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Thoughts On The Sam Bradford Trade

BradfordHowie Roseman Caps Brilliant Offseason By Fleecing Desperate Vikings

What an offseason it has been for Eagles’ General Manager Howie Roseman.

In the same offseason where he worked some miracles in erasing the wretched mistakes of Chip Kelly’s year of full control, unloading the contracts of DeMarco Murray, Byron Maxwell, and Kiko Alonso, the cherry on top of ‘Roseman’s Revenge’ is today’s trade of Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings.

The perfect storm came together for Roseman.

With Teddy Bridgewater suffering a devastating knee injury, the Vikings took a desperate, shortsighted approach to save their season, sacrificing next year’s first-round pick to bring in what is essentially a placeholder quarterback that has never had a winning season, never thrown for more than 4,000 yards, and only hit the 20 touchdown mark once in his career.

Roseman had the perfect angle to maximize Bradford’s value. In order to get the Eagles to part with Bradford, their starting quarterback, the compensation would have to be extreme. This wasn’t a situation where a third or even a second round pick would have been acceptable.

It had to return a first.

The Eagles now receive unprecedented value for Bradford. Entering the season, the hope was that he would play at a high level, stay healthy, keep the Eagles competitive, and then next offseason the team MIGHT be able to squeeze a second or third rounder out of him.

Instead the Eagles pick up a first-round pick, essentially replacing the pick they already forfeited to Cleveland to obtain Carson Wentz. This was the kind of deal that was simply impossible to refuse.

If Wentz goes on to become the team’s next franchise quarterback, Roseman’s work this offseason could potentially go down as one of the best years by any league executive ever.

Say ‘Hello’ To The Chase Daniel Era

Now, the downside of the deal.

In the short-term, the Eagles are going to take a bit of a hit.

Chase Daniel becomes the team’s starting quarterback, and following a handful of unimpressive preseason showings, that doesn’t project well for the team’s win-loss margin in 2016.

Daniel doesn’t have the arm strength to stretch the field, and his smaller stature prevents him from seeing the field well. His best asset is his mobility, he’s quick and agile, capable of avoiding rushes and extending some plays.

How long will Daniel start for the Eagles?

It’s certainly hard to imagine Daniel lasting the entire season.

It seems very likely that Carson Wentz is going to take over once he’s ready, its just a matter of when, not if.

The early speculation would point to Week 5. With the Eagles having an early bye in Week 4, it seems reasonable that Daniel could play the first three games, and the team could then make the transition over the bye.

Final Thoughts

Poor Sam Bradford now has to learn his third different offense in the span of a year. Pity that.

The Eagles will end up getting a larger return for Bradford than they did for Donovan McNabb, a legitimate franchise quarterback that actually accomplished things in this league. How about that?

Bradford and the Vikings will come to Philadelphia on October 23rd, adding a whole extra layer of intrigue to that game. Who would have thought just 24 hours ago that we could be possibly be seeing Carson Wentz taking on Bradford on another team by midseason?

Assuming of course, that Bradford stays healthy enough to make it to that game.

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206 Comments for “Thoughts On The Sam Bradford Trade”

  1. It gives us a ton of picks and Howie needs to get some praise here. I thought bradford was staying here unless someone was going to give us a ton and Im surprised it happened but excited to maybe see rook this year. If we had something special at WR i dont think this would have happened.

  2. Happy for Bradford and Vikings. Happier for the birds. Now can we get this Wentz era started already?

  3. Wentz era begins 10/9 at the lions… After the bye week.

  4. Many many of you…hot air, fraud etc said the eagles had no plan… Said they were just throwing shit

  5. I believed the best plan was to keep Bradford as the stop gap. However, I stated that if the Eagles could get a 2nd rounder for Bradford then take the deal. Turns out they got a 1st, and a 4th, that can possibly turn into a 2nd or 3rd. This deal was an absolute no brainer. Love It!!!

    That 3rd preseason game really increased Bradford’s

    The Vikings got fleeced by Howie.

    • I stated time and again, play turd, he plays well, eagles fight for playoffs and he gets us a two…. Howie is smarter than me, his plan… Turd is a HOF 3rd week of preseason qb, someone in contention will lose a qb in camp (always happens) get a one and more…
      Wentz 10/9… If the birds a re 2 and 2 he has a chance to get us to the post season

  6. Denny Any chance you could hook up with the chip kelly and have an talk with him about Howie and what Howie is been doing since chip departure to san fran?or would that be considered a taboo subect matter to a coach?Would be fun to read about.

  7. Looks like the Eagles are going to start Wentz over Daniels from what Adam Caplan is saying..

  8. Funny. the sports page I read, in minnesota .The writers are pretty happy with the trade.Lot of salary stuff I did not understand , but they seem ok with getting the fragile bradford .Amazing the difference in culture and thinking between philly and minn.

  9. Reports are Chase Daniel is mad about Wentz possibly starting week 1. Chase thought he’d get his shot.
    What drug is this guy taking…Chase Daniel…Who? Shut up and be thankful you’re even in the NFL smurf.

  10. Just woke up to the news ..whoa ,.xmas in September …now move huff to chip ,and start turner ..and santas wish list will be complete

  11. Cuts a re today… Howie has moved on from this move…. OL depth? But how many good OL get cut?, LB depth? I for one think WR was seriously upgraded with DGB if his head is right.

  12. I think Huff will remain with the Eagles. I bet Peterson will get
    more out of Huff than Chip ever would. Did Turner make the cut? I’m rooting for him

  13. Huff will be on the 2016 Eagles.

  14. Howie haters are going to have to look hard now to find a reason that’s he’s “not a football guy”. In one off-season, he was able to get rid of coach high school Harry, erase the slop he infected the team with in Murray, Alonzo, and Maxwell and actually use the slop to move up in the draft. Move up again by trading minimal assets, over multiple years to get what they believe is a franchise QB. Re-signing Bradford to an Eagle friendly contract, with recouping future assets in mind, that allowed for contingecies in all scenario’s, which culminated in getting more for Bradford that anyone ever imagined and essentially making the cost of the move for Wentz, a 2018 2nd round pick. Not to mention getting a high upside WR for a practice squad lineman and re-signing a number of young building block pieces to contracts with language to escape in certain scenarios (L. Johnson). Start Wentz week 1- run the ball and play defense – let him spread his wings as the season progresses. Love it.

  15. Eagles SB contenders 2018 and beyond… They are working the formula… I believe the steelers are the model they are trying to emulate…

  16. I live here in MN (moved here in 03), they have no idea what to make of this out here. As you.can imagine, my phone has been blowing up since last night when the rumor hit).

    • I have always seen a Sam supporter. Watch that man ball out of his mind in Minnisota. Defense. Running game. Oline. Tight ends. Young promising WRs. And a new stadium.

      He is a UPGRADe over teddy.
      Sam would have led us to the playoffs.

      With that being said I cannot believe what HOWIE pulled off AGAIN!! How does this man keep doing it? Sitting back and losing his job and learning off his mistakes and chips was the best thing to happen to him.

      We basically gave up NOTHING to get a potiential franchise caliber quarterback.

      To get rid of those contacts kiko Byron and Murray and move from 13-8 then get to 2?!!?!

      Resigned our homegrowned talent. Drafted some stud free agents to help this team.

      Now he got our draft picks back?

      I like Sam. But u don’t turn down a first rounder and 4th for him. Especially
      When most of us thought we could only get a 4th only off Sam max!!

      The future is bright baby!!! So excited

      • not a Sam hater like some of these nitwits on this site. But he isn’t an upgrade over Bridgewater. Teddy’s a legitimate starter in this league. That being said, what exactly was minny suppose to do? They have a legitimate team (far better than what we have) and are trying to win now. There wasn’t an option even close to Sam on the open market. This deal fell into our lap. I’ll give Howie partial credit after manufacturing a logjam a qb.

  17. Difference in culture and thinking in Minnesota. i would think if all the fans in the NFL were given a choice a team to inherit(Eagles or Vikings) who would they choose. Some fans would say the Vikings have a attacking defense, great awesome line, the best runningback in the league. all we need is a solid QB. Some fans love the idea of the stud QB(Wentz, Luck, Mcnabb, Marino) Where u don’t need a top D, but you need to fill spots. Fans will think the Vikings are closer to the Broncos SB last year with their D. Some fans will think Wentz and think Brees Super Bowl where the D was not top. Some fans across the nation are thinking the Colts drafted Luck, shouldn’t they be winning SB bowls by now. Didn’t they fill those needed spots. Will the Eagles fill those spots before Cox retires?

  18. I’m curious wether Dallas was in play on Sam ,and if howie didn’t use them as leverage to drive the Sam I am ,compensation? I know Dallas just signed “a guy” from Ravens ,but ..just thinking. Howie being howie …

  19. Going into the rear view mirror ..we moved Foles and a two ,got Sam and ,now next years one from Minny plus a 4 ..Factor in SAMs probability of injury ,we may net a better one than our own ..

    • Think the past is the past… I think you look at the cost (or lack of cost) to get wentz … If he is Big Ben you basically drafted him with your original pick at 15….all of a sudden you have a good amount of picks a potential stuff receiver and your franchise qb

  20. Eagles 53-man roster is posted on website

  21. Even the biggest Bradford supporters (ie me included) have to love this trade. For one this should bring the fan base back together as noone can really complain withave what is going on. Start Wentz when ready and let’s see where we are at. GO BIRDS.

  22. Vikings probably could have gotten Tom Brady for a 1st and a 2nd.
    A 1st and a 4th (with potential to be a 3rd) for Bradford is a fleecing by Howie.

  23. Vegas line is interesting week one the Eagles with Sam -71/2 45 now 31/2 41 ..Minny line with Sam also went down …Eagles win total is 7 Minny 8 ..that new first round pick a coin flip …today

  24. Fantastic news. Great offseason for Hope. Chip made Howie come back with a passion to prove what he has learned and show his worth.

    I just hope Wentz plays week one and beats the Browns in a statement game. Could of had me.

  25. Howies tweet one minute a go “priceless” this wasn’t our blueprint ,but you have to be able to adapt to the opportunities…presented ..another words …Santa Claus is always welcome in philly…one quote that may be in bronze ,one day ,under Howies statue

  26. SAMs trade may have just saved turners roster spot …win ,win

  27. SAMs week 7 visit ,will have the Eagles ring of honor ,enshrining the last two game 3s of pre season ,for Sam I am …

  28. Is anyone left from the chip ship Era?

  29. This day just got better. Sanchez signed by Dallas

  30. Man oh, Man! I don’t know how Howie pulled this offseason off. I guess when Lurie gave Howie the credit for the 2012 draft, people will believe him now huh?

    I felt we could compete this year with Bradford, but a first and fourth with the upside of it turning into a 2nd is a win-win scenario. If the Vikings do well, the Eagles get a better pick in 2018. If they stink, we get a high first round pick in 2017! I mean, this is insane value.

    I didn’t realize how foolish GMs were in this league. I thought no GM would take the contracts of Murray and Maxwell off our hands. Howie no only does it, but gets picks that he then uses to move up in the draft. He even gets the same team to give them their 2nd round pick with a lot of upside, if somewhat of a knucklehead, for a below average backup tackle. He won’t win exec of the year, cuz usually that award goes to a exec whose team did well that year, but this might be the best offseason I’ve ever seen.

    And Wentz should start as soon as he’s fully healthy.

  31. I know guys in the locker room wouldn’t say it while Sam was still here ,however ,his whiny pouty fit in this off season was on the organizations minds ..To have the mute buttons pushed and enable howie ,who’s new monicker “how did he do that” is another feather in the organizations handling of what could have been a much more ,disastrous outcome ..Now the distractions are removed ,guys will rally around one guy ,and let’s ball

    • These new change of events just proves Sam and his agent were right; however and the front office were less than forthright; our fanbase as usual can be a clueless bunch. So basically what same and his agent requested -once the eagles made it clear he wouldn’t get a fair shot- is what transpired? The same people that were being company men and killing him and his agent for, are now falling all over themselves hailing Howie.
      Look Howie’s off season work has been almost flawless up until the Bradford/Wentz/Daniels overplay. you trade up that much for a transcendent talent, don’t give me that sitting and learning bs. We should have gotten rid of Bradford and never should have signed Daniels to that contract. Bridgewater’s misfortune was the opportunity to correct that overplay.
      Now Wentz is said to be staring once healthy. No brainer.

      • Cold brewski. Less than forthright? wtf does that mean ..does that mean if you have a chance to upgrade your organization you should keep your word to Sam and his agent first and foremost ..give me a break did Sam do to have that street cred? Crickets …nobody was knocking down SAMs door during free agency …in a game where they play for pay ..always follow the $$’s always going to be forthright

        • Street cred? Wtf is that? He’s a professional who entered into negotiations with the understanding he would be able to play to earn a long term deal. Howie should have traded him the moment he knew he was going after Wentz. Howie overplayed his hand by thinking any veteran qb trying to establish stability would have gone for that ish. As usual our fanbase drank the kool-aid and gave the team a pass just because they didn’t like the player(see Djax, LMcoy, and Mathis). Oh by the way, Mathis says he’ll set up interviews with us eagle fans to discuss what it’s like to win a lombardi.

          • Cold brew …street cred by my definition,is two fold when adressing sam …putting up numbers when they count,and staying healthy,and lastly .raise the talent level youre sam I ams playoff wins. Big fat zeros across the board…if he hadnt cost the eagles a high second round pick,in my opinion,hed never have been re-signed..once they evaluated his possibility of yielding assets they retained him..he’s minnys guy now ,with a big thank you to there tight ends coach,who has now overhyped this guy into two gullible organizations..

            • All due respect deserteagle, but I fail to see how street cred comes into play here. It’s the job of the gm to get talent. The coaches job to develop this talent. One of the most overrated claims in sports is this making teammates better. A bunch of well paid mofos at the highest level don’t need someone to make them feel good. Al Davis and the Raiders had it right: JUST WIN BABY!! If I want some feel good moral ish I’ll go back to coaching kids.
              Lastly, Sam didn’t cost us anything. That carnival barker in San Fran was the one that decided to give up a second. Actually now that I think about street cred in the case of professional football would be showing and proving with a lombardi or two. Average Sam doesn’t have any, BUT NEITHER DO WE AS A FRANCHISE..

              • Couldn’t agree more..chip left a heap of steamy dung here..I want the same thing you do bro..a parade..well respectfully disagree that sam was the guy to lead us our goal..nobody here is rooting against wentz ,if they truly bleed green ,his task is to assimilate into a ravenous defense led squad with a special emphasis on protecting the ball..heres hoping that they remain healthy and get the best street cred..broad street…

      • Brew, Sam was the starting QB until Teddy Bridgewater’s knee obliterated in training camp. The Eagles were serious about him starting the season.

        They didn’t get rid of Bradford because he’s a solid quarterback, and no team in this league prepares at the beginning of a season to let a rookie play just so he can take his lumps. As I’ve said since all the arguments regarding Vick, the best qb on your roster plays, cuz you try to win every season.

        But a 1st and a 4th with the potential for the 4th to become a 2nd, was too much value too pass up. They would never get better value for Bradford than right now.

        Now that Bradford is gone, Wentz is going to play because he actually gives us a better chance than Daniels, because he has way more ability. If Daniels was actually better, Wentz would still be warming the bench.

      • The Bradford/Daniels/wentz overplay???? Please explain how it was an overplay?…

  32. The only guy who laps at Sam more than kool is pat shurmur (Minnesota tight end coach) has been reunited with Sam for a third time ..mediocrity is attracted to mediocrity

  33. One injury away from Chase Daniels! Weintz is not ready for prime time!

    • Of course he is. Prior to getting injured he outplayed bradturd. He is way better than bradturd at everything. He is mentally prepared, physically gifted and gonna make everyone on that offense immediately better

      “Wentz not ready for prime time” fuck outta here. Why not ? How come ? The mother fucker gonna be better than marriota Carr and Winston book it.

      • I hope he’s better than Tom Brady. Why not set the bar higher? His contemporarys, haven’t accomplished anything outside of decent rookie seasons. Wentz passes the eye test so far, but until he’s accomplished something other than “decent” accounting in a few preseason snaps, I’m not anointing ish. Your our my wishing don’t translate to reality. The Mariotas and Winstons college resumes are light years ahead of his. And they’ve produced more than a few plays in one preseason game.
        I’m relieved same has been dealt so now we can see if this kid is worth all the hype for trading up to get. Until then, he hasn’t done shyt for me to jump up and down about.

    • Keith. What does “not ready for prime time ” mean to you ? it’s obvious you’ve never watched Wentz play at college ,and he was injured ,thus ,not really allowing for evaluation by us fans while here ..baseless comments ..Will he have a learning curve ?..yes ..even hofers have those..will he show intangibles that will take your breath away ..will he learn from his dumb ass mistakes ,will he shut up your pie hole..will he make the Boone zoo euthanized chimp,stop slinging his crap around? Will kool pounce on him at his first bad moment? Well I’d say he’s ready for prime time in philly ..and if it’s any indication ,so do the guys wearing suits in the FO..

      • Dreams of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady! The league is evolving, just look around. There are no more pure pocket passer! And the ones who can remain up right have mobility. The Birds reached for WEINTZ! Oh I’m sorry, Joey Harrington! He got the size and mobility pieces, but his constant accuracy is lacking. The last comment courtesy Dick Vermeil.

        • We didnt reach at all as it turns out..we received back pur first round pick..and its to be determined if what you call reaching is a “franchise” young stud..I like the agressive posture vs signing retreads…every time

          • I agree, just don’t mortgage the future to do it! The Birds will need to retool their offensive line and receiving Corp at some point! Acquiring draft picks helps, but I’ve got some serious issues with the cast of characters evaluating the incomlng talent! Marcus Smith, Nelson Agholor, Eric Rowe, Danny Watkins, and every other Wac-10 prospect drafted by Roseman & Co.

            • While some feel that a future was mortgaged (no one can explain that one to me) It is evident that the eagles have a clear direction- the plan is solid it takes into account winning now and sustaining it into the future– Their core of young players are locked up, they have a QB they are very happy with and its going to be a good era.

  34. Ian Rapport reported the Vikings contacted Coach Reid in Kansas City to inquire about Nick Foles. Obviously Andy Reid didn’t deal him for whatever Minnesota offered.

  35. Stopped at the linc today to scoop some kids some wentz merch. Just waiting to buy tix to the Browns game to see if he starting if he in I’m in

  36. Yo Vikings thanks for fournette!!!!

  37. set to shut down. This is it theres no more controversy. Theres no more Vick vs Foles, Kolb, McNabb theres nothing. This site cant handle unity.. It is imperative that Wentz can play. If it takes us 4 years to find out thenanother 5-10 to find another qb my god. He has to be able to play.

    • negadelphia ..controversy grows on the morning dew…heres a stirring the provocative pot possibility..did the coach ,whos been touting sam and about to head into his first live bullets contrst,sign on ,for this trade?

    • Lol. Give it time.. vinnie will be calling for chase soon.

      • Lol.

        As I have stated 1000x. A rookie qb needs 16 game (min) before beginning to formulate judgements.

        Realistically it’ll be 2 years before we’ll know if he’s going to be really good or not.

        You will get nothing from patience from me on this. This is not a loser retread like Vick or Waterford. This is a rookie. You have to remember how patient I was with Foles ( who is still going to turn out ok in KC).

        I’m giving Wentz 2 full seasons.

        • Vin.Agreeably,a Stark difference between the retreads philosophy vs a physical specimen as Wentz.Putting the pieces around him I believe will also take two more years to become transformative.The great news will be there youth and growth will be in unison ..the veterans will be asked to allow for the maturation ,and show there leadership qualities..Who other than the O line isn’t in the same growth curve..A true organizational plan ,fiscal sensibilities and the most important elements ,talent evaluations …

          • Lurie got hell for recreating the AR era… Say what you want but it’s a sustainable path to success… Big, strong QB with a defense and a few playmakers around him

  38. This will be Wentz 8th start in the last 5 years lol.

  39. Birds should take a look at josh sitton who was cut by GB. He’s 30, but was a PB player as recent as last year at guard and can play tackle in a pinch. Build that o-line, run the ball, PA pass, play defense and let Carson grow.

  40. Neither fraud nor hot air will allow for one minute of growing pains from Wentz

    • meat for there base…it matters not ,if hes on a learning curve that every qb follows..theyll pounce on him like a starved defensive end..let’s all understand its a transformative moment..

  41. There is a very long list in recent history of first year QBs taking their team to the playoffs … I don’t believe that in the eagles minds they’ve given up the season. I heard this morning that Peterson and howie talked to many veterans prior to this move

  42. Hac. Making the playoffs is directly linked to the division ,as we know..It’s obvious NY andDallas have hit speed bumps ,and Washington will be assumed the front runner ..We now have defensive schemes to attack there strengths and hoping we can neutralize Them to remain relevant ..Special teams ,and Jim Schwartz will do the heavy lifting ,and receivers will need run precise routes and allow the rook to trust in there capabilities ..This is my most disconcerting aspect ..going into the season..who becomes Wentz security blanket ?

  43. I’m also mindful sproles will be better utilized and his attributes will be helped from multiple formations ,unlike dumbass chip

  44. And lastly Wentz brings to the table a Big Ben quality that twig didn’t ..keeping a spy eventually will be vitally integral to having less men in the defense

  45. Cleveland and RG 3 will be an interesting test for Jim Schwartz expect jim to try to contain him and make him throw the ball from the pocket ..pressuring him and getting him uncomfortable ,not having played in a real game ,for quite some time ..Philly and a dominant Dee …are like ham and eggs ..

  46. Let’s assume Matthews and DGB are capable ,with minimal drops ,the Ertz factor will look to single up on a linebacker and space will be available to allow sproles to work..huff I still believe will be upgraded if at all possible ,and the running back position as well will be waiver wire attentive’s not definitive yet ..

  47. How does the chimp and kool and the gang remain muted ? it’s a great thing to have your soapbox kicked out from under you and land nimbly ..Instead you retreat into a tortoise shell waiting for Wentz first pick? Cowardice …come out and show your Pom Poms

  48. Can we pick up Forsett?

  49. The Eagles have released Taylor Hart. Sad day for E0S…lol. I wonder if Chip will bring him in. Eagles preferred to keep UDFA rookie Destiny Vaeao over Hart.

    Eagles also release WR Paul Turner and CB CJ Smith.

    Eagles sign WR Bryce Treggs , LB Kamu Grugier-Hill and Safety Terrance Brooks.

  50. Terrance Brooks signing I really like. 3rd round pick out of FSU. And a lot of ravens fans, a few I know personally thought he should have started for them.

    Has barely played but as the season goes on and he gets acclimated he should provide some very nice depth.

    Reason why turner lost his job? He out performed josh and Nelson? Never dropped a pass and did everything to make an nfl roster.

  51. Just thought of something…

    According to rumours/reports, Foles was contemplating offers from from KC and Minnesota. He chose KC.

    Imagine if he had signed with Minny. There may never have been a deal. Strange how things turn. Funny.

  52. Watched the Notre Dame vs Texas game. Two players I liked for the 2017 draft:

    ND LT Mike McGlinchy 6’7″ 310 Athletic enough to kick slide and mirror defenders and physical in the run game. Strong enough to anchor against bulrush.

    Texas RB De’Onte Foreman 6’1″ 250 Big, strong with good speed. Work horse back. Catches ball out of backfield and runs between the tackles.

    • What a Game… OT McGlitnchy will be a Top 12 – 15 Pick barring Injury
      and is another good OL from the Notre Dame Program..
      QB Kaiser has a bright Future at 6-4 225lbs and has the frame to fill out to about 240lbs in a couple of years time. I think he’s a true Sophomore so give him another Season at Notre Dame and then be ready for 2018 Draft for some Team.. I like his Upside as a NFL QB

  53. Liars Liars. Watching Pedersons press conference and naming Wentz the starter. Wentz went from not suiting up to all the sudden this is what we drafted him for, he has been great in OTAs, TC yadi yadi yadi. He is ready to start. Then why the hell was he 3rd string going to get no reps and be redshirtted last week? I mean this is the only thing you can do now because Daniels sucks but dont blow smoke up my ass about Wentz looking like Aaron Rodgers over the summer all of the sudden and if that was the casw why the hell 4 days ago he wasnt even going to suit up.

  54. New leaks on out of the nova care center ..howie who has an accountants prism ,was so delusional by Sam I am jersey sales that he had Jeffrey’s ear ..the birds have now ..restocked Wentz jerseys and are open for business …

  55. Not for nothing but Pedersons quotes in contrast to Jeff fischers regarding Goff ,couldn’t be more of a contrast..Lets hope we see the results play out on the grid ..

  56. This is a great day…. Prepare for an onslaught by the losers on here as soon as wentz throws his first int.
    Game one win 19-12 in a sloppy game, Wentz 16-32 with a pick…

    • predicted the accountant and jeffrey held sam as a “bargaining chip” with politically correct rhetoric and the nick foles to andy instead of minny is the “grassy knoll” moment ..Wentz was always going to be the man ,and now hes the first eagle rookie to start the season..high bar has been set and the under rock deellers are salivating at his first faux paus..

      • Remember the QB overplay that the geniuses on here whined about…. When bridge water went down the GM of Vikings said evaluate every teams QB depth chart…they went after Sam or Daniels…. U can never have too many QBs
        I went from apathetic about the season to extremely excited very quickly

        • I’m way passed excited. I believe we will blowout Browns they have nothing on defense impact wise besides a battered Joe haven, we will win 35 14, wentz throws for 260 20 for 29 and two touchdowns and to sproles,and 1,pick and Matthews runs for 120 and a td, and Trey Burton leads us in receiving with 80 yds with 3 catches, and the defense gets 5 sacks, a pick six, and only gives up 275 yds total

          • Wentzylmania is here guys!!!!!

            • Wentz prediction for season. He will throw 25 tds and 20 ints, 3200 yds passing, rush for 400 yds with 5 rushing tds, fumble 9 times and lose 5 of them. But at the end of day we will win NFC east and be 10 and 6 with wentz being clutch in big games. He will have 4 pick game but in same game win with a fade route to dgb.

  57. He came ..he Wentz..he conquered …tees at the Linc

  58. songs. Kool. Skane…ct…what will be the Wentz moment when the earth moves and you emerge from beneath that sediment …his first incompletion ..the first dropped pass ,the first pick …

    • Why are u putting my name in this as if I’m against the trade? You need to re-read my earlier comments, and if that doesn’t help, you need some grade school reading comprehension.

      I’m all for the trade, I’m all for Wentz starting, cuz I believe he actually gives us the best chance to win. Which is why the Eagles are starting him. He can do way more on a football field than Daniels.

  59. Desert our 13 personal is going to eat people alive. Dgb ertz celek, and the secret weapon Trey Burton, can’t be stopped

    • Zee….don’t sleep on sproles ..they didn’t show him that $$ for nothing me his utilization and usage in formations will be an epiphany

      • Desert I will never sleep on the Lil assassin, he will be the guy that people never can account for and save Wentz ass a lot, everybody think we don’t have weapons , I see Doug p utilizing them in the way we thought the chipster could do, our sleeper players who will have major roles, sproles, Burton, and gulp huff, I see Dp getting the best out of huff

  60. Now you call Cleveland and offer them a 2nd for Gordon. Then next year you throw out Gordon and DGB with Matthews in the slot. Ertz and Burton with Wentz and Fournette to start a young offense. lol

  61. calling on kool to change his Vick monicker to Wentz …showing you are on board ..cause nitro ers and clicks be damned

  62. Controversy and bait clicks ….vs. bleeding green ….show us your colors?

  63. Dag. He’s a major distraction ..the one puff and done just way too disruptive ..he’s one black light poster party away from hanging with Johnny football…nope

  64. The guy with the least expectations on the Eagles is now chips Agholor ..pick …his turd yard pick …

  65. Agholors only grab this offseason ..were in the topless headlines

  66. I’m pumped…Wentz is starting and we got a 1st round draft choice. As an Eagles fan, how can you not be super excited about what the future (which is now) holds for Eagles fans. All I want to see from Wentz this year is continuous growth and progress. I want to see the offense gel together under Wentz. I like that we have young WR’s to grow with Wentz.

    Defense is going to be very good so I’m not worried about that.

    E-A-G-L-E-S- EAGLES!!!

  67. So excited for the future. With a damn good defense that will only improve this year and next. Hard to see special teams not dominance as always under Fipp.

    I see no reason why the offense cannot be improved from last year and even the year before.

    Better oline with depth. Huff, Nelson, Ertz, and DGB all will have another year under there belt and have no excuse to build off last year.

    We also have a coach that doesn’t view all running backs the same. The play call will change if Ryan Matthew is in the game compared to sproles.

    Eagles can still win the division. But it became less likely because he’s a rookie. The growing pains will come.

    But then again, in the past 5 years there has been more rookie qbs win more then 7 games and go to the playoffs then the 70s 80s and 90s combined. Also have guys like Matt Ryan etc.

    The jump to the next level is never easy. BUT it has gotten easier nowadays with how college teams run their programs. Having kids come from pro systems, make changes at the Los, read defenses, snap the ball from under center etc

    Wentz is not foreign to any of this. He is used to the pressure and knows what it takes to be a winner coming from a school winning 5 championships

    • Wentz was laying in a cornfield in New Jersey hunting geese when he got the news my God we have Brett Favre. Lol

      • As a fellow hunter, my man was doing resident geese… In the heat dude is hard core! A real man! Probably hunted with a humanely raised and trained Labrador… We’ve come a long way Philly!

  68. Wentz isn’t a very good Qb.

    Eagles aren’t a very good team.

    If we go 8-8 consider it a win.


    • And there\s the first.

      “Wentz isn’t a very good Qb”

      Before he’s even played one down. Nice effort.

    • TS your long absence was welcome… Was hoping you’d never return with your biased, agenda driven comments… This one though is your dumbest…

      • Ts..youd spoil a wet dream if possible…

        • This idiotic comment BEFORE his first int.

          • Before he came hes already wentz in some haters minds..

            • deserteagle one thing I am not ,is an Eagle hater, just an Eagle lover . negadelphia and the daily news will come up with The headline of what wentz wrong . I have pulling for Eagles since my Old Man” God bless his wildman soul”used to take me to one Eagle game a year, He saved most of the year to come up with the dough.No Eagle hater here Bro!Just a poor boy here from Germantown.

          • We all lived through the mediocre doug Pederson era..ARs blueprint for not throwing donovan out there too soon..Obviously the guys who wear business suits and get paid feel this kids ..ready..thats something to be excited about..Nobody anticipates his rise to stardom to be a straight trajectory,but ,if youre a long suffering birds fan,you have to love the plan..taking the newest pig with lipstick hasnt brought home the bacon..lets try it ..roll with it..and know ..hes ours..embrace it

    • Come on ts you better pray he is. 4=5 years to find out and then 4-10 trying to find another. No negative vibes. The fan base wont allow it.

      • Hey it is what it is.

        The pick was dumb when they did it. It’s dumb now. He’s here so…whatever. But I have no expectations of greatness. Just a whole heaping dose of mediocre.

    • lol

      Ya’ll are funny. As if you can’t have opinions on rookie QBs based on what they bring (or don’t bring) to the table.

      Wentz wasn’t worthy of his draft position. Had they gotten him lower…maybe where they originally were supposed to draft him I wouldn’t feel so hostile towards (same reason why I don’t like Bortles – was taken too damn high).

      He’s not a transformative player – he’s the equivalent of white bread or bland oatmeal – not exciting in the least – He does nothing well enough to hang your hat on – he’s Ryan Tannehill/Kirk Cousins/Fitzpatrick – probably good enough where you’d have to resign him, but not good enough where you’d actually win anything.

      Be happy with middle of the road if you must – but try and blow smoke up my ass about how great he is or how much potential he has.


      • what in gods name are you rambling about?

        “He does nothing well enough to hang your hat on”


        First what did Brady, Manning, Luck, Rivers, Brees, Bortles, Big Ben do well enough to hang their hats on coming out of college?

        I cant speak on Bortles, Brees, Rivers. But what could you hang your hat on with Manning & Luck? #1 was their understanding/mastery of the game mentally and being able to make all the throws. well wentz has the brains – you can hang your hat on that. he can make all the throws, can hang your hat on that too. dual threat qb – hang your hat on that. makes players around him better hang it. commands the huddle hang it. sees the entire feed hang it. WINS – hang it. his combine measurables were elite status.

        what the fuck else you need? he need to go to USC or Bama and dominate there to get you on board? oh wait all those qbs bust…

        if ur a birds fan sit back, relax, root, and analyze

        if ur not troll and talk shit before the kid gets his time

      • “As if you can’t have opinions on rookie QBs based on what they bring (or don’t bring)”

        So what is it exactly that he doesn’t bring to the table that you use to say he isn’t any good?

        His height/weight?
        Arm strength?
        Natural leaderhsip?
        Winning championships?

        Seems like the general consensus is he has all those things in spades.

        Only thing he’s missing right now – empiraclly – is playing time. But in just about every other measurement he passes the test.

        Do this mean he’ll be good? No one knows. Will all these traits come through for the guy? No one knows.

        But for you to be in here saying he “isn’t any good” is just pure bullshit.

        “He’s not a transformative player”
        How the hell do you know? Seriously? What sort of in-depth knowledge do you have on the guy to make an asenine statement like this?

        “not exciting in the least”

        Ummm…..what? Big, athletic, smart championship winning QB….unless you hadn’t noticed.

        “He does nothing well enough to hang your hat on”

        Like winning championships, being able to move and throw in the pocket, having a cannon, yada yada

        I mean for God’s sakes…not even one throw atttempted and he’s “a bad QB who does nothing well”

        What a joke.

        Go find Kooltwit, bring your Vick doll over to his house, cuddle it tight and start weeping already.

      • TS, my worst fear is Wentz is Bortles, was he worth what we gave up? Probably not but let’s see how this plays out, kid got hurt after less than a quarter after missing a bunch of games in college, big and strong yes fragile who the hell knows. I’m on record saying the Jags win the division as long as Bortles doesn’t shit the bed. My guess Bortles shits the bed. My worst fear is Wentz is Bortles. LOL

  69. I read in the paper that Taylor Hart was picked up by the Chipper after Eagles cut him.Hope he is looking at a mediocre carreer

    • LOL!!!….Patrik, some on here think Taylor Hart was better than Vinny Curry, although he barely had 1 sack in his career, any hurries, or ANY impact on this team to prove worthy of his even being drafted.

      He belongs in the CFL, or Arena League – But, He’d be coming off the bench in those leagues too…..

      • If it wasn’t for Chip, Taylor Hart would not be in the NFL.

        Only E0S thought that nonsense about Hart being better than Curry. Destiny Vaeao beat Hart out for a roster spot. Vaeao clearly outplayed Hart as an UDFA DT.

        • Rookie head coach, rookie QB. This eagles defense very well could be facing a 4th quarter run out the clock run game opponent every week. Vinny Curry is a bust 2nd round draft choice who was just given a ridiculous contract. My comparison is he is equal to Taylor Hart in ability. Vinny Curry is going to have to stop the run this year not play 3rd down DT 1 out of 6 plays. (3rd and short, 4th and goal ) That was Taylor Hart role on this team. I don’t know anything about Destiny Vaeao but I do know Vinny Curry hasn’t and isn’t stopping anyone on short yardage.

          • Last I checked this preseason, Vinny curry played the run pretty well. Stop with the Taylor hart nonsense. He’s done nothing, and will do nothing…completely unproductive. Taylor Hart is garbage! He will be coming off the bench in SF. Beau Allen, a 7th round Nose Tackle beat Taylor Hart out…flat out out played him.

            Don’t even mention Vinny Curry and Taylor Hart in the same sentence.

            • Vinny didn’t do much in preseason but Schwartz wasn’t calling any blitzes or stunts so I’ll give Vinny a pass for the preseason because Bradham had great games in Pittsburgh and Indy playing behind Curry and Graham. That side was solid but I give Bradham and Cox more credit than the DE. Bradham was on pace to get 10 to 15 tackles a game. He won’t be able to maintain that output physically without getting hurt so that DE position has to get involved.

              • Vinny played limited snaps in preseason, however, when he was in he applied pressure and played the run well. Further, Vinny is not small for a 4-3 DE. I’m not really sure where these concerns of him holding up is coming from, I’d understand if the Eagles were still running a 3-4, but he’s the prototypical size for a 4-3 DE. They will all be in rotation anyway. Taylor Hart won’t.

              • SMH….LOL!!!

                Bradham is a Linebacker, not a DL – not even part of that rotation…

              • Cliff, I think he meant Brandon Graham..I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. However, with his Vinny Curry and Taylor Hart position, he may not know no better.

              • LOL!!….Okay Eagle….

                How are you Big Guy??!!

                Exciting to see the rebuilding process begin with Wentz.

                I like that we got a 1st round pick for Bradford, but I’m greedy, I still want another High 1st rounder;

                I still want to trade: Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Nelson Agholor, Myckal Kendricks, Connor Barwin, and our 2018, and 2020 1st round picks in any combination to get another 1st rounder, and move up to get in higher 1st round position.

                If we could do that and come out with Myles Garrett, and Leonard Flournette – You couldn’t tell me you wouldn’t be happy. If anyone can do it it’s Howie.

              • I’m good. Time for some Eagle football You have to be high on recovering a 1st round draft pick and a conditional fourth for Bradford. I just was hoping for a 2nd at the end of the season for him.

                Before it’s all over Howie will find a way to get that second back for 2018. You may see one or two more guys traded next year, Kendricks comes to mind.

                The fact that Howie is collecting draft picks tells me that they are looking to build this team up. In 2017 OT, WR, LB and RB are the top 4 needs.

                Cam Robinson-Alabama
                Mike McGlinchy- Notre Dame

                Quincy Adeboyejo- Ole Miss
                Cory Davis- Western Michigan

                Reuben Foster- Alabama
                Tim Williams- Alabama
                Zack Cunningham- Vanderbilt

                D’Onte Foster- Texas
                Dalvin Cook-Florida State
                Nick Chubb-Georgia
                Jalen Hurd -Tennessee

              • Eagle, you know I have been high on Corey Davis since last year, and is the only WR I like in this draft…..

                as well as Tim Williams, Cam Robinson, Kareem Are, James Connor, and there is a kid out of Bucknell who plays OT, whose name escapes me – he is actually the cousin of Michael Kidd – Gilchrist 6-7 315….look him up…

              • Cliff, you’re thinking about OT Juie’n Davenport. I’m aware of him. He must get stronger.

                I know you liked Cory Davis…hell..I heard about him from you and checked him out…lol.

          • Taylor Hart can’t touch Vinny Curry……period

            Only Chip felt he was more talented, and gave him more time on the field above playing Curry……

            .How many sacks did he have??…Do you remember any impact from him at all???……just idiotic to come to that conclusion from Chip, and you……LOL!!

  70. Im pumped… hes big, strong, smart, big arm and is mobile. Im excited for the guy and hope he brings us all together. I liked the plan they had sitting him, but im excited to see what he can do now.

  71. Wentz gonna best bradturds career best for tds this year book it

  72. Watching Fla St vs Ole Miss. This Seminole LT Roderick Johnson is supposed to be a 1st round draft talent. This kid has looked awful, I’ve seen him get repeatedly bull rushed, knocked back and put on his ass tonight. Bad feet and poor core and lower body strength to anchor against rushing defenders.
    This LT just got his QB destroyed.

    Chad Kelly is a look, lock and fire QB. Had Q Adeboyejo wide open two times for a walk in TD and did not look his way. Mid round pick.

    • Ole Miss has some nice Young WR’s … Fla State DE # 44 and LB’s looked pretty good.. even their Freshman QB Francios warmed up after a shaky start
      How does RB Dalvin Cook lose that ball on that run before the Half.. There was no one near him for 10-15 Yards and he loses the ball switching hands at the 3 Yard Line …Crazy Play and Exciting Game …
      It was a Great Opening Weekend of Games for College Football
      Hopefully the NFL Opening will be as Exciting..

  73. Man Howie a god damn PIMP

    Did what chip couldn’t (i.e. Get his qb)

    Flushed the turd

    Imagine if we didn’t get rid of shady maclin and or d jax.

    I won’t know what to expect from Dorial but wentzs abilities suits him well

    God damn I still can’t believe Howie flushed the turd for a 1st and that Peterson is going wentz over his boy Daniels ..,. My confidence in this organization and front office went 0 to 100 real quick !!! Real fucking quick

    • One thing we don’t know is if they are going to hit on a higher percentage of draft picks or not. I don’t think their percentage is as bad as we the fans think- i think if we followed any other team their hit percentage would be about the same-
      anyway, howie talked about his year in exile as if he went on a mission to figure out how to put together a winning organization… I know he is bright, i know he can manage the cap, hopefully he has a evaluation staff that can increase our hit rate.

      • A few things to discuss.The buck now stops here,organizationally.We all lived through the copious notes and finger pointing.Organizationally it allows culpability and transformatively it allows for getting back to “getting it right”.These are all inclusive with regards to building a new foundation of scouting where its based upon conformity and understanding that the voice is singular.The basis of picking talent is the vital bloodflow that must improve.Based upon all the recent cuts ,it was an abject failure..

        • Remember after drafts it was a “he was a howie guy’ or ‘he was an andy guy’ or ‘he was a chip pick’….
          I met a guy who was in the war room and he told the story of debate when the eagles drafted Foles– said people were going back and forth– next thing he knows, AR takes foles name off the board and said ‘call it in, this is our pick’…

        • I think Owner Lurie went into GM Roseman’s Office and said, get the Kid (Wentz) on the Field and Sooner, Not Later .. Do what you have to do and Get HC Pederson to Play the Kid, this Season…This Sitting him Down behind Bradford, Daniels for 1-2 Years is not going to Fly with the Fan Base or with me …Nor will it make the Eagles “Must-See TV” which is important to Lurie…
          Then after the Vikings Bridgewater’s Severe Injury, the Opportunity presented itself and Howie went in with both feet to get the Deal Done to move him to a desperate Vikings Team that is Built to Win in 2016 with no real QB option outside the 36 Year Old Shaun Hill on its Roster and the Fact that Bradford’s Contract is for 2 Years, Guarantees the Vikings a Starting Caliber QB for 2017 in case the injured Tedy Bridgewater never fully heals..
          .. Now Coach Pederson pretty much has to play the Kid, whether he think’s he’s actually ready or not… Welcome to the NFL Carson Wentz and as a Head Coach, Doug Pederson
          On a Side Note, The Eagles first few Games are against Defenses that all ranked in the bottom half of the NFL Last year with the Browns, Bears & Steelers so maybe their thinking is why not put the Kid out there and see what he has and even though he may be rusty may be able to Win a Game or 2 on his athleticism and keeping plays alive..
          I see Wentz as between a Brian Bortles and a Andrew Luck type
          I think Wentz is more polished than Bortles was coming into the NFL, but is not as experienced or refined as Andrew Luck was… They are all similar in Size, Weight and Arm Strength.. Wentz and Luck appear to be Intelligent with High Football IQ’s..Bortles still has some inconsistencies in this area
          The key is what the Team’s do in terms of surrounding these Young QB’s with the Talent and Schemes in order for them to be successful early on in their Careers…

          Bortles started slowly with the Jags who had a terrible OL, WR’s and an overall losing atmosphere with the Team and Organization when he was Drafted.. Each Year, the Jags have gotten a little better and now have a potent Offense with some very good Receivers/RB’s and a improving OL & Defense, Now QB Bortles needs to take that next Step if the Jags are going to contend for a Playoff Spot which I think they will in 2016
          Luck cam into the NFL on Fire, the #1 Overall Pick, Replacing a Living Legend in Peyton Manning in Indy, where the man was beloved and was not easy for anyone to do.. The 1st 3 Seasons the Colts made the Playoffs under Luck. getting a round deeper in the Playoffs each Season, but the Organization failed to address obvious needs to upgrade their OL and DL .. Last Year the bottom fell out with the Colts with their Front Office, Coaching Staff battling each other that these Issues led onto the Field and Lockerroom after several years of questionable Draft Picks and Failed Free-Agent Signings.. Luck has taken a lot of hits in his short time in the NFL with his sometimes aggressive play and hopefully Wentz is watching and paying attention to how to better protect himself
          Luck had a terrible 2015 Season and this was before his Injuries too.. He tried to put the Team on his back and wasn’t able to make it very far..

          Wentz will need to learn that he cannot do it by himself and must get his Teammates involved early and often and learn to take what the Defense is giving him while still being aggressive to look downfield when the opportunity presents itself.. Learn from those Experiences Coach’s and Teammates.
          He definitely needs to improve his body security and not take those needless body hits for they will take a toll as time goes on

          A Good Start to the Wentz Era as Eagles Win 26-13

          • chimp had a huge dinner last night and just shat it all over the wall!

            • The chimps best friends with the proverbial “fly on the wall” I contend this all occurred when sammy sleeves took his ball and went home..jeffrey knew then ,ill bide mt time but this twig aint taking snaps as an took a dtroke of good luck,but ,whatever it took ,ill take it

  74. Dingbats. Nigel Bradham was making 5 to 7 tackles a game on pace for 10-15 tackles a game because Curry couldn’t set the edge so the Linebacker ( Bradham) behind Curry had to make the tackle. Curry is currently injured right now. You cannot turn a career backup into a starter at age 28. Their body will break down. Taylor Hart is equal to talent as Curry. They are both backups. Curry will play Sunday on a limited basis because of this injury. This will always be the case with him. He is a finesse player incapable of playing power football. Which is fine but he wasn’t worth a 2nd round draft choice (he was worth a 5th like Taylor Hart) and certainly not worth that ridiculous contract. He isn’t a starter. Vinny Curry is a dime DT and a nickle pass rusher ONLY. Taylor Hart is the direction opposite but still a part time player. A goal line DT and a first down base DT. Equal in talent.

    • Curry will be playing (meaningful snaps) on Sunday by his own admission. Taylor Hart will be lucky to get off the bench this year..probably in mop up duty.
      Taylor Hart has no value in the league..just to Chip Kelly.
      Curry has been productive as a backup player, even in a miscast role in a 34, Hart, even as a 3-4 defensive player which is his specialty..not so much.

      I’m not interested in opinions, just the facts as they apply to player production.

      2014 Curry had 9 sacks in a part time role..

      2015 3.5 in a part time role that did not play to his strengths.

      Taylor sacks,,,scrub did not play because Chip did not play him.

      2015 no sacks…scrub did play.
      There is not even a true debate as to the better have nothing substantial to backup your argument or support your assertions. You only have your emotions, which are meaningless and worthless as it pertains to this discussion.

      • Vinny Curry is a bust draft pick. He wasn’t worth a 2nd rounder and he wasn’t worth that ridiculous contract. He was worth a 5th round draft pick just like Taylor Hart. Vinny Curry played 1

      • Vinny Curry is a bust draft pick. He wasn’t worth a 2nd rounder and he wasn’t worth that ridiculous contract. He was worth a 5th round draft pick. He isn’t strong enough to play 2 out of 3 plays. He is already hurt. As the season progresses he will be relegated back to his normal 1 out of 3 snaps or suffer an injury trying to play 2 out of 3 snaps. He is a just a backup. Taylor Hart is not a pass rusher. Taylor Hart made 27 tackles last year Vinny Curry made 12. Vinny Curry’s highest single season tackle total was 22. Taylor Hart made 27 last year. Vinny Curry doesn’t make tackles. Which is why Nigel Bradham was getting 5 to 7 tackles this preseason playing a half.

        • Bradham only had 5 tackles in one preseason game(Colts)..1 tackle in the Steelers game..hey, don’t let the facts and stats get in your way though.

          We see where hart is..and where curry is…you mad bro..LOL!

          • you claim Vinny Curry is better than Taylor Hart and I say they are the same. Part time players. I don’t think Vinny Curry is strong enough to start in the NFL. I predict he will get hurt if he plays 2 out of 3 snaps a game. The only way Vinny Curry can stay healthy is playing finesse football. (1 out of 3 snaps in nickle or dime packages ) We will see if Vinny Curry earns that contract.

            • Taylor Hart is a 34 defensive tackle. Curry is a 43 defensive end. Hart was playing a position suited for him. Curry is not suited to play 34 LIB…but,chip and b Davis in their infinite wisdom decided to play him at a position he had no previous experience in…not does his athletic talent suit what that position,calls for. Of course he struggled.
              Hearts performance of 27 tackles over a season is laughable. Curry ‘s performance as a 43 d end is more telling to what his potential is. 9 sacks in part time play is not shabby.
              You can’t compare the two players performance last year. Two different positions..Two different experience levels. Curry did not know how to play the position and was pulled from games for that. No excuses for,Hart…hot garbage.

              • Vinny Curry’s body won’t be able to handle an increased workload. He is a finesse player

              • Your claim is foundationless and has no merit. Speculation at best.

              • 12 tackles in 2015, 19 tackles in 2014, and 22 tackles in 2013. That is a downward trajectory.

              • The flaw in your argument is that Vinny continued to get less snaps as Chip used Hart more each passing year. Vinny was/is not a 34 OLB, he is not good at that position nor is he athletic enough for it.
                To continue belaboring a point based on a flawed argument is inane.
                We will see what Vinny does this year, if he can hold up, be physical, make meaningful plays, stay healthy, play the run. Then we will look at Mr. Hart’s production in SF…or maybe just snaps.
                Hart is built to play 34 DE…and sucks at it. Hart should have been a 7th round pick or UDFA. Stupid Chip wanted to draft him in the 3rd. Thank God for Howie!

              • hart and curry are the same talent. part timers.
                Taylor Hart will continue to be a part timer, so far that is all Vinny Curry has been too. ( a part timer) Vinny Curry has not lived up to his draft position as a 2nd rounder ( 2nd rounders should be starters) Vinny Curry is once again been given a vote of confidence by Howie Roseman for the 2nd time with that free agent contract. Vinny Curry’s 2016 contract is to be a superior starter, ( we will see if Vinny Curry can live up to that contract) he has already failed to live up to that draft position so far in his 4 NFL seasons. I haven’t seen starter out of him I’ve seen part timer. That 2016 contract is star money.( Malcolm Jenkins, Connor Barwin money ) Superior talent money. We will see if Vinny Curry is even a starter let alone superior talent money starter which that contract suggests he is.

              • Hart and Curry are the same players….BWAHAHAHAHAHAH.. deep breath…

                Yeah…except the football people think differently, that’s why one is here and received a new contract, and the other was cut.

                Beau Allen, a seventh rounder stayed with the team. Destiny Vaeao an UDFA took Hart’s spot on the team by outplaying him….bwahahaha.

                What does that tell you? Hart should not have been drafted. He has no talent, he’s just an unathletic brute with very little pro football skill.

                The football people have spoken. If not for Hart’s daddy, Chip, he’d be out of the NFL. LMAO…Taylor Hart..what a joke.

              • Howie is collecting a lot of atta boys.
                We will see what life is like with Doug Pederson and minus Cooper, Gardner, Murray, Bradford, Sanchez, Kelly, Molk, Ryans, Hart, Maxwell, Thornton, Thurmond, Alonzo, Bair, Acho, Rowe, Biggers,
                7-9 and second place wasn’t good enough for Ed Marynowitz.

    • For the record, Nigel Bradham was credited with 1 (ONE) tackle in the Steelers game.

      5 tackles in the Colts game.

      He did not play in the Jets game.

      So your 5-7 tackle per game is a made up bullshit lie to embellish and push your agenda. 5-7 tackles per game my ass! LMAO!

      Then we’d have to see how many of those tackles were made while Curry was in…you can do that research since you’re claiming Bradham had to clean up after Curry..good luck with that..have

  75. Bottom Line is the Eagles DE’s Collectively need about 35 Sacks between the DE Group of Curry, Barwin, Graham, MS2 & Means..
    Add another 12-15 Sacks from the DT’s (Cox,Logan,Allen)
    And then another 6-8-10 Sacks from the LB’s/DB’s
    All Total would be about 55 Sacks and if they are able to do this, they will Win their share of Games versus QB’s like RG3, Cutler, Bradford, Cousins, Prescott, Matt Ryan & Dalton who all struggle as most QB’s do with Pressure in their Face .. Big, Strong QB’s like Big Ben, Flacco, J Winson and crafty mobile QB’s like Rodgers & Wilson hurt you more when they break the pocket and make a big play down the field…
    Should be a fun Season for the Defense ..

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