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Is Malcolm Jenkins Pointing Fingers? – Podcast

Redskins Eagles footballI believe the comments that Eagles Pro Bowl safety and key team leader Malcolm Jenkins made to the news media should have been said to Birds head coach Doug Pederson face to face.   It’s very dangerous after a tough loss like the one the Eagles suffered against the Giants to be criticizing other areas of the team.

On good football teams, you don’t hear defensive players making critical comments about the offense and you don’t hear offensive players making critical comments about the defense.  The reason players don’t do it is obvious.  You want to keep the team together and not start pointing fingers.

Brandon Graham said that Jenkins held a post game meeting and emphasized “staying together”.

I thought Jenkins violated that plan when he came out after the loss to the Giants and started verbally pointing fingers at head coach Doug Pederson when he said the team wasn’t going to win by being overly aggressive.  As a team captain that’s not what you should be saying.  Jenkins should have been talking about the defensive performance and more specifically the play of the secondary.

I get into deeper here on this podcast. on Facebook

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  1. Jenkins has been a little “chatty” on multiple occasions this year. Perhaps someone should point out SFs stellar 1-7 record and ask him if he’d prefer that.


  3. The eagles play has left me speechless and very frustrated to know we had this game and loss it due to not converting 4th downs and red zone opportunities, it has been hard this year after the great start, our terrible offense is hard to watch, Wentz and sproles are the only game changers. We are in every game but can’t close, I want Wentz to have one game winning play he deserves it, these weapons are trash, but to put things in perspective. I thought we wouldn’t be this good, so im excited about the future, we just need a few pieces and we can contend next yr, we need to go all in next yr, because once Wentz gets his contract that’s when it’s hard to field a complete team, gotta get them qbs in their rookie contracts, oline first 2 rnds then rb and get alshon in fa, not really worried about defense. We gotta get this offense going, cAn’t have a mcnavb situation and leave Wentz by himself

  4. Wow! The dump Doug, schwartz, movement appears to be picking up a head of high pressure steam ,and only with half a season left on his first year. Baskens has joined the parade. One does not have to be a madden like expert to understand anyone needs at least three years to show what direction they are taking the team.At this rate the loyal, fans will be telling rookie Q,B we wanted so bad but sorry Charlie , your taking much too long too develop go so next will be go back up yonder from wentz you came, We demand instant gratification ! Bgn headline reads in BOLD type is Doug in over his head?And Basens is already in Doug,s head and has determined that he is using way too much emotion when coaching , is there a blood test for that?Typical reactionary blather

  5. I’m actually with jenkins on this one doug has cost this team 2 wins with his stupidity why are you running a qb sweep on 4th down like we have cam newton you have to be smarter than that with the ball especially when your in fg range…this team should be 7-1 but doug is an idiot

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