2016 NFL Projections: The NFC South

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 15: Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers escapes pressure during NFL game action from Kyle Williams #95 of the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 15, 2013 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton broke out in a big way last season, turning in a season where he scored 45 total touchdowns, and did it in a year where he lost his top receiver to a preseason injury.

Newton made plays all season, despite the fact that unreliable Tedd Ginn was his top wideout most of the year. Now that Kelvin Benjamin is back healthy, Newton and the Carolina offense could be even more potent. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula did a great job with his schemes a year ago, and should be given a lot of credit for the team’s success.

The Carolina defense suffered some blows to the secondary in the offseason, with Josh Norman, Roman Harper, and Charles Tillman all departing in free agency. The Panthers didn’t address the position in free agency or the draft, so they’ll be relying on a lot of unproven young talent to step up. Kurt Coleman, the lone returning starter, may be much less effective without veterans around him.

The front seven is as strong as ever, with Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Shaq Thompson anchoring the linebacking positions, and Star Lotulelei clogging the middle.

Carolina is a team that may not be as dominate defensively as they’ve been in the past, but the arrow on the offensive side of the ball is only pointing up. They’re still among the top teams in the NFC, and could be right back in the mix for a Super Bowl title this year.

Projected Finish: 12-4, 1st Place

New Orleans Saints

How much time does Drew Brees have left?

While the elite quarterback is coming off of another strong showing, he’s now 37 years old, and his window of opportunity is drawing nearer and nearer to its close.

Offense won’t be a problem for the Saints. Brandin Cooks is an emerging star at wide receiver, while second-rounder Michael Thomas is expected to be an upgrade over departing veteran Marques Colston. Running back is in good shape as well with Melvin Ingram backed up by Tim Hightower and C.J. Spiller.

The problem continues to be defense in New Orleans.

The Saints continue to have a unit ranked near the bottom of the league, and things don’t appear to be getting better, as nine of their starters return from a year ago. Big free agent signing Jairus Byrd has really let them down.

Brees is the engine for this team, and he’s strong enough to keep them competitive and in the mix for a Wild Card spot. However, the Saints just can’t stop anyone.

Projected Finish: 8-8, 2nd Place

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The young team on the rise in the division is Tampa Bay.

Jameis Winston showed tons of promise in his rookie year, throwing for over 4,000 yards and 22 touchdowns. Running back Doug Martin finally got himself healthy, and rushed for over 1,400 yards on his way to a new contract. The Bucs also have an ascending young wide receiver in Mike Evans, who comes off of a 1,200 yard season, and should only get better as his timing with Winston improves.

The Bucs have some good defensive pieces, but they need more time to develop.

Linebacker LaVonte David is a rock in the middle of the defense, coming off of a season in which he led the team with 147 tackles. Gerald McCoy anchors the defensive line, turning in 8.5 sacks at the defensive tackle spot. The team hopes to get him a little more pass rushing help in the form of Robert Ayers, who was signed in free agency.

The secondary has received a couple of upgrades. The club spent their first-rounder on Vernon Hargreaves, and signed former Atlanta corner Brent Grimes in free agency.

Tampa is gathering more and more young talent by the season. They might not be ready to make a run at the playoffs this year, but they promise to be a tough out for a lot of clubs as they continue to develop.

Projected Finish: 7-9, 3rd Place

Atlanta Falcons

A surprising 5-0 start a year ago came crashing back down to earth, as the Falcons collapsed to a 3-8 finish in head coach Dan Quinn’s first season on the job.

The Falcons have a lot of problems. The greatest of which may be that quarterback Matt Ryan seems to have hit his ceiling. Ryan is a solid starter, but seems to be a guy who is stuck on “good” and can’t quite get to “great”.

Ryan threw only 21 touchdowns a year ago, and turned the ball over too many times with 16 picks. He has a record of just 18-30 over the last three years, which is troubling. His protection will be improved this year, thanks to the signing of former Cleveland center Alex Mack.

Julio Jones comes off of a dominant season, with 136 catches, over 1,800 yards, and eight touchdowns. He’s a top three receiver in the game, and the element of the Atlanta offenses that defenses fear most.

Devonta Freeman had a very impressive season for Atlanta, gaining 1,500 yards from scrimmage, but the Falcons want to see more of last year’s third-round pick Tevin Coleman, meaning they aren’t sold on Freeman as a featured back.

Atlanta’s defense was unimpressive in Quinn’s first season. Last year’s top pick, Vic Beasley, failed to make an impact as a pass rusher, collecting just four sacks. The team tried to add some physicality to the defensive backfield by drafting safety Keanu Neal in the first round.

Atlanta just doesn’t have a lot going for it. The Ryan-Jones combo is always good for some electricity, and Freeman and the running game have a few sparks of their own, but ultimately this is a team that doesn’t have the depth or talent to make a rise in a competitive division.

Projected Finish: 7-9, 4th Place

118 thoughts on “2016 NFL Projections: The NFC South

  1. You have to like the Panthers to Win the NFC South for the 4th Season in a Row.. A lot of people think they are a 1 Hit Wonder and forget that the Panthers went 12-4 in 2013, then 7-8-1 in 2014 followed up by a 15-1 Record last Season in which is 34-13-1 over their last 48 Regular Season Games which is pretty damn good..
    They have a very Young OL and WR Corps that should only get better and better.. They have Huge,Physical QB hitting his Prime right now and an experienced and Physical Set of RB’s in Stewart and Tolbert.. Their Top Receivers across are K Benjamin (6-5″) D Funchess (6-5″) and TE Olsen (6-6″) which makes them a handful to match up with down in the Red-Zone..
    They are very Young in the Secondary and a little thin at DE, so if their Pass Rush doesn’t provide a consistent rush from their DL , they will be exposed on the back-end and give up some Plays..
    The 3 Rookie DB’s they Drafted (Bradbury, Worley and Slot CB Sanchez) all play Fast and Physical and allthough they will make mistakes and be over-agressive, they will bring energy, turnovers and maintain the the Physical Style of Play that the Panthers have shown under HC Ron Rivera
    Do note that the Panthers Coaching Staff has been intact for a few Years now, so their System is well Coached, ingrained in the Locker and Meeting Rooms and Executed and Bought in by most of their Players
    The Bucs, Falcons and Saints will all be playing for 2nd Place and are all improved Teams from a Year ago …

    1) Panthers – 11-5
    2) NO Saints- 9-7
    3) TB Bucs – 8-8
    4) Falcons – 7-9

  2. Jameis Winston had a mediocre rookie season imo and you know what that mediocre season wouldve been bradturds best of his career. fuck this sucks

  3. Jameis Winston’s 2015 Season Stats (His Rookie Season too)

    312 out of 535 Pass Attempts for 58% Completion %
    4,042 Passing Yards — 12.9 Yards Average per Completion
    22 TD’s – 15 Int’s — 27 Sacks and 190 Yards Lost with 3 Fumbles
    Winston also Gained 213 Yards on 54 Rushes with 6 TD’s
    His Total QBR Rating was 84.2%

    Winston had a pretty damn good Year and will be a force to be reckon with over the next Decade..Put his Rookie Year Stats and Production with those of Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson,Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, etc,etc

  4. In a piece for ESPN.com, cornerback Josh Norman ripped into Bradford, questioning his resume during his six seasons in the NFL, and mocking him for his holdout earlier this offseason.

    “Have you ever once been one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league?” said Norman of Bradford. “Not that I remember — and you want more money? I can’t wait to play him twice a year.”

    1. This SOB sam I am better show something this year. There are absolutely zero excuses. The players know he’s made more than 99% of them will in their entire career and he is the least accomplished starting QB in the league. He has done NOTHING.
      He has to show that he can lead a team to touchdowns and WINS– The apologists on here have got to swallow the excuses– He must produce NOW.

      1. It’s embarrassing. We are the joke of the nfc east. Everyone laughing at us for signing this bum and starting him over the #2 overall pick. Such A mess

        1. Signing him was nothing but a business decision… Also it may have helped the perception in trade negotiations that we aren’t desperate for a QB… As I’ve mentioned on here many times the money means nothing there isn’t a player they can’t get because of money (they just signed Tullich at $3m). They paid him a premium on the off chance he plays well and he returns them a pick.
          Henski you were beyond patient with the sixers who drafted players who sat for years before playing , now you are equally impatient with Wentz

          1. No signing him was a football decision as is starting him over ur #2 pick. The $ is irrelevant to me that’s why he should be cut, he’s no better than Sanchez and the Broncs bout to cut him.

            I was patient with sixers bc they had a well articulated plan, whether you agreed with it or not they had a plan that they thought would win them games and no players they drafted sat for years before playing – not 1.

            Wentz is wasting a year of his career and development rotting on the bench. He’s already an older rookie ( will be 24 in December). The kids a leader , without a doubt has the brains, has the athleticism so what the hell are we doing? He ain’t developing on the sidelines, he can’t be worse than bradturd so what are we doing?

            The entire NFL knows bradturds a bum but us, the players been laughing at him and philly since the coward took his ball and went home at otas. He’s a chump and a loser and doesn’t belong behind center or here.

            1. i’m holding out hope as an eternal optimist that he finds some game, makes the season interesting, making a run of some sorts and gets us the 40th pick in the draft…. Wentz takes over a team that made a run but now has a stud QB…ah to be an eagles fan

              1. Ur smarter than that bro. I pray it’s true but I’m not blinded with green to believe that foolery

            2. Did you read the bit from Football Outsiders about how the NFL is the only league that runs its draft after veteran free agents can be signed.

              Had the draft come before, like in every other league, Bradford might not even be around.

              That being said…I still think this is a team with too many holes at OL and WR and they might as well let Bradford hang back there getting his ass killed for 10 games and have the rook come in with 6 to go and no pressure.

  5. Our wr suck, bradturd can’t get any of them going including ertz. Why? Are they that putrid? I’m gonna say they’re not that bad, but Sam is and that’s why nobody can shine around him.

    As Elliot shorr parks said today, SAMs just not a playmaker and can’t make anyone on the field better.

    Sam an extremely poor mans Alex smith.

  6. Man this entire city is just flat dead on the eagles, never seen anything like it. I was youngster in the days of doug pederson/rodney pete/bobby hoying and didnt listen to much sports radio back then but I imagine there was more buzz then than there is now.

    1. It is a very strange season indeed…wip today was saying they basically can’t drum up interest… people look at bradford and go….blah.. its not good

      1. everyone but the eagles seem to know whats up. and doug pederson saying wentz reminds him of him was probably the dumbest thing ive ever heard. like bro you were the worst qb in eagles history

  7. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Zach Berman expects the Eagles to “feature” Darren Sproles in the passing game this season.

    yea cuz their chicken shit starting qb scared to throw the ball to his wideouts

  8. All this conjecture of Wentz ascent year one is folly.There is no solidified offensive line ,there is an obvious weakness in the wide receiving corps..there is a neophyte coach who has already proven he’s inadequate as far as soundbites ..comparing his number two overall pick to himself ..? I’m sure the FO cringed when that become publicized.Hes already shown an inadequacy in naming his starting QB ,before an open competition.So far he’s pandered to Sam I am ,at the detriment of the franchise QB ?.The special teams and defense show some promise of advancement ,but the offense led by Sam and chase ,and Pederson as very pedestrian ..I read that sproles is being shopped ,yet I also read he’s being featured more? This incongruity ,is a metaphor for the Birds O.

    1. Unfortunately, Wentz has missed crucual Time and and a couple of Pre-Season Games where you can really gauge his progress or lack there of.. Who knows how much time he would have gotten with the #1’s or even #2’s versus the Steelers/Colts if he was healthy… Wentz playing in Week #4 with mostly 3rd Stringers & Players about to be Cut will be meaningless next Week so it’s kind of a lost 1st Summer Camp for Wentz and the Eagles
      I watched that Replay of the Steelers a few Times now on the NFL Channel and the Eagles Offense looks like shit going against mostly the Steelers Back-Ups .. Chase Daniel is worse than Bradford and can’t throw the Ball more than 5-8 Yards down the Field … I’d rather see the QB with 3 Names (McLeod-Thompson,whatever) in there over Chase Daniel.. What a lousy Pick-up Daniel was since they already had re-signed Sam Bradford… It should be Bradford & Wentz on Game Days for 2016 with McLeod-Bethel Thompson as the #3 QB in Street Clothes unless there is an Injury

      A lost year for Wentz and the Eagles Offense and the Fans who have to watch this nowhere going Team with a lame duck QB in Sam Bradford or Chse Daniel… Play the Kid Wentz… Like Donald Trump said to the Black Community the other day in hopes of Black Suppoert & Votes ..
      What’s there to Lose? … Good Grief…

      1. The chimp spewing trumpisms,to denegrate the Eagles season ..Talk about “Good Grief” I don’t disagree with your premise ,Wentz has been mishandled ,and has been bubble wrapped now ,where putting him in the fire ,would do absolutely nothing for his potential growth.The saddest part of the future is we don’t at the moment have a number one pick to look towards ,as we regress..Perhaps as a “howie Esque” move ,we can lure a bafoon like Chip Kelly to fork one,over ..doubtful …my Eagle season will be to watch the defense become the personality of this team and eventually Jim Scwartz the head coach …in an unprecedented move the Eagles slide Doug upstairs and. Out of Jimi way ..Perhaps they even have him in charge of “headsets” as opposed to “head coach”. TRUMPISMS. ?.believe me Your head will spin watching this offense

      2. “Who knows how much time he would have gotten with the #1’s or even #2’s versus the Steelers/Colts if he was healthy”

        I do and everyone else that has followed the eagles this offseason do. He wouldve got 0 time with the 1st and 2s. there was no open comp, there was no comp at all. wentz was given reps with the 3s exclusively throughout camp and that wasnt going to change after week 1 of preseason. that would make 0 sense, plus the hc said it himself bradturd is our 1, chase our 2.

        i agree with everything else you wrote though.

    2. I put zero stock in sound bytes… because thats all they are. I believe if you follow any team as closely as we all do the eagle you would see similar ‘gaffs’ in the way they go about it. The offense will be bland get used to it… we had the most high powered ‘fun’ team in the league for a couple of years and it crashed and burned.
      ‘lost year’…maybe but i prefer transition year… obviously they went for the ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater’ approach– a combo rebuild/reboot/retool… dunno… i have a feeling unless wentz plays a lot of us will be with fraudman on sunday afternoons taking walks in the park etc…

      1. Hac. Soundbites from a neophyte coach ,matter ..there’s no doubt “sound” bites in the NFL are a part of the medium…filtered and homogenized “throwing ” Red meat to the fandom …however when a back up to the back up in Chase is already a signing gone bad ,and the career back up ,compares rather than contrasts himself with the perceived “franchise” QB of tomorrow ..soundbites that are done through that Bull horn. Matter ..it shows inadequate leadership ,and poorly guised intellect ,as to how to market the business ..which is the bottom line ..just ask Jeffery

        1. well said desert! can you articulate what it means when the head coach says there are 2 channels on headsets and really there’s 3?

          1. Hes operating in hi fi. While the rest of the fraternity is high def..not hearing matters ..it’s almost like the chipster who didnt listen ..now we have one that cant hear properly..good grief. To quote the boone zoo

    1. Donald Trump is going to Build a Wall around NovaCare and have Jerry Jones Pay for it as he says anything to Win the Philly Vote…

  9. Pman. What good is working with ones and twos who are in reality threes and fours? What makes anyone believe Sam can make these threes and fours better ? He has had built in “excuses” everywhere he’s been ..if we listen to kool ,he’s in year three of shaking off the “rust”. Even the tin man ,got back sooner ..

    1. im gonna go out on a limb and say our weapons are way better than what we see. ertz when fed the rock has balled… i think if nelson had more opportunities he could shine. i think jordan is average.

      sams just not a playmaker. he sucks and cant make anyone better because he is one of if not the worst starting qbs in the nfl.

      When 21% of your passes go BEHIND the line of scrimmage and a WHOPPING 72.4% of your passes are thrown less than 10 yards are you really trying to get your WR and TE’s involved, in a rhythm , and opportunists to make plays?????? NO YOUR NOT!!!! Youre being a chicken shit coward that doesnt know how to play in the nfl! 72.4% of his throws are less than 10 yards, wtf… guy sees ghosts and doesnt let plays develop…

      who knows what are weapons can really do, they never get opportunities

    2. All Eagles fans absolutely know this is a rebuilding year. A building year. New coaches, new offence and defence, new rookie QB, new RB (soon), 762 new FAs.

      New, New, New.

      I will go back to the statement I made months ago after the first press conference when Pederson, after being pestered incessentantly (as only the philly media can) made a mistake and talked playoffs.

      He should have took a page from another new coach Hue Jackson, who when asked about playoffs, immediatly squashed the talk, and said the team was in the process of re-building, but that it doesn;t happen overnight. Basically he asked for patience…….and he’ll be granted it.

      Pederson slipped up and said the playoffs were a legit goal, and that was dumb. He should have said there was a lot of work to do, that the team was putting strategies in place, but that it would be a ongoing process. Any talk of playoff would be irresponsible. Baby steps!

      Hopefully he’ll learn and get better at dropping the coach speak.

      That being said…he is in a very strange Philly environment were every single throw in TC is met with about 8 instant tweets.

      No other team in the NFL – not one – works under the insane microscope that the Eagles do.

      This team is not ready…no oline, no WRs, QB who has played less than 20 college games, all new secondary, new HC, new co-ordinators everywhere, new systems…

      Enjoy this season for what it is. Wentz (who you will see last 6 games), Smallwood, Matthews and (hopefully – but I’m beginning to doubt) Agholor, DGB (longshot),

      1. “That being said…he is in a very strange Philly environment were every single throw in TC is met with about 8 instant tweets.

        No other team in the NFL – not one – works under the insane microscope that the Eagles do.”

        lmfao. of course they do, you just dont know the other teams beat bloggers…

        “All Eagles fans absolutely know this is a rebuilding year. A building year. New coaches, new offence and defence, new rookie QB, new RB (soon), 762 new FAs.”

        only its not because they aint building shit, they are being dellusional and thinking they can win with bradturd. building would be playing wentz, letting him develop and develop with his young playmakers in ertz/barner/jordan matt/ nelson… and assessing what this team actually is with the future… see how the line suits wentz game play, see how the wr and te and rbs suit his gameplay… no we aint building shit. we doing nothing but wasting time and not building anything… the building cant begin until wentz is behind center. that o line can look one way with the turd and another with wentz.. same with his weapons… this is buffoonery by our FO and coaching staff

        1. and everyone needs to stop with no oline… we have kelce, peters and brooks. thats a formidable 3/5 of an oline and if by some miracle lane suspension gets overturned we are strong at 4/5 with the only question being the rookie guard… the o line is fine

          most teams dont have the cowboys o line… many teams have a suspect o line but the offense still dominates

          1. look no further than the nfc east dallas and skins o lines suck and they still score… dallas o line may be the best in the nfl but cant do dick without romo… o line aint what it used to be

            1. I have to agree with you across the board.

              On the scrutiny. I think I have some perspective here. Being an “outsider” I get to see the forest a bit. All my “local” american channels come from different cities like Buffalo Detroit, and even Boston. I get all the local sports shows. Also, every single one of my friends has a different favourite team. I guarantee you, they have nowhere near the deluge of “news”

              No other team has (at least) 10 guys who honestly tweet out after every single throw in training camp. Its absurd. How many Eagles sites are there? Its insane.

              No other team, not even the ones in New York face the kind of scrutiny the Eagles do, and I think its toxic. Add in the general negativity of the “press” and one of the reasons the the team hasn’t won.

              “they are being dellusional and thinking they can win with bradturd.”
              I don;t think they do think that. I think they paid a 1.5 million dollar premium over the franchise tag (like Cousins got) in order to control his rights just in case he somehow plays better than his historical average. I don;t think they really believe it will happen, but why not take out a little insurance? He’s a place-holder and they know it.

              “and everyone needs to stop with no oline… we have kelce, peters and brooks. thats a formidable 3/5 of an oline and if by some miracle lane suspension gets overturned we are strong at 4/5 with the only question being the rookie guard… the o line is fine”

              Fine? Really?
              Peters is a million years old with back problems who is barely practicing.
              Books is a solid guard.
              Kelce….I’m not sold. Small.
              A rook at RG?
              And nobody at RT until week 11

              And if there is an injury??????????

              To say this oline is a work in progress is a stretch.

      2. Vin. Couldn’t agree more. However howie had a reclamation project on his plate,so let’s not disregard.,coaches motives and choice of words..knowing he was probably toeing the green line corporately..whole he and assumedly the organization overplayed that hand they underplayed wentzs..lowering expectations..this means they too were.pandering to sam. I feel sam was so mancrushed by the drafting of wentz,that he took his ball and went home..to bring him back we,organizationally were appeased to this bartered scrnario..I find it complete hubris that sam hold himself in such stature..check down charrlie will be endhrined in his mind…meanwhile nobody but he and his agent are being fitted for yellow (approprately) blazers

  10. Good grief isms…we’ve transitioned from slow and steady Andy ,to get out of my F in way Chipnochio,to Jed Clampett ..learning as he goes ,how to be a millionaire …we’ve traded lock stock and barrel for a “Bubble boy” ..we’ve inherited kin of Andy as our head coach who doesn’t even know the metrics of a head sets technology …our number one pick O lineman is on helium ,and our future number one is on Dry ice ?

    1. Funny Deserteagle..
      How is the Phoenix area .. Is everyone Pumped up about the Cardinals this Year.. Is Bruce Arians still the Mayor or is he starting to wear thin on the Desert Folks/Media a bit …

  11. I’m not negadelphia on the 2016 Eagles ..I’m actually very positive in many ways.The characterization of the Birds was always buddy and cartons ,take no prisoners Defense.We will have a personality in that respect ..The first thing we must do is create that persona..our special teams have always shown themselves to be “special”‘. Chip purged our pro bowl offensive guys out the ceremonial door ..we can’t assume they’re interchangeable ,so we must build upon any and all progress in year one ..Not having a first round blue chipper ,is another set back ..however if guys are put into position to make plays and are in defined roles (unlike chip) putting square pegs like Murray into round holes ..At the very least ,evaluations can be construed ..the offense will be predicated on the weaknesses ..the ball will be out quickly ,which fits SAMs chicken shit IQ ,and movement and mismatches will be created ..chip ran like three basic formations ..at th very least deception allows for progression

  12. This Joey Bosa Chargers situation is a mess as Bosa just rejected the Chargers latest offer. As a consequence the Chargers pulled the offer off of the table. The Chargers are now saying they doubt Bosa’s ability to come in and contribute for 16 games now which would in effect lower the potential money Bosa would stand to make during the season.

    Knock the Eagles all you want but they do not put themselves in these types of situations.

    1. Yes desert, but if I was a Chargers fan, I’d be pissed off..because it’s a mess. If this situation was happening with the Eagles GCOBB posters would be going bonkers…No?

      1. But all I saw on GCOBB was whining over the money they signed bradford and daniels to. Yet those contracts have not hindered one signing???? They just signed a back up at $3M– the eagles are pretty damn good about the way they structure contracts…

              1. again, what has that insanity cost them besides LURIES money? they could have kept butt fumble for a similar figure, they could have signed…..who exactly at what money? its not relevant. now you may not like him/bradturd or anyone else they paid but thats because of your interpretation of their playing ability. the money is not important.

            1. HAC, find and show one post where I have said anything about the Eagles cap or them spending money to the degree where it inhibits their ability to sign players. I will be patiently waiting. I don’t get into the cap and the money spending. I deal with the talent aspect!

              1. Well if I have time I’ll check but there are numerous posts and it may be zero where someone said “20 mill for turd, 6 for Daniels’ blah blah … And I said tell me who they haven’t been able to sign and the response was ‘I’m not a gm I don’t know…’ I’m pretty sure it was you but maybe just zero … But there have been s bunch of posts about QB salary on here

              2. Nobody on here is advocating putting a number of dollars on a guys head.We’d all be wannabe GMs..what is being said at least from my perspective is that fiscal sanity matters most importantly in negotiations with the landscape of the cap..im not whining about money,but, I am aware a ceiling exists,and navigating fiscally is a skillset..you nor I can winder if we investedless than player A or B might have been obtainable..thats my view..I could care less what they spend ,otherwise..

  13. Personally I’m looking forward to this Eagles season. I want to see the progress of the teams offense, defense and special teams. I want to see what DGB can do. I definitely want to see if Sam Bradford can become a QB that can go down field (no more excuses). I hope Bradford can be a good QB that will result in the netting of a 2nd round draft pick. Most of all, I want to see this team gel and be ready for Wentz to come in as the starting franchise QB in 2017.

    If Bradford proves to be who he has been since entering the NFL(pedestrian) with a 3-5, 4-4 record, then I want Wentz to start by game 9.

    1. Defensively it will be interesting to watch …
      I look at Jim Schwartz Players to all start the Season (CB’s McKelvin, Brooks, LB Bradham) But none of these Players are long term fixes …
      The Eagles need to find out about their Younger Players in Eric Rowe, Jacory Shepard, Jalen Mills, Blake Countess..
      DE S Means & DT’s Shiitzo & Vaeao have all played well and have opened some eyes… LB Q Gause has looked pretty good.. Now with adding Veteran Tulloch to the Eagles, do the Eagle keep the younger more athletic OLB Gause as opposed to limited ILB Najee Goode ?

      Offensively, how is battle for LG shaping up between Seumalo,Tobin, Wisnewski,etc,etc … .Can WR Agholor build on becoming consistent can WR DBG make some contributions… Can RB W Smallwood take some hits and protect the Ball and his QB

  14. I’m hearing some Rumors about the Cleveland Browns offering a 1st ROund Pick in 2017 Draft (they have their Own + the Eagles 1st Round Pick) to the Chargers for DL Bosa and maybe they toss in WR Josh Gordon or OT Joe Staley…

  15. Some Under the Radar/Fantasy Football Sleepers from the NFC South

    Atlanta Falcons – WR Justin Hardy , TE Austin Hooper RB Tevin Coleman
    OLB Devondre Coleman, ILB Deion Jones & CB Robert Alford

    Carolina Panthers – RB Cameron Artis-Payne WR Devin Funchess
    DE Kony Ealy, DE Ryan Delaire, DT Kawann Short, LB Shaq Thompson, CB Bene Benwikere James Bradbury & Safety Tre Boston

    NO Saints – WR Willie Snead, WR Michael Thomas, TE Coby Fleener & TE Josh Hill LB’s Stephone Anthony & Hau’oli Kikaha, CB Delvin Breaux

    TB Bucs – QB J Winston , RB Mike James WR Louis Murphy & Evan Spencer OLB/DE Noah Spence, LB Kwon Alexander & CB Vernon Hargreaves III

  16. HAC you have time. I’m challenging you to find posts where I whined, complained and said things you are accusing me of. I am fine with the accusations..Just be able and willing to back it up. Let me help you though..you will not find posts with me talking about cap spending and money based contracts etc.. That’s not my thing…I gave zero interest in that type of conversation. I look forward to your mea culpa.

  17. Paulman Rumors ..

    Eagles are Offering Brandon Graham, Taylor Hart, Michael Kendricks, Eric Rowe & Josh Huff & a 2019 2nd Round Pick to the San Diego Chargers for 2016 1st Round Pick DE Joey Bosa …
    Chargers GM Tom Telesco is on the Clock with his Future Employment in the NFL riding on his Decision…

      1. I think LB Michael Kendricks is getting moved ans has fallen out of favor with the Eagles Organization.. Hes been a disappointment, doesn’t seem happy with the Eagles and will not, can not play thru Pain which drives the Coaching Staff nuts for you will always been banged up to a certain extent, its what Football and the NFL is all about.. Its a Contact Sport and you have to rise above the ache and pains and play.. Kendricks is not one of these type of Players.. Its amazing how much Practice Time hes missed the last couple of Years and other players begin to resent this after a while..

    1. Bosa blows…

      I would trade Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor, Connor Barwin. Eric Rowe, Myckal Kendricks and #1’s in 2018, and 2020…..to get back in the top 3 of this years draft to draft Myles Garrett….

        1. Yes, I am Eagle. All these players, are either over achievers, underachievers, or borderline bust draft picks. But would also provide a nice foundation of veteran experience, and potential for team.

          This nucleus of talent doesn’t work for me – so swallow our pride, and start over.

          Trading them would provide cap relief, and the ability to start over in rebuilding the talent base through the draft, and free agency – but we must get our #1 back for 2017, Trade Bradford, and be major players in free agency.

          We will still have 2nd, and 3rd round picks in 2018, and 2020, so we’ll focus on 1 or 2 young free agents available those years, and/or just concentrate on depth in the draft.

          Embarrassing that we don’t have a #1 pick when the draft is in Philly.

          1. So in addition to the holes we already have we would have even more. I’m not against upgrading talent, however, to remove that many players at one time would collapse the team for quite sometime unless Myles Garrett can play multiple positions at one time….God forbid he gets injured or does not perform up to expectations for whatever reason. I don’t mind taking a risk..I was fine with the move for Wentz…matter of fact I wanted it..but you are giving up a ton for a DE. Can the addition of Garrett get the Eagles to a SB with the team constructed after your trade is my question? If Garrett was seen as that final missing piece go for it..but if he can’t then there is no way I’d give that much up for one player..Garrett is good..but not a once in a lifetime player in my opinion.
            That is a make or break move and dividends team wise would have to be quick.

            1. He’s not Eagle…Like I stated they would have to be major players in Free Agency, and draft well to fill those holes with better talent.

              It’s not just about Myles Garrett; He can play OLB as well BTW. He’s just a upgrade from Connor Barwin, or Nigel Bradham.

              Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying..

              1. The problem with your arguments GMCliff is when you bring up players like Barwin, Ertz, Johnson etc.

                These are quality NFL players. Are they superstars?? No. Are they going to the HOF? No.

                But does that mean they should be tossed? No.

                When you say underachieve…..underachieve compared to what?? It seems like you honestly believe that the Eagles should have 53 GOATS playing every single Sunday.

                Those 3 guys…right now….are not the pressing problem you think they are. They are solid NFL contributors.

                Lets hope the Eagles work on the OL, WR, LB and DB before we start worrying about the TE spot alright?

              2. I’m not sure what goats means but gm cliff believes he can assemble the top 53 players in the league every year. He doesn’t consider salary caps, injuries, collective bargaining, draft order, etc.. He’s goofy

              3. I respectfully disagree Vinnie. If anything what you’re saying strengthens my argument.

                By the time the Eagles are really in a position to contend for even an NFC East Championship – None of those players would be worth keeping because none of them are, nor will be special enough to justify keeping.

                Going younger now allows these players attained through free agency, and the future draft picks to grow with Wentz, and develop faster – with quality talent.

                Johnson, Ertz, and Barwin, are not quality players; They’re players that many in this area completely overrate, and overvalue:

                Johnson, needs to cheat for just average production.

                Every year many talk about Ertz becoming a stud – WELL I’M STILL WAITING.
                He padded his stats the last 3 games of the year – but did nothing to brag about the first 13 games of the year – That’s not a stud – that the fans exaggeration of his potential – not the league as a whole. The rest has been wishful thinking – When he lives up to the hype of many of you, I’ll give him his props – until then please spare me.

                Barwin had that aberration of a season, and you will never see that again. Here’s a question. If you were a Defensive Coordinator, what is it about Barwin that scares you??? He gives good effort – can’t take that away from him, but he is just an average player. How long are you going to rely on he, and Graham playing over their heads to achieve mediocre success??????

                The sad thing about it is, Jeffery Lurie, and Howie felt they could really challenge for a title. That blind faith has put us where we are as a team.

                You don’t need the greatest 53 of all time to achieve that kind of success. I have NEVER stated that at any time – many of you have – so don’t put words in my mouth. I do believe they need better quality starting talent , and better quality depth then we have had in years.

        1. I’m still waiting for what you would do to improve the team. If you don’t have an alternative viewpoint, do us a favor, and shut up Ciggy.

          Show me how smart you are, and put your plan in print, and give me something better – or just shut up.

          I know all about salary cap; That’s why I don’t want to waste anymore major money on mediocre player that fans like you put on a pedestal, because you really don’t know any better.

          Spare me your usual uneducated gibberish….

          1. Also when you’re talking about quality depth; you’re considering injuries with whose up next idiot.

            Salary Cap as well with who is worth paying, and who is not – and no one is better with the cap then Howie. He just needs help in the talent evaluation to separate the contenders from the pretenders.

            You’re not smarter than me Ciggy – Have a seat chump.

    1. I that your answer to proving how smart you are Ciggy??…

      Stop dancing around with your repetitive BS responses, and post something with some real substance to prove you can put your money where you mouth is.

      Still waiting for what would be your plan for improvement sir…..No response??

      LOL…..Please shut up….

      1. My plan would be to not trade the number one pick in the 17, 18 draft so I can really get players. I would not trade 3 starters along with those picks. I would draft the best players on the board when my pick was there. I would listen to offers to move up or down and evaluate each REAL offer and act accordingly. I would look at free agency with caution and use it to bring in solid guys probably mostly mid level money unless a stud came available.
        I would not dream up unrealistic trade scenarios that go against any logic, considering it takes two to tango…. There it is looney tunes

        1. New Eagles GM HAC, Hires Local Trade Prodigy, Gloomy, to the Eagles Front Office…. Details at 11 and Draft Day Trade Charts are on the Way….

        2. Right, there it is. Just what I thought, you have nothing to bring to the table. All I heard was a rebuttal to my gameplan.

          That’s not a gameplan, or a vision of a championship team; no precise objective, no desire for better talent just mediocre to well below free agents. That sounds like contentment with how the team is now….

          Again if you don’t have anything specific in your arsenal of bs talk – then leave this stuff to the ones that know what they are talking about – because you absolutely don’t have a clue – Havaseat….LOL!!!!!

        3. Here some good advice, stop criticizing the perspectives of others if you don’t have anything better to bring to the table – You’re all talk Havaseat…..

          1. I said mid level free agent and you say I said ‘below’
            I was very specific ding bat… Build thru the draft and fill a need thru FA but don’t go crazy with FA because history tells us that league wide high profile FA tend to be busts whole mid levels (Jenkins) tend to succeed.

  18. cmon cliff. do i have to dig up your ridiculous sixers future lineups where you had team USA and team Canada playing for the sixers? some of your suggested moves are unrealistic pipe dreams…

    regarding your thoughts on ertz i agree but at the same time he hasnt had a qb. he has the 2nd worst starting qb in the nfl throwing him the ball

    1. cliff lives in a world where there are no salary caps, no CBA and all the other GM’s want to get rid of all their good players so that you can have a better team!

      1. What good players jackass???

        Unless they are potential free agents there hasn’t been any reference to trading for them.

        You can’t throw your crap against the wall, and expect that it applies to me.

        I want to get rid of overrated players that you think are good, and use them as chip to upgrade from the mediocrity you’re content with.

        1. I never mentioned trades… EVER… The nfl doesn’t have a whole bunch of reads, plus idiot you can’t project trades for players because you have no idea who is available NONE!
          You or I also have no idea which players will become available free agents! NONE!
          If the players are over rated and over paid why would another gm make the trade?

          1. haveacigar
            August 26, 2016 – 11:49 am

            cliff lives in a world where there are no salary caps, no CBA…………..

            and all the other GM’s want to get rid of all their good players so that you can have a better team!

            – In order for me to expect other GM’s to get rid of all their good players they’d have to trade them to me – right??

              1. LOL!! There is nothing retarded about me…

                When have I ever expected to give up nothing in a trade??….

                That asinine statement is what makes you a looney retard – especially when you don’t know when you’ve been licked by someone so much above you in this area.

                This rebuttal started because you felt I was giving up too much including Lame, Ertz, and Agholor to try to get back into the 1st round….

                and then continuing to scream that it takes two to tango – as if I don’t know that – although you wouldn’t know one way or the other if any team would accept that deal or not….

                The objective is reasonable. That doesn’t make me a retard, or looney just because you wouldn’t make the move – as if you had a better vision – Gimme a break…..LOL!!!.

                All you do is talk with nothing real to offer – You’ve already proven that.

                Step off me Ciggy

      1. heres the first one.

        June 20, 2014 – 10:58 pm
        Profile photo of gmcliff

        G – Dante Exum 6-6
        G – Andrew Wiggins 6-7
        C – DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
        F – Kevin Love 6-10
        F – LeBron James 6-9

        G- Emmanuel Mundiay 6-5
        G- Terrance Ross 6-7
        C – Walter Tavares 7-3
        F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0
        F – Keron Iverson 6-8

        time to head home, do some swimming and an adult beverage. maybe find some more later

          1. Save face? Da fuck u talking about, u the only who cares what Gcobbers think of you.

            Anyways in 2014 cousins lebron and love pretty much team USA… That was a dumb lineup

            1. and what did those lineups look like coming forward Big Mhenski???…That is what the majority of those lineups look like – You yourself even said you liked some of them….

              Mostly draft pick based on Hinke’s plan…..to state it is fine – but get it straight , and accurate.

    2. Big Mhenski, he has some skill, but he is NOT as good as many think he is. Many in the media are starting to see what I’m saying about all the hype surrounding Ertz.

      He is an underachiever, and overrated by the majority of you…

  19. eagles first team offense going against colts 2nd team d. cant wait! Sam lights it up week 3 preseason then turns into a pumpkin again

  20. Top Rookies in the NFC

    Giants – WR Sterling Shepard, Safety Darian Thompson & RB Paul Perkins
    Redskins – CB Kendall Fuller & Safety/LB Su’a Cravens
    Cowboys – RB Zeke Elliot
    Eagles – Guard Issac Seumalo (Wentz won’t Play until 2017/2018)

    Packers – OLB Kyle Fackrell
    Lions – DT A’Shawn Robinson & Safety Miles Killebrew
    Vikings – WR Laquon Treadwell
    Bears – DE Jonathon Bullard, CB Deiondre’ Hall & RB Jordan Howard

    Panthers – CB James Bradberry & CB Zach Sanchez
    Falcons – TE Austin Hooper
    TB Bucs – CB Vernon Hargreaves III, DE/OLB Noah Spence
    NO Saints – WR Michael Thomas

    Arizona – DT Robert Kkemdiche & CB Harlan Miller
    Seattle – RB Alex Collins & DT Jaran Reed
    LA Rams – WR Pharoah Cooper
    SF 49ers – DL Deforest Buckner, DE/OLB Ronald Blair & CB Rashard Robinson

  21. Some TE’s for Fantasy Football LEagues

    #1) Martellus Bennet for the Patriots — As Teams focus on Gronkowski, I expect Bennett to have a monster Season once Brady Returns.
    #2) Jared Cook – Packers — Packers QB Rodgers has not really had a reliable TE the last couple of seasons due to injuries,etc.. Expect Cook to put up some great Stats
    #3) Jordan Reed – Redskins — A Favorite Target of QB Kurt Cousins, Reed is just a a match-up nightmare vs LB’s
    #4) Kyle Rudolph – Vikings — QB Tedy Bridgewater likes using his TE’s and does OC Norv Turner. Expect a Healthy Rudolph to have a nice Season
    #5) Vance McDonald – 49ers — Chip Kelly likes using his TE’s and the 49ers will isolate McDonald quite a bit giving them match-up advantages.. McDonald is poised for a Breakout season
    #6) Dwayne Allen – Colts — with Coby Fleener moving on to the NO Saints
    A Healthy Allen should see more Passes his way from QB Luck
    #7) Julius Thomas – Jaguars — was injured most of last year after signing a Big Contract with the Jaguars from the Broncos..QB Bortles will lean on him more and Thomas needs to step his game up, if Thomas stays focused with the Attention to Jaguars Outside Receivers in Allan Robinson, Hurns and Lee., the middle of the field should be ripe for Thomas to have a Big Season

  22. Make of Break Seasons for the Following Players

    Eagles – WR N Agholor, DE Brandon Graham, DE Marcus Smith II, LB Michael Kendricks
    Giants – WR Victor Cruz RB Andre Williams, DE JPP, Safety Landon Collins, DC Steven Spagnuolo
    Redskins – RB Matt Jones, RB Silas Redd, RT Morgan Moses,
    Cowboys – CB Morris Claiborne, DE Randy Gregory, DE Demarcus Lawrence, TE Gavin Escobar & WR Terrance Williams
    Ravens – WR B Perriman, Safety Matt Elam, RB Terrance West TE/WR Darren Waller, CB LeDarius Webb
    NY Jets – WR Devin Smith, TE Jace Amaro, CB Buster Skrine Safety Calvin Pryor

  23. The Eagles you listed only smith is make or break. Others have guaranteed money . Aguilar will get a couple seasons as he’s a number one pick

  24. Here is a scenario no one gas predicted but let HAC tease you a bit…. Eagles start 7-2 with turd at QB , in game 10 he goes down (surprise), Daniels comes in and runs the system but he is blah….. Week 11 at 7-3 who starts?

  25. Another Good Fantasy Pick is Patriots WR Chris Hogan,who they signed as a Free-Agent from the Bills.. He’s a poor man’s Jody Nelson but will be a nice Outside Tall WR for Brady and especially in the Red-Zone

  26. GMCliff.. Patriots Rookie QB Jacoby Brissett looked very good tonight vs the Panthers..He has solid mechanics, gets the ball out quickly and a very good Pocket Presence for a Rookie.. He has some nice Upside and will get more polished learning under Brady, Garrapollo & QB/OC Josh Daniels

    1. Paul, he is definitely in the right system, with the right coaching staff to help him reach his potential.

      He still has some more learning to do as do all the rookie QB’s, but I stand by my evaluation of him as a future star.

  27. Buffalo Bills are in Trouble..
    They’ve committed big $$$ and a long-term Contract to Tyrod Taylor who continues to be outplayed by EJ Manuel
    The Bills are banged up at RB & WR and Rex Ryan is under the Hot Seat who has a history of being a QB killer

    1. Wtf are you babbling about? He got pulled from the game after he took a hit and Rex said he should’ve never even put him out there last night. He ain’t getting outplayed stop dude

    2. EJ Manual stinks Paul…I know you wanted him for the Eagles in the offseason, but he stinks – Totally overdrafted; 3rd string at best on any team.

  28. Remember when 90% of the city and gcobbers were begging for us to get Krappernick ???? To fkn funny.

    He’s an awful player and worse person. Fuck that dick head. Chip best cut this ass

    1. Not this gcobber!
      Also I agree with Kraps stance… And I want him to take it one step further… When my ancestors were oppressed they paid steerage and came to a new land that wouldn’t (but did) oppress them. Krap should get on a bust and find a new home… Fuck him

  29. The Cowboys will be fine with Dak Prescott at QB, in fact, they may be more dangerous offensively with a more mobile QB than what Romo has been able to do in recent Years..

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