Defending Howie Roseman

In the midst of a 5-8 season, the Philadelphia Eagles continue to face a great deal of questions about the future of their franchise. One of the largest questions, one that has lingered for years, is whether or not Howie Roseman should be allowed to remain heavily involved in the team’s personnel decisions.

Marcus Hayes of wrote a column calling for Roseman’s firing, less than a full season into his second go-around as the team’s general manager.

Howie isn’t without fault. But he’s done a lot of good things over the last year. Not all of them have worked out, but he’s nailed a handful of decisions that have the team’s arrow pointing up in the future.

It starts with Carson Wentz. Ever since the Donovan McNabb era ended, the Eagles had been trying to take shortcuts to find their franchise quarterback. They didn’t spend top picks to acquire quarterbacks, instead settling for middling prospects like Kevin Kolb, Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley in the draft, guys who all had limited upside and ceilings. The franchise ended up wasting second, third, and fourth round picks to bring those guys in.

They also tried the ever-painful route of reviving the careers of failed first-round picks from other teams. This led to the era where we saw Michael Vick, Vince Young, Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow come to town and provide fans with some teases of their ever-unfulfilled potential, but ultimately none of those guys were able to take the Eagles higher than 10-6, and none ever won the team a playoff game.

It was time for the Eagles to go back to the top of the draft to land their franchise quarterback, and Roseman did it without paying a price that would cripple the team’s ability to improve through the draft in years to come. During the process of getting in position to draft Wentz, Roseman was even able to accomplish what many would have thought to be impossible, jettisoning the albatross contracts of Byron Maxwell and DeMarco Murray.

Howie also hit a homerun by taking advantage of the Minnesota Vikings and extorting a first-round pick out of them for Sam Bradford. Not only did this move restock the team’s draft pick supply, but it opened the door for Wentz to begin his career this year instead of 2017, getting a good deal of his growing pains out of the way.

Howie will receive a lot of criticism for the handful of extensions he handed out to some of the team’s young players. Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Vinny Curry, and Fletcher Cox have all failed to live up to expectations after picking up big deals last off-season. Criticism of these moves is laughable, because there’s a lot of revisionist history going on. The vast majority of the team’s followers were all for these extensions when they took place. And the reality is that its too early to say whether or not these extensions were bad ones. Its very reasonable that a lot of people have soured on Ertz after the kind of efforts he’s been giving throughout the season, but there’s still hope for these other young players.

Lane Johnson’s suspension was unfortunate, but he’s still a guy that can be a bookend tackle in this league, and getting him back for a full season will be a huge boost to this offense. I also think its too early to give up on Vinny Curry. The entire defensive line has underachieved this season, and I find it hard to believe that Curry, Cox, and the other big-name players on the front lines forgot how to play football overnight. More so, I think their struggles are a product of poor scheming by defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Also keep in mind some of the other moves that Roseman’s made that have been positive. The Rodney McLeod signing has given the team an excellent tandem at the safety position, and for the first time since 2008, the position is a strength rather than a weakness. Nigel Bradham has also quietly been a nice addition to the defense. Jalen Mills and Halapoulivaati Vaitai appear to be solid late-round finds in the draft. Stefan Wisniewski and Brandon Brooks have been solid additions to the offensive line.

The most important thing to keep in perspective with this situation is that Chip Kelly did such a ridiculous amount of damage to this franchise in his year of personnel control. Roseman entered this offseason with a roster that didn’t have a long-term answer at quarterback, holes across the offensive line, garbage at the skill positions, and holes throughout the secondary. This was always going to be a multi-year fix, and the fact that Roseman was able to accomplish what he has in just one offseason is impressive.

I don’t know that Roseman is going to be the guy that truly returns this organization to being an annual contender. But he’s earned at least another season to keep building.

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  1. Good Article Denny,
    This is a 3 Year Re-Build with a Successful 1st Year here in 2016 in Terms of reshaping the Roster and getting a Franchise Type of QB who can be successful for the next 10-12 Seasons
    They Addressed the OL in Last Years Draft with Issac & Vaitai and the Big Signing and Financial Commitment to Guard Brandon Brooks
    They Resigned and have committed Big Contracts to that Defensive Line which a couple of the Players have not played very well
    Roseman Solidified the Safety Position with Rodney McLeod, who happens to be the Defenses 3rd leading Tackler and which has been a revolving Door ever since Dawkins
    The Skills Positions (WR & CB & RB) will take 2-3 Seasons to Draft and Upgrade as the Eagles have some Veteran Players to bridge the gap in the meantime but need to start getting Wentz some Weapons to Grow with..
    I do not think that Nelson Agholor will ever make an Impact at the NFL Level..
    I’ll give DBG 1 more Season to fully learn the system and be entrenched with the Eagles way of doing things, this will be a very important Off-Season for Him if he wants a long productive Career in the NFL
    This will be another interested Off-Season for the Eagles and many Players will determine their fate as Future Core Eagles Player by how they perform and handle themselves over these next 3 Weeks of the Season..
    And Roseman needs to stay away from Free-Agents who have a history of missing lots of practices which therefore, leads to missing lots of Games…

  2. I trust Howie.

    Don’t give me that bullshit where he has done nothing to earn our trust. I know he has had shitty drafts in the past. I know the dream team was a disaster. But atleast he was trying and learning off his mistakes.

    Especially after being fired for Chip Kelly.

    Wasn’t his previous draft right before he got. Fired a good One?

    So far this years draft is a success it looks like.

    A lot of free agent additions which have looked good. Some weren’t.

    Bottom line is, people thought Howie was down and defeated after chip Kelly. But he was actually somewhere plotting.

    He has done a great job in year 1.

    Year 2 and 3 will be his make or break years

  3. The Marcus Hayes article was LAZY and just plain stupid– I know this in the NFL its a fine line between the penthouse and the outhouse as far as results on the field are concerned. GCOBB would have gotten record hits/posts if he let Cox walk- some of us warned that $100 for a tackle was a lot but in the end he is your best player so sign him. As a fan we always have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight but in the real world you don’t. This season is a success if by nothing else Wentz is the guy and he didn’t cost you an arm and a leg (let alone mortgage the future). Also, as fraudman said it looks like they added depth to the OL in late rounds. Draft a CB, WR, MLB and another OL–

  4. Eagles Prized and Big $$$$ Free-Agent Signing Guard Brandon Brooks has been Diagnosed with an “Anxiety Disorder/Condition”.. His Status is unknown at this time …

  5. Just got in ,and Michael Floyd was cut loose by the cards ..DUI in AZ is treated like a heinous crime. I’m not in disagreement,as driving ,can lead to you killing or harming others..Then the. Paradox he’s 27 4 tds and productive ..His only transgression occurred back in college DUI.. I’m kicking his tires ,if he’s not Otis of Mayberry…

    1. Apparently, M Floyd had already fallen out of favor with the Coaching Staff with the Cards and his playing time/snaps had been reduced this Season which is a Contract year for him as he was about to become a Free-Agent after the Season.. His Stock is obviously low now with this recent dangerous incident..
      Some Team will give him a shot come Spring Time, but it sounds like he needs to get some Professional Help first and straighten out his life before worrying about Playing Ball anytime soon…

      1. He will be signed before the playoffs.

        No doubt the Birds need a quality receiver, and have a team history of taking on redemption cases, but with releasing Huff the way that they did, I am not sure that they would take the chance.

  6. Howie turned chicken slop into chicken salad ..We all know how chip cut more ties than Edward scissor hands …Marcus Hayes needs be an alarmist ,to write a story ,with disregard to its narrative..If Doug is allowed 3years ,so should his organizational pyramid..I’m intrigued how Schwartz scheme may be a possible reason that curry has disappeared ,and ms2 wasn’t mentioned ? that’s colossal ..are we to read the tea leaves ,as to who drafted him? I was in discussion today with a fellow eagle fan here in the desert ,and he said ,imagine …if we had still guys we had before chip and put Wentz behind center ,throwing to Desean ,and maclin ,and shady carrying the rock …

  7. Pman. He was found unresponsive behind the wheel ,and although he wasn’t combative ,the police mention he had to be forcefully taken ..sounds like fire water for this lad..he needs avoid the sauce ..but ,at 27 ,and a first rounder in 2012 suggest we get him in .

  8. 55 catchesof20 yds or more 13 of 40 yds or more contrasted with me sean since2012. 25 tds. 73 20yds or more 31 40 yds or more andfourmoreyears of tread.2 less touchdown and free as a breeze coastwise vs a free agent ..

  9. If this is Floyd’s 2nd DUI in less than 5 years he may (I am not a lawyer but have seen this a bunch as a counselor- each state is different though) be facing jail time which may preclude any team from signing him. He may also have his travel restricted till legal process is finished. I would say that otherwise claiming an NFL caliber WR even a back up would upgrade us now.

  10. Howie is one of the few things this team has going for it.

    Our head coach is my biggest worry.

    Jim Schwartz has been the biggest disappointment.

    1. What homework would you suggest? I assume you don’t understand mental illness? I also assume you haven’t read about they symptoms that BB has– in his case its accute excitement to play the game and i’m sure treatable- SA would rather pick daisies than play.
      To take a shot at anyone for this is complete ignorance on the fans part.

        1. He was misdiagnosed as suffering from ulcers-there is your homework– if you are a nurse you certainly would understand mental illness and its onset— guy will get treatment and get fixed hopefully.

        2. You would also understand that a person suffering mental illness would present physically to be normal. They would also test normal under most cognitive exams etc.

          1. Thanks for the lesson on mental illness. But I think my point is being lost in the text. I guarantee this just didn’t happen now. He has probably had a history of something not being right before a event, game, test or whatever. So now you have to worry about before every game if he is going to be able to play. Of course you can shove some ativan or clonzepam down his throat before a game but I wouldn’t recommend that in that sport.

              1. Dec 6th, 2015 – Brandon Brooks misses a Game vs the Buffalo Bills after Practicing all Week, Healthy and Travels to Buffalo and ended up as Late Scratch for the Game after coming up sick and throwing up that Sunday morning and was sent to a Local Buffalo Hospital
                This was Reported on the Texans Web-Site on the afternoon of Dec 6th, 2015

              2. so what? He missed a game while throwing up- thats a red glag??? wow fraudman I’ve seen you on here saying that you and many gcobb posters could be a gm…. so as gm you wouldn’t take a guy who came down violently ill on gameday??? interesting

              3. Since the 2013 Season — Brandon Brooks has missed only 4 Games.
                2 in the 2015 Season, 1 in the 2014 Season and 1 in the 2013 Season

            1. Brooks has played in 61 nfl games and started 55…. he has obviously achieved quite a bit without treatment- probably means the condition is moderate- there is something triggering the recent panic / anxiety attacks which would indicate its treatable. He is in a world class organization with access to world class treatment…this is a non-issue and certainly not one you can lay at the feet of the GM or scouting staff–

  11. Howie is beast. He suckered the Dolphins. Suckered the Vikings. And while he didn’t sucker the browns he made a great deal. He moved up to 2 basically without giving up anything when u put the bradturd and other trade returns in the equation.

  12. **Phillies News***
    Phils Sign CF Odubel Herrera to a 5 Year – $30 Million Deal with 2 Club Options, this comes a day after Signing Utility IF Andres Blanco to a 1 Year $3 Million Contract…
    Phillies are having a Nice Off-Season and should be competitive next Season if the Younger Core Players all continue to improve

    1. Fraudman I can’t figure you out. You say you are GM material but flip flop…. phils signed a ROY, MVP and the main cog of a powerhouse to a market friendly deal …. the guy gets hurt and you blast them. Now they lock a nice player for a market friendly deal even tho they have two more years of control and you praise. You are mister hindsight

    2. Herrera signing is a great one. Super cheap for the production that they are getting from him.

      Compare his stats to Adam Eaton who just got a gigantic haul to go to the Nats and they are strikingly close across the board in 2016 stats. BA, OBP, Runs, HRs, BBs are almost all exactly. Eaton had a considerable amount of doubles and triples, but Herrera stole 11 more bases. Both were Gold Glove Finalists. The big difference is that Herrera is 3 years younger.

      I still don’t think that the Phils will be competitive next year, but it depends on what that means to you. To me competitive means that they have a solid shot of winning the division, but I still think that they don’t stack up very well against the Nats and Mets (if their staff gets healthy, which is a big if.) That being said, I am excited to see the kids this year.

        1. .500 sounds about right and this is the year where they really figure out what they have in their top prospects. That will shape the off season for the next 1-2 years when they will have a truckload of money to spend.

          1. Right and the key now is that if some of those young guys perform the phils have shown the desire and ability to lock them up with this type of deal– which still leaves a tremendous amount of money.

    1. Wentz is a Franchise changing player. The Eagles did well last off season because of this. This team is doing exactly what most of us hoped would happen at the draft- get the rookie QB acclimated to the NFL and let him learn the game so as we build a team around him we improve. Beating the steelers was fun and a glimpse at what happens when this team plays its very best football. We need a team that can win when it is just playing average and then have the steelers type of game in the playoffs. The eagles are on schedule in my opinion and will be working to add talent and be ready to compete in two years. In the mean time it is all about creating a corp team and growing around Wentz. If we had gotten Goff we would still be in search of the biggest piece.

  13. Isaac Seumalo is starting at RT today. He’ll be going up against Elvis Dumerville. “Ohhh boy”. Quick passes and running the ball to preserve Wentz’s health…That’s all I can say.
    Go Eagles

    1. So they are on their fifth RT… How do you think that would affect any QB? Seriously, they can’t run, it is documented that the WR never get open. Imagine being a defensive coordinator against this team right now? IT WOULD be the easiest job on the planet…. Stacks he run and drop 7-8 on third and 9….. Even you would be able to call that defense..

  14. I still believe he may be the franchise QB but to say he is a rookie he doesnt know to throw the ball away and dont take 10 yard sack by running out of bounds and fumbling on the the sideline is bullshit. You learn that in juior high.

  15. Calling Paulman… My wife and I are looking at a lot in Boone. The development is vista at bills mountain. How is that area? We are looking for an are a that has a lot to do in retirement

    1. Its sunday. Chimps entertaining at the zoo..birds are again overwhelmed by the first quarters on the road,and although theyre fighting valiantly ,there over manned and love see a stretch go route..just once

    2. Is this the Vista Development (Bill’s Mtn) that is close to Lake Lure?
      That’s a great Area, very Close to Asheville, The Biltmore House & Village, Chimney Rock State Park & the Blue Ridge Linville Gorge
      Boone is about 90 Minutes North/Northeast of the Lake Lure/Asheville Area and has a higher Elevation, Cooler Temps and a longer Winter & more Snow..
      You can’t go wrong searching, settling in that Lake Lure/Asheville Area in my opinion, it’s has so many recreational things to do from Boating, Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Horse Farms, to all the Hiking, Canoeing/Kayaking, Biking,Hunting, Photography Fresh Mountain Air..The Greater Asheville area is a Hot Spot right now and will likely to continue to be so…

              1. HAC,
                I checked out the Address (125 Shooting Star Trail Boone,NC 28607) and am a little familiar with the Area which sits in an area called “Top Of Boone” as it’s located up on Howard’s Knob and overlooks the Town of Boone and is close to or part of Rich Mountain..
                Location Wise – it’s 10-15 Minutes from Downtown Boone and Appalachian State University and the Shopping/Restaurant/Hospital/Banking District so it’s a very convenient location..
                The Area itself has Beautiful Views, Miles of Trails, Canoeing/Kayaking on the New River in Todd which is less than 10 Miles away and plenty of Privacy..
                The Blue Ridge Parkway is about 10-15 Minutes away and Grandfather Mtn, Linville Gorge, Blowing Rock,Banner Elk are all within 30 Minutes
                3 Ski/Winter Resorts in the Area (Ski Beech Mtn, Sugar Mountain and Appalachian Ski Mtn are all within 30 Minutes)
                There’s plenty of Town,County and State Parks for Walking,Hiking, Biking and a very Nice Mountain Bike Park just opened about 2 Years 10 minutes down the Road.. Tweetsie Railroad which is popular for the Kids/Grand-kids is just South of Boone about 15 Minutes away and a fun Place..

                There are many of Communities for Active Retiree’s or soon to be Retiree’s up in this Area.. Some are Single Cabin Style Housing to vast Expensive Mountain Estates, but there are many Condo Communities that offer lots of Amenities some are Golf and Tennis Club Communities,etc,etc here in Watauga County which is where Boone is Located.. There are also many nice Communities in neighboring Ashe County (15-20 Miles to the East and Cheaper) and Avery County (15-20 Miles to the West) which is more Expensive as they are Closer to Grandfather Mtn/Beech Mtn which are over 5,000 Ft + in Elevation while Boone has Elevations of about 3,000-4,000 Ft

                What’s kind of strange is that both Zillow and Hotpads list this Address as being part of “Vista – Bill’s Mountain” close to Lake Lure,NC (Zip#28746) which is down by Asheville which around 90 Miles away …
                I searched and is there is also a 125 Shooting Star Lane in Lake Lure,NC (Zip 28746) that has a Property Listing… The Property in Boone is listed as 125 Shooting Star Trail, Boone (Zip 28607) .. Both Properties are listed for the same amount of $$$ and even the Pictures look similar ..

                I would be happy to pass along or mail you some Info on Various Communities, the Area Attractions,Area Builders, etc,etc if you’re Interested
                It’s a Beautiful Area to Live ..

              2. Where else but boone ..could a chimp be the head of the chamber of commerce…happy holidays ..santa needs bring us a couple of wideoits with a brain. A couple of. Corners. A few o lineman. To weigh fown his sleigh..

              3. There’s a brand new Hampton Inn (New Market Center) that just opened 2 Months ago and is about 1 Mile from Downtown on Hwy 421 (King Street) which is Nice and New and about $20-$40 a Night Cheaper than the Marriot which is the priciest Place in Town Fyi.

      1. It was the right decision to go for it. I appreciate that.

        I do not appreciate Nelson Agholor.

        I hate Nelson Agholor. He’s just such a puss, and does nothing fundamentally right. He missed a huge (possibly a TD) play on the end-around where he didn’t follow his blocks. He never comes back for the ball. He won’t even fair catch a fucking punt.

        The thing I was angriest about Carson Wentz today was that he kept throwing to Agholor all through the 4th.

        I really dislike Nelson Agholor.

        1. His malaprops were too plentiful to mentioned but a few..he also doesnt understand that studying the game matters..hes been quoted ..saying much..if hes ever shown finishing blocks downfield .it will be a,first..if not for hicks interception late..agholor once again would be an obvious goat ,stepping out of bounds on a 4th down play,where he missed cutting back against the beckham and agholor ee may have the two most frustrating receivers as a tandem of dumb..

  16. I understand that we sacrifice for the future but honestly this team would be 8-6 if we didnt have a rookie QB. Theres not a Eagle fan in the world that thought Wentz was going to deliver on that 2 point conversion.

      1. I would have liked a run play…but, as usual, Matthews was hurt and had taken himself out of the game, so I understand why Pederson wouldn’t have called a run with the rook in there.

        Can’t throw a fade to DGB because he’s just a tall stick who won’t go up, fight, and get a ball.

        I think the throw was going to be there had it not been tipped.

    1. 8-6 based on what? You are saying it as if it’s a fact except it’s what you believe, but that does not make it reality. Even if we were 8-6 with a vet QB, would we win the SB this year with the talent on this team? If not, what difference does it make. Sam Bradford has not been exactly lighting it up and leading the Vikes to Championship certainty this season. He’s on pace to be 7-9, 8-8 again this season. For a 7 year vet that has never done better than that, it’s not good enough. Nor is 8-6. Been there and done that. Preparing for the future was the right call. We all knew struggles would be the reality this year. Even if we benched Wentz by red shirting him this year he would deal with the same struggles next year. At least he has this experience and seasoning for next year. Gotta get over it dude. What’s done is done.

  17. Pederson was getting a lot of heat on here and in the Philly media (as usual). I even read some “should Pederson be fired” articles.

    Well, a couple of things.

    1 – The gameplan wasn’t perfect, but how about the commitment to the run? They were destroying the Ravens all afternoon and I think they would have run that final play had Matthews not been “hurt” as usual.

    2 – The team is still playing hard. And I guess that “whiff” block has had a very positive effect on Ertz.

    3 – The 2 pt call was the right call. And I guarantee you its going to go over very, very well in the locker room. The play screams “I believe in you” to the team, and will have a positive effect on the team’s ‘culture’ moving forward.

    4 – Finally….how frikkin’ GREAT was the timeout management??? How wonderful is it to see an Eagles team with all 3 timeouts in a close game with 2:20 to go? I was soooo worried Pederson was going to challenge the Agholor spot and lose the TO there…..but he didn’t. All 3 were available to stop the clock on the Raven’s last drive….with one left over to use to discuss the extra pt decision with the team.

    Anyway…the team is still headed in the right direction. Its still going to be 2 more years to improve the oline, WRs, dline and secondary. But I feel good.

    On a side note….anyone else see Bradford going something like 24 of 29 over his 3 drives in the 4th Q after it was 27-3 for Indy. Too damn funny.

  18. Ed Marynowitz got terminated after week 16 in 2015 with a 6-9 record,
    The man who led the charge to get Ed Marynowitz ( one year in charge) has a 5-9 record right now.
    Is there a press conference set up for Monday Morning by Jeff Lurie ? If a 6-9 record after 15 games in charge of personnel wasn’t good enough in 2015 for a first time GM (Marynowitz) how is 5-9 good enough for an retread 2nd chance GM personnel man ( Roseman) .

    1. Thats disingenuous..howie inherited slop,leftover from a egomaniacal coach kelly..I see the offensive leader at franchise qb on this roster and a return on sam bradford with currently a 7 loss vikings team .likely to go 8_8 as is sams mantra..

        1. When the $ was given there was no way they could have known that they could move up to two overall. The original plan was to start Bradford and have Daniel as the back up. It was a fluid situation. You’re looking at it with 20/20 hindsight.

            1. Lol, oh yes some did. They do not post anymore though. Koolbreeze anted the Eagles to do whatever it took to re-sign Bradford..check the archives..the board was littered with the do what you have to do talk to retain Bradford’s services.

              1. Yes, some did. I did. We got a 1st rounder for Sam. You dont get first rounders when they leave for nothing. I am 100 happy we traded him but I would have been pissed if he just walked out the door.

    2. Ed Marynowitz was nothing more than warm body for Chip to order around and be his servant. Where is Ed Marynowitz today? Back at Alabama, why didn’t Chip bring him along for the ride? Because SF was not having that.

      As far as Howie, he ridded the team of junk contracts. Flipped Bradford for a 1st and 4th.
      Drafted Wentz who I believe will be a franchise QB, Seumalo who looks to be a future starter, Big V, future starter and W. Smallwood who will be a good change of pace back. That’s four future contributors out of a draft with limited resources. If Marynowitz was a hot commodity he would have received some offers in a pro organization.

        1. No one else has to hire him he has a job. I think he’s done fine given the circumstances this past off season.
          I think this team will be contending in the play offs in 3 years. I may be wrong but we’ll see.

              1. Esiason: ‘Is Scott Pioli going to go in there and ruin that franchise like he did Kansas City’

                D. Orlando Ledbetter

                January 10, 2015 Atlanta Falcons.

                FLOWERY BRANCH – While CBS analyst Boomer Esiason is a staunch Rex Ryan supporter for the Atlanta Falcons, he’s not too high on assistant general manager Scott Pioli.

                “(Rex Ryan) would be the perfect fit for the Atlanta Falcons, but is Scott Pioli
                going to go in there and ruin that franchise like he did Kansas City,” Esiason said will doing a segment on the Rick and Jaime Show on 92.9 The Game on Friday.

                He was asked his interpretation of the Falcons’ restructured front office.

                “That means basically that (general manager Thomas Dimitroff’s) been cut off at the knees by a guy he formerly worked with and for up there in New England,” Esiason said. “This is what happens in this world. In the NFL, basically they cannibalize each other. They eat each other. They eat their young like Piranhas. It’s a dysfunctional group of people that live in a dysfunctional world that back-stab each other . . . I would hope and pray that Scott has figured out what he did wrong in Kansas City and how he just completely turned that franchise upside down and inside out.

                He categorized Pioli’s tenure in Kansas City as a “failure.”

                “I’m sure he would tell you that he drafted some good guys while he was there,” Esiason said. “Then of course Andy Reid was the beneficiary of that, but Andy Reid has a different tact of doing things and way of doing things and that’s exactly what Kansas City needed.

                I do not know much about Scott Pioli, but, it seems as if he would have been more of the same retread dictator trash like we had with Chip. I am basing that off of what I’ve read about Pioli.

  19. Jaguars Fire HC Gus Bradley after coughing up a 16 Point Lead in the 4th Quarter to the Texans … The Jaguars GM is on the Hot Seat as well as is 49ers GM Trent Balkee, as well as the Jets & the Rams GM’s

    1. Another note on that Texans / Jags game…Oswiler was benched for local boy Tom Savage. Savage brought them back in that game. Many in Houston are calling for Savage to be the starter…..and they gave Oswiler $70 million in the offseason.

  20. Doug pederson has confirmed that lane Johnson will be starting Thursday night against the Giants. Mostly due to injury as there is no one else left to play. Isaac Seumalo will be in at LG. I think Isaac will be starting from now on as he’s played very well. I think he takes Kelce’s place either next year or in 2018.
    I see the Eagles drafting Nortre Dame G Quenton Nelson in the 2017 draft to solidify the interior line for the next several years barring a set back from Brandon Brooks.

    1. Eagles 2017 Mock Draft (Version #3 thru 5 Rounds)

      1st Rd – OLB/DE Takarrist McKinley – (UCLA 6-2 258lbs)
      2nd Rd – CB Cordrea Tankersly – (Clemson 6-0 200lbs)
      3rd Rd – WR Cooper Kupp – (Eastern Washington 6-2 215lbs)
      4th Rd – OT Dion Dawkins – (Temple 6-5 320lbs)
      4th Rd – WR Stacy Cooley – (Miami 6-1 195lbs)
      5th Rd – Guard Sean Harlow- (Oregon State 6-4 310lbs)

      Then Draft Best CB/RB’s on the Board to Finish out the Draft

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