Eagles Looking To Protect Carson Wentz Early

Aug 11, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) warms up before action against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Aug 11, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) warms up before action against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson just finished his news conference and I thought he made a valuable statement that came directly from his experience as a quarterback in the National Football League.  He said if a quarterback gets hit early in a game, it stays with him throughout the entire game.  I  would concur with that statement because I’ve seen quarterbacks get up with those cobwebs in their eyes after being hit.  They are never the same after they get hit solidly and it throws them off their game.

Pederson said that while emphasizing why it is so important that they stop the Cleveland Browns from hitting rookie quarterback Carson Wentz early in the game.  It’s very important that they keep him clean early and let him have some positive plays, so he establishes his confidence.   This is a benefit of having a former NFL quarterback as the team’s head coach.

I had a coach who used to tell us that “the 15 yard roughing the passer penalty was on him in the first quarter” , if we weren’t sure we could get to and hit the quarterback in time to avoid getting a roughing the passer penalty.  He wanted us to go after the hit on the quarterback despite the risk of a penalty because he knew that an early hit on the him was going to affect his play the rest of the game.  He would call blitzes early in the game for the purpose of getting a hit on the quarterback early.

Throughout my NFL career, I saw good quarterbacks get knocked off their game because of a big hit on them early in a game.  I’ve seen mediocre quarterbacks get totally destroyed because of a big hit on them early.

As you look at the game on Sunday, make sure to pay attention to how well Pederson and the Eagles offensive line are able to protect the young quarterback early, because it will have a lot to do with how well the youngster plays.

I’m still concerned about how well Wentz will be conservative about taking chances with his body.  I can see Pederson has talked to him about it, but once he gets out there on the field, he’s going to play with his instincts and he has no idea how fast the big defensive linemen and linebackers are.  He had better get his butt on the ground ASAP, when the defenders are approaching.

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  1. 18 of 24 for 153 1td 1int…..LOSS
    14 of 24 for 223 2td 2int…..LOSS
    20 of 32 for 151 2td 0int…..LOSS
    23 of 45 for 309 1td 3int…..LOSS
    13 of 15 for 209 4td 0int…..WIN!
    16 of 33 for 210 2td 2int…..LOSS

    Wilson, Bortles, Carr, Luck, Mariotta, Winston.

    Just thought I’d throw out the last few starts for the last few #1 and #2 QBs….and Wilson too.

    My expectations are very very tempered. All I am looking for is improvement as the year progresses…..wins (esp early) would be nice, but are clearly the secondary concern.

    I hope to see less than 25 passing attempts for Wentz tomorrow….the problem there is I am not sure the Eagles have the RB depth to keep that up over the course of the season.

  2. “Wentz should run every chance he gets” You’re out of your mind! Even R Wilson doesn’t run unless absolutely necessary, and even then he is quick to protect himself.

  3. Look to run….jeez man. Look to move if necessary….run is always the last option.

    Go look at the picture on the article “Domo:Maylock endorses move to Wentz” on philly .com.

    Just look at the picture. Wentz is obviously rolling out and there is a defensive end, unblocked, coming right at him.

    Look at his eyes. Fantastic. Totally downfield at his WR(s) I like that picture….hopefully bodes well.

    1. “Carson Wentz is a carbon copy of Cam Newton.”

      Minus the “look at me” Superman BS, the “dabbing” when things go well followed by the the pouting, the whining, the throwing teammates under the bus when things don’t go well, the moping, the sulking with the towel, the me-first attitude, the not jumping on fumbles”

      Except for that – they’re exactly the same.

  4. “He has to run to be effective”… This is why there is a position called running back! If a pass play breaks down, perhaps he can use his legs (and slide) to gain, BUT he can also throw the ball away too so ribs 3 and 4 don’t crack! The coaches don’t expect him to become the total offense. He’ll become effective if sees the field, makes sound decisions and uses his intelligence and skills.

  5. He needs to do this, he needs to do that. Carson will play his game, but within himself. We’ve seen a snapshot of his game already vs the Bucs. He will only get better with reps, game experience and as time goes by…better weapons!

    1. I agree but I contend his weapons are better than we think…. I feel like Agholar and DGB and Ertz will flourish with Wentz… Agholar is better than he’s shown…

      1. Well hopefully you are right. I like DGB…
        Looking back at the 2015 draft I did support the Agholor pick which I disputed earlier. I was wrong about him..He has been a major disappointment. I have to re-devise the way I evaluate certain players.

        1. How do you,a fan evaluate college players… Let’s say you ‘evaluate’ the first three rounds… That’s like 96 guys from roughly 70 different schools, this 70 schools have approximately 1500 ‘starting’ players. I find it impossible for you or any of the experts on here to have an informed opinion on the draft prospects of any college player… If you happen to watch a nationally televised teams few times you can maybe have an opinion but an evaluation???? Even GM looney tunes admits he doesn’t watch much…so I assume it’s a combination of reading publications and watching some you tube???

          1. Lol, I never said I evaluate every player, that’s why I don’t have a hundred mock drafts. Each game I watch, either I already have 1-3 players that I’m specifically watching during the game, or I see a player flash talent and potential. Then I begin to follow that player for consistency in other games. That formula makes it not so difficult. .

            1. That’s a lot of football…it’s TV football very hard to judge without coaches tape…and it was really a shot at the two or three people on here who have an opinion on every single player in America


      1. I hopeful all our weapons are better than they’ve shown. Look the fact is Sam makes nobody better, hopefully wentz does.

        Look foles made cooper look good, there’s talent in all our weapons. Questions are can wentz bring it out and do they have it? With a guy like bradturd you just don’t know because he doesn’t give guys oppurtunities

  7. 3 TE sets- run the ball often- keep them honest with a play action deep ball here and there, build some early confidence with the short crossing routes and screen game and play good defense- that should be the recipe

  8. The Browns Front 7 is very Young and Inexperieced as they are starting 2 Rookies at LB (Ogbah & J Schobert)
    Browns Play a Base 3-4 Scheme and 2 Starting DL are in their 2nd Year
    They have 3 New Starters in their Secondary and are Young, Young, Young everywhere so amid of formations, 3 TE Sets, Receivers in motion, Matthews & Sproles Together in the Backfield, Huff with a couple of End-Arounds should give a young Defense fits as s Eagles execute and protect the ball.. This should be a Big Win for the Eagles even with Rookie Wentz playing
    Browns had one of the worst Defenses versus the Rush last Season and Eagles will exploit this and run for 200 + Yards in this Game ..

  9. Anyone else perplexed about Lane Johnsons B-Sample? WTF is going on with that? Theres 3 days left before the opener and the NFL has the Eagles and Lane Johnson in limbo. For the NFL to possibly wait this long then suspend LJ 3 days before the opener would be criminal. I dont understand how a 2nd urine sample isn’t done within 24hrs let alone a month. lol. Isn’t it just a 2nd urine off the same batch and you test it?

  10. HAC, I think your looking to deeply into this. I’m not making selections for a team as I’m not a GM. However, It’s not really difficult to look at a couple of players per game, regardless of their position and determine whether they were able to make plays or not and how they fair at their skill position.

    Example, I watched Utah last year, I knew he could not play cb because he was to stiff in the hips..I was right.

  11. I have zero respect and faith in chip kelly, at the time he made those crazy cuts, I wanted to wait and see how it turned out,now I am really starting to doubt his motives and emotional stability,But he has me given another team to hate. Now I can watch the 49ers and hate on them as much as I love the Eagles.He is a very,very strange man ,

    1. I sense a Low-Scoring Game and whichever Team can Run the Ball more Effectively on 1st Down Wins the Game .. I like the Broncos at Home
      with a 23-16 Victory over the Panthers…
      The Bronco’s Edge Rushers and Secondary will make life miserable for Cam Newton and I expect Special Teams to make a big Play/Return for the Broncos for this is still a weak spot for the Panthers as their Coverage Units are not very good at all..

  12. This from the ‘Gcobb doesn’t cover baseball anymore files”..
    I find this very interesting in his first 7 years of MLB pitching Stephen Strasburb has thrown 924 innings and is looking at the DL yet again…. in Robin Roberts first 7 years of baseball he threw 2162 innings, more than twice as many–
    This practice of babying pitchers has made it a different game- IMO the fact that the 6, 7, 8, 9 inning are now for specialists, fresh guys from the bullpen it has killed offense and turned it into a 6 inninng game lots of times.
    anyway– bored here and thought it interesting.

    1. Its a different Game then when we watched as kids HAC …
      There’s very little Stealing, hardly any Sacrifices to Move Runners over, Just overall Poor Situational Execution.. Bullpens all have with 3-4 Pitchers who Throw 95+ MPH, making it a Power Hitting and a Power Pitching Game.
      Players are bigger and Stronger than ever.. Maybe move the Mound Back or bring it down from the level it sits now .. Most Pitchers are 6-2′ or 6-4′ or Taller these Days…
      On a Side Note, the Phillies had to be one of the Healthiest Teams in all of MB this Season and had very few Pitchers or everyday Players miss any significant Time which is very rate in itself…

      1. Right/ Paulman a much different game ..I think t was The white sox once brought up a midget , hoping to mess with the pitchers , but he was banned from the majors , True story. 1950 :s I would guess/He only made one or two plate appearences

    2. Wow Robin Roberts, vs.Big Don Newcombe . And local kids asking us Hey mister I,ll watch your car for for 2$ .I can still hear Dick Allens home runs over the center field sign ,

  13. Hac, didnt mean it was how baseball has changed , just found it interesting Besides you are one of the guys on here I would never take on , I know when I am outmatched.YOU know more about sports than most folks I know. Surprized you knew about that small guy , You googled it though right?Hope you have a good outcome sunday,

      1. The Owner was Billy Veeck who was a marketing guru and like to think and live outside the box.. Veek owned Franchises in Cleveland, St Louis and eventually the Chicago White Sox which was his home town…

        Some Famous Quotes ..

        “There are only 2 Seasons, Winter and Baseball” ..

        “Knowledge of the Game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the Seats”

        “I do not think Winning is the most important thing, I think Winning is the Only Thing..”

        1. Thanks P aulman Veeck, Now I recall the name , Im still overcoming a health issue and sometimes wonder if my mind is right. Yes I know that name. Today bringing a guy who is short like that would cause a major firestorm of protest. I know in Philly, of a guy who is a quadaplegic and always says What is a handicap? A handicap is something someone else has and you dont want..That,s what I meant by a different era today. The aclu would beat Veeck over his head if he brought up a short guy like that , A circus atmosphere it would be called. .

    1. While the results didn’t always show on the field this has been a successful phils season- The pitching staff has got real potential, Rupp is a major leaguer, franco is a major leaguer. I think joseph is decent— galvis and hernandez will fight for second base-
      I wwent through today and saw that teams leading divisions or in the WC chase typically had 6-8 guys with on base percentages over .300– phils only have 3 I think– its all a matter of having professional at bats– apparently Franco wants to play winter ball and see a million breaking pitches- phils also might be willing to overpay for a professional hitter (like Thome) to be a bridge player to the next era.

  14. This is the last thing I will say about chip Kelly, if I comment on him ever again I will banish myself from the site but…
    I am an X’s and O’s junkie and found this article thru crossing broad about his offense. How certain formations dictated certain plays and defenses thru recognition knew the exact play and which coverage or stunts to run. This with never an adjustment or audible. I wanted chip to be successful, I liked the excitement but am just flabbergasted by this video. Chip is bright, he is a football junkie…why no self scouting? Why in the world can’t you run the same play out of different formations?
    When I coached we had maybe 15 plays that we could run out of different formations… Same play just different formation…. I can’t understand a PRO coach that allows a defense that much predictability…
    Ok chip is a pig headed LLCB… I predict he is one and done in SF where he and Baalke are fired. I will not comment on chip until the day he is fired, if he doesn’t let his offense adapt he is done!

    1. No need to reply ever about kelly. I feel your pain about Kelly.My opinion is as a school yard therapist , there is something very wrong rolling around in that brilliant mind of his all of the things you said were right on. So why and how did he create the mess,he made ?it was an emotional mess, on the field. in the locker room and with x and o,s which we never hear about.I have been an Eagle fan maybe longer than you perhaps, but this whole mess is unexplainable from where we sit as fans.He started out as my foootball genius out to win us a super bowl . And then he went so far out there, I am even on board now with some of Shady,s comments, No more kelly from me as well ..Not even the writers will talk in depth about the kelly issues,Maybe it never happened , were we watching an old Rod Serling twilight zone football series?

      1. What I never understood about Kelly’s 3 years is how/why things got simpler and simpler over the 3 seasons.

        If you remember year 1 there were unbalanced lines, bunch formations, stacks on either side, double RB sets etc etc.

        By mid way through last season it was the same 4 or 5 formations over and over and over. I couldn’t figure out where everything had gone. It was weird.

        That being said, currently the Ottawa Redblacks (CFL) currently run an Oregon-style no huddle “horizontal” offence and I still don;t like it, (even though they’re winning)

        1. Ok one last observation… I promise this is it… Coaches spend a hundred hours a week in film study and game planning…WTF did he do for those hours? If you run the same play, same blocking scheme, same route tree, same formation then what exactly is there to do? Game planning is your plan of adjustment ‘when they do this, we do that’…

  15. I’m not one who likes to look back..that said ,when you Hac and vin make the simplistic points of chips game plan ,and you integrate that with Bill Davis sophomoric singular coverages ,and mercenaries and there “for who for what ” attitudes ..it’s what has me sooooo excited to watch real coaching and players who are Eagles ..I can get behind that ,all day ,every day ..I’m like a kid on Xmas eve ,awaiting to open gifts of joy tomorrow…

  16. I’ll wager that the energy in the building will exemplify ,this new found attitude …Contrast that with there need to let Sam I am ,know how they appreciated his “take my ball” and go home ..pity party ,Demarco Murray and his indifference ,..the coaches ,are showing glimpses of trying to put square pegs in square holes ..team first and no me in team …from the top ,down ..

    1. The attitude has to be better… I would love to buy Jason peters a couple of drinks and have him talk about the difference I. This offense and that offense…

  17. The best game on this weekend besides the Eagles showcase game ,Will be the Pats and Cardinals game , If the pats win this game with no Brady , banged up line and other injuries It is more proof that Belichik should be the president of the pro football Mensa orginization if they had one , I have only seen him outcoached 2 or 3 times in my entire football life. Loath him or love him Mr B is genius , as he is mumbling away at the podium in a beat up old hoodie.We had our version of Mr B in philly for a few years, but he turned out to be another, run of the mill cheap imitation fraud ,a scammer and a wanna be!

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