you want to miss. All reports out of camp are that he misses high and that spilled over to the game.

        Last night showed me that he needs to fix that before he is ready to start or else we will be looking at 3+ pick games on the regular.

        I think we all are getting a little too enamored with his athleticism all while ignoring the fact that his passes last night were not all that accurate.

        Is he the future, yes. But I agree with Doug that he needs to sit this year.

        1. You are right Canttakeitanymore…he wasn’t accurate at all

          Passes were high…he had couple of wide open receivers that he missed

          And doesn’t throw with a lot of anticipation so he takes unnecessary hits

          These are problems that are not corrected by sitting on the damm bench! He needs experience…he needs to play!

          He needs to play and we need to see if he has the mental abilities to go along with those physical qualities.

          There have been a lot of QB’s who have great physical tools but could not play in the NFL…the mental part of the game, the split-second decisions, the fortitude to handle a +3 interception game and come back…

          The kid only threw 620 something passes in his college career…the improvements that Wentz needs comes about by playing on the field…not sitting on the damm bench!

          1. I don’t entirely agree with you there. To me, it seems like the mental part of the game comes naturally to him. On at least three plays he perfectly read the blitz and went to the hot receiver.

            I think, at this point, the bigger issue for Wentz seems to be with mechanics. I am not a football analyst, but Mayocks comments last night seem to mirror what we are hearing out of camp. He seems to have a mechanical issue that is letting balls sail on him.

            I remember Aaron Rodgers having a similar issue and he was able to fix that by sitting a few years out.

            To me, it looks like Wentz is an NFL caliber athlete but not an NFL caliber passer yet – which was also something they said about Rodgers.

            Sitting Wentz not only makes sense for Wentz, but also for the Eagles. If Bradford plays, and plays well (which I fully anticipate) there will be some trade value there. A good season from him will help all parties.

          2. Hot air will you clarify got me when a ball hits a receivers hands even if it’s a bit high when it’s called a drop? Because last year you whined about balls hitting receivers hands and they dropped it. This year it’s called inaccurate

  15. Doug pederson hasn’t talked to lane Johnson to figure out wtf is going on???? This guy is a moron

      1. I’ll judge him on what he says, the way he treating the 2nd overall pick , the way he is putting in personal feelings and relationships over football (i.e. Chase Daniels getting that ridiculous deal and being the #2 qb when he blows ) , I’ll judge him ridiculously pulling the starters after 1 20 yard drive , I’ll judge him based on the fact his dumbass don’t know how many channels are on a NFL game day headset.

          1. Nah stupid is giving chase Daniels an absurd contract because you like him.

            Stupid is making the #2 overall pick a 3rd stringer

            Extremely stupid is running an NFL team and being a former oc and qb and being so stupid u don’t know how many channels are on your headsets.

            Stupid is giving Sam bradturd the team without any competition.

            That’s stupid.

            I’m a show me guy and this guy hasn’t showed anything remotely close to what I expect from a hc. Hopefully the guy has a clue and I’m wrong but he don’t pass the smell test at all

            1. What does chase Daniels contract have to do with anything? He’s a scrub helping develop the team …. His actual play is nothing competitively but they presume he adds value in other ways… Dollar amount means ZERO to a fan
              You say your a ‘show me guy’ that’s bullshit… Fucking bull shit! It’s 4 quarters of nothing ‘football’ (can u call it that) and your ripping… You aren’t show me, you are a knee jerk reactionary … Nothing mire

              1. What player has Daniels contract cost the team? What the fuck does it have to do with anything? I guess there is a backup you could have paid less for???? But who cares

              2. You choose to ignore the point, you’re trying to change what I’m saying and don’t respect opinions so I’ll pass on continuing this conversation further.

              3. Please tell me the point…. What difference does a backup qb make? His salary etc… It’s not important…. They are a marginal playoff team and I mean marginal….Daniels is not blocking a spot for anyone, his money is not prohibiting the acquisition of any player… The coach thinks he can be of benefit to the QB meetings,,,, maybe maybe not,,,, it makes zero difference …

  16. Also a special fuck you goes to chip jelly for replacing maclin & djax with huff & agholor. Fuck you !

  17. EHL…Sam Bradford became irrelevant when we traded picks and got Carson Wentz.

    Sam Bradford is the best QB on the team. But who cares!

    Carson Wentz has the most physical tools, he is big, strong armed, and mobile…the kind of physical running QB that Vinniedafool loves..

    Is Carson Wentz a franchise QB?

    I dont know, I’m not convinced at all by last night that he will be a franchise QB. I saw a guy who made some good plays but who also missed wide open receivers, held the ball on some plays too long, and threw a pick in the endzone…all of the same complaints we have had about previous QB’s.
    The Kid needs to play and develop and we need to see if he really has the mental toughness to make it in the NFL…there was never any question about his physical tools!
    EHL, stop whimpering and man up! Either you want the kid to play or you will meekly accept him being on the bench! Stop with the lame ass stuff about what ‘control’ you dont have…bullshit…we all know that the question is not about Sam Bradford, is not about your role in the team’s decision making…its whether or not you support the Coach’s position that sits Carson Wentz on the bench or do you believe the kid should be starting…that’s the question!

    All the rest of your whimperings, lame excuses, ducking, bitching are lame!

    1. Koolbreeze, Sam Bradford is not’re irrelevant

      Who cares? You do…you’re mad bro!!!..real mad..lmao!!! one cares what you think about Carson never wanted him….so get off the ship!

  18. Kool last year I had to read ad nauseum about Sam I am ..rust ..needs to be shaken off ..too many drops…no run game ..blah blah ..but today in his first NFL live bullets I saw more “possibilities” of a big bodied QB ,and you’re evaluating him based upon vanilla blue prints.Just once again providing insights as to why you’re so flawed,and biased…Lets see what happens when live bullets fly and he’s in a “real game” before we already write him off as a colossal bust..lets afford some modicum of understanding that he’s got no reasons to be rushed into the fray …confidence matters in this league ,success breeds success …nobody to be honest can take anything you say at face value ,when you were shown the proverbial drop door that sealed your fate at the draft …wallow at the base of the wishing well …id throw you a life preserver but ,it’s full of holes your arguments

  19. Ok. I just watched the end of the first half on NFL replay.

    1st pass to Agholor was into the hands. Good
    2nd pass climbed the pocket for a strike to alerts. Very good.
    3rd pass hit a short crosser in stride. Good.
    4th pass was facing a 6 man blitz. Pressure. He just threw one deep OB to avoid sack. Very good.
    5th pass. Corner blitz came free. Tossed wicked ball to Ertz (right where blitzed came from) as he was hit. Excellent.

    Overall I think that was a very nice first 5 passes.

    Will be great to watch this kid take over late in the season and into next year..

    1. Kid just looks like he has it and gets it. He uses multiple speeds when he throws, climbs the pocket, very athletic, you can see him evaluate the field when he throws and not lock on anyone. Really impressed. Just furious I’m going to be forced to watch these other two bums play rather than let our guy develop like all the other top pick qbs

      And to your point about eagles fans getting on him if they throw him in and doesn’t dominate – no way!!! They’ll pleasantly give him time and blow him with the average to good plays and not get on him at all ever unless he is consistently Sam Bradford bad for double digit games…

      But what does concern is they gonna bench his ass all year then trot him out next year and some fans will be thinking he had a year to learn and should be dominating now … Bottom line is His growth and development clock stars ticking when he starts starting and playing and getting real reps with real pros, this situation is a waste of everyone’s time. Someone like Lurie or roseman needs to step in and can one of these qbs ahead of him

      1. Lurie is on board with the Wentz developmental plan. He’s not going to lobby or tell Pederson to bench Bradford and play Wentz.
        I think Carson will get in games on spot duty throughout the season…more specifically by mid season or by 10.

        I want to see Wentz play too..but we have to relax and be patient. This time next year he will be starting every game. ..Book it!

  20. Wentz is a stud.
    Poise in the pocket and calm under pressure…keeps his eyes down field while evading defenders….mobile with a strong arm.
    Reads defenses…finds the hot read and evades blitzing defenders.
    Sees where blitzes is coming from
    Can make all the throws. High football acumen.
    All the makings of a franchise qb. Needs to work on lower body mechanics for better accuracy. Continued seasoning.

  21. It’s no big deal Mhenski. He’ll start the last 4 or 6.

    Nothing positive can come from him rolling out behind this pathetic online, no rbs, no wrs etc etc.

    That’s not development….that’s a recipe for disaster.

    This is not Russel Wilson……

    He came in, a 3rd rounder, with NO expectations, with the best D in the league, AND Marshawn lynch dominating.

    He throws 18 passes a games….and is a superstar.

    That is not this situation.

    This O has holes everywhere and you drop Wentz into this mess and he’s 1-5 after 6 and nothing…nothing…nothing good comes from that.

    Let Bradford do his job. let him fill that spot, get his ass killed for the first 10 and enjoy the final 6 buddy.

    Relax….it’ll be all good…enjoy the last 6 games.

    1. If i get 6 wentz games I’m happy as shit. But I believe Bradford gets 10. Chase 6 and wentz 0…

    2. smh…more inaccurate, bullcrap

      Russell Wilson came in and took the job! He stepped up and won the job in a fight with a vet..and proved that he could lead the team.

      In his first year he led the team to tough wins with clutch plays in the playoffs

      Russell Wilson has the ‘it’ factor he showed that from the beginning and he developed and got better.

      Why are you lames so scared??

      “ooooohhhh…there is too much “pressure” for Wentz”

      There is going to be more pressure next year when everyone will expect Wentz to start and perform

      There is no pressure for him this year because everyone understands he is a rookie and will make mistakes.

      Let the kid develop…let him play so he can learn from mistakes, learn the speed of the game, see the coverages in live action…

      Then next year we will know if the move was the right one…we will know if we have a franchise QB…or if we got a bust…

      We have a good defense…let the kid play…run the ball…

      Let the kid ‘chuck it deep; …like you always like Vinniedafool!!!

      Wentz should be the starting QB..Period!

  22. Spot on Vinnie.

    He very easily could have been 4-5 on his first NFL Drive right before that half ended.

    Two of the incompletions were indeed not perfect throws and were high. But professionals should catch those without a doubt in the league.

    I really hope we get the drop plague out of the way early. There is NO way this happens again…Right???

  23. Pray to god that Wentz does not take a SNAP this year. That means that

    1. Philly is healthy
    2. Sam has us in playoff position
    3. We get a nice draft pick from Sam next offseason
    4. Wentz takes over in year 2 with more weapons and improved defense in year 2 under Jimmy. Not to mention he will be more comfy with a year under his belt and learning the playbook and system as much as you possibly can.

  24. Best case scenarios for the birds ..Let Sam I am earn his dough and play just good enough to tantalize some executives to fork over that second rounder ,hopefully the Chipster himself ,have Wentz play in the games just prior. To Xmas jersey sales ,as the Eagles had long ago clinched home field ..find a left tackle extriodenaire at wing bowl …now that’s a perfect season ..

  25. Wrong…the best case scenario is for Wentz to take the job

    Who cares about Bradford and the money now…you made the move, you traded up, you gave up valuable resources…you rolled the dice

    Make good on the bet by playing the kid

    Then by next year we will know…whether we have a true Franchise QB who will lead the team to a Super Bowl! Or the biggest mistake in franchise history!

    The perfect season is that Wentz is like a Russell Wilson and leads us to the playoffs with his smarts and athleticism

    The worst case scenario is for him to sit on the bench all year and then next year we find out that the kid doesn’t have what it takes to play on the NFL level!

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