Thoughts From Eagles-Falcons

Aug 11, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) warms up before action against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Defense Anchors Eagles To Critical Win

Jim Schwartz deserves a ton of credit for today’s win.

The Eagles’ defense played their best game of the season, holding the NFL’s best offense to just 15 points, under half of their season average per game.

Even more remarkable was that Schwartz was working without Nolan Carroll, who left the game with a concussion, and Leodis McKelvin was still hampered by his hamstring.

The Eagles ran a lot of effective blitzes that forced Matt Ryan to throw the ball early, disrupting his timing and forcing some key incomplete passes.

Julio Jones still got his, and finished with an impressive statistical day, but Schwartz’s group kept the Birds in the game and did an absolutely tremendous job on one of the league’s elite.

Ryan Mathews Reemerges 

Under heavy criticism for how he’s handled the running game, Doug Pederson entered this game with a plan to get veteran Ryan Mathews involved in the offense again.

Mathews was the focal point on the team’s opening drive, carrying the ball seven times for 34 yards and a touchdown. The former Charger finished the first half with nine carries for 56 yards.

Mathews brought a power-element back to the offense that had been sorely missed over the last few weeks. It was easily his best performance on the season, and as an Eagle overall. Mathews finished with 108 yards and two scores.

Also notable was that Pederson made a concentrated effort to get Wendell Smallwood more involved as well. The rookie took five carries the first half for 17 yards. Smallwood was equally involved in the second half, finishing with 70 yards on 13 touches.

It was refreshing to see Pederson go away from featuring Darren Sproles as the lead running back, and incorporating some of the other players on his depth chart.

Eagles Continue To Make Crushing Mistakes

The Eagles misplayed a number of opportunities presented to them in the first half.

Carson Wentz has looked more and more like a rookie as the season has gone on. There were moments today where Wentz held on to the ball too long. He also made the mistake of throwing the ball away too soon at the end of the first half, providing the Falcons an opportunity for a hail mary. Wentz also turned the ball over with a careless fumble, providing a scoring chance for the Falcons.

But Wentz wasn’t alone in critical errors.

The Jordan Matthews’ drop before the half was absolutely outrageous. Matthews was all alone in the center of the field, and allowed the pass to bounce right off of his hands. Later in the game, useless wide receiver Nelson Agholor dropped a key pass that would have extended a drive late in the fourth quarter.

Caleb Sturgis also missed a field goal attempt earlier in the half.

It was a sloppy first half that saw the Eagles’ defense do their job, and hold the high-powered Atlanta offense to just two field goals, while the offense was only able to generate seven points. This is the mark of a young, inexperienced team with few playmakers.


Quick Thoughts


  • Jordan Matthews’ drops are becoming the stuff of legend. Seriously, its hard to imagine that this guy was a second-round pick. To be fair, Matthews had an anotherwise solid game, but he’s easily one of the most unreliable wideouts I’ve ever seen.
  • Alan Barbre was out once again with a hamstring injury. Stefan Wisniewski started a second straight game. The offensive line worked well today, opening plenty of opportunities for Mathews and the running game.
  • Darren Sproles was used properly this week, primarily featured as a receiver out of the backfield. Sproles registered eight catches for over 50 yards.
  • Zach Ertz was a factor for the second straight week, putting up 55 yards on six catches.
  • Dorial Green-Beckham has been invisible the last two weeks. He’s failed to record a catch in either game.
  • Bryce Treggs wasn’t targeted once throughout the game, which was disappointing after his impact last week.


  • Brandon Graham continues to play at an elite level. Graham had a sack and several hurries in the first half alone, and also made a couple of nice plays against the run.
  • Connor Barwin has been playing well of late, and picked up another sack today.
  • Still bothered by a hamstring injury that has been recurring all season, Leodis McKelvin was able to suit up and start the game. McKelvin did well to fight through the injury, and made an interception to seal the game.
  • Devonta Freeman was held to just 49 yards on 12 carries.
  • Vinny Curry continues to be a non-factor in the pass rush, but he has improved in run defense this year.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis had been having a great season, but missed a critical field goal in the first half.
  • Najee Goode should probably be released after the absolute boneheaded 15-yard penalty he picked up for a late hit in the fourth quarter.

Final Thoughts

After two horrible gameplans, Doug Pederson bounced back with a very encouraging performance.

His offensive gameplan going in was sound, planning to run at the weak Atlanta defense and do their best to control time of possession and keep the powerful Falcon offense off of the field.

The offense still showed their youth at times, but the coach didn’t make the backbreaking mistakes that he had made in the previous weeks.

The Eagles finally finished a game, and rallied to win a close one in the fourth quarter. Home field has become a major advantage in Philadelphia again.

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140 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Falcons

  1. Well. Wow. Was that not the best first drive any of us have sen for the pat decade. Brilliant.

    The game play was $$. What a commitment to the run.

    Wentz, again…..brilliant. I am so juiced for the next decade. D was$$$$$$$$$$

    I think the Eagles win at home vs GB (I’ll be there) and can win against Cin.

    All the good was….good….however there was some bad…..

  2. That being said….

    5 false starts. Wow. 3 from Ertz.. That’s insane. Newsflash Birds…Wentz does a hard count.

    The “double clutch” catch is getting so tiresome.

    Matthews….wide……open….drip….whatever…complaining is redundant at this point

    4th and 1…run sweep???????????????????????

    Sturgis might be $$. but can’t miss 44 yrd fgs

    2 dropped ints. Com’on

    DGB “whiff block” Useless

    Delay of game on a FG????????????????

    No reason to go for 2. Bad call.

    Cut Agholor please.

  3. Dallas drafted their whole oline, all their receivers thier franchise rb and their franchise QB. My goodness. Eagles are 3 years behind Dallas. The Eagles can not have any more Agholors or Smiths, They cant miss anymore. Joe Douglas better be the truth.

      1. We might be behind on offense but we are way better then them on defense, I’m not scared of any team, we can beat anybody, good win today, Aggy please just die, vaitai balled his ass off, he was pushing people 5 yds down field

  4. This Eagles team is not that far away. Couple of receivers, cornerbacks and a guard and center and we are in god shape. I was not on board with Wentz starting this year for various reasons, but I am glad he is as he is gaining invaluable experience. Once the offense is given more talent he(Wentz) will be all the better having to do what he’s doing with what he has to work with.
    The defense needs some pieces, but this defense is nasty and can play lights out when they are clicking.

    Lastly, I’m really surprised by the continuous lack of participation and fan falling off on this site. Is it the site or just a lack of interest in the Eagles moving forward.
    Oh well, regardless, great win. Go Eagles!!!

    1. LOL Eaglehaslanded is that all we need lol? 2 receivers, 2 CB, guard and center. lol 6 starters? That’s it. Pssst you know Dallas gets to continue drafting to and will improve. There offense is set for years. They have Gregory who is a stud and the other kid who is suspended but will be back in 2 weeks and is a great pass rusher. They have a stud a MLB in Lee. They only need 2 more defensive players for game set, match.

      1. dag, you do know Randy Gregory has tested positive again for drugs while he is already suspended….well I guess you didn’t Gregory will be suspended for a full year. The other suspended kid actually came back today.
        As I stated upgrade in a few places and we are in good shape…I did not say we will be an elite SB caliber team. So I say again we will be in good shape. Yes Dallas will keep drafting but they can only play so many players as they are set in a lot of key positions. I can’t worry about what Dallas does though. The Eagles have to take care of their business

        1. Dag, tet with how great the are, the Eagles gave them that game in Dallas. There is not this wide chasm that you are describing. Dallas D has been bad for a while now and they haven’t been able to fix it. Suddenly they are going to?
          This gigantic wide chasm that you describe just doesn’t exist.

    2. Eagles, this site has struggled for a while now. Only started to get consistent articles recently. There are no one posts about the Sixers, Flyers or Phils.

      1. bugs, the ‘content’ on the site makes it not really worth coming on here although I still like the banter. The lack of Phils, 76ers, Flyers articles is a killer- All 4 teams are in a very exciting youth movement with potential stars on all 4 teams, multiple stars on them as a matter of fact and crickets.

    1. What, you think they are going to replace the entire offense in 1-3 years? C’mon man! The Eagles battled the cowboys fine in Dallas, they made some slip ups..did not pressure Dak in the 4th and could not cover Dez in the end. You sound as if the Eagles got blown out..classic over reacting.

    1. Josh Huff impact felt yesterday. If that was Huff returning them kick-offs yesterday he scores 1 td. The kicker isn’t pushing him out of bounds or tackling him. That’s the difference between Huff and Barner.

  5. 5-2 remaining record gets the Eagles into the playoffs because there is a possibility that 3 teams from the NFC East make the playoffs. The Eagles have to beat NY, Washington, Dallas, Baltimore and GB which gets them 10 wins and a wildcard. The Dallas game may mean nothing to Dallas at the end of the year. They will lose to Seattle next week and can afford to lose to Cincinnati which isn’t a given. Detroit wins its Division, Seattle wins theirs and Atlanta wins theirs.

  6. Howie fleeces Minnesota out of 1st and 4th round pick as Minnesota will finish 7-9 to 9-7 if they’re lucky and give the Eagles a pick from 16-20. They could of obtained Bradford for free after the season.

  7. One difference between Reid and Pederson. It always seemed like when the Eagles played a top team under Andy Reid they got blown the fuck out.(I’m sure it wasn’t every time but it sure seemed like it). Under Pederson we actually are beating top teams and are competitive.

  8. We all need understanding and patience with this rollercoaster of a season.Myself included..Im exposed alot to talks of seattle being in the desert,and they have $pent very little of their cap on their O line..Playing in their 12th man nest ,will be a huge step up the road maturation ladder.The defensive sides of both are excellent,and we’ll need our execution to be flawless..It appears that the Eagles getting ready to go to play the latter part of this schedule will be tested.Greenbay Cincinnati and nfc east opposition coming into the linc are all ,with good health winnable..lane johnson will add depth ,and id assume we slot sproles out to compensate for the inadequate receiver in the camp of staying unbeaten at home and stealing one on the road..a home playoff game would be a terrific flip flopped on the coach,as his headset was obviously tuned into the lpmardi station..flawless calls with execution ..simply stated ..equipped with the defense to be competitive

    1. good stuff desert. I do take exception with the flip flop a bit… his headset has been on the same station– the difference in the calls is when they work its a great call and when they don’t the coach is an idiot. I thought the Dallas and NY game plans were also very good. I didn’t watch all of the NE game but there certainly are calls that could be considered dumb by the hoodie– I get that he has the rings…. I’m VERY impressed with Pederson this year. I just think he’s been solid, not perfect but solid.

  9. Hac. To be fair .uesterdays stretch call on 3rd and one was warm piss..I fail to understand the lack of recognition that the shortest distance to anywhere is a straight downhill line of attack.Nothing but a win camaflouges these bumps in the road..When a football team loses the spotlight and introspection is glaringly,bright..Agholor besides myself..beckham as well..a complete bust ..those weak links allow for a defense like seattles to cheat and double guys..i

    1. Every play (other than a sneak) is designed to be a big gainer or a score If all the “O’s” do what they are supposed to do, In this case the “X’s” did a better job. The stretch play looked horrible– but in the course of a game that stuff happens– the interior line was great yesterday but my feeling is with a 265 lb center against a goalline D that a dive isn’t a great play for them. To rack up 200 yards rushing and nitpick about a run that didn’t work is a bit over zealous IMO.

      1. Hac I get your point on that call..we do have a 6’5 qb and 245..ive praised the coach ..flawless execution and plan..great kudos..but I fail to get these side to side excursions..attacking teams is my way..

        1. I haven’t seen them run a sneak– i just think with 950 lbs of beef over Kelce its not in their plan– i could be wrong– If you think back a few games ago they ran the same play and matthews danced untouched into the end zone– exact same play… so ….

            1. Kelce had an excellent game and they ran well through the A gaps but it wasn’t straight on power football- I think you have to match your play call with your personnel (remember chip who wouldn’t do it)–
              Henski, to your point, that is a real surprising stat! They are learning how to win, learning how the pointy ball bounces etc. They are doing it with you at one WR spot and me at the other.

              1. yea hac im was blown away when i saw that. i mean 4th place isnt even close… and 5th is further. this tells me we are a good football team, competitive and well coached. we have a solid D and solid qb, man if we only had some damn weapons. those weapons will come, this year was always about progress and we are making some..

                those losses to detroit and dallas make me lose sleep. 2 games we shouldve won. giants and skins loss i didnt think we played well enough but damn those other 2 ugh, what couldve been

  10. WOW

    Im surprised to see Eagles are 3rd in the NFL in points differential, yet we only 5-4

    1st is dallas at +88 and they 8-1
    2nd is pats at +78 and they 7-2
    3rd is us +66 and we 5-4
    4th is denver +50 and they 7-3

    damn those lions and cowboys losses hurt. shouldve won those 2

  11. by the way, glad howie knew to strike on wentz. he said there were no good qbs in the pipeline and while i was on the winless for watson train im glad howie wasnt duped…

    1. Y I have a buddy who is a Browns fan and he (as usual) is pisssed. He knows there’s no QB out there this year. He’s hoping they use the #1 on Garrett and avoid next year’s Qbs like the plague.

  12. It’s not Doug Peterson.

    He didn’t drop two touchdowns in Detroit. He didn’t fumble the game away at the end. 14 penalties

    In Washington they beat our ass at the LOS. 6 sacks on wentz. But still had dropped touchdowns with Zach ertz. 13 penalties

    Dallas Cowboys they were winning 3/4 qtrs.
    Allowing a fake punt for a first? Ridiculous pass interference call on us. Peterson chose to pin them deep on our 10 yard line. Good call the way ourD was playing. Also Peterson didn’t fumble

    Giants game he was over aggressive. I love it. It wasn’t 4th and 5. It was 4th and 1. Sproles picks up that yardage all season. The read option sucked I know that. But we still ha a chance to win that game which is crazy.

    Peterson is a rookie. With a rookie under center.

    Cowboys have had there staff together for some time now. They have romo in the rookies ear. They have that oline and running game. Everything has gone there way so far. It has to
    Turn eventually right?

    Peterson is a damn good coach. And will only
    Get better along with this team.

  13. Russell Wilson starting to look like the elite qb he is when the pressure is one and when the weather changes.

    But the oline, and running game is garbage. They beat the patriots, who they play every year and know very well. Got there revenge game and is the first good team Brady has played since being back.

    Probably the worst defense in patriots tenure under bill and Brady.

    I think Seattle, GB and cincy are very beatable. Especially more beatable then we previously thought before the season started.

    Ravens are beatable and so are three home division games.

    Damn. Playoffs anyone?

    1. we aint beating seattle.

      cincy is winnable but they about to go on a run now that they got eifert back.

      green bay blows but their strengths on offense is our weakness on D and their strength on D (run game) is our strength, they gonna makes us pass

      i aint scared of baltimore at all, flacco stinks and so does their run game

      i see the remaining games as such:
      seahawks loss
      packers win
      bengals loss
      redskins – must win – ugh – win i guess
      ravens – win
      giants win
      cowboys – win against dallas back up team. theyll have clinched bye

      i got 10-6 and feel good about it. think we lose either packers or cinci but not both. redskins gonna decide the year thats a 50/50 game to me

      1. ‘we ain’t beating seattle’…. NFL bro, very tough to make definitive statements like that. Seattle went coast to coast on a sunday night and have a tough emotional rematch etc. Are the birds the dogs… absolutely. come on birds– another big statement win!!!!

        1. dude I will very much be rooting for the Eagles and am actually going to the game. but to actually think let alone say out loud we have a good shot at going into seattle in the fall with these WR against a super bowl caliber team with a dominant run d and coming out with a W would be quite foolish. its sports of course theres a chance but it aint likely at all.

          our qb cant throw for a passing td against the worst pass d in the nfl, hasnt thrown for a td period since 10/30, hasnt had a multi td game since 10/9. this team, no wait this offense just aint ready for that win. maybe will get 2-3 defensive / special teams scores and 1-2 from offense and get lucky who knows. but i wouldnt bet someone elses money on it

            1. our qb has 13-14 tds so far if they hang onto HALF of the dropped ones this season.

              And again. That’s Half. He probably has 17-18 if they hang onto all
              Of them .

              Wait when Howie pulls the trigger this offseason and signs Alshon or brings back desean.

              Maybe sign Doug Baldwin?

              Doing so will take away a need in the draft and we can address other areas.

              Remember Howie redid a lot of contracts for our vets and other players that allow more cap space.

              Priority this offseason is to sign Bennie Logan.

              FA: big name WR.

              Draft: oline, defense defense defense

              1. totally right ct he has a bunch of tds if they hang on, and a bunch more if they could actually play. man wr gonna be a real premium this year as the draft is kinda thin with them. stacked with cb and rbs though

            2. by the way only stud wr in FA is alshon and his price gonna be real high, like one of the highest wr contracts ever and im not sure hes worth that… plus theres gonna be a lot of bidders for him…hes got a lot of puss in him but can effeminately play at an elite level

              by the way doug baldwin locked up until 2020

              1. Also, think of the drives killed by dropped passes that could have led to more opportunities… anyway, the WR situation is bleak. I had really high hopes this season for Agholor….

  14. Terelle Pryor will be a FA this off season. The Eagles should pursue him as a wide receiver. Big, strong, fast and can catch. I seriously doubt he wants to stay in Cleveland with the instability and trash they have at QB.

    1. Speak of the devil on Alshon…smh.

      MAybe Nelson will need 2 years under this belt to come into his own. I’m sure it’s happened before in the NFL.

      Not everyone is ODB.

      Nelly has all the tools and speed to figure this out. Might As well keep him on the team for he is still on his rookie deal.

      Nelson, Jordan, Dorial, treggs, draft pick and FA should and will be better in 2017. Just bsed off exp. and familiarity in the system. Expect wentz to develope and improve on the chemistry with these young wideouts.

      All we need is one more damn good wr to open things up. Getting a damn good wr to pair up with Matthews will really show what kind of player he is.

      Matthews cannot do it alone consistently. He is not that type of player. Or has shown any signs he can be so far

      1. Idc how old he is. If the price is right bring back Djax. He will only open things up even at age 30.

        Running game and passing game. He still has elite speed. Just needs someone to take shots and I’m sure Carson would with desean on the team

        1. He will be turning 31 Dec of 17, he is on pace to catch 50 balls this year and 2 TD’s, his YD per catch is a career low 13.5 — PASS!!!
          Also, who is Nelly?

  15. Not Many WR’s who are in their Prime to choose from in this Free-agency Class. Here’s a a few that are maybe worth a look, but surely would not offer any big long-term deals as some of these Players will receive once..
    Robert Woods – Bills (Age 24)
    Tyrelle Pryor – Browns (Age 27)
    Michael Floyd – Cardinals (Age 26)
    Kamar Aiken – Ravens (Age 27)
    Kenny Stills – Miami (Age 24)
    Kendall Wright – Titans (Age 27)
    Markus Wheaton – Steelers (Age 25)
    Andre Holmes – Raiders (Age 28)

    Maybe Sign one of these Above Players and then Draft 1 or 2 WR’s this coming Draft…There are some Nice WR Prospects in this Draft

    1. woods aiken stills holmes not worth a penny

      floyd, aiken wheaton not worth a nickel

      pryor worth big $, think he gonna end up with a little less $ than maclin. hes looking at a 5 year 45-50mill deal and imo hes worth it

      kendall wright got solid hands and would be good in the slot.

      I think a solid plan would be to sign wright and pryor. your starters go pryor j matt and wright. draft a rb. then focus on corners and oline. we certainly need 2 new wr and preferably someone with experience (ie pryor and wright) id take them 2 over 1 alshon for sure.

        1. No need to cut Matthews, Pryor plays in the slot and on the outside in Cleveland. He has the speed and size to effectively be an outside receiver. No worries. He also has good hands.

      1. Pryor would be a difference maker with wentz he putting up big numbers in Cleveland with a qb carousel. Think 4 qbs have started there and he on pace for 80+ catches and 7 tds. Runs a sub 4.4 40 and is 6’4″

  16. Reading Elliot Shorr Parks remarks on Nelson Assholor, the highlights :

    Newly called up Treggs has what 2 passes thrown his way and already has a 58 yard catch, Assholor has yet to top 58 yards in a game this year

    Wentz has thrown 5 picks, 3 of those Assholor was the target

    Assholor ranks 118th out of 119 in their WR grades

    Assholor has 81 YAC yards good for 155th in the NFL, JEEEEEEEEESUS he starts and has less YAC than most teams 4th WR – PUUUUUUKE

    Hasnt had a catch over 20 yards since week 1

    Going into the draft we got Assholor we needed a safety and passed on Landon Collins, Landon has 1 td so far which is 1 less TD than Assholor

  17. for those that have never been to Seattle I highly recommend, one of it not the most gorgeous cities in America

  18. A Deep Draft for WR Prospects in 2017, maybe its not top Heavy with big-time Playmaker’s coming right out of the gate, but it does have lots of Depth and Upside.

    Here are some Players that I like and hope the Eagles will be Scouting/Working Out/Interviewing,etc,etc

    1) John Ross -Washington (5-11 190lbs) – Mid to Late 1st Rounder, He Runs a 4.4 and reminds many as a Desean Jackson/Brandin Cooks Type in Terms of Pure Speed, but more importantly, has very good, Natural Hands and is a good Route Runner. He’s Stronger and a bit Bigger than D-Jax
    is as well as being able to Return Kicks/Punts .. He’ probably one of more Dynamic Skill Players in this Draft

    2) Corey Davis – Western Michigan (6-3 205lbs) 2nd Round
    Runs a 4.5 and has size, great hands and production but will need to improve his Blocking and overall Physicality at the next Level..Has the Tools and Work Ethic/Desire to do so per Coaches and Scouts .

    3) Courtland Sutton – SMU ( 6-3 205 lbs) – 2nd Round Prospect
    Runs a 4.48 40 time and is quick in and out of his Routes, Needs to improve his Hands and Blocking but has a lot of Upside per Scouts..

    4) Cooper Kupp – Eastern Washington (6-2 215lbs) Late 2nd Rounder
    Good Size,Good Hands some think of him as a poor man’s Jordy Nelson and is more athletic than he appears, His Father/Grandfather both Played in the NFL.. Has a High Football IQ and a Fighters mentality..

    5) James Washington – Oklahoma State (6-0 205lbs) 3rd Rounder
    Very Athletic, with Good Hands and a good Route Runner, Runs well after the Catch and Leaper and was a former All-State Basketball Player in High School..

    6) Noah Brown – Ohio State (6-2 218lbs) 3rd Rounder, Runs a 4.49 40 time, is athletic,physical,tough and has shown lots of improvement as a Receiver the last 2 Years from those who follow the Buckeyes Program/Big 10 Football. He had a monster game versus Oklahoma’s Top CB Jordan Thomas earlier this Season snagging 4 TD Passes

    7) Malachi Dupree – LSU (6-2 195lbs) 3rd – 4th Rounder – Shows flashes
    8) Fred Ross – Mississippi State (6-2 210lbs) 3rd to 5th Rounder
    9) Chance Allen – U of Houston (6-3 215lbs) 3rd to 5th Rounder 4.5 Speed
    10) Josh Reynolds – Texas A&M (6-4 190lbs) 4th to 6th Rounder 4.5 Speed
    11) Stacy Coley – U of Miami (6-1 185lbs) 4th to 6th Rounder – 4.4 Speed
    12) Ryan Switzer – UNC (5-10 185lbs) 5th-7th Rounder – A Pure Slot, Cole Beasley,Julian Edleman Type, Can also Returns Kicks/Punts as well

    This does not appear to be a Draft where it has a lot of Big Playmaker’s in the early Rounds but is deep with a solid amount potentially good Receivers in that 3rd to 5th Round Range who can go on to be productive in the NFL…

    There’s a couple from Michigan that I forgot to mention (Darboh & Chesson)
    the kids from Clemson (Mike Williams/Artavis Scott) and Penn State’s Chris Godwin who was come on with a big Junior Season and Amba Atta-Tawo from Syracuse could be a late Round steal for someone…

    The Eagles will need to Draft and Develop a Couple of Receivers to build around Jordan Matthews for the rest of their WR Corps just lack’s any consistency.. maybe Dorial Green-Beckham will step up or Treggs will get more opportunities ? Agholor is what he is and that’s an over-matched Receiver who can’t get off the Line of Scrimmage versus average NFL DB’s

    1. pman, add on DeDe Westbrook wr Oklahoma 5’11 175 and KD Cannon wr Baylor 5’10” 205..both have very good speed and hands. They both attack the ball while it’s in the air.

      I like Quincy Adeboyejo but his production is down so much. I don’ know if it’s the Ole Miss system, the QB or if it’s him. I’d take a late round flyer on him though.

      1. Both Ole Miss & LSU Have some Nice WR Prospects thought both Teams QB Play has kind of struggled so its difficult to gauge but they have Size & Physical Skills

        I would like to see the Eagles Sign 1 Free-Agent (Robert Woods as a Deep Threat) and then Draft 2 WR’s in this Draft (Select 1 in the Top 2-3 Rounds and 1 in the Late Rounds)

        With the way the Vikings are fading and having problems Scoring the Eagles could get a Pick in the 14th-18th Range in the First Round now…
        They need help at CB,LB with Depth needed at OL & DT too , but CB,WR & LB are their Biggest Needs short Term…. Bradham has played well all year and is on a 2 Year Deal and with those 2 Incidents, who knows if they want him around much longer for the Future, and Kendricks appears to have a strained relationship with Schwartz at best so who knows his future status which leaves the Eagles LB Corp pretty thin.. They do get Joe Walker Back from injury last year who they liked as back-up to Hicks on the Inside and to play Special Teams, but coming from a torn ACL, who knows about his health

        There’s a LB from Vanderbilt named Zach Cunningham at 6-3 235lbs who is long, lanky, quick and could cover TE’s, Drop in Pass Coverage or Attack the LOS, though he will need to get bigger & stronger
        & LB Tim Williams (Alabama 6-3 250lbs) who has a NFL Body from Day 1 that Jim Schwartz would love to have and who will be sitting there in the middle of the 1st Round..

        1. Early CB’s

          Marlon Humprhrey – Alabama (6-1 196lbs) – A Top 10 Pick
          Teez Tabor – Florida (6-0 201lbs) – A Top 15 Pick
          Sidney Jones – Washington (6-0 181lbs) – Mid to Late 1st Round
          Desmond King – Iowa (5-10 203lbs) – Mid to Late 1st Round
          Cordrea Tanklersly – Clemson (6-0 200lbs) Late 1st to Mid 2nd Round
          Cameron Sutton – Tennessee (5-11 186lbs) 2nd Round
          Tre-Davious White – LSU (5-11 192lbs) 2nd Round

          Some Mid-Round Prospects
          Brandon Facyson – Virginia Tech (6-1 192lbs) 3rd/4th Round
          Ed Paris – LSU (6-0 210lbs) 3rd/4th Round
          Kevin King – Washington (6-3 195lbs) 4th/5th Round
          Rasoul Douglas – West Virginia (6-1 208lbs) 4th/5th Round
          Damontae Kazee – San Diego State (5-10 192lbs) 4th/5th Round
          Chidobe Awuzie – Colorado (5-11 205lbs) 5th/6th Round

            1. And each of Your Post’s should say “I’m an Asshole with nothing better to do but to troll on other Posters Post’s …Really, What are you, 15 Years Old?

  19. This game, while not a MUST win would be a great one to sneak out a win. A 17-16 type of thing. Seattle has an interesting schedule- late sunday in NE, Sunday afternoon back in Seattle with the birds and then an early game the next sunday in Tampa (which should help Tampa) but could also help the eagles.
    The D line will have to step up and look for the eagles to run that 6 man OL again and hopefully get another 200 yard game on the ground.

  20. Eales D letting the team down here. 92 yrd drive (I know penalty assisted but…)

    Eagles cannot win a shootout here. Its all about a defensive struggle, lots of running and a late FG….

    But its not happening.

    D is getting shredded.

  21. He needs to be on the bench… just on the bench… he has single handedly cost us an opportunity to win this game… game over ..thanks “nelly”. fuck him

  22. What has to happen for Paul Turner to get on the field Agholar clearly blows in every facet of game blocking catching and lining the fuck up

  23. Ok so I coach my som’s hockey

    When the D gets the puck behind our net…. about a million times I am yelling to my wingers….”Get to the boards!!” (for the outlet pass”

    And whatevery…sometimes they do….sometimes they don’t…

    They ate 8 and 9

    Now I see Pederson screaming at Agholor screaming at Agholor….”get to the LOS!!!!”

    He’s 23.

    Fuck him.

    I hate Agholor!

    Should be 16-14 at least if that putz just stood 1/2 yrd further forward.

    Hate him.

  24. I dont post much, but just as some half-time therapy I truly can’t believe how terrible Agholor is. Its 17-16 at the half if Agholor is any other average NFL receiver and can line up properly like any high school kid and catch a deep cross that hits him in the hands. He should sit the remainder of this game in lieu of Treggs, who in all likelihood isn’t even a good receiver, just for principle sake. Thanks Chip.

  25. Wentz having a rough Game , his mechanics and seeing the whole field seems to have gotten worse as the Season has gone along…not having quality NFL Receivers hurts no doubt, but he’s not playing well any way you look at it for the last couple of weeks… maybe he’s hit that “Rookie Wall”

  26. It’s amazing how bright,the light can get on one player.I want Agholor to bow up and show me something..if he shrinks ,he’s done
    .as in forever

  27. The “wide 9” and whatever is being exposed.

    The “backside” shit is killing me. Everyone goes one way, and there is someone wide open on the back…..over and over tonight.

        1. No I like Wentz I am just saying everybody said last year it was the way Bradford threw the ball that they were dropped but obviously our receivers are the reason

      1. Yes we had Bicknell last year who everyone said had no clue and now Greg Lewis with no improvement. These receivers regress when they get here and they should get better?

          1. Really? What receiver has improved after coming here? Matthews was a stud in college as was Agholar. The don’t even run good routes. Tell me Matthews didn’t turn the wrong way in end zone of Giants game? Poor coaching period!

  28. If things don’t completely topple I’d like see the birds ,tested vs a great Seattle team ..led very ably by Wilson ,who looks healthy ..graham ,also healthy ,is a beast and a half ..there defense puts you down hard on every play ..they’ve got a philly blue collar grit about them..this would be impressive to the nth degree

  29. Eagles are no where close. lol. Our offense isnt close to Seattles and our defense isnt close but yipee we may have a franchise QB and nothing else. But hey we followed the Miami model and payed 100 million to a DT.

  30. Eagles need at least 2-3 New WR’s for next Seasom
    #27 Malcolm Jenkins probably had his worst Game of the Season..
    #95 M Kendricks was invisible again as he has most of the Season
    Wentz missed the RB out of the Backfield on that 4th Down Play who was open with room to run
    That was a bad Pass to Ertz, was behind himand not getting the first down

  31. Seattle wont beat Dallas. Dallas will run the ball right down thier throat. Eagles actually ran the ball ok today but the costly eras and the defense not playing well have forced the Eagles to depend on Wentz and no receivers.

  32. I have no probelem with this game.

    “IF” The worst player on the team, Agholor, hadn’t stood 1/2 yrd short (when his coach was screaming at him no less) and then hadn’t dropped the easiest pass in the history of passes…..

    “If” that had happened, this would be a 3 pt game into the late 4th.

    I really hate “if”s…hate them…….but in this case, when its one idiot with 2 disastrous plays, I think its apropos.

  33. Wentz is a rookie playing against a top 3 defense with average weapons to throw to. He is going to struggle at times…other times he will look good. It is called development. Some of you guys are ridiculously fickle.

  34. It’s Seattle & Dallas in the NFC heads above everyone else

    2nd Tier
    Lions, Vikings,Giants & Falcons

    Up/Down Teams who hurt themselves more than getting beat
    Packers,Redskins,Saints,Panthers,Bucs, Cardinals, Rams & Eagles

    Full Blown out Rebuild Teams
    Bears & 49ers

  35. It’s Garbage Time now, but Wentz needs to close out a Drive and get a TD here to build on something positive .. he’s been so inconsistent with many of his passes these last few weeks ..

  36. Nice drive by Eagles. Wentz will learn through these struggles and experiences. I have seen more accomplished future HOF QB’s play just as bad against Seattle but some think Wentz is supposed to look like Brady I guess. Once Wentz gets some good outside receivers he will be fine. ..Relax. Next year he will grow by leaps and bounds.

  37. Agholor ..means 1st catch in 4th quarter in football not disappointed ,as much as I’m enlightened . We aren’t doing the development of the QB with thrash and pinkston..both backs of the three headed monster were down..he stood in ,he drove down the field and he did ,what he could..the Seattle defense had backed off at that time ,but sometimes any positives are fresher in your mind on the long journey home play by one player and then that same player ,may have ultimately. Cost you 14 points ..that changes the complexion of the game for certain ..he’s had one catch today for a two point conversion..are you kidding me ?

  38. This receiving Corp with drops ,errors of omission ,are a lurking disaster,game after game on the road …we’re not good enough ,under normal circumstances,we need be flawless win a damn road game’s frustrating to see bothers me ,because ,it has a dominoe effect on the QB .and his development

  39. RW is probably the most difficult QB to get to in the Pocket..
    Flat out Rushing as the Eagles did in the first half leaves too many gaps for him to slide up, over or out of the Pocket where he’s most dangerous…
    The DE’/ have to be disciplined and keep him contained while the DT’s almost have to stay home… the best way to defend him is to keep him the pocket and drop 7 and take your chances with him passing from the Pocket.. you Blitz and don’t get him, your hosed on the back end.. The Eagles don’t have enough strong 1 on 1 Coverage DB’s guys to Blitz for every time they do, the Yankees get burned.. Poor Brandon Graham who worked his ass off today with little to show for it but not fir a lack effort, it happens when trying to Rush RW…

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