Dorial Green-Beckham Deal Is Low Risk For The Eagles

Green-Beckham17One of thing for sure, Dorial Green-Beckham is a specimen.  He stands 6’5″ and weighs about 240 pounds and he has a frame that can handle being even heavier.  I was down on the field during the workouts and I was very impressed with him and that group of wide receivers, which ran 40’s, routes and caught the football at the NFL Combine before the 2015 NFL draft.

I’m concerned about reports from the Nashville, Tennessee media that Green-Beckham has problems when it comes to working hard and giving his full effort all the time.  It reminds me of somebody who is currently wearing an Eagles jersey.

It sounds like he’s got some of same problems that current Eagles wide receiver Rueben Randle has.  Right now, after watching many of the Eagles practices this summer,  I don’t know if Randle wants to play in the NFL anymore.  I’ve been totally disappointed with what I have seen of him at the Eagles workouts because he runs lazy routes.  He doesn’t hustle throughout every route and makes a habit of giving up on routes before the play is over.

He doesn’t fight for the football the way you would expect somebody who is as big and as strong as he is would fight for it. He should be angered by the tiny contract he got and the fact that the Giants didn’t want him back.  Randle should have a chip on his shoulder rather than a lackadaisical attitude.

Hopefully I won’t be saying the same thing when I get the chance to watch Green-Beckham work out, but I’m not guaranteeing it.

I think this was a good move because the Birds need help at the wide receiver position.  The offensive lineman they traded, Dennis Kelly, has been here for plenty of years, but hasn’t helped very much.  He’s not that good, so it’s not like they traded a valuable player for Green-Beckham.  It’s definitely a low-risk trade.

23 thoughts on “Dorial Green-Beckham Deal Is Low Risk For The Eagles

  1. I guess the pundits say he has talent and a bad attitude… Last year 32 catches… Ho hum. If he changes his lazy, asshole, privledged ways… Ok… Kelly was nothing… You have nothing to lose

  2. In the past 6 Months, the Eagles have added a few Players with questionable backgrounds whether it’s Domestic Violence against Women, Weapons or Drug Charges with the likes of 3 Draft Picks in Wendall Smallwood, Jalen Mills, Alec McAllister, and then have had issues with Veterans N Agholor & Lane Johnson & N Bradham and then the recent acquisition of DGB … Quality Veterans like Sproles, Celek, Jenkins, Cox and others must be thinking “what the hell is going on around here”
    I am going on record that I do not like the job that Roseman/Player Personnel is doing by adding some shady characters to the Eagles Locker Room..

  3. The Eagles moves are desperate gambles that reflect a front office that are making decisions on the fly.
    The Eagles gave up valuable draft picks to move up in the draft in this desperate gamble with Carson Wentz. In trying to win this year, they are gambling on players with questionable work ethic and character.
    It all smacks of desperation, gambling, making moves on the fly.

      1. kool i dont think you understand how business works … you always chirping about a team making moves on the fly as if thats a bad thing. well newsflash in all forms of business decisions are made on the fly, no ifs ands or buts about it. tenny puts dgb on the block and theres a clock ticking on the other teams to make a move or not… what you think they are gonna think for months?

        and wentz was not a desperate gamble, it was months and years worth of evaluations and research. a calculated plot to move up twice for a guy they wanted bad and they got him. nothing desperate about it, they said the kids better than this bum bradturd lets make it happen and they did.

        in the nfl every draft pick is a gamble, every single one for all teams for all picks, risk vs reward, evaluation then a pick. theres never a sure thing.

        in the nfl all moves and decisions are made on the fly

        the deperation thing, well maybe they are pretty desperate at wr (thanks chip) and getting close on the o line. and they were desperate with that pathetic lame that you dick rode for – bradturd but they not

      2. Vinniedafool…the guy hasn’t played in his second year yet…give him a shot…

        You placed all of your chips on your boy Nick Foles in saying that he was going to be an all time great Franchise QB…

        Nothing can possibly beat that ridiculous and stupid claim from you…Fool Ass

  4. fraudman i think you are missing the point a bit…. I think the signing long-term of real quality people and nfl vets (jenkins, cox, celek etc) is the counter balance to trying to bring in cheap questionable characters with some talent– NFL locker rooms can absorb a character or two if in fact the leadership is solid in the locker room.
    lets face it, ‘questionable’ team mates were shipped out by chip— probably to a fault- I believe character matters but lets face it if the coach and locker room is strong it can take it….or if DGB is a lazy a.hole….cut him no biggie.

  5. Kool. Desperation ? gambling. ON THE FLY? Wtf are you talking about? You think this is darts ! Desperate for players to win now ? Gambling on players with work ethic issues ..Good …in contrast to chip and his choir boy preaching (where did that get us)? football requires “attitude” that some guys who possess that It…just maybe live on that razors edge ..Id rather have guys who can play that need mentoring ,than choir boys that can’t play…all day long..There was no gamble on Wentz ..there was a consensus of opinion that Sam wasn’t the future ,and Carson is …swallowing that tonic may not sit well with you ,BUT the hyperbole sound Desperate to validate yourself …stop micro managing and sit back and watch again ,as you’re football acumen is put to the eyeball test

  6. What a bunch of flip-flopping hypocrites you guys are…

    Starting with you mhenski!

    Most of you lames celebrated with joy when Shady and DJax were run out of here…Now suddenly…presto!….you don’t care about character only talent


    mhenski, You and others notion that it was some “thought-out” plan to get Carson Wentz is simply your revised dick-riding on Eagles management.

    Get off of it lame ass!

    If you seriously believe that the Eagles had ‘planned’ to get Carson Wentz and tie up so much money in the QB position this year you are even a bigger fool ass than I thought.

    The “plan” …Bullshit!!

    These were moves made on the fly…they had no clue that they would come away with the sweet heart deal that landed them the 8th pick in the draft for Bryon Maxwell, Kiko Alonzo, and the 13th pick…you can’t plan a steal like that…it was pure luck.

    Anyone with half a brain knows it was a series of lucky or maybe not so lucky breaks…not so lucky if Carson Wentz is not a franchise QB…cause if he is not we are in big trouble!

    The ‘Plan” that has Wentz sitting on the bench for a year is absolutely ridiculous and stupid and you know it mhenski!

    deserteagle…you talk as if Carson Wentz has proven without any doubt that he can play in the NFL.

    I haven’t seen any proof of that at all, nor am I convinced that Pederson as the Head Coach can develop Wentz into a Franchise QB.

    Nobody is “validated” until the kid proves he is a franchise QB!


    1. “Validation” franchise quarterback …you mean like your boy. Sam I am? that franchise type QB…well in a small sampling that shouldn’t be too difficult ..he’s not going to be validated ever in your delusional mind..lets be clear ..every speed bump (and there will be many) will be a derailed jalopy accordingly …let’s let the kid play with live bullets a complimentary cast of receivers and running backs and then let’s judge him on the same curve afforded others in the league ..then we can find out what a fool you truly are ..

  7. Vinnedafoolass…I’ve been consistent that the Eagles ‘plan’ that keeps Bradford and sits Carson Wentz on the bench is absolutely ridiculous

    You know that your credibility has been completely shot forever…

    You hitched your wagon to Nick Foles as a Franchise QB who would lead a team to a Super Bowl…you predicted we would rue the day that the Eagles traded Foles for Bradford and that Foles would go on to greater glory…

    You have been forever tarnished and banished to the realm of irrelevance with the studpidity that ties you to the failed Nick Foles.

    As to Agholor, give him the same time you want to extend to Carson Wentz…be consistent…he’s played one preseason game…

    The kid deserves a better shot!

  8. “…you predicted we would rue the day that the Eagles traded Foles for Bradford ”

    You are damn fucking right I said they would rue that day.

    And they have.

    Think about what would be better for the Eagles right now

    Bradford, Chase and Wentz or

    Foles, Chase, Wentz and a second round pick?

    I’ll take option 2 every day of the week. 2 things would have happened…wither Foles would have totally stunk and the Eagles wouldn;t have had to trade up for Wentz, they could have just picked him in a top spot…or he would have done well and the Eagles would be in the exact same spot they are in now.

    Face it bucko…the trade for Bradford was stupid. Everyone and their dog (chuckles) knows it ‘cept a petulant clown like you.

    ANd this new, “flying by the seat of their pants BS?? Laughable.

    Again, everyone and their dog new the Eagles were going to grab a QB last year. Everyone knew they were moving up. Everyone knew it ‘cept a petulant clown like you who still thinks Bradford is a good QB.

    Too funny.

    1. Lol. Kool you hit the nail on the head. Your damn right 90% of the geniuses on hear loved when we got rid of that “one trick pony”. Amazing how we havent heard shit about GANGS since then. Then we didnt need that immature But now we should take risks withe these never done nothong players. Shady and Djax are laughing at the whole organization.

      1. the gang shit was true with desean no doubt about it. he has many friends that are crips. theres no more gang stuff out there because the nfl talked to him after he put up the crips signal and after this story broke he wisened up. with that said i dont care that hes friends with crips, being friends with criminals doesnt make you one.. theres a saying that goes “show me your friends and ill show you youre future” but I dont buy that at all, not even a little bit. being friends with crips doesnt bother me 1 bit and it shouldnt bother anyone

        by all accounts desean is a good dude and good dad. aside from a suspect robbery and losing 30k to a rap battle with TI dudes been a model citizen.

        with all that said i dont care that he gone, he aint special, hes an above average wr but not elite and he getting elite scratch, i can do without him especially with noodle arm bradturd behind center


  9. On a Side Note, the Jacksonville Jaguars Released WR Rasheed Bailey,who had a nice Summer last year with the Eagles.. They should look in picking him back up

  10. You can’t make this shit up…..

    Says Koolidiot (on Agholor) “the guy hasn’t played in his second year yet…give him a shot…

    Give him a shot….give him a shot…..

    Says the guy who dropped

    “some really bad plays”
    “high throws that gets receivers killed” (did this even happen?)
    “bad turnover in the endzone”
    “inconsistent and inaccurate!”
    “threw a costly pick”

    After watching less than a half of preseason.

    Destroying a guy after a half of preseason, whilst demanding Agholor needs to be “given a chance” after a year.

    You cannot make this shit up.

    1. Further…Kool said that Wentz should play this season so that we would know if he’s a bust or not…..after one season…but for Agholor….it’s only the kids second season..give him a shot. Lol…the double standard.

      1. kool is right that he should play. all that dumbassed talk about bradturd playing so well and getting us a 2nd or 3rd round pick next year is a pipe dream and impossible (full disclaimer – when it first was announced he was the starter i believed in this pipe dream and plan for a few weeks but came to my senses since)

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