Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

Eagles’ Rally Falls Short


A back-and-forth battle with the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon ended with the Philadelphia Eagles suffering their fourth straight loss, falling to 5-8.

The Eagles held a 13-7 lead early in the game, but a handful of mistakes and sloppy play allowed the Redskins to to pull ahead 21-13 in the second half. A pick-six from Leodis McKelvin gave the Eagles life, and a field goal from Caleb Sturgis gave the Birds a lead in the fourth quarter.

But another late defensive meltdown put the Redskins back on top, and a last-minute drive from Carson Wentz and the offense would result in a turnover in the Washington redzone.

Carson Wentz played a much better game this week than what we’ve seen in recent weeks, but there were still issues with his game. Wentz committed two turnovers, including an interception on the team’s second drive of the game that wiped out a redzone opportunity, and a fumble on the final drive of the game.

Wentz did seem more settled in the pocket this week, and had a better command of the game. Getting both Jordan Matthews and Ryan Mathews back this week had to be some welcome relief for the young quarterback. Matthews caught eight passes for 79 yards. Mathews added 60 yards on the ground through 15 carries.

But even with some of their veterans back, this offense still just isn’t explosive enough and struggles to put more than 20 points on the board.

Quick Thoughts


  • With Mathews back in the fold, the younger running backs were almost completely phased out of the team’s offense. Wendell Smallwood took just three carries on the day, Kenjon Barner didn’t even suit up.
  • It seems like we say this every year in December: the Eagles have finally found ways to get their tight ends involved. Zach Ertz, who does his best work when the Eagles are eliminated from contention, put up over 100 yards on 10 catches.
  • Meanwhile, Trey Burton chipped in seven grabs for 65 yards. He’s become a reliable target for Wentz on third down situations.
  • Nelson Agholor caught two passes for 22 yards. Not an impressive stat line, but Agholor did appear to be playing with a little more confidence than he’s had all year.
  • Agholor also drew a long pass interference penalty that gave the Eagles the ball deep in Washington territory.
  • Paul Turner caught just one pass this week, but was only targeted twice. It’s worth noting that Turner seems to have surpassed Bryce Treggs on the depth chart, whom I don’t recall seeing on the field once.


  • For the first time in three weeks, Jim Schwartz’s scheme generated a couple of sacks.
  • Fletcher Cox picked up 1.5 sacks, easily his best performance of the season.
  • The other half sack went to Bennie Logan.
  • DeSean Jackson always seems to have big games against the Eagles. Jackson turned the game around in Washington’s favor with an 80-yard touchdown reception.

Special Teams

  • A wrist injury to long-snapper Jon Dorenbos cost the Eagles three points in the second half. With Dorenbos out, Brent Celek was forced to step in to the role, and on his first attempt fired a bad snapped that would lead to a turnover on downs.
  • Celek would sustain an injury himself, and leave the game, resulting in a bizarre tryout on the sidelines during the game between Mychal Kendricks, Trey Burton,  and others auditioning to replace Celek.
  • Burton would win out, and deliver a successful snap on a field goal attempt that gave the Eagles a brief lead late in the game.
  • Ridiculous that Kenjon Barner was among the team’s inactive players today. Its bizarre enough that he hasn’t received more opportunities to help the struggling offense, but if nothing else he was the team’s best return man.

Final Thoughts

Doug Pederson continues to get away from the run too easily. Not all that surprising a disciple of Andy Reid would get away from the run. The game was close through most of the day, and there really wasn’t a reason for Pederson to abandon his ground game as there had been in previous weeks.

Pederson’s offense is struggling to put up more than 14 points a game. Talented skill position players or not, that just isn’t acceptable at this level.

Carson Wentz did some positive things in this game, and although the rally ultimately fell short at the end, the hope is that he and the rest of the team can continue to show some encouraging signs as the season winds down.

69 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Redskins

  1. The gameplan was excellent. Redskins are not
    Bad at stopping the run and are horrid in the pass.

    We ran just enough to keep them honest on defense and set up the pass.

    This came down to Jordan not getting his feet in bounds. The missed fg attempt and the called back punt.

    It wasnt the gameplan. It was three linemen being out on offense and a rookie HC and qb being at the helm. Not enough playmakers just yet

    Carson had his best game of the year

  2. 51 passes and 24 runs is not a formula for success..we did not run enough as evidenced by four sacks again. Calling a pass play on the first INT when Matthews had been running well a big mistake…no reason not to run it there. Also, not giving Tobin help with Kerrigan on the last play was inexcusable especially after the first game. Pederson’s play calling and protection scheme are just not good enough and it doesn’t look like he can learn from his mistakes. I just don’t feel any passion or energy from him. Why keep him if they end up 5-11? Can it be argued the team improved over the course of the season? They look like Reid’s teams the years after the SB…

  3. What a downer. As usual, my boy was playing hockey from 1-2…then I had to prep the roast duck for dinner while having a few. Watched the game from 3-5:30 on PVR.

    Well….synopsis to follow. I was not happy.. NOT happy.

    BUT…the Eagles played hard. They played well. They competed.

    I think the future is bright. Really bright.

  4. To consider:

    What the hell is “sick”?? Clearly there are Birds with drug issues.
    Ertz actually played like a man……except……

    Bad throw for the endzone INT, but I HATED Ertz’s pussy route running.

    Should have been 15 yrd roughing the passer for the low hit on Wentz.

    Wentz is tough.

    Did Peters false start on purpose on the 4th down play because he disagreed with Pederson???????????????

    Very, very weak call against Ertz on the kick return TD.

    Celek…bad snap AND trucked.

    Bad challenge on first pass completion….its a 50/50 play max….will NEED the TD late in the game in a 1 pt match.

    What the hell is the difference between Garcon’s push off and Matthew’s push off other than one got called the the other didn’t???

    Agholor ran a kickoff out of the endzone to the 15. Thanks again Nelson. I now hate him.

    Why the FUCK can;t Kelce snap for FGs and Punts????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Cannot false start with 7 mins to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CANNOT…CANNOT take a Time out on 4th and 1 in the 4th. CANNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This all on coaches as play in too late.

    Fuck. The playclock hit zero BEFORE Cousins called a TO.

    Why didn’t Ertz turn left??????????? A TO was coming no matter what. He turns left and it would have been first and goal from the 8, not the 14.

    Right Tackle was ABUSED all frikkin’ day. And last play no exception.

    I don;t like to over-exaggerate….but the Lane Johnson suspension ended the Eagle\s season

  5. For everyone strokin’ it over Prescott, they should settle down. Without 5 seconds and wide open WRs this guy isn’t that impressive.

    How is every guy he throws to 20 yrds open???????

    Dude has benefited (greatly) from his oline, RB and Wrs. Put him on Cleveland and he is 0-13, 20 ints and a shell-shocked shell of a QB.

    1. Vinny, you beat me to it. When that o line is not giving him platinum security you see how he will perform. Put him behind the Eagles o line and watch what would happen…similar to what you are seeing tonight.

  6. I too was wondering where Barnes was?? He was deactivated to make room for another O-lineman(Tobin?). Don’t know whussup with Brooks, but we could have really used Barner in this game obviously.

  7. Lots to dissect after another (back to back) home loss ,and yet another NFC east loss.Our biggest projections moving forward are being clouded by the makeshift (next man up) dominoes effect of the offensive line .Guys who are guards are now tackles ,and a pedestrian effort at right tackle by Tobin ,could have cost us more than a game ..Protecting 11 is tantamount to our stability ,moving forward .A few high points for me ..we are exposing ,like a soft underbelly ,certain guys that simply ,are overmatched ..high fiving Desean going deep against this vaunted secondary ,tells me nothing ..regarding Tobin ,he got in a spin cycle as did big V vs the skins ..Tobin ,obviously is no match at the moment for Kerrigan..and I agree ,lame Johnson ,had inflicted a wound to this team ,that reverberated ..before the game ,I wanted to see sproles split out ,as a receiver ,and he was,used successfully ,until he was in a violent collision this guys toughness..even more reason why we sat barwin ? If sproles,was already playing with broken ribs ,wouldn’t you assume depth ,was needed..All I see with Barner ,is a guy making plays ..I’m not seeing protection breakdowns ,so why isn’t he active ? Burton is a nice dependable weapon..Matthews actually caught ,the balls thrown to him..Agholor took baby steps ,as did turner (catch balls that hit you in the hands ) ,and Ertz obviously and rightfully so ,took heat and came out balling..why not every play ,is the question ? Until the foundation of the O line is established ,Wentz ,will be hindered ,as he shows ,command ,arm strengths ,and a toughness that really is self evident..Protect him and get guys that are dependable to make plays and the rest will be fun to watch.I thought Doug ,also had a bounce back game ,his game plan ,was only hampered by his O line and long snapper ..which begs ,who backs up the long snapper ? was that ever considered? Celek? he didn’t look as if he was routinely ready to just slide in ,as next man up.,The back end of this team is so reliant on the front 7 ,as is theO line inexorably a determinant on the QB ..once these areas of omission ,are cleaned up ,and addressed in the next few drafts ,a full squad will be represented..I do think Dougs calling attention to guys ,payed dividends ..we lost the battle ,but not the. War ..

    1. emergency long snapper is like an emergency QB– they get no work. Celek is listed as the back up and burton number 3…. I’m pretty sure everyone scrambles when you lose your first two long snappers.
      I don’t understand why Matthews didn’t drag his damn toe– isn’t that a fundamental?????? that really hurt.
      On the positive— pederson and wentz are joined at the hip– wentz absolutely showed he is the man/best player on the team etc. —

  8. Redskins Defense Ranked 26th in the NFL ..
    Their Secondary is as bad as the Eagles are..
    There is 1 Redskin Defender that you have to Account For/Game PLan and who kills the Eagles every time they Play and that’s OLB/DE Ryan Kerrigan in obvious Passing Situations… He’s lit up the Eagles OL & QB’s for 4 Seasons Now..

  9. Whats Going on with Malcolm Jenkins who has a whopping 6 Tackles Total the last 2 Football Games?? How does that Happen as a NFL Safety.. Jenkins started the Season Playing a very high level but has dropped off considerably

    LB Michael Kendricks With 28 Total Tackles for the Season…
    He had 86 in 2015, 83 in 2014 & 106 in 2013 and clearly is not the same player that he used to be…

    Nolan Carroll & Leodis McKelvin are not Starting Quality CB’s and Rookie Jalen Mills does not have the Pure Speed to play the Outside and should be moved to Safety or Slot CB
    This Eagles Secondary needs a complete Overhaul which for about the 4th time in the last 5 Years.. You Can’t Win in the NFL with this Group..It’s Not even Close

    1. The Eagles Secondary has 7 Interceptions in 13 Games this Season ..
      That’s pitiful.. Secondary Coach Gary Undlin, a Holdover from Chip Kelly’s Staff will be Terminated after this Season….

  10. Chimp..the back end is reliant on the front’s all pass rush ,exposes the defensive weak link..curry is a bust of epic proportions..dag was correct..

  11. You still somehow, someway have to make Plays One-on-One on the Back-End and the Eagles Corps is just unable to do so, they lack the Speed, Seeing the Ball and Overall Ball Skills (Hands) to make Plays

    V Curry & MSII have been Invisible…. Barwin had a nice Start to the Season but has faded as the Season has gone on…
    Brandon Graham has been the only Consistent Edge Player on the Eagles

    Special Teams ..

    Eagles Punter Donnie Jones is Rated 22nd Overall and is Earning $2 Million
    It’s time to cut the Chord with both Punter Jones (Age 36) and LS Jon Donebros (Age 36) and develop Younger Players

    Kicker Caleb Sturgis has had a very Good Year and should be locked up with a 2-3 extension, but still Invite Kickers to Next Summer Camp for Competition

  12. Eagles are stuck with Vinny Curry – who is contributing absolutely nothing – untill 2020 at least. His Dead Cap hit next year is astronomical at $15 ,illion. He can’t be cut with a number like that.

    Didn’t the Eagles just sign Jones and Dorenbos to extentions mid-season?

    I still have no idea – absolutely none why it wasn’t Kelce in there for the FG snap after Dorenbos got hurt.

    1. you are making the assumption that Kelce can do it???? long snapping is a particular skill that is unlike a shotgun snap to a qb– its a tight spiral with zip….
      cutting your long snapper isn’t really a priority– i believe thats just monkey feces against the wall.

    2. The Salary Cap is Increasing about $7 Million for the 2017 Season (from approx $155 up to $162, I believe

      I believe the Eagles did sign both Jones/Donebros to Extensions which is puzzling as they are both 36 Years Old with 13-14 Years under their belt and not a lot of Teams going to be knocking their Doors down ..
      It’s time to get Younger and even for Special Teams

  13. Anyone Over the Age 30.. Show them the Door after the Season
    Breet Celek,Jason Peters, Ryan Matthews, Darren Sproles, Connor Barwin, Malcolm Jenkins,Nolan Carrol, Leodis McKelvin, Donnie Jones, Jon Donebros…
    Also out with Players like Jason Kelce & M Kendricks , MSII & N Agholor
    Out with the Old and In with the New and Start the Rebuild from the Ground Up…

    This Aging “Core Group” Cannot Compete within its own Division let alone the rest of the NFL, so why bother keeping them around …

    1. someone said peter is a huge cap hit– he’s back plus you need some professionals to help set a tone– you mentioned 26% of their roster– i would doubt it would take two years to turn over that many–

      1. Peters’ is $11.2 mill against the cap next year, and 2 million “dead cap” if cut. I think they’ll re-negotiate him with a one year deal.

        Oh, and yes, I do think Kelce could do the long snapping…..better than the guys they chose to do it.

        I’m not saying he’d be great at it…but I’ll take the guy who has fired off about 10,000 shotgun snaps over a Celek or Kendricks who spent 2 mins trying to snap the ball on the sideline.

        But I guess that’s just me.

        1. what if he can’t spin the ball? dunno– people think its easy– long snapping is a skill– as a matter of fact every man should teach his son to long snap– they give scholarships for thaT

    2. The veteran leadership,if its not ,apparently there,with this squad,leaves me to take what you day,chimp,with more clarity..young and old both,if theyre determined cant play,in the to move on..peters is still an all pro,and if capably,id look to restructure his deal..other than false starts hes been pretty remarkable,considering all the tumultuous goings on with the line..I have no problems with a long snapper,whos very effective..hell he showed his value by subtracting himself..the back end is a work in progress still…shwarts brought in familiarity,but not quality…of all the offseason signings on the defensive side of the ball im wondering how they feel about the 600 pound elephant at tackle defensively?

  14. Well Fisher finally got the ax…. I heard a very well connected guy out of cincinatti say that there is no way marvin lewis will be fired– he’s the new teflon don!!!!!

    1. Remember, a week ago the Rams signed him to a 2 year extention through 2018!


      Philly media might constantly dither on about how “dysfunctional” the Eagles front office is….but at least they’re not extending a coach on Dec 4 and firing him 8 days later!

      1. Apparently that 2 Year Extension for Jeff Fisher was agreed up at the beginning of the Season in September and was only announced last week ( 8 Days ago)
        after growing criticism and questions about Fishers Future
        Either way, Fisher is a lousy HC and should have been gone years ago

        Andy Reid would kill for that Job…
        Back in his Hometown area..Build a Winner out of a downtrodden Franchise

  15. This kid has broke the record for most passing attempts by a rookie in a 7 game span in NFL history at 313. Were asking him to do more then any rookie qb in NFL history!!

    What hasn’t he seen this year?

    Primetime games both on the road in the Divison and outside it.

    Playing in Seattle.

    Being down in 4th multiple times.

    What a great learning exp for the kid!!

    Bring in Desean and then draft a Wr round 1!! Maybe take a rb with top pick.

    Give this kid some weapons like the raiders did with Derek Carr!!

    Wouldn’t mind a corner or oline ether

      1. That’s an unfair “hindsight is 20-20” question.

        Pete Caroll went 6-10 with the Jets and was bounced. Fail.

        2 seasons later he became coach of the Pats, and after one good 10-6 year, spun the wheels of mediocrity and was fired from there. Fail.

        A decade later, when he returned to the NFL he went 7-9 and 7-9 before Wilson matured and turned him into a great coach.

        As for Bellicheck…One winning season in his first 5 years as a coach.

        To review…one winning season in 5 years.

        And we’re tossing Pederson after 13 games????

        I am absolutely convinced this is why the Eagles struggle.

        BTW – Of course Bellickeck is a great coach. We know that now. ANd of course I would trade Pederson for Belicheck right now – who wouldn’t?? (not sure about Caroll)

        But what I am saying is “Doug Pederson must go!” after 13 games is just plain dumb – and yet, its out there…..

        1. Well god damn Vinny I was asking Gloomy (specifically) that question because that was the point I was going to make…you totally ruined it for me..Thanks!!!!

          Sometimes you have to relax and layoff….Jeeeezus!!!

          1. LOL….that is funny ehl.

            I don’t know if many teams would be patient enough to go through years of losing to develop a coach like Belicheat. It is usually in his second or third stop where a HC hits his stride and is able to put it all together….unless you are Jeff Fisher and have pictures of the owner in a compromising…oh well.

            1. Another good comparison would be Jason Garrett…..he had a number of questionable years early on and it took a while for them to get the team moving in the right direction. I guess if you believe you have the right guy, the key is patience otherwise you are just a training ground for another team to land “the right guy”

              1. It helps you become the RIGHT GUY when you get a game changing QB– cheater wasn’t the right guy until brady and Carroll wasn’t the right guy until Wilson-
                Eagles off season, priority 1 CB, priority 2 OL and priority 3…. I’m going to say a MLB and move Hicks to WSLB

              2. imo im not getting wentz weapons this year unless u can get pryor…

                wentz has been in numerous situations this year where he could have elevated his game regardless of his weapons and made plays… clutch plays… better ball placement, better reads… his weapons suck i agree. but frankly im stacking this team with non offensive playmakers this offseason to rebuild the meet of this team. we need corners bad. we need linebackers bad, we need d line help bad, we need some oline. id wait another year or so and let wentz learn under less than ideal situations all the while building ur nucleus. if i went skill position i would think about rb, bc this draft is loaded with them

              3. That’s correct. You can’t just change coaches left and right, these guys needs time to develop, find their niche and have time to implement their program with the players they bring in to develop. The problem with the browns is that they change coaches every 1-3 years. The 49ers are becoming the Browns, Chip will be gone by next year if not this year(can’t blame them on that though!)

  16. maybe its just the backlash from LLCB but I think Pederson has done a real good job. I think for the most part he’s game planned well. He is a bit too ballsy sometimes but really if we are complaining about a HC being aggressive then we are just being assholes– He’s handled some of the adversity well. He probably says TOO MUCH (again now we are complaining about TOO MUCH) to the media. I think he is in the head of Wentz and those two are going to have a run.

    1. I agree with your Kelly point regarding a backlash, however I do believe that Pederson has made mistakes that will need to be improved upon going forward.

      1) Too many passes for a rookie QB with poor receivers…110 passes in the past two games? If you don’t get him physically killed you will likely kill his confidence with this group of receivers.

      2) Like you mentioned, he needs to do a better job with the press. Needs to learn coach-speak….it may infuriate us at some point but there are some tried and true clichés that might serve him better then his stuttering and stammering….he is not a spin-master and after Kelly, this press corp will soon turn on him.

      3) I am not in the locker room, but I question the presence of some strong voices on the team and from this head coach. They look to be accepting losing without any accountability….but like I said, I am not in the locker room and could be completely off base.

        1. ESPN Stats has the Eagles 15th in Rushing Attempts with 340 Rushes
          and 18th in Total Yards with 1,412 Yards

          QB Carson Wentz has 37 Rush Attempts (11 % of the Teams) and 102 Yards Gained in these Rushing Yard Totals as well

          The Eagles Average 109 Yards per Game on the Ground Ranking them 15th

          Ryan Matthews will be gone after this Season and Darren Sproles has 1 Final Season left in him… so next Season should be more Smallwood, maybe Barner and a Hopefully a Younger, Bigger Draft Pick with some Size and Strength to Run thru the Tackles…

              1. This team had very close to a 50/50 run pass ratio earlier in the year, but if you check the last 8 or 9 games they have gotten more and more pass focused, leading to a 60 and 50 pass attempts in the past 2 games.

                Game situations will dictate things to a certain extent, however I see that Reich /Pederson can quickly abandon the run and become a one dimensional team. We saw this with Reid for years, but when a defense knows that you have abandoned the run it makes it that much tougher for your line in pass protection and your receivers to get open.

  17. Quick Look at the 2017 Eagles Opponents

    6 Games vs the NFC East as usual (Cowboys,Redskins & Giants)
    4 Games vs the Weaker NFC West (Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams & 49ers)
    4 Games the Brutal AFC West (Chiefs,Raiders,Broncos & Chargers)
    2 Games vs Basement Teams from the other NFC Divisions – Bears & either the Saints/Panthers

    The key to 2017 and really every Season is the Eagles going at least .500 within the NFC East..Until they can go at least 3-3 within the NFC East,then nothing else really matters

    Rams,Chargers, 49ers & Bears are all rebuilding and may have new Coaches, Schemes and probably new QB’s in SF & Chicago for their Teams ..

    Cardinals are aging on Offense with Carson Palmer/Fitz close to the end of the line..

    4 Games in London Next Season Announced by the NFL
    (Ravens,Browns & Cardinals are all making their London debuts in 2017 with the usual Jaguars, Rams, Vikings,Dolphins and Saints also playing)

    Word is President-Elect Donald Trump is trying to get the NFL to have a Game in Russia

  18. As far as keep doug on board if there isnt an upgrade at least investigated..o.c.of new england ,comes to.mind..a once filtered head coach under tutelage of bellicheat and ties to Jeffreys heartstrings in new england. …is intriguing..

    1. Doug Pederson is going nowhere..
      We may see a few changes on the Staff (Secondary Coach Gary Undlin will likely not be retained)

      Remember that Bill Belichik’s understudies and Asst’s Coach’s are very unlikely to ever work for the Eagles as long as Howie Roseman is around … Belichick thinks that Roseman is a Weasel and has told his Staff many times, to keep away from the Eagles & Roseman.. I’m not saying Josh McDaniels or their DC can’t decide for themselves, where their best opportunities are, but Belichik’s Staff revere him and his opinion on People and other Organizations..

      1. Correction — meant to type that HC Pederson is not going anywhere..
        Doug Pederson will get at least 3 Seasons to Prove he belongs..
        Part of that Emotional Intelligence that Owner Lurie spoke about numerous times last off-Season is having some patience and letting the Coach’s and Staff ‘grow’ into their Jobs.. Lurie’s smart enough to realize that you can’t keep changing Head Coach’s and Staff all the time where there is no continuity, new Systems, Players on the Rosters who don’t fit this System or that System,etc,etc… Lurie knows that Stability with the Coaching Staff bring’s Continuity,Trust to the Team,Locker Room and the Roster.

        Eagles appear to have a good 4-5 Players from the 2015 Draft that are and will be contributors for the Future.. Now they need to add another 4-5-6 Players in this Draft and maybe a few targeted Free-Agency this Of-Season and continue to Grow the Team from there..

        Some Free-Agent CB’s in 2017 that Eagles may want to look at
        Morris Claiborne – Cowboys (Age 26)
        Stephen Gilmore – Buffalo (Age 26)
        Jonathon Banks – Bears (Age 27)
        Corey White – Buffalo (Age 26)
        Logan Ryan – Patriots (Age 25)

  19. Eagles 2017 Mock Draft (Version #2 – thru the first 4 Rounds – 5 Picks)

    1st Round – LB – Tim Williams – Alabama (6-3 252lbs)
    2nd Round – Guard – Doran Johnson – Pitt (6-5 305lbs)
    3rd Round – CB – Chidobe Awuzie – COlorado (5-11 205lbs)
    4th Round (from Cleveland) – RB Elijah Hood – UNC (5-11 220lbs)
    4th Round – CB Brandon Faycson – Virgina Tech (6-1 191lbs)

    Look to Sign a Free-Agent WR or Two and Draft a WR in the 5th/6th Round

    Some Free-Agent WR’s to look at if the Price is Right and Short-Term Deals
    Kamar Aiken, Kenny Britt, Robert Woods,Terrance Williams, Markus Wheaton, Marlon Brown but I would not throw Big $$$ or Long-Term Deals with any of these Players.

    1. pman, if Tim Williams is available when the Vikings…umm I mean the Eagles pick yes you have to take him. Anther player I like is Notre Dame Guard Quentin Nelson. I desperately want a WR but I think I can get DeDe Westbrook in the second round,either him or Texas RB D’Onta Foreman..actually I’d take Foreman 6’1″ 249 4.47 -4.5 speed.

      I’m not a fan of Doran Jackson, to much finesse in his game.

      1. I did forget about RB Foreman from Texas and Yes he’s a Stud..
        The Eagles are locked in with most of their DL outside of Bennie Logan
        I believe the Eagles have some tough Decisions about LB Position
        I agree with HAC and think Jordan Hicks would be more effective on the Outside as the Weakside OLB.. (Michael Kendricks just has to go and appears that he doesn’t want to remain an Eagle maybe they can get a 6th Round Pick for him)
        Nigel Bradham is signed thru the 2017 Season and has played pretty well..
        I don’t believe the Eagles will extend him beyond 2017 due to his off-the field incidents.. They Have ILB Joe Walker from last Years Draft who they were high on in Camp before he got hurt so adding a Tim Williams who can play up and down the LB Level would be a smart Pick and a Player who can probably contribute right away during his Rookie Season.. I also like that Zac Cunningham from Vanderbilt who is about 6-3 235lbs and that type of long,lanky LB that can play Inside/Outside and who adds versatility and athleticism but he needs to get bigger/stronger to be an every down NFL LB..

        When looking at the Top 20 Tacklers in the NFL.. 18 of them are LB’s which is the Norm.. Most Defenses are built for the LB’s to make the Plays & Tackles from Sideline to Sideline and look at any good Defense and what do they have in common, excellent LB’s .. The Eagles need to upgrade since Michael Kendricks has fallen into the abyss… Hicks makes plays but may be better suited out on the edge and out in space more and not have to deal with interior OL that he goes against playing the inside..

        Go 2017 with Bradham playing the Strong Side LB, Tim Williams at MLB and Jordan Hicks at Weakside LB and then you have a pretty dynamic LB Corps with Speed,Size and Strength
        If this Joe Walker develops into a nice MLB then shift Tim Williams to replace Bradham come 2018 to the Outside..
        the Eagles Top Tackler is LB Nigel Bradham who ranks #38 with 81 Tackles
        LB Jordan Hicks is Ranked 61st with 68 which is kind of low for a MLB

  20. There is no Word on Health Status of Guard Brandon Brooks who continues to have Ulcer Issues with his Stomach which he has missed time over the last 3 Seasons with the Houston Texans for the same reason which is probably why the Texans failed to even pursue in re-signing him last Free-Agency..
    Did Howie do his homework on Brandon Brooks…
    I would not be surprised to see the Eagles simply shut him down for the Season which means more Reps for Issac/Wisnewski and more Hits for QB Wentz….
    The only 2 somewhat healthy OL are 35 Years Old LT Peters and the Overmatched/Undersized Center Jason Kelce who both are having down Seasons again and are at the end of the line…. Good Grief…

  21. Doug Pedersen might be the worse than chip he cost 2 games with his stupidity he has Wentz avging 42.9 drop backs a game with a poor wr core he challenged a 2yd catch it took him 8 weeks to realize that he had a te this guy is in way over his head and I can’t wait til they fire his ass

    1. Gloomy. Other ,than a hair on fire ,misstep by this coach,hes not going terminated.Hes not as destructive to the roster as chip ,not even close..he had a bounce back game vs Washington ,and guys responding to his vitriol..hes been operating with a decimated roster..pointing the finger at chip for his dismissive attempt to draft any O lineman,and letting others,walk out the door..ive said it many times..hes the tail of the dog and wentz is the top dog.Theyre inextricably connected..yes ,hes fu–ed up ..his learning on the job ,is at times trouble that we can only hope he garners knowledge..a guy can look like a genius with skill players..lets understand ,hes still got 3 games out…lets at least digest a season. If no upgrades are low hanging agreeable that his tenure is best uninterrupted to best move forward..

    1. Gloomy I thought your goofy lopsided trade scenarios were the only place you didn’t know what you are talking about but apparently you just say stupid and unfounded hints all over the place.

      1. LOL GLoomy wake up dude!! How old are u!!?

        FIRE a coach after his first year LOL!!

        This is why fans are fans. Most of us do not know Shit.

        FIRE a guy who has 5 wins, when everyone and there momma had us winning 5 games anyway LOL.

        We didn’t win the Super Bowl this year after starting 3-0 agaisnt the browns and bears HAHAHAHA.

        Troy aikman and his rookie HC started 0-11.

        Dick Vermiel back in the 70s and 80s had 4 wins and then 5 his first two years.

        Get over urself

        1. A wonderful truthful post! Nice to know that there are Gcobbers that know that there is another side to football beside the obvious x s and 0/s that the super fans cling to like some old ne;er to be forgotten lover . An example would be Mr Brooks , the O line man with quasi_ seemingly, anxiety issues, and some G cobbers seem to feel as if he is already a lost cause. Of course to these Cobbers it matters not that in truth, he has only missed a game or two to a illness they know zippo about.Typical of most fans , they only know what they want . and are so quick to judge. Some things change in life and some thing stay the same! But when all is said and done change never stops! Whether we approve or not .

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