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Eagles QB Carson Wentz Looked Ready All Training Camp

wentz2It was obvious throughout training camp that Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz was very much prepared to recognize secondary coverages, defensive fronts and all type blitzes.  He could change plays at the line of scrimmage, and most importantly lead this football team.  The young man has natural leadership qualities and he’s a worker both on the field and off of it.

Early in the process, I saw Wentz in practice versus the Eagles defense.  He started out with an urgent snap count like the offense was getting ready to snap the ball, but that was a just a “dummy count”.  Like a veteran signal caller, Wentz had forced the defense into showing the blitz they were preparing to run.  The rookie changed the blocking up front and the offensive line picked up the extra rusher.

I said to myself, “This kid is more than ready to quarterback in the NFL right now”.

During practice, he was consistently getting the ball out of his hands quickly and to the right receiver versus the coverage.  He would attack the weakness in the coverage.  Consistently during the workouts, Wentz would get a good pre-snap read, identify the secondary coverage and then quickly get the ball in the hands to a receiver.

The quality that stood about him more than anything else was his willingness to throw the ball downfield.  He had no problem taking a chance and going for a big play.  He did it much more than either Sam Bradford or Chase Daniel.  It seemed that his teammates liked that about him.

Earlier today Zach Ertz said he likes the fact that Carson lives in the film room.  He’s always studying.  Ertz also said he thinks Wentz expands the playbook because of his athleticism.

Veteran tight end Brent Celek told us he thinks Wentz is smart and mature enough to handle everything they’re asking him to do.

Right guard Brandon Brooks said Wentz knows the offense very well and he’s a fiery leader.  The young man plays with emotion and this team needs it.

There’s one thing I am concerned about regarding Carson that’s his tendency to get hit too much.  He had better not try to run over the linebackers and defensive backs in the league.  He will get hurt if he doesn’t protect himself and play the game like Russell Wilson.  Wilson makes plays but he avoids taking hits.

One of the key jobs of a NFL quarterback is staying healthy.  You stay healthy by not trying to prove your toughness to anyone.

I was down in Dallas this weekend to watch my USC boys get pounded by Alabama 52-6.  Down there in Dallas all they’re talking about is Dak Prescott, so it looks like we’re headed for a decade of the Carson Wentz-led Eagles vs. the Dak Prescott-led Cowboys. on Facebook

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45 Comments for “Eagles QB Carson Wentz Looked Ready All Training Camp”

  1. Hey paul, you and kool’s boy Kevin Hogan was cut by the Chiefs. Andy Reid did not even want him on his PS. The Browns signed him to their PS. The Browns, the place where QB’s go to die. #QBgraveyard. Can’t believe you guys wanted him here. #blows

  2. Very good article about Wentz G. Thanks for the practice insight and analysis of his recognition of defenses and changing the plays at the LOS to counter the defense. Ready to see this on the field in real play situations. I also like the fact that his veteran team mates not only recognize his athletic talent, but his study habits, leadership and work ethic.

  3. I’m really excited for wentz. Buying tickets tomorrow morning but I gotta say Gary where was the post in camp when you saw these things? I find it quite suspect you’re saying you saw it after the fact …

    • My week 10 road trip/tickets (vs GB) once looked ” ho-hum”. Now it’s Giddy up! I am pumped.

    • Mhenski. I believe there was a post about Wentz in training camp a few weeks ago. Right before he was injured. Gary was letting us know that Wentz was the real deal. Also, I think he holds back a little because he doesn’t want to tip other teams off about the status of our players in case the team is looking move players around. Not that it would matter much but I could see him holding back for that reason. I don’t think another team would be willing to pay high draft picks if they knew the Eagles had any inclination starting a rookie over Bradford. Therefore lowering the trade value. Just my opinion.

      My concerns with Wentz is durability and level of talent he’s faced.

      • epidemic you have the name of that article?

        and stop about withholding information, lmfao.he aint paid by the eagles. hes a reporter. come on

        my only concern with wentz is injury. im not concerned about competition. didnt matter with big ben, flacco, bortles wasnt playing top teams routinely…

  4. Has anyone seen the article on Profootballtalk about the Browns saying they didn’t think Wentz could be a top 20 QB in this league? Really Browns?!

    Someone please name me 10 QBs you would take over Wentz. Besides the top 10 QBs of the league.

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Ben Roethlisberger
    4. Cam Newton
    5. Russell Wilson
    6. Drew Brees
    7. Carson Palmer
    8. Andrew Luck
    9. Andy Dalton
    10. Matt Ryan

    These are the obvious choices ahead of Wentz right now. Matt Ryan isn’t that great in my opinion but it’s either him or Derek Carr.

    The Browns chose RG3 over Wentz.

    • I saw the article– i wouldn’t read too much into it. Its them justifying their draft day dealings. Also, judging Wentz as a ‘top’ guy or a ‘bottom’ is really impossible-
      32 teams (including NE) passed over Brady multiple times, 25 teams passed over Rodgers, 32 passed on Breese, 12 on Ben, Wilson was what a 3rd rounder– its not an exact science by any stretch of the imagination….
      I also would add Flacco, Eli to your list– SB winners.

  5. ill tell you what. it feels much easier and funner to say GO BIRDS today !

    • I sleep walked through preseason with no enthusiasm, was entering the browns game and thinking of taking a hike in the mountains cuz i had no interest but now i’m full steam ahead– hell i actually thought turd might be able to get them to the playoffs and i had no enthusiasm– this is exciting now!

  6. Paulman, I want my Huff jersey per our bet, told you no way was this kid going to be inactive on game days!!!

  7. G C..of all the mentionables,I’m most enthusiastic ,to hear he’s starting week one.All the rest is hyperbole..hell when Sam I am was taking his football and going home to pout ,crickets were heard ..The dichotomy between the two is a referendum on the written words of coach speak..look at there body language speaks guy is a hunter who wears camo,the other is a wall flower who thinks he’s entitled based upon his draft status alone..

  8. It was hard to root for another pig with lipstick who wasn’t our guy .. An entitled slouch shoulder twig ..this pup will be ours ,as we watch him grow root with that passion reserved for our own ..he’s an eagle ..simply put

  9. rowe to the pats for an OL

  10. Eric Rowe traded to pats for OL

  11. Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 7m7 minutes ago

    Eagles are trading CB Eric Rowe to Patriots for OL Josh Kline and a draft pick, league sources tell @MikeReiss


    Kline started 14 games last year for the pats… dunno if he good or the pick but seems like a good trade for a cb that was done here

  12. who is the OL and what do we know bout him?

  13. From “Pats Pulpit”

    Over the course of the next few weeks, we will take a look at the men fighting for those spots on the 2016 New England Patriots. Today, we’ll continue the series with guard Josh Kline.

    Name: Josh Kline

    Position: Guard

    Jersey number: 67

    Age: 26

    Experience: 3

    Size: 6’3, 300 lbs.

    2015 review: After seeing only limited playing time his first two years in the league, Josh Kline became a starter in 2015 and played more snaps than any other of the Patriots’ offensive linemen. The former undrafted free agent appeared in 16 of New England’s 18 games and played 1,000 of the team’s 1,253 offensive snaps (79.8%). When he was on the field – he saw time at left and right guard –, he gave up four sacks, 17 hits and 16 hurries.

    While the numbers look adequate, they do not properly reflect how well Kline really started the season. He was the Patriots’ best offensive lineman prior to hurting his shoulder in week 13 and played well as both a pass protector and a run blocker. However, when he returned from the injury, which forced him to miss two games, Kline was no longer the same player and struggled to use his strength and technique to sustain blocks.

    Despite being unable to end the season on a high note, Kline’s 2015 campaign can be considered an individual success. Not only did he earn a starting role and play well early in the season, he also signed a two-year $4.9 million extension in November.

    2016 preview: Kline was a starter in 2015 but neither that nor his contract extension qualifies him for a starting role in 2016. Given the depth the team has at the guard position – both returning and newly added this offseason –, the 26-year old needs to have a good summer to have a chance to make the team and be in the conversation for a starting spot again.

    First and foremost, Kline needs to get back on the field to have a chance to compete for a job. He missed the media access portions of OTAs and minicamp due to offseason surgery and might be a candidate to start training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform-list. If that is the case or if he is hampered in any other way by the injury’s effects, Kline’s chances of earning a starting role decrease.

    But even when healthy, he needs to have a good camp to be able to beat out his talented competition. If Kline performs like he did early in the 2015 season, he has a realistic shot to once again earn a starting role. If not, his experience and versatility still give him an advantage over other guards on the team but his standing on the roster becomes less secure – especially considering his $2.0 million cap hit, the second-highest at the position.

    Josh Kline was a positive surprise in 2015 and thus has a good shot at making the team and competing for a staring role again – at least if he can get healthy. Until Kline is able to take the field and become a regular member of New England’s offensive line rotation, his roster status is in question

  14. Eagles just traded Rowe to the Pat’s for a 4th Rd pick and Steve kline oline guard

  15. This is eerily like the DGB and Kelly trade in reverse.

  16. New Eagles’ OL Josh Kline might not be in Philly long — or at all. Eagles already in deep discussions to trade Kline, sources tell ESPN.

  17. What a pathetic 2015 draft. Aglohor sucks, Rowe, Shepard, and Evans gone in 1 year. Just Hicks left. WTF. This Joe Douglas better change the damn draft strategy.

  18. I think there gonna cut someone so they can have cj Smith on the roster…

  19. Expert Paulman:

    Chiefs waived QB Kevin Hogan.
    A surprising fifth-round pick, Hogan probably lacks the tools to eventually push for a backup job. The Chiefs may try to develop him on the practice squad. Sep 3 – 5:09 PM

    Chiefs waived QB Kevin Hogan.
    A surprising fifth-round pick, Hogan probably lacks the tools to eventually push for a backup job. The Chiefs may try to develop him on the practice squad. Sep 3 – 5:09 PM

  20. Chiefs Drafted QB Kevin Hogan of Stanford who they are very High on..

    May 11, 2016 – 1:16 pm
    Profile photo of mhenski

    nah kevin cant be an effective nfl qb and he has absolutely nothing in common with andy dalton

    May 11, 2016 – 1:24 pm
    Profile photo of paulman

    We’ll see, Give Hogan about 2 Years time and he’ll be competing as the Starter for the Chiefs as Alex Smith winds down his Career… Hogan has similar Arm Strength, Size and Athleticism as Andy Dalton does so I see them as very similar styles of QB..

  21. Joe Banner ‏@JoeBanner13 · 1h1 hour ago

    spoke on ESPN about holding a player until Tuesday to trade & fooling a team into thinking u weren’t cutting him. Eagles just did it to Pats

  22. There’s still life in K. Hogan. The kid’s a winner, won constantly at Stanford aka Rose Bowls. Plus he went to Stanford, so he’s freakin’ smart, very smart. Would rather have him than Chase, cheaper too!

  23. I have only 2 words of wisdom for any G.M. who deals with MR. B, he of the Patriots . Be wary, Be very wary. As good a year as Howie is having, Mr, B. can make any team trading with him look like a schoolboy .

  24. Carson Wentz reminds me of Cam Newton. I’m expecting 50 yards rushing this Sunday from him. From what little I’ve seen of him he has to run to be effective. Maybe Pederson can convince Wentz to eventually play like Aaron Rodgers on the edges and play more cautious but this season he is going to play like Cam. He is running often and up the middle.

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