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Eagles Podcast: Birds Play Better Against Better Teams

jordanmatthewsvsfalcons1The Eagles are a different football team, when they know they are playing against a good football team, that will beat them if they don’t play well.  This team has the capability to improve their play, specifically the offensive and defensive lines, if they are playing against a good football team.

Remember, they dominated the Steelers.  The Eagles won the battle upfront, which is the key to winning football.

They beat the Minnesota Vikings despite making numerous mistakes. The Eagles defensive line dominated against the Vikings and pounded Sam Branford.  Their offensive line did a good job against one of the best pass rushing units in the league.

They outplayed the Cowboys for 3 1/2 quarters and were winning the battle upfront for the most part. Even though they lost to them, the Eagles came into the game with a sense of urgency.  When they are a determined football team, they play better.  The running game which the Eagles displayed today will make a huge difference in this team’s success.

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34 Comments for “Eagles Podcast: Birds Play Better Against Better Teams”

  1. G..Its more in my opinion the home field vs the road,rather than the Eagles “getting up” vs.perceived good teams.Pedersons play calling on the road vs home’s are also glaringly different.The attributes and points disparity of home cooking wins ,at home ,is a dominant and confident squad,capable of beating anyone.The tight games on the road.(Detroit,Dallas,Giants)all had tight play,coaching gaffes,untimely turnovers ,contributing to winnable efforts.Vatai and his total meltdown ,made the Washington game ,an abberation.Even with yesterday’s win,a glaring deficiency was overcome.The agholors and beckham dropoff is distressing.Matthews and Ertz were more than dependable.The emergence of a multiple headed run attack and a solid (hats off to them) O line performance was established.In the coming cold,thats really encouraging.Defensively they held down a juggernaut,and at home ,that side of the ball,feeds off the crowd.They travel to Seattle ,another tough cross country road trip,lets,see there mathews twins travel well and they best bring there defense..I know this is an understatement,but damn theyre one draft and a sprinkling of a free agent away ..

  2. Eagles got the “must win” out of the way and now have a little leway concerning the trip to Seattle. A loss there, won’t be season ending as it would have been had they lost yesterday.

    We got 2 great things yesaterday. The first being Pederson’s excellent gameplan. I will again re-iterate how impressed I was with the Eagles’ first drive. Georgeous.

    Still, all the great gameplanning in the world isn’t going to overcome 5 false starts (3 from Ertz) or ‘free fg attempt’ drops like Matthews at the end of the half. Philly press bemoaning Wentz not having any big end of half drives….well, I think he’s put the ball on the $$ at least 3x at the end of halfs and games that all would have led to points had the Wrs been remotely competent.

    Anyway, back to my second point. Way to go Seattle.

    Eagles also got precisely what I was hoping for in New England yesterday. I know I said OT would have been the best outcome, but what happened was almost as good. Big last second Seattle win. Super Bowl revenge. Controversial final play. Etc etc.

    Lets hope they celebrate that for a few days and let their guard down a bit in the first half next week.

  3. It’s not Doug Peterson.

    He didn’t drop two touchdowns in Detroit. He didn’t fumble the game away at the end. 14 penalties

    In Washington they beat our ass at the LOS. 6 sacks on wentz. But still had dropped touchdowns with Zach ertz. 13 penalties

    Dallas Cowboys they were winning 3/4 qtrs.
    Allowing a fake punt for a first? Ridiculous pass interference call on us. Peterson chose to pin them deep on our 10 yard line. Good call the way ourD was playing. Also Peterson didn’t fumble

    Giants game he was over aggressive. I love it. It wasn’t 4th and 5. It was 4th and 1. Sproles picks up that yardage all season. The read option sucked I know that. But we still ha a chance to win that game which is crazy.

    Peterson is a rookie. With a rookie under center.

    Cowboys have had there staff together for some time now. They have romo in the rookies ear. They have that oline and running game. Everything has gone there way so far. It has to
    Turn eventually right?

    Peterson is a damn good coach. And will only
    Get better along with this team.

    • Did this guy just say good call to pin them deep instead of taking a,2 score lead lmao

      • Certainly kicking a 55 yarder there seems to have been the play– of course everyone assumes the make… if it bounces off the cross bar then they get the ball at the eagles 45 down 1 score– there are always two ways of looking at it.

        • Thank you.

          Course it’s the play now, cause they scored. But I agreed with the call at the time. And if our D had stopped them like we had been doing all game it would have been a “trusting the defense moment”

  4. I just re-watched the game. The eagles have discovered the old colts stretch play. Wentz stretching the ball out from under center with Matthews picking the hole. Sets up play action. Also, one of Matthews TDs was an across the formation sweep from the 7…. So again, when the play works it’s a great call when it doesn’t??

    • When it does not work it sucks, because fans.

      • “When it does not work it sucks, because fans…..” BASICALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT@!!!!!

        • I know he had the ball in Dallas at 30 yd,line under 6mins to play with a 7pt lead and hott kicker and you call a backwards pass and lose yds when you could’ve ran the ball picked up 3 or 4yds and kicked the fg and made it a 2 score lead that was one of the dumbest play calls I’ve ever seen…

          • If the “O’s” blocked the “X’s” it would have been the best call you’ve ever seen.

            • I see the point that you are trying to make HAC, but in this case, it was an unnecessary risk that cost them points. The safe play was to run the ball and try to get the points. He gets stopped at the line, you are still looking at a 47 yard field goal.

              I may be a no nothing fan, but I know that you are wrong on this.

              • Well 47 yard field goals get made at about 70% around the nfl– missed 3/10 times. Anytime a play doesn’t work its a bad call i guess…. so the plays that work I guess are good calls, funny that doesn’t get mentioned much.

              • Hac. Its a risk vs. Reward league..As well a coach has to have a “feel” for his team,special teams,wind if applicable,and most importantly,if he misses ,hows his trust in his made of execution,but…a hat on a hat bball running downhill,is the risk vs reward ,that was the clear choice.Thats not the time for getting too cute..I dont think youd find fault in that logic.

              • There are bad play calls in certain situation based on the chance of success vs the chance of failure. Yes the players have to execute. Of course for a play to be succesful, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that that play call had a bigger chance of having a negative effect than running the ball.

                Of course 47 yarders aren’t gimmes. No where did I say that. The rate that I saw for 50+ yard FGs in the last 5 years is 62%, I would take the my chances on 70%.

                Yes 47 yard FGs are not gimmes, but according to a article from last year, since 2010 FGs of 50 + are at a 62% rate.

              • My point is that the results determine the narrative
                If they run up the middle and the DT blows it up and it loses 2. Then the narrative is ‘our center is too small for that stupid call’ , or ‘ get the ball to Sproles in space’ .

              • Yes I understand your point as I have said before in that the results often affect how fans react. Got it.

                I still think that that was a poor play call considering the risk of having the play blown up. The risk of that play was much higher than that of running the ball.

              • agreed…getting the ball to Sproles in space does carry some risk– running up the middle has less risk– me…. I want a coach that will take a risk once in a while– as a matter of fact I’d say they all do. get Sproles in space, he hits it for first down, we take another 3:00 off the clock and in better FG range, another first down after that and ….on and on… but yeah a run up the middle carries little risk on that we agree.

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  6. Some NFC EAST Stats halfway thru the Season

    Offensive Rankings (total Yards & Points)
    #5 – Cowboys – 29 Pts per Game
    #6 – Redskins – 24 Pts per Game
    #20 – EAGLES – 25 Pts per Game
    #24 – NY Giants – 20 Pts per Game

    Total QBR Rankings for the QB’s
    #2 – Dak Prescott – Cowboys – 83
    #11 – Kirk Cousins – Redksins – 67
    #22 – Eli Manning – NY Giants – 57
    #30 – Carson Wentz – EAGLES – 46

    Offensive 3rd/4th Down Conversion %
    #7 – Cowboys – 47% on 3rd Down & 100% on 4th Down (7 for 7)
    #6 – Redskins – 45% on 3rd Down & 25% on 4th Down (2 for 8)
    #29 – NY Giants – 35 % on 3rd Down & 44% on 4th Down (4 for 9)
    #30 – EAGLES – 33% on 3rd Down and 60% on 4th Down (6 for 10)

    Red-Zone Scoring Efficiency (Scoring TD’s)
    #13 – Cowboys – 61%
    #20 – NY Giants – 52%
    #25 – EAGLES – 47%
    #32 – Redskins – 39%

    Overall Defensive Rankings/Stats (by Yardage & Points)
    #5 – EAGLES – 18 Pts per Game – 25 Sacks
    #11 – Cowboys – 19 Pts per Game – 19 Sacks
    #15 – NY Giants – 20 Pts per Game -14 Sacks
    #18 – Redskins – 23 Pts per Game – 25 Sacks

    Defensive 3rd/4th Down Conversion %
    #3 – EAGLES – 36% on 3rd Down, 36% on 4th Down (5 of 14)
    #15 – NY Giants – 38% on 3rd Down, 50% on 4th Down (4 of 8)
    #20 – Cowboys – 41% on 3rd Down, 50% on 4th Down (3 of 6)
    #22 – Redskins – 46% on 3rd Down, 50% on 4th Down (4 of 8)

    Red-Zone Efficiency for when on Defense (keeping Teams out of End-Zone)
    #1 – NY Giants – 42%
    #3 – EAGLES – 44%
    #21 – Cowboys – 56%
    #28 – Redskins – 66%

    Plus or Minus in the Turnover Battle
    #5 – EAGLES + 6
    #11 – Cowboys + 3
    #19 – Redskins – 1
    #30 – NY Giants – 8

    Some good things going on with the Eagles Defensively but they have to do better job on Offense on 3rd Down Conversions, Red-Zone Efficiency and Yes, Carson Wentz, is going to have to make more Plays down the field somehow, someway….

    Let’s See how they Finish up and hopefully Improve in these key areas moving forward..

    • When taking into account that the coach and qb for the birds have little offensive ammo and lame johnsons to compensate,theyve leaned heavily on making chicken salad out of chicken ppt to feature matthews carrying the rock more and smallwood and barner and slot sprolrs to make up for yhe deficiency of beckhams and agholors ineptitudes..the defense and special teams will as were accustomed do the heavy obvious observation ,billy davis vs shwartz ..

      • Well until they get some outside weapons in next Years Draft/Free-Agency, then need to improve on what they have.. Utilsing Trey Burton, Treggs, Run a Dual Backfield, Split Sproles outside and use as a slot Receiver on those 3rd Down and 4/5 Yards plays.

        Here’s a Few Teams with Better 3rd Down Success Rate than the Eagles
        The Texans,Vikings, NY Jets, Browns,Rams,Ravens, Jacksonville and yes even the 49ers…

        Do any of these Teams have Great Offenses or a lot of Talent on the Offensive side of of the Ball or Great QB’s, Coach’s or No Injuries ?

        The Excuses must Stop, the Eagles Receivers are who they have for the next 7-8 Games so how do you best incorporate a passing attack with what you have….

        • Can the trey burton talk finally disappear? Come on, the guy had a good pre season and is invisible in an offense that needs guys to step up

          • I cant help but wonder,what would this qb look like with a full compliment of sure hamfed,precise route running receivers and a stable of power and finesse running backs…wentzillaesque..

        • TEs and the backs out of the backfield. They should be the mismatches. The TEs need to be the difference maker. Ertz got his money and now he needs to do something.

  7. How in the hell can Sgholor be so freaking terrible

    • Pro football focus this week.just threw him under the trash bus…rated him worst first round receiver

      • PFF also says eagles have the second best OL in football.

        • Had we had a true route running receiver ,wed be in the hunt in year one. Assholeor. Really has been awful

          • We don’t need a dominate WR– we need a good one…thats it.

            Also, to the ‘mortgage the future’ types, the eagles are bad at drafting types– 16 brought– Wentz, Smallwood, V, Seomolo (spelling) and Mills– all 5 instrumental in last weeks win– FA– Mckelvin (int), Brooks (grades out as a top guard), Bradham (very steady), McCloud …. damn.

            • Hac. We need route running receiver with hands and desirius to block,when not sure those attributes ever are present in a mediocre receiver..we didn’t appear in a superbowl until we brought an elite receiver into the divas,just hyper talented

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