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Thoughts From Eagles-Bengals

Dec 4, 2016; Cincinnati, OH, USA;  Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) warms up before a game with the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles Embarrassed In Humiliating Loss

The Eagles picked up a couple of garbage time touchdowns in the second half, and the Bengals did what bad teams do and made some horrendously silly calls that provided some false hope, but make no mistake, Doug Pederson’s Philadelphia Eagles were never in this game.

Doug Pederson looks absolutely clueless these days. He continues to call an exceptionally poor game, and his his players just don’t look ready to play every week. Carson Wentz has stopped making strides in his development. He’s been indecisive, and a lot of his throws have been off. His accuracy is gone. His mechanics are off. His worst moment came missing a wide open Dorial-Green Beckham in the second half that killed one of the team’s drives.

And the head coach is doing nothing to help his young quarterback.

The Bengals came into the game ranked near the bottom of the league against the run, and the Eagles didn’t stick to the run. Wendell Smallwood received just eight touches on the day.

And it doesn’t get much better on the other side of the ball.

Jim Schwartz Has Been Terrible

At the end of the first half, it looked as though the Eagles had already quit and given up.

Cincinnati’s march over 90 yards down the field with just over two minutes remaining in the game was a pathetic showing by Jim Schwartz and the Eagles’ defense.

The Birds’ defense offered absolutely no resistance, allowing Andy Dalton and his depleted group of receivers to move the ball at will, resulting in a touchdown to put the Bengals up 19-0.

A performance like the one the defense had on Monday night against a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback in Aaron Rodgers and his potent offense is forgivable. But an effort against the 3-7-1 Bengals, with a mistake-prone quarterback in Dalton missing his elite wide receiver in A.J. Green? There’s just excuse for the defense to perform at such a woeful level.

The Eagles didn’t earn a defensive stop until the second half after they were already down by four scores. The game was well out of hand when moronic Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis did all he could to blow his lead by running inexperienced Rex Burkhead or calling pass plays for his offensive lineman.

But when the game mattered, Andy Dalton just picked this defense apart. The defensive line once again failed to generate a sack. The already suspect secondary suffered even more because of it. And much like Pederson, Schwartz appears to have no answers.

What’s even worse about this situation is that the defense has been healthy for most of the season. With the exception of Leodis McKelvin’s ever-nagging hamstring, and Ron Brooks’ season-ending injury, Schwartz has had his best players available all season. There’s no reason this defense should be this bad, this inept, this ineffective.

Quick Thoughts


  • I’ve been among the crowd that has been kicking and screaming for Paul Turner to get an opportunity ever since his preseason success. Turner finally got some looks today, and led the team with six catches for 60 yards. Turner had a 41-yard catch-and-run early in the third quarter that gave the Eagles a scoring opportunity in Bengal territory.
  • I don’t know what Turner is at the NFL level, but given the quality of receivers on this roster, its ridiculous that its taken until this point of the season for him to get a shot.
  • Trey Burton had nice game with five grabs for 53 yards, and was consistently a target for Wentz on third down.
  • Zach Ertz piled up the garbage time stats with nine receptions for 79 yards and a touchdown.


  • One of the biggest goats in this game has got to be Jaylen Watkins. Watkins had two more horrendous moments that hurt the team this week.
  • The first came on Cincinnati’s opening drive, where Watkins dropped an easy interception that would have wiped the Bengals’ first field goal off of the board. A play like that early in the game is potentially momentum changing, and Watkins was unable to make it.
  • Later in the game, Watkins delivered a silly helmet-to-helmet hit on Rex Burkhead on a third down that would have ended a drive. Burkhead was already wrapped up on the play, and Watkins delivered an obvious blow to the head that drew the flag. Cincinnati would end up scoring a touchdown on the drive.
  • So at the end of the day, Watkins cost the Eagles 10 points.
  • Unbelievable that this defense was unable to come up with a sack again.
  • Nigel Bradham committed two silly penalties of his own that contributed to Cincinnati scoring drives, but he did make a nice play to cause a fumble in the second half and at least give the team a shot.

Special Teams

  • Caleb Sturgis missed his only field goal attempt.

Final Thoughts

Today’s loss was disturbing on a number of levels.

For the first time all year, the Eagles looked like they quit and stopped fighting. The defense just looked so lifeless on the two touchdown drives at the end of the first half and the start of the third quarter. This shouldn’t happen.

Following this loss to a pitiful 4-7-1 Bengal team with a lame-duck head coach and a number of key guys injured, its hard to look at Doug Pederson and feel good about what he’s doing and the direction he’s taking this team in as the head coach.

Confidence in Jim Schwartz as a defensive coordinator is at an all-time low, given his inability to have his unit prepared and somewhat effective.

Worst of all, doubt is starting to creep up about Carson Wentz. By no means is anyone writing him off, but even though the coaching has been terrible and the skill positions have been a disaster, plain and simple he just hasn’t shown much since September.

The Eagles may not win another game this season.

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  1. Kotitean..where or who is the leadership of this team?who if anyone can look a guy in the eye and call him out…crickets…

  2. How many other teams talked to Pederson about their HC position? Exactly zero and for good reason. Lurie thought he was getting Reid 2.0 but instead has Pederson 1.0. I say pull the plug now….no excuse for this team not ready to play at kick-off like they have been lately…1st year HC or not Pederson looks and sounds flat-out clueless…don’t keep making the same mistake Lurie always makes by keeping coaches around too long….will different players make any difference? Will Pederson run the ball with better RB and OL? I just don’t see it. Hate to be a pessimist but as a 30 year plus season ticket holder I am flat out tired of the same incompetent management from Lurie. But I am the fool not him as I keep buying my tickets and he turned a $165M investment into over $1B…well done with a mostly poor product….

  3. Jack Nichlaus once said “ametuer golfers biggest mistake is getting mad at every bad shot. If you are a 10 handicap you aren’t allowed to get made until your 11th bad shot because your a 10, you are allowed to miss 10…”. The eagles are a 7 win team…. No reaction until they can’t win 7.

  4. Shady is an ass but he can play

  5. Ok. Horrible.

    I watched the game late as my son had hockey as usual.

    Couple things to say:

    3rd and 9 first down
    3rd and 8 first down
    3rd and 13 first down AND 15 yards roughing
    3rd and 7 first down (this with 1:55 left in half and if a stop Eagles get the ball at midfield)
    3rd and 2 first down
    3rd and 10 first down
    3rd and 10 first down AND 15 yards horse collar.

    I meannn….I’ll get to other fuck ups later….but that above is beyond pathetic.

  6. 5 false starts….in the first half.

    5 false starts.

  7. Why does a ‘high’ ball go right through a jumping DGBs hands and, well…oh well…he had to jump and that’s kinda hard and all that…..

    Meanwhile some unknown named Cody Carr turns our dbinside out, twists around, fights off the hand checks and makes an insanely difficult catch over his shoulder.

    Our wrs have to jump sometimes….that’s too hard you know.

  8. A lot of work to do. 3 yr rebuild.

    • The Worse thing for Coach Pederson & the Wentz Era was Starting the 2016 Season 3-0.. where way too many Fans, Local Media placed over-expectations on a Team that simply has below average at the Skills Positions and a Brand New Coaching Staff who are still trying to place the pieces and working together Down.. Special Teams has been consistent due to ST Coach David Fipp and many of the same Players have been working together for a few years now.. A Rookie HC, a Rookie QB who only played 25 Games at the Division II Level in College and a Defense that is filled with very highly paid Defensive Players who simply are not getting it done and seem to have packed it in already… Curry, Barwin, Kendricks & Cox just haven’t gotten it done… The entire CB Corps are basically made up of Back-Up Quality NFL Talent (Carrol, McKelvin, Brooks) would be “Nickle” Backs on 3/4 of NFL Teams
      The WR Corps is the worst, least productive in the NFL, as I stated back in August and it has proven out.. they scare absolutely no NFL Defense or opposing DC.. the Eagles have become very predictable and easy to defend.. Stack the Box to prevent the Run and press-cover the weak WR’s and make a Rookie QB try to beat you.. Let Wentz have all the 5-6-7 Yard Slants he wants and then Punish the Receivers after they catch the ball and that’s even if they do catch it… CB’s cover Eagle WR’s 1 on 1, outside the numbers, which allows the Safety’s to play Centerfield and follow Wentz eyes and make the Easy Int’s on anything down the middle and take those seam routes to the TE’s which worked early in the Season

      Moving Forward during the Off-Season, I attempt to Trade or even Release any Player over the Age of 30 Years Old that’s is no longer Producing .. Players like Brett Celek, Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, Ryan Matthews, Connor Barwin, Michael Kendricks and try to get as many Draft Picks as possible even if it’s 6th or 7th Round Picks for 2017 or even the 2018 Draft
      The Eagles Found some promising Players in 2016 Draft in Wentz, Smallwood, Issac, Vaitai and even Mills who I think should be converted to Safety to be groomed to replace Malcolm Jenkins in the future with and then they have the injured DE McAllister and LB Who they were high on…
      It will take another 10-12-14 Solid Draft Picks/Players over the next 2 Drafts to begin to gel with the Young Core Players in Place so that they can start playing together for a couple years to learn how to Win… This Rebuild Plan is a solid 3 Years in the making.. Is the Ownership/Front Office willing to accept this and sell this to the Fans… Probably Not…and next Year I will probably be posting a similar Post …
      The Band-Aid Approach was used for both the WR & CB Positions this past Off-Season with lousy results at probably the most impactful Positions in Terms of “Big Plays Made or Big Plays not Made or Big Plays Given Up”
      The Eagles must Address the Skills Positions in the next 2-3 Drafts as well as OL/Pass Rushers if they want any chance competing for the Post-Season…
      Can GM Howie Roseman make these difficult Decisions with his chances and time beginning to run out? Can Coach Pederson & Staff improve the level of Play of the Veteran Players already under Contract? Can they improve the Young Players as they mature into 2nd,3rd & 4th Year Players?
      Cowboys are awful Young and will be the Class of the NFC East over the next few Seasons, How do you build a Team to Defeat the Cowboys and the Seahawks …

      With the Eagles basically out off the Playoff Race for 2016,it will be interesting to see how they perform these last 4 Games of the Season against Physical Teams and basically be “Home” for the rest of the Season with only having a Road Game 2 hours away by Bus Down in Baltimore..How will the Young Players and New HC handle all the negativity and criticism from the Fans/Local/Social Media that surely will be coming their way after an impressive 3-0 Surprise Start to their Season…
      We will see what players are committed and working hard to improve and to build on for the future and what Players who have cashed in their Card already and looking towards the Holidays/Off-Season…

      • Why do people keep saying that Wentz played at Division II level? Do they not understand the whole FCS and Divison I distinction? Is it really that difficult, or are they intentionally saying Division II as an slight towards Wentz? I figure either an idiot or an asshole, you pick.

        • Division II became the FCS, in which there is less talented Players so it’s the same damn difference.. those lazy Passes across the middle that Wentz may have gotten away with or maybe hit the turf while playing against FSC Competition (Formerly Div II) now get picked off in the NFL.. Wentz has not played this many Weeks in a Row in 2 Years and its showing over the last month..

          • Wrong again. It was formally 1-AA. Division II schools have not changed.

            Again, your attempt to demean Wentz with the characterization failed.

            Other QB’s who came from the same division, Joe Flacco, Phil Simms, Rich Gannon, Steve McNair are just ones off of the top of my head. I am sure you can use your source…I mean the internet…to come up with a few more. While you are at it, why don’t you research the classifications for the NCAA for football?

            • The best thing Eagles fans can do is show a little patience for Wentz and Doug, I see some folks are already , calling for Doug to be fired .Fans should temper their expectations .They would probably enjoy the season more.Wild , thoughtless expectations, based on what a writer or someone else in fandom says is about as far from reality as fans can get,The highs may not be as good , but then were be no need to wait till midweek to face what happened on the previous gameday,

              • Patrik. That pom pom approach is fine ,IF,you see important progression..dont look at it with a mantra of patience,solely..I sense ,otherwise.The franchise qb is tantamount to the next shoe dropping by my calculation..not in doug we trust. That’s b.s

      • I’m too old for this !

        • I too am too old for this drama …I was openly criticized last year for jumping early on ,the Hate Sam I am ,wagon ,and then proposing a trade to move up to get a perceived franchise QB …I also wrote about the coupe de tat on New Year’s Eve of chip designating howie to jock counter ..I then was pronouncing the firing and labeled Chipnochio a fraud ..I’m not trying to say ,I’m prescient ,but rather ,a grizzled veteran ,of the sports franchises in philly.Now from a perspective where the “noise”is muted by being3000 miles away ,I come at things from a different perspective.I am as pissed off as I have been in a while with the owner ..This crap all lies at his gold standard feet ..Braman was a cheap car salesman ,Jeffrey’s a silver spooned mommas boy ..I’m calling for a new approach with a new vision…I hope we aren’t diverted by hating on a rookie coach when the pervasive corrosion sits on the throne

          • It stings like a cheap after shave as well,. When you look at the long term rebuilding process Jerry Jones has accomplished.And with a 4 th round to acquire Dak Prescott.Even the cubbies have finallly did it. And we are waiting hoping and pretending it will be next year,

            • Jerry got lucky with that 4th round pick. I doubt that Prescott would look like such a sure thing if he had landed in Cleveland….which passed on him at least four times in the draft. Romo was healthy at the time, they had no plans on him playing for a few years. The other pieces around Prescott have just as much to do with his success as his own play. Don’t take this as a swipe at Dak, the kid has done everything asked of him and won on the biggest stage, but it isn’t like when Manning went to the Colts or Aikman went to the Cowboys. With the addition of Zeke to the OL and defense, this Cowboys team was a very good situation for the rookie QB.

              • You are right on about the surrounding cast of the cowboys ,Prescott fell into the right organization at the perfect time.This is sad for me to watch.. The slighest edge of a bit of mistrust seem to be niggling in Carsons mind about his mentoring. It may turn to a full blown level of mistrust between Doug and Carson,Wentz strikes me as a very, very tough, smart hardworking guy. Im pulling for Doug but it is not looking great, way too soon to judge Doug Though however……

  9. A couple of Quasi.. Quotes from Riche the K after a bad bad loss”I;ll say one thing we didn’t leave anything on the field” Here’ s my fav. after his Jets climbed to 1 and 8 ” Ok men we are still in this thing: ” Many players were caught that day holding their sides in obvious laughter”

  10. Its been reported that the Rams have extended Jeff Fischer.


    At least we’re not them!

  11. Damn fellas. I’m really sad. Football is over .

    All I got now is the sixers.

    For the record u do NOT fire Doug Peterson. Would be our 5th different HC to coach a game for us in 5 yearsz

    That’s how u become the Browns. 3 years mininum just like with chip

    • It’s brutal watching this team both offensively and defensively, but we have to wait and see what happens when the talent is better on both sides of the ball. Plus I want and need to see Pederson grow next year in terms of coaching. I do think he should give u play calling and focus on coaching. 2 more years to see this thing thru.

  12. Doug must go doug must go doug must go doug must go

  13. 60 passes in a single game. WTF

    IMO, this was probably Wentz’s worst game, but how can you really say that given that he was asked to throw the ball 60 times to this group of receivers? I saw passes that missed, but Pederson is not doing his young QB any favors by playing this way.

  14. wentz wil be fine– we got behind early, became one dimensional and when that happens in the nfl it snow balls– if you watch the nfl when a team is up two scores the game changes no matter who you are- its part of the reason that ratings are down IMO– look at the games yesterday that became non-competitive….

  15. Why all the penalties? Are we on schedule to set a record for false starts?

    • Youd have to be living under a rock or impounded at the boone zoo,not to grasp the situation pertaining to this teams a very harsh critic of the coach,ive flipped on him ,several times to be candid.Yesterday going into a game in which the bungals,led by (thats an oxymoron) marv lewis,were ranked 28th vs the run..we were down matthews at runningback and matthew at wide threw 60x ,thats irrefutable..Two observations,if he remains true to his study of tendencies ,he keeps running the ball..second he keeps his defense on the running the ball.Given we let Dalton complete 70per cent of his passes,keeping his defense off the field ,was more effective than his offensive passing artack,in trying to close the gap ,and compete to win the game…my worst nightmares..shwartz has morphed into billy davis..the wide 9 is garbage,the front 4 isnt the fearsome foursome and physicality vs third and fourth string receivers was invisible..the defensive players are stealing $$..the offensive game plan defied football logic…our owner is helen keller…perhaps we wanted so longingly ,to bring back Andy Reid 2.0,after being shafted by chipnochio..I get that..but instead we have a staff that seemingly,has lost the games,locerroom and fanbase..Ive actually bailed on my teams game and spent time shopping after 3 devout…thats a trend and tendencies,jeffrey better ,read the brail..

      • Deserteagle I dont do pom pom either, I felt at the start of season the Birds would be in a good direction if they won 6,7, 8. games . Too many fans have wild , over top schoolboy expectations,So I temper back my judgement for at least a season or two.Way too many fans went so far over the top when Wentz came out firing on all cylinders,Now the team is leaking oil and fans get crazy with ideas that will never happen.Greenfan made a great point why the hell is Sproles playing with bad rib?The reason is probably because h.c. are tremendous pressure to win as many as possible , that A proven winner as sproles is expendable.

      • LMAO desert… hit a lot, but unfortunately there are a lot of problems with this team.

        Given the quick 3-0 start, followed up by a number of games that were very competitive and we are now in a situation where we are not good in any aspect of the game. We are getting crushed in the trenches on defense, we could not get off the field on 3rd down. Our offense is undisciplined and full of penalties, our gameplan and play calling is not producing.

        I have not gotten on Cox to this point, but we are in a situation where we have so much invested in this player and we are not getting shit for production out of him. He needs to be the most dominate player on our defense and make teams gameplan just to stop him….at this point of the season he has been less than the star that he is being paid.

        I am not yet ready to throw in the towel on Pederson, only because it is less than a year into his tenure…however at this point, it is getting harder to see where his players are respecting him. His leadership has not motivated this team to win or even fear him enough to cut down on the penalties. Is Pederson over his head? Was he ill-equipped to be a head coach…lacking in experience? We are now forced to find out while the season ends. These final games will tell us a lot…will these players quit on him or will they plan for their jobs and give us something to build on and look forward to? At this point it isn’t looking good, but I will hold off until we see how this season plays out. ….but like I said last week, our owner said that he hired Pederson because of his “emotional intelligence”, and I stated it would have been smarter to hire a coach on his football and leadership intelligence. We are now stuck with what we have, and can only evaluate him on what happens , but really don’t have many choices because they cannot fire him after only one year. It is a terrible situation if we see that the direction is down, but doubt they will make a move anytime soon.

  16. You know what I don’t ge?

    Well, aside from 5 false starts in the first half, allowing Cinci to score on 5 straight drives and:
    3rd and 9 first down
    3rd and 8 first down
    3rd and 13 first down AND 15 yards roughing
    3rd and 7 first down (this with 1:55 left in half and if a stop Eagles get the ball at midfield)
    3rd and 2 first down
    3rd and 10 first down
    3rd and 10 first down AND 15 yards horse collar.

    Aside from all that bullshit garbage.

    Why the Hell was Darren Sproles rushing in the TD with 6 mins to go down 29-7????????

    Where the hell was Wendell Smallwood???

    Develop the young players! I know what Sproles can do TYVM.
    In fact Sproles got the majority of the reps in the 4th. Smallwood was still returning kicks, so he obviously wasn’t hurt. Does this make any sense???

    I get that Cinci was tee-ing off at this point and blitzing like mad, but that should have been all Smallwood that quarter…..shouldn;t it have been?

  17. Hes lost his team,his staff and soon ,his cant replace 53 guys…it’s called business..

  18. What has Pederson done to give any indication he can improve as HC? Has he gotten better as the season progressed? Is there better playcalling, player development, motivation and discipline, use of personnel? Why should we suffer through 2 more years of this before pulling the plug….he either has it or he doesn’t. If I saw effort, discipline, and scheme, I can wait for talent…but I don’t see any of it.

    • I’ll answer that pajohn ..with numbers ..bill parcels said are what your record says you are …he hasn’t yet won an NFC east game ,and he’s 2-7 in his last 9 …he’s given new meaning to the wide 9 …interestingly since the high water mark ,beating Atlanta at home we’ve lost 3 in a row …losing to Seattle Green Bay and Cincinnati by lopsided begs to ask what happened since Atlanta ..did the reverberations of huff on the 3rd of November have an effect? Did the locker room sense a divide in the organization pulling the rug out from its rookie coach? Did respect for Doug erode ? Im wondering why the defense has (without serious injuries) been so ineffective ? The truest identity of this team was always,the defense and special teams ..yesterday ,that side of the ball flat out quit?

  19. If anyone thinks pederson is gone then you aren’t paying attention. The eagles as everyone has mentioned got brutally beaten yesterday– why the 60 passes? because they got down so much so early– Their OL is in shambles– it wasn’t noted as a strength before the season and with the injuries its just gotten worse– it goes to show once again how important it is.
    Defensively– hmmmmmm I guess it wasn’t billy davis– but if you look at the trend, good QB’s can pick apart this D with ease-and other WR seem to make catches and plays, they get open and catch the ball– I don’t know because i’ve not seen the all 22 but are our guys getting open???

    • Hac. Let’s say ..just as a hypothetical ,they play at home vs Divison foes who are all with the exception of Dallas (may have clinched) play hard and whoop our asses ? Baltimore is a road game and also highly motivated …the possibilities of losing 7 in a row looms …the team rolls over and dies on defense in Cincinatti? this isn’t guys or fans not paying attention ,it’s a team not paying attention..penalties and lack of discipline ,and now zero motivation to compete ..that’s got my attention

      • I get it– i just don’t see it happening– however if you’d like to add fuel to your fire go to crossingbroad, then go to the crossing broad twitter page and take a look at Ertz’ block on a wentz scramble– it is criminal… flat out criminal-

        • I saw that scandalous block ..this is a guy that was rewarded by this organization ? The tape never lies ..what it does do is call for accountability ..especially in the locker room ..that’s why I asked where’s the leadership on this team ? Coach? Doubtful? Watching CSN post game I was ready to put my jock on ,listening to the axe man yesterday ..he called out mckelvin as a sissy and a quitter ..this pervasive quitting is now on tape and being trumpeted by the ex Eagles (watch it)

        • That ole’ block by Ertz was a bitch move..seriously. I liked Ertz coming out of Stanford, but does this guy have the heart to play in the NFL? Seriously, that’s a bench-able offense and that type of lack of performance can’t be justified or tolerated. Dude’s an athlete posing as football player. How can you be a TE and shy away from contact. Ertz is so damn soft. That’s why he falls down before the defender gets to him and gets no YAC. Just extremely weak on his part. Criminal is correct.

          • I too believe it is benchable offense– it was actually set up to be a borderline blindside that he could have decleated the guy— maybe it was time to send a message– well I guess he did send a message….. the wrong message!

          • Yes…yes…and yes to all three of your comments.

            It goes without saying that teammates will not respect a player doing something like that, but my feeling is that we do not have strong leaders on this team that will hold him accountable. Another issue with the make up of this team.

            Pederson keeps repeating that they are losing from a lack of effort….I call bullshit on that one. Plays like this one….hell, most any pass play defended by our pathetic cornerbacks….are indicative of the state of this team. No fire, no pride, and when you combine that with no talent it makes for a long season. Sorry so negative, but this team is mailing it in just like the team last season. Really hate to see that from my Birds, but my eyes do not lie.

    • Ciggy…not to make too big of a deal out of it, but you realize that in the history of the NFL, only 55 times has a QB thrown for 60 or more passes?

      How many games are teams down many points, but you still do not see a guy throw 60+ times.

      Just like last week against Green Bay, this coaching staff will not commit to establishing ANY run game. Yes we have some injuries, but every team has injuries. Making yourself one-dimensional weakens your offensive ability even more. We all lived through Pederson’s mentor, and his pass-happy ways.

      To me it looks like they get so very caught up in the singular play to play situational calls that they lose sight of how on-sided and predictable they become. I know that run / pass ratio’s related to winning can be a bit skewed because you always tend to run the ball more with a lead and thus your run totals go higher. That being said, lopsided loss or not, 60 pass attempts are not a normal operating procedure for an NFL team and is just one sign in many that this coaching staff are floundering to find success.

      • oh i get it– 60 is way too many in any situation–
        given the bleak/non-existent playoff picture I think regardless of score he needs to stick to the run game– now if we keep running and go 3 and out it will give the fan base another thing to bitch about. — i really think the shuffled OL is the biggest culprit offensively, that and i really don’t think the receivers are getting open– if you notice when matthews went down in the GB game the whole offense changed, same with yesterday.

  20. I was really hoping that the long delay between the end of the game and his post-game press conference was Doug being fired.

    It took 2 seasons for this group of mutts to quit on Chip Kelly.
    They’ve already quit on Pederson.

  21. This sounds eerily familiar ..Schwartz finished 1-7 in his last 8 games in Detroit ,before his firing in 2013 ..If you read the Detroit press ,blamed his fiery personality and the regression of Matthew Stafford …sometimes eerily ,history ,if not learned from ,repeats itself.

    • Schwartz left with the Lions being one of most Penalized and Undisciplined Teams in the NFL.. The Eagles are now one of the most Penalized and Undisciplined Teams in NFL.. You Can’t Win in the NFL making continual stupid mental mistakes as the Eagles are.doing..
      Where’s the Leadership ? Wentz needs to Step up now for the Offense which is hard to do for a Rookie, but who else is there ?? Celek, Sproles, Peters, Kelce?

      The Defense has totally been fractured .. Malcom Jenkins doing his National Anthem Protests early on this Season probably lost him some Respect in the Locker Room.. Michael Kendricks has been completely AWOL and wants out, Fletcher Cox has not lived up to the Hype/Pressure of that Big Contract and is pressing.. It appears that Jordan Hicks,Brandon Graham & McLeod are the only 3 Players on Defense putting it out on every Snap…
      On Offense — ? OL Alan Barbree has played his Ass off every ga.. getting moved around almost every game and holding his own… Who else?

      This Eagles Team is a good 2-3 Years away from Competing with the Top Teams in the NFC and making any Post-Season runs..

  22. Nbc. Reports. Carson Wentz doesn’t agree mechanics ( coach in presser) pointed to….uh oh.

  23. 63 pass attempts Andy Reid on steroids. I said last week that the Eagles were headed into a black hole. No NFL team gave Pederson any interest other than the Eagles. The Eagles were formed in 1933. Only the Fans have pride in the team all these years.Look at Chip “Barney” Kelly and his San Fran record. Pederson was only a high school head coach. Being an OC for Andy Reid is a glorified clip board fetcher. The owners and upper management have been screwing up big time. With three former QB’s as coaches you would think they would bring Wentz along slowly instead of exposing him more each game.Compare Eagles to good to average teams and in every phase they come up short except for salaries.They are truly a pathetic organization. in all areas. I don’t think they will win another game this season. Yesterday was the first time in my many years as an Eagle fan that I fell asleep during a game.

  24. Chase Daniels just listed his Home for Sale …
    Doug Pederson is on his way Out… Stay Tuned…

  25. Bench Kelce, Ertz, Barwin, and one you pick ’em from the secondary for Sunday’s game with the Skins…see what happens.

    • rewatched some of the game..Kelce is just awful. He can’t block physical interior linemen with size. The running game was stuffed and Kelce was pushed back on passing attempts. Kelce should be no ore than an extra blocking lineman…sort of a bf full back to block. That’s the value of Kelce..that’s it, that’s all.

  26. Jeez that doesn’t look good Ertz jumping out of Burfict’s way. He didn’t even have to hit him or anything. Could have just stood him up, they would have grabbed each other at the shoulders as Wentz went out of bounds.

    But jumping out of the way?

    “for who? for what?”

    • IMO he should have de-cleated him….. Set a tone, send a message. You have to think the locker room is calling him a pussy today.

      • Unfortunately Ciggy, I have a sense that we do not have anyone in this locker room that will even say a negative thing to him. They all have “too much respect” for each other….and Zack was giving maximum effort….or the camera doesn’t show the whole thing, he had a bad angle to make the block….all CYA bullshit that they never call someone out because they will call you out next. Bullshit if you ask me…..and this extends to the Head Coach too….would never say anything to a vet and “leader” on the team. Bullshit.

  27. I love what Pederson said today to be honest. Some of these players need to called out.

    A lot of these players quit on the last coach as well in Chip Kelly.

    That whole “racist” story and shit was quite the tickle.

  28. Ertz is ranked 9th with 2 or 3 other tight ends but 52nd in yards per catch. He goes down easily when tackled.His YAK is aboul 2 the equivalent of falling down. He is turning into a real pussy. He plays scared like a skirt

    • I’ve lost so much respect for Zach Ertz. It’s one thing if you are producing and then bitch out on a block, but this guy isn’t even producing. He was whining about not having Bradford at the beginning of the season, now this. Zach is everything I don’t want in a TE. Lack of physicality, lack of heart, no desire to gain YAC..self tacklin Zachlin, doesn’t want to block. He’s just extremely soft…West Coast PAC 12 soft. Some of his team mates have to be calling him a pussy after seeing that play..they have to be.
      I wish we’d drafted Travis kelce..there’s a TE!

  29. I just listened intently to the day after press conference it wound down ,eskin ,asked ,can you honestly say every guy gave maximum effort ? The bus was there and to Dougs credit he said NO …he threw bodies ..This isn’t in any of Andys copious notebooks..This is a tree that the head guy has shook ,watch out below ..Mark alluded to Doug quit on this team ,when he spoke of performance more than results matter ,after the Green Bay game ..Guys hear selectively that the coach cares little about winning and guys look for a comfortable place to lay down …this same coach spoke at his earliest presser about playoffs ..which way is it. Doug? The mixed messages ,the suspect play calling ,the critique by Doug of Carson needing help with his mechanics post game presser ,and Wentz disputing that …All this is a volatile mixture ,if the odds are 100% that cartons miffed ,then I hope dougs renting and doesn’t own a home …Nobody talks about chase Daniels ,but how’s he worth the $$ if the coach in week 12 is critical of Wentz mechanics? Isn’t that chases area of expertise ? and isn’t he dougs boy? Wtf

  30. One thing is for sure..Doug will talk. However, the more Doug talks the more I’m convinced he needs to utilize the Reid press conference…but don’t say anything besides the injury report.
    Reid was killed for not saying anything, but..when a coach (Doug) gives the media something it gets nitpicked, scrutinized and microscoped to death. The the controversy comes in. Doug just needs to say “There are some things I saw that we as a team are working on”. That’s all he should give the media. Doug is a little to open and honest..then he back tracks and double talks. Doug needs some PR lessons in handling the media. No matter what he says or does the media will scrutinize it as long as the Eagles are losing so he’s going to get skewered either way, but I would not give them the verbal ammo to start with. Look at Bill Belichick, I understand he can get away with being a jerk due to his success, but, he says nothing….”Seattle”..”Seattle”…”Seattle”.
    Doug does not have to be a jerk, but he just needs to use tact.

    • Finicky fans!!!!!! I agree he needs to do a better job with coach speak- although it is refreshing to actually listen to a press conference– i typically pay no attention because none of it means anything– USUALLY–but I’m glad he answered Eskins question– good for him.

  31. Hate to see it happen in early December, but this coaching staff will be closely evaluating what players are worth keeping on this team. We play all of our divison rivals, so it will be a great measuring stick to see where we have holes on this team.

    Based on Pederson’s comments, and watching the recent games, it looks like there is some tweaking to be done with Wentz’s throwing mechanics. I do believe that this staff is as good as any for working with the young QB, and he is a coachable kid, so I think that they can make they needed adjustments. It will need to be seen if he falls back into bad habits when thrown into the fire or if the adjustments will take for him. No reason to panic, we saw some of the same things early in training camp and with a full off season I believe that he should make good progress to improve.

    Listened a little to Fletcher last night on WIP. He sounded genuinely suprised about Pederson’s comment about some players not playing hard. Maybe some of these guys need a wake up call….if so, they can thank Howard Eskin for following up on the question. It is one thing to keep everything in the locker room, but if no one is ever held accountable the bad play will never get better. We will see how they come out this week.

  32. A couple words of caution to the ‘dump Pederson’ crowd. There are 11 teams in the league with at least 7 losses. One of those teams was in the SB less than a year ago. One of them is being coached by every philly fans darling G. Bradley, Another is coached by this years hottest coach H. Jackson, one has a SB coach and QB in N.O, 2 have long tenured coaches that have pictures on the owners, one is a coach we just fired, one has McCoy (who hac wanted) etc.

    Point is there is a super fine line between wins and losses. and yes many of those above mentioned teams have had recent blow outs– its the nature of the business– lets give this guy a chance to build this one… we have a QB and then a crap load of questions.

    • Valid points Ciggy. Too soon in my opinion to be talking about a coaching change. He is a rookie HC, just like any other job, you expect mistakes and see how he adjusts and does not make the same mistake twice.

      IMO, I question how respected he is in the locker room. I have no way of knowing, and neither do 99% of internet fans…but watching him when he talks and interacts I can see the players giving him lip service and doing their own thing….the Josh Huff thing, again IMO, looked like a front office move and not the move of a discipline minded coach (I base this on Doug’s comments the day before letting Huff go, that Huff would be playing that following Sunday). I hope I am wrong, and even if I am not, Doug can still establish himself as a strong leader by addressing the lack of effort from the past 2 games and giving them a wake up call. Again, I am not in the locker room so this is all speculation from the cheap seats, but it would not be a bad thing for Dougie to instill a little fear in these guys. Some of the best coaches in history were also some of the biggest assholes….don’t kid yourself that is just by coincidence.

    • No way a coaching change can happen yet. Consistency is the key…see Browns as to what happens when you play musical chair head coach.
      Pederson will hopefully learn from his mistakes this year and have a better sense of what he can and should do as head coach. He should give up play calling though.

    • Hac. Ciggy. Greeny. ..Couldnt agree more with patience being a virtuous pursuit…unless..the qb casts aspersions. These two need to be joined at the hip and on the same page…I wasnt thrilled to hear wentz cast doubts after the game way the organization has a difficult time in chosing sides ,between these two…I admired him calling guys out yesterday,but,again ,its not ,in his best interests to air his laundry…best to stick to AR scriptures and talk softly ,say little ,but yield a blocking sled sized stick..when asked specifically about ertz,it pained me to see doug trying to bite his tongue..likening it to his defense..there is none..that was a puss move ..a trotter would have handled this in the lockerroom. The emasculated coach has no leaders of that ilk..not his fault

      • Hey desert….I watched both press conferences after the game. Doug was directly asked if the interceptions were because of a mechanical issue, and he said yes. Wentz had his press conference 10 minutes later….I really do not believe that he knew how Doug answered the question, so when he was asked the question he said that he didn’t think it was a mechanical issue. I did detect no intent by Wentz to throw shade at Doug, I really don’t think that he knew what Doug had said. Carson said that if you throw the ball 60 times in a game you are likely to have a few bad throws…I thought that was more of a shot at Doing than the mechanics comment.

        What I am trying to say is that I am not worried about the QB / HC relationship…I think that they are good. That being said I question his (Doug) relationship with veteran leadership in the locker room….guess we will need to wait and see.

        • Rewatch it greenie. He was asked ..based upon your head coaches ppinion your mechanics are being questioned. Then he amswered. Also nbc reported this as well.

          • I will watch it again. John Clark can tend to hype things on NBC, so I take that with a grain of salt….but I will watch it again to see what you are saying.

          • complete NON-STORY!!!!
            as for his relationship with veteran leaders???? what veteran leaders? I would bet that he and peters are 100% ok– he gives peters practices off etc, keeps him healthy and hopefully prolongs his career. Jenkins, pederson i thought handled the possible protest pretty well, saying he’d love to have 53 guys united on it. B. Graham, having a good year and is always happy as hell to talk to the media– Celek, he’s mr. professional.– i think you are really seeing the transition from a snake oil salesman to a real HC trying to build a real football team.
            NFL is a fleeting business man– vikings started 5-0 will miss playoffs– eagles 3-0 and will miss. Ravens started 3-0, lost 4 in a row and now won 4/5– i really believe its the ebb and flow of the league….

            • Hac. Im uninspired by the team on the field..bottomline

              • ME TOO– pay attention my main– football is becoming a very uninspiring game! The ratings are down, the young fan base is down, people our age are taking hikes in the mountains etc.– The NFL has turned its product into something almost unwatchable– think of all the emphasis on player safety then watch the Ertz ole’ ….. in actuality Wentz was safely going out of bounds with or without the block– Ertz lays Burfict out and one of them gets hurt– player safety in the back of the mind???? I don’t know– but an argument can be made.
                The eagles are what we thought they were– teams get blown out– eagles blew out pissburgh and they are playoff bound probably–

  33. What if the wiseguys are right. Game vs wash..pickem

    • Redskins HC Jay Gruden called out some of his Players after their Loss Sunday
      so this Week’s Game will be interesting to see as both Teams are scuffling a bit with Leadership, Young Coaches & Discipline on and off the Field
      The Redskins were favored to compete for the NFC East and have been inconsistent this Season so there will be lots of Players and Coach’s on each Respective Staff’s being Evaluated with Jobs on the Line
      Coach Pederson will get 2-3 Full Years before anything happens (32 Games at least) and have 2 Off-Season’s before Lurie pulls the Plug..

      Eagles Coach’s on the Hot Seat over the next 4 Weeks

      Secondary Coach Gary Undlin (A leftover from Chip Kelly’s Staff)
      WR Greg Lewis (Has any WR improved this Year under Greg Lewis ?
      TE Coach Justin Pelle (another leftover from Kelly’s Staff)

      • Chimp. Players make coaches better or the ither way around?theyre all deemed high quality drafted guys? Curios your take?deuce is the one guy I love ..I dont know which team will show sunday for either think based upon thanksgiving Washington has shown much more fight of late..the game was here last week and arians was being questioned for the first time in along while and the birds rallied around him..ill be watching our birds,in hopes of the same

        • It’s definitely a combo of the Two Desert ..
          Good/Great Coaching can get the Best out of Athletes in Terms of Scheme, X’s & O’s, Football IQ, Discipline, Respect & Team Work, etc,etc…
          Great Athletes can make Coach’s better by coming thru and Playing at a High Level and making an impact to help the Team Win Games etc,etc.
          Put Good Coaching with Great Athletes and now you have a great chance of success..
          I still believe that a strong Work Ethic and a Burning Desire for any Athlete to not only to Play, but to be Great, comes mostly from himself, his own internal Work-Ethic, Competitiveness which leads to doing the extra Film Study, Year Around Conditioning,Studying other great Players in their Positions, Learning about other Players, Coach’s Schemes that he plays against, etc,etc..

          The last few Draft’s the Eagles have made some questionable High Picks which mostly have to do with these Players “Work Ethic/Desire”
          Has anyone ever really gotten a sense of Confidence and Determination that Players like Marcus Smith, Nelson Agholor, Josh Huff, Eric Rowe were going to make very Good NFL Players and a impact to the Eagles ?
          They are all Great Athletes as every Player is in the NFL, but this above group seems to be unsure of themselves and i’m not sure were ready maturity wise for the NFL..
          Marcus Smith says that he was surprised that he was even Selected in the 1st Round Pick? Huh?
          Nelson Agholor says last Off-Season that he doesn’t really need to work on his game, that’s he’s ready to go ? Huh ?

          With Today’s NFL and the Salary Cap and the Big Contracts for Core Players that every Team has, so hitting on those Players in the Early Rounds of your early Draft Picks where Teams are needing Production out of them right away while they are relatively cheap and on their Rookie Contracts is even more important than lets say 10-20 Years ago when you could spend 2-3 Seasons grooming a Player…
          Good Coach’s & Front Office’s work together to identify which Players in Free-Agency and the Draft would best suit their Schemes and Identity.
          Its still early in Coach Pederson & GM Roseman Relationship to see if they are able to continue a Solid Off-Season this Year as they did last Off-Season
          in the aftermath of Chip Kelly..

          I think most of us expected the Eagles Offense to struggle this Year with a New Coaching Staff, New System led by a Rookie QB with unproven and inexperienced Receiver Corps or at least I did.. but with very good Special Teams and what I was hoping for (a more opportunistic Defense) I thought they could be more competitive and compete for a Wild-Cart Spot
          I do think that most of us were expecting “Progress” by the Offensive side of te Ball and QB Wentz during the 2nd Half of the Season, which we really haven’t seen for a myriad of reasons, Injuries to OL, Backfield, Huff & Agholor fiasco’s and meltdowns

          Defensively, we all have to be disappointed after a nice start to the Season
          The Defense has mostly Veterans with an experienced DC in Jim Schwartz
          and with Players making Big-Time $$$ in Cox (Highest Paid Position Player that’s not a QB in the entire NFL , Barwin,Graham,Curry,Kendricks, Jenkins & McLeod and to be honest, they simply are not getting it down as a Unit, here lately up Front or on the Back End…..The Eagles even went out to bring in 3-4 Players who Played under Schwartz to help with the Transition
          LB Bradham has been Solid all Season, but Leodis McKelvin & Ron Brooks have contributed little this Season with Brooks now injured. The Biggest Disappointment has been the 3rd Down Defense, Red-Zone Defense and the Penalties and the overall Inability for a Veteran Group of Players to make Stops when they are needed..
          Now some more big Decisions with Players like Logan, Kendricks, Barwin, the CB’s, The CB,DE,LB Positions must be upgraded on this side of the ball once again this Off-Season which seems like a broken record and something we all have been saying for the last few Years ..

          Coach Pederson,Staff and the Front Office (Roseman) have to Identify the Players who they want to keep and build upon moving forward so there were be lots of Players being Evaluated over this next 4 Games

  34. I do like RB Coach Duece and think he has done a good Job with both
    Younger RB’s Smallwood and Barner…
    Ryan Matthews is an enigma and always has been as his Career History shows that he’s good for about 10 Games a Season and he misses a ton of Practice due to a host of Injuries.. Sproles is a True Professional and will do anything asked of him…
    I would like to See Smallwood and Barner be used more and in the Passing game also.. I would also like to see Sproles split out Wide or even play out of the Slot as a Receiver with the Eagles being so thin at the Position

  35. Chimp trump you’re so much more effective when you stay on message ..I agree with all your bullet points ,and I’d add ,an ingredient ,that we are sorely lacking ..leadership…which tends to go hand in hand with accountability..In many instances ,bringing winning players from winning organizations is vital,for just that reason .Ive struggled this year ,with expectations,which began when chip ,who set this franchise on its arse ,by allowing fan favorites ,and pro bowlers to walk out the proverbial door ,without compensation .In many respects ,it’s not surprising ,that we are at least looking at a glass half full.Im very disssapointed ,however , when my guys QUIT..It’s easy to foster excuses of rookie coaches ,and new systems ,and stop gap guys ,but ,let’s be real ,these guys don’t care,enough about eachother ..That’s a familiar ring ,culture ..playing for your band of brothers…I want my laundry worn with some semblance of pride ,and I want guys leaving everything they’ve got on the field..or Thayer just guys ,or better said ,impostors ,wearing my laundry..Inspiring these types with 4 weeks to go and 3at home ,will be a very staunch test for this Coach..I hope he can demoralize them and rub there noses in the tape ,and most important ,hold there asses accountable..Otherwise the season has been an early euphoric high and in the past two weeks we’ve stumbled and I’d like to hope hit bottom metaphorically in Cincy..showing the fans some fight vs Divional opponents is tantamount to a merry Xmas …Dear Santa ..all I want is to kick NFC east butt …

  36. I think we all need to take a step back and realize that everyone and their momma had the eagles winning 5-7 games MAX. This was even more so after we got rid of Sam Bradford. I mean c’mon. Who really expected us to win the SB or go on a deep playoff push with a Rookie under center, Rookie coach, New DC & OC and changing up schemes completely on both sides of the ball.

    We knew Chip got rid of our stars out of no where and unexpectedly. We knew this was going to be a process. That is what Coach Pederson meant by when he said “I look at potential”. The man kept it real. And he kept it real when he called out these players who have apparently quit on TWO coaches now. One they “liked” and “disliked”.

    It all comes down to drafting well and putting weapons around Wentz. My boy is a big Iowa fan, and knows football pretty damn well. Played the game and is now coaching was telling me if Desmond King is there at that 16-20 region, then we have a steal in the 2017 draft.

    Go OLB second around and Linemen 3rd.

    Bring in the 30 year old Desean who is still respected in this league and has elite speed. Will Def. open things up on offense for other players with Jackson on the field. Maybe sign Garcon if Washing signs Desean instead? Alshon? Dez? Josh Gordon?

    How is this years WR’S draft class?

    Were going to be okay! This kid wasnt even suppose to play this year! I was all for letting the kid sit a year and let Sam play it out while he learns. But then Teddy got hurt! And people are shocked there is a mechanical issue? LOL!!!

    Look around the NFL!

    Jamies Winston
    Marcus Mariota
    BOTH have had terrible games there first two years. There are times where Jameis looks completely lost and gets blown out. And they both have hall of famers around them compared to Wentz

    Look at Wilson, Aaron Rodgers who has struggled. Even Brees. There are times where I see Wilson struggling to put up 15 a game! And the defense bails him out so much! But if he was here in philly alot would call him a “game manager” during those games and overreact etc.

    Everyone struggles. And a kid from Division ll Basically North Dakota St is not going to with NO weapons around him? MIssing Lane, Brooks, and BIG V on the Oline. Has a center who does not fit the scheme and an aging petERSI mean c’mon.

    The kid is getting happy feet. Nervous. Knowingg there are alot of injuries around him and is throwing off his back foot, and not doing a good job of stepping up in the pocket and extending and making plays with his arm.

    This will all come when the game slows down for him and he gets some weapons!


  37. Confidence is at a season low for this defense. They just need a couple game changing plays to get back into this and they will still be elite above average. Obviously CB is a concern this offseason, but for the remainder of the year, hopefully they get their fire back.

    To think we do not have talent on this defense is asinine.

    We are not the colts. Or something along those lines

    We will only be better the longer this team plays together. Year 2 with Schwartz I believe will be better.

    Our corners are trash,.

    • Ct. Please stop..the useage of the “elite” term is not to be used to describe these mutts..

      • Whatever

        I’ll admit we’re going to learn about them these next 4 weeks. 3/4 are home
        And another road game agaisnt the Ravens. Can we finally steal a road game to close to year?

        Can we be “The Grinch” as Jon Gruden put it 2 years ago when they beat us, and eliminated us from playoff contention after going 9-3.

        We need to punch New York and Washington in the mouth.

        Isn’t lane Johnson coming back soon?

        • They will be bringing Jason peters back right?

          Start lane and big v at rt if he gets healthy

          Shut peters down rest of season

          • These final 4 Games are likely it for Jason Peters who has played a ton of Football and is about the end of the line…
            Next Season it’s Lane Johnson at LT and Vaitai at RT with Alan Barbree backing them up in case of Injury

          • CT…Lane has 2 more games to go. He will be allowed back in in 3 weeks. I appreciate your optimism as I’ve been upset by the Eagles performance as of late to the degree that last week I just laughed and resigned myself that this team is not that good (including the coaching) and needs a serious infusion of talent at the skill position WR and CB and on DL -DE..Barwin and Curry just isn’t getting it done. Barwin does not fit in a 43 DE role. He should be traded.

          • Lane will be allowed back after the Ravens game. Then he has to get back into football shape so he may not even play until the last game against the cowboys.

          • Peters will be back and they are NOT shutting him down. Thats a white flag– that won’t happen

            • I agree HAC, if Peters wants to continue to play and I suspect he does he will be an Eagle in 2017. He’s not getting shut down either. I think Lane goes back to the RT position by week 17 and Peters continues to man the LT position. Vaiti will take over the RT position if Peters gets hurt in 2017 or retires/released in 2018.

              • we all see how important depth is on the OL– and thats not just the birds its league wide… over the course of the year you need 7 guys (at least) who are capable starters…. The eagles added two depth/future starters this last draft and I assume they will draft at least one this year– I also contend that the fans interpretation (mine included) of how Kelse is grading out this year is mistaken– I just get the feeling he’s a longer term piece than many of us think.
                The only thing that will shut peters down this year is a nagging injury late in the season if/when they are out of it.

  38. I have been looking at some things– i’ve contended the NFL is an up and down league- the difference between losing 30-7 and winning 30-7 is small–it hinges on who gets the lead early, who gets a break etc– the eagles are not far away even given some of their deficiencies–remember with a 53 man roster and a tight salary cap most teams are an injury or two away from full scramble mode.
    Case in point in there are 13 teams over 500 right now of those 13, 8 finished last year at 500 or below– it just takes a couple of things going in your favor, most of those teams didn’t add huge names etc…they got healthy, stayed healthy, got a break in the schedule, a break in a call etc.

    my point gentleman– don’t get hysterical, don’t worry about every little word that comes out of dougs mouth at a presser– let them right the ship.

  39. Jason Peters is actually Signed thru the 2018 Season and still has 2 More Seasons Under Contract with the Extension he Signed back in 2014.

    2017 Pay – $ 9,950,000 Salary + $1,000,000 Bonus + 250,000 Workout Bonus = $11,200,000 Total …. His Dead Cap $$ Hit if Released is $2,000,000

    2018 Pay – $10,000,000 Salary + 1,000,000 Bonus + 250,000 Workout Bonus = $11,250.000 Total … His Dead Cap $$ Hit if Released is $1,000,000

    Jason Peters will be 35 Years Old in 2017 with a lot of Games Played over his Career

  40. Connor Barwin is Signed thru the 2018 Season as well with most of his BOnus $$$ already paid out

    2017 Pay – $7,750,000 Salary + $600,000 Signing Bonus = $8,350,000
    Dead $$$ Cap Hit is $600,000 if Released

    2018 Pay – $9.250,000 + 1,000,000 Roster Bonus = $10,250,000
    Dead ### Cap Hit is Zero if Released

    • Barwin will either be traded or released. Production does not match the financial commitment.

      • Unfortunately there are a few on that DL where their production does not match the financial commitment……Cox and Curry quickly come to mind…but because they both got new deals, the cap hit (and I am not saying that either should be cut) would be too large.

      • released…the cap hit is miniscule and no team would trade for that salary– he is gone, but he doesn’t fit anyway.

  41. I just do not see them letting Jason go. You have to find a way to rework his deal if your Howie Roseman. For Peters it’s a win/win. You get to retire with the team that you laid it all out for, and still make some damn good money to add on to what you have already made so far.

    I mean where is Jason Peters going to go at age 35 and two achilles tears? It will be completely up to him on whether or not he plays. If not for philly i can see him retiring.

    Funny, I remember being like 13 the offseason we go him. I debated with my uncle that we should take Chad Johnson at the time over Peters. It was during the times where Donovan virtually had no weapons at the WR position. It frustrated the hell out of me as a kid. So I wanted a WR over a linemen.,

    Its just hilarious looking back realizing I did not know a damn thing about football LOL

    Im going to miss Jason Peters when he’s gone. Dude is a all time great. And a freak of nature. Still has another two years in him if he decides to play

  42. Wise guys interpretation fits the narrative of this tilt ..who the f knows which team will respond..but for a few ,who interpret some of the following ,it points heavily for an Eagles solid performance and a solid over ..the redskins have. Played thanksgiving day on the road ,flew here to the desert and now are three in a row on the road (NFL kryptonite ) ..the birds coach ,as we know called his team out for maximum effort ,there last and only loss at home was last Monday’s Green Bay game (an egg) , Jeffrey and howie are staring at 2-7 as the architects and everything points towards a happy exiting crowd …not so fast ..I found these startling the eagle team is 5-13 following a home loss .a.t.s they’re also 6-0 over vs division and add in wash.over in its last five (an indictment on the shit. Defense…the redskins are 7-2 last 9 on the road against the number ..the commands un is it’s a pick em 47 …look for an arsenal on both sides and ,which if either coach is told by its team ,what they feel about him ,determined by there effort.the skins have won the last 5 in the matchup with messenger dancing on our graves ..ill be watching a few guys up close that have had themselves ,tarred and feathered this week ..shootout seems likely (weather permitting)

  43. Me Sean dancing on our grave ..correction ..he’ll also be looking to drive up his FA value ..

  44. This game will become systemic ,if the Eagles roll over and die at home could get beyond ugly ..I don’t anticipate that’s been a long while (last Monday night at home ) since they’ve done that at home ..then sadly they remained consistent ,something they’re not,and repeat edit ,to a greater degree at Cincinnati …I was bemused that the guys tried there best to prove they hadn’t quit ..they must have forgotten ,we’re all watching ,in high def ..doing a victory lap about there fourth quarter heroics …

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