Josh Huff Takes Advantage Of His Opportunities

JoshHuff13In the game on Saturday night, Doug Pederson and/or Sam Bradford decided Josh Huff had a good matchup in man-to-man defense, so Bradford was looking for him on crossing routes.  He got help on the routes by poor technique and discipline by the Indianapolis defensive backs.  The defensive backs are supposed to take away the inside route and make the quarterback make a longer throw outside.

On crossing routes versus man-to-man coverages, a receiver with a quickness and speed advantage is going to be able to get open .  That was the case with Huff on Saturday.  Here you have him lining up in the slot on the right side of the formation.  He runs a simple trail route, which has him crossing the field and he comes open easily against the man-to-man coverage.

In a similar situation with an empty backfield, Bradford gets the ball to Huff on another inside route. He again uses his speed to run away from the defender.  When you’re in man-to-man in that situation, you are supposed to be lined up in inside technique on your man, in order to take away the inside route.  This is a very easy throw for Bradford.  Not only does this defender let Huff beat him inside, he then misses the tackle.  The Colts defensive backs did not play well.

Good defensive backs aren’t going to make it so easy for Huff to beat them inside. Huff has tremendous speed and quickness, but he’s got to catch the ball cleanly and hang onto it, if the Birds are going to be able to count on him.

Here was a very good call by Pederson in the red zone.   You have Huff lined up as the outside receiver on the left side.  He goes in motion and the ball is snapped in time for Bradford to hand it off to him.  Huff takes the handoff and uses his speed to outrun the Colts defenders to the end zone.

I’ll be interested to see if Huff plays well enough and consistent enough to give Pederson reason to make him a major part of the game plan each week.

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  1. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t really see Vinny Curry flash to much this preseason. Hopefully we get to see some quicker pressure from our outside DE.

  2. I have not been a Josh Huff fan since being drafted as I believe he was drafted to high based on coach, player, college connection. However, Huff does have skills that allow him to make plays and has flashed that ability. The issue has been understanding how to use Huff. Once the ball is in his hand he can make plays. I think Pederson has demonstrated an understanding of how to use his players talents to their advantage when scheming up plays. Huff can be a valuable weapon if used to his strengths.

    I read a story where Huff has given credit to his wife for helping him. Huff stated that his wife told him he was playing timid. Huff stated that he took that to heart and felt he needed to change his mentality..he needed to start enjoying playing again.

    I think the way Pederson is using Huff will only continue to build his confidence. Hopefully that will translate into more consistent production.

  3. Wow just saw that on ESPN…
    Vikings, Cowboys & Bears all Need Experienced QB’s
    I expect Mark Sanchez, Christian Ponder and Geno Smith to all be Available later this week as they get released ..
    Chargers Released Zack Mettenberger earlier today

    Christian Ponder has played very well for the 49ers since they picked him up 2 weeks when Back-Up Thadd Lewis went down with Knee Injury and he could make the 49ers 53 Man Roster possibly making Colin Kaepernick expendable

  4. 49ers HC Chip Kelly announces that QB Blaine Gabbert will not Play in Final Pre-Season Game (because he will be the Opening Day Starter for them)
    Kelly stated that Kapernick, Ponder and Rookie Jeff Driskel (who has played looked well during the Pre-Season) will get all the Reps in Game 4
    Kapernick & Ponder will battle it out as the Back-up for Gabbert (1 will make the 53 Man Roster while the other does not)

  5. Fraud man stick with regurgitating the AP wire and offering your opinions of where guys will end up …. Please stay away from having discussions about the actual sport as its been proven, you don’t know anything

    1. And the funny thing is HAC is that I still know and forgot more about Football than you’ll ever know… Can You Dig!!!

      1. Not as evidence by this thread… You really don’t know the basics…. At minimum the last time you were taught XO was 35 years ago in HS….
        Your saying that in a two deep the off side safety is to cover the opposite side is proof enough for that.

        1. What I am saying for the final time is that they were not in a 2-Deep Coverage as you keep saying.. They may have given the 2-Deep Look in the Pre-Snap formation to fool Bradford and Receivers, but the Near Safety (#22)
          primary responsibility was to cover DGB, since they called a Corner Blitz on that Play… If Safety #22 Drops Deep like a Cover 2 calls for, and you have a CB Blitz on, who the hell is going to cover DGB who can turn around around after 2 Steps and catch the ball and then run down the left sideline for 20-30-40-50 Yards..
          The Safety came down hard but late to DGB, so DGB read this and Cut inside to get separation and to create space..
          If the Safety Dropped into a Cover 2, then DGB doesn’t even have to run a Route to be open to Catch the Ball… Capise!!!
          The Colts were playing a bunch on 3rd Stringers all game long which is why the Eagles Receivers were running open for most of the night… Plays look good when Defenders are out of Position and their DL creates little to no Pass Rush like the Colts Defense was most of the game…
          I’m glad the Eagles Offense had success and put Points and TD’s on the Board for they needed some Confidence.. Let’s see what they do moving forward..

            1. The only receiver he was responsible on that particular Plat was DBG for the colts had no one else to cover him on that play… Maybe if you played Football you would realize this…
              Any Safety first priority is not to get beat Deep but ona Corner Blitz. A Safety then converts to a Cover DB and takes that WR for what happens if he just drops deep??? The Receiver catches a 5 yard pass and turns it into a 40 yard gain… The other Safety (#29) had the Deep Coverage Responsibility on this particular Play…

              1. Not true…
                Fraud I played in high school and one year in college and coached for 28 years as a paid coach and 3 as a volunteer after I retired. You are wrong about that safeties responsibility on that play. He covers the slant and it’s a TD. But then again you are a dick who just wants to be a contrarian.

  6. The point of the article that you don’t get, or you get but just have a need to criticize the eagles is…. With a three TE set and a very good 1v1 receiver what defensive package do you run out there? Don’t answer that because there isn’t a great one…. We have a coach trying to create match up problems…make no mistake that’s why DGB is here, it’s why sproles got resigned. I believe that corner blitz was as much a backside run blitz as anything…

  7. Trade them Carson Wentz whose family wants him closer to home anyways and he would be just a natural hero & star in Minnesota and who has that new Stadium .. The NFL. Would love for this to happen…
    Eagles get the Vikings 1st Round Picks in 2017 & 2019 Draft’s plus CB Xavier Rhodes ..
    Eagles already have QB Bradford signed thru the 2017 Season and can add another Young QB in the next 2 Drafts

    1. Trade Disgruntled and Soft LB Michael Kendricks too who wants out…
      The guy is a puss and Schwartz is calling him out for not practicing thru pain..
      Look back over Kendricks Eagles Career and the guy has missed a shitload of practices.. You have to suck it up Kendricks and get your overpaid ass on the field.. He’s one of these Players who only wants to show up on Sunday’s to play in the Games but not put the work in during the week .. Get his loser ass out ofPhilly and trade him out West to Colts, Chargers or Raiders
      Eagles will Start Tulloch at MLB and shift Jordan Hicks to the WILL Position to replace Kendricks… Then Najee Goode replaces Tulloch noob vinous Passing Downs…
      The Redskins Released LB Perry Reily earlier today

      1. oh, Kendricks is in the dog house? ( just catching up on training camp news)
        I noticed Bradham and Hicks were the nickle linebackers, as you predicted. ( I thought it would Kendricks and Hicks) Bradham is going to get roasted if Schwartz continues to leave him out there. Cleveland Browns should attack Bradham every passing play. He can’t cover RBs and TEs in space.

      1. Dump Bradford to the now desperate V. Hopefully for a 2nd in 2017 or 2018.

        Roll with Daniels to 2-8 then Wentz for rest of year. Finish 4-12/5-11 with #1 pick.

        Trade that pick with whoever has # 8 – 10 or whatever recouping a bevy of 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders and use all those to build around Wentz.

        Doe and done. Compete sor SBs from 2018-2024.

    2. “Trade them Carson Wentz whose family wants him closer to home anyways and he would be just a natural hero & star in Minnesota and who has that new Stadium .. The NFL. Would love for this to happen…”

      jesus christ youre a god damn moron. please dont talk anymore

      1. Have Henski and HAC move to Minneapolis/St Paul too…
        They can live together and Play Tennis at Prince’s Estate … Good Grief…

        1. dude youre a total fraud, a flip flopper and a doofus. “trade them carson wentz” just proves youre not a philly sports fan, youre a chimp armchair gm, that seeks attention on an eagles blog.

          get a life loozah

          1. You get a Life Loser.. You must be the only smacked ass who thinks I’m serious about Trading Carson Wentz… You have serious Issues..
            Go Watch Purple Rain for the 1,000th time.. You’re an Idiot with a Capitol “I”

            1. go watch purple rain? da fuck is that? you need new material doofus

              by the way LOVED watching hac put u in a body bag yesterday. any 12 year old who has played madden knows coverage responsibilities on a corner blitz ya idiot

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