Bears Are Likely To Target Eagles Cornerbacks

nolancarroll3I don’t like the thought of Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery or speedy Kevin White matched up against our cornerbacks, Nolan Carroll or rookie Jalen Mills, who will probably start in place of injured veteran Leodis McKelvin.  Jeffery had four catches 105 yards against the Texans.

Although the Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is mediocre, he has a Pro Bowl arm and can make any throw that is needed.  Cutler will fold if the Birds can get to him with some pass rush pressure, but if they don’t, Chicago has some talented wide receivers to attack our cornerbacks.

Carroll didn’t have a good game against the Browns.  He was beaten twice for big plays because he didn’t do a good job of playing the ball in the air.  On the first big pass play, he fell down even though he was in perfect position, as Terrelle Pryor, a converted quarterback, caught the football.  On the second play, Carroll ran past the receiver as the under thrown ball hung in the air and was eventually caught.  He can’t do that this week against Jeffery or White.

Cleveland Browns' Terrelle Pryor catches a pass against Philadelphia Eagles' Nolan Carroll during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
Cleveland Browns’ Terrelle Pryor catches a pass against Philadelphia Eagles’ Nolan Carroll during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Mills is a rookie,who the Birds grabbed in the seventh round and he just played his first game in the NFL.  Jeffery and White both have a size advantage on the Birds cornerbacks.  Jeffery is listed at 6’3″ and he weighs 218 pounds.  White  is about the same size, standing 6’3″ and weighting 216 pounds.  Carroll is 6’1″ and 205 pounds, while Mills is shorter at 6 foot even and he weighs 196 pounds.

I’m sure the Bears are going to challenge both of these guys early and often.  All they would have to do is throw the ball up when the wide outs and the cornerbacks are in one-on-one situations.  If the pass rush doesn’t get to Cutler, we could be in trouble.  Fletcher Cox and crew have got to fund Cutler into the ground.

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  1. WHO CARES ABOUT THE SIZE of their receivers…….It’s a non-issue as long as you get to scared a_ _ CUTLER……Their o-line is a sieve lol lol no excuse not to get to him no excuse at ALL!!!!!!!!!

    1. Haveacigar … none of my corn ball jokes here today , For real , Can you explain to me if your not jammed with time,. why an elite corner back ala Norman can publicly say” I am only going to cover one side of the field.”To me football is an ultimate team game. Does not the locker room get on Norman for being selfish?Bill Belichik may have cut this cat,I guess I/m really slowing down in life, as I cant recall this type of talk before, Maybe a bit from T.O. but T.O. turned out to be a fan favorite and as tough as any guy I ever knew in the philly hoods ,Thanks , I never heard this stuff before , but of course I am not quite the guy I was either . Thanks for time and input . Can you recall a player ,recently standing tall and proud and making this type of a statement???What would have happened if the coaches went crazy over this statement.???

      1. Nope I’ve never heard it… I think maybe some guys prefer to push off one foot or another, maybe he feels like he gets leverage better, feels his technique is better.
        My thoughts on him is he thinks he’s gotten bigger than the team…. He has gotten so much notoriety that getting his name in print is a top priority. My guess

  2. I have just signed on to pursue ,a long, long time broken dream of mine ,I will be starting to work towards my Masters Degree in’ Hospitality and Tourism” .It was a slow moving dream , but a fine goal and dream it shall be, Huge bucks await me, Drinks are on me Men,

  3. If the pass rush can get to Cutler, than I wouldn’t be worried about Chicago’s WRs. If he’s under constant pressure, Cutler will make mistakes and begin to sulk, and once he sulks, he’s already lost. This game is also about controlling the clock on offense, if we have the TOP like we had last week, there’s no way the Bears can win.

  4. H.A.C, the whole story is under denny baskins WEEK ONE Afterthoughts .Not G Cobb but Baskins column . I,M very confused and hope you might read it and give your thoughts on it ,

    1. Simple he got paid a lot of money… Now he will take it easy and shut down the teams 2 and 3 WR…. You don’t win with high price FA divas usually…. This will ultimately bite the skins

  5. Eagles get to Cutler early and create turnovers we win. If not, then it will be a long night. Jeffery will eat our CBs alive! And I sure hope the Eagles players don’t embarrass us by reneging to pledge allegiance to the flag. Eagles 27 Bears 17

    1. Wow you got Eagles d putting up 35? I mean no way u just said wentz is leading his team to 35 on the road in his first mnf game. Especially 9-10 days after you said he would be shit. Lmfao.

      You’re goofy

  6. I also said he’d be like a kirk cousins or ryan tannehiill.

    I’ll keep the Tannehill comparison. I was wrong about the Cousins. I don’t think he’ll be THAT bad.

  7. Stop it ts ur a fraud

    “Wentz isn’t a very good Qb.
    Eagles aren’t a very good team.
    If we go 8-8 consider it a win.

    September 6, 2016 – 7:52 am
    Profile photo of tsjohnson5
    Ya’ll are funny. As if you can’t have opinions on rookie QBs based on what they bring (or don’t bring) to the table.
    Wentz wasn’t worthy of his draft position. Had they gotten him lower…maybe where they originally were supposed to draft him I wouldn’t feel so hostile towards (same reason why I don’t like Bortles – was taken too damn high).
    He’s not a transformative player – he’s the equivalent of white bread or bland oatmeal – not exciting in the least – He does nothing well enough to hang your hat on – he’s Ryan Tannehill/Kirk Cousins/Fitzpatrick – probably good enough where you’d have to resign him, but not good enough where you’d actually win anything.
    Be happy with middle of the road if you must – but try and blow smoke up my ass about how great he is or how much potential he has.

    U never even watched him play and said all that stop it. U ain’t got a damn clue

  8. U never watched him play and came up with

    He’s not a good qb

    He wasn’t worthy of his draft position

    Not a transformative player.

    All those dumb assed opinions and u never saw him play and once u did u didn’t say a word. Fraud.

  9. It’s not PI cuz we’re on the road getting screwed by refs who notice every little hold or PI by us, and miss every penalty they committ.

    I came into this season thinking Carson could lean on the run game and an experienced offensive line, but it seems we’d be up the creek without him. The tight ends are the only ones giving him help.

    1. What the hell are you not a fan of tonight? Him facing down the blitz? Gift wrapping a TD for Mathews? Just try to enjoy the damn game with a kid QB who is playing pretty damn well (again) tonight.

  10. Man, this type of shit doesn’t happen to the Eagles. I mean the coaching staff has given Carson free rein, they aren’t trying to ease him in. And he’s coming up aces. I already believed we could win the division coming into the season, should I upgrade my hopes? The defense is balling, and this Wentz is too good to be true.

    1. Skayne. Its way too early ..But you have every right to be excited about 11..he needs avoid the big kill shots and his receivers need secure the ball..remember Cleveland and chicago …aint exactly what you call elite

    1. Dude we got us one this Wentz kid is a winner, and Doug p with the classic Andy trickery in red zone puts the game out of reach, by the way jaylen mills balling after that tough start

  11. Congrats to the Eagles & Coaching Staff on a Game well played from a nice Game Plan, to the Execution, Energy Level and overall solid, smart play from their QB, their Defense & Coaching Staff..
    .. A couple concerns moving forward is the continued Dropped Passes, Center Kelce getting over-powered at the point of the attack, the health of Kicker Sturgis who appeared to have pulled a hamstring/groin muscle which may mean trying out a new Kicker for next Week and the Special Teams Coverage Units
    Game Balls Go out to Wentz, Trey Burton, Ryan Matthews, Brandon Graham, N Bradham, R McLeod & J Mills after a shaky start..
    The O/Line got better and took control in the 2nd Half

    1. With all due respect paul, yes some are concerning but man we just won our 2nd straight this season with a rookie Qb.. My god, enjoy the win man

      I know you gave commendation but you focus too much on the small negatives. There are certainly more positives then negatives

      Just not the day for negatives bro

      1. He will always focus on the negatives– what he doesn’t get is that if we followed any other team in the league we would have a similar list. with a 53 man roster and a 46 man game day roster injuries are the real deal– they happen.
        Drops happen — Jeffries had at least one–
        The eagles have put 2 Qbs out in 2 weeks and the nitwits will still say they aren’t getting enough pressure– the D has allowed like 14 points in 2 games but the nitwits will still point out negatives– its what they live for.
        Great win by the birds.

        1. Hart! You pumped for hoops? Less than 2 weeks.

          Dont worry about paul and his excitement, its well documented hes not an eagles or philly sports fan. just a grumpy wanna be arm chair philly sports gm… his whole shtick is me me me me me me im right im right im right this is what i would do … he stated the wentz trade was dumb and we went all in for it lmfao

          man philly starting to get nice

          phillies – bunch of young studs/stars on the horizon – franco, joseph?, nick williams, jp, alfaro, couzins, quinn, hoskins

          sixers – JOE JOE, simmons, saric, oak, noel

          flyers – young, hextell is working hard, seem like they talented but im not as dialed in on flyers as i used to be


          1. Henski on your post…. are the sixers ALLOWED to win now? or is an 8 seed still a bad thing? I’m thinking learn how to win, develop a culture but I’m sure there is some 18 year old, next Lebron type coming out of high school or something that we have to add….

            Phils– yes they are in good shape– they all of a sudden have 3 MLB middle infielders- they obviously don’t like Freddy’s OB% but… will end the year with 22 HR, .240 and GG quality, Hernandez is like .285..I also think there is a decent 2B in their system…Cozins and Hoskins strike out a bunch– Joseph very impressive year… looks like the Pence trade wasn’t so bad after all… pitching…watch for Lively who we stole from the reds for Marlon Byrd I think.

            Lastly…. Wentz has the future ever looked so bright for the birds? Wentz did we ever have a possible generational QB? I’m not talking Hoying, Foles etc..NEVER, thats WENTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. yup they can win now and will win now. im a little concerned at embiids and simmons immaturity but hopefully that will be a non factor… yea we can and will win now, in a perfect world we make the playoffs this year and lakers dont get a top 3 pick and we get it next year and can trade jah and 4 pick to get to 1 and get josh jackson but at this point thats a pipe dream… i predict they win 30ish games but miss the playoffs but so long as simmons embiid and saric are good we are set for a long time with those 3. imo jah and noel are our tradeable assets

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