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How will Eagles respond in second half of 2016?


Doug Pederson has yet to sport a losing record as the Eagles head coach; that is likely to change if recent history fails to correct itself.  The Eagles have only salvaged a single victory in the last six weeks if you want to count the bye week, and a combination of turnovers, questionable play-calling, dropped passes and missed assignments headline the list of topics the city of Philadelphia is venting to one another.

One of the biggest issues and actually one of the half full verses the glass half empty outlook is the fact that Eagles have not been embarrassed “score wise” in any of their losses.  By no means does this ease the pain, quite possibly it’s making it hurt even more when thinking about winning one of those games and how much better 5-3 sounds like heading into the second half of the season.

NFL data had the Eagles as a 75% chance of reaching the playoffs after the Steelers win, and well, that’s not looking too promising at the moment.  Even a win against the Atlanta Falcons, it’s not like the Eagles could travel to Seattle and find a way to win, or could they?

What needs to happen for me personally from this point forward, I need to feel like the Eagles are learning from their mistakes; that includes both the players and the entire coaching staff.

I get it; there are ups and downs with rookies at the NFL level.  Maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be heading into 2016, or the 3-0 start brainwashed me like so many others.

What I can’t accept, what I won’t accept is play-calling that belongs for high school teams, dropped passes, bad penalties and mental errors.   It’s time for the Eagles to prove that they have learned from these hardships in recent weeks, and rise up to the occasion not just against the Atlanta Falcons, but with all of their remaining opponents this season. on Facebook

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