Report: Eagles Interested In Alshon Jeffrey Too

alshonoLate on Monday, reports surfaced that the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in pursuing a trade for 49ers’ speedy wideout Torrey Smith. The news was followed by speculation by some that the Birds could (or should) inquire about Bears’ wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey as well.

Now, Benjamin Allbright reports that the Eagles are in fact making a play for Jeffrey as well.


Jeffrey is set to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year, and because he’s currently playing under the franchise tag, the Birds would be unable to work out a contract extension with him until the end of the season.

Jeffrey is worth the risk of a mid-round pick, but he comes with a great deal of concerns. He’s had trouble staying healthy, and has battled all kinds of nagging injuries during his career. I’m not sure that he’d really be worth the kind of contract that he’d command, but the Eagles certainly need to get some playmakers for the offense, Nelson Agholor giving up on routes isn’t cutting it, Jordan Matthews is a complimentary piece at best, and Dorial Green-Beckham has potential through the roof, but is currently a project.

I’d be surprised if the Eagles made a deal for either Jeffrey or Smith before the trade deadline. Trades are so hard to pull off in the NFL during the season, but after seeing Howie Roseman deal Sam Bradford away on the eve of the regular season, how you can you rule anything out?

41 thoughts on “Report: Eagles Interested In Alshon Jeffrey Too

  1. Spending money on a wr is ridiculous. Dallas spent money on Dec and are just as good or better without him. Megatron is gone and guess what Detroit is better. AJ Green lol how good is he in playoffs. DT in Denver is OK he ain’t worth it. Just draft better We. Brady, Rivers, Wilson all seem to do fine without mega receivers.

    1. dag, i have spent years on here arguing against big money WRs. They are too easy to neutralize, many times put personal touches above the team and can become a distraction. Lots of times they can ‘get theirs’ and the team still not win.
      That said… damn, Agholar just isn’t going to make it.

  2. Useless.

    WRs are useless and irrelevant replacable parts.


    All $$ and important picks must go there. Fuck WR. Yes Agholor sucks, but all a team needs are competent 3rd to 5th round picks at wr.

    The guy in Houston

    The only exception…potentially…is Brown, but the steelers haven’t won anything since he’s been a star.

    Keep naming the superstar WRs and they all have the same thing in common. Their teams suck.

    Now name the wrs on Seattle, NE, or any other SB winner in the last 30 years.

    I laugh every time a team takes a WR in the first round. Always a wasted pick.

    1. there has been some teams with major wr as weapons the last 10 years. superstars idk but top 10 wr yes… could tom brady win with our wr? maybe but we aint winning with huff, assholor, dgb… need an upgrade and not at the expense of oline, dline , 2ndary..

      id give a 3rd for alshon for sure no brainer.

      but i heard on the radio yesterday if the bears lose alshon this year in free agency they get a 3rd round compensatory pick. can anyone confirm? b/c if thats the truth they aint moving him

    2. I somewhat agree with the WRs being overvalued, but you need to have, at least competent WRs which the Eagles currently do not have. They cannot get open and when they do, they do not consistently catch the football.

      I wouldn’t trade for Jeffrey, not because I don’t think that he is a good player, but because he has the franchise tag, so I don’t think that he can sign a long term deal until after the season when he will be a FA. Too much risk there.

  3. Jon hart where u at???

    Ur boy embiid looks nasty.

    He gave the Dream shake already

    Man shits gonna be beautiful for the 76ers real soon

        1. i don’t hate– embid looks like a great player and good guy– simmons as well–
          i actually was able to watch last night after 3-4 years of unwatchable games–
          my point is that hinkie worship is stupid– hinkie built a loser, he traded away players that could actually help win games for hopefully better players in the future– i GET IT… but worshiping a guy for losing is counterintuitive– if he were really the GOAT he’d have been hired by another NBA franchise that is in cap hell mediocrity. There are probably 15 teams in that situation– he would have been gobbled up.
          Again, I GET THE MEANS TO AN END– but he is not anything.

          1. To u hac he is nothing to the sixers fans who understand the process he is the Savior, lol, dude the Knicks for the past 4 years have actually tried to win look where that got them, fucking no where, we will great for 10 years or more while they will be putrid

            1. Dude once emblid shakes off the rust and gets his minutes up to 30 mins he will be a 25 and 15 rebound guy easily this year, the talent is too much for the other bigs,all his shots look good , he missed 10 last night but could have easily made half of those….he will 80 percent free throw shooter his stroke is pretty

              1. trust this process…. if he was great he’d be fighting off teams that want him to be the GM—he’d have a dozen offers this minute! As i’ve said many times i get it, understand it BUT its a sad sad statement on the league that this is the way it has to be. Its fraud when you don’t try to put a competitive team on the court.

                What will be interesting now, and entertaining is that the process people have their due, fill the arena and chant it. Their best player wants it to be his nick name…. at some point colangelo and harris etc are going to have to acknowledge it— that will be fun to watch.

              2. and as a player (after 1 game) my superlative on Embid is that I think the dude has Olajuwan in him, maybe better– now again 1 game but he is a freak. Admittedly they are going to be watchable again– unfortunately most of their opponents won’t be… but…

  4. Does anyone wonder about what this team would look like if we did not trade DeMarco Murray? What he would look like in this offense, with Pederson and Reich scheming for he and Wentz? Just a thought, since he is ranked 3rd in the league all purpose yards…I know that everything from last year is fresh in everyone’s mind, but I really blame that on Kelly. I also know that his contract was ridiculous, but from a production standpoint, I just wanted to see if anyone else thought about that.

      1. Yeah, I was trying to remember all of the moves that Howie made last off season. You are probably right. Just made me think when I saw how well he was doing this year.

      2. Murray went to Titans where the Eagles exchanged 4th Round Draft Positions with the Titans and had nothing to do with the Deal to the Dolphins or Browns The Dolphins Deal where Maxwell/Alonso were involved and were able to move up from #13th and up for the gDolphins 8th Pick which was then used with the Browns Deal to get up to that #2nd pick where the selected Wentz..
        RB Murray to Titans had nothing to do with moving up for Wentz and was strictly a Salary dump by the Eagles for an unhappy Player with a bad contract..Murray tore up his Eagles Contract once being traded and make a new more Team Friendly Deal with the Titans so a Win-Win for everyone at the end of the Day.. Murray is having a Pro-Bowl Season for the Titans

  5. Watching Pitt Vs Va Tech Game which is a good one and Pitt has 2 Senior OL who are projected to be 3rd/4th Round Prospects
    OT Adam Bisnowaty & Guard Dorian Johnson

    1. He’s (Bradley) done a poor job as HC.. it appears that Falcons got the Better HC in former Seahawk DC Dan Quinn rather than hot name of Gus Bradley who may have not been ready just yet ..
      I think the HC Of the Giants (McAdoo) is not ready either..

  6. Seattle Cut CJ Spiller, Broncos CJ Anderson is out indefinitely with a torn meniscus, and are down to 2 Rookie RB’s
    Lions starting RB is out, Packers Lacy & Starks are injured and out..
    McCoy is hurting, J Stewart is hurting..
    Here the Eagles have 4 Healthy RB’s in Ryan Matthews, D Sproles, Smallwood & Barner .. maybe GM Howie can Move Ryan Matthews to the Broncos for a mid-Round Draft Pick..

    1. lmfao at paulman writing app state updates while nobody was here and if they did wouldnt care.

      regarding rbs. seattle doesnt need a rb rawls will be back any week and michael is their starter. they cut spiller because he blows

      regarding denver andersons meniscus isnt torn and they have booker who is better than cj and bibbs who is familiar with their system.

      regarding lions their starter (abdullah) been out since week 2. they have washington, riddick and zenner and signed forsett long ago. they dont need or want anyone

      j stew is back this week

      shady is fine may miss 1 or 2 weeks

      but regardless of these things and the errors in your post, nobody is giving up a mid round pick for ryan matthews
      regarding your rb trade partners

  7. App State pulls ahead 27-10 and has Game under control now with about 10 Minutes left..App State moves to 5-2 Overall and 4-0 in Sun-Belt Conference Play and has held Georgia Southern to about 75 Yards Offense on their Home Field..

  8. I saw it all MH I saw it all, y’all know I don’t miss a game!

    The Sixers are back!!! Philly we are back!!!!

    Embiid looks incredible

    The energy at that arena was breathtaking, I couldn’t help but think back on the A.I days, the Doc, Moses Malone days when the Sixers had Philly humming. We are almost back to that happy place

    Simmons injury was a fluke one, he ll be back around January I’m hearing (maybe sooner I’m told). He’s a prodigy

    So things are looking up for us for once in a very long time!

    Show Ya Luv Philly!


    1. Embiid got moves for days. Dream like moves which you called years ago. Crazy that was his first 20 point game since high school. Hopefully the first on hundreds to come

      1. I told y’all!!! Hakeem the dream Olajuwon type skills, I’ve said it since he was in college! He’s the real deal

        Embiid is a beast and that game was just a appetizer. Wait til he gets into basketball shape and Simmons comes back, just wait!

  9. Number 1 type WRs are not as important to teams that have a strong offensive line, good TEs, and a good QB.

    If the Eagles use their high draft picks on WRs they will remain a middle-of-the-road team. The team needs lineman and defensive backs.

    The Eagles can get along just fine with a group of #2 & 3 type WRs, as long as they are sure-handed guys. NE moves the chains with Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan and Danny Amendola (three heavy-legged white guys that can’t jump over the Sunday paper), because they catch the ball.

    1. I’m OK with dgb, Matthews, and even huff, but aggs pisses me off every game, we gotta get a field stretcher but a #1 is not needed, would rather have the draft go oline 1,2, dine 3,and the rest line backer and skill players

  10. Load the box all day and run blitz. Make Dak beat you. I dont want to see McCloud 20 yards down field over the top. Dak throws everything 5 to 15 yards he doesnt throw deep. If they beat you over the top so be it you cant take everything away. Take Beasley and his 5 yard routes away, stack the box vs Elliot and take your chances with Dez one on one coming off bad knee. . Dare Prescott to go deep.

    1. This is definetly a Tulloch game. Stick his ass in there all game long. This isnt a pass rush game. I would use my run defense all game long. My best run defenders would play alot I dont care if they cant rush the passer. If we need pressure we blitz on passing downs. Bring that wide 9 in a little bring the safties and CBs up and say if Beasly and company can beat us long kudos to them but we arent going to let you have 6 yard completions, 12 play drives all night long.

  11. All of the sudden everyone is scared of the Cowboys. We dominated Minn, we dominated Pittsburgh and should of beat a hot Detroit team. Cowboys beat a avg at best GB and a Andy Dalton Cincinnati team.. Shut that fucking run game down and see what “Dak” looks like then. Elliot and Dak are going to get there welcome to the NFL moment Sunday night. Cowboys havent seen no defense like they are going to see tomorrow. Its on.

    1. daggolden, I agree with everything you’ve said. Load the box and make Dak beat you. I think Jordan Hicks will keep Witten from having a big game and I’m not worried about Dez. It’s about stopping Beasley and Elliot. Over the past two years Brandon Graham has had a lot of success against Dallas’ LT Tyron Smith who’s coming off injury. I’m looking for Graham to have a big game pressuring, hitting and sacking Dak. Schwartz has to throw looks at Prescott that will confuse him. Take away Beasley and let’s see what Dak can do.

      The Eagles O line must block for Wentz. Wentz needs to have time, but more importantly he has to be accurate. JMatt, DGB and Ertz needs to be heavily involved in the passing attack and Huff needs to be used in space. Agholor…sigh…whatever he can muster I guess…dude just isn’t an NFL receiver(hopefully he does something to make me eat my words during the game).

      I’d give Wendell Smallwood and Sproles the majority of the carries, I can’t trust Mathews with the ball in his hand. Every cowboy defender will be aiming to strip him and Mathews at some point will give them a chance. Kenyon Barner will get some carries too.

      I look for a third straight ST’s TD.

      Go Eagles!!!

      1. Logan being out is a big deal. The birds will not win if they do not effectively stop the run. Division games are always tough, and this one will be no different. Cox needs to dominate, Graham needs to set the edge and funnel Elliott back at the LB’s. Prescott is a good young QB, and will be facing the Eagles for many years going forward, but I see Schwartz planning to stop the run and make Prescott beat them.

        On the other side, I see this offense stepping up and giving us a game that puts the Cowgirls in a hole from the start. Lastly special teams will stay hot and also provide some big plays.

        Dallas week people……..GO BIRDS!!!!

  12. Embiid is incredible. First possession off the tip hits a 3 pointer, next possession scores on a fast break layup.

    This guy is unbelievable, currently outplaying Dwight Howard..

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