Carson Wentz Does A Great Job On An Audible (Video)

READING, PA - SEPTEMBER 09: on September 9, 2016 in Reading, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
READING, PA – SEPTEMBER 09: on September 9, 2016 in Reading, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

The first practices Carson Wentz went through as a Philadelphia Eagles, he showed us he could force the defense to show what they were in, with an urgent snap count.  Then he showed he could audible at the line of scrimmage and change to a play that would succeed against that specific blitz being run by the defense.  It takes an urgent snap count to force the defenders to get into position to play the defense they’re in on that specific play and Wentz knows how to do it.

The youngster got into his urgent snap count and the Browns inside linebackers, thought the Eagles were getting ready to snap the ball, so they moved to their blitz positions.  Went saw them take the steps forward, so he called out an audible and moved back into the shotgun.  The blitz read he got from the inside linebackers, let Carson know the Browns were playing man to man pass defense.

On the right side of the formation, he had Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor.  He liked the matchup of Matthews had and the corner route he was going to run, is tough to cover in the slot position.

He moved back into the shotgun and had running back Ryan Mathews move to his right and be ready to step up and block one of the blitzing linebackers.  You can see center Jason Kelce communicating with his guards so that they can let the tackles know what happening, and everybody knows to be ready for Double A gap blitz.

Matthews comes off the line with a burst, stems inside to set up the corner route, then he comes back outside, turns around the guy covering him and is wide open on the corner route.

We know from this Double A gap blitz and a couple of other inside blitz’ from the Browns, defensive coordinator Ray Horton was trying to get into the face of young Wentz to rattle him.  Many times that pressure in the face of a youngster will force him to panic and throw the football up for grabs.

Wentz passed the inside blitz test with straight A’s.

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  1. Wentz played in a pro style offense where he called audibles and line protections. He understands these concepts and knows how to do it. That’s clear.

    College Spread offenses does not have QB’s call line protections, those QB’s are not taught/trained how to function in a pro style offense. That’s why they take more time to become acclimated into the pro game. Those who have skill and are intelligent enough coupled with a work ethic and desire to succeed will. Those who don’t, won’t.

    People knock Wentz’ 1AA competition, but, he learned how to be a pro QB in that system.

  2. Really makes you question all of the “experts” who were telling anyone who would listen before the draft that Goff was “more ready to step into a pro system and play immediately” where as Wentz would need more time to adjust. Goff was not even active for a pitiful LA Rams team in their first game ( by the way, is this the first time in the history of the NFL that the first pick in the draft was a healthy scratch in the first game? Just wondering). Makes you really question if many of these “experts” really know what they are talking about, and obviously the Rams personnel people should have a lot to answer for.

    That being said, and before the Wentz -hype train gets rolling too far down the track, it was a very good start for him against a very bad Cleveland team. Let’s watch how he plays for the rest of the season and going forward. Remember, there are many players who have started off their careers strong only to watch it detour fast (RGIII anyone?). I very much like what I see in this young man, and hope that he is able to reach his full potential with the Eagles.

    GO BIRDS!!!!

    1. All I know is on draft night I, when the Rams were up I had my fingers crossed and was ‘willing’ “Please take Goff, please take Goff” over and over into the TV…….

      I was pretty confident they would though….and it had nothing to do with ability.

      The Rams were pushed into a corner by their owner etc. Choosing Goff had everything to do with politics and optics.

      Thank you to the new California team who felt they had to take the California boy!!

      BTW – There were plenty of people out there singing Wentz’s praises too (most notably Maylock and Gruden) and his intangables were just so much higher than Goff’s were.

      But the Rams, I think, flet they had to “energize” the fanbase by taking a Cali product. Too bad for them!

      1. Agreed Vin. I was also anxious about the Rams taking Wentz and screwing us up. I also think that the California angle played a part with the move to LA.

        Yes, it’s still early, but also you need to think that Wentz is just coming off rehabbing an injury and has just started getting the practice reps with the 1’s. He should actually gain more and more from each week of practice and experience in the games. Big upside, but still needs to show he can stay healthy and limit mistakes. The play of the offensive line will be a big part in his early development.

  3. the 1AA thing was completely overblown– a list of qb’s who have made the SB in the last 20 years or so include: Delaware twice, Alcorn st. So. Miss twice, Fresno ST. , Northern Iowa twice, Miami of OH three times, ,

  4. Speaking of the Rams. What a horrible game to watch. How can you just continue to run the ball over and over into an 8 man front?! It was so bad I turned the game off. If you don’t have confidence in Keenum, throw Goff out there. And the poor defense..reminded me of Chip Kelly’s defense…on the field the whole night

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