Josh Huff Was Made The Example

joshhuffvsvikings1I think the dismissal of Josh Huff by Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, and company will send a signal to the rest of the team that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated.  Somebody had to be the example and Huff unfortunately was chosen to be the guy.  He wasn’t helped by the run-ins with the law by linebacker Nigel Bradham.

Despite the fact that I feel bad for Huff, I think it was the right decision for the Eagles football team.

The Birds brass has let the rest of the roster know that they have a responsibility to maintain a certain level of discipline both on the field and off of it.  I think they may have consulted with some lawyers and been told that Huff might be looking at some jail time.   I could see them not wanting a player on the team who is going to have to spend some time behind bars.

The Eagles management must have come to the conclusion that enough was enough.  If they had not done something, players would continue to break the law or make foolish decisions off the field with the belief that there would be no consequences to their actions.

Huff will be picked up by another team because he does have the talent to contribute to a football team, but he will remember the foolish mistake.

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  1. Ottawa Redblacks playing in their final reg season game tonight. Meaningless game as they have secured a bye in the playoffs. So they’re resting their starters. Playing the 3rd string QB.

    Who is it? Why the guy who Carson Wentz rode the pine behind for 2 years at NDState. None other than Brock Jensen!!!

    He’s not doing so well in a 7-7 tie, but Redblacks not really trying.

    I wonder is Wentz is watching on ESPN 7????

  2. I don’t care about the gun. I don’t care about the Bullets. I don’t even care about the Pot. All three are tools that can be used for good or for bad (debatable on pot)
    I care that Huff chose for the bad and drove under the influence. Decision making let him and the Eagles down. Hopefully a young man who makes good decisions will now get a shot to play.
    Decision making is what allows us all to get along. We are all armed with a brain and most of us two hands. We can both build and destroy with what God gave us. Poor choices such as using a banned substance and pissing away more money than many people will make in a lifetime is a dam shame.

  3. Players in the locker room and fans see things totally different and to be honest what we think the players culd care less its what they they think that actually matters. The players arent happy. No matter what bullshit fans post. Its reported they arent happy. He didnt beat his wife. He didnt throw his girlfriend on a pile of guns, ge didnt fail multiple banned substance suspensions. He made a miske he sped he had weed and he was 1/8th of a mile on the wrong side of the bridge. with bulets that are legal 1/8th of a mile back. My god lock him up.

  4. Just like when Plaxico Buress went to jail for shooting himself in his own leg and wife beaters dont get shit. What a joke.that someone can go to jail for hollow points which are legal 10 steps back in a imaginary line and he may go to jail, lol while people who actually do crimes dont get shit. Hell I travel from philly to ac with my gun all the time. Fuck that I will take my chances with cops not with thugs down there.

    1. He’s a well paid professional…. KNOW THE FUCKING RULES!!!!! it is a simple game…KNOW THE FUCKING RULES– I’m responsible enough to buy a gun… then I’m responsible enough to KNOW THE FUCKING RULES!!!!!… the nfl doesn’t allow weed don’t smoke weed because I KNOW THE FUCKING RULES…. my employers parking lot doesn’t allow guns/weed, i’m a professional… KNOW THE FUCKING RULES.

      1. Haveacigar I dont know about you but lord knows Ive made plenty of mistakes in my life and I would bet that many more are in my future. It doesnt matter how much anyone makes, where anyone grew up or lives weall make mistakes. Or atleast I do.

          1. Only a damn idiot would put something in there body and not know the ingredients after already being suspended. Fucking idiot he should be released.

            1. Its not right but there is a difference between illegal drugs and ingredients in suppliements– its subtle but there is a difference– lets compare: illegal drugs, illegal DRIVING ON DRUGS, illegal drugs on company property, illegal weapon, illegal weapon on company property…. and lets see…. being dumb and not knowing whats in a supplement.
              compare to the election: being dumb with email to….. making fun of handicap, gold star parents, women, molestation, not paying taxes etc. the list is long–

          2. Lane johnson is a fucking idiot… the only difference is he didn’t commit multiple felonies… he hurt his team and like i said is an idiot. If he were cut 31 teams would put in a claim… josh huff crickets
            I’ve made plenty of mistakes but when I became a professional I never committed a mistake that cost me my career…
            I’ve said many times i think weed should be legal, i think nfl players should use it instead of narcotic pain killers but right now they can’t KNOW THE FUCKING RULES.

  5. Doug Pederson if you believe this why wasnt he up earlier?

    Coach Doug Pederson talked about what the young receiver from Cal brings to Philadelphia.

    “Well, the thing with Treggs is obviously the speed. He catches the ball well. He’s a smooth route runner,” Pederson said. “Plus, too, he’s young and he hasn’t played for us, so teams really don’t know much about him. But much like it was with DGB, we keep it limited, keep the package small. Give him a few plays here and there, and see what he can do.”

    The Eagles need someone to emerge as a vertical threat. Treggs’ combination of speed and polished route running should make him difficult to cover against the Giants on Sunday.

    lol WTF speed, catches ball well and runs good routes. Sounds like he does more than any receiver on the team. lol

  6. No sixers news here ever, anyway watching the game tonight embiid is already top 3 at C already, the guy controls both ends of floor, we are 0 and 5 but if we had Simmons we would 3 and 2 at least, all we need is shooters, if we get shooters at sg and sf, we are going to be great soon, the illy trade has done wonders for our spacing, we only loss by 1 to the defending champs, very excited to be sixers fan right now, embiid is a franchise changer

  7. I call bs on many people’s selective outrage. Listening to the media, fans, and walking everyday Joe, you’d think this Huff thing was only about the rules of the league along with the morality and legality of our society. Everybody gets on their self righteous soapbox and talks about not breaking the law and ones moral obligation to follow the law and obey team rules. Missanelli on 97.5 asked his listening audience if this was Wentz instead of Huff then what? The same self righteous assholes all stated it’s difference because he’s a star. So the “moral” of the story is feigning outrage because the law was broken is bullshit unless you’re a star. Moral responsibility takes a backseat to ones value on the team.

  8. Uuuuuuuuge division game today against the midgets. Time for the Eagles to right the ship against our NFC East foe and get a division win. I look to see how the Eagles respond after a somewhat tumultuous week after blowing the game against the cowboys…then the Josh Huff arrest and dismissal.

    I want to see Vaiti continue to show progress. More importantly though I want to see if Bryce Treggs can open up the deep game for Carson Wentz.

    Defensively, just get to Eli before he can go deep to OBJ…put the pressure on him, harass him, hit him and sack him, punish him like they did Bradford.

    1. Oh, and I want to see if Nelson Agholor will step up and play angry and be aggressive attacking the ball. I think that’s Agholor’s problem, he is playing PAC 12 soft…his game is finesse.
      After being verbally aggressive and showing anger towards the media last week, can he transfer that emotion on the field.

      Also, can the Eagles RB’s go a game w/o fumbling or turning the ball over.

      If the Eagles are down in the fourth quarter with the ball as time winds down, can Wentz get the comeback win.
      Lastly, will Zach Ertz show up today….I thought I saw his face on a milk carton yesterday. Time for him to step up and show up big to earn that check….same with Vinny Curry!

      Get it done boys…Go Eagles!!!

  9. Right or wrongly josh huff will be a footnote in eagles 2016–17,especially if being made a scapegoat ,with admittedly being ignorant,the rest of the lockerroom is attentive to his dismissal.I agree with cold brewski,its an obvious double standard.If huff were indespensible,in the front offices minds (salary,talents,contributing to the overall success of the squad) the organisational decision making ,very well may have been tolerance,and patience..for due process.Lets not lose sight of two contributing factors,as it is a business model.We just came off a trade deadline,so in retrospect we had a (whats huff worth to others)litmus ,and lastly and ive stated before has he sullied the brand? He faild to show contrition by his own words “everyone carries a weapon.” If he was a superstar ,the baggage becomes lighter symbolically,but bottom line ..sadly hes not..

  10. The game today will obscure the huff incident,and he will be in the distance,especially with a great performance on the road..if indeed they appear listless or creating mindless penalties pr dumb coaching,the spotlight becomes intensified..We need a dominant performance for so many reasons..Go Birds

  11. This is the Biggest Game of the Eagles Season in my opinion,
    If they Drop to 4-4 for the Season and more importantly, go to 0-3, in NFC East Divisional Games, then their Season is over in terms of making the Post-Season.
    They have to Win Today, plain & simple…
    I think the Beat the Giants 30-26 in a wild game..

  12. Wow, 14-0 already
    Giants and only 6 Minutes in…It appears the wheels are about to fall off for the Season and for Wentz who is struggling early again…

  13. Graham ..truly been a pro bowl level player ..the tight ends and safe throws needs sustain this drive..very suspect play alls on that last red zone series as they appeared to be spying on Wentz ..exploit that

  14. Horrible Call… Game & Season is Over…
    Doesn’t Doug Pederson come across as a Substitute Teacher where the longer he’s on the Job, the worse he looks and appears… Good Grief !!

    1. Lion. Running sproles into the line on 4th down and a QB edge run on 4th down are ass scratchers ? 6 points off the board ..cmon coach get your shit together

    2. get a play caller to give Wentz an opportunity to display his abilities ..this has become more that a train wreck’s unraveling and ,spiraling ..the coach ,needs comprehend the tight ends create separation in th holes in the middle of the field and dial up some “safe throws” the tight ends haven’t had a propensity of dropping balls ,like the wide outs ..btw is Agholor at the game ? Nice bounce coach spitting the usage of his dog house ,at the expense of his game plan?

    1. Keep exploiting the middle of the field …its obvious that the tight ends (burton and ertz ) are dependable. I love sproles but theyre riding him like a cheap mule

      1. Ehl..its one thing to be aggressive..but sproles off tackle with an 8 man front and wentz keeper off a time out from the end of a quarter ..are definitely deflating on the road ,where points are precious..this wentz keeper again ..another curious call?

  15. Please coach. Burton and Wentz ..dial them up here …middle of the field is wide open ..and then try play action as well in the middle. Forget the sides …simply put. Be a smart coach

  16. Fourth time Eagles has been in this position with the ball in the last minutes. Wentz has to start guiding the offense in the end zone during these situations. Disappointed in Wentz on this one. This loss is on Wentz.

  17. Easy to second guess but they had time on the clock ..what they needed was a first down on 4th and 10? Look this game is a scab ,and I hate that the differential was the two gimme fgs.. But that’s the bottomline

  18. Just horrible lose by 5, piss away points in the redzone. Those last 4 plays were just ridiculous what happened to Wentz throwing guys open? Where is Ertz? The Eagles are just giving games away 3 of their 4 losses should be in the win column. But guys rookie head coach and rookie QB = growing pains.

    1. Big. You’re right. Growing pains ..I just pray they learn from there mistakes ..that’s what good coaches do..inexplicably ,he keeps dialing up some weird ass calls. .wentz isn’t a burner ,isn’t elusive and isn’t to be dialed up ..ever. …run should be a last ditch option by him to escape ..

    2. Play calling sucked Biggy. Wentz was under pressure all day and made some bad decisions, but wtf are they doing running him on 4th down like that…..oh, now he is Cam Newton? You can question Pederson going for it on the 4th down plays, but I have more of an issue with the play calling…run Wentz? Run you smallest back behind your injured center and expect to get a yard? Bad bad bad coaching. Even with the 2 interceptions this team was in a position to win, but absolutely failed. This team has regressed, poor execution and poor play calling….lastly, wtf is going on with our defensive backfield? Can we cover anyone?

  19. Wentz 0-4 on Final Drive… he’s got to do better than this he wants to be a True Franchise QB.. He had some 3-4 Chances in the 4th Quarter to get a TD and he failed to do so.. he’s not a Rookie anymore and needs to step up and come thru when the Games are on the line… Eagles Post-Season for 2016 are over with a 0-3 NFC East Divisional Record.. this Team settles for too many FG’s once inside the Red-Zone.. FG’s won’t get you Wins in the NFL
    Good Game for Stats by the Eagles but another Team Loss which is the bottom line.. 0-3 within the NFC East is just a killer halfway thru the Season..

  20. Tired of losing these types of games. They have to learn how to win.
    We are 1-3 in our last four.
    Falcons are on deck followed up by the seahawks and Packers. 3 Losses unless they can figure out how to win.

  21. The glass half full. Wentz can grow and mature after these losses ..Sam I am is wearing different laundry .and slouch shoulder Sam is improving our number one pick weekly. ..

  22. The draft in review. Bikes play redskins lions at Detroit thanksgiving. Top 15 is realistic as the finish Cowboys jags colts packers bears

  23. Asking a rookie to be perfect because of lack of playmakers etc this is how your season is going to end up.

    He literally has one playmaker who is a 3rd down back that is being overused. Talent even makes your rookie HC look better.

  24. I continue to be more impressed with how Big V is playing. I think he can lock RT down. I can admit my assessment of him after the skins game was off and I was wrong about him. The kid can play.
    Need to get Treggs more involved in the game frombthis day forward. He should be in for Agholor.

  25. Reports about 3 Eagle Players late to Meetings this Week…
    It appears that Coach Pederson is losing control of his Team and their is an overall lack discipline and Professionalism with the Team..
    Stay Tuned but something is going on at NovaCare…
    Where’s the Leadership?

    1. Per Jeff McLean of the Inquirer, 3 Eagle Players were late to Thursday Meetings and this is after all the distractions and release of Josh Huff…
      Who didn’t play today?

  26. A rookie head coach , a rookie Q.B. a definite lack of overall talent at many spots, A rookie head coach who has not yet learned to take over a room from a bunch of bloodthirsty media types ,and he is expected to be a good coach already? If he cant control reporters who.s main goal in life , is to make Doug look dumb and inferior so they can appear to be on top of their game , and You expect him to control a locker room when the 3 and 0 start is lost in rearview mirror ? NO can do bro !No can do!

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