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wentzWentz Solid In Face Of Early Adversity

Carson Wentz received another flurry of tests in his second start, and the rookie turned in another solid performance in Monday’s win over the Bears.

For the first time in his career, Wentz played from behind, and had to overcome a solid pass rush as well as mistakes from his own teammates.

The Eagles opened the game with a no-huddle approach, in which Wentz was allowed to make all kinds of adjustments at the line of scrimmage before each snap. The Birds moved the ball down the field methodically, traveling 46 yards on 12 plays over a whopping seven minutes and 26 seconds.

Along the way, the Eagles were faced with a fourth-and-two, and Pederson elected to go for it, trusting his rookie quarterback to advance the drive as did the week before in Cleveland. Wentz once again delivered, firing a strike to Dorial Green-Beckham. The drive would result in a field goal.

After that, the offense would stall for most of the first half. Chicago took away the running game, sent a pretty good pass rush at Wentz, and the wide receivers dropped a handful of passes, but Wentz never lost his poise.

Wentz wasn’t rattled by the amount of hits he was taking, and remained accurate and precise with the majority of his passes throughout the game. I’ve been very impressed by his awareness. The rookie seems to do an excellent job reading and reacting to defenses, and also seems to constantly keep his eyes down the field, even during broken plays.

The biggest positive? No turnovers for the offense. No turnovers in either game this season.

While Wentz’s numbers aren’t impressive on paper, he delivered some big throws tonight. If his wideouts had held on to a couple more passes, his numbers might have matched the impressiveness of his performance.

Defense Anchors Eagles’ Road Win

Playing without Leodis McKelvin was a bit an issue for the Eagles tonight, but Jim Schwartz’s unit stood tall on the road against the Bears.

The defense started the game with a quick three-and-out. On the second Chicago drive, the Birds gave up a couple of long completions, but were bailed out by Chicago kicker Connor Barth missing a chip-shot field goal.

Jalen Mills was beat on a double move by Alshon Jeffrey on the third drive, giving up a 49-yard completion that set up the Bears’ first touchdown.

The fourth possession was an impressive one for the defense. The Eagles’ offense had stalled out, and the Bears began with the football around midfield with a 7-3 lead. Brandon Graham recorded a sack on first down, and the defense was able to get off of the field without allowing further damage.

In the second half, the defense really took over. The group forced three turnovers in the second half, including a sack and forced fumble of Jay Culter by Destiny Vaeao to stop a drive around mid-field, an interception by Nigel Bradham that would set the offense up for an easy touchdown, and another forced fumble by Bennie Logan to put the game out of reach.

The defense would force Cutler out of the game, and finished the night allowing only seven points to the Chicago offense.

Quick Thoughts


  • Jordan Matthews may go down as one of the most frustrating wide receivers we’ll see in Philadelphia. Matthews had an absolutely inexcusable drop at the end of the first half that cost the Eagles a touchdown. With the team driving towards the end of the half, Wentz put up a perfectly thrown ball right in position for Matthews to make a play, and the third-year pro couldn’t come down with it.
  • That was probably the worst drop I had seen since Todd Pinkston “lost the ball in the lights” back on Monday Night against the Washington Redskins in 2004.
  • Jason Kelce wiped out a 20-yard completion to Brent Celek with a holding penalty, and was then flagged for an illegal hands to the face on the very next play.
  • Jason Peters was flagged for a holding call that wiped out a Ryan Mathews first-down run.
  • Mathews wasn’t involved in the first half, but scored two touchdowns in the second half.
  • Doug Pederson employed a number of power-running formations that featured seven offensive lineman. Matt Tobin and Stefan Wisniewski came in as extra blockers, with the team using Jordan Matthews as the lone wideout in these sets.
  • The Eagles tried to go back to the jet sweep plays for Josh Huff that worked in the preseason, but the Bears nuetralized them effectively.
  • Wendell Smallwood picked up an 11-yard run in the second half.
  • Kenjon Barner wasn’t involved much in the gameplan this week.
  • Nelson Agholor made a couple of plays, but also dropped two catchable balls, including a fade route in the endzone.
  • Trey Burton picked up the slack in the absence of Zach Ertz, catching five passes for 49 yards and a touchdown.
  • Why isn’t Dorial Green-Beckham the target on the fade routes?


  • Malcolm Jenkins got the defense off to a strong start, sacking Cutler on a safety blitz on the opening possession for Chicago.
  • Jalen Mills struggled against Alshon Jeffrey, but maintained his cool and played better later in the game.
  • Interesting sequence in the first half. During the third Chicago possession, middle linebacker Jordan Hicks was replaced by veteran Stephen Tulloch. Hicks wasn’t injured, as he came out with the special teams for the Bears’ extra point try. The Birds opted to give that entire series to Tulloch.
  • Ron Brooks should have had an interception on the second Chicago drive, dropping a pick on a third down. Luckily, the Bears missed the field goal on the following play.
  • Destiny Vaeao would probably have been near the bottom of my list of likely heroes from tonight’s game.
  • The Eagles missed a number of open field tackles that gave the Bears some nice gains. Ron Brooks, Jalen Mills, and Malcolm Jenkins were all guilty of this.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis was a key in tonight’s game, drilling all three of his field goal attempts in the first half, including a 53-yarder to give the Birds the lead.
  • The special teams allowed the Bears to score a garbage-time touchdown in the fourth.

Final Thoughts

Everything about this team has been very impressive through two weeks.

The rookie quarterback looks great. The defense has given up just 17 points in eight quarters. But what stands out most of all, is that this team seems to be very well coached.

Doug Pederson has done a very good job through two games. He’s had a lot of creativity in his formations, and the fact that his offense hasn’t turned the ball over at all to this point is a credit to him.

The Eagles are now 2-0 and come back home to face a great challenge in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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247 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Bears

  1. A Great Team Win….
    HC Pedersen may appear a little aloof and good old country boy from the Louisiana Bayou, but he’s getting the entire Roster of Players involved, has engaged his Coaching Staff to teach and involve the Players andhasshownconfidence inhis Team allowing the Veterans and Young Players to play loose, confident and with energy .. No Turnovers, with a few Negative Plays and minimal Penalties are a sign of a well-coached Team and something we haven’t seen fora good while with the Eagles..

  2. Eagles 2 – 0…who would have thought? Wentz reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers. Beating the Steelers next Sunday would be a huge victory for these young birds. Absolutely love what I’m seeing!

  3. Steelers are 0-8 in philly all time.

    No leveon, or martavius. I believe philly can stop and slow down 34 year old Deangelo Williams. He’s been impressive but this probably will be best defense they play so far.

    Rest Zach and leodis one more week so there fresh coming off there bye for the Long haul.

  4. Thats 2 touchdowns allowed by philly that came off two bogus pass interference calls. The one on Malcolm week 1, and the one tonight.

    Score should have been worse in both games then they really were. The holding and PI calls in the endZone, The illegal formation. The drops by Nelson and Matthews in the endzone.

    Great tip by bears defender on first drive. Literally less then a inch from another touchdown.

    That obvious call on Nelson agholor that Wasn’t not called was sad also.

    Philly can beat Pitt.

  5. Dorial Green- Beckham should the Eagles red zone target. Toss it up and let DGB fight for it in the air. They need to utilize his size and height advantage

  6. Kool where are you?

    I thought trey burton couldn’t play ?

    Thought wentz was a desperate reach and a gamble?

    God damn son you never been right in your life.

  7. The thing that has surprised me the most about Wentz thus far is his accuracy. He’s been pin point dialed in on his passes.
    I expected the command, leadership, toughness, calm and poise, but I didn’t think his accuracy would be so spot on this early. Working on his mechanics this off season definitely has helped in that process.
    Wentz is a stud franchise QB in them making…no doubt about it.

  8. Gotta admit Doug had impressed me. When he didn’t know how many channels were on the headset I thought we were in big trouble with him.

    Carson was flawless last night. Hard to find any bad balls from him last night. I remember seeing one bad throw. Aside from that every throw was perfect. This kids special.

    Nelson agholor man he’s looking better every time he takes the field. If someone has any connects to the coaching staff (Gary) please tell them to fine him every time he jumps for a ball he doesn’t have to. Ball could hit him in the numbers and for some strange reason he’ll jump.

    Absolutely nothing scary about pitt d. Let’s see if he can go toe to toe with the best offense in football.

    Only 2 games but clearly wentz should’ve went #1, we got a qb who can do everything. All the athleticism Of mcnabb but can make all the throws. He mixes up speeds , will throw wr open , lead wr, throw a bullet then the next play a rainbow with touch. This was d awesome

      1. last week it was just the browns, this week just chicago– yes there will be an INT– there will be a game of multiple INT’s …. but make no mistake this guy is special– we have our guy-
        also, to the naysayers about pederson …. the guy gets it, he has hitched his wagon to wentz and i think we are in for a good ride!

        1. i wasnt necessarily a pederson naysayer but i was skeptical for sure. through 2 games im impressed great clock/timeout management (having a competent qb helps), suprisingly deceptive offensive formations and plays. smart calculated 4th down calls. i dig it. i mean i think john fox’s time has come and gone but for him to outcoach a vet like that is impressive for sure.

          lets hope this keeps rolling

  9. looks like lanes b sample finally came back hot, he will appeal but hes gonna be on the shelf sooner or later

  10. NFL suspended Eagles RT Lane Johnson 10 games for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, but he will appeal the decision.
    Johnson’s appeal is scheduled for October 4, which means he will be able to play this week against the Steelers. With the Eagles on bye Week 4, it could be his final game until Week 15 if the appeal does not go in his favor, which it almost certainly won’t. The plan in camp was to have LG Allen Barbre play right tackle while Johnson was suspended.
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News
    Sep 20 – 9:35 AM

  11. Trey Burton is the truth. The guy drops nothing and cant be covered by any LB or safety. You pair him up with a healthy Ertz and its our version of Gronk and Hernandez.. I see growth in our WR. Yes they drop some but don’t you have the feeling they are on the cusp of being really really good. I guess this is what they mean when the say a great QB makes you better. Next year concentrate on oline and CB and its on.

  12. Remember when the excuse last year was that our recievers drop balls, that’s what makes the qb look bad. Well, they still drop balls, yet somehow the QB looks pretty good. That’s the difference, stats are for fantasy. Watching the actual game and seeing body language, toughness, command, arm strength, etc is how you gauge good QB play and this rookie is showing why we moved up to get him. “Desperate reach” huh? More like ROY.

  13. Doug Pederson has been simply brilliant. He is creative, he has been aggressive he has been spectacular. How refreshing is it to see all these formations and different plays. The old saying holds true “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

    1. 100, Dag! Pederson has done a very good job thus far! All the coaches actually…Schwartz has had a good game plan also and the players are executing. I’m a defensive minded fan…I like the aggressiveness from the linebackers, the coverage by the CB’s…Mills is growing up, play by play…Didn’t start off well for him, but he settled down a bit and ended with a pretty good game..Its a good sight to see the defense off the field able to recover.

      But the rookie QB, the cat is the real deal! I was already drinking the kool aid…but I poured myself a big glass when Wentz stood in the pocket and delivered the pass to Celek but got lit up. Was pissed with kelce for that holding call, QB takes a shot like that for nothing…If there was one critique for Wentz he has to get out of bounds and protect himself better.

      I am very worried about the O Line, especially if we lose Johnson…line has been kind of shaky, more pressure allowed than I’d like to see…But without Johnson the line obviously gets weaker….

      Very pleased to have watched some good football these past two weeks from our Eagles. One game at a time one week at a time!

  14. Observations as well ,the coaching on both sides of the ball ,has been exemplary.You don’t see either side of the ball ,treating the other as a perriah…there seems to be a team chemistry that just didn’t exist in prior regimes..It’s refreshing for a head coach to exhibit confidence in his room poke QB on successive fourth down calls in the past ,we’d have punted and or run a silly dive play ..The coach who appeared as a country bumpkin ,is calculated and appears like his QB never unprepared…Contrast the defensive coordinator ,to Billy Duh ,and it’s a remarkable transformative display of dominance.Im personally taking note of special teams ,which is the only Achilles from last night .They will need watch the disciplines and Flipp will get that straightened out ..A 2-0 start with an AFC opponent ,worthy of a “true ” test ..Carson will face off vs his idol ,in Big Ben,and here’s hoping he’s as cool as the underside of his pillow ..knowing this kid ,it will only feed his inner beast


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    1. The Russians have hacked “Kools” emails and he’s ordered on line for the holidays a howie trick or treat accountants costume and a number 11 jersey for Xmas ..he’s being treated at a local clinic for a deadened finger waiting to pounce on cartons first int …


    Game Center doesn’t tell the story, nor does Pro Football Reference’s box score. That’s because numbers don’t do justice to the performance Carson Wentz put together Monday night in Chicago.

    You had to see it. You had to feel it. Wentz’s coming-out party had to be witnessed.

    You had to watch as he confidently checked out of plays after scanning the Bears defense at the line of scrimmage, as he boldly stepped into the rush to deliver missiles and as he commanded the offense like a 10-year veteran.

    Quarterback is the most cerebral position in professional sports, and Wentz established on Monday night that he possesses both the physical and mental prerequisites to be a franchise quarterback. Not in 2017, not later this year.

    Right now.

    It’s all a little jarring, because Wentz wasn’t supposed to be this good this quickly. He wasn’t supposed to be this polished. He hails from North Dakota State, which makes him the first-ever NFL quarterback out of that FCS program. He’s only the fifth quarterback to be drafted in Round 1 out of the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA).

    To boot, the guy started training camp as the Eagles’ third-string quarterback. He took just 38 snaps and completed just 12 of 24 passes in one preseason game before missing the rest of camp and the preseason due to a broken rib.

    Carson Wentz vs. recent No. 1 overall picks, first two starts Quarterback Record Comp.% TD-INT YPA Rating
    Carson Wentz 2-0 60.6 3-0 6.6 94.1
    Cam Newton 0-2 62.7 3-4 10.3 89.1
    Jameis Winston 1-1 55.6 3-2 7.7 83.6
    Andrew Luck 1-1 56.6 3-3 7.0 75.2
    Sam Bradford 0-2 57.5 3-4 5.3 63.5
    Matthew Stafford 0-2 50.8 1-5 5.3 40.5

    Pro Football Reference

    No rookie quarterback in the last decade has started from the get-go with less preseason work under his belt than Wentz, who was raw to begin with. We’re talking about a guy who until this month had started about 30 games at quarterback in his competitive football life (high school, college, pro).

    And yet, according to the ESPN broadcast, Wentz on Monday became the first rookie quarterback ever to start and win his team’s first two games with zero turnovers.

    Beating the Cleveland Browns without any major blemishes was one thing, but handily beating the Bears on the road on national television was another.

    Carson Wentz joined Sanchez, Flacco, Leaf and Elway as the only rookie QBs to win the first 2 games of the season since the 1970 NFL merger.
    — Josh Paunil (@JoshPaunil) September 20, 2016

    And again, it was the way he did it.

    It wasn’t that Wentz was 21 of 34 for 190 yards with a touchdown and no picks. It was the way he was in complete control running the no-huddle offense in order to set the tone on Philadelphia’s first drive of the night. On that scoring drive, Wentz completed eight of the nine passes he threw.

    From that point forward, the game belonged to a 23-year-old whom few in the football world knew until spring of 2016.

    It was the way he organized his receivers, read the blitz, made changes and calmly made plays throughout that drive, and the many that followed, despite the fact his receivers dropped at least three passes worth at least 82 yards. In fact, if Jordan Matthews and Nelson Agholor had better hands, he would have thrown three touchdown passes instead of one.

    Eagles QB Carson Wentz has had 3 passes dropped worth 82 yards. 2nd-most yards for any QB this week (only Matt Stafford had more) #PHIvsCHI
    — Pro Football Focus (@PFF) September 20, 2016

    And it was the way a young, inexperienced quarterback didn’t let those drops get him down, coming back stronger and more determined to pick his comrades up.

    It was the way he knew not to make things more complicated than they had to be, taking his easiest throws whenever possible.

    And it was the way he wasn’t fazed by a slew of heavy hits—although I’m sure Eagles fans would prefer to see him take fewer of those.

    Wentz established himself as a tough guy on Monday night, box score be damned. You saw it when he delivered a perfect strike to tight end Brent Celek despite being clobbered by Jerrell Freeman, and regardless of the fact that a holding penalty erased the entire play.

    You could see the arm, the ability to maneuver the pocket in order to buy time, and the intensity and perfectionism required of an elite quarterback. It was the way he smacked his hands together in frustration whenever the Eagles weren’t perfect, whenever they were forced to punt.

    Legends are made of that.

    It’s too early, of course, to use the E word, let alone the L word.

    Just last year, Marcus Mariota threw six touchdown passes and posted a 132.4 passer rating in the first two starts of his NFL career, but the jury remains out on Mariota. Buffalo’s EJ Manuel completed 68.2 percent of his passes, threw for three scores and had a 95.9 rating in his first two career starts, but Manuel is now a forgotten backup in Buffalo. And Robert Griffin III completed over 70 percent of his passes while throwing three touchdown strikes and posting a 111.6 rating over the first two games of his pro career, but Griffin was last seen trying to revive said career in Cleveland.

    But I watched all of those guys in their debuts, and none looked like Wentz. None were as cool, courageous and self-assured. And interestingly, none started 2-0.

    Wentz isn’t just getting by with sheer talent. He’s flashing the characteristics required of a quarterback ready to win now, not tomorrow. And for an Eagles team that hasn’t won a championship in over half a century—a team with a high-priced, veteran offensive line, an expensive, talented defense and a particularly skilled group of skill position players—that’s a very good sign.

  17. Just rewatched the game ..One critique ,why is sproles being used as a power back in short and goal line packages ,and when is a fullback package going to be implemented? we grow tight ends ,and have a trip tight ends package that coach must be salivating over ..Did you guys notice we have the opposing defenses on their heels ,as opposed to last year ,played NG down hill ,already knowing in simple terms what was coming?

  18. the last Carson we had in town was affectionately known as bud..his defensive prowess was number one across the board ,now we are witness to a new Bud ,a 23 year old neophyte who seems mature between his ears ..he’s taken the negadelphia and in just two short weekends ,turned a city into posidelphia …the coach who had appeared (by me) too be overmatched by even his head set ,has shown more formations in two weeks for opposing defensive coordinators than even his mentor AR ..Jeffrey’s copious notes have been shredded ,Howies ,back in good graces ,and we are now the city of brotherly love …and every other teams city is “green” with envy…good stuff ..has replaced “good grief”

    1. I think if you go back to Howie talking about spending a year studying what top quality organizations do worldwide you have to give him /lurrie a lot of credit– they stepped back looked at culture, organization, evaluation etc and put a very good (so far) plan in place– all the hand wringing about the money to QB’s, the mortgaging the future and of course ‘we were the only ones to interview pederson’ seems to be just fans being fans- howie is a smart guy, Lurie is smart and it seems pederson is a smart coach– very interesting times ahead– they won’t go undefeated, one of these fourth downs they won’t convert, wentz will throw a 3 int game…the handwringing and finger pointing will be back…but for now this is really refreshing.

      1. Hac. Careful you’re teetering on that negadelphia truism demarcation line…ha ..too many chimp posts have sabotaged your mind..I contend this is a posidelphia bridge to new beginnings..when prepared the 3 turnover games can’t be eliminated but the possibility is that they can be minimized..Preparation of game plans in concert with a QB who is being mentored by Daniels and Pederson has so far proven to be an ideology of positive results..taking his team under his cape and making them feel the embrace of posidelphia in wentzilla

        1. Desert my history is Petey Positive and I am way positive at this point– I was pointing to the Kools and TS’s of the world–and yes henski he will have a 3 int game– a tipped ball, a pass made while being hit– it happens to all of them.
          We have the beginnings of a MARRIAGE– coach and QB–

          To Epidemic– I believe if you were invested in any other team you would find receivers to frustrate you with drops–

  19. Leadership has emerged many witnessed wentzilla calmly discussing the dropped perfect td pass between the QB and 81? On the sidelines immediately after the play ..No tirade ,just a calm acknowledgement …no finger pointing ..devoid of contamination and degradation

    1. yea that was good camera work to catch that. i was screaming grab him by his throat and choke slam him wentz, lol.

      1. I thought that was a great moment. Had a discussion with a colleague (former CFL player, not Eagles fan) who brought it up this morning.

        “That kid looks like he get it.” Was his line. Absolutely true.

        Have to say though, man Matthews and Agholor have got to get this shit sorted out or they’re going to run themselves on to the bench eventually (and not this year obv because they’re all the Birds got)…but it can’t keep going like this forever else they’ll be out of a job sooner than later.

        1. Their not going to run themselves to the bench…For who? its not like the WR depth is that great!
          Those cats do have to catch the ball though…Matthews drop in the end zone was worse than any of Agholors…Matthews didn’t have the defender driving through his hands or anything like that…Agholor needs to do some hand strengthening and work on ripping that ball to his body

  20. What a showing by Wentz.

    Matthews is a very frustrating receiver as he can be really good on some plays and really bad on the next.

    Agholor doesn’t have strong hands at all. I think another year with conditioning and strengthening he will be really solid. He seems to get a step on CB covering him which is open by NFL standards.

    Time to take it to the Steelers

  21. gotta admit this suspension / appeal timing is perfect. wentz gets lanes protection through first 3 games, then gets 2 weeks (day after game 3 through the buy) to figure out what the new rt can and cant do

  22. Rookie HC and his Rookie QB are starting off strong. Hard to not be overly excited, but it is really great to see.

    The HC and OC have really done a great job preparing this young QB. I was impressed by the offensive play calling, but did question the run / pass ratio (had flashbacks to Big Red) and wonder why we were using Sproles as a powerback, but otherwise, it was a good plan. They got the plays in early, got the team to the line of scrimmage and gave Wentz time to get a good pre-snap read and audible out if needed. He looked in control and given that it was only his second game, we can look for this to increase in the future.

    Defense was strong at times, but still saw the DB’s give up another long pass that was seemingly thrown up for grabs. I also saw some runs that reminded me of the weaknesses with the wide-nine. Still, we saw turnovers and a strong pass rush. Put a second QB on the IR for the second week in a row. Schwartz is getting to know his players better each game, and I look for this unit to improve more throughout the season.

    Bring on those cross-state tough guys, our Birds are flying high.

    GO BIRDS!!!

    1. All insights are confirmation of a well coached team. Lets not lose sight on special teams gaffes..I have stated earlier flipp will get that fixed..I also have never seen a full roster of fresh legs all contributing and alteration on a play by play observing

      1. Good point about Special Teams.

        It was really amazing on the telecast how Gruden was talking about not punting to Royal in the middle of the field, and when we did we got burned. Really no excuse with such a veteran punter, but I agree that Flipp will put his crazy eyes on that group and get it worked out. I think that the missed extra point may be more of an injury situation, but that could also haunt us going forward in closer games.

        Did you notice that right after the punt return TD, that Flipp went and got Pederson to go with him to see the formation on the kickoff….got Pederson to call a TO so that could make adjustments for the onside kick? It was good to see how even after a disastrous play like the punt return, the coaching staff was focused enough to work together to be sure that they were prepared in the present. Good to see from a staff that is only in their second game of working together.

        1. What your addressing,is accountability,and how hits handled..many times its maddenning in the days of donovan and t.o to see how blane and fingerpointing lead to divisiveness

          1. Funny that you would mention that interaction between Wentz and Matthews. I am screaming at the TV about Matthews dropping that perfect pass, and the next thing I see Wentz speaking calmly with him about the play. I expected to see a lot of gesturing and disappointed faces, but Wentz communicated a strong leadership style that was working to prevent the mistake from happening again but not getting caught up in the emotion. On the earlier deep pass to Aglohar that was dropped he reacted to the play, but didn’t go overboard and show up his teammate. Again, I am trying to temper my enthusiasm because we are talking about a rookie, but it clearly looks like this guy gets it. He is a smart guy who grasps the concepts quickly, but who also knows how to be a good teammate and effective leader, even as a rookie.

            1. Greeny. It started with the top..jeffrey self analysis of his copious notes and transfer of transparency..he set the mea. Culpa bar..and its as if theres accontability .communication instantky on the sidelines but no blane game

        1. When he was thrown by his headset audio ,I admit,I too ithought…good grief…Its aweird concophany of events. All my years of needed psychological therapy have been assuaged in two games. Howie the messiah..

          1. The dynamics between a HC and an assistant need to be taken into account. Everyone was looking for a minii me of AR…. Asst. coaches assimilate what their head coach vision is, they speak out behind closed doors but in the end know their place. However, asst. coaches who aspire to be head coaches keep a binder (thats the old days) or a thumb drive of how they will do it when they get the chance– That is why it is impossible to assess how well an asst. will do as a HC– think of bradley, he was a great asst. when he was following Carrolls vision… He gets a shot, he breaks out his binder, shares his vision and he’s not the coach people thought he was.

  23. Lets all breath easy,it appears albeit early in its gestation,we have reasonably eliminated the boring banter of dimwits on this site and even will allow that t.s will come out under the witness protection plan and em race 11–in the wisdom of my savior John lennon. IMAGINE..

    1. bugs. His appeal will likely drag it on and on. Is the hope..meanwhile ,howue will be in week 4 or 5 and working on this..hes obviously made us all believe that hell pull a diamond out of the a trade with teams on there way to early oblivion

    2. You got that right bugsy, this self-inflicted wound will not be easily fixed with the quality of our backups. Even WITH Johnson, I was not over impressed with the play of the OLine…so losing him for 10 games, both our run game and QB protection will be tested. I hope that some unknown player can step up and provide some quality play, but that is probably wishful thinking.

  24. Oline s not a concern. Let me tell you why. Its true next year we will go oline heavy in FA and draft but this year we are blessed to have coach and a offensive coordinator who were NFL QBs. They will do everything in there power to protect Wentz and in actuality the protection may be better when LJ is suspended. They may have to keep extra players in to block, they may have to design more roll outs but make no mistake Pederson and Reicht definitely understand not being protected while playing the QB position.

    1. Dag ..scheme all you want ..the sack of potatoes guy with talent is my choice over a sproles picking up a blitz..And another point you fail to elaborate on ..By keeping extra bodies in for max protection ,you’re limiting the options for the QB to release the football.Its not a solution ,it’s a band aid on a tidal Flood

      1. Scheme is everything why do you think NE doesnt miss a beat w/o Tom Brady? Matt Cassell thrives, Garrapolo thrives etc. Hell NE will win thursday with there 3rd stringer. Belechek makes it work. Brady is a great talent but lets get real Belechek schemes every week and wins even without Brady.

    2. Frank Reich rumored for the Buffalo Bills HC which will open up after this Season..and Jim Schwartz to the Indy Colts… ..

  25. Not sure what my feelings on the Johnson suspension/appeal are.

    Frankly, I kinda wish the league didn’t drag their asses and he started the season under suspension. I think the Eagles would have won Chic and Clev without him.

    So part of me wants to get this over with asap so he’ll be back by the end of the year (and that would have been better served had he already missed 2 games)

    But again, I want the rook to have the best possible oline out there, and a second stringer tackle against Pitt, Cincy, Seattle, Vikes etc…..yuck.

    But again….if he ties this up Brady style all year (and I think he could) then what does this accomplish?? He might lose the second half of the season and potentially playoffs?? (Dare to dream) or perhaps worse….his suspension comes next year when Wentz and Eagles will be better seasoned and have a better chance to compete in the playoffs.

    But again, at that point Eagles will have been able to use a first rounder on a tackle

    I’m flip-flopping on this one. But I guess I’d prefer if he didn’t appeal and just took his medicine now. Be back later.

    Jeez though, the Birds sched gets tougher coming up…..Stelers, @Lions, @Hawks, GB,

  26. I am also very excited to see what has happened. Howie deserves much credit. Even getting a 1 for bradford (or whatever stupid name the idiots give him) seemed impossible IMO. I was excited about finally getting a real DC but it has been better than I expected. Better days ahead my friends!!

  27. Very impressed with Doug Pederson – Got to give it to him.

    I saw innovation, and strategic creativity, which had to drive the Bears coaching brass crazy. I also saw in game adjustments – never seen by Chip, or Andy Reid

    Wentz, has been impressive, but you have to give the game ball to the coach, and give him his props.

    1. This defense has always been good. Even under billy Davis. The defensive unit last year was the reason we were in 14/16 games.

      You switch to a scheme more suitable to your personnel str and hire a better coach who can just focus on Defense and this is what u get. The defense has been straight up chillin.

      Philly having the ball 40min week 1 and 37 week 2. And that’s without having a dominate running attack

      1. Cy. Your joking I hope. The defense was 30th ranked under Billy DUH ..Davis ..they singled wideouts ,daring th m to exploit them ..and they obliged ..whatever your smoking. Pass it

      2. Ct.. just stop. Single high safety only works when you have talent.. extreme talent on the outside. I mean.. amazing. They didnt have that. And it also only works when you mix up the play call a bit. We had none of that. Ever. Just stop already. The D was crap.

    2. Cliff, glad you came out from your rock after your college degree fiasco.
      Anyway, impressed by Doug…wow thats a first, credit to a philly guy who you didn’t endorse… next your eyes will open on Graham and Johnson, if you have watched either game with an open eye and mind you would see they are damn good players– but i’m sure your cuckooness won’t allow you.

      1. What fiasco??….I told you I have Bachelors, and Masters Sports Management Degrees

        I had to have my motherboard replaced on my computer.

        I gave Foles credit when he was here. I did the same with Desean, LeSean, and Celek. Other than those players you may be right, because there hasn’t been one to endorse.

        I’m smart enough to see Graham, and Johnson aren’t what you think they are. That will never change. Graham is an energy, effort guy who starts, but should be coming off the bench. Johnson is a cheater, who needs drugs to achieve mediocre performances.

        1. and through their own website it was proven they don’t offer that degree and certainly not online in 2003–
          right graham and johnson are terrible because you say they are and you got a mail order degree in parks and rec and that qualifies you …

          1. I never said they were terrible. I said they were average players.

            FYI, the curriculum that you are hanging your argument on is not the actual curriculum I had, nor is it a full disclosure of the classes needed.

            If you look at the undergraduate online objective you will see that finance, accounting, law, and marketing are part of the curriculum for an actual Sports Management Degree – which are not on that parks, and recreation curriculum you holding on to.

            Florida International has been offering online degreed programs since 1993. I received my Bachelors in 2003, and my Masters in 2006. I know what I have, and don’t need to argue that with you.

            My point in even mentioning it to you was I was proving you don’t have a leg to stand on to question my opinions when you by admission has let it be known you really don’t know anything about how to manage a sports team – nothing – so why are speaking on anyone’s opinions??

            1. Cliff just 10 days ago you send you got ur masters in 2003 and now today poof it changed to 2006.

              And 10 days ago you said u got ur bachelors in 2000 now poof today it’s 2003:

              September 13, 2016 – 9:37 pm
              Profile photo of gmcliff
              Sorry, but mine is in Sports Management. Have had it since 2003, and my Bachelors of science since 2000.
              As I stated earlier you are mistaken.
              I’ve never heard of a DEGREE in Parks, and Recreation

              You do meth or crack right?

              1. Misprint Big Mhenski. just like when you found my post about my diabetes being terminal. typing too fast, and not reading it before I post. That’s all that is.

                If a student’s FOCUS was on a degree in Parks, and Recreation – that may be his curriculum, but my focus was on Sports Management – and I achieved that despite any disbelief .

                My point in even talking about it was to make a point that Haveacigar doesn’t have a leg to stand on to criticize, or scrutinize the opinions of anyone on this blog – He’s all talk, and has – to me has proven that time and again.

                I don’t need to continue to speak about my education. Ciggy lets talk about your plan for the Eagles going forward to enhance what we have as a roster to compliment Wentz – Who specifically would you target in the draft, and in free agency??

                ….Answer the question, so you can prove what I already know – you don’t know anything so keep your mouth shut.

              2. YEA SURE DUDE. ONE BIG MISPRINT 2000, 2003, 2006 NO BIG DEAL…

                January 14, 2013 – 9:36 am
                Profile photo of gmcliff

                “I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in Sports Management, and on the basketball team. Brother I am very fulfilled in life. I am disabled now, and love talking Sports.”


              3. gmcliff
                May 8, 2013 – 2:17 pm
                Profile photo of gmcliff

                Says you……… I want to hear your opinion when my draftees become superstars, and your making excuses for why Howies draftees are busts…..When that happens, it will be obvious you are just in denial……….

                Let me let you in on something Junior. I am more qualified than you understand….like a :

                Bachelors of Science in Recreational/ Sports Management
                Masters of Science in Recreational/Sports Management……….all from Florida International University….

                PhD in Sports Management.from Concordia University of Chicago
                Bachelors of Science in Sports/ Event Food Management……..
                from Johnson & Wales University

                As well as:
                Certification Certificate of Competence in Sports Administration
                Certification Certificate in Sports Negotiation and Compliance
                Certification Certificate in Sports Marketing Management
                from the University of Arizona

              4. damn cliff even in that 2013 you talked about your degree and admit RECREATION and sports management– your words– i listed the requirements for that degree– it was heavily focused on REC sports– so please just stop.

            2. Wrong cliff I have actually managed teams,,,,real teams, teams that win and teams that lost….I’ve made good calls and bad calls…I’ve spent hours and days watching game films, I’ve had to take the field with inferior talent and put together a plan to win, I’ve had superior talent that has been beaten…it’s sports.
              What I said was I don’t (nor do you or anyone) watch enough college sports, enough coaches tape to make an informed opinion on a left guard from who cares state
              Your mail order degree does not qualify you for anything…pro GMs don’t have a sports management degree…let alone a recreation degree

              1. Not a General Manager you haven’t.

                …and I walked with my graduating class having my degree handed to me – Photo of that as well on my wall – Sorry…

              2. You already have a reference of the players I’ve identified through the years; It’s already been proven – over, and over and over again.

                I have always said you don’t have to watch a lot of tape; That’s what the GM’s do that eventually get fired, because they over analyzed, and were being overly critical, over thinking the process.

                Mel Kiper would have been fired many times over if he was a GM – BUT YOU WOULD SAY HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING A BOUT – He does partially…..He doesn’t have the eye.

                Like B Dawk said either you have it, or you don’t – You obviously don’t have it – but I do = so stop talking as if you do.

              3. No i haven’t been a GM…have you???????? that would be a one word answer ‘gm’ cliff– yes or no
                You have never dealt with athletics, never evaluated real players nothing– please stop embarrassing yourself– and i promise to stop arguing with you the crazy man…
                everyone in football says graham is playing out of his mind well– not gm cliff
                everyone in football says lane johnson is a damn good tackle who will be missed…not gm looney tunes.

              4. That’s right I am saying Graham and Lame are average players – and Lame needs the juice to achieve that status…….why would I care what opinions others have – That’s their opinion – so what.

                and just for the record EVERYONE does not say Graham’s playing out of his mind, nor does EVERYONE think Lame is a good player. Don’t assign everyone’s name to something just because that’s your opinion.

            3. If stated many times and will once again my plan for the eagles moving forward… ok here it is … in the draft I would have my scouts, coaches etc evaluate every single position on the football field- I would watch tape after tape, my scouts would do the same… I would come up with two things — top ten list at each position then i would have a big board of best players available from 1-300– I would continue to watch, I would go to the combine, pro days, I would invite potential draftees in..I would evaluate their talent, their brains and their character then on draft day pick the best one I could– I would trade up or back based on my research and thousands of hours of hard work….

              1. As for free agency I firmly believe that system guys that make a mid-level salary are the successful ones– Malcolm Jenkins preferred over Darius Byrd for example– build through the draft, supplement with FA.
                hit on a couple of UDFA for depth and there is your team.

              2. which courses from your curriculum most prepared you to evaluate players moving from college to pros? specifically, because i’ve been through the course catalog at your school and found none– be specific so i can refer back to the course catalog.

              3. Ciggy, you’re continuing to speak in generalities. You didn’t say anything specific – not one specific player. You mentioned a type of player – but you don’t know if your type of player would benefit this team, excel in this system, or is actually talented enough to make this team.

                You keep dancing around the request for a specific player. Let’s hear your expertise of who you think would enhance the overall talent on the team. Do you even know who is available?? Go ahead and google who is available – I know you’ll need to – but you still have to pick the right players – Do you know who they may be??

              4. Bachelor of Science

                Online BS in Recreation and Sport Management

                College of Arts, Sciences & Education


                Turn your passion for sports and recreation into a fulfilling career. The fully online BS in Recreation and Sports Management program prepares graduates with the management and leadership skills for the fast-paced, dynamic recreation and sports industry. Projected to grow to $73.5 billion by 2019 (PwC Sports Outlook, October 2015), the U.S. sports market is flourishing with opportunities in all areas, such as sports facilities (arenas/stadiums), sports marketing, community recreation programs, fitness clubs and intercollegiate athletics. The Recreation and Sports Management track’s curriculum blends fundamentals with real-world application, and includes industry-specific courses in finance, law, marketing, human resource management and the sociology of sport. You’ll gain hands-on experience through two internships.

                Take the next step.

                With FIU Online, you can learn anywhere, anytime. Our interactive technology enables you to watch lectures, get real-time feedback from your instructors and collaborate with classmates on projects. Plus, we provide you with a personal success coach who will provide you with one-on-one guidance every step of the way.

  28. For arguments sake lets say you have a “sports management degree” here is a blurb that describes the types of positions such a person MAY attain– GM isn’t one of them:

    Sports management degrees can lead to a variety of jobs. For example, some people go on to lead community and after-school sports- programs. Other people will go on to work for academic services in high schools or colleges. Other options include working for professional sporting groups in the marketing, health, promotions and compliance sectors. There are even fitness- and health-focused positions for people who want to work directly with the athletes. Some people take their sports management degrees and head into retail: representing sporting goods stores and more. Interested students need to consider their interests when looking for careers in the sports world. There is something for everyone. Narrowing down interests makes it easier to sift through the job boards and availabilities.

    1. Irrelevant to me. My objective was to be employed by a sports organization.

      I never got a chance to bring that to fruition. I was deemed as disabled before I could use it. That has not taken away from what I know, and my eye for talent – which you are obviously still in denial about.

      But that’s okay – You’re entitled to your opinion. I say so what??…LOL!!
      Who cares??…You can’t do anything to change it.

  29. After 2 games I know one thing for damn sure, I was worried about Wentz being a Bortles type. Not a chance Wentz has star potential and Bortles is a stiff. Damn I’m happy Jeff Fisher is coaching the Rams and drafted that stiff from Cal.

  30. Oh for crying out .. this has to stop. I cant take it anymore… cliff you arent a GM. John whatever doesnt have an inside ma with sixers. Pman doesnt watch film. Vinnie doesnt know a qb from a coffee pot. I was wrong about letting djax go… guys, its time to let this crap go and move on. Its a new year!! we have a 2-0 team and there is no backup for half the fanbase to get behind.. lets unite and enjoy the ride!!! Please… i beg all of you… move on from the cliff thing. Let the poor man be.

    1. Stevo you are correct, my bad for arguing with a crazy person–

      Birds are a fresh air– kudos to the FO for recognizing the need to truly get out front, recognize that the priority in the NFL is getting a QB to move your team and your BRAND to a world class level…

      I am predicting a game decided by a field goal either way– will come down to turnovers.

  31. Real tough game this week. A perennial playoff team coming to town. Steelers Defense is ranked #5 overall against the run ( Redskins & Bengals were their opponents). They are going to force Wentz to throw the football to beat them. Ben Roethlisberger is going to put at least 28 points on the Eagles. So the Eagles have to match that juggernaut Steeler offense ( Pitt ranks 3rd overall in total offense and total passing offense) Can Wentz put up 30 points this week ? Roethlisbergers ability to put points on the board combined with Steelers ability to stop the run means Lots and lots of Carson Wentz drop backs. Wentz has to run this week. He has to pick up first downs with his legs or the Steelers will tee off on him in the pocket and win by 20 points. Steelers will not allow Eagles to run the football with the RB.

    1. There you go again with carson HAS to run… yeah when the pocket breaks down if he can pick up a first down with his legs sure– maybe 1 or 2 during the course of the game-

  32. Steelers D is Average when Defending the Pass on Early Downs
    Their Secondary is Young, Aggressive and can be Exploited but must be attacked on the early downs and not wait until the Predictable Long Yardage Situations.. The Steelers Offense will go after the Eagles Outside CB’s big time and the Eagles have to do the same .. The Steelers Safeties can be burned in the middle of the Field and over the Top.. Both Teams have Played Well in their First 2 Weeks and the Steelers get WR Marcus Wheaton back
    This should be a Good Game and a Good Test for the Eagles..

  33. What else is new with the running game? Didn’t really help him much last week either. That being said, I think that the TEs need to have huge games because he is going to need to get rid of the ball early. I think that he is going to take a beating this week. I do agree that he is gonna have to make plays running to.

    I am more worried about the Defense than the offense. This ain’t Jay Cutler and soft Alshon Jeffery.

    This Steelers team is firing on all cylinders right now. Tough game for the Birds to win this week. As always I am hoping for a win, but not overly confident about this game.

  34. More Dump Off’s to the RB’s or Safety Valve Outlets.. Carson Wentz does not need to be scrambling any more than he’s already been doing and he needs to learn how to slide and get out of bounds and Protect himself or he won’t last a full season taking the shots he’s taken the first 2 Games..
    Young Guys think they can physically handle it but the reality is that those repeated hits take their toll on the body and start adding up after a while
    There’s nothing wrong with tossing the ball away or getting down to protect himself and Punting.. The Eagles need a healthy Wentz for all 16 Games….

    1. He can make plays running without taking big hits. He can get 5-6 yards and slide and/or get out of bounds. I would also like to see more of Sproles out of the backfield as well.

      1. And when you say “you guys’ you are really referring to one guy who thinks that they should be calling for designed runs. The others of us would like him to scramble and then get out of bounds or slide.

        I don’t think that his body can take a ton of huge hits as I have posted before.

            1. Wentz is a mobile QB and there are plenty of mobile QBs who are successful extending plays and scrambling for first downs without having to design runs for them. I am much too worried about him getting hurt like Mariotta did last season.

          1. Eagles 0 …you’re going to need reel that in,that Wentz is who he is ,and he’s going to run..His maturation ,allows him to start the game in a no huddle offense,only because the coaching staff trusts his instincts ,not to run ,but to read and react and audibilize..

              1. Wentz has 8 rushing attempts in 2 games, i think three were kneel downs– all on the scramble- he has not kept a RO and will probably only keep a few for the entire year- by comparison Flacco has 6 attempts, Manning 4, Luck 7, winston 7, Dalton 5, MARIOTTA only has 6 and idiot Newton has 17… No one in their right mind wants to run a QB by design– scamper to a first down ONCE OR TWICE A GAME at most– but a designed run– NEVER!

  35. So to summarize:

    Cliff lied about his bachelors degree.
    Cliff lied about his masters degree.
    Cliff lied about working for the Rams.
    Cliff lied about having a terminal illness.
    Cliff lied about winning $100,000 on Draft Kings.
    Cliff lied about his court case.

    What else ?

    Cliff do you ever speak truths?

    I am concerned about your mental health, you should see a Doctor. Lithium could help you.

    Defining characteristics of pathological lying include:

    The stories told are usually dazzling or fantastical, but never breach the limits of plausibility, which is key to the pathological liar’s tactic. The tales are not a manifestation of delusion or some broader type of psychosis; upon confrontation, the teller can admit them to be untrue, even if unwillingly (Cliff this is you)

    The fabricative tendency is chronic; it is not provoked by the immediate situation or social pressure so much as it is an innate trait of the personality. (Cliff this is you).

    A definitely internal, not an external, motive for the behavior can be discerned clinically: e.g., long-lasting extortion or habitual spousal battery might cause a person to lie repeatedly, without the lying being a pathological symptom.

    The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably. The liar “decorates their own person” by telling stories that present them as the hero or the victim. For example, the person might be presented as being fantastically brave, as knowing or being related to many famous people, or as having great power, position, or wealth. (Cliff this is you! 100K draft kings, College lies, you’re fake NBA son)

    Pathological lying may also present as false memory syndrome, where the sufferer genuinely believes that fictitious (imagined) events have taken place. The sufferer may believe that he or she has accomplished superhuman feats or awe-inspiring acts of altruism and love — or has committed equally grandiose acts of diabolical evil, for which the sufferer must atone or already has atoned in her/his fantasies.

    Get help Cliff!!!!

  36. Early wise guys line has the steelers at 31/2 and 46.. The indications are that wentzeerella turns into a pumpkin..and crashes to reality ..looking ahead the Eagles know they can sweeten there bye week and feed off the home crowd ,and the steelers may be peeking towards the AFC quartet that awaits in KC MIAMI JETS AND NEW’s always intriguing to have a home dog coming off two successive wins ..The coaches will be truly tested as Cleveland and Chicago are in the rearview,mirror and the battle for Wentzylvania looms..should be a yellow towel vs. wentzilla and a week off to heal ..

    1. Sources state that Primanti Brothers of PIttsburgh has already added a “Wentzilla Wrap” to their Menu… Details at 11pm about what kind of meat,spices,etc,etc is in the Sandwich…

      1. Pman there’s a guy here in AZ who has a sign up for a trump sandwich. It’s full of baloney with Russian dressing and a small pickle..Wentz hoagie ,would have to be premium North Dakota bison ,or the obvious a slider …

        1. I’ve seen those Trump Sandwich Signs … Ha..
          Can’t wait until the Election Season is Over.. Unbelievable How much Time,Energy and $$$$ is wasted in American Politics… I guess we get what we deserve anymore for tolerating it… Go Libertarian Party..

    2. Going to need to put up 30+ to win this Sunday methinks. I’m excited to see how it goes down.

      -3.5 seems a little ‘light’ if you ask me. I thought it’s be 4.5 at least. Vegas knows its a bit of a Dunut for Pitt…coming off their big Cinci rivalry game and heading into a Sunday nighter at home vs KC.

      But I don’t think the Steelers will be sleeping too much on this one. How about Roethlisberger shingin on the Browns saying he expected Wentz in the NFC north,.

      1. Pitt should be -7.5 with that pitt offense… facing a rookie led eagles team that is virtually the same shit offensive personnel as last year. At Pitt they should be -10/-10.5. this line is talking loud!

        put Bradturd behind center and this lines way higher. as bart scott said “CANT WAIT”

        week 4 is gonna be brutal

  37. I feel strongly that the Eagles are a galvanized bunch and get the job done ,in a lower scoring affair ,pitting the steelers weak secondary to try to match up with formations ,that have them playing on there heels..Ben will or won’t he be spied upon? will the steelers be able to win a road game where historically in the last 6 vs there steegles. Brethren they’re 1-5 ..I think not ..philly and wentzilla ,are the real deal ,led by a coach who has them buying into a system of instantaneous accountability ,eliminating deniability…that and his recent handling so far trusting his coaches ,has propelled this team to believing the posidelphia Eagles negs zone on this site ..

    1. I want this game, but as long as they get this game or Week 5 against the Lions, then I would be ecstatic with 3-1. Tough sledding after that with Divisional road games and some very good non-divisional teams.

  38. The game plan will be to keep Ben off the field and play possession (can’t have the drops) move the clock and the chains on sustained drives.I don’t want to see the temptation to exploit there secondary over the top ,which is a vulnerability.The risk/rewards are to keep Ben in his cocoon on there sidelines ..The Time of possession means as much IMO as the scoreboard ..there defense will be gassed…special teams is what I’ll be watching ,as ,that leaked a bit of oil ,last week ..

  39. A fascinating piece on the coach being wired on the sidelines.He anticipated going for a fourth and less than 4 situation ,many plays before it happened.He told Wentz his confidence in him prior ..This guys detail orientation ,so far is very daunting..

  40. Just finished listening to Greg Cosell ,he pointed out the details orientations as well of the coaching staff ..He alluded to what we addressed yesterday ,how Carson and Matthews calmly discussed the dropped TD and how maturity buying his years that Wentzilla is displaying.He also noted something I’d forgotten to mention ,that at the half Wentz was seen with his Windows tablet walking off with his coach..The attention to micromanaging every detail ,is astounding..the defense it was pointed out has not allowed a five minute + drive and ready “drumroll” our defense is ranked number one in fewest time on the field …


      His girlfriend was quoted as saying she has to take his phone from him on date night after busting him multiple times watching game film on his phone under the table.

      1. Kools head was seen exploding …film at 11. Let the kid play let the kid play let thme kid play let the kid play ..he was seen mumbling they led him off to the nearest asylum wearing his mike Vick tattered jersey

  41. Pro Football Focus ranks Carson Wentz as Best Quarterback in the NFL

    by Rob Tornoe, Staff Writer @RobTornoe

    Leading the Eagles to two straight victories to start the season, the rookie quarterback out of North Dakota State has taken both Philadelphia and the NFL by storm.

    Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane thinks that Wentz seemingly has it all, noting that “he has the mental maturity, the arm strength, a feathery touch, pocket awareness, athleticism and toughness.”

    McLane is not alone. On SiriusXM NFL radio Tuesday, Brett Favre said he’s “impressed” with the rookie, adding, “I thought he handled himself the last two weeks with a lot of poise. … He, and not Jay Cutler, looked like the 1
    According to the number-crunchers over at Pro Football Focus, Wentz’s performance through two weeks makes him not only better than any other rookie quarterback — it also makes him the best quarterback in the league.

    Here’s how PFF writer Chase Howell put it:

    You read that correctly. Through Week 2, second-overall pick Carson Wentz — who only a few short weeks ago was set to back up Sam Bradford in Philadelphia — owns a 90.8 overall grade this season. That puts him ahead of Andrew Luck (87.9), Eli Manning (87.3), and yes, Bradford (87.2). While many predicted that the rookie out of North Dakota State would take a step back after his impressive debut versus the Browns (PFF analysts included), Wentz threw for 190 yards, a touchdown, and no picks against the Bears — he’s yet to throw a pick this year — on his way to an 87.0 game grade. Wentz’s yardage total should have been considerably higher, as his receivers dropped two deep passes that, if completed, would have totaled another 76 yards.

    Let’s not also forget the touchdown pass wide receiver Jordan Matthews let slip through his fingers. It was a toss that Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski described as traveling “in a smooth and flawless parabola from Wentz’s right hand to the foot of empty air in front of Matthews’ chest.” To Sielski and a lot of Eagles fans, the drop was simply “aesthetically offensive.”

    Not surprising, PFF also ranks Wentz the best rookie in the league after two weeks, noting that he seems to be running away with the Rookie of the Year award already.

    “His stats aren’t overwhelming (they’d look better if he didn’t have the second-most yards lost through the air due to drops, with 89), but he’s doing so many things well that it seems incredible there were so many skeptics during draft season — myself included,” PFF’s Michael Renner wrote.

    PFF initially rated the trade between the Eagles and the Browns that landed Wentz in Philadelphia an A for Cleveland and a C+ for Philadelphia, but did note that “ultimately the quarterback’s performance will dictate whether or not this grade will be an “A” or an “F” in the future.”

    1. Thanks for the article EHL. I hadn’t seen this.

      I did hear some other comments that Farve made about Pederson. He noted that he and Pederson were teammates and have remained friends, but he said that he was really impressed with the way that he and Reich have handled Wentz and with his play-calling and scheming.

      The best thing that I can see is that we have a team that is fun to watch. We have a coach that is not afraid to take a chance, be aggressive. We have a defense that is strong, and I believe will get stronger as the year goes on. And lastly we have a rookie QB who may well be a “once in a generation” type of QB…..surely only time will tell and we are waaaayyyyy too early to predict now…..but like I stated….this team is fun to root for again.

      Dougie P is the man!! GO BIRDS!!!!!

      1. Can you imagine what he’d look like if the Wrs could catch? Man.

        Everything you read/watch/hear about the guy is positive. The studying, the smarts, the dedication. (Ah and this is why you people like TS and Kool are confused…they don’t believe any of this is important as long as you can run fast and “make plays” and pound your chest afterward of course, but I digress)

        Still, he’s gotta come back to Earth, doesn’t he? And if he does??

        I fear that the media is doing what it always does (esp in Phil) overreact to everything. They’re rocketing him to the top, and when he struggles….will they drive him into the ground??

        I pray he never turns on the tv or internet.

        Its hard, but I am trying to remain grounded. I keep saying “Cleveland and Chicago…it was Cleveland and Chicago….” But if he plays well and wins against Pitt??

        The internet will explode.

        Oh, and I have already bought a jersey.

        My trip down the the GB game now 10000x more attractive than in was 3 months ago.

        And I’m thinking about a run to Detroit in 3 weeks…..though its a bit of a drive.

          1. Giddy up! I’ve been to several Sunday nighters, but never a MNF game. Don;t take this the wrong way…but I think the night crowds are more fun for 2 reasons:

            1 – obv there’s a lot of anti-freeze in everyone’s system by ckickoff.

            2 – its a different crowd. A lot of (occasionally grumpy/grumpier) season ticket holders sell off the night games and the crowd seems to me to be made up of a lot more happy to be here” fans……just my observation from over the years.

            So it should be a good party…..that is if me and my buddies make it through the Sat and Sun first!

            1. I usually don’t like to go to the night games but I haven’t yet given away my tickets because of the Wentz factor. I did however purchased Flyers/ NY Rangers tickets for that Friday of that weekend because it is a 1:00 pm day game which I am definitely going to attend. I probably won’t want to drive 3days in 5 days in heavy traffic for that Eagle night game ( Thursday Thanksgiving then Flyers game on biggest shopping day of the year on Friday , then Eagle game on the 28th Monday )

  42. Big Ben has already thrown three picks and is on a team where there is nothing special about there defense.

    A lot of unfortunate events happened in that redskins game that made the score look worse then it really should had been.

    Albeit Kirk cousins was throwing the ball all over them. Andy dalton also had 350 passing yards.

    This defense is a bend but don’t break scheme that philly has to take advantage of. We haven’t had a strong week so far running the football. Ryan Matthews week 1 didn’t look anything special which is why I believe sproles started out the game against Chicago. Smart move by Doug Pederson to see who is hot and who isn’t.

    Watch him go with Kenjon early this game or Smallwood…hopefully.

    The best news for us so far is that Pittsburg has generated Zero pressure on both of the qbs they have faced this year.

    It’s gonna “shock the world” when we win Sunday. But anybody who understands this team knows it shouldn’t really be a shocker when we win.

    Eagles 27 Pitt 24

    1. A home win in September does not qualify as a “shock the world event”…
      Also if you look at the play by play of the last two games much of the yardage against them came late when they had a big lead and were playing prevent…

      1. Nobody expects us to beat the Steelers. We are still looked at by a lot of people as a team who just beat too crappy teams. Probably the two crappies teams in the league. At least that’s from all the people I know in the way Vegas is looking at us as five point underdogs

  43. Why an FIU Online Sport Management Degree?

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    1. Cliff I copied and pasted this exact stuff to prove my point you goof ball…it’s sports media ,..,facility and event management..there is zero in the curriculum about being a talent evaluator and a GM Zero…
      What you posted makes my argument.. Find a course in the catalog that emphasizes talent evaluation….
      Also in another post you talked PHD …dummy tangled web you will weave

        1. oh right, i got it..
          fellows, i’m out…i’m starting to feel like we are picking on the kid at school who rides a different bus and goes to that ‘other’ classroom…..
          good luck cliff–

          1. I can just picture Cliff’s “office” complete with homemade degrees, pictures of his daughter’s Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell & Candice Swainpoel and his son’s Jalen Brown, Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins, a framed copy of a fake $100k check from draft kings and a photo shopped print of him in the Rams team photo.

      1. Online Master’s Degree in Sport Management

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        1. Once again you left out a few words…most notably RECREATION and sports management. Also, please include your source– i’ve been on that web page, looked at the curriculum and course catalog and have never seen some of that stuff–
          also you said in ’13 you had a doctorate– why did you omit this from your latest argument.

          1. cliff just stop the weirdness bro. youre just a man on a blog. nobody really cares about your personal life until you start posting made up fantasies where 1 post contradicts the next. just be you and be normal

          2. We are in the threshold of extricating ourselve from football purgotory..when visualizing wentzilla and his future ascension ,its so freaking great to dream of a blue collared blue chipper.on our more mercinaries ,and there pivoting on the eagles achievement ti another pay day ,elsewhere to the chagrin of another tortured fan base..under the previous regime all fans favorites ,reasoning aside,were shown the door..we needed cut the head and not the tail,when the fay chip was shown that very dior..wentzilla is kicking it in….

          3. Because we were only speaking about my degrees from FIU.

            FYI, I was enrolled at University of Illinois in 1989-90 after high school. I was there for a semester, and a half.

            Nothing is made up…..

            and BTW, my daughter is a model….sorry



              ““I am a graduate from University of Illinois, in Sports Management, and on the basketball team. Brother I am very fulfilled in life. I am disabled now, and love talking Sports.””

              September 22, 2016 – 3:38 pm
              Profile photo of gmcliff

              FYI, I was enrolled at University of Illinois in 1989-90 after high school. I was there for a semester, and a half.

              Nothing is made up…..

              CAN YOU SEE IT? DO YOU NOT SEE IT ???????????




              1. Henski and others…. I really think we should stop picking on ‘GM’…. It’s getting to the point where I feel like we are picking on the kid in school that … Well really you shouldn’t pick on’ you know the one.
                When arguing with him I just feel like at any time he is going to break out and say, ‘gotta watch Wapner, gotta be home to watch Wapner’ and then start babbling bout getting underwear at K Mart.

  44. Adrian Peterson to have surgery expected to be out 3 to 4 months.
    Cha Ching !!!
    When Sam Bradford predictably finishes 7-9 this year or gets hurt, that Sam Bradford first round draft pick from Minnesota might be a net gain in positional spots where as the Birds original draft spot might be 17th ( which Cleveland owns) and Minnesota’s draft spot might be 14th ( which Eagles own).

    1. while it would be nice if that panned out I have deep concerns about the Vikings getting worse for a few reasons. first kalil isnt that good and his replacement started most or all games last year. second i actually think mckinnon is better with turd than ap. sam likes checking down and dumping the ball to rbs and ap is not very good at that and mckinnon is. third diggs is a superstar. last i just cant see that vikings d allowing that team to go 5-9 from here on out. i see vikings winning easily against the lions twice and the bears twice.also think they can beat the skins, cowboys and jaguars too. with coin flip games against us, giants, cardinals, panthers, packers & texans. playing the lions & bears twice really screws us.

    2. I know E0S, I had exactly the same thought. Each report about AP’s injury, same thought. Lose Vikings Lose….Eagles win!! I know that they are 2-0 right now, but who loses their QB, RB and LT starters and continue to win? How great would it be for the Draft to be here next year and the Birds have a top 10 pick? Freakin GREAT, that’s how great!!!!

  45. AP is not the Runner he once was and the Vikings Offense will probably be more dynamic and unpredictable with him out of the Lineup .. The other 2 RB’s are quite capable as a Duo… Matt Asista is the in-between the Tackles/Short Yardage and Red-Zone Runner and Jerrod McKinnon is their Pass Receiver/ Scat Back and are similar in terms of skill set as the Ryan Matthews/Darren Sproles Tandem is to the Eagles…
    Losing their LT Kalil will hurt them big time as they are pretty thin at OT

    1. wouldnt count out ap just yet, he did just lead the nfl in rushing last year… but nah kalil isnt good like at all

      1. 2nd Year OT TJ Clemmings from Pitt, takes over at LT For Kalil as the Starter
        At RT is former High 1st Round PIck and under-achiever Pick Andre Smith, who was a bust for the Bengals from a a few years ago..
        I think Clemmings will be a good NFL OT, but maybe not at LT in his first Start

        1. yea clemmings was ranked 63rd out of 76 tackles last year playing rt. basically they replacing shit with shit… sam gonna see more ghosts thats for sure

        2. Paul, you are definitely the only person that would think a team losing a guy who rushed for 1500 yards last year is better off. A guy who carried the team so Bridgewater wouldn’t have to.

            1. Seems like he missed the point to me. I think that Bradford (as bad as he is) makes that team better than Bridgewater because he is a much better passer than Bridegwater is. I won’t say dynamic because of how mobile Bridgewater is.

              1. if bradford stays healthy they are making the playoffs– injuries happen– obvioulsy the vikings have had more than their share- and most of the times the healthiest teams make the playoffs– if they can keep him upright i think they get into playoffs.

          1. No bugsy, didn’t all of the Cowpuke fans tell everyone that they were better off losing Murray after his record setting year and going with the underwear thief?

            But you are right, losing AP does hurt the Vikings this year. Lets hope that they fall and increase the value of our #1 draft pick!!

  46. Its never too early to look at next Year’s Draft Prospects for Eagles

    1st Round
    OT Mike McGlinchey – Notre Dame 6-7 310lbs (Probably goes Top 12-15)
    OT Adam Bisnowaty – Pitt 6-5 300lbs (I like this Kid– Tough, Mean streak)
    DE Dewuane Smoot – Illinois 6-3 260lbs (Coached by Lovie Smith at Illinois
    DT Jarron Jones – Notre Dame 6-5 315lbs (Big Run Stuffer)

    2nd Round
    CB Cordrea Tankersly – Clemson 6-0 195lbs (Tough, Goes up against Quality WR’s every day in Practice at Clemson)
    OLB Devonte Fields – Louisville 6-3 245lbs (Tough, Fast, Makes Plays)
    WR/TE Evan Engram – Ole Miss 6-3 225lbs (A Match-up Nightmare)
    Guard – Dorian Johnson – Pitt 6-5 300lbs
    OT – Chad Wheeler – USC 6-6 310lbs

  47. It the Texans can’t take their allegedly vaunted defense into Foxboro and beat a rookie third stringer QB tonight, their season is over.

    Obv they’ll still be alive mathematically, but in their hearts they’ll know they’re done.

        1. id pump the breaks on that they 2-1 in a division that features the colts (poop), titans (poop), and jaguars (poop). i think oswieler is one of the worst qbs in the nfl but their wr’s rb and d are pretty good

          theyll be in the hunt in that poop division

          1. Finished. And they know it. And their fans know it. They might win their division. They might go on a run.

            But coming off a 30-0 loss against NE last year…..a revenge game…a statement game…… a game where NE is rolling out a rookie 3rd round QB, a Gronk who could do nothing more than jog 5 yards and turn around, and their defense without D’onta Hightower??

            And they get fed like that?

            Toss them on the pile of other pretender “quality” teams that have absolutely no chance of winning the SB with Cincinatti, Carolina, Arizona and now Houston. They’re done.

            1. vinnie, i know you don’t like carolina or cam. I also don’t like his antics or his game, i believe his shelf life is short. But…. how can you say they have no chance and they are a pretender???? I think your bias comes thru– they were in the SB last year, they beat quality teams to get there– once your in the game you have a chance.

            2. wooooooo hold up. houston never head a shot at the title with osweiler. as for the others on your no shot list i completely disagree. Cinci Carolina and Arizona are above average in all facets of the game and 100% have a shot at the title

              1. Nah….

                Cinci has Dalton at QB and Marvin Lewis who freezes at the helm. No chance. Does anyone know if Marvin Lewis is still alive? I think they just roll out a statue of the guy every game.

                Arizona? Palmer. Absolutely, uniquivically no shot. Absolute choker every big game…esp on the road. One of the most overrated teams in the league.

                Carolina. Mirage. Can never win with a point at me guy, especially if he’s the QB. They’re classic “bullies”. Beat up on inferiors and strut around like peacocks, but fold up when they get smacked back in the mouth. Then they whine…”the refs…the schedule….wahhhhh” They better hope to roll their wimpy division again because if they have to go on the road against a quality opponent they’re finished.

                Houston…they’re just obvious frauds. Can’t be all that comfortable after dropping $72 million on Osweiller’s lap in a contract that they can’t cancel till 2019. Last night in all-wthe guy looked like a skeleton playing QB. Eat something you twig.

              2. As for Carolina making the SB last year. Never before has a trip to the big game been so giftwrapped. I think Kelly’s Eagles would have had a shot.

                Seattle travels to Minny. Plays a drag out ass-kicking 10-9 overtime game in -25 wind chill. Travel back to Seattle to then travel to the east coast for an early game???

                I mean holy shit. You can’t get more freebie than that (of and Carolina still barely held on. Had that game been a 4:00 start – as it should have – Seattle would have won.

                That followed by Palmer on the road being Palmer on the road. 4 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles. Nice effort from that choke master.

                I don’t put much stock into Carolina winning those 2 freebies. And when they met a team who could hit him in the teeth?? Well…..lets jump away from a fumble shall we?? They did what all bullies do and ran away crying.

  48. The bias is tough for Vin to shed. He has and will always focus on the Qb. This is the same guy who stated clearly “a running qb will never win the SB”. A short time RW proved that to be false.

    35 TD’s and 10Int’s last year for Cam last year Vin. PLUS he had a bunch of rushing TD’s. Dont get me wrong- Im not into running qb’s but… Cam proved to be much more. Did he slop it up in the SB? For sure… but lets not forget who they played… one of the toughest D’s of all time.

    As far as your “:would have” (first paragraph) and “should have” (third paragraph) comments….. meh. They didnt.

    and, as to your overall point…. saying this Pats game was a must win for Texans in WEEK 3 is, as usual a huge.. HUGE.. vinnie type leap.

    1. “This is the same guy who stated clearly “a running qb will never win the SB”. A short time RW proved that to be false.”

      Do you mean the RW who had 11 rushes for a scintillating 42 yards in the 3 playoff games combined during the SB run.

      That RW??

      RW is NOT a running QB. He is a QB who occasionally runs.

      Cam also slopped it up in the SB. He slopped it up the year before on the road with 2 picks and 2 fumbles. And one the road in Minny and on the road in GB and on the road…..and just about every single time he’s in a big tough game (esp on the road) he slops it up.

      Hey…don’t get me wrong…guy is awesome against the already quit Saints, or Giants tossing 5 tds and repping Superman. He is AWESOME against stitty teams, especially once their season is over.

      But he absolutely quits and sulks every time he runs into an opponent that hits back.

      Now I don’t know why you refuse to acknowledge this…whether you just don’t believe it, or whether you don’t want to believe it…but its the truth. And they’ll never win with a front running show up your inferior opponent loser like him running the show.

      And this game is not a “huge leap” it was an abject failure for Houston. This was their “turn the page” year. They finally put the peices together year….and they got fed. They’re not recovering from that. They know it. Theior fans know it. I know it. Not my fault you can’t see what is directly in front of you.

  49. You are completely clueless about qbs, you should be banned from talking about them forever.

    Your dislike for the personality of a player has always been your downfall. 35 tds, only 10 picks and a SB berth isn’t enough proof to show how good a qb he is? You always have these bogus qualifications about why a player isn’t good.

    And no matter how wrong you are, you’re resolute in your conviction no matter what the player does.

      1. For the record… i dont think Texans are SB bound… I just cant handle the blanket statements thrown out by Vinnie when time and time again we have all seen him be wrong. The Texans have the same shot at winning it as they did a week ago… and I would say that its not a very good shot.

        1. LOL

          So Stevo’s position is that the humiliating loss the Texans just suffered at the hands of a 3rd string led team missing its 2 best offensive and best defensive player is completely irrelevant.

          No effect whatsoever. No possibility that humiliating performance could affect the rest of the season.

          Nope. Completely irrelevant. Psychology, mindset, doubt….all completely irrelevant.

          They have the exact same shot today as they did Wednesday.


          Texans are done and they know it.

      2. No he hasn’t Mhenski. He’s a self-absorbed jackass who feels entitled to start inflammatory post about certain types of players (QBS) and occasionally fellow posters. Phyukk Vinnie.

  50. What nonsense r u spewing mhenski?

    This is the guy who swore Kevin Kolb was the next great qb.

    He was so sure Foles’ Gold would win his training camp competition against Vick, he made a bet with RealTalk, which he welched on immediately after losing it.

    All through the 2013 season I said Foles was a mirage that left play after play on the field, and he quickly turned back into a pumpkin the next season. I said he couldn’t make the big-time throws elite qbs make, as well as the easy ones downfield. He’s been garbage every season except the miracle 2013 season.

    Then the various arguments about Russel Wilson and Cam Newton and how he claimed they weren’t going to last long in this league. It’s a joke for u or anyone to claim Vinny has been right about anything on qbs.

    Where Kool and ts have gone wrong is letting their dislike of Vinnie’s idiocy cloud their judgement on Wentz who is the real deal. He makes all the big-time throws a mediocrity like Foles could only dream of making. But the claim he’s been right on qbs Is a gross rewriting of history.

    1. Nice revisionist history.

      Said Kolb would be better than Vick – correct
      Said Foles would be better than Vick – correct
      Excited by Foles promise and enjoyed the 2013 season – correct
      Thought Foles could be Eagles franchise QB – probably incorrect, but not sure. I think he’ll revive his career in KC
      Said Bradford would suck because he historically sucked – correct
      Said Eagles needed to draft QB in 1st round and start over – correct (saying this since 2007)
      Wanted Wentz 1000x more than Goff – correct

      What was wrong again….the Foles franchise QB bit?? Oh well, can;t get em all right.

      BTW – Skayne, you didn’t know Foles wasn’t going to be a franchise QB, you hoped he wouldn’t be. There’s a difference you know.

      1. Lol… we are 2-0 behind Wentz and this guy is STILL trying to sell everyone on the false notion that Kevin Foles and Nick Kolb are something. No disrespect to Nick because he led us to some great wins but seriously Vinnie… move… on!!! You were wrong several times over. Vick was in the league for 13 years. He has 100 Tds on Kolb and kolb had almost as many ints as tds. Please.. please stop. McNabb>Vick>Foles>Garcia>Kolb. Please dude… just move on. We finally have a qb we can agree on and and you insist on reinventing history to change reality and you INSIST on talking about Bradford and Vick and the rest. Move on.

        1. He can’t. he’s a simpleton that isn’t man enough to honor the bet he made and leave the sight. It ends there with me.The obsession with qbs like Vick, Cam, or Russell may be chalked up to some weird incurable disease. But welshing on a bet? Honor and integrity. Not surprised though.

        2. I don’t insist. Nor do I ever, ever start these threads with these names.

          But I do respond. Someone else brings BS up, and I’ll point it out, every time.

          You don;t want to hear about certain player?? FIne by me…..don’t mention them first (not that you did, I believe it was Skayne this time.

          1. Right, you never bring anything up, except for when just a few comments above, you said something about Cam Newton unprompted from anyone else.

            Because in your alternate reality, the 2015 MVP can’t play football, because admitting he does would mean you would have to do something inconceivable to you.

            Admit you were wrong.

  51. Man, do you like to just make shit up. In what world is Kolb better then Vick? You need to escape the alternate reality you’ve created for yourself where Foles hasn’t proven to be a failure, and Kolb actually has a career that equals Vick. Get out of the basement and burn the shrine to Foles you have down there.

    Hoping a guy wouldn’t play well is what you did all last season, when you came on here crowing about Foles after the Rams beat Seattle last season. I specifically said Foles wasn’t good, and 2013 was a mirage. He promptly fell back to Earth next season, then completely bottoms out with the Rams. Which is why you come here all the time complaining about Jeff Fischer.

    And to deliberately forgot the bet you made with RealTalk is just more delusional ramblings from one of the least knowledgable people on football I’ve ever encountered.

  52. I didn’t forget a bet with Realtalk. Because I never made a bet with Realtalk.

    It was Songsreme (or whatever the name was) who actually didn;t exist, but was one of many monikers of the delusional Vick lovers that used to pollute this site loving their player and not the team.

    As for the results….so what if Vick “won” the competition (if there even was one – more like salary directed) and started the season. He was still terrible as evidenced by his very first drive that year. Foles was, as was my point, clearly a far, far superior option for the Birds……and he was exactly that.


  53. LOL

    How’s it going Stevo?? Skayne??

    “Toss them on the pile of other pretender “quality” teams that have absolutely no chance of winning the SB with Cincinatti, Carolina, Arizona and now Houston.”…..

    “Arizona? Palmer. Absolutely, unequivocally no shot. Absolute choker every big game…esp on the road. ”

    Currently getting humiliated on the road. By the fucking Bills!!!

    “Cinci has Dalton at QB and Marvin Lewis who freezes at the helm. No chance.”

    Nice effort at home. What are they now?? 0-3?? Has the Marvin Lewis statue moved one inch today? Dalton playing poorly?? That’s weird!

    “Carolina. Mirage. Can never win with a point at me guy, especially if he’s the QB. They’re classic “bullies”. Beat up on inferiors and strut around like peacocks, but fold up when they get smacked back in the mouth. ”

    Newton completely looking like a deer in the headlights. Cannot handle the Minny D. Nothing but arguing on the sideline. Coach whining at refs. I’ll see the mopey towel over the head on the sideline soon.

    Nice delay of game penalty with 4 mins to go. Rivera still whining at refs every play.

    Houston…everyone knows they’re done.

    I am glad I am always….how do Skayne, Coldbrewski and Stevo put it….”completely clueless” throwing out “inflammatory” “blanket statements” that are “always wrong”


    You guys wish you were as “wrong” about things as I am.

    1. You think one game proves that Cam isn’t a good QB? We’re blowing out the Steelers, I guess Big Ben sucks, too! You really are an idiot aren’t you?

      Just watch Carson Wentz and be happy we have him, cuz you don’t know shit about quarterbacks otherwise.

      1. One game?? You still rolling revisionist history??

        How can it possibly be “one game” if I have been saying the same thing for years? It isn’t one game bud, its a pattern. Pay attention.

        1. And just like TS…I rip Dalton. I rip Palmer. Crickets. No one gives a shit.

          I rip Newton….five alarm fire. Hit the sirens. Skayne and TS rolling in to defend the honour!!

          Why the fuck would any Eagle fan be upset when I made fun of any opponent QB anyway????? Honestly….why so upset?? Why rush to Newton’s defense??

          Why you get your nuts in in a bunch because I rip Newton…but stay silent on my ripping everyone else??

          Eagles fan, like me, should be happy that Cam Newton sucks in all big games.

        2. The pattern where they are 3x NFC South champions and go to the Super Bowl???

          5 years – 3x NFC South Champs – A super Bowl appearance.

          If Wentz does that I’m sure you’ll be talking about how bad a player he is.


    2. This is how simple you are… you actually think i care about Cam or any of the other qbs… muahahaha. Reading is fundamental son.

      What ive stated over and again.. and really.. what youve stated clearly is that Vinnie has no idea what he is looking at with qbs. You have ALWAYS rooted for the backup.

      But again… why are you still talking about these people? You were so wrong that you were banished for losing a bet. But instead of going away.. you ignore it because like Clinton, rules dont apply to you. Why? Because you have justified your sillyness claming its from one of those pesky “vick fans”. Smh…. poor Vinnie.

      1. We possibly have the best young qb the game has seen for ages, but this simple mofo continues the same shyt he did since McNabb was on his way out and Kolb was the recipient of his reach-arounds. His too arrogant to see that others have enough “tape” on him that his pattern is a predictable as rise and shine brewski fart.

        1. Coaches who consistently get their teams to the playoffs aren’t likely to get fired.

          Lewis does that.

          That’s a might better than mediocre.

          Fisher on the other hand….

  54. “Vinnie’s idiocy cloud their judgement on Wentz ”

    That has nothing to do with it.

    I didn’t like the bit. He wasn’t worth taken that high. I dislike him for the same reasons I dislike Bortles.

      1. I don’t know about Bortles, but Wentz was worth taking with the first pick in the draft…. You can believe LA and the Browns are kicking their self for not taking him.

        On what do you base your opinion that he was drafted too high? Did you ever see him play a game before the draft? I know I didn’t… I have to trust the opinion the teams professional talent scouts. Now, after watching him play, I would have given up more to get him….

        1. Who cares where he was picked if he continues this roll?

          Let if effin go. He is playing great. You have no defense for that except “he was picked to high.”

          Just enjoy it.

    1. Carson Wentz was a projected top 2-5 pick by most national football pundits who follows college players for the draft. Looking at his play thus far proves they were right and he is playing up to his draft billing. Who taken in the top 5-10 is playing better than Wentz right now? None of them. Wentz was not only worth the second pick, but truly should have been #1 and his play justifies that.
      If you never watched Wentz play in college or are basing an opinion based off where he played in college, well …Hue Jackson and the Browns organization is being crushed by their fans and media by passing on Wentz and saying he’s not a top 20 QB.
      Games played be damned..when you have shows, and Wentz has it!

      1. Yeah Wentz wasn’t picked too early at all. If anything he was picked too late (thank you rams). He was worth everything we traded and more. This guy has the tools to not only be a franchise qb but to possibly be a league MVP. I’ve NEVER seen a rookie’s brain work as fast and efficient as his does. And that’s not even including his perfect size and top of the league arm strength. We got lucky folks!!

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