Eagles Podcast: Is Doug Pederson In Over His Head?

pederson3The Philadelphia Eagles have now lost four of their last five games.

Along the way, head coach Doug Pederson has made a number of questionable decisions that have contributed greatly to the team’s losses. The Birds are now 0-3 in the NFC East, sitting in last place in the division.

Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky discuss whether or not the head coach is in over his head, and breakdown some of the worst calls that Pederson has made to date, and also touch on next weekend’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.


18 thoughts on “Eagles Podcast: Is Doug Pederson In Over His Head?

  1. Overreacting for sure. 8 games into the season and here we go. This question was not even thought of prior to the bye…just chill the eff out already. I like Doug’s aggressiveness. I wasn’t to fond of the read option on 4th down but Doug will learn from that. Although I’ve been upset the last two weeks I calm down and look at everything in perspective. This year these players are still developing chemistry and getting to know each others tendencies. Same for the coach, he’s getting to know what his players can and can’t do. Next year Doug will have to be able to make sound decisions based on his knowledge of his players skills and ability. To ask whether he is or isn’t over his head is way premature and over reactive. He gets 3 years. Look at how long Jason Garrett has been given. He used to be a joke, look at his team now.
    In the words of Aaron Rodgers…RELAX!!!

  2. If Donald Trump can Win the POTUS, then heck, anything is possible for Coach Pederson & the Eagles moving forward…

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  5. Eagles,need to play grymes and Smith to see what they can do at cb cause Caroll won’t be here next yr and mckelvin sucks and to me mills looks like a cover 2 cb he is horrible speed isn’t physical enough and holds on every play since he can’t run he’s needs to be a cover 2 cb

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