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Eagles Podcast: Confidence In Doug Pederson?

pedersonThe Philadelphia Eagles began the season by winning their first three games, but now have dropped three of their last four.

Along the way, head coach Doug Pederson has had a number of questionable decisions and gameplans that have created some cause for concern.

In this week’s podcast, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky evaluate the head coach and preview next week’s critical game against the New York Giants. on Facebook

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  1. The coach had his brain fart moments,which admittedly weve discussed..lets not lose sight of the game.Dropped balls and missed assignments,contributing to the coach and his confirmation of confidence..

  2. My concerns about the coach are more focused on the “culture” The defensive coordinator has called them team dumbass ..huffs “dumbass” being the cheerleader..In a week where probably focus on the Gmen would be a challenge for the team,coming off a kick in the nuts,loss sunday night..We really dont know of dougs leadership ,is he up to the task? Is shwartz fanning the flames ,hoping to take the reigns?With a 28th ranked offense ,coming off a brain fart moments game,the weight of a franchise sits squarely on the coach

  3. A Huge Drop by Beckham-Green down at about the 5 Yard Line on a 3rd Down Play on a Beautiful Pass by Wentz cannot be looked over… The Eagles had control of the Game at the time and end up settling for a FG and 3 Points which put them up by 10 points at the time, if DBG makes that Catch and Eagles then go into the End-Zone and Score a TD then it’s a 14 Point Lead and who knows what happens..
    Lots of Coulda, shoulda’s and woulda’s from this Game..
    Catching the Cowboys off their Bye Week where they were flat, sloppy and have start believing and reading headlines about how good they are was a lost opportunity for the Eagles…
    They can’t worry about it now, they must be the Giants to get their Division Record up to 1-2… A 3-3 Divisional Record within the NFC East won’t get the Eagles into the Post-Season..

  4. Just listened to dougs presser ..he says huff will play Sunday ..I’m conflicted by this ..should he do this or do the latter and sit his ass? Curious ,others take on this

    • This is a Perfect time for Pederson to show his Leadership and Put his Foot down on how he expects his Players to Act/Behave Off the Field and Sit out Huff for this Game and don’t allow him to even Travel with the Team..
      Another Loss Opportunity for Doug Pederson
      You tell Huff, “Go take a few Days off, get your Legal Team together to figure out what your going do with the pending charges against you”.. Meanwhile you have an Important upcoming Game to get the TEAM Prepared for

      • As I said I’m conflicted Pman.On the one hand ,selfishly as a fan ,(assuming) he’s focusing on the field,Huff ,has been a weapon ,in space ,creating special teams big plays.On the other hand ,I agree ,this may not be the coach talking ,it very well me be the organization,that made this decision..We have to be realists ,the fact is ,if you sat everyone on the bench who committed dumbass choices ,there would be a need to extend the bench..Its a legal entangled situation ,so ,let it play out ,and then without pre-judging ,let those chips fall ,where they may ..the coach dynamic and the lockeroom ,is another dynamic,altogether ..culpability and discipline ,do send a LOUD message p

        • There’s No Conflict at all in my opinion Deserteagle
          Is this the way you want your Players Acting and Behaving off the Field?
          Who runs the Team and the Locker Room ? The Players ?
          Football, Locker Rooms and just about everything else in Team Sports and any Organization revolves around “Accountability” and there has to be repercussion’s and penalties about improper behavior and mis-conduct..
          Especially with a New Coach who wants to put his stamp on how he expects things are going to be…
          Pederson has allowed Malcom Jenkins and the other 2 Players to do their “own thing” during the National Anthem and now this with Huff.. I don’t believe this is a way of building or leading a United Team with Championship Aspirations .. Just my Opinion, I’m probably too old school, but that’s just the way i see it .. . Not much of a Grey area here with Josh Huff…
          He’s out of this Week’s Game and all Practice Sessions and is banned from NovaCare this Week, that’s Huff’s Penalty for his Poor Decision and if he can’t overcome that, than I don’t want him on my Team moving forward, Plain and Simple..

    • I listened to Dougie P’s press conference also desert…..underwhelmed.

      Overall I had been pleasantly suprised by how well Pederson had worked out, but I am troubled by the pattern that he has shown when faced with any need for him to show leadership. He appears to be very reluctant to come down on any player, players actions, players comments or play. I believe that in the long term this will lead to the players showing increased lack of discipline on and off the field, and a general lack of respect for the organization and coaches.

      From his lack of discipline of Bradham…to no comments about Jenkins protest….to him begging off on the Huff situation….it is a bad pattern. At least Schwartz has indicated that he has a dumbass player who needs to get smarter.

      Too many looked at Pederson as “Reid-lite”, but one thing that I remember when Big Red started was him laying down the law….George Hegiman pushing that sled after practice and then being cut a few days later. Guys got the message. One area that has bothered me with this team has been penalties, the large number of penalties….yes the refs seem to be flag happy overall in the league, but this team continues to make stupid penalties and I place the blame at the feet of the HC and a lack of respect from the players.

      • Agree 100% Greenfan.. Its about “Accountability” .. You Cannot Win or Play at a High Level without Accountability from the Entire Team, Coaching Staff and Organization which erodes Trust in Each Other..

      • Fully understand all your points green…my cynicism leads me to attribute these coach talking points ,to an organisational slant,or does he after a few games have autonomy

        • I don’t know desert…It is a joke at my company, but we always say that when a new guy gets put in charge of one of our units, he should take a few bad apples and fire them…well the actually joke is to “shoot them in the parking lot in front of everyone” to set a tone. That might be a really bad joke in light of Huff’s issue with the gun, but the sentiment is the same. Set a strong disciplined tone early, otherwise you will see guys push and push the limit when they see there are no consequences. I know, it is easy to be a tough guy on an internet blog…easy to be a Monday morning QB…..but it is looking more and more like Pederson is worried too much about being liked by the players instead of being a respected leader.

          • Wheres the emasculated owner green?Everyone is so politically correct,nobody grows a pair..pederson is not in my estimation the voice of the franchise..its assuredly a top floor collaboration

            • “Emotional Intelligence does not mean Overall Intelligence,
              Emotional Intelligence will only get you so far”…
              (Sigmund Freud’s Next Door Neighbor)

              • Let’s not too forget,the double standard that exists.This organisational smear of desean and his thug ties..meanwhile chip brought this a hole from oregon but saw it righteous to expel desean..

            • Make no mistake, Laurie wants a friendly coach…yes, an Emotionally Intelligent leader as Pman has already commented. Kelly had lost the locker-room by making player moves (Cooper, DJax, Shady) for reasons beyond pure football.

              As a 1st year coach, Pederson must set his tone for being a leader. Coaches who are long tenured and successful (think Belicheat) are able to bend his responses because of his past tone of discipline …..example, when Chandler Jones had the episode with the designer marijuana, he did not cut him right away because it would have hurt the team on the field…he let him play and then cut him after he had served his purpose…..of course when you look at the way that the Patriots ignored some of the signs with Hernandez, I guess they could be a poor example.

              My point being, in my opinion Pederson has failed to set a tone of discipline with this team and it is leaking onto the field of play. It probably is not too late to set the tone, but he has refused to do it with a number of incidents where he had the chance.

  5. Doug mentioning he has hunting rifles of his own ,may very well be the dumbest insight of them all

  6. Back to football ,thankfully..the Giants ,yet another NFC opponent on the road ,and yet another team coming off a bye…there weapons ,are,obvious,and getting to the statue of Eli ,will be priority one .Heres a situation of each squad ,led by a rookie coach ,I’d anticipate ,that the pass rush of the Giants will be task number one ,and multiple tight end packages ,will be utilized.The trends favor the birds ,in a usual high scoring affair..With Atlantas aerial circus on tap,the offensive deficiencies have to be coached ,to put on film ,the Eagles ability to expand on the dink and dunk show of late .

  7. Huff isn’t going to win or lose this game. Smallwood is a fine kick returner. Huff offers little to nothing in the passing game.

    Suspend his ass, and bring up one of the practice squad guys….wasn’t someone flashing in pre-season?

  8. Confidence is the issue.

    Notably Pederson’s complete lack of confidence in his players right now (and I must say I agree with him)

    Lost confidence in Matthews with the 2 4th Q fumbles. On top of that he’s missed a bunch of practice and game time with his myriad “injuries”. Cannot trust him.
    Lost confidence in Smallwood with a 4th Q fumble, and kid is a rookie and is probably missing some blocking assignments that we don’t know about (all rookies do). NFL coaches are notoriously reluctant to play rookie RBs, esp in the first half of seasons. Cannot trust him.

    So Pederson has been left with Sproles. I love the hell out of Sproles, but I can’t see how running that smurf into the line 25x a game all the while returning punts is going to work.

    Right now I don’t think Pederson has any faith in these guys and that has handcuffed him. He’s going to have to go back to Matthews and hope Smallwood develops and is able to carry more and more of the load over the rest of the year…

    But right now Pederson does not trust 2 of his RBs….and I don’t either.

  9. On a Side Note,
    How about the Surprise Announcement of Vikings OC Norv Turner Resigning
    Pat Shurmur who was Vikings TE’s Coach will now take over as OC as I am sure the Relationship between Shurmur nad Sam Bradford is well-documented and known.. Was Turner Pushed out and Fired, or was his so disgusted that he couldn’t get Bradford to attempt Passes of more than 20 Yards down the Field.. Most know Norv Turner loves the Play-Action and Deep Passes down the Field which is not something Sam Bradford does very well at all… Shurmur will have Bradford more on the Dink & Dunk Program… Interesting that this Occurs after their Bye Week and halfway thru the Year so something internally had to happen…
    Maybe “Stevo” form Minnesota has some news to shed about this..

    • Turner resigned after the Vikings offense was stifled by a mediocre Bears defense and Bradford was sacked 5 times and looked very pedestrian at best at QB.
      I would not be surprised if Sam had something to do with the resignation. Complaining behind the scenes perhaps.

  10. The Wr position is worse. Pederson has clearly lost confidence in these guys (and probably Wentz too)

    Matthews cam out of college with the rep of dropping passes, and it has continued in the NFL. Gey seems to be awesome ag hauling in useless late 4th Q TDs when getting blown out, but has a hard time on 3rd and 6 in a close game. I think he gets too worked up. Right now Pederson does not trust him. I think Wentz still does.

    DGB is the exact opposite. He doesn’t get worked up, he’s too lax. He can’t be trusted to catch anything and is more apt to run an out, when the play calls for an in. Pederson does not trust him…and perhaps we can see why Tenny was so quick to trade him away for scraps.

    Agholor is a complete ddisaster. Its not so much his drops that bother me as much as how he’s such a pussy. He wanted no part of blocking on that first play screen pas. He never made any attempt to fight for Wentz’s long bomb vs det. He’s soft. And you know that dropped slant was due to him worrying about being popped. Pederson does not trust him. Neither does Wentz.

    SO what is a coach to do if you are terrified of dialing up any of your 3 Wrs, and you don’t feel you can hand the ball off to 2 of your 3 RBS??

    What is a coach to do. I know what I do…I lean on the players I trust. Right now he only trusts a 33 year old smuft, and a raw rookie out of Div II.

    The cupboard is bare.

    Throw in Ertz who….well I don’t know what the hell to make of him. He has been on the field for something like 75% of the plays this year and has produced less than squat.

    He’s the 32nd TE with a measly 150 yrds and 0 tds. He’s invisible.

    So that’s why Pederson is coaching hesitantly. That’s why he’s freezing up. He’s a young coach and he doesn’t know who on his O to trust.

    Do you?

    • Why not Utilize Darren Sproles out of the Slot or put in Motion to go out Wide,
      then Play TE Burton and RB Barner more out of the Backfield to give you more options ?

    • Let’s all comprehend vin,thT all these dominoes started falling as soon ass lame nohnson through a grenade into an already thin O line.Tp think they dont complement eachpthrr,is disingenuous

  11. I don’t put much stock in a coaches press conference….it means nothing.
    Also, in the week to week nature of the nfl we as fans get really high (think 3-0) and really low (think this week) when in fact its more of a steady as she goes business.
    Yes pederson is developing confidence/relationships with his guys but I guess you gotta dance with the girl that brung ya

  12. I don’t put much stock in a coaches press conference….it means nothing.
    Also, in the week to week nature of the nfl we as fans get really high (think 3-0) and really low (think this week) when in fact its more of a steady as she goes business.
    Yes pederson is developing confidence/relationships with his guys but I guess you gotta dance with the girl that brung ya

  13. Josh Huff is an idiot, arrested for unlawful gun in NJ, unlawful hollow point bullets, tinted glass, pot, dui and speeding. 6 charges. He hit the lottery of idiots.

  14. Being caught in New Jersey for carrying a gun with no permit means the Eagles and Management does do their homework very well, New Jersey is a strict no issue state, I live in the Pine Barrens and it took me 6 months of paper work to finallly obtain the right to purchase a hand gun in Jersey. I bought a ruger 9mm in PA. and was in out of the gun shop with the 9mm bullets and paper work in one half hour.Josh can afford it , but he will pay well for this one!Lawyers will make some big bucks from the Joshter on this mistake!

    • Not the Eagles Fault.

      Josh Huff makes $615,000 dollars. He can UBER all over the city and it would cost a fraction of the lease payment he has on his car.

      The NFL offers FREE, BONDED, professional Limo service any time they want.

      You guys are nuts with your guns. Hollow point bullets. I mean for God’s sakes.

      • No It is not the Eagles fault, but the team would benefit from educating these youngsters on the a very simplex issue as limo service uber,and other issues that a young man with tons of cash and a sense of entitlement. feels he owns … and neighboring states like n.y.and n.j. have very strict no issue laws. In retrospect how does this nutty idea sound to you at this point in time?

  15. All n.f.l. head coaches must have some Bill Belichik in them, or the media ,,press ,etc. etc will make the coaches at press shows look weak and soft a bit like they are lackeys The style of asking questions ,and then asking the same question in a different way is old. outdated,and the only way they back off is with a man with a strong personality like Belichik.I love the way MR.B. lets them know they are not in charge,The press should only get what the coach thinks he should give them,Many of these reporters are weak ,soft , and many are just plain old liars and lushes.A.R excelled at letting the media know who was in charge.

    • patrik. Times yours..injuries..gotta look at the film ,isnt high eloquence..its AR at his smug besdt…youre comparing a hall of fame coach in belicheat and AR?there is none..

    • THere are 3 kinds of pressors… Cheater, “we are onto the next game” where there is no information, AR “I (emphasizing I) have to do a better job, and DP “I’ll try to give you guys something to write/speculate about”– none of them mean a thing– the old days of emotional firey pressers are about over– “They are who we thought the were”, Playoffs? Did you say playoffs” “you play to win the game”– those guys end up out of it these days more quickly– the social media aspect has put those things on continuous loop etc….
      make nothing out of press conferences.

  16. Parcells ..would take things personally..think more along those lines..Also pressers today are required banal coach speak.not exactly revelations

  17. Somewhere in your heart and soul you know deep down, when you are alone with your thoughts you would die for the Lombardi trophys that Belick has brought to North country.Not one super bowl win for one of oldest teams in the N.F.L.

    • Patrik….he cheated us out of our Lombardi….I will forever hate the man

    • Coaches like bellicheat are are not deluded into believing we have either..however ,we do have promise,and for now,thats my half full glass of optimism I drink from. Dont think for a mement in not envious,I am..

  18. Im hoping we have an allignment of the stars and draft correctly,and we can see our own parade..right now ..I will take an ass beating of sheli..

  19. Here’s what really bugs me about guys like Huff.

    He has to….HAS TO know he was already on the bubble.

    He has to know he’s completely replaceable.

    He has to know he’s making basically league minimum, that there is absolutely no financial penalty for the Eagles to cut him.

    He has to know he’s not producing. He has to know that’s he’s caught a measly 48 balls over 3 seasons. He has to know he’s contributing almost nothing to the offence with his 13 catches and 72 yards.

    He Has to know kick returners are a dime a dozen.

    He has to know all this. And knowing all this he has to be afraid. He has to be nervous of his future, as he knows its tenuous at best. He has to be doing everything in his power to make an impression because he has to know that otherwise he’s tost at the end of the year.

    Knowing this….he must….MUST behave exactly the opposite of what he just did. He must do everything in his power to impress, contribute. He has to.

    But he couldn’t help it could he? Had to roll with the stereotype – nobody fucks with me – I’ll break the law, rip down the road with my illegal windows, illegal gun, illegal bullets, illegal weed and damn the fucking consequences. I’m Josh Huff Mutherfuckers!

    I’d cut an idiot like this immediately….not for the offence….but because he’s an idiot.

  20. How irony could have played out had chip coveted huff made a trade yesterday, and in a huff and a puff….

  21. Congrats to the Cubs! So long overdue. We as Eagles fans will experience that feeling one day when the birds take us to the promise land..The Cubs had to wait 108 years for theirs, but hopefully ours will come much sooner than that. Fly Eagles fly!! #fuckthecowboys!

  22. The Eagles had to take disciplinary measures. Maybe Huff can go elsewhere (SF 49ers) and get second chance after he gets his head out of his rear end. However, this sets a good precedent for the rest of the team.
    Look for Bryce Treggs to be active this week. Carson Wentz seemed to be excited about Treggs ability to go deep saying that he can run and fly. It will be interesting.
    This off season the Eagles should look at FA WR Terrelle pryor and drafting either Corey Davis or DeDe Westbrook..if not both…depending on what happens in FA.
    The Chip Kelly talent purge continues.

    • I’m not sure why any team would want huff– he’s unproductive as a WR, KR are a dime a dozen, every team has to have 3-5 WR that are at least as good if not better than him…. I think the boy may have ended his career. I hope he has a degree in something marketable, I hope the felony charges allow him to be employable cuz the dude hasn’t made a lifetime’s worth of scratch.

  23. Holy shit….didn’t see this coming after Pederson’s milk-toast press conference yesterday.

    Message sent, loud no clear.

    The only question that I have is was this Pederson or Roseman? If it was Roseman it probably makes Dougie look weaker to the players.

    • greenie… it was organizational– Pedersons role was to go out as COACH and say ‘as of today he’s with us on Sunday”, meanwhile he was fully aware that the organization had some due process or contractual thing and when the hammer came down it was rightfully Howie the GM that chopped the axe–
      all you guys saying pederson was weak don’t understand the process.

      • This only confirms yesterday’s presser…meaningless banal banter

        • Today’s action only adds to the aloofness and unpreparedness of HC Doug Pederson’s own comments about Huff actually playing this Sunday… Did he not have a discussion with the GM & Owner about Josh Huff before stating this…
          Pederson has now weakened his Integrity & Leadership in that Locker Room

          • Chimp. Doug was toeing the organisational tight rope,getting coachspeak talking points from upstairs..Let’s assume all the facts werent yet digested and Doug was echoing tthat.I also think hugfs own words ,without comtrituion ,did him in..yesterday the union the league and the organisation ,were now with their ducks all in a row…

            • Then why not state yesterday that we are gathering the facts on the issue and will report later when we reach a decision and no further comment instead of saying he’s playing Sunday vs the Giants… Duh…

              • Pman…aka chimp. You dont get it ? Until all the information is gathered,and lawyers collaborate ,he said what was going to appease the situation by matter of fact speak..all the while the f.o. Was working backchannels..Doug was defusing the moment

              • um he did say that chimp: “Until I find out exactly the severity of it and what’s going to happen down the road, right now nothing, and we’ll take it one day at a time.”
                Chimp are you smart enough to realize that what the ‘investigation” ultimately showed was that the gun, pot etc was in his car at NOVA while watching film that morning. They just had to dot some I’s and cross some T’s– I thought you were in management at the trucking company????? if so it makes you even more clueless.

          • It only adds to how stupid you are, how little you know about professional sports. He’ll Humiliated Cliff was one step from interviewing with Roseman and Lurie , you better believe the three of them knew exactly what was up.
            Chimp shit meet wall

      • I don’t completely agree with that Ciggy.

        I listened to Pederson my opinion I did not hear a guy who was in complete control and on top of the situation. Too me, he seem ill-prepared for the obvious questions that would be asked…and then less than 24 hours later the team announces that Huff will be released.

        Make no mistake, as I said yesterday, this team was going down a road to becoming a very undisciplined group. Sure, while different situations you could also say that they were being selective in making the move to cut Huff and not Bradham. Hell, I see people pointing at our team-idiot Lane Johnson saying that he should be cut (I don’t agree with that).

        In the end, I still question if the way this whole move went down actually makes Pederson look weaker in the eyes of the players… was like Dad waiting to hear from Mom before he laid down the law…he looks weak IMO.

        • “not in control”… nope– uncomfortable not being able to say, “LOOK WE ARE GONNA CUT THE IDIOT, WE JUST HAVE TO DOT THE I’S, CROSS THE T’S FIRST”

          • Then why did he say he was going to start against the Giants?

            • Because ‘officially’ that minute he was. There was no need to say anything different. Plus considering due process ‘anything you say can/will be used against you” . Why would he say, “no he isn’t playing’ ? I’ll tell you why, in due process it would look like the employer made his decision without all the facts. It’s really just legal covering of ass.
              Plus you guys for some reason don’t understand, coaches have to address the media but they all hate it because it’s all bullshit.

  24. I decided to look in the rearview mirror at one of the last vestiges ,in,Nelson Agholor ,Chip Kelly’s 20th pick in 2015,and would as should as couldas..At no.25 Shaquille Thompson line backer Carolina Panthers now a safety ..9pass break ups 5 fumbles recovered..Byron Jeff news db DallasO 27,Dorian green beckham no 40 to contrast the two Agholor 21 catches 216 yds 1 td..beckham 18 for 194 1 td and a trade that perhaps needn’t have happened ,Tyler Lockett wr seattle 861 yds receiving vs agholors sum of 499 picked 69th ..David Johnson Br picked by cards 86th in 24 games eye popping 1286 rushing yds. 16 rushing tds..71 catches 864 yds and 4 tds ..Stefan digs Minny 146 th overall out of Maryland 14.1 yds average and multiple 40 yd catches vs agholors zero..and jay ajayi 149th back to back 200 yd games and 6.4 yds per carry…thank you chip

  25. Who now is left of the Chip Kelly’s regimes roster ?

  26. Huff was correct ..what pro athlete don’t have a gun? Perhaps the ex pro athlete .The bridge (no pun ) he crossed ,both in his actions and his words ,with no publicist guiding him ,caused him to get no Ez pass and the toll I’d say ,is steep

  27. Huff was cut this morning by Eagles Howie is a very polished speaker. Big mistake by Josh. My secret source tell me, That source being the radio.

  28. Pederson was NOT weak on the issue; it’s obvious the whole front office and HC meet regularly regarding possible disciplinary actions. Pederson had to maintain “view” that team was going forward as usual with Huff for Sunday until the group of 4 had gathered the facts. It was clear that they saw Huff’s real lack of concern in previous meetings with him, then their own lawyers briefed Eagles on the likely criminal charges coming against Huff and probably having to do some time. Yes it hurts to see young guys having to learn the hard way, but FO was completely correct in handling this matter. Howie does not have to explain all the details to the many ridiculous reporters: for 48 hours that got their info/outlook together and made correct decision to let Josh Huff go. Now bring on Turner, Treggs to fill the roster.

  29. Then just say I have “No Further Comment on the Huff Situation or his Availability until We complete our gathering of the facts about the incident in which we are presently doing and we’ll get back with everyone…” Why is it so hard to say this ?

    • because either way it means nothing– even chimps should know that–he said, “we will have some more investigation, talk to people in and out of the building and move forward.” will he play sunday, “as of right NOW he will”– simple.

      • its a show, and he did say it will be looked at further. look he is just like reid, takes the role of father figure with the players and makes it appear he is looking out for them, while the big bad wolf “howie the accountant” makes the roster decisions. thats the picture he wants to paint for the players, wants to be a players coach… buy a clue

        who cares about the coaches sound bites

        its not a big deal

  30. Just wondering why so many posters feel like the Eagles are going to be forthright and honest to a fault about what goes on internally in the darkened conference rooms at the stadium.Doug does have not much power or input as yet. Mr Lurie and co. took a severe beating with the chipster, Lurie is mostly going to do some micro managing behind the scenes,Along with his trusted friend Howie..Doug ,we can hope will grow into his job. he really has not proven much yet. So he needs prove his worth and how good of a coach is he?He does not very much power at all as of today, The 3 and 0 start was of very typical, of the nfl ,,start 3 and 0 look like a total winner and the nfl catches up with you,Kind of reminiscent of the previous coach.

  31. Where’d cliff go? I’m still waiting for your reply from the online registration office about this course of study being offered online now or in the past.

    Weird how you disappeared after that email and challenge for u to email them too.

  32. An interesting twist to the huff incident..its reported that the f.o who has access to security tape had summized afterwards that the arrest and timelines may have been contadicted by huff and his having a weapon at the facility..this ,if true would explain why ,events changed from the prior day…

  33. Its pure speculation ,but if coach pederson doesnt beat the Giants and ppen up wentz tp play to his attributes ,might he be on a short leash? Weve enumerated his gaffes from sunday night..How much is too much? And now with almost certainty Wentz is the real deal,you feel obligated to give him a creative head coach…

    • Desert your take is usually well thought out and even if I disagree I can understand your thought process. This one WaaY off base. His ‘gaffes’ were calls that didn’t get executed, a fake punt that the eagles didn’t defend, a fumble after an OL got blown up… There is Nooooooo leash

      • Hac. Ill give you a half dozen head coaching decisions,directly lying at coach pedersons feet.lets start with the most egregious,scheming kelce to get out on a bad wheel to block on the behind the line 3rd down call,keeping three timeouts in his pocket at the end of regulation and not forcing daallas to make a clean snap and punt to sproles,insering a rookie smallwood ,in the fourth quarter for his first touch..punting on a potential field goal..What I also perceive is a huff decision that ,certainly isnt dougs fault ,per se,but I find mckelvins quote ,telling..”we know coach is under presure to show hes in control” with shwartz unit,a focus of the strength.of the team,it all could start to inravel with another dink and dunk playbook…im not deluded into believing that hes fired ,but ,it bears seeing how the teeam responds in accord the fake punt ,and even smallwoods fumble (due to a leak in the O line ) cant lie at his feet,however,you can second guess his judgment to insert a rook in the 4th quarter..wonder if deuce was on board? We can fault him for trying too hard to appease his players,that may or may not sit well,based upon there histrionics with howie…its a slant ,and im eatching intently..

        • Second guessing is a fans right. Arm chair coaching with a beer in hand, wings on the coffee table and the benefit of hindsight being 20/20 is what makes being a fan fun. I learned early in my career that every offensive play is designed to go for a touchdown and every defensive play is designed to hold to no gain or loss.

          • This is a rookie head coach. Watching his every move only makes sense. We still do not know what we have with Pederson, so assuming that he is being received by the team as the ultimate authority and respected in the locker room is still to be determined.

            • I think if any of us watched as intently, read as intently and were just as passionate about any other football team in the league we could/would criticize that coach as well. Case in point last year Belicheat did that onside kick against us, didn’t work and really was a crucial play in their loss. We looked at it as “oh wow he helped us out’– in NE they were ‘what the F was he thinking’– he’s done the same thing and its worked and they say “I’m so happy we have the greatest coach thats ever lived”
              NFL coaches are under a microscope, another reason they are so guarded

              • Not exactly my point HAC. Belicheat is a multiple SB winning HC…he has earned the respect in his locker room and from his fans.

                I am not saying that Perderson is a failure or terrible HC, I am saying that he is in his first year, and in my opinion he has not appeared particularly strong in how he has dealt with some personnel issues this year, and that a general lack of discipline has shown itself on the field with all of the penalties that we have seen this team make game after game.

                No doubt 20/20 hindsight is great for the arm chair QB. Plus, none of us are actually under all of the spotlight and pressure associated with being one of 32 HC’s in the NFL. It is easy to be critical, tougher to be patient and trust that he is the right guy for the job. Only time will tell.

              • See I don’t know if his personnel handling has been bad and frankly i don’t know the power structure of the FO. I know that he isn’t a smooth talker, I think he’s sincere in trying to give the media something of relevance (a mistake)- so in trying to give them something without actually giving too much he stammers a bit.
                Hollis Thomas said on the radio today that Huff could have remained with the team but opened his stupid mouth and said “every athlete carries a gun”– instead of leaving it at “I screwed up, I apologize and want to do everything to help this team and I will have no further comment on the situation”

              • I agreed with hollis. He needed be contrite, a publicist,at 650k ,that wasn’t part of huffs structure.The added surveillance video and the organisational timeline ,with the possibility that he had the weapon at the facility ,put a final nail in his coffin.sullying ,The brand far outweighed keeping him..

              • I guess we will just have to give it time to see what type of leader we have with Pederson. My main concern is not his public image as much as his perception from the players. If these guys will “run through a brick wall” for the man or if they laugh, snicker behind his back and know that he doesn’t really hold the power within the organization.

                As far as Huff is concerned, I agree with Hollis about his comments afterwards, but I also think that the FO believes that Huff lied to them about having a gun and drugs in his car at the NovaCare Complex. I would have rather the team had just suspended him for a couple games, but can understand that his actions, comments and apparent lies gave them very few choices.

  34. As far as the coach,greenfan it seems shared my cynicism..the divorce from chip and jeffrey eating $$ and years on the existing contract,were so out of character.. Jeff was to liken it ,on the rebound,and he went for his safety blanket in an AR clone…or might he be an AR clown?Perceptions are reality,and the dynamics between Wentz and Coach,will be the organisational leash ill focus upon..

    • desert hit the nail on the head– this WHOLE thing is the marriage of Pederson and Wentz–The locker room will follow- NFL players are so interchangeable that if you don’t follow you are gone. it is the Wentz Pederson show– and I think you will see that combo for 10 years.

    • Pederson may very well end up being the best Eagles coach in history, but the fact is he is halfway through his first season and has not been perfect.

      That being said, he has done some good things and he has a stud QB that can help overcome a lot of faults. I have seen him be aggressive in many chances (although I wish he had gone for the FG instead of punting in Dallas)…I liked the way that he put his QB and team in a better position by going to the up-tempo offense in the Cowboys game….truth is he has a pretty shitty WR corp, he cannot catch the ball for these guys, he will need to address this in the offseason. For me, the penalties are killing me. I place it at his feet…of course I have no idea what he tells the players to address it, but it has cost us big time game after game.

      In general it looks like we have a HC and Off Coordinator that work to make adjustments during the game. Sure, there are always single plays and personnel choices that make you scratch your head, but I think that they have had solid game plans. Schwartz is definitely a strength, and has seen the wide nine exploited at times, but made adjustments and improved against some good teams. He (Schwartz) has some poor and injured corners which is a weak spot on the defense.

      The fact is, this is a rebuilding team with a rookie head coach. This team now plays in a division that has gotten stronger, and with some of the young stars, should be strong for many years to come. That means that the Birds will need to be strong in all areas in order to win the division. Big challenge, but we have a decent base to start with, franchise QB and a strong defensive line…it will come down to how well we address those other areas in FA and draft.

      • everyone remembers early in the season him going for the 4th and 4 and hitting ertz and it was the catalyst for an impressive win. Comments on gcobb….”we have a gunslinger”, “we have a HC with balls”, “I like his aggressiveness”, “great decision”, “shows he confident” etc— same play, same decision ball gets tipped in the air, defender gets a pick 6– next day on gcobb “stupid decision, punt it away and let the defense take care of it”, “shows no confidence in his D”, “here we go again, poor game manager like AR”…. all that and it was the exact same in game decision.

        • So exactly what is your point? Everyone should have no opinion?

          • of course not– pointing out the ‘contrary’ nature of fanhood– and how delicate the balance is–
            its a marathon not a sprint but i guess we are only as good as the last game–
            I’m by nature an optimist fan–

            • Ciggy, I believe that we are closer to the same opinion than not. I am cautiously optimistic about Pederson and have seen a number of things to point to long-term success.

              That being said, I have a number of items that cause my caution.

              – After 14 years of Reid, who I believe was a good coach and good for the organization, it was time to part ways. It happened about 2-3 years too late.

              – Having been looking for a change, I was pleased to see the team look in a dramatic direction with Kelly. Because of my desired change, I believe that I willfully ignored a number of red flags about Kelly, and in the end it caused a disaster with the team.

              – Pederson is sorely lacking a great deal of experience coaching in the NFL…not long ago this guy was coaching at the High School level. I questioned his ability to inspire confidence from NFL players and prove to be a leader of the organization.

              – Lastly I was concerned about his play calling. I have been pleased with what he has done to date with the offensive play calling and grooming of the QB. So far so good.

              So in short, I do not want to go too far too soon in predicting the success of Pederson. And I am trying not to make the same mistake that I made with Kelly, but at this point I see him more positively than not.

              • The mistake I and many made with Kelly is that it was exciting to be the talk of the league– “is this the next wave’ etc– he’s a smart guy but he’s a lot more stubborn than smart- The fact that he wouldn’t audible is totally high school .
                Pederson– he has come in and installed a professional offense and defense- he is building from the foundation– QB, OL–its the only formula- the locker room I just don’t see that as an issue– I may be wrong but the owner is going to make sure that this coach/qb relationship is given a chance.

              • Guilty of that too hac. Kelly blew into town like a tornado following Reid’s departure….and I bought into it hook, line and sinker. He convinced me of concepts that went against everything that I had know to be true regarding football….TOP doesn’t matter….playing fast meant more than choosing the right play against the defensive formation….speed at WR is less important than dealing with a diva…..making your defense play significantly more than any other team will not have a negative effect….score more points trumps any other philosophy…..I guess I could go on for a while.

                Above all I guess getting burned by that guy is causing me to be cautious about Pederson, but it doesn’t mean that I am not optimistic. What concerns me right now is Pederson the leader….he lacks experience in that area having never been a HC at this level. So when I see a team that week in and week out is having double digit penalties….when I see players that are getting into off field problems…when I see players making protests without any real comment from the HC….I question if this guy is up to the task. I hope that this move was his, because he can wake up that locker room and have them focused on being professional athletes. Time will tell, but I believe that this HC has his franchise QB, so his biggest need is in place, it will be up to him how he manages to put it all together and lead this team.

                GO BIRDS!!!

              • Pederson is solid fundamentally. All the talk about him being a HS coach 8 years ago is complete hogwash (spoken by an ex HS coach). He was basically an asst coach for his 12 year career–

              • That is one of my concerns ciggy, that he has basically been an assistant coach on someone elses staff…..there is a difference in being an assistant and ” being The Man”……just because you are a good sales guy doesn’t mean you will be a good sales manager. That is why I watch the little things.

              • It’s a crap shoot and the little things have to come together for a HC

  35. Wow,you guys are amazing. You are willing to wait more than 7 games to judge a first year coach? Your patience is truly inspiring.

    I don’t give a damn about his Huff press conference. The team made a good decision there. Huff is an idiot who no one would be defending on here until he has had some special teams success this year.

    What I want to see is how he will react after giving away the Dallas game with shoddy play calling and a poor decision to punt instead of kick the FG.

    So many of you are all over the damn map. So reactionary game to game. Greatest thing ever to worst thing ever. Try to see things in a context of building a winner here. You can be sure that that is what the FO is doing. You cannot tell anything from 7 damn games. Winning those first 3 games has raised expectations to crazy levels with a first year coach and a rookie QB with no WRs.

    I am still looking for the TEs to have big games and of course a couple of shots downfield just to keep the defense honest.

    • Your 4th paragraph is on point…don’t be too high/low – people put a lot of thought into judging a wednesday press conference etc. it is a long haul and as i said its a 10 year journey– by the time the eagles win their second superbowl in 2022 their will only be a handful of people from this team and their first SB in 2019.

    • Bugs ..I’m 100% with you .Im not rooting against Doug,I’m a die hard fan of my birds..I’m also aware that patience is a virtue.All I’m saying ,is that ,as an organization ,the possibility exists that a first year coach that doesn’t hook his wagon to Wentz ,may potentially be vulnerable.Add to that the dynamics of a perceived lack of locker room presence ,and a few more ugly losses ,and a toxicity may prevail.Im hopeful they crush the Giants ,and open up the offense ,for a prolific Atlanta squad..and continuity prevails..After all,there are two sign up now for the ten year plan

    • So Reactionary game to game ,good words to describe a lot of fanbases, And The Eagles fanbase is right up there amongst the leaders in that category. The cubs fans must be out of their minds over the Cubs win . In 2 or 3 years it may the Broad street parade for us long waiting fans

  36. Pederson totally flubbed the 4th Q. But I am still willing to give him a pass there. For a couple of reasons.

    1 – The staff. Say what you want about playcalling last game, but I think Pederson did extremely well in putting together the staff. Obv everyone seems to love Schwartz (though I worry about the longevity of the ‘fire and brimstone’ approach – though it usually lasts longer with co-ordinators). Reich and DeFilippo have done wonders with Wentz. The kid is well ahead of where we expected his ‘curve’ to be.

    So I think he put together a pretty good staff, and that cannot be discounted.

    2 – Earlier playcalling. Playcalling in the Earlier games was phenomenal. Esp in 4th Qs where the Eagles had leads and we saw the team grind out the clock and finish games. That was great. (albeit against inferior opponents). We didn’t see any “Andy Reid like” throwing on 1st and 10 with a 10 pt lead and 4 mins to go.

    3 – Shitty players. Pederson has a budding stud Qb and an old smurf Rb and a pile of sub-par replaceable parts on offence. Can’t make Filet mignon if all you got is some ground chuck.

    • Pretty spot on Vin.

      I think that this team has had an issue with putting a team away in the 4th qtr. Both the Detroit and Dallas games had issues with a fumble in the 4th qtr causing the game to be lost (although the Dallas game had more areas to blame the HC for the ultimate loss). I have heard Pederson say this same thing, about the team needing to put teams away at the end of the game, so hopefully there is something that he can do to see this trend end.

    • The game plan for the dallas game was excellent– execution, calls, breaks etc went the other way in quarter number 4…

  37. I’m willing to give Pederson and FO several years to build this team… wouldn’t expect Lurie to allow another 13yrs like Reid who never got a good compliment of receivers and never could manage a time clock. He rode Westbrook for all he was worth and never could fix the Terrell mess. Reid (or any coach) should never have been given more than 5yrs, particularly after he blew the conference finals with Tampa Bay and Panthers, then the mismanagement vs. Patriots in SB. Reid had his QB and still blew it!!! He had Dawkins and the Ax-man and blew that.

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