Eagles Sign Linebacker Stephen Tulloch

tullochThe Philadelphia Eagles have added a veteran linebacker to their defense, agreeing to terms with Stephen Tulloch on a one-year deal.

Tulloch has long been speculated to be a possibility for the Eagles. Ever since Jim Schwartz was hired to be defensive coordinator, there were rumors that Schwartz would pursue his old middle linebacker.

The season-ending injury to rookie seventh-round pick Joe Walker made it necessary for the Birds to go out and make a move for some veteran depth. The Eagles probably preferred that a young guy like Walker step up and emerge as a viable backup option before adding a veteran.

Jordan Hicks and Mychal Kendricks have both proven to be injury-prone throughout their careers, so there’s a pretty good chance Tulloch will start end up starting a handful of games this season.

Tulloch may not have a lot left in the tank, but with any luck he’ll be able to be what DeMeco Ryans was for last year’s team: an excellent locker room voice, and a guy who if nothing else can provide serviceable play by understanding the system and getting by on smarts and savvy.

22 thoughts on “Eagles Sign Linebacker Stephen Tulloch

    1. Better late than never… Tulloch can help versus the Run where the Eagles LB’s still have issues getting off blocks to make plays… He can helponShort-Yardage/Red-Zone Defense or when the Eagles are behind in games and their opponents are trying to run the ball to eat clock.. I’m curious to see if Michael Kendricks finally lives up to his hype and can put together a full strong Season which he hasn’t done since his Rookie Season … I was watching Jordan Hicks vs the Steelers and he misread a lot of Ruuning lanes and again he played great last year but inside LB is so instinctful that we’ve seen lots of young LB’s come right in and impress right away due to hustle & high energy (Joe Mays, Jamar Cheney, Will Witherspoon to name a few) only to become inconsistent and up and down players… Eagles need a fireplug who is there week after week and play after play… Tulloch can no longer play 3 Downs but maybe he can light the fuse and mentor both Kendricks & Hicks to play up to their God-given talent level which can help them and the Eagles for next few Seasons

  1. Sorry Paulman. I gotta call a flag on the play. Scouts have released videos and are raving about Hicks IQ and play recognition. So I’m gonna believe them. Also Hicks has been nothing but a playmaker since he has been playing. Key for him is availability. Hicks is the future.

    1. There’s no doubt that Hicks has impressed and is off to a very Good Start in his Eagle Career so far.. but I’m still cautious as he’s only played a handful of games at the NFL Level so lets see how he does with a full season under his belt.. Having Tulloch around should only help his development.

      The Cleveland Browns with Hue Jackson calling the Shots now, are not Trading Josh Gordon, they have too much invested in him and have stood by him during the suspensions and tough times only to trade him now.. They will see how he does with RGIII and in Hue Jackson’s Offense for 2016 and then will decide whether to extend him or move on from him…
      He is not on the Market for them…

  2. No brainer here..Eagles had to bring in another LB, and Tulloch fits the bill. Now the Eagles need to consider signing an OL, and possibly another WR. Would love for the Eagles to make a trade for Josh Gordon. Maybe a 3rd or 4th would probably be all it takes to get him

  3. 2017 NFL Mock Draft (Top 10)

    1) Browns – DE Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)
    2) 49ers – QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson)
    3) Chargers – OT Cam Robinson (Alabama)
    4) Browns (from the Eagles) – RB Leonard Fournette (LSU)
    5) Titans – DT Malik McDowell (Michigan St)
    6) Titans (from Rams) WR – Mike Williams (Clemson)
    7) Bills – OT Roderick Johnson (Fla State)
    8) NO Saints – Safety – Jabrill Peppers (Michigan – Jarius Byrd has been a complete failure and will be released after the 2016 Seasonr)
    9) Detroit Lions – RB – Dalvin Cook (Fla State)
    10) Miami Dolphins – QB – Brad Kaaya (U of Miami – Ryan Tannehill has failed to Improve. Adam Gase going to get his own Player in at QB)

    The Eagles won’t Pick until the 2nd Round which I have as the 35th Overall Pick.. I see one of 2 OT’s being Selected

    OT Mike McGlinchey – (Notre Dame)
    OT Conor McDermott – (UCLA)

    1. 1. Too busy hiking and living my life to the fullest to waste time watching football.
      2. Have an opinion on every football player, team and coach in the country.
      3. Counter your own opinion, often times within the same thread.
      4. Hey look at me I’m an idiotic attention seeking chimp throwing feces against the wall.

      1. If you are keeping tabs on me… I made that post at halftime of my men’s soccer indoor intermural soccer game, which I may add we won 4-1 and I had 2 assists…

  4. TeamHurnt.. Funny, Now there’s a Blast from the Past..
    You guys can call me whatever you want .. but having multiple Sign-Ons is not one of them.. I’ve been Paulman only, from the get go on GCobb and have no reason to have multiple Sign-ons…

    And to clear the Record, Fall Soccer does not start for another 3 Weeks and I Play 7 vs 7 on Outside Turf Fields… (Indoor Soccer is during the Winter)

    I am currently Playing Co-Ed Softball with my Wife on our local Hospital Team which just started last Week, as we are 1-2 to Open to Season…
    I’m Batting .714 (5 for 7) with 4 RBI’s and 3 Runs Scored and Play OF,Pitcher and 1B so Far… It’s lots of fun and keeps me active…

    As far as the 2016 Eagles Season goes, ,there’s not very much to be excited about outside of seeing some Young Players Develop… This is probably the least excited I’ve been about the Eagles that I can recall following the Team over the last 40 Years..
    They’ll Win 5-6 Games and be a very Boring Team to Watch..
    I’ll be busy doing other things on Sunday’s at 1pm rather than watch Bradford & Co.. To Each their Own…

    1. But never fear you will have ‘expert’ commentary (lifted from some web article or another) pass it off as your own, base opinions without actually watching and contradict yourself over and over again…FLIP FLOP

      1. too busy to watch sunday at 1. not busy enough between sunday at 430 through the following sunday at 1259 to post 10420940284593275 mock drafts and comment on the team from your in depth analysis of the box score…

        not too busy to live blog national tv games…

        so strange you admit to not watching the team yet have an opinion about every move the team makes

  5. havacigar you could be right, maybe paulman is not a super fan . but if any on Daniel Boone stories are true , Daniel lived to bout 87 or so. quite a feat in those times,So maybe some of you posters will reading about paulman for years to come , if any of Boone co. rubbed off on him.

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