Thoughts From Eagles-Packers

Philadelphia Eagles' Carson Wentz, center, scrambles past Green Bay Packers' Damarious Randall, right, and Clay Matthews during the first half of an NFL football game, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
Philadelphia Eagles’ Carson Wentz, center, scrambles past Green Bay Packers’ Damarious Randall, right, and Clay Matthews during the first half of an NFL football game, Monday, Nov. 28, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Pass Rush MIA (AGAIN) 

We really haven’t talked enough about how underwhelming the Eagles’ defensive line and pass rush has been this season.

The return to the wide-nine defense was supposed to provide opportunity for a lot of the Eagles’ talented young defensive lineman to flourish. But it hasn’t worked out that way.

The pass rush was held without a sack against the Green Bay Packers, and barely generated any pressure. Given the amount of draft picks and salary tied up to the defensive line, this simply isn’t an acceptable result.

Fletcher Cox? In for an assist on just one tackle. Cox hasn’t had a sack since Week 4 against the Detroit Lions.

Brandon Graham? Just one sack in the last five games.

Vinny Curry? Just 1.5 sacks on the season, just a half a sack since Week 5.

Its hard to believe that all three of these guys are underachieving at such a shocking level, so there has to be something wrong with the scheme and the way Jim Schwartz is asking these guys to attack the quarterback.

But the lack of a consistent pass rush has been this defense’s biggest problem throughout the season, and it killed the team tonight. Aaron Rodgers was given all the time in the world to find his open receivers, and with no lineman getting in his face consistently, he was able to carve up the Birds’ defense all night.

Jim Schwartz has done a lot of good for this football team, but he’s got a lot of talented defensive lineman and he isn’t getting nearly enough out of them.

Pederson’s Playcalling Remains Baffling

Once again, I did not like how head coach Doug Pederson managed the game.

The Eagles’ first offensive drive was a thing of beauty. Carson Wentz took advantage of weaknesses in the Green Bay secondary, and picked them apart with Dorial Green-Beckham, connecting with the big target four times for over 50 yards on the opening drive alone.

And the Eagles barely targeted DGB for the rest of the game.

Instead, Pederson went back to calling a lot of long-developing plays, too many screen passes, he pretty much discouraged Wentz from taking shots down the field that had been effective early in the game.

The Packers soon were able to anticipate a lot of the Eagles’ play calls, and with no threat of stretching the field, Green Bay was able to take away and severely limit a lot of what the team was looking to accomplish.

Wentz, A One-Man Show

Carson Wentz did all he could to put the team on his back and keep the Eagles in the game on Monday night.

With a patchwork offensive line, banged up running backs, and even thinner group of wide receivers than normal, Wentz was able to make a lot of impressive plays with his legs to extend drives and give the team a chance for some additional scoring drives.

Wentz’s only blemish of the night came on an overthrown pass to Zach Ertz that resulted in an interception, but its tough to blame him for the loss given that he may have been the only reason that team was even competitive tonight.

Quick Thoughts


  • I don’t understand why the Eagles didn’t make any kind of effort to get Paul Turner involved in the game. Turner was active for the first time all season, but didn’t appear to so much as get in the game. On a night where the team was already short on receivers with Nelson Agholor inactive and Jordan Matthews banged up, why not give Turner some looks on an offense desperate for someone to step up?
  • Speaking of Agholor, his absence was most welcome. Textbook example of addition by subtraction.
  • Tights ends were complete non-factors once again, which should surprise no one.
  • Jason Kelce misfired on another snap, which ended up killing a crticial drive in the second half. The Eagles seriously need to think long and hard about moving on from him and upgrading the center position, but I don’t get the sense that such a thought is even on their minds.


  • Its hard for me to fault the secondary with the pass rush being so ineffective, but the Eagles’ defensive backs were in position to make plays several times tonight and just failed to do so.
  • The worst of which might have been Nolan Carroll, who was in perfect position to at least break up a touchdown pass headed for Davante Adams.
  • The Eagles barely called any blitzes tonight, despite the defensive lineman struggling against Rodgers.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis nailed both of his field goal attempts, keeping the Eagles in the game.

Final Thoughts

A lot of people expected the Eagles to win this game, and frankly I never bought into that idea.

The Packers had been struggling, but Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers, and the Green Bay offense still has plenty of weapons to attack with.

And on a night where the Eagles were down two starters on the offensive line, and banged up at what little depth they had at the skill positions, this just wasn’t a game that I saw them coming out with a win.

The Birds have dropped below the .500 mark for the first time all season. The playoffs aren’t completely out of the question, but its going to be a tough road for a team that is just too young and lacking talent in certain areas to keep up with the better teams.

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144 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Packers

  1. Playoffs? Did you say Playoffs?
    The Eagles are behind all 3 NFC Teams and 0-3 in the Division…
    They are not making the Post-Season in 2016..
    The Eagles were a 7-8 Win Team with Sam Bradford and now they are a 7-8 Win Team with Carson Wentz who is learning and gaining valuable experience for future seasons, but this Team was thin with NFL Caliber at the Skills Positions (WR & CB) to open the Season and have only gotten worse with injuries, lack of development
    the one goo day thing is that a lot of Young Players have gotten a lot of playing time this Season
    The Front 4 has disappointed most of the Season
    Graham has ripen out of Gas playing more snaps and didn’t have his legs
    Cox has never gotten started this Season
    B Logan started well and has been MIA since his Injury
    Barwin has fizzled after a decent early start
    V Curry is strictly a 20-25 Snap a Game Rotation Player getting All-Pro $$$
    LB Hicks has been outstanding, Bradham has been very good
    M Kendricks has been MIA for a couple of Seasons now and is a major under achiever..
    The Eagles Front 7 which was supposed to be their Strength has turned out to be overrated, with underwhelming production.. we will see how many of highly paid Players perform down the stretch but Eagles need to get younger, more athletic and better up front..

  2. Super secret news from Patriks special sources!!!Andy Reid called The Dougster last night, With this drawer advice Doug now understands We need to put our players in a better position to win the game.!!!! He did know that before, So sit back, open the beverage of your choice, and enjoy, while, the Eagles run the table. With this new found advice!!

  3. I just don’t see the Eagles winning the SB as long as Lurie is the owner as evidenced by his coach failures. He is the one constant in all the years of futility. Reid was initially successful but .500 after the SB and Lurie kept him around for several years after he clearly was no longer effective. Kelly was a disaster no better represented than by ZERO contributions from #1 picks Smith and Agehlor. Pederson’s play calling is terrible and the stupid penalties show lack of discipline and accountability by him with the players. Maybe instead of focusing on how much energy the Linc gets from renewable sources Lurie should try hiring better pro football staff.

    1. Sad to say, but I tend to agree with you.

      The big criteria that Lurie stressed he wanted after Kelly was a coach that had “emotional intelligence”…..well it would seem that when you are looking to hire a new head football coach to lead your team, wouldn’t you want this person to have a strong “football intelligence”….may strong LEADERSHIP skills….and probably have experience in having lead a team before?

      The fast starts of both Kelly and Pederson fooled us all into thinking that we had an owner who would bring a SB to town. Look at that clown in Dallas, for all that we make jokes about Jerry Jones, they have built a team with a strong foundation that shows that even when you lose your franchise QB you can continue to win because you have strength and depth in the other areas. It literally kills me to have just said that.

      This Eagles team is has a young qb that has shown he should have what it takes to be a leader and give us something to build around…other than that, what else do we have? A strong coach and staff? After now going 2-6 in our last 8 games, we have been exposed as deficient in too many areas to mention. All of our division rivals know it, and know how to exploit it. This is now a longterm rebuilding project, because there is no possible way that we can address all of our needs in a single offseason.

      1. Your dallas point loses a lot of steam– for years Garrett was on the hot seat and seemingly over matched, last year the cowboys lost their QB and didn’t win a game- They have built around an OL, got lucky with a 4th round QB and got a RB– now their coach is 10 times smarter than he was a year ago– funny how that works. The eagles are in year one of building the foundation you speak of– Pederson will be fine, he is fine– the cookie jar was empty — they got their QB, cornerstone of the foundation– now its up to them to build the rest.


    1. lets start with the move most loved, sitting nelson ASSHOLOR. Most were thrilled at this, BUT sitting him meant we were only dressing 4 WR at face value. BUT beyond face value we only dressed 3 WR b/c there wasnt a situation where they were putting Paul Turner out there. J Matt gets hurt and Turner doesnt come in????? Why the hell did you dress him if you arent going to put him out there and give him plays??????????? EMBRRASSING & DUMB & AN EMOTIONAL DECISION. Just dress ASSHOLOR in case of emergency WTF

    2. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME CHALLENGING THAT 2 YARD PLAY. WTF IS THAT ? FOR WHAT????????????? absolutely pathetic and emotional challenge there. Does this guy have a god damn brain???????/

    3. That fake double reverse call EMBARRASSING

    4. Wentz has to be better, that pick was terrible

    5. 4 or 5 straight attempts to hit Sproles in the flat? WTF? against this shit D?????

    This was never about the playoffs for me this year, it was about growth and progress and I come away each week seeing fkning regression

    1. I hope what you are seeing is taking a step back to take two forward.
      Sitting Agholar was not the right thing– however, when a player in the NFL says “its in my head’…yikes that was weak ass!

      1. Noticing a distressing trend that remains muted..since the gun incident flip flop by coach,the suspension,of Agholor with pay..The benching of r.b.matthews after fumbling…his absence of having a grasp of controlling and leading this football team is a results driven imprint..2-6..Now both sides of the ball are coming into question..I ststed earlier that I want to see leadership,accountability ..if neither shows up..this is going to get uglier..

        1. It seems that jeffrey lurie needs be asked why he hired this coach..hes seemingly the teflon it required that we must wait for a state of the team closing diatribe…the 2-6 record heads into holidays…bah humbug

  5. OL Play last Evening

    LG Wisnewski and RT Barbre played Strong Games I thought
    LT Peters faded as Game went on as has been the case the last 2 Seasons where he just gets worn down and starts lunging at defenders and is getting called for more and more Penalties

    2017 Eagles Offensive Line

    LT – L Johnson LG Barbre Center Seumalo RG Brooks RT Vaitai

    Center Kelce struggles in Pass Protection big time
    RG Selamua was up and down but is making progress…

    1. Chimp. You can’t make an evaluation when 3of the 5 on OL are reshuffling the deck chairs on the titanic..What I find even more pushing ,is wether the head coach puts them in a more vulnerable position by not having a balanced attack ..alotof outside forces are at work ,and a learning curve is constantly in flux ,as guards like barbre are slid over to tackle ..the origin of this 2-6spiral. And movingth dominos starts with lame Johnson …guys like Vtai came to show he can play ,so all isn’t bleak ..a few observations game ..the QB took a bit of a whipping for the first time ..while admittedly that’s over the top bothersome ,I got to see the toughness of this qb ..I want so badly to surround him with real complimentary pieces ,and addressing yourOline ..I wish him at the very least a continuity,as Olineworks likea integrated machine when efficient …pluggingholeswith”guys”causes extreme pressure on the others try to brings to question ,why. Sproles is being asked to be the last line of defense on 11.. I love the guy ,but he’s not who I envision stoning a guy breathing down on my ,obviously trumps size…id love a real fullback this next 5games ,a grater and QB protector ,and I’d like commit to run the ball ,no matter how ineffective your defenses playing …I felt coach didn’t trust his defense and got way off the rails. On his game plan..If you by choice remove. Agholor and dress turner,and a wide out who you place as your one goes down the very least insert turner,or here’s an idea ,go big and run the ball…these and two yard challenges are head scratchers ..I’m down with trusting the process ,but…I also don’t drink the kool aid. If its failing my eye test

  6. Pederson is a fool @ play calling and game management. Ratio of pass and run
    worse than old Andy Reid. Stops runing ball and passing to DGB. Defense sucked, no sacks against a poor OLine. No press coverage. Blitrzes so bad my grand mother could see them coming. Barwin is non existent. Cox relies too much on bull rush. I suspect the D Line was held a lot with no calls. Pederson is fucking crazy if he says they are progressing. Yea towards the end of the season. The ownership is responsible for all this incompetent bullshit. The Eagles may go down as the only team never to win a super bowl. Challenging a two yard play is bad enough, but the explanation the following day was fucking insane. We’re the dogs of our division. All three teams especially Dallas have improved. We have gone into the black hole.

    1. We have a winner in the hysteria bowl! Recent events of hysteria: not hiring Gus Bradley, chips first year and our revolutionary new way of doing things, Bradford’s one quarter in preseason, the three and 0 start and now a game with a reshuffled line, rookie qb and rookie HC..

    2. Big E. While there have been head scratcher moments,I dont see the abyss…his opening drive was a sight test,to behold..the head scratch was his reaction to matthews apparent serious ankle injury..its almost as if he panicked and abandoned the home field and put wentz into a desperate vs pass..most veteran coaches stay true to their core beliefs..last night coach folded..not a good game plan that bore a thoughtful attack..and whats worse id say is the lockerrooms his day after explanations..I have to do a better job…wore this fanbase too thin…I have to put my guys in a position to suceed. Look I was vocal weeks ago. Take the play call responsibility off him. Start with less is more and put jis ass in a better position to succeed..hes a first year coach..treat him with patience..but leverage and tighten his reins.

      1. I contend that if we were fans of, followed, were as passionate with any other team we would witness a pretty equal number of head scratchers. Remember when hoodie did that on sides kick last year against us which turned the tide… Anyway, we are what we thoug they were

      2. DE I watch shows with football experts like Seth Joyner, Ike Reese and Barret Brooks They point out the poor decisions as to play calling on offense and pass to run ratio way out of kilter, the poor performance of wide receivers and mistakes by veteran players. They point out the lack of press coverage and QB sacks which was needed badly in the GB game. I remember GB QB mocking the Eagles openly in previous games. I remember myself critizing #91 for taking plays off and being out of shape. He had a good contract year but the big money and lack of other DLine talent has diminished the Eagles. Barwin has lost his muscle tone and is too small and slow to beat the big tackles

  7. Why is he being given the opportunity to call his plays? Did he earn that with kc? Its remotely possible that AR had his finerprints on an offense that had wideouts without a td. Or was that doug? Why was he thrown the keys?

    1. Why is he being an opportunity to call his plays? Um he is the head coach! Why did he get thrown the keys? The man that has the right to hire him made that call.

        1. I’m pretty sure Lurie doesn’t buy into the hysteria. He hired Peterson for sound business and competitive reasons. He had his torrid love affair with chip, call it his mid life crisis. He is now settled back into building his brand using snore stable coach and a young dynamic QB. He will not touch the reins.

  8. Hac. Hysteria ? Is it hair on fire when you begin 3-0 and are 2-6 and coming off not only your first loss at home ,but one in which you were totally toyed with? I’m a fan ,iand a season ticket holder ,and EYP contributor..I’ve put my $$ where my mouth is .Im not asking thatjefflurie replace or disrupt the process ,but,I am asking that he doesn’t curl up into a ball and remain muted ,as an owner and steward of my football team..I want to win ,but ,not at the behest of blind ambition.Im not staring at the abyss ,but it ain’t all smooth sailing ,either ,and I’m asking that every aspect of a 2-6 ( you are what your record says you are) be introspective owner ,coach and all..

    1. It’s hysterical to think that a team that lacks talent, lacks experienced depth in the OL would be anything but 5-6. They went 3 years drafting on,y one OL (who is suspended), a first round WR that is a head case, their best playmaker is 33 year old situational back.

      1. Im in agreement with all youve said..ive advocated a full comrehension of just those factors, advocating taking play calling off his plate..concerns for xs and os is enough for a first year coach,especially with a first year qb…vins take is also something I agree with.We have accomplished in year one of this multiple year plan ,a gargantuan building block in 11..we all understand that pieces will adroitly be put minto place by f.a.and the draft ,and lastly but not minimally signing and rewarding our own…at the price thats mutually beneficial

        1. I think you are over thinking the actual process of play calling at that level. The guy who actually has the mike in the QBs ear is just the end of a very long thought out process. Most of us had them as a 7 to 9 win team which they are on pace for.
          On this offense who would we predict to be on this team in 2018? Wentz, Johnson, ertz, big V, semoela and Smallwood — maybe Matthews. But we are talking 5 guys. Chip decimated this team and I don’t just mean Jackson and McCoy…. Foles plus a two for Bradford, no offensive line drafts, maclin walking…

  9. Everyone calm down.

    Was in the van driving home yesterday and the call from my friends was, “turn on the radio – we want to hear hysterical Philly fan”

    And they got their wish…Pederson is terrible, Schwartz is terrible, Cox is terrible, everyone is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My buddies were laughing. “Tear it up! Everyone sucks! Pederson sucks! He’s in his 10th year – he should never make mistakes! and of course…it’ll be 2 more games before they turn on Wentz too….”

    I think they’re probably right.

    This is going to take 3 YEARS.

    I wish the rebuild had started in 2007 or 2008…but it didn’t. It was band-aid solutions for the past 6 or 7 years. This has started now.

    The game Monday was good. It clearly let everyone know that we aren’t a WR, or a new CB away from a SB. There is a huge amount of work to be done here and it will take years.

    Its a multi-step process and they’ve only completed step 1.

    Year 1 – Get the QB. Done. Everything else this year is gravy. It will take 2 more seasons for him to hit his prime, setting up a 6 or 7 year run when he’s 26 – 32 or 33.

    Yeaqr 2 – More Oline. They’re not good enough. They need to draft a RT with their #1 pick, hope that Johnson gets this suspension business cleared up. They should also draft a G in the 3rd round.

    Year 3 – Dline. Eagles need a legit 12-15 sack guy off the edge. They do not have one. They have good players, but no great ones (despite Cox being paid like a great player. That contract was a mistake…I am not sure why he was always getting so much hype in the first place. He was always good – never great). Anyway, they need a great DE.

    Year 4. Juice a CB. Get this last, because its a position that doesn’t need a lot of NFL “learning”. A shutdown guy can usually come in and compete right way. That’s why the birds should do this last.

    Year 2-4. Hopefully find some solid WRs and TEs in rounds 3 and 4.

    Done. Team hopefully ready to compete from 2018 through 2025.

  10. Phila. must be the #1, the most unplesent enviroment there is for a rookie head coach. A rookie Q,B, as well. And the mad dog like sports writers with a headline column simply printed for purposes to ignite the fan base, Schwartz, I remember reading on this very site,was loved and there was a fear he would not be here too long, Stolen from us as another teams head coach.Cox is degrading into a proverbial bum.Imagine the furor there will be if Wentz throws 2 or 3 ints thru out the remainder of season ! Wentz and his bro must be thinking Bro , lets get the hell out this town before we get skinned and scalped! The only love left in this town is for Dave Fipps.and a touchdown and a couple fumbles by a punt returner will put Fipps in the doghouse , that is becoming a very, very, crowded place to live.

    1. That’s BS. If a head coach listens to fans he takes a seat with them. Critical fans who know absolutely nothing , he cares nothing bout them.
      On PFT today a player was talking about being ranked a top defensive player by PFF, he called bullshit…said there is no way a fan, media etc can judge how well a player plays unless he knows every assignment of every player on every play.

    2. Jaguars fans….I am sure that they will put up with pretty much anything….failure is expected….not in Philly.

      Pederson played here, said that he understood the town and fanbase at his initial press conference…do you think he is suprised after his team goes 2-6 in the last 8 games that there would be some negative comments?

  11. It is a great game. to watch and follow, but I say a very large fan base, are too eager and too much of followers ,and are foolish to get riled up over bold headlines,the philly sports writers dish out.Imagine for a bit if the Eagle management had allowed Cox to walk, Most educated in the game type of fans, knew that Cox, was and is not worth the 100 million contract, however , Howie and Lurie would have been trashed over and over if they had let him walk. GCobb is an unusual site as there are a half dozen guys like you, who who appear to know xs and o,s extremly well . You dozen or so fans are atypical fans , A huge , huge part of philly fan base are , rabid, violent, excessive beer drinkers who respond to bold,ill researched so called facts. A couple writers such as Ray Diddy are intelligent, fair,researched based writers, the rest are like many fans, not much substance to them. Oh there are lots of emotion to the fans but little mental discussions in their head.Sometimes a great owner and G.M. must take a P.R. hit in order to move foward for the good of the team in future years.

    1. first off its not just the philly headlines– week one the cleveland press was busting the browns for trading wentz. And yes many on here were killing the eagles for taking so long to sign cox-
      Again, its not just philly…..

    2. Pretty unfair characterization of our fanbase….full of the tried and true stereotypes. Let me guess Patrik…you are of the millennial generation. Long suffering Eagles fans may lack patience, but in most fanbase that have not won SB’s I would see similar reactions. Listen to older Eagle players talk about this fanbase…Dawkins, Joyner, Vermiel, Carmichael, Jaworski just to name a few. They understand this fanbase, but from your comments it doesn’t look like you wish to be a fellow fan.

    3. Patrik…did you get a chance to see Ray Diddy on the BOB (Breakfast on Broad) show on CSN this morning? If not, try and see if you can find it. He is pretty clear on his opinions of this team and coach. You mentioned him as a reasoned writer, and I agree with you, so you should get an idea of the problems that he sees.

      1. MIssed ,Ray Diddy, but what a prepared football guy, and a true southern style gentleman, I try to catch him on Saturdays, But cant deal with the barrage of commercials. But glad you enjoy him as well..Kinda looks like Seth Joyner respects him as well. Seth still looks as mean as a junkyard dog.

  12. Listened a bit this morning to 97.5 with Cuz, Baldy and Vi talking about Pederson and comparing him to past Eagles HC’s. Good discussion on what it takes to be a good head coach, and how they conduct themselves and command respect from players. Funny stories about Kotite, and how badly that defense disrespected him as the HC. We all remember how Andi set the tone with George Hegiman and the blocking sled, and then cutting him. I think that Pederson may have focused on being liked by his players before he established any respect and discipline. We saw it manifest itself with penalties on the field, no discipline for players off field issues (until the FO suprised Dougie with cutting Huff). Truthfully, the Huff incident actually undermines Pedersons authority because he had come out the day before and indicated that Huff would be playing the following Sunday, and then he is cut the next day. I question how much the locker room respects this coach…sure, they will all give the same old quotes when asked, but actions speak louder than words. This season may be lost for Doug to gain any additional respect from these players, but much as Andy did after his 1st season, he can start getting tougher and more demanding with players in the off season and in camps to set a new tone, otherwise I do not see him lasting long, and certainly do not see him winning many games with this style. Going for it on 4th downs is not the only way that he needs to show he is aggressive with this team. He needs to make players accountable and not expect things to just magically turn around. He needs to be a strong leader, otherwise these guys will go through the motions and continue to cash those big checks.

  13. This division will be very competive and interesting for years to come.

    Been watching football since I could remember, and at age 23(this Saturday) this division will definitely be the most intriguing it has ever been as a whole in my lifetime. And possibly ever?

    Philadelphia is at the beginning stages of its rebuilding process. Every other team has veteran coaching staffs and players on there qb.

    Redskins and Giants have the same qbs and coaches. Cowboys may have a rookie qb and rb but look at the oline and veterans players and coaching staff they were put into.

    Our defense and special teams is the best in the Divison. Can we still add a piece to the defense or two? Yes. Such as a corner and pass rusher. But this defense will be only better in year 2. Do not forget we changed cordinators and schemes. We should be even better just based off familiarity and new pieces Being added.

    We’re coming. We have our boy for the next 15 years. I love Doug Peterson. I love having a ex player in the locker room. He is learning and it has not been all his fault in the losses. A lot has been On the players with drops and fumbles.

    We are only 1 year away from chip Kelly. We all knew this was gonna take time. A 3-0 start over the Browns and bears got everyone so hyped and excited. But it was Unfair.

    Looking at this draft class we have been using everyone! Carson, Isaac, jalen, big v, Smallwood.

    We found our qb, go oline in first round OR corner this year and add a wr in FA. We will be on our way. Especially in year 3-4

    Be excited for Christ sake.

    1. CT….I appreciate that you are only looking at the team through your own perspective, but to tell fans that they need to be excited for a team that just played dreadful at home against a mediocre Packers team…an Eagles team that has gone 2-6 in its last 8 games….what exactly should I be so excited about? We have last years 1st round pick who basically took last game off for a “mental health” break….and I should be excited?

      The NFC East had many years prior to your birth where every team was strong and the division was the toughest in the NFL. Andy Reid got lucky that for most of his tenure the division was relatively weak. You are correct about the strength of this division now, and what looks like the foreseeable future, which only makes it more important that we have a strong and smart head coach to lead this team. The Giants also have a rookie HC this year, and while he was promoted from within the organization, he is learning how to lead his team.

      Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Kelly left this team in a bad position and we may have been fooled by the fast start against terrible teams, there have been a number of mis-steps that have led us to where we are. You cannot tell me that we have followed a plan to get to where we are….the entire off-season was run by Roseman, and while there were positive moves to address a number of Kelly’s mistakes, you must admit that the signing of Bradford and Daniel and then the multiple trades to get Wentz (a move I am completely on board with) to then announce that Wentz is your 3rd string QB and give him less reps in camp…and the surprise trade Bradford a few days before the start of the season and promote what you had listed as your 3rd string QB….come on, does this sound like a team with a solid plan that they execute or one that is reacting to every breeze that blows?

      Look, I bleed green and live and die with the fortunes of this team. Do some including myself probably place too much energy into how this team plays and the day to day operation…you could probably make that argument. But to question why some are not excited about the current status of the team really doesn’t make any sense to me. Like I said above, this is not Jacksonville…a city that barely notices that they have a team…this is a team that has a long and successful history in this city with fans that have been there through great and terrible season alike…but not fans that will quietly sit by and believe that everything is OK when they can see for themselves how this team is performing. Nah, not excited at this point, but no less optimistic that with a strong leader and good plan that our team will be moving in the right direction….and like you indicated, Wentz is that most important building block of a franchise QB, let’s hope that we can build a team around him that can contend and win for many years to come.

      1. The bradford, daniels, wentz plan was solid and took a lot of guts and vision to do. the deal they signed bradford to allowed them to either play him and see if he can be good or trade him and they got more than any of us ever thought possible. The daniels signing was very simple– he is allowed in meeting rooms for extended hours with your franchise qb while asst. coaches are limited to the number of off time they can spend with him. they hired him as back up and coach.
        Look Bellicheat has a winning percentage WITHOUT BRADY of something like .440– yet he is regarded as a brilliant head coach… why wasn’t he brilliant before brady????? We have Wentz, we have a QB friendly coach– excited isn’t the right word…. real optimistic is i think.

        1. Ciggy…plan?

          Do you really think that what ended up happening was planned all along?

          No argument that it took guts and skill to pull the moves to get Wentz….but at that point I question how it was handled. Through lack of communication Bradford went MIA and asked for a trade….then he was named the starter and out 1st rounder regulated to 3rd string……in the end the Bradford trade became dependent on circumstances so that we then got a chance to see Wentz get his experience and start in the league. Guts yes….plan…..I think that is a stretch. Sometimes it is better to be lucky rather then good. In the end I think we were a little lucky in how things turned out.

          1. how it was handled? They had what they and the league saw as INCREDIBLE depth at the most important position in sport… Don’t get caught up in what peterson or howie or lurie SAID TO THE PUBLIC– you guys all believe that they need to be forthright– they absolutely don’t! —
            they put themselves in a position of win win… if thats not a plan???? QB desperate league– they draft who many believe was the best in the draft- have a sneaky good contract with a guy that has an “upside” (not to me) but was in demand… they have a backup that knows the system (a new system) perfectly– and the BEST PART IS…. it worked out.

            1. I think you are being very charitable with that characterization, but no worth in arguing over it because the result is that the Eagles now have a franchise QB…in a QB driven league. A QB that we can build around for the next decade. The results are what matters, just like when it comes to rating Pederson and Roseman….wins matter. Too early to say, but wins are what matters and what they will be judged on.

            2. again, this lack of communication thing… as i stated they owe nothing to the fans– nor bradford– he went MIA– hmmmm thats never happened in pro sports– he threw a hissy fit… BFD!
              I guess you can’t win….. chip gets ripped off in the bradford trade– howie does his best to rectify it… but it was ‘mishandled’?????

              1. Lol….you really believe that this was a deliberate plan set forth by Roseman? From start to finish…last February laid out the plan….sign Bradford to a 2 year front loaded deal, name him the starter, …then sign Daniel to a $7mill backup deal and tell him that he will compete for the job….next set out to move up to the 2nd pick in the draft because you determine that Wentz is the best QB in the draft and future franchise player….after you make these moves your recently signed QB requests a trade and will not talk with his new head coach….draft you franchise QB and delegate him to 3rd string status and talk about him sitting out the whole year to watch and learn….8 days before the season trade Bradford and name Wentz your starter.

                Genius. Pure genius. Just like hiring a new head coach that was so special that no other team in the league was interested in interviewing for open HC jobs.

                Look….Howie has done a ton of work cleaning up much of Kelly’s mess (although I think it may be debatable that some of Kelly’s earlier mistakes were done in conjunction with Roseman) and has made a number of moves that looked very positive from the Birds end….however, in the end, all of these moves are best judged with the luxury of time. To his credit, and his guts, we were in a position when Bridgewater was injured to be able to recoup a 1st round pick, however you should also remember that he was shopping Bradford before and during the draft and ended up being stuck with him. Again, sometimes it is good to be lucky, but if Bridgewater doesn’t get hurt, where would we be right now? Watching Sammy Sleeves do what he does and wondering what we have in Wentz….and you know how patient our fanbase is..that would have worked out great.

              2. “the plan” was get bradford signed with the hope of getting our qb of the future, let him play and develop the qb. sign daniels (why are you so worried about what people ‘say’ what was said)???? also, the money means NOTHING– actually less than nothing– daniels for $7 is for the reason i discussed earlier.
                they fell in love with wentz– made the move to get him and got him– so you watch him develop for a few months, fall even more in love with him– a guy tears a knee and someone wants bradfored–
                you obviously don’t know that all things will fall in place but they put themselves in a great position=– again, you are putting WAAAAAAAAAY too much stock in what is said– its called coaches speak or in other words ‘tell the idiots some bullshit’– NEVER BELIEVE WHAT A COACH SAYS..

              3. It was deliberate absolutely in these ways:
                1. They needed a starting qb for this season
                2. They were drafting a qb to develop
                3. They ended a trusted backup to teach said developmental qb
                4. They needed draft pics to help build the recovery

                As it worked out they got their guy, traded for picks, have a backup to help develop wentz.

              4. ok ciggy, step away from the ledge. This is really not a big deal, you can have your history and I can have mine, but in the end the team is still in the same place today for both of us.

                You seem to be thinking that I am relying on comments instead of stating the way things played out. The only comments referenced were in regards to Bradford being told he was the starter, and him then asking for a trade. Otherwise, pretty much just a listing of events.

              5. And Daniels being told he’s the starter..
                But my point is simple and I guess we got caught in minutia but the eagles had a vision, plan or whatever…and it worked out probably better than expected and you and others kind of made it sound like they were bumbling fools that got lucky and I wholeheartedly disagree. They had some things fall their way but they had it planned so that if things fell..
                Anyway we have a ten-15 year coach QB marriage…. Things will be better soon

              6. By the way, the “communication ” comment was referring to the front office communicating with Bradford, not the fans. My point was that if they had been speaking with him about their plans, chances are that he would not have asked for the trade, at least publicly and dissed the new head coach by not speaking with him.

                The comment was not regarding the team communicating with the fans as you mentioned.

              7. They communicated with Bradturd loud and clear… Loud and clear!!!!…they said $35 M over two years, is that ok? He said yes…. That my friend is all the communication a professional needs
                His his fit is nothing… Hell maybe they communicated “sam, look we just signed you then we fell in love with this other dude. He’s better looking with more upside, your kinda bust, he is young, sexy and gives good….uh, gives good ball fakes….” He heard the communication, threw a jar of peanut butter at howies head and moved in with his mother for a couple of weeks… Big fucking deal.

              8. Maybe this will clarify…. Let’s change “the plan” to “A Plan”… They had A plan to get picks, a qb of the future and a well placed backup ….. They did it….

  14. Dalvin cook first round anyone?

    Get rid of Ryan Matthew, and sproles will likely be gone after next season.
    Head into 2018 with cook, Smallwood, and barner

    1. In my opinion we need to address two areas in the early rounds…OLine and Cornerbacks. Personally I want to see us develope as strong and offensive line as possible, because it will make those other positions a bit easier if you can provide good blocking and protection. Also, in general I am not a fan of running backs in the 1st round….too short of a lifespan and you can get good production from similar later round backs if you have a strong OL.

  15. Early Eagles Mock Draft for 2017 NFL Draft (Version #1)

    1st Round – WR John Ross – Washington (5-11 190lbs) Think of a little bigger & stronger D-Jax… This kid can fly (4.3 – 4.4 Speed) , is ultra-competitive and has great hands while running good routes.. Also can Return Kicks/Punts early on in his Career.. He’s a Playmaker

    2nd Round – OLB Takkarist McKinley – UCLA (6-2 260lbs) Athleticism from the Edge, another good LB from UCLA whose long and lanky but explosive and can Rush the Passer, Play the Run and also drop in Pass-Coverages…

    3rd Round – CB Chidobe Awuzie – Colorado (5-11 200lbs) Strong, Very Physical for a CB with Speed and one of the Best Cover CB’s in the Draft with Nice Ball Skills

    4th Round – (From Browns) – OT Avery Gennsey – Texas A&M (6-5 315lbs)
    another Quality OL from a good College Program.. Good Feet, can Play Left or Right Side (Probably the Right Side at the NFL Level) and could slide inside to play Guard as well …

    4th Round – CB – Brandon Facyson – Virginia Tech (6-1 191lbs) Another physical, well coached DB from the Va Tech Program with length and good Ball Skills..

    5th Round – WR – Amba Etta-Towa – Syracuse (6-1 205lbs) A Solid Route Runner and Leaper with Good Hands & Strength to battle for those 50/50 Balls.. More of a Possession Type of Receiver while 1st ROund Pick John Ross is the Deep/Playmaker…

    1. I assume that you have watched at least two games each of: Washington, UCLA, Colorado, Texas AM, VA tech and Syracuse. And that while watching those games you focused entirely on the above mentioned players. Otherwise its just poop against the wall.

      Or you can go jon hart and say “according to sources (the internet)”

    2. I don’t like this draft Pman. Another OLB turned into edge rusher? No thanks.

      I am not against taking a WR in the first round, but I would rather go T and CB in the first 2 rounds. I don’t think that Ross will still be there when they draft either.

      1. I like McKinley as OLB Nigel Bradham’s Replacement by 2018
        Now McKinley can also put his hand down and Rush the Passer but he’s an OLB.. WR Ross will likely be gone by the 16th Pick so banking on Vikings to continue to lose

        I don’t see the need of Drafting an OT in the first 2-3 Rounds for Lane Johnson will move to LT and Vaitai will be the RT in 2017 with Alan Barbree, Tobin and a Mid-Round Draft Pick being the Back-ups at the Position
        I see a Bigger Need at Center for the Eagles in the Short Term and Depth at Guard.. Brooks, Wisnewski and Issac with Barbree a swing OL is not bad depth moving forward.. maybe switch Issac to Center and Draft another Guard for Depth I could see happening…
        This 2017 NFL Draft is not real Deep at OT with only 3 of them Rated in the Top 50 NFL Prospects so its not a position of Strength this Year ..
        Cam Robinson of Alabama a Top 10 Prospect
        Then it’s Ryan Ramcysk of Wisconsin who is a Mid/Late 1st Rounder and then drops to Roderick Johnson of Fla State who is Rated a mid 2nd Round Prospect are the Top 3 right now …

        I see a real need at LB for the Eagles moving forward with Bradham’s off the field issues and who knows what the future status of M Kendricks is as he continues to an enigma and in DC Schwartz Doghouse.. Eagles need another good young OLB to pair up with Jordan Hicks..

        I like both these CB’s listed above who could come in and compete for playing time right away…. McKelvin, Carroll & Brooks are short-term band-aids and none of them are getting any younger…

        1. Ith ink what you meant to say is that, “someone on the internet likes McKinly because I don’t really watch much football on tv”.
          I think a lot of fans would be surprised at how Kelce grades out by the people who grade him. There has been chatter about him but when I listen closely to more educated analysts etc…. I think he’s doing a bit better than fans think….I could be wrong but that’s the gut

          1. My issues lately with Kelce are 1) his size can become a liability in short yardage and against certain defensive fronts and 2) this year he has had 1-2 bad snaps per game that lead to either a broken play, loss of yardage or fumble.

            I would like to see us draft a quality center as a backup to sit behind Kelce for a year or 2 until he is finished.

  16. I predict the eagles will draft a big physical corner # 1 this year. I will wait for fraud man to read some mock draft sites to tell me which one, as I could care less, nor offer an opinion on any one since I’ve not seen them… But it will be/should be a CB if there is one out there.

    1. Bottom line is that we’re coming. We have been in every single game this season. Not one has been a blow out.

      In order to close games out in the NFL you need experience. Carson is getting plenty of it this season. The kid wasn’t even suppose to start this year. Barely got any first team reps and didn’t play in the preseason.

      Giants promoted within in BEN macadoo. He is a new Hc, but he was there OC for several years. The players knew this man and what to expect. Night and day situation compared to Philly considering we brought in a whole new staff basically with a rookie under center.

      The future is bright. I don’t even see us winning the Divison next year. God only knows what can happen in a year I know, but philly
      Is several years away.

      Find a way to bring in a Wr via free agency. And upgrade the oline and dline in the draft. Could u imagine what this defense would
      Look like If we had one more elite pass rusher and a corner?

      We’re coming ladies in gentlemen.


      1. STFU with trust the process.
        We cannot say we are up and coming because a huge portion of the current roster won’t be around if/when we are serious contenders. An offense: wentz, big V, Johnson and Smallwood are the only guarantees , on defense??? Mills?, cox and?…..
        When AR took over his cupboard was in decent shape, many future eagles HOF and possibly one real HOF players were in place on the defensive side of the ball. We don’t have that

        1. We have a qb and a stud defense that will only get better.

          We found the hardest position to find. Having a damn good qb and oline opens things up.

          It’s called drafting well.

            1. What are you talking about?

              Bennie Logan, Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry,
              Jordan Hicks
              Malcolm and Rodney

              Will all be on this team in 2 years. Maybe take away ONE of them?

              The defense is stud. It just needs a piece here and there.. Corner and pass rusher.

              Add a corner with those safeties and it makes there jobs that much easier. Get another pass rusher and we are in business.

              Vinny Curry has played behind players his whole eagle career. Barwin, Graham, Cole to name a few. He will get his chance when Barwin is gone next year.

              1. Logan is my favorite eagle DL…he will command $35-45 guarantee … So you think $150 guarantee for DT??? I don’t SEe it. Jenkins turns 29 In a few days….. Hmmmm …suspicious age. Graham 29 in the spring….
                This is far from a stud defense or did you not watch the last couple of games.
                How are we gonna get him help if you lock up Logan for example and pay $150 for two DT…no an optimist but your plan isn’t their plan

              2. Dude….

                Brandon Graham has never had more 6.5 sacks in 7 seasons. His sack totals? 3, 0, 5.5, 3, 5.5, 6.5, and 5 this year.

                Vinnie Currie had one aberration with 9 sacks 3 seasons ago…his other seasons? 0, 4, 3.5 and 1.5 this year.

                Barwin has been the most productive. 5, 14.5, 7 and 4 with the Birds. DO you see him getting 14 ever again??

                Cox got a nice 9.5 in his contract year (and when have we seen this before??). His other seasons? 5.5, 3, 4,and 4.

                The D line is filled with “nice” players. I am not really down on them because I know what they are….they are quality NFL starters. But they’re not studs. They’re not guys you can hang your hats on to make that big play when its 3rd down on their own 40 up by 3.

                They’re just guys.

    2. I would love a long physical corner With the top pick.

      But I’m really hoping for a top LB with our first rounder or Olinemen.

  17. I do not see Bennie leaving next year. Howie redid alot of deals to save money. He will find a way to get it done especially when it will not be a Fletcher Cox type of deal.

    People hating on fletcher Cox!! HAHA.. Just wait. The man is only 25? 26?

    Will only get better. Along with Schwartz and this scheme. Give this team another offseason together or 2 and shit is going to get real!

    Can howie draft well? That is the only determining, simple factor that will make this team

    I just do not see us doing to Carson wentz, what INDY has done to Andrew Luck! We will get this man help. Via draft and a free agent here or there.

  18. On another note. Anyone else seeing this D getting killed on mis-direction???

    They are one over-pursuing bunch. And they are getting crushed by mis-direction,

    QB runs around the backside (GB/Dallas), and on mis-direction trick plays (Seattle/Dall)

    1. Yeah I did see my boy Sammy sleeves doing what he could tonight.

      Man was Dancin thru traffic and delivering darts on that final drive and drove the field.

      Man has no running game or oline. Has had 3 different players start at both tackle positions.

      Crazy. Hopefully they get healthy next year along with AP and Khalil and Sam can finally show what he has at age 29 going into 30.

      Sam Bradford will have a night and day career in his 30s then his 20s

        1. Watch the games..guys on this defense are not getting it done..the pass rush scheme of the vaunted wide 9 ,either doesnt fit the personnel or vice a versa..Either way theyre not disruptive up front.What they do is sell out ,undisciplined and go upfield hell bent,allowing wilsons and one legged rodgers to scamper…the missing kendricks? What about him? Sam ,showed me some toughness,but with his noodle physical tools and arm hes only going to morph into a lazy boy and count his $$

          1. DE, I still think the DL is the strength and the corners are the weakness– rodgers truly exposed that and here is how– there was a report that rodgers held the ball on average 2.49 seconds per throw– what that means is that on many of those throws it was less than 2 seconds– catch the snap and throw– basically a handoff to a WR — nullifying the DL– then when he did hold for a deeper throw we are off balance- i do agree that the DL isn’t what was projected- I heard Jon Ritchie on WIP saying that they need to do something schematically to get the double off of cox– put the ML in an A gap to force the offense to call off the double– I don’t know enough about their scheme to comment– but to me the corners are the ones exposed in this whole thing.

            1. Hac. Ray diddy. Who Im respectful of,has spoken recently that both corners are inadequate..eric rowe who starts for bellicheat ,in my estimation was a promising corner,however ,schwartz didnt …we have holes in the CT stud home we had been stud like averaging 9pts.per ,before mondays hopeful abberation.The one thing I know we all agree upon,is,were not good enough on the offensive side ,with O line ,being a stop gap (next man up) ,and assholors one flew over the cuckoos nest resypit and coaches quizical compensation play calls ,that if our defense is porous ..were a vulnerable bunch..special team’s and defensive prowess takes pressure off the coach and his offensive rationale…

              1. agreed– All NFL coaches besides chip kelly look for a defensive (and offensive) vulnerability and try to exploit it, game plan for it. Clearly, the packers saw the corners as the eagles achilles heel and even if their pass rush is a nominal strength then you would play to the weakness and away from the strength.
                As I’ve stated before Pedersons play calling I think has been good, game planning good with some normal hiccups in there– i think all play callers/planners have hiccups.
                One day I will tell you about a clinic I went to where Andy Tally (villanova) diagramed the perfect defense, one that would stop every play the offense ran! It is the single reason why I am rarely critical of the coach’s play calling.

              2. Hac. If you could inject your thoughts…how much does playcalling react to the defensive vulnerabilities of your own team,and how rhat adds to the possible meandering away from your conviction

              3. solid teams with good offensive players— very little.
                In the eagles case they don’t want to get in a shoot out– they perfectly game planned the falcons–In the packers game the pack perfectly game planned the eagles- they are the ones that played keep away– someone said that before the final minutes the eagles only had 6 possessions (i didn’t check that)–
                the pack controlled the clock, then were explosive when they needed to be–
                I re-watched the game (without vomitting) and I think this is a tip your hat to a pretty damn good coach/qb combination–
                as for getting away from your convictions…. take the atlanta game, we knew what the eagles convictions were– run, keep away, play with a lead and keep at it– well if they had fumbled on the first series, atl went down and scored a TD, then had a 3 and out punted and atl drove the ball scored– down 14-0 you may be forced to abandon the run simply to make the game longer, increase your chances– my thoughts anyway.

              4. Hac. What your description depicts,is the games allure,to me as an astutte observor sin e ya tittle. …the game within the game..separately but equally measured by a coach and his sraff.We know they break down tendencies and trust in there collaboration as a staff ,and feed that to there team ,as,the gameplan.what was bothersome to me and im certain many others,is when coach masterfully executed an immediate response in the first series to Rodgers ,equal to the task..what was rhe gameplan,after that success?dinks and donks and screens..sproles as the last walk of defense as a blocker? Cmon dress turner snd your one goes down and he doesnt snoff the huddle?if you had no intent to use him,when next man up shows up in a game wtf is he dressed for..dress assholor hes getting a check..this is what to me is a flaw in pederson.His handling of guys to garner there respect is open for improvement..his gaffes as a rookie are fine..just dont repeat your transgression.otherwise a scratching of monday occurr

              5. Turner played 23 plays but the eagles never got to him– why- many factors, pass rush and out of rhythm mostly. so again, to study those plays, situations and knowing the inside of it.

                When i was a young coach (JV) I called a sweep in a critical situation that lost 5– my dad from the stands blasted me- we went to dinner after and he’s still blasting me, I say dad “I had ’em 2nd and 15, right where I wanted them oh and by the way… I RAN THE EXACT SAME PLAY ON THE NEXT SERIES FOR A 35 YD TD” he says, “well that was a great call”– point is there is a lot that goes into it, lots of unseen stuff and i’ve said if the O;s do their thing then its a TD

  19. Eric Rowe starts for MR.B.?Wow this \type of pickups by Mr B. and others is all too familiar,This is the part of football that is so very fascinating, as why does it happen so often?Pure coaching, better players around, a different scheme?A bit of desperation on the players part?One of mysterys to me I guess…

  20. alright desert here is my Andy Talley story:
    at least 20 years ago went to a defensive clinic at Nova, title, “stopping the delaware wing-t”– most delaware HS ran it so we went to get tips– AT puts up a slide with the perfect D to stop a certain play, all X’s and O’s drawn- he explains it shows the play going for nominal gain or loss– does it with about 4-5 different plays and says ‘see we can now guarantee beating our rival UD’– puts a slide back up and describes the D as his innovative 4-4-4– 4 DL, 4 LB and 4 DB’s— nobody picked it up– he had 12 O’s to 11 X’s– then says “every offensive play if executed goes to the house or a big gain’, ‘every defensive set stops plays before they start’– anyway that is one of the main reasons that i’m hardly ever critical of play calling–

    1. This highlights the importance of having a smart and experienced QB to be able to recognize the defense, even when they mask what they are trying to do, and make adjustments at the line and post-snap. It also shows the value of having playmakers at skill positions that can overcome scheme….on both sides of the ball.

        1. Talent trumps all…especially when you know both interior lines are with skilled coachablr talent wins you games…interesting stuff. My biggest challenge is consistency…even last night dallas imploded on the road ..but..88 consistently makes,a big play..theres a razor thin margin in the a clean game and you maximize your ws…make mistakes and overcome them..makes for contenders..hac and green..I think eeve all seen a ton of football.and its always great to expand our appreciation,of the always coming to the business model of the intrigued me..hac your coach /dad stuff is priceless..

          1. Oh I have a ton of dad stories and my coaching– he was a typical eagles fan (any city fan) that cheered or booed based on the RESULT of the play–

            as for the results of an NFL game– also you saw last night that the missed calls from a ref are crucial — usually I like to say bad calls go about 50/50 but the big drive extenders or drive killers like a blow to the qb head are the worst.

              1. He, songs and Sherrel run the Mike Vick museum / party center in Chesapeake VA.

                Kool collects the tickets and songs cleans the bathroom….Sherrel gives guided tours.

                Marcus schedules parties and DJ’s.

  21. LOL

    Just read my first “Eagles interested in Desean Jackson” “article”.

    “According to sources” it said. Of course it did. I wonder if Jon Hart has heard the same thing.

    Eagles media is a joke with one job and one job only – inflame the fanbase. Other teams never have to deal with this kind of insane BS.

    On a side note…why the hell would the Eagles re-sign a one trick, quitting mini-man whose stats have been declining for 3 years.

    1. Chimp said it succinctly “because they have no easier alternative” guessing the l ask of gang involvement and “character” issues and his desire to take plays off and block ,is easy to digestive systems of chimps in Boone

    2. Vin, no matter what you think of DJax he would come in as the best ball catcher and route runner on this team as it currently stands. I would love for the Eagles to pursue current Browns receiver Terrelle Pryor but there is no guarantee he’ll not re-sign with them (Browns) or command a ton of money in FA. I don’t think Jackson would be viewed as the long term solution to this team’s receiving woes, but certainly a bridge/piece to help Wentz in the short term. Seriously, who else or what else would you do? AC Greene’s and Julio Jones’ don’t grow on trees.
      Once again, he’d automatically be the best receiver on the team as a 30 year old mini-man whose stats have been declining for 3 what does that say about the current crop of Eagles wide outs?
      Today we will get a healthy dose of Agholor because JMatt is out. We will see what he does..then compare Agholor’s skills and ability against Jackson’s.
      It’s easy to knock and complain, but come with a solution or two while doing it.

    3. The philly media imo the is worst in the nation.Very few are print or read or ear worthy, They are simply an extension of the silly, giggling,schoolboy type of sports,people this town have gleefully accepted .Mostly headline drivel for children. I,m still for the inevitable bold print !! OUR saviour at Q.B.has came and Wentz, That will be phila writers at their best. Mere cheap drivel and slop!!

      1. Does this look like a replay of last weeks pitch and catch defense..why can’t we learn ,and start jamming receivers ,instead ,they run ,in open space ,waiting for a defender to close on them a.

  22. There is talk of Saints receiver Brandin Cooks who Chip Kelly allegedly coveted but the Saint’s snatched him a couple of picks prior to the Eagles selection in the draft. Allegedly, Cooks’ role in N.O. is diminishing and he is vocally not happy about it and has tweeted about perhaps another team could use him. I’d give a 4 up, possibly a third, but that’s it. I can hear it now though, some in the Eagles fan base would complain about Cooks wanting the ball more.

  23. Congrats to the Cherry and the White for demolishing Navy..go OWLS!
    Further, congrats to the Penn State Nitany Lions for winning the Big 10 championship. Great team game and coaching effort by Coach Franklin who has been maligned in the media, PS fan base and boosters. The best way to shut people up is to win! Now they’re all choking on crow.

    1. Yes EHL, two good games to watch. I was a bit suprised the way that Temple was able to handle Navy, but the early injuries may have had something to do with it. Temple QB Walker was really a great player, he will be missed when he graduates. Regardless, a great championship for the Temlple Owls.

      What a crazy PSU game, but it is very true that this is a second half team. Wisconsin could not match up with any of the PSU recievers and once they were able to give McSorely just a little time, he made them pay over and over again. Great game to watch….no watch they get screwed out of a spot in the playoffs. Regardless, just like above, a great championship for this team and players. They only have (4) starters graduating, and with the injured linemen coming back, I look for the Lions to be roaring next year also.

      1. Green, they were definitely good games. On player OT Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin) who I’ve been high on was beat badly on a repeated basis yesterday by PS pass rushers. He did not have a good game at all.
        Overall though I’m proud of the Temple Owls. When I went to Temple the team was a joke…they have come very far under Mat Rhules leadership.
        I have never been a Penn State fan but I am a fan of James Franklin so I have been rooting for the Nits. They deserve a playoff game.

  24. This again..a very uninspired effort,a huge road defensive liability and receivers who.cant catch…its a repeat of the games on the road,where dare I say,were the very worst in the n.f.l…..carroll is absolutely garbage

  25. This team is hard to watch. They commit one penalty after another and they cannot defend the pass. That must be why they think our receivers are good they practice against our shitty d backs so they look good all week in practice

      1. They are a penalty machine and Wentz is looking awful today. But Doug will continue to call pass plays and ignore the run. They are in shotgun 95 % of time no play Action respect at all

  26. Oh stop Carson Wentz looks like Drew Stanton right now. It aint the receivers or the oline. He doesnt get a life long pass. A guy is open he has to make the throw.

      1. E0S…you were right about Vinny Curry..not good enough
        GMCliff was right about Barwin..not good enough
        Gotta question giving Cox that money now as it’s not paying dividends.

        Somebody needs to be cut to send a message…this is a joke

  27. This team has quit now! The good news is you could have a great Christmas if you bet against them every week and we will have that last place schedule next year woo hoo

  28. I’m a Wentz guy but he’s playing horrible now…have to be honest about that.

    The defense is god awful…the entire d line and d backs. There is 0 effort on their part. This team has quit!

    1. I’m a Wentz guy too maybe he hit the rookie wall but just like other guys who come here he is not getting better he is regressing and that again is coaching. I really hope it is the rookie wall but this team lacks the fundamentals

  29. I’m done wasting my Sunday. This team has quit. Anemic on offense and the defense absolutely quit. When your getting shredded by the likes of some guys named Burkholdt, LaFell and 30th round rookie Boyd, you have quit and should be ashamed of yourself. Im OK with losing and improving, but that is not this. These guys continue to accumulate the same penalties week after week and now I’m not even seeing effort. Bums.

  30. Ladies and germs, relax, remember our slogan …. The Eagles savoiur at Q.B. has come and has also Wentz.After my comedic brilliance it just might be time to quit my day job. Now take our coaching staff !! Please!!! And our front office . somebody please!!!!!

  31. Wentz with 60 pass attempts today. Not the recipe to winning with a rookie qb. Especially against a team whose defense was known to have trouble stopping the run. Doug…WTF?
    Nice to see Paul Turner…a receiver that can catch.
    Wentz has to be more accurate and stop sailing passes. And please stop throwing into double coverage to receivers that can not make plays against single coverage. Next year Wentz will be either really good or bad. I do not see him being rattled to the point that he will be broken.

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