Week 4 Afterthoughts

ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS OF DEC. 14-15 - FILE - In an Aug. 24, 2013, file photo Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson (65) sets up to block at the line of scrimmage during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville, Fla.  Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Todd Herremans and Lane Johnson don't get much recognition, but coaches and teammates credit the big guys upfront for helping  the offense lead the NFL in rushing. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack, file)

Lane Johnson Should Drop His Suspension Appeal

The Lane Johnson situation continues to drag on and on, beyond belief.

After the NFL dragged their feet on announcing the suspension until the third week of the season, Johnson appealed the suspension so that he could participate against the Steelers, and then begin serving his suspension after the bye week.

However, the process has been anything but swift, and despite an appeal being filed over three weeks ago, no word has come down from the league. It appears as though Johnson will be able to take the field against the Lions on Sunday.

While its certainly nice that Johnson will be available, the long-term impacts of putting this suspension off could come back to hurt this team.

I was ok with the idea of Johnson appealing the suspension to play against the Steelers, and then giving the Eagles the bye week to make sure that their new-look offensive line was ready to go. But now is the time to get the new line combination some in-game reps.

Realistically, its very unlikely that Johnson will win his appeal. The league just doesn’t go back on their disciplinary actions. The absolute best-case scenario would be for a reduction in the suspension. With those thoughts in mind, I’d much rather get the offensive line into a groove over the next two weeks against weaker opponents in the Detroit Lions and Washington Redskins, rather than have the suspension appeal drag on and possibly have Johnson’s first missed game come against the ferocious defense of the Minnesota Vikings.

And the longer that Johnson delays serving his suspension, the harder its going to be on this team during the stretch run at the end of the season. If Johnson were to begin serving his suspension now, he’d be eligible to come back for the final three games of the regular season, which include two potentially key division games against the Giants and Cowboys.

Or imagine if the Eagles do indeed make the playoffs, and Johnson’s suspension carries over to the postseason, or to the beginning of next year? The best route for this team to go is to just have Johnson serve the ridiculous suspension and move on.

Lions A Perfect Matchup For Eagles’ Defense

A year ago, the Philadelphia Eagles were demolished by the Detroit Lions in a completely pitiful, embarrassing effort on Thanksgiving day.

Former defensive coordinator Billy Davis stood by helplessly as Matthew Stafford connected with star receiver Calvin Johnson for three touchdowns, taking advantage of the matchup on then-rookie Eric Rowe, who Davis refused to give any help.

Stafford would finish with five touchdown passes, and the Lions dropped 45 points on over 400 yards of offense.

Just 11 months later, many things have changed for both teams, and the matchups have now swung drastically in the Eagles’ favor.

The biggest difference is that instead of the incompetent Davis (who likely will never be seen in the NFL again), the Eagles now have former Lions’ head coach Jim Schwartz at the controls of the defense.

Schwartz is very familiar with Stafford from their time together in Detroit, and runs a much more aggressive scheme than Davis, putting emphasis on the pass rush and creating turnovers. The Birds have been one of the league’s most dominant defenses over the first month of the season, allowing a total of 20 points to opposing offenses through three weeks, including just three to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 3.

The Detroit offense has been erratic and inconsistent. After a good showing against the Colts in Week 1, its been a struggle for this team to put up 20 or more points per game. They lost a low-scoring affair to the mediocre Titans. They were blown out and put up most of their points in garbage time against the Packers. And last week, lost to the a depleted Bears team that could muster only 17 points of their own.

Their offensive line has been shaky, allowing 10 sacks in the first four games. They’ll now face a powerful Eagle pass rush that has been able to consistently generate pressure with their front-four. The Birds have 10 sacks in three games from six different players, with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham leading the charge with three apiece.

Schwartz’s pass rush should be able to generate plenty of pressure on Stafford, and force him into several mistakes.

The Lions have adjusted to life without Calvin Johnson fairly well, and have been pleasantly surprised by the play of former Bengal Marvin Jones, but have been just as disappointed by veteran Golden Tate, who was benched against Chicago a week ago. The Eagles are expected to get veteran corner Leodis McKelvin back for the game, adding a welcome boost to the secondary.

The Lions also don’t run the ball very well. They rank 22nd in the league in rushing offense, and have already lost starter Ameer Abdullah for the season. Theo Riddick is the current starter, but his specialty is as a pass catcher out of the backfield rather than running between the tackles, and fellow reserve Dwayne Washington is also hurt.

The Lions will lean heavily on Stafford to do a lot of passing, and that plays right into the Eagles’ hands. Between the matchup of the Eagles’ defensive line, and Schwartz out for revenge against the team that fired him, The table appears to be set for another strong defensive effort from the defense on Sunday.

Quick Thoughts From Around The League

  • Odell Beckham is starting to meltdown out in New York. Between his lack of involvement in the offense, and the penalties he’s been taking during games, he’s received criticism from his teammates (most notably Eli Manning), and his focus seems to be getting worse, not better. This is entirely on head coach Ben McAdoo. He’s got to manage Beckham better, and get him the ball early and often in ballgames. McAdoo’s playcalling has been horrendous to start the season.
  • The Panthers should be in full-blown panic mode after their disgraceful effort against the Atlanta Falcons, allowing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to torch them for over 500 yards in the air. The Super Bowl hangover is real in Carolina.
  • Bill Belichick’s luck with his reserve quarterbacks had to run out sooner or later. The Cleveland Browns are going to get demolished in the worst way possible on Sunday when Tom Brady makes his return to the New England lineup.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown nine interceptions in the last two games.
  • It’ll be interesting to see if the Broncos start Paxton Lynch on Sunday, and if he plays well, will they keep going with him or go back to Trevor Siemian? Lynch clearly offers much more upside, and Denver has the weapons in place for a quarterback to thrive.
  • Chip Kelly continues to get humiliated week to week. Ever since starting the 2014 season 9-3, Kelly is just 8-15. Are there are Chip-bots still kicking and screaming about those two 10-win seasons?

132 thoughts on “Week 4 Afterthoughts

  1. Boy we have come long way in 3 weeks.We are determining who is weak and who is strong like we have arrived. I personally think the Detroit game is no gimme. I think we are going to have our hands full. I sure hope the players dont think they just have to show up to beat this weak Detroit team.

  2. Worried about a “look ahead” for the Birds. Spent the bye week reading all the press about how great they are….now have the lowly Lions before 4 big games coming up

    @ Skind
    Vikes (return of Sleeves)
    @ Cowpokes
    @ Giants

    The lowly Lions before 3 road division games and the return of Sleves?


    I’m more than a little worried they’ll come out flat in Detroit. Hopefully Det is so bad, the Eagles will still be able to prevail in the end.

    As for the comment about Beckham: ‘. This is entirely on head coach Ben McAdoo. He’s got to manage Beckham better, and get him the ball early and often in ballgames. ”

    I believe that is the absolute opposite of what McAdoo has to do. You don’t fix spoiled brats by spoiling them more. Beckham needs to learn he’s just a mostly useless, completely replacable WR – after RB, the least relevant position on a foorball team….forget that…at least RBs have to pick up blitzers to protect the QB. WWrs are irrelevant and Beckham needs a huge dose of humility to recognize it.

  3. The Giants are primed for a disaster…. Petulant me first receiver and high priced free agents…they are already pissing and moaning about beck ham

  4. I knew Odell would have a down year. Will be a learning exp. for him. Let’s hope we drop his ass to 0-6!

    This Detroit game damn well better be a gimme!! They kicked our ass last year! Jim Schwartz will not let this D come out flat. And I believe a lot of players on this team have learned a thing or two about starting out strong and buying into media hype over the last 2-3 years.

    31-10 philly wins.

    Very crucial we go 2-0 in these next two games. It willl give us a lot of breathing room in that Minnisota game IF it is a loss! I just hope that game is close and I expect it to be a defensive blue collar 17-20 type game!! Whatever qb can take care of
    The ball more will win. Sammy or Carson?

    No Khalil or AP. We damn well can win that game if we can get into the endzone 2 times with a fg or 2

  5. I like it better when we are underdogs but… the NFL has taken notice and it is what it is.

    I expect a prepared eagles O on Sunday and I think they take a few more chances down field. I believe a step back is coming but I dont see it happening this game. The skins however are the trap game…. believe me the birds know the game against the Vikes will be a big one and Im a little worried that the skins catch us off guard.

    The vikes IMO are actually better without AP. He cant block and doesnt catch well out of the backfield. With the box a little less stacked, teams are giving Sam a clean look all over the field.

    1. Sorry Stevo. No such thing as a divisional “trap” game. That’s not the way it works. Long time rivalries. Importance of divisional wins vs non-divisional wins etc etc.

      Its Detroit that’s the trap here. A lowly 1-3 team that they’re expected to beat the week before a division game. Watch out.

      AA recent example? The Redskins…coming off divisional games vs Dallas and NYG….heading into a cross town gave at Baltimore and then Philly….and who is sandwiched in between? Lowly Cleveland. 14 easy points…this will be a laugher! Next thing you know Skins are down in the 4th……


      Now I believe this may be mitigated by the Schwartz factor…perhaps he can rile them up with the whole “I want revenge on the team that fired me” but I dunno. Perhaps this team is too young to get caught up in the “we should win easily” business…..but history says they’re going to take Det lightly.

      Look I still expect the Eagles to win, but I think we’ll be grumbly at the way the first half goes.

      And I might see a positive lining in this. Need to see at some point if the kid can handle a 2 min drill to win a game. This could be a good opportunity.

      1. “No such thing”.. oh simpy, you really outdo yourself time and again.

        So… if a team like the Vikes have back to back games against the 0-4 Bears and the 4-0 Packers… you mean to tell me “there is no such thing as a divisional trap game”? U sir… ugh, forget it.

        You cant even recognize when im agreeing with you about the schedule. Cats like you just want to fight..

        1. “if a team like the Vikes have back to back games against the 0-4 Bears and the 4-0 Packers… you mean to tell me “there is no such thing as a divisional trap game”? U sir… ugh, forget it.”

          No. It doesn’t work like that. Div games are Div games. History, fanbases, rivalries, playing them 2x/year, hatred.

          Donuts and traps come from out of division, and esp out of conference shitter matchups.

          Examples this year….
          Vikes struggling against Tenny week 1 before facing GB week 2
          Pack struggling against Jax week 1 before facing Minny week 2
          Seahawks struggling at home against terrible Miami before facing Rams in week 2
          Wsh struggling against Clev week 3 coming off Dall and NYG before facing Balt and Eagles next 2

          And so on….its the nature of things.

          The Washington Redskins will not/cannot be a ‘trap’ for the Birds.

          1. “Donut Games” to Open up a Season?? That doesn’t make a lot of Sense to me… It’s a New Season with New Players, Excited Fans ..
            I don’t believe these are Donut Games, Now some Match-ups may stink or maybe a Favored Team just doesn’t Play well…

            1. Do Note that Playing Underdogs for the Season Opener rarely turns into an easy game for anyone.. That opponent has been practicing/game planning for Weeks and Weeks against you for everyone wants to Win ..
              Remember the Eagles playing the Jaguars a couple Years ago as Favorites at Home and were very fortunate to Win after a terrible 1st Half comes to mind.. Other Teams, Coaches and Players are Paid to Play and Coach at a high level too…There are no easy, donut games, and if a Team is Flat, then that’s on the Coaching Staff and the Leaders in the Locker Room and the Team..

              1. except for when you say this fraudman:
                September 11, 2016 – 7:46 am
                Profile photo of paulman
                The Eagles should Win period, they are better Team Talent Wise, more Players on the Roster with experience and experience with playing with each other…
                The Browns have RG3 Starting his First Game since the early 2014 Season?
                You could be QB HAC for the Eagles, the Eagles Win at Home 26-13
                A loss versus the worst Roster in the NFL would be a terrible start to the Doug Pederson/Carson Wentz Era… There nothing to get in front of..The Eagles should Win this game going away .

              2. funny i said those exact things to you prior to week one…’other teams are prepping, they get paid, any given sunday”– and you ridiculed me– flip flop much fraudman

  6. Jeez man,

    Nigel Bradham has a loaded gun in a freekin’ airport and its…..wait for it….” a honest mistake.”

    Rembering that he’s already been charged with some other assault….now he is in an airport with a loaded gun in his bag????? “honest mistake”

    I mean…for God’s sakes…an honest mistake is filling out your charitable deductions on line 346 of the tax return instead of 347. An honest mistake is a busy waiter giving the wrong change back at a bar.

    Figgin’ you guys and your guns. “Whoops its in my bag…loaded… – honest mistake!”


  7. Don’t think this is a donut game?

    Current Eagles Headlines this week:

    Jenkins On White Players Supporting Trump Despite ‘Borderline Racist’ Remarks
    Jim Schwartz Gave An Incredible Quote About Nigel Bradham
    Nigel Bradham On Gun Arrest: ‘Honest Mistake’
    Everything we know about the Lane Johnson situation
    The great Philadelphia Eagles coin flip tracker
    Hayes: Eagles Schwartz has hire expectations
    Bowen: A tour inside Bradham’s backpack
    Wentz’s North Dakota Trek: A buck, a homecoming and Eagles Jerseys
    Will success spoil Carson Wentz?

    Other than a little news about Logan’s minor injury…..is there even a game on??

  8. Out in. LOs Angeles where they’re still trying to figure out how they sit at 3-1.. Detroit line I vegans has told you all you need to know about the dunkin donut game this Sunday. ..opened at 2/12 Detroit and now 3 to 31/2 birds a huge swing,and a potential middle..the common play is to stay off and not think the money knows more than the opening wise guy line ..

  9. Kudos to Vinnie…. he has said many times that Carolina is a bunch of front runners… an ex-panther who is now on the vikings made it clear…”they don’t come back and they don’t play when they are down”– ouch!

    1. Kudos for what !!! Your going by a Quote of Ex-Panther and Current Vikings Player, CB Captain Munnerlyn, who last played with the Panthers way back in 2013 ..You couldn’t even name the 8 Panther Players who were on the Panthers Team in 2013 along with Munnerlyn… What a Blowhard & Asshole you really are just as GMCliff Said!!!

      1. right…how bout you address the fact that prior to week one ‘its an easy game’ blah blah now on week 4 you give the any given sunday–
        you are a fraud.
        if you are in cahoots with looney tune thats on you–
        hey the opponent looks across the line, sees his opponents face, knows many of them including the leader and says they are quitters… chances are they are quitters… fraud i think schwartz was referring to you bout the dumb ass things, must be a dumbass….

      2. HAHaHA AAAA at paulman

        posts on gcobb every day (until Wentz started skull fucking the NFL)

        posts on all things eagles, phillies, flyers, sixers

        never stuck up for a single philly team

        someone comes at the carolina panthers and he lashes out like a little tween girl.







  10. TY HAC. Easy to spot the frauds….they’re always pointing. At themselves when things go well, at others when things are going wrong. No current team points more than the Carolina Panthers right now.

    1. Newton, a freaking QB was fined for taunting! A QB! What a jerk! Oh and the cool thing is it was in a loss and on a play in which he was injured…. Hilarious

  11. Patrik learn some more– it is ridiculous to bemoan the time it takes for johnsons suspension.. he has every right as a collective bargaining employee to appeal and make sure they get it right …it has nothing to do with what week of the season– he is an employee with rights…he doesn’t work at walmart

  12. haveacigar , I,m always learning bro,I get the lane johnson deal. however there were other pieces of good info in there as well.The heading from around the league /had interest for me,Odell Beckman too ,not just Johnson , Johnson is close to losing his whole nfl gig so he cant be a very informed man. Some would say just plain dumb/Also ,I will miss Jim Schwartz ,if he gets another h.c, gig next year as We talked about before ,Schwarz is already winning over philly fans, A hard thing to do in blue collar philly.

  13. HAC Andre the giant at 7″5 inches 500 lbs was asked by george allen to play defensive end for the redskins. They could not afford him.. Wilt was asked to play as well , soley to block extra points , The nfl said no / A circus atmosphere was mentioned in the refusal to allow Wilt to play,A defensive end at 7 feet 5 inches / Imagine that!!

  14. The Eagles have only lost 2 games to the Detroit Lions since 1995. I have never gotten over last years loss at Detroit it was humiliating when the 2016 schedule came out this was a game I was waiting for. I got 3 words for this game Kill These Motherfuckers.

  15. A punch in the mouth game ..the defense of Schwartz at this point ,playing with a lack of discipline ,an offense that isn’t smiling but looking at snapshots of the first failed drive…This is a game of adjustments from here vs a hungry lions team who isn’t here to just show up..I like the bye week rust and hoping they shake off there press clippings of invincibility..

  16. This will test the offensive line for the next few drives …they’re not yet in panic mode ,but they’re sure in ball your fist mode..they need give the Dee a chance to put there helmets on ,as ,it’s obvious Schwartz too read all his catapult press clippings of being annnointed a head coach again ..pitiful

  17. Wentz will display ,a new dimension of trailing 14-0 in a hostile indoor environment …or. Not ..as the defense has done absolutely nothing to distinguish there even interested …

  18. Tough game ..for peters ..the edge is collapsing as the lions are mismatching with speed guys …the tight ends or backs will have to adjust ,and hit some quick releases to sproles and Smallwood ..the offense almost has to take over

    1. Michael kendricks missing that 3rd and 12 tackle and allowing them to convert on 4th and 1.

      What happened to him? He’s a fucking bum. We always get the retarded brother

  19. So….

    Detroit opening drive TD
    Can’t cover anyone…penalties for offside, PA……
    Huff fumbles kickoff return and gets to the 17
    Wentz rolls out and throws his first terrible throw
    Confusion as playclock expires, Wentz claps crazily and then sacked.

    Do we believe in the Donut game yet????????????

  20. The Eagles defense is completely off balanced they have no idea what the Lions are throwing at them. This is gonna put a ton of pressure on Wentz and the offense they have to make up for every touchdown the defense gives up.

  21. Doesn’t matter what the offense does if the defense cant get off the field. You have 1 player to stop Riddick I guess they didn’t get memo.

    1. It’s penalties and penalties only. Take away HALF of them and were tied right noe and Maybe even winning. It’s ridiculous.

  22. Super Bowl toss to huff in a quick hit on the goal line by wentzilla 17-19 2 tds …if. His defense would match even half that. ,it wouldn’t be a contest ..

  23. Wentz is so calm and cool he keeps a level head even though the Eagles are down he got in there made all the throws and kept his composure and the offense marched right down the field for a score.Most rookies would crumble but Wentz is not your average rookie.

  24. Things are fine now.

    Eagles have survived the donut ( lethargy, penalties etc) and are now in it.

    What can you say about Wentz?? Fights through 78 penalties in the 2 min drive and leads Birds to a FG…comes out of half to lead a TD.


  25. goal line stop on 4th down …the Eagles,will be tested in this ,4th quarter ,which previously they’ve owned ..all you could’ve hoped for ,down 14 early

  26. Games in his hands and in the 4th quarter ,down on the road..another chapter ,we’re watching be written..this guys storybook continues …here..id look for a drive here of a team that wills there way ..on the Smallwood or sproles express ..

    1. Came out rusty. And the difference in the two teams in showing hard core. Our ball 5 min left. Detroit is not on our level and it’s not even Close.

      Win or lose great learning exp for the rookie qb and the defense.

  27. Here’s what I wrote days ago:

    Worried about a “look ahead” for the Birds. Spent the bye week reading all the press about how great they are….now have the lowly Lions before 4 big games coming up

    The lowly Lions before 3 road division games and the return of Sleves?

    I’m more than a little worried they’ll come out flat in Detroit. Hopefully Det is so bad, the Eagles will still be able to prevail in the end.

    Its Detroit that’s the trap here. A lowly 1-3 team that they’re expected to beat the week before a division game. Watch out.

    And I might see a positive lining in this. Need to see at some point if the kid can handle a 2 min drill to win a game. This could be a good opportunity.

  28. Well.

    I’ll look at silver linings here. Was a total donut. Eagles, as I predicted, not “in” on this game. Thinink of next week against divisional Skins.

    Overcame a disastrous 1st Q, 1000 penalties, 7 drops etc and still had the ball at the end of the 4th to win it…(not sure if a bomb there was a smart play….though nice effort Agholor)

    Sign of a decent team to still be in the game after all that doughnut messiness.

    Good lesson for this young team. No “gimmies” in the NFL.

    Eagles will be fine. More positives from this mess than negatives.

  29. A toss play on 3rd and short ..really weak call ? we were thoroughly humbled and jacked by the refs on the road ..and we had a Hail Mary with a ton of clock where a field goal would win it …a ton of humbling tonic to drink ,and ready for Washington

  30. Oh well the Mathews turnover killed us.
    Agholor has to put up a better fight for the ball. Safe to say he’s an average receiver. One thing I’ve noticed is that when our receivers are challenged they don’t win the battle, especially DGB and Agholor.

  31. I think the coach would take the last. Two sequences of a backwards toss to Matthews on third and short and a Hail Mary back if he could..obviously the turnover and not fighting for the ball is obvious..it’s better to get kicked and respond then to lie down ,but a humbling lesson was learned ..the Eagles will need regroup at home vs a Divison game and await the hysterics of Sam I am and his return..it leaves a bitter taste to not finish. The deal ,but down 14 early was more the defenses lack of preparation ..at least the head coach repertoire can quiet down on the Scwartz express ..

  32. I’m not going to crucify Mathews on that fumble it wasn’t like he just walked out there and just fumbled the damn ball. That ball was forced out the defender knocked that ball out legitimately. When a defense makes a good play they just make a good play it’s nothing you can do about it but suck it up and keep playing ball.

  33. Again,

    Right from the start…….Huff booting the kickoff, the D looking lost for a Q and a half, the strange play calling, Wentz making a couple throws we haven’t seen, 1000 penalties, etc etc

    A team without focus.

    Happens to just about every team. Eagles off an unbelievable 3-0 start, reading all the “they’re amazing!!” press with the shitty-assed Lions in an atmosphere-less half empty stadium the week before a divisional matchup vs the Skins.


    Why predicable? Because I predicted it!

    And still I saw some very positive things here…they fought back and competed, nice 2 min drive,.

    A win would have been nice…but gravy. I am not that upset (symptomatic of a donut)

    1. The Cowboys hit the lottery when they drafted that kid Dak… He looks like the future of the Cowboys. I have a feeling he would have been our QB if we had not taken Wentz.

      It looks like the Eagles and Cowboys have their QB spot filled for the next 10 years.

      The Eagles need some help at WR if they hope to compete in the NFC East… Our division is much better than anybody thought it would be… Look at what we are doing to the AFC central so far…

      1. Dak looks good…though I still don;t see him making multiple reads. He still stares at one guy…how this guy is open…I have no idea.

        Eagles do need help at WR. They can’t catch, and worse, they’re soft.

        I was going to go to this game because Detroit tickets are the 2nd easiest in the league to get, but I didn’t go because, due to the donut, I didn’t think the Birds would win the game.

        Its an unfortunate loss….but I actually think it might be the best thing to happen to the Eagles (and perhaps more – the fanbase) this year.

          1. Hey Stevo! Great to see you.

            Tell me more about how this wasn’t going to be a donut game.

            Tell me more about how Eagles fan had to be more nervous about Washington.

            Tell me more about how I talk in absolutes and know nothing, even though what I said would happen is exactly what happened.

            And now you twist my words about Wrs….I am not saying the Wrs are costing the Eagles wins. I am not saying the Wrs are the only reason the QB sucks (as the Bradford apologists continually said last year)…I am saying the WRs need to be better for the Eagles to move to the next level and win Sbs,

            Go crawl back under a rock, stick your head out to try and tell the world I have no idea what I am talking about and how I only speak in absolutes, and then cralw back again when everything I say is exactly correct once more.

            1. Oh sheesh simpy.. here is my exact quote from last week. As i said over and again, you are so dull that you cant even see when i agree with you. I was agreeing with you that a trap game was coning. “I expect a prepared eagles O on Sunday and I think they take a few more chances down field. I believe a step back is coming but I dont see it happening this game. The skins however are the trap game…. believe me the birds know the game against the Vikes will be a big one and Im a little worried that the skins catch us off guard.”

              So quick to be right.. so slow to listen.

              1. Look, I’m sorry. I really am. I am sorry you can’t handle this shit.

                I said this was going to be a trap. You said Washington was going to be the trap.(“The skins however are the trap game…”)

                I said Wsh would not be a trap because it was a divisional game. Divisonal games are never traps.

                you (again) said this was BS and I only brought it up because I “want to fight”.

                No I don;t want to fight. I just know how the NFL works. I only bring this shit up because its happened 100s of times before.

                Shitty Detroit was a total donut for the Birds and they played exatly as I expected (too bad). I thought they could pull it out in the end, but that was a pretty ill-advised long toss.

                Doesn’t matter. More was learned.

                This loss will help the Eagles in the long run. They may very well have needed it to remind them to stay humble.

                I am sorry you get so worked out about my being right so often.

              2. the last throw wasnt ill advised imo. 1 on 1 coverage 62 yards downfield, you have to throw that ball, and your wr has to make a play on the ball. Agholor got interfered with and it shouldve been called, but he also made no play on the ball, didnt even put his damn hands up…

                my first reaction was theres plenty of time no need to go for it all now, but after thinking on it and rewatching, it was a busted play and wentz improved and had agholor go deep and agholor flopped and slay made a great pic…

            1. My only concern with Dak is that he might pose a threat to the Eagles success. I’m not a fan… Don’t worry, I plan to hate him just as I hated Troy Aikman and Tony Romo.

              1. Dak goes as his o line goes. I have not seen Dak unleash the long ball yet. I still need to see it. He’s very accurate with the short to intermediate passes though. With his weapons and o line I need to see more. I think Wentz has done more with less.

              1. Dude go to any football site. If you even mention Wentz some Cowboy fucker is bringing up Dak. Fuck Dak, He’s a Cowboy POS. He has a stud Line and Stud RB. He makes the plays as of now, but he doesn’t make half the throws our guy does. Why is he even a Topic on here? Screw him. Oh and Vinnie was right above T.S. only shows her face when Dak was mentioned in the last week or so. Go to a Cowboy site for that shit. We have our guy for the next 10 Yrs barring injuries so either get on, or go buy a Dak jersey. Not you specifically Biggie, the morons who think he is something great. Even if he was WTF do Eagles fans care? He where is that Idiot Kool also….Another fraud like TS.

              2. I don’t like stupid shit X, this asshole brings up the subject and then says why are you talking about him. Same bullshit over and over here nothing ever changes.

              3. Which asshole who “brought up the subject”. Are you talking about?..

                Was it Daggolden who brought him up first? Or TS who quickly agreed about how good Dak is?

                All I did was then rip TS for celebrating a Cowboy. Is that what you are talking about?

                Perhaps it was the asshole eagles has landed who the re-introduced Dak. Perhaps the asshole Irish who responded to the asshole Eagles. Or is it the asshole Vinnie for continuing that discussion.

                Again, sorry you are so upset that I was correct about the donut game….so upset that you have to make shit up about me starting a thread about Dak when all I did was rip someone for celebrating a Cowboy.

                Your faux indignation is almost as palatable as the clowns on CNN.

  34. As much as I hate to say it Dallas looks good. Their offense is good and their defense is not bad although that was the feeling going into the season. I can’t wait until the Eagles play them. I hope Prescott is the QB on October 30th.

    1. Well, we all knew EElliot would be a bell-cow with speed, and that putting him behind that OLine was a great situation for the Boys. Jerry Jones did a good job in building that team…. As much as it pains me to say it, Jones built that team the right way.

      I agree Vinny, Dak is not as skilled as Wentz (at this point) at going through his progressions, but with that road grader in the backfield, they can game plan to around his rookie growing pains.

      It’s going to be a fun season…

  35. This team and did not handle the bye week well.

    The defense came out flat, and played at that level for the first half.

    Two delays of game, tell me that our game plan was not as tight as it should have been with the extra days off.

    This group of refs are a pathetic lot that should lose their jobs.

    None of our WR’s play anything like a #1, and Wentz development will be stunted until they can get someone who does.

    Kendricks has not played well all season, but this was by far his worst game. Certainly he has no trade value, so the hope is that Schwartz can figure a way to get something out of him.

    The NFC east is looking more interesting for years to come with some talented young QB’s in Wentz and Prescott. Let’s hope that Howie and Doug can build a supporting cast around Carson that will move them to an elite level.

      1. Does it matter Stevo…You are both Eagles fans….You are doing the right thing man by burying the hatchet. We are the Enemy, Dallas fans are the enemy dude. We need a stud receiver, DGB was worth the try. We need someone with Balls though.

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