Report: Sam Bradford Traded To Vikings

SamBradford1012Bombshell, folks.

According to Adam Schefter, the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings have agreed on a trade to send starting quarterback Sam Bradford to Minnesota.


No word on compensation yet, but Schefter says to expect a significant return, possibly a first-round pick.



Update: Reports say the Eagles have received 1st and 4th round picks from the Vikings.

40 thoughts on “Report: Sam Bradford Traded To Vikings

  1. Unbelievable restraint for Howie not to flush Bradturd for peanuts this offseason like I begged him to do!!!! A 1st for a bottom 5 qb qb!!!!


    So awesome I was shopping for new doors at depot when this broke I just yelled bang and gave the dude helping me a fist bump before I even explained.

    So good Howie flushed

    And in hindsight signing Sam paid off huge!!!!

    1. Weren’t you one of the people whining about turds salary? Who told you that when it comes to salaries it’s not important… It means absolutely nothing. Howie rubs two nickels together and somehow creates a dollar.

      1. No!!! Never whined about his salary. Only bitched he was signed, that he was on my team. He wasn’t worth signing for 1 cent in my mind once we got wentz. I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s money.

        1. Right, not our money! I would not play poker with Howie… Mother fucker has a bunch of aces up his sleeve and ice in his veins…. People thought he spent a year in the equipment closet counting mouth pieces…. Uh son of a bitch was plotting

        1. Fans get distracted by the money…they get infuriated over the millions made and lose site that it’s the market and means nothing… Real GMs look at bigger pictures.
          The GM in Minnesota believes they have a window with their D and Peterson… Sammy handing it off 30 times a game and making a throw or two might get them to the SB…it’s his thought and he had to roll the dice.

  2. Where’s koolbreeze?????

    Howie the accountant

    Howie the accountant

    Howie the accountant

    Howie the accountant

    Howie the accountant


    Fucking idiots

  3. Jeeeeeeesus I can’t believe Howie got this shit done. So huge for this franchise.

    at end of the day we only have up what our 2nd rounder Maxwell and Kiko? The 3rd we had 2 so don’t count that and we got back our first so wash that out. This mans a fucking puppet master

    1. If Bradford plays well enough this year, that 2018 4th rounder can turn into a 2nd rounder. That would mean Kiko and Maxwell was given up to move up 11 spots to get Wentz. Stranger things have happened, like this trade.

      Go Bradford.

      1. I was reading all of that. I didn’t want to address it, the Eagles no what they are doing…we don’t as we are not in their meetings. That’s why I stopped complaining. I will trust those who are making the football decisions. Thus far, I am ecstatic.

        1. Welcome to the club EHL…. It’s fun to speculate as fans but we are so in the dark as to what is really going on it’s more fun to sit back and take the ride. Let the people in the know do their thing

            1. I never doubted Howie, the man is assassin and I look forward to the new Moss and culpepper with wentz and dgb. Stupid Tennessee, and dumbass Vikings, PS pretty sure Howie is kai proctor from the show banshee

  4. Last night was my FF draft and I said at one point, ” damn I hope the Eagles trade Bradford to the desperate Vikes. Maybe they can squeeze out a 2 next year and a 3 the year after”

    This was met with nothing but laughter and a barrage of, things like, “no one will give up shit for that bum!”

    Now I have an email thread going with same group and no one can believe it.

    Just crazy.

    And now a report that Wentz will start Sunday….which I am unsure of given his lack of pre-season reps.

  5. Next predictions are that fraud man comes on spouting nonsense , laced with negativity and spun in such a way as to leave a weak argument out if there is another twist in the road…

  6. I see Paul Turner was kept . Last year a hometown youngster from A small college up in doylestown was cut that folks in that town were pulling for Rasheeed Bailey , but he has caught on with another team .Hope he is doing well.Another hard working guy.

      1. H.A.C. well you are right bout Turner he was cut .As someone said he was cut because Agholar was a very high draft choice. Tough break for Turner he has a lot of tough guy street cred about him. No Todd Pinkston in Turner, He went to a school down in Louisianna , they grow those guys tough down there I Used to date A ragin cajun from down there,Scared like a rabbit to call things off with her,The most beautiful and sexiest Women on planet are those Cajun girls .I.m.Happy for true Eagle fans as yourself.

        1. He was cut because he wasn’t one of the five best in coaches opinion… It’s that simple… The Eagles could care less right now where anyone was drafted…

  7. Great Job by GM Roseman on taking the Deal & Offer by the Vikings who are in the Win Now Mode and desperate for a Quality Starting QB
    I think it’s a Win-Win for Everyone… Eagles get the Draft Picks and save a year of sitting Wentz out as originally planned.. The Vikings get 2 Years for Bradford at a reasonable Salary since the Eagles already paid Bradford the $11 Million Signing Bonus back in the Spring and there’s a good possibility that Tedy Bridgewater won’t be 100% until the 2018 Season, if ever again..
    I hope Wentz is up to speed with all the missed time he’s had from his Injury . But he’s a big, physical & competitive Athlete, so whatever rust he will initially have, should take care of itself and disappear the more and sooner he plays…

    Also, My Condolences go out to HC Doug Pedersen and his Family for the loss of his Father.. Definitely an emotional time for Coach Pedersen with the Final Cutdowns, the Trade of Bradford and obviously the loss of his Father all within the last 48 Hours..

  8. I’m intrigued by a player the Eagles plucked off the Patriots waiver list.Rookie Kamu Grugier-Hill S/OLB. 6’2″ 220 4.45 40. He reminds me of Deone Buchannon. Same measurables, a little faster and appears to be physical. Bio says he’s a sideline to sideline player, aggressive and can cover. The Eagles should use this kid the same way the Cardinals use Buchannon. If this kid puts on some weight, Mychal Kendricks may be in trouble in 2017.

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