Carson Wentz Named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week

carsonwentzvssteelers1Today Carson Wentz was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week in only his third game in the NFL and it was against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers, who many feel are an AFC Super Bowl favorite.

I know the stats have been there, but it’s not just the stats that make Wentz, such an eye-catcher.

You don’t hear him bragging about himself.  Yes, he’s got confidence, but you don’t hear any bragging from him. I like the fact that kid understands the importance of humility in leadership.  Carson’s teammates don’t regret his success because he wears it well.  Not all quarterbacks wear success well.  I think going forward we’re going to realize that Wentz is able to get his teammates to play hard for him because he wears success well by having some humility.  He knows that without the offensive line doing their job and the wide receivers catching the football, he would be 0-3.

Intelligence is the next ingredient that I see in Wentz.  He’s making suggestions to head coach Doug Pederson during the timeouts.  The coach says he’s talking about route combinations and pass protection adjustments throughout the week with his teammates. On top of that, he’s at the Nova Care Complex watching tape at 5:30am and making sure he’s on top of everything  The comparison made to Peyton Manning says it all.

Finally, Wentz has something Manning never had athleticism and speed.  He’s got the foot quickness and speed to escape from pressure.  The youngster also has the speed to run when the opportunity presents itself and make a defense pay for not keeping contain or getting caught in man-to-man coverages with their backs turned.

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  1. o koolbreeze
    April 5, 2016 – 9:13 pm

    “if we don’t get wentz i look at this draft as a failure…”
    I’m just trying to save you the heartbreak, Gloomy…
    Chances are slim and none that you get Wentz and if slim came through and you somehow got him…you would still be very disappointed…the kid needs a few years of seasoning to be ready for the NFL…he has bust written all over him.

    Bwahahahahahaha..classic. Flashback Thursday…this f’n guy.

    1. You have no idea how many times this guy has had me doubting my own sanity. He was either a total moron or a troll. He can’t even show his Avatar here I guess….lol.

  2. Carson Wentz has just been named NFL Rookie of the month…once again, congratulations to Carson Wentz. This is the first time ever a rookie Eagles QB has been named rookie of the month.

    The accolades continue to pour in.

  3. I think one other thing that all Gcobbers need to pledge after watching Wentz MISS preseason then come in and tear it up….

    PRESEASON MEANS LESS THAN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t over react to preseason play, coach speak, hold outs, playing time etc… ITS ALL NOTHING

  4. Wentz…goose hunting when he got the starting call, deer hunting on bye week, a couple of observations: 1. I will bet large amounts of money you never have to worry about this guy and nightclubs, weapons, hos and po po. 2. he should lead the rookie symposium next year on legal gun use, respectful gun use etc 3. my daughter is 22 and single… Carson if you read this give her a call, I know you have a GF but a man can dream
    ps…. I have a great duck hunting spot 45 minutes south of philly!

      1. You can breath easy…he won’t stuff a pistol down his saggy pants, go to club and shoot his leg, he won’t wander into a drug infested neighborhood with a posse in some effort to keep it real. He has been around guns his entire life and so have all his friends and acquaintances, they have had arguments with guns all around them yet would never settle a difference with a weapon…. I have a great duck hunting area…Carson you are invited

  5. Jason Kelce to Wentz on Inside the NFL after one of his TD’s on Sunday:

    ” Are you a fucking robot? its like you’re playing fucking madden out there!”

  6. First and 2nd awards of many I believe. Asked What motivates him to push himself so hard he said ” I am so Happy I am not in Cleveland” lol….that is my guess at least.

  7. Sports Illustrated power rankings. I love this.

    LAST WEEK: 14
    RECORD: 3–0
    On the Jim Schwartz fist pump rating scale, the three-pump flurry he unleashed following Philadelphia’s final defensive stand Sunday ranks right up there with that time he tried to punch himself into another dimension after an OT win with Detroit. Schwartz’s defense is as much of a factor in the Eagles’ 3–0 start as Carson Wentz.

      1. IF this continues have no worries about asst. coaches getting noticed and getting credit…. Pederson will have his own branch of the reid, holmgren, walsh tree before you know it…

  8. Anyone notice that the Eagles are ranked #1 in Time of Possession so far this year? What a difference it makes for your defense, for your entire team, when you have an offense that can hold onto the ball and control the clock. It no doubt helps your defense, and as the year goes on, will only help to make this team strong. Yes, we can still make some improvements, and 3rd down conversions could be better, but overall what a change from the last HC and his philosophy…..anyone notice that the 49er’s are ranked 29 in TOP?

    GO BIRDS!!!

  9. I expect Carson Wentz to continue his hot streak on through Detroit and Washington. Both defenses are atrocious and both defenses are giving up nearly 30 a game. The defense should be up to the task of shutting down Cousins and avenging an embarrassing loss to a putrid Lions team.

  10. Just a question…looking at the stats from around the league, it looks like Kiko has started to play this year. He is ranked 7th in the league in all around tackles.

    Did we trade the right linebacker? Should it have been Kendricks instead?


    SO with it being slow I was looking for something in gcobb’s history and found some other offseason gems I want to share:

    January 3, 2016 – 10:45 am
    Profile photo of paulman

    The Eagles in2016 are just not a very attractive job,
    Lots of questions about Roseman who is simply not very well liked around NFL Circles.. (HAAAAAAAAA IM SURE THEY HATE ROSEMAN CUZ THEY AINT ROSEMAN)
    They have statistically, one of the worst Defense’s in the NFL over the last 5 Seasons… (BILLY DAVIS FOOL, HOW THEY LOOK NOW???)
    They have no real QB to build around (HAHAAA THAT HOWIE FIXED THAT)
    An aging OL & RB Corps.. (THAT O LINE DECREPIT EH?)
    One of the least explosive WR Corp’s in the NFL

    Then it’s the Eagles & Browns who are cleaning house tonight with entire Front Office and Coaching Staff fired

    Eagles and the Browns… This should tell everyone how far the Eagles have fallen in terms of their “Brand”.. (BAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

  12. paulman
    January 4, 2016 – 7:36 pm
    Profile photo of paulman

    2016 will be a long season for any New Eagle Coach..
    4-12 11 or 5-11 at the Best…

    Go 2-4 vs the NFC East (Beat Giants & Cowboys once)
    Go 1-3 vs AFC North (Beat the Browns)
    Go 1-3 vs NFC North (Beat the Bears, maybe)
    Lose to Seahawks, Maybe beat the Falcons ??



    January 5, 2016 – 6:38 pm
    Profile photo of BigE

    Roseman has a reputation in the league as a non-football guy. Not many good football people are willing to work with him. He is a number cruncher salary cap guru, but not a talent evaluator. The Eagles will never succeed with him and his ego interfering with real knowledgable football minds.


    January 10, 2016 – 4:08 pm
    Profile photo of

    The expectation that Howie Roseman is going to be able to find us a diamond in the ruff Quarterback in the draft is worse than believing in the tooth fairy…its bad enough that we dont have a qualified football man in the front office. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA U BEST START BELIEVING IN THAT TOOTH FAIRY YAIDIOT
    We are in deep shit…deep trouble! – HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant howie the accountant



    January 11, 2016 – 2:27 pm
    Profile photo of BigE


    1. i loved the howies not a football guy posts from this offseason… basically chip said that to the media, the media posted it and some fans believed when the fact is howie roseman is and has been every single bit of a football guy all of his life, more of a football guy that the majority of gms out there…


    January 12, 2016 – 4:14 pm

    Sign Bradford, lock him in…dont leave it to Howie the Accountant to pick a QB for us…if that happens it is certain that we will be doomed to the dregs of the league for the next 4-5 years…get ready for a return to the really bad times around here!


  17. Post draft koolbreeze instant hot take classic

    August 10, 2016 – 9:35 pm

    Profile photo of

    So far what Jeff McLane said today is what we have heard about the kid from other sources:

    “He is an above-average athlete for a quarterback.- Check we already knew this.

    He can be an effective thrower on the move – perhaps partly because of that athleticism.- Check we already knew this..

    He can be inaccurate and needs to work on ball placement.- Uh-oh!

    When he has missed receivers on intermediate-length routes, the passes have tended to sail high.–Oh boy!

    He has a tendency to hold the ball too long in and out of the pocket.” – Same in college!

    And the repeated mantra…he’s not ready

    Yet he is the second pick of the draft!!

    smh…Dumb and Stupid

  18. Ben Simmons goes down, rolls ankle in practice taken for tests. Wonder if he’ll play Tuesday? All 3 centers will play tuesday including Okafor who so far has been limited while recovering from knee surgery.
    Sergio Rodriquez looks good but appears to be behind Jarad Bayless on the depth chart at point guard because they want a passive ball handler with Simmons on the court. I don’t think Bayless is going to hold onto that job.

    1. Think I read Simmons out Tuesday. Man lots of steam coming out of toronto lowry gonna opt out. Would make too much sense… Trade deadline target? or Just flat sign him this offseason?

  19. those Dolphin uniforms yesterday were ridiculous. The all white and Black Bengal uniforms were nice however I liked them better than their regular uniforms. Thursday night football isn’t that interesting anymore. Last weeks New England Houston game was a dud and this weeks Bengal vs Dolphin game didn’t hold my interest. I watched the World Cup of Hockey instead. Canada won verse Team Europe.

    1. ratings are down… my belief is nfl is dangerously close to the saturation point. They have taken the ‘specialness’ out of the game. Add that to the obscene number of commercial breaks and slow pace of play…

      1. IMO Firing Goddell would be a start

        Allowing endzone celebrations would be amazing too and long overdue to return. So many kids fell in love with the game watch TO and his celebrations, Randy Moss and his, Joe Horn with the classic phone call… That shit was much see tv

  20. Josh Gordon out in cleveland…who knows what prompted him to rehab but invariably people on here will tout his talent and want him for the birds…. eagles will pass and some will be critical… oakland, dallas or some other shitty franchise will sign him… he will play again, argue with team mates, demand the ball and be part of a 7-9 record with some great stats attached to his name…

    1. nah josh never been a me guy, demand the ball guy, argue with team mates guy. guys just immature and dumb as shit and not ready to be a man. Or possibly if this rehab stint wasnt a reaction to another failed drug test or something similar maybe he is ready to be a man.

      To my knowledge he is still a Brown at this moment.

      Maybe dude’s agent told him to do this so he would be cut knowing the Pats, Chargers, Saints, Steelers, Ravens, Colts, Panthers, Falcons, Cardinals or Seahawks would sign him immediately after rehab. then he could show up dominate in a contract year then get a real pay day if he dominates and the team wins.

      I mean if youre Josh Gordon you really dont wanna play for a prorated portion of 800k this year, risk injury in a contract year for peanuts while playing for an awful team and qb do you?

      To mean this smells like a business decision. He needs a contract with real money and lots of offset language, maybe this guy is actually getting it… if you hear no news about arrests or failed tests in the next few weeks i think you can infer he made a business decision.

      regarding eagles as talented as he is there is no home for him here at all

      1. Henski I agree. and I would still take a flier on that kind of talent. He’s better than what we have in his sleep. Don’t be fooled because we have a cyborg qb made of part Montana, Rogers, and the terminator making them look better than they are.

    2. You do realize those franchises have Lombardi in their trophy cases? One day we as a fanbase will learn that having a big mouth/opinion does not diminish how silly and stupid we sound. Once we actually ACCOMPLISH something, then talking shyt about other franchises will maybe hold some merit. Until then…lets hope what appears to be the best young qb in ages, leads us to shyt talking status.

  21. I’ve been railing against the Thursday night games for years. Stupid ploy just to get content onto the fledgling NFL newtork. Might have been needed once, but NFL network will now survive without it.

    To add to the fact that its a pathetic product and often a sloppy game…but the homefield advantage is ridiculous.

    Look at this week…Miami playing into overtime on Sunday. Rest and rehab Monday. Practice Tuesday. Travel Wednesday. Walkthrough on Gameday.

    One day of practice for the visitors. Don’t get me wrong…there are some good teams that win as visitors on Thursday (not many) but whenever its a ‘mid to bottom’ level team on the road (like Miami) then never have a chance.

    Its a terrible product, the players supposedly hate it, and ratings are failing. Hopefully it will go away and we’ll be bqack to Sunday and Monday with 2 “special” Thursdays on Thanksgiving and to start the season,.

    Besides…who gives a shit about Cinci/Miami? Houston NE?

  22. I don’t want this to get political but 2 things have happened in the past 6-7 months that People like Florio have overlooked or tried to diminish the impact of. One, remember the half time mess that came from Beyonce’s performance. A lot of people on line said they were done with Football after that. In line posts at least. I think everything would have been fine except for Two…A certain back-up QB used his Freedom of expression to insult a lot of Americans. What he meant to do, or if he can so it is immaterial. A lot of people are pissed. These two things have just pushed a lot of people that have really been bothered by stuff like Goddell or the rules, Quality of play ect. People who support Kaep are dismissing it as something else…All those something else things would cause a slow erosion over time. Not the huge drop of 13% in a sport that has never had a drop before. I am hoping as this fades away the viewership will come back. People that are offended enough not to watch won’t return as long as this is going on. When the salary cap drops next season…….the players association is already concerned.

    1. This is not on Krap…. It’s not on Beyoncé …this is the nfl and the cash grab of too much exposure… The product isn’t that god and terrible to watch unless you have a vested interest int he teams (most of the time).

      1. I disagree. 13% doesn’t just happen over night unless there is a stimulus. Those problems have not hampered the performance of the product in the past. It doesn’t matter if you support him or her. The facts are pretty much there. I’m looking at it objectively.

    2. Then leave that political bs off the site. Some of you haven’t learned anything from all the heated back and forth over the years. Leave that ish off the the site. too easy for it to take a wrong turn by someone with a much different accounting of how things truly are.

  23. This was right after the Wilcard Games last season. It’s from an article on MNF was the only NFL broadcast to lose anything….This year it’s across the board.

    Here’s how each individual network did in 2015:

    • Fox drew 20.75 million viewers across all its games, a slight increase over last year’s 20.728 million average and the second most-watched year season since broadcasting NFL games in 1994. Fox said its most-watched NFL seasons have come in the last seven years (2013: 21.2 million; 2015: 20.75; 2014: 20.73; 2010: 20.11 million; 2011: 20.10 million; 2012: 19.7 million; and 2009: 19.1).

    The network’s most-watched broadcast came in Week 8 when the Seahawks-Cowboys drew 29.4 million viewers. Fox’s Week 15 singleheader featuring the Panthers-Giants drew 25 million viewers, FOX’s highest-rated NFL single-header since 1997.

    On the studio front, Fox NFL Sunday averaged 5.3 million viewers, its most-watched season since 2010, and up eight percent in audience (5.3 million vs. 4.9). Fox NFL Kickoff (11:00 a.m.-noon ET) drew 1.2 million viewers.

    • CBS said its NFL telecasts averaged 19.1 million viewers, a two percent increase over last year’s 18.7 million viewers. The 19.1 million viewers was the highest number of average viewers for the regular-season for the AFC television package in 29 years. The network said its 16-game Thursday Night Football schedule on CBS and NFL Network (and over-the air stations) averaged 13 million viewers, up 6% compared to 12.3 million in 2014. The games that aired on CBS during Weeks 2-8, & 14 were the most-watched program on television in primetime for that night across all networks, and all six primetime games on NFL Network and over-the-air stations (Weeks 9-16) were the highest-rated and most-watched program on cable television for each of the Thursday nights they aired.

    How ESPN can improve its image after the network’s unfavorable 2015
    The NFL Today averaged 4.0 million viewers, up 5 percent over 2014 (3.8 million) and the highest viewer average for the show in 18 years since CBS re-acquired the NFL in 1998. But the show trailed Fox NFL Sunday by a whopping 1.3 million viewers.

    • ESPN’s 17 Monday Night Football telecasts in 2015 averaged 12.90 million viewers, down from 13.35 million in 2014 and 13.68 million viewers in 2013. The broadcast did win its night all 16 weeks of the 2015 season among all key male demos and adults 18-34 and 18-49.The final Monday Night Football broadcast of 2015, Broncos-Bengals, drew 15.81 million viewers, the most-viewed MNF telecast of the season.

  24. I have not heard one person complain about either of those things. I don’t even know what the Beyoncé problem is???
    I have heard about boring games, too many penalties and tired of less than stellar citizens acti like idiots when they get a first down

    1. Beyonce was the halftime Black Panther thing, I read a lot of NFL stuff so this is a big topic. I don’t do twitter or hashtags but there is a Boycott the NFL thing out there.

  25. Carson Wentz has earned Rookie of the week honors again being named rookie of the week for his performance against the Steelers.

    Naw..this kid isn’t that good..he has bust written all over him….lmao

    He’s like Ryan Tannehill

      1. The Dak fans are up in arms saying their guy isn’t getting the due respect. It pains me because he is a cowboys but the kid looks pretty solid of all things. I honestly can say that you watch both of them play and Carson is in a different area code right now. He really is that good.

      1. New starting lineup, pg Sergio, sg Henderson, sf Covington, pf oak, c emblid, second unit pg Bayless sg, sauce, sf, Hollis, pf Dario, c Noel not a bad roster

  26. It’s going to be a 6-8 week healing process… he’s an athlete and very young so he may heal faster..

    But this is still a blow..

    At least we will see Embiid Tuesday night

  27. What a huge disaster for my Sixers Simmons will be out a minimum of 2 months and even then he might still be in pain or have a good chance of injuring his foot again. I’m stunned I don’t know what to say I hope all ends well on that front and he’s able to come back 100%. This is the year to see how these puzzle pieces fit together and it’s going to be a huge set back not having Simmons for a stretch.

    1. Maybe it’s karma… Maybe it’s the basketball gods saying shame on you sixers for charging fans nba prices for D league games? Every step Embid takes this season fans will watch with one eye closed waiting for the “other show to drop”.
      Another excuse to play for ping ping balls and another 19 year old phenom ….

      1. Haveacigar were you a season ticket holder through the years that Sam Hinkie was general manager? Did you attend any Sixer games through the Sam Hinkie management of the team? Do you believe that the Sixers deserve all the unfortunate mishaps that can possibly happen to a team due to their losing?

        1. I have had season ticket plans off and on for about thirty years… And of course not during the Stinky era .. Only a fool would do so. Yes I believe the sixers deserve these events… They spit in the face of the NBA and their fans… It was a ridiculous plan and they are getting what they deserve.
          Henski maybe not a curse but maybe a little you get what you deserve ….

          1. So you have nothing financially tied up into the Sixers during Hinkies tenure in Philly. So what the fuck are you talking about? What they charge for tickets has nothing to do with you at all you didn’t spend your money lol. I feel stupid for asking this but, I take great solace that it was your dumbass who came up with all this bullshit in the first place. How did the Sixers spit in the face of the NBA and it’s fans since you seem to think you can speak for them all, and explain how this has caused you so much pain and suffering?

            1. I have not lost one bit of sleep, nor did it cause me any hardships– I don’t allow sports to do so to me.
              like i said as a fan or maybe ex-fan i don’t like what they did, neither did the nba evidence is stinky gone, colangelo in at the direction of the nba–
              if you are ok with it– that is your perogative.

              1. So be an ex-fan don’t nobody give a fuck you act like your really saying something or trying to prove something. You don’t even have to say it just go be an ex-fan I can assure you nobody will care. You can do that without tearing down other fans who still want to follow the team, and want to remain Sixer fans. You must really think your somebody special or something lol. If you have an issue with Hinkie go write him a letter go to counseling go join a substance abuse program with Paulman. Man you look pathetic stating a young man deserves to be injured over your stupid obsession of Sam Hinkie. Then you come back and say you don’t allow sports to do that to you like a hypocrite. You too damn old to be acting so damn stupid!!!!

              2. Mac I will respond to your poorly written post. I absolutely didn’t say simmons deserved to get hurt. I have been very impressed with him in every aspect. I think he could be generational… I said maybe the SIXERs deserved it–I didn’t tear down a sixer fan- i voiced my opinion, given your writing style I can ascertain that you didn’t pay attention in English class but lets assume for a minute you paid attention in civics class and if you did you would know that I have a right to my opinion and a right to express my opinion.

              3. Here we go I knew you were going to come back with something stupid, but what can I say that’s your natural state of existence. I’m looking right at your comment you clearly said yes they deserve these events then you said now they are getting what they deserve no maybe in that. So the question now is how are the Sixers getting what they deserve? Play stupid all you want it’s crystal clear what your talking about because if Simmons never got injured you wouldn’t have no reason to even make that comment.

              4. Unfortunately Mac I spoke of karma and ‘basketball gods’ in a abstract spiritual manner…. Referring to Sixers management as the scam artists they are and getting kicked in the face AGAIN! you in your rather limited view took it literally and brought up Simmons… Again you are entitled to your view of the last 3/4 years and I’m entitled to mine …. I believe and will continue to believe that trying to lose for a prolonged period of time is disturbing, as is trading players that give you a better chance of winning the next game. I understand why the tank but the multiple tanks for unproven 19 year olds… In the future I will speak in smaller words, throw in some tough street talk, not use figurative language etc

              5. Oh, I meant this in a abstract spiritual manner now I spoke of basketball god’s and karma, Zues and Hercules and, Kratos from God of War. Sure dumbass this was all directed at the Sixers management through Ben Simmons being injured your not slick fool. I’m gonna say this again to your stupid lame ass what do the Sixers deserve those were your comments answer, the Ben Simmons injury. There is nothing else you can possibly use, nothing has been going on with the Sixers for you to make that type of comment. Your just a coward doing the cupid shuffle to dance your way out of what you actually meant. Another thing this is a new management in Philly so when did they get kicked in the face the first time?

              6. Sorry if you can’t understand abstract thought..ownership is exactly the same….they endorsed the multiple tanks… Ben Simmons is a symbol of the karma the sixers have brought on… He is a very good young man who got drafted by e 1980-90s clippers….. A continuous loser that loses on purpose and it doesn’t turn around

              7. I’m just not going to play your game it’s that damn simple you play all this abstract fucken spiritual mumbo jumbo all you want. You can change up switch up call on the god of grass and cement to give you the strength to abstract your silly ass out of simple questions all you want. You didn’t say Simmons was the Sixers karma when he got drafted why didn’t you say that back then. You didn’t play that karma crap until he got hurt. You said straight up they deserved that mishap so shut the hell up. You can say ownership and management are the same, but Sam Hinkie and Bryan Colangelo are not they endorse Hinkie just as they do Bryan. Now back to my question what is this kick in the face?

  28. Who would have thought that the Eagles through week 4 would have been the less disfunctional team in the NFC East.

    Eagles 3-0 and only improving in my opinion. Receivers may need to step up some more during the season.

    Cowboys 3-1 Stories out of Dallas that Dez isn’t the most punctual teammate and some may feel he’s above the law when it comes to the organization. Talks of playing Romo or Dak have surfaced.

    Redskins 2-2 The team is sure about Cousins and there are whispers that some teammates don’t think he’s the one to lead the franchise. He will continue to struggle.

    Giants 2-2 Just one name sums up their season thus far…. Odell Beckham

    1. Eli wanted no parts of the Minny D last night. Any time he felt any pressure, he got rid of the ball ASAP. Birds get any pass rush and we should be seeing Eli face on the sideline this year as well.

      1. vikings are good but we may see the giants falling apart at the seams a little bit. Beckham is turning into a distraction, their high priced FA signings may leave home grown players saying ‘for who, for what’….

        1. Minny is 1 helluva football team.

          Bradturd looking solid

          Murray. Bradturd, eagles (offense and defense) making chip look like he got downs syndrome

  29. I knew we would be 3-0 and the less dysfunctional team in the Divison. I said many times “keep sleeping on us”

    Best defense and special teams in the division.
    Jim Schwartz etc.

    Bradford looks like a nfl qb when surrounded by help?!! Shocker.

    Only former number 1 overall pick to have a winning record this season.

    He will pull a elway and have a more successful career in his 30s. Book it

    1. Interesting question Mac. IMO, that team needs more than just a QB, but if they could get their QB situation stable, then I see them being able to move forward. Hue Jackson was a very good coordinator, but so far he is looking over his head as a HC. Pryor is their top receiver, a definite surprise and great as a converted QB, but that tells you the level of talent that they have on the team.

      I also believe that at least a portion of Wentz’s early success is due to this coaching staff and their experience as NFL QB’s and how to gameplan for this young QB. I am not sure that he would have the same initial success at Cleveland, but thankfully they screwed up and we will never know. The kid is an EAGLE and we are really lucky to have him.

      GO BIRDS!!

  30. Mac,

    One thing is for sure, the Browns wouldn’t be winless with Carson under center. Not the way Isiah Crowell and Pryor has been playing.

    The Browns are bad. But not as bad as everyone thinks they are.

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