Report: DeSean Jackson “Intrigued” By Potential Return To Eagles

To say that the Philadelphia Eagles need help at the wide receiver position is quite the understatement.

Could one of the former stars tossed aside by former incompetent head coach Chip Kelly be the answer?

According to Tim McManus of ESPN, former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is ‘intrigued’ by the idea of a return to Philadelphia. Currently a member of the Washington Redskins, Jackson is set to be a free-agent at the end of the season, with the Redskins unlikely to retain him due to salary reasons combined with the fact they’ve got a promising group of receivers from Jamison Crowder, to veteran Pierre Garcon, and rookie first-rounder Josh Doctson.

This means DeSean is going to hit the open market in the winter. There have been reports that both the Eagles and Jackson would be interested in a reunion. But is it realistic, and is it a good fit for the team?

The Eagles certainly need to add some kind of veteran presence to this group. And they even more desperately need a guy that can stretch the field and open things up for other players on the offense. Jackson’s presence alone may help make some of the other players better.

However, its important to keep in mind that DeSean is now also on the wrong side of 30. He’s been more injury prone over the last two years. He hasn’t gone over 1,000 yards since the 2014 season. He can still be good for a couple of scores on 50-yard bombs a year, but isn’t quite as dynamic as he was at age 26.

I’d be interested in DeSean Jackson, but only at the right price. And DeSean is a guy who’s always sought out the best payday possible throughout his career. I can’t see him giving the Eagles a team-friendly deal for a team that released him and smeared his name on the way out the door.

I’d prefer that the Eagles try to go younger at the position, and try to pry Brandin Cooks (currently unhappy with his role) from the New Orleans Saints rather than overpay for Jackson at the end of his prime. But if Howie Roseman can pull it off, Jackson would be a welcome addition to a young, struggling group of wideouts, if he can fit in to the team’s budget.

63 thoughts on “Report: DeSean Jackson “Intrigued” By Potential Return To Eagles

  1. I don’t think so Denny.

    While we desperately need some speed at WR, with his age and injury history I don’t see it as a good fit. I don’t see him as the mentor type for your receivers…can you imagine DGB following DJax’s lead…disaster.

    I know that the FA market for receivers looks bleak, but I would pass.

    1. Oh I agree he’s not ideal. At this point in his career, he’s much more a complimentary piece than he is a number-one. I’d prefer to go in another direction (Cooks), but there may not be a better fit out there.

  2. Does desean give anyone the idea that he will become a tough receiver that fights thru adversity as his skills diminish a la steve smith, Bolqin etc!

    1. Yeah. I think desean is a tough young good guy that truely loves football

      A shame the media put a bad word on his name with the “gang” shit.

      Bring #10 back. He will only help. Draft another wr.

      Or Brandon cooks..

  3. no no no no no no noooooooooooo to jaccpot jackson. he just isnt a consistent difference maker is irrelevant in games that count for the most part. dont want to trade draft picks for cooks either. To me its Pryor or draft, alshon is overrated and always hurt, he had an awful year this year and was on the juice. nah. pryor or draft

  4. For the right price, I’d take him in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, we’re still trotting out shit at his position trying to convince ourselves the best of this (Mathews), would even make the field with our division rivals. I’ve got news for some of you, our franchise is still considered a joke until we accomplish something other than running our mouths and patting ourselves on the back about how fucking passionate and knowledgeable we our.
    Who the fuck our we yet again, to cast aspersions against talent sitting last in our division; marginal talent at best; questions about the rookie coach AND THE QB; an owner suffering from delusions of grandeur; and lastly, a trophy case with dust instead of lombardis?

    1. In a nine year career Jackson hasn’t sniffed a Lombardi… He has 21 playoff catches and 2 TDs. His teams are 2 and 5 in those 9 years…. Desean help get Lombardi? Um…. Stretch there pal. And now all of a sudden at 30+ playing on his final contract he is going to transform into this guy? Nah.

      1. So the fuck what have! And the Eagles haven’t won even before his daddy was born. I heard the same dumb shit from “fans” like you justifying Chip letting Mathis go. Guess what he now has that our dumb asses don’t? Here’s a hint: EVERY G DAMN TEAM IN OUR DIVISION HAS MULTIPLES OF THEM.
        You don’t suck as bad as we do at his position and talk shit. Show some damn improvement over him from ANY receiver and maybe I’ll find your stance credible.
        Oh by the way Dallas and it’s so called idiot owner (according to our fans) may be collecting another Lombardi. But we got strong opinions! Fuck out of here.

        1. Thank you coldbrewski I was going to post the same thing the other day. Fans got the nerve to criticize DJax while we trot shit on the Hes a selfish player lol. Like I give a damn..

          1. You guys are correct– he is the missing piece– bring him back and make parade reservations. Guy is 30+ at WR …ok bring him back and you guys are front row at the parade.

          2. Can one of you two explain to me how adding a selfish, me-first, perma-angry, quitting, fading, non-producing, showboating when winning – pouting when losing, deteriorating, disappearing, over-the-hill, mini-man WR is goint to get Birds to the SB??

            Adding old-man fading chest pounders during a multi-uyear rebuild is exactly the opposite of what the Eagles need to do.

            1. I dont know if i agree with mesean thoughts shared, or me first, or quitting or any of that (although that loook at me look at me look at me fumble at the 1 yard line does stick out). i think jaccpot works hard and is a good teammate but I just dont think he is very talented, imo he is a poor mans tedd ginn, he runs the go route and thats about it, hes never catching hooks or slants or crossing patterns… he is and always has been limited. he is a poor mans ginn b/c for whatever reason he doesnt return punts anymore…

              i for sure wouldnt complain if we signed him

              but i for damn sure dont think that is a move that has to or needs to be made.

              go get pryor

          3. Dag. You need to understand,we have a young signal caller ,not a veteran,who can better be suited to filtering the noise of me sean..This is a guy ,who ,has shown to being a one trick pony..the planted eagles stories of his return are meaningless..we have todays laundry to worry about ,not looking back..





  5. As I said few weeks ago. I it is imperative for Doug to take control of pressers,He will and continue to have any creds he has developed beat on until the scavengers know who is in charge,And it will filter down to the locker room etc. etc,Being straight foward to buzzards who feed on you is just plain self defeating. Straight shooters dont last long in the nfl.I,m surprized Doug didnt. pick that up from Andy, who would infuriate the fans, the papers, and other sorts of jackals with his pressers, Good luck to Doug but this cat needs some serious mentoring before he is looked upon as Rich the K. 2nd.No more commentary is needed! This is one reason I respect some of what Mr. B. is about. He fears no one , Doug needs to be mentored even his loyal fans will kick him in the head soon if he continues to behave like a choir boy with his honesty at the presses.

    1. Patrik. Couldn’t disagree more..I loved ehat coach did..when you find mutts who quit ,and you know,why not geab the rest of the gius attention..its an attribute and mentoring of being open and transparent ,especially when you know that crrtain guys quit,who aint coming back…exposure sends a message..constructive..




    1. Definitley like what I have seen from Fultz so far. Want to see him play against some the PAC 12 teams. I want to see more of Lonzo Ball too. Didn’t play well against Kentucky, so I want to see him against more quality teams.

      Lots of guards to choose from this year.

      1. Don’t sleep on Guard Dennis Smith of NC State in terms of Running an Offense…He’s not a Pure Shooter like some of these other Kids, but he handles the Ball & Offense very well and is mature beyond his Years… With the 76ers having young Scorers in Embiid,Okafor, Saric & Simmons, having a more True PG who can run the Offense would be great to have to keep it all together..

        1. I will check him out too. I tend to agree with you and that is why I like Lonzo Ball because of his passing, but they made need 2 guys that can shoot at the guard spot to really open up the offense. You can’t have all of those guys on the floor at one time and there is no true 3 there. Lineup is such a mess still.

          1. Dennis smith is an absolute beast. But a poor fit for this sixers team if they’re convinced Simmons is a beast. Ball I’m not a fan of either, guys a Rubio with a slightly better shot maybe.

            We gotta walk with fultz or josh Jackson this year.

            Simmons is running point for us…

            I want

            Pg Simmons
            Sg fultz
            Sf saric or illyasova
            Pf embiid
            C Noel (I want him resigned)

            Trade oakafor.

            1. Actually maybe my dream might be us moving Simmons and okafor if we could get smith and fultz or Jackson.

              Pg smith
              Sg fultz – size would be a problem
              Sf saric or illyasova
              Pf embiid
              C Noel

              Or preferably this could work better

              Pg smith
              Sg josh Jackson
              Sf illyasova saric
              Pf embiid
              C Noel

              1. You want Jackson at the 2? He hasn’t really shown that he can shoot at all this year. A shooter is a must at that spot. Unless that somehow improves dramatically no thanks. I don’t want another guy who will have to learn how to shoot. Their recent history is riddled with those guys. I would much rather have Fultz.

  7. Deserteagle You may have loved it and I was good with it but if it plays out the way I said you can give some props for being on top of this ok? As you know there is much coddling going on with these players. And it does not take too many of them to be coach killers , A ballsy, honest thing to do for a rookie coach but, well I made my case and you made yours, and we shall see,And with the exception of a few writers they can be deadly to a career or a rep..Howard Eskin, is a survivor and can be a rattlesnake as well. He hitched his wagon right away to Andy and got many scoops .So it will be something ‘Ill watch . Good luck Eagles and Doug .. a seemingly, good, honest, little bit naive man on his first go round in a rough , city with many sharks about!

  8. Fun fact.

    Eli manning: 252-485 63.1% 22 tds 12 ints
    Carson wentz: 252-485 63.1 12 tds 11 ints

    Stats are IDENTICAL. Except Eli has 10 more
    Td passes and only 196 more passing yards.

    Having playmakers is the only

  9. Game day. Big question. How does the Eagles players respond after a week of controversy surrounding the effort the Eagles players put forth against the Bengals. Further, how does Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz respond in terms of play calling.
    How does Carson Wentz respond after throwing 3 picks last week (could have been six).
    Lastly, what is the over under for interceptions by Wentz, what is the over under for dropped passes by Nelson Agholor and what is the over under for sacks and interceptions by the Eagles defense?

    1. I hate my own questions, but, I have to find a way to keep me interested as Eagles games have been very boring as of late..gotta get some play makers in here on both sides of the ball. I would have no problem with DJax coming back under a friendly two year contract as he would automatically be the best WR on the team..short comings and all..I’d prefer Terrell Pryor, but he may not make it out of Cleveland.

      1. E.h.l..the game within the game,will be interesting on many accounts..The spotlight will be even brighter at home..Id anticipate that 3 road games in succession by Washington will take a tolll as they played dallas on thanksgiving flew to arizona ,and now philly..I anticipate a shootout,and a game in which both lines will be tested ..who better pressures the qb will be vital..the sjins and cousins are attempting to take fiur in a row from the birds..jackson will put out an extra effort,as he knows ,fans for both sides ,will focus on him..speed mitigates coverage,always vs shwartz ..if they go 3 successive weeks without a sack.give cousins time and he and desean can dance gleefully on our stage..jim has to sell out and not depend on 4 getting there.blitzes by jim…Split out.. sproles ,get the ball in the tight ends hands ..and more barner to me are what ill be focused..wentz will only be as good as his receiver corps..that is self evident…ill be focused also on the it up ..stop playing small ball..its shrinking the box…

        1. I want to see the Eagles manipulate and take advantage of the oppositions weaknesses. Each week the opponent finds a way to exploit our weaknesses, teams with no greater talent, e.g. the Bengals find ways. It’s time for the Eagles to break out of this slump and beat a division foe by out physicalling (made up word) the skins in every aspect of the game. Oh, and for crying out loud stop the penalties..discipline is key.

          Just heard Guard Brandon Brooks is out again with another illness. What’s this guy eating…bad pu$$y?

    1. Dag. Especially behind a juxtaposed O line. Play to your strengths. Quick darts and deep it up..I think theyre changing things up..couldnt agree more

  10. Yes. Doug. Yes..sproles as a receiver…adds to matthews in the mix..and if hed feature a formation of ertz and burton ,run smallwood more ,as fresh legs ..

    1. Wentzilla…play the game to.his attributes..put him where hes comy under center. ..split out sproles,button ertz matthews…btw ,try agholor on a go route again..this is with smallwood and barner ,who like burton just makes plays

    1. LOL

      That one trick pony just put them up on the score board and kicks our ass everytime he plays us.

      Shocks me how little philly fans know about football as a whole.




  11. And that is what happens when u are missing three linemen on your offense.

    Penalties, drops and injuries will be the story our season. It happens when u have a rookie coach and qb

    Peyton throw 30ints as a rookie
    Winston and mariota are good. And have games where there trash.
    Even veterans struggle.

    Troy aikman was a rookie along with his HC. /!; started 0-11!!



    We have the next superstar qb and head coach. Just wait till
    Year 2

      1. Peyton isn’t top 5.

        Big reason why he was one and done every damn year.

        Feasted on the weakest Divison in NFL history year after year and was basically 6-0 every year to start off.

        And I brought up other qbs also

    1. Matt Tobin got destroyed on that play. LOL.

      Think about that. Matt TOBIN. It’s going to happen.

      How bout give the rookie a chance to make a damn play?

  12. The Eagles put up a fight to day, even though it was in a losing effort at least they showed up. Wentz played better today than he has in a few weeks. He still has work to do but it was good to see him be more accurate and not sail passes today. Further, he showed some good escapability.
    WR’s..well..they are what they are. CB’s are not good. Jalen Mills is not a starter, he just does not have enough speed.
    The Eagles need two e receivers and corners.
    All in all even though the Eagles lost the fact that they did not go down without fighting shows Doug has not lost the team.

  13. Eagles Officially/Unofficially Eliminated , They are 0-4 vs NFC East Competition, and 3-7 Vs NFC Competition. They are the worst Team in the NFC East Division and really need to focus and build their Team moving forward on How to Beat the Redskins, Giants & Cowboys for if they can’t match up well within their own Division, then you can’t even make it to the Post-Season..
    The Eagles at a minimum need 2 more Playmakers at WR on Offense and at least 2 CB’s and a Playmaker from the Edge whether that’s an OLB or DE
    Course they need Depth on OL/DL..
    Wentz has to cut down on his Turnovers, take the Sack or toss it away but you can’t fumble on 2nd down from the 15 with the game on the line.. He never saw Kerrigen coming.. you have to be more aware and protect the ball if protection breaks down in which Kerrigan came right thru Tobin..
    The Ravens have one of the Top Defenses in the NFL so another good Test for Wentz

    1. I’m watching Eli Manning, a SB winning MVP get sacked twice tonight and fumble..crushed from the blind side, did not feel the pressure etc..It happens to the best f them. I think we are looking for perfection from Wentz(Not gonna happen). We all agree that this year he was/is taking his lumps (as kool liked to say). He will be a seasoned vet next season. The best thing is that Wentz is playing through adversity, his mettle is being forged and battle tested. He made mistakes today but played well, better than he has over the past 4 weeks. Once he gets better weapons and supporting caste Wentz will play at a pro bowl level…no question in my mind. The foundation is being laid season with a full season under his belt and training camp as the starting QB he will be twice as good…book it!

  14. It looked like Wentz was playing 1 on 11 at times. He clearly was the best player on the field– guy is the real deal. Give him Cousins weapons and we score 30 a game.
    I hate to say it but the johnson suspension has really crushed this team– he was playing at pro bowl level and then the dominoes just started falling.

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