Again, Carson Wentz Was The Eagles Best Offensive Player – Podcast

carsonwentzvsbears1After two games, Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has been their best offensive player.  Last night against the Chicago Bears, he was able to complete short throw after short throw to give them an offense early in the game.

The offensive line wasn’t able to get any push against the Bears defensive line early in the game, so it was Wentz and head coach Doug Pederson who created offense with Wentz’ pinpoint passing and Pederson’s creative play calling.  There was no where to run for the running backs. This is not a good sign going forward for the offensive line.  They weren’t able to get physical with the Bears.

Wentz should have thrown at least two touchdown passes in this game like his first game, but wide receiver Jordan Matthews dropped a sure touchdown pass.  It was much like the one Wentz threw to Matthews in game number one against the Browns.  I will give Wentz credit that he can be an incredibly accurate passer.  He was putting all those short throws on the money early in the game.  He’s also very adept at throwing on the run.  He made a great throw rolling to his left and hitting Trey Burton in the middle of the field.

He completed 21 of 34 passes for 190 yards with one touchdown pass and zero interceptions.   Zero interceptions and zero fumbles is the way you win football games in the NFL.  He’s the first rookie quarterback since the NFL/AFL merger to win his first two games and not turn the ball over.

I have only one negative for the Kid.  Get your butt on the ground and stop taking all of these hits.  Pederson had better start screaming to him about it or the Kid is going to get hurt.

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