Thoughts From Eagles-Cowboys

Eagles Wrap Meaningles Finale With Win

Week 17 hasn’t been a lot of fun in recent years for the Philadelphia Eagles. For the third straight year, the Birds played out a meaningless season finale, the last football that fans of the team will get to see for eight months.

The team did treat their followers to a solid victory, with a 27-13 defeat of the Dallas Cowboys second and third units. There was no Ezekial Elliot. Dez Bryant made only a few cameos. The majority of the game was quarterbacked by esteemed turnover machine Mark Sanchez.

But there were some very entertaining moments along the way.

Carson Wentz finished his rookie year with a 245-yard effort with two touchdowns and no interceptions. His already mediocre group of wide receivers was more deplorable than usual with Jordan Matthews inactive, and Nelson Agholor injured early in the game (although I would honestly argue that Agholor’s loss was addition by subtraction).

Wentz had some really nice moments. He threw some really nice passes, including great touch on Zach Ertz’s second touchdown reception of the game. He also showed some good elusiveness in the pocket for the second straight week, evading defensive lineman and extending plays.

Wentz does have a lot of work to do over the offseason. He’s got to work on quickening his release, and become better at throwing the deep ball. A full offseason of work, and perhaps some upgrades at the skill positions, should go a long way towards helping him grow.

Quick Thoughts


  • Young running backs Byron Marshall and Terrell Watson each had good showings. The two combined for 70 yards and a touchdown on 19 carries. The Eagles are going to have a lot of competition at running back next summer, and these two have probably earned the opportunity to challenge Wendell Smallwood and Kenjon Barner for their roles.
  • Mr. Garbage Time, Zach Ertz, has struck again. Once again, late in December with nothing to play for, Ertz stuffs the stat sheet with a 13-catch performance for 139 yards and two touchdowns. Ertz even fought for some extra yards after the catch on a couple of his grabs! I’m not an anti-Ertz guy, but it has been very frustrating to see him completely disappear in the earlier stages of the season throughout his career. He’s got too much talent and is being paid too highly to not be a regular factor.
  • Really brutal production from the team’s wide receivers today. Wideouts were targeted only 10 times, with three catches split between Paul Turner and Dorial Green-Beckham.


  • Jordan Hicks turned in two more interceptions today. We probably haven’t talked about him enough over the season, but he’s continuing to develop nicely. He stayed healthy for the entire season, and is one of the top playmakers on that side of the ball.
  • Cornerback is such a need for the Eagles, but I don’t think the team should make it their top priority. They need to get Wentz help at the skill positions, until then, all other areas have to be on the backburner.
  • Vinny Curry finished his thoroughly disappointing year with a sack. The team is likely locked in to at least two more years of Curry because of his contract, and they’ve got to get MUCH more out of him than they did this year.
  • Let’s talk about Mark Sanchez for a moment. During the Chip Kelly era, I had to listen to a bunch of fools try to sell the idea that you can’t find a better backup quarterback in this league than a Mark Sanchez. I never bought that when he was in Philadelphia, and it looks even more laughable today. Sanchez, who killed all of the Dallas momentum the moment he entered the game, is just one of those guys that has a constant dark cloud hovering above them. Sanchez, who has a horrid reputation for being a turnover machine, tossed two more picks and only moved the offense for three points the rest of the game.

Final Thoughts

As another season comes to a close, there are always two key questions to ask yourself when evaluating the state of a franchise.

Is the team better than it was a year ago? Are they heading in the right direction?

A year ago, the answer to both of those questions were no. Chip Kelly, armed with full control, had completely stripped the roster of all of its best talent, replacing it with a handful of veteran mercenaries and doubled his mess with horrendous draft picks. The team had no long-term answer at quarterback, no elite young talent, and the arrow was pointing down, not up.

A year later, the arrow is pointing up. The Eagles finished with a 7-9 record for the second straight season, but along the way identified their franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz. After years of going through quarterback hell with veteran retreads and mid-round picks, the team finally has a top young talent to build the team around.

Beyond Wentz, many problems remain. I’m not at all sold that Doug Pederson is going to be the guy to get the most out of Wentz and coach this team back to greatness. The skill positions are one of the biggest messes from Kelly’s reign that still need to be cleaned up.

But the Eagles did enough this year to provide some real optimism about 2017 and beyond.

160 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Cowboys

  1. Emphasizing the importance of a meaningless end of a season game and self inflicting a draft imposition upon the team is a singular accomplishment of our birds..three years running..its obvious hyperbole to lay claim of some garnered good feeling that carries on to the next season ,now three empty playoff seasons consecutively. Beating sanchize and guys wearing the dallas laundry ,doesnt do diddly to giving me an ounce of future relevant optimism.Whats bothersome is that I have no opportunity to root for my team in the playoffs.Howie and jeffrey have to take a step forward this off season,in a division with a plethora of offensive receivers,we have none..adding insult to that ,our cover corners are also bereft of talent..All the way back in the history of AR and now pederson we are coming into a knife fight with a butter knife..if not for T.O.we have to get off the mediocre train..Ertz publically needed to be called out ,in order to ignite his pilot light? This is pervasive ,with too many of our skill positions..the lack of leadership,a coach or guy like hugh douglas are what seems like a safe zone to cash a really like to be optimistic..but..leadership in the locker room doesnt get addressed by howie or jeffrey..last I heard they sign the checks?

  2. I certainly saw nothing that made me feel better…Romo comes in for one series and leads them to a TD after not playing in a year…why exactly did Sproles play so much? What did they need to learn about him? That seemed really dumb to me especially when there were 2 RB’s who should have played the whole game to see what they can do. Why not have Semanolu play center to see what he can do? Pederson saying after the game that they are close…seriously? If he really believes that he should be fired tomorrow. Every other team in the league that has 5-8 wins can make the same statement. As Bill Parcells said you are what your record says you are and the Eagles are a 7 win team and a long way from competing. As a result of bad drafts and personnel decisions over the last three years the talent just isn’t there…how any team could find themselves with WR’s like the Eagles is flat out embarrassing. Does Jeffey-pants Lurie have what is takes to effectively manage this organization back to competency? I have yet to see it.

  3. I liked the continued chemistry I saw being built between Wentz and Ertz. This should carry over into the 2017 season as both players will have more time over OTA’s and TC to continue to improve each others game. Ertz has not had a steady QB since being drafted. This will be the first time that he’s had the same QB in consecutive opening seasons so the stability will help with offensive production. Further it was good to see Ertz play with physicality and get YAC.
    Wentz had a very good game today as his pocket awareness and overall development was on full display..even with no true WR’s to speak of today.
    It’s essential that the Eagles get Wentz 2 WR’s to further his development. This is the most important positon of need this off season as the continued development of Wentz is priority #1. If the Eagles can draft Cory Davis (whom I like better than Mike Williams) and KD Cannon or DeDe Westbrook I’d be happy!
    Then get RB D’Onta Foreman as the feature bell cow back, the Eagles would be set on offense!
    The Eagles must get 2 new corners..period.

  4. Ehl. Many of the drafts are stacked with low hanging fruit..the meaningless wins that you seem all stoked about may keep them from our reach…dont give ertz a life preserver talking about he and wentz he had dogged three fourths of the season ,when it mattered most..why not call him out ?

    1. desert…If you read a post I wrote after the Bengals game I roasted Ertz. However, although he is known as Mr. December nothing I just posted is disputable. Ertz never had a consistent QB to build chemistry with. Hopefully this trend of Ertz getting off to slow starts will now end given the stability at QB. No need to call him out now the season is over. In the beginning of next season we will see how Ertz performs. Ether he will step up..or be that same disappointing player. I prefer to be optimistic.

      1. Yes. My bad. He did start the detroit game. ..ertz is always a huge difference maker when he decides to spill his bucket..what I think youd agree ,is wed all like to witness todays effort for a full season..I see well be picking at 14 ..if we do go wide out ,id hope wed stay away from the pac 12. Home of assholor.

  5. A nice way to Finish the Season with Back to Back Wins vs Division the Eagles will get the Vikings Pick in the 1st Round (14th Overall from the Sam Bradford Trade) and then wil have the 12th Selection in the other Rounds based on their 7-9 Record.. The Eagles also get the Browns 4th Round Pick with should be around the 100th Overall Selection

    Priorities should be in the Off-Season

    Free-Agency – Sign 1 CB, Sign 2 WR’s
    Re-SignOwn Free-Agents DT Bennie Logan & Guard Steve Wisnewski

    Then Draft 1 WR, 1 CB, 1 Pass-Rusher, 1 OLB & 1 RB & O/Line Depth

    With the Play and Experienced Gained by OL Issac Selmula & Big VaiTai
    I don’t think the OL needs to be addressed in the first 4 Rounds where the Eagles will have 5 Selections out of the Top 125 Picks and really need to target some Playmakers at WR/CB/OLB to improve the overall speed on the outside on both the Offense & Defense

    1. In Zac Ertz’s Defense, the last 2 Seasons he was injured or recovering from surgeries during the Summer and has really gotten off to slow starts…
      Maybe a full off-season where he’s healthy can help him have a better start to the Season

      Another thing that GM Roseman needs to do is to try and Trade LB M Kendrick’s . He is not happy in Philly so move on from him.. and maybe get a 5th/6th Round Pick in Return..

  6. Eagles proved that they are rebuilding. Good news the foundation is solid with Wentz. Bad news we are rebuilding while watching our rivals hitting their windows. More good news- It is possible to grow a ton this off season and prepare to strike back in 2 years. 3rd year of the Pederson Era is the time to make judgements. Now it should be about the transformation that is going to be taking place.

    Must grab a young Pro Wideout in FA. Draft is great but we need a player and the price of missing on a 1st and 3rd rounder at that spot is now overspending in FA. You can do that once but only if you get a 26 27 year old guy. NO 30+y/o Players for this team.

    I don’t want to hear any of this DJax stuff he is the PAST. I watch little dudes in new England catch slants and go to the house. I saw Nolan Carol looking for his Jock on that Romo TD today. Give me a receiver that wants the ball and proves it by running polished routes and showing out with aggression to make a play. I am tired of watching guys look surprised that the ball comes to them. Expect the ball every play.

    We still need 2 corners and 2 Wide receivers as well as a RB. Minimum. Then we need depth. = 2 years yet.

  7. Draft Order thru the Top 20 Selections of the 1st Round

    1) Browns
    2) 49ers
    3) Bears
    4) Jaguars
    5) Titans (From Rams Trade last Year)
    6) Jets
    7) Chargers
    8) Panthers
    9) Bengals
    10) Bills
    11) Saints
    12) Browns (From Eagles in the Wentz Deal last Year)
    13) Cardinals
    14) Eagles (From the Vikings in the Bradford Deal)
    15) Colts
    16) Ravens
    17) Redskins
    18) Titans (Own Pick)
    19) TB Bucs
    20) Broncos

  8. Eaglehaslanded hit it right on the head regarding Zach Ertz

    He has been playing out of his mind since being called out in that Cincy game. He looks healthy, and is playing hard and running thru tackles. Blocking has also improved.

    It’s not a coincidence Zach had a record breaking December with Sam Bradford last year. When he finally had a decent qb and with the playing time he was recieving that he hasn’t in previous years he was balling.
    (By the way Sam Bradford broke the record for completion % this season at like 72% with 17tds 4 Ints with A oline and running game that puts Wentz into the hall of fame.)

    He got hurt this year and then, after Getting healthy and developing chemistry started to look the player and duo we all thought erRtz and Carson Wentz would become

    As regard to Vinny curry how much percentage of the snaps has he seen this year behind Brandon and Barwin? Connor
    Barwin is most likely gone so Vinny can get his first shot and turn into another Brandon Graham type player 4th year in his career,

    Bring back desean Jackson and draft dalvin cook/Corey Davis.

    At 14, if there taken take corner.

    Lol. Homie the Goat gave up bradford, a second and third

    And received Wentz, a first round pick (14), and a 4th rounder.

    What a trade.

    Future is BRIGHT!!

    Keep Nelson and Dorial. Playing together another season and in years 2&3 will be even better with Jordan Matthews and desean. Especially with that oline geTting Lane Johnson back which opens up everything else.

    Jim Schwartz will be in year 2 and the defense will be back in a 4-3 for 2 years which should also make the defense an improvement All alone. Just having another whole offseason down and preseason and getting that familiarity down can make all the differences in world for players and coaches

    1. Agholor & DBG are not Every Down NFL Receivers, in fact,they would struggle to make most NFL Team’s 53 Man Roster
      Their lack of improvement and just overall poor instincts & hands &Football IQ puts them on the do not count list for me..

      1. You could be right. But Nelson has been thru a lot his first 2 years. Injuries, changes of schemes and coaches. Psychological shit.

        He should improve. He was a top pick and is only in year 3. Ur paying him nothing also.

        Can’t quit on him yet. Maybe if
        U draft Cory Davis u can though.

        1. I just don’t see the Football Smarts or a Sense of Urgency which leads to their inconsistency from Week to Week in either Agholor or DBG..
          Could they blossom next Summer and have Productive Seasons in 2017?it possible but if I’m the Eagles, I’m not counting on those two and are looking for at least 2 Receivers this Off-Season

  9. The Eagles pick will be between 14 and 15. The Eagles and Colts will flip a coin (no lie) at the NFL Combine in February to determine who gets the 14th overall pick due to both the Vikings and Colts finishing 8-8 and an equal strength of schedule.

    1. I believe the Coin Flip is between the Vikings & Colts.. The Vikings 1st Round Pick goes to the Eagles but the Coin Flip is between the Vikings/Colts as the Eagles Draft Selection is already Set at 12th for every Round and the 14/15th Picks for every Round need to be determined between the Vikings/Colts and not the Eagles

  10. They don’t do coin flips for every Round or for Traded positions that were made between Teams .
    The Eagles have the 12th Selection in every Round (but traded their 1st Round Pick to the Browns)
    The Vikings/Colts will flip a Coin to determine the 14/15th Selections of each Round in the Draft even though the Vikings traded their 1st Round to the Eagles

      1. That is Correct and they also have the Browns 4th Round Pick (which should be around the 100-105th Pick) so they will have 5 Selections out of the or Top 120 Selections or so and should have a great opportunity to add some Talent to their Roster like last Year’s Draft

        Rd 1 – #14/15th Pick
        Rd 2 – #44th Pick
        Rd 3 – #76 Pick
        Rd 4th – #100-105 from the Browns
        Rd 4th – Approx # 115-120 (Own Pick)

        Do note that after the 3rd Round of the NFL Draft begin the “Supplemental Picks” which usually can Average an additional 5-7 Picks per Round that go at the end of the Round to the Teams who lost more Starting Free-Agents then they Signed during Free-Agency ..

  11. Sadly , a legend in the nfl ,posing as an innovative, coach who in truth ,was nothing but a pro football ne’er do well , wannabe coach , has been given his well deserved walking papers, Goodbye EDDIE Kelly!!! Never to be seen prowling the sidelines in professional football again,

    1. Too funny. Makes it even funnier all the people who wanted chip to bust a move and get his guy (e.g. Manziel & krappernick). And how chip couldn’t succeed because he didn’t have his running qb. Krappernick and chip go down in embarrassing fashion.

      I’m curious to see if the pats oc gets a hc if belicheck hires him as oc. He’s been blowing chip for years..

      1. Good thought Mehenski .A very, very slim chance Mr B. would hire the chipper as as an O.C.Even BIGE has overestimated kelly. Pop Warner?I will put my money on a step below Pop Warner, Ill go with pee wee baseball as his next stop.Is Gary Larsen from the far side still writing comics ?,He could write even better material on Barney Rubble than one could ever imagine

          1. Lol, I think he’s referring to Belicheat as Mr. B.
            The Pats OC may get a second crack at head coaching leaving a vacancy there. I don’t think the hoodie would do it because of the simplicity and lack of innovation within Barney Rubble’s play every DC has figured him out….even that boob Rob Ryan.

            1. It pains me to think Kelly is as stupid and stubborn as he’s proven to be. The nfl is a grown mans game, they get paid to adjust and he still runs an offense without audibles.”mr. B” whoever the fuck that is wouldn’t stand for that! Could you imagine Brady without having the power to Change plays? Hilarious!

  12. Real nice to see minny get virtually the same pick as us. Man that mortgage the future shit statements were really dumb. Howie did some serious suckering

    1. Thats why the kools of the world stay on the 8-8’sam I am express..last year I was called out as an idiot by he and now we can look in tthe rearview mirror and laugh even more so.Howies moves after chippinochio left will have potentialy a profound impact on the franchise..move over rocky. Howies needing room…Happy new year to you all

    1. If Christian McCaffery is there in the 3rd round u take him.

      Dalvin cook is a first rounder lock. Wouldn’t be upset with him being taken either. But the Eagles do have great depth at rb I feel.

      Wendell Smallwood, kenjon Barner, sproles, and Byron Marshall will all be great competition next season and should be a very solid group behind a better, healthier oline.

      We can and really need to address other areas of roster. Go with corner, Oline, pass rusher, LB or WR over rb in first round

    1. Chip kelly and his kotitean legacy leaves a trail of littered pro bowlers unceremoniously shown the door without compensation…he was a human wrecking ball..those who saw his act up close have fired him in consecutive years..thats gotta get you some distinction….

        1. That’s really all that matters.

          None of U find it a joke that he got fired? Lol. After 1 year? Everyone and there momma knew San Fran was going to be a bad football team this season. Especially in that Divison. This has been seen coming a mile away since Jim
          Harbaugh left the team and went 8-8.

          So when they are bad, you get fired? LOL!!

          Chip Kelly got rid of desean Jackson and lesean McCoy yes, I am not the biggest fan of him anymore and I’m not trying to support what he did in Philly. But damn Sam Fran is a joke.

          How about give the dude 3 years and let him get his qb for once. Mitch out of Carolina would have been a good pick.

          He is actually pretty damn good at evaluation and drafting talent.

          Has he missed on a few? Ask Nelson aghlor but he has had some studs in Hicks, lane, Logan, Ertz etc

          1. Perhaps it’s Chip Kelly the person that can’t make it as a leader of pro athletes. Further, he just sucks as a coach..what more do you need to see. Jed York made it pretty clear why he fired both Baalke and Chip.

            1. Chip didn’t pick ertz or lane or Logan the fuck you talking about? He picked

              Assholor putrid
              Rowe gross
              Jacorey Sheppard who?
              Hicks -nailed it!!!!
              Randall Evans who?
              Brian Mahalick – beast !!!! Just kidding who?

              That’s his picks as gm.

              His picks when not gm but after he got howie demoted
              Jordan Matthews. Nice
              Marcus smith major flop but starting to look like a player
              Josh huff awful and 2 rounds early
              Jaylen Watkins lol
              Taylor hart hahaa
              Ed Reynolds haaaa
              Beau allen lmfao

              He had nothing to do with the players u mentioned besides assholor. Logan ertz and lane were all howie. And he got demoted smh

  13. You know I agree and don’t think the talent level is NFL quality however, at some point you have to point fingers at the coaches. These receiver’s never improved at all during the season. That’s a sure sign your coaching sucks. Sorry Lewis but your not ready for the NFL. Not yet. Free agents; Patterson/Minn. Pryor/Clev. Jackson/Wash.

  14. To all the doom and gloomers about Pederson maybe this will help quell your hysteria…. Difillipo and Reich are under consideration for HC and OC jobs elsewhere. It is pretty uncommon for 7-9 coaches to be on the list but they are…. I think its a pretty clear indication that something is going right around the novacare center

    1. Word is The Buffalo Bills are very High on Frank Reich and the 49ers/Chargers on DeFillipo who many Teams are High on and especially those Teams with Young QB’s are who are about to Draft a Young QB

      Does this cause more Concern about having Doug Pederson work the Offense Alone or with new “Newbie Coach’s” both Reich and DeFillipo have been well thought of and respected around the NFL

      I see OC’s like Kyle Shannahan, Josh McDaniels & Dana Beavall all getting many Interviews.. DC Sean McDermott as Well

      Gus Bradley will be Hired as a DC, Mike McCoy could find his way back to the Denver Broncos as a HC or a OC/QB Coach …

      The Ryan Brothers are Toast, Chip Kelly is Toast

      1. There is zero concern with Pederson being left by his offensive coaches- there are a lot of young minds/football geeks that he can have under him– I think its a good sign that we are doing things correctly-

        1. NY Jets are expected to Fire OC Chan Galley and are looking at DeFillipo as there next OC to work with their Young QB’s (Petty,the Kid from Penn State and a Potential Draft Pick QB)

  15. Eagles 2017 Mock Draft (Version #4 – Thru the 1st 4 Rounds)

    1st Rd – (#15) – DB Jamal Adams (LSU 6-0 211lbs) Similar to Jabril Peppers who will likely be gone.. Can Play Safety, Slot CB, LB , Spy of Opposing QB’s and even Blitz.. Similar to Deonne Buchannon, Tyrler Matthieu per many Scouting Reports

    2nd Round (#44) – CB Cordrea Tankersly (Clemson 6-0 200lbs) A Pure Outside Cover CB with long arms, good playmaking and leaping ability

    3rd Round (#76) – RB Donta’ Foreman (Texas 6-1 245lbs) A Steam Roller with some moves.. Replaces Ryan Matthews as the between the Tackles, Red-Zone and Short-Yardage RB and Paired with the Shiftier more Explosive Wendell Smallwood, gives the Eagles a Solid One-Two Backfield for Years to Come..

    4th Round – (From Cleveland – Approx #105) LB Vince Biegel (Wisconsin 6-4 245lbs) Adds more Depth at the LB Corps, Special Teams, maybe woork on the INside to allow Jordan Jicks to play the Outside (WILL Position)

    4th Round – (Eagles Own – Approx #115) WR Stacy Coley (Miami 6-1 195lbs) And Outside WR with some Speed to Develop and also as a Return Specialist

    5th Round – (Approx #150) – OL Danny Isadora – Miami (6-4 310lbs)
    More Quality Depth at Guard

    That’s it for Now, Focus on the Secondary and RB Early on.. This is not a Deep Draft for WR’s…

    1. I really like Teez Tabor. Been watching a lot of his games/highlights and film today.
      Kid has the skill set and demeanor of what it takes to be a true lockdown corner at the NFL level.

      I don’t know though. My dream take is Corey Davis. I think with him and DeSean Jackson and a healthy old line with Jordan Matthews in the slot would be something scary. Take foreman out of Texas in the third round and boom Carson Wentz has weapons and a defense to help back him up along with a special teams that can headhunt and play some damn good football

      1. Teez Tabor is probably the first or second CB taken in the Draft, lots of Teams in the Top 10 are needing CB’s (Jets, Bears,Panthers,Titans)

    2. It’s not a deep draft at WR, that’s why if Corey Davis is there you have to consider taking him. There are other receivers I like that can be had in rounds 3-4. I don’t think D’onta Foreman will last until round 2. I absolutely take him with my second pick. He’s just hat good!

      I like Jamal Adams but he’s a safety. If the Eagles go dback, it has to be a corner. Think Marlon Humphrey, Sidney Jones, Marshon Latimore or Teez Tabor. The only issue with Tabor is his long speed is questionable. His combine 40 time will be important to his draft position in the first round.

        1. Wussup Cliff?! Yeah, you are the first person to mention Corey Davis. That’s the only reason I started checking out Western Michigan games. I’m not a fan of Mike Williams as I think he’s just a big possession receiver. He has no speed…Davis does.

    3. Paul, I don’t think there is a shut down Corner in this years draft. I would prefer the Eagles trade for a young veteran corner, and go all in on a bigtime one.

      I continue to say that I would trade Lane Johnson – I don’t trust him, nor do I think he’s irreplaceable. I would attempt to trade Lane, Jason Kelce, Nelson Agholor, and a future #1 – 2018, to Cleveland, for their 2nd #1, and Joe Haden.

      I also kick the tires on trying to trade for Xavier Rhodes, who is a free agent next year, for Myckal Kendricks, and another future #1 – 2019

      Also trade down the #14, or 15 pick for an extra 2nd

      My draft wish would look like this –

      1a. Cam Robinson – OT – Alabama
      1b. Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan
      2a. Zach Cunningham – ILB – Vanderbilt
      2b. Tim Williams – OLB – Alabama
      3a. Cooper Kruup – WR – Eastern Washington
      3b. Dion Dawkins – OG/OT – Temple
      4a. Zach Banner – OT – USC
      4b. Ezra Robinson – CB – Tennessee State
      4c. James Connor – RB – Pittsburgh
      5a. Kareem Are – OG – Florida State
      5b. Kionta Davis – DE – Chattanooga
      6. Hardy Nickerson – SS – Illinois
      7a. Brandon Langley – CB – Lamar
      7b. Tyrique Jarrett – DT – Pittsburgh

      Free Agents –
      Desean Jackson
      Larry Warford
      Josh Gordon
      Benny Logan

      1. You don’t trade future 1s for guys that will be free agents. You control first round ralent for 4 to 5 years. That is cheap rent man. Your plan would create captastrophy and ending up devoid of talent.

          1. Last gm. Give it a rest with the Josh Gordon stuff. Dudes career is OVER. Djax is the wrong side of 30 and its sentiment like that that ruins your team. Remember how Stacy Andrews was gonna get Shawn right? Lol

            1. Regal, I will justify my statement about Josh Gordon by saying “If he is clean”, because he would come cheap to a team that doesn’t have a lot of cap space.

              I disagree with you about Desean. On the wrong side of 30 resulted in over 1,000 yards while banged up.

              You can’t cut Peters, because you’re putting too much trust in Lane Johnson to stay off the juice. If Peters retires, and Lane starts at LT, what happens to the stability of the Eagles Offensive Line if he gets dinged again by the league??

          2. The Vikings could eat that Regal, and Kendricks wasn’t used that much any way.

            You’re trading for stronger talent at a vital position, and don’t have to waste a 1st round pick on a CB in a draft where none of them should be starters coming out anyway; Not a strong draft fro Corners.

            You don’t just draft for position when the talent is weak.

      2. fake GM returns from his exile– welcome back– however your absence didn’t make you any wiser–You must not have watched the eagles with and without johnson– proposing that trade is silly for a number of reasons- one, unless the browns GM and Howie went to the same fake online degree program you did there is no way they’d make the trade and two the eagles need OL and you are proposing trading two of them– ridiculous.

        1. Cliff u r back. I thought you ran from the fire and couldn’t find your way back home. Did you ever email that school to ask if they offer or ever offered that degree online? I’ve been waiting for you to prove me wrong. I figure you have a few seconds to email the school and copy and paste the reply.

            1. There wasn’t any fire. My Family, and I have lost some loved ones, and I thought it best to take us on vacation to clear our heads, and refocus.

              Besides I always take a break from Gcobb every year. You do that when you have a life.

        2. Some things never change; Typical comment, and observation from someone who doesn’t know any better.

          You really think the Eagles season would have been better if Lane played in all their game huh??

          He would have stopped the CB’s from getting burned in coverage??,
          the Opposing defense from coming through the middle of the Line to destroy Wentz??….He plays Defense, and would have stopped the run better, and created a better pass rush?? The bad play calling??, and the overall lack of talent on this team???…He would have made up for all that huh??….

            1. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple….You’re being ridiculously presumptuous.

              That sounds like all the knuckleheads that claimed Brandon Graham would lead the league in sacks the following year based upon his production, and snap count from the previous year

              He still has to play, and prove it – and in the case of Graham he didn’t.

              And as mentioned he can’t make up for all the other shortcomings of this team in which he has no control of…Defense, Coaching, Lack of Talent overall, and at WR, and CB…

              1. GMCLIFF Nice you are back.Sorry about the problems in your life ..
                as for all of the other stuff happened to you from your last stop on Gcobb. …… “When you get there, you may find in truth there is no there.”. ” Old Zen Saying.!!!!

          1. Gm. First and foremost my condolences.Youre over simplifying the lane johnson situation.Of course other needs exist on this team and collectively they all contributed to.a 7-9 record.However lane in the games vs not has a domino effect.Coaches playcalls ,three and outs vs not,the defense playing more ,the defense is directly linked to the offensive performance..Points and offensive performance directly linked to defense and in game perceived risks..We often started slowly in games not sustaining drives in lanes absence.Im not in favor of rolling peters out of town,hes a pro bowl left tackle who showed the team in a meaningless last came that he wanted back in..priceless and selfless..reworking his numbers and hopes you enjoy one more productive year ,makes sense,move kelce to fullback short yardage situational plays,and use his edge abilities.I think lanes indiscretions cost the coach more than the team,as he was considering overcoming lanes loss..his perceived staying clean would only weaken his value outside the organisation.His deal ,his risk vs reward all point to an in house situation..

            1. Thank you Desert, I appreciate you kind words my friend.

              You make a good point. My stance on Lane is that you really can’t trust him at this point to count on him to be the All Pro, and professional that Peters has been for years.

              His trade value – you’re correct – has taken a hit, but if I’m the Eagles, I can replace him with a better talent off the juice in Cam Robinson, who can learn from Peters, and get me a certified CB in Joe Haden, who strengthens our defensive backfield.

              1. You cannot trade OL that contribute at a high level– you just can’t! We all saw how important a cohesive OL is …. Johnson let the team down there is no doubt, and i was highly critical– but this is the nfl contributing at a high level goes a long way to job security. Johnson is a cornerstone of the OL– BTW so is Kelce-
                Peters will hopefully rework his deal and yes sproles is back no doubt.

              2. Sure you can….It’s time to move on..

                Kelce can be replaced with Seumalo

                Lane can be replaced with Cam Robinson, who can move over to LT when Peters retires.

                Zach Banner can play RT, with Brandon Brooks, and Larry Warford at Guard.

                You don’t know what level Lane can play at off the juice – and it was never at a high level – even on the juice…..I would move on..

              3. Banner is a 4th round Tackle…..

                It’s nice to see you’ve grown in your draft knowledge….

                smh – You really don’t have a clue do you??

              4. Hey GMCliff… Happy New Years to you and Hope all is going well for you

                I like that WR Cooper Krupp from Eastern Washington too…
                What’s your Thoughts on the 2 OL from Pitt who project anywhere from a 2nd to 3rd Round Grade… This Draft is pretty thin at OT.. Many Scouts even think that Cam Robinson could end up inside at the NFL Level..

                Tackle Adam Bisnowaty (6-5 300lbs)
                Guard Dorain Johnson (6-5 300lbs)

              5. sorry banner is not who i thought he was but now you are plugging in two rookies, a second year guy– you can’t have instability on your OL– its stupid– admit you were wrong about johnson, start clean– the guy is a player and its been acknowledged by everyone but you– I’m sure in fake grad school they told you to ignore your initial claims and evaluation if time proves you wrong.

              6. Reading is fundamental….Banner wouldn’t start his rookie year at RT – Cam Robinson would. Jason Peters would play LT.

                I’m not wrong about Lane Johnson. I don’t like him, or Brandon Graham, but I wouldn’t mind Graham on my team – just not as starter.

              7. What other Offensive Lineman did you think was mocked in the 1st round, that you thought was Zach Banner??

                I understand, that’s called saving face….

              8. Hey Paul!! …How are you buddy!!!

                I think Cooper Kuup is a poor mans Jordy Nelson, and Corey Davis is a poor mans Julio Jones. Those two can grow with Wentz to have one of the better WR Cores in the League.

                I feel by bringing in Desean, and a clean Josh Gordon, and teaming them up with Jordan Matthews, you allow them to develop slowly, and gradually with Wentz, with no pressure to become the future #1, and #2 receivers immediately.

                I don’t care too much for the OLineman; I want Big Dominant O Line like the Cowboys have.

      3. LT Cam Robinson is Overrated GMCliff and is not an NFL LT in my opinion.. I like him more Inside as a Guard at the NFL Level.. He struggles with Players who have speed as most NFL DE/OLB’s will have..I would pass on him

        1. You are entitled to your opinion my friend,…. but I disagree..

          One of the things I have always enjoyed was looking back on our evaluations of these prospects, and seeing if we were right or wrong.

          See you on this topic in 3 years..

  16. The right thing is the hard thing.

    Peters- Hate it but gone
    Sprites-can’t pay him 4 million
    Barwin-can’t pay him 7mill

    Offer Ryan Matthews a league min deal.

    Must target a Alshon or Pryor.
    No Aging Veterans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We must set up a young core so that year after next we can arrive at the beginning of the window.

    1. Sorry Ryan Matthews costs 5 mill to keep and 1 mill to cut. ZIP.

      One of my favorite players Brent Celek shouldn’t return but he must because he’s got 4 mill guaranteed.

      1. We must draft CB or OL high. WR if we can not get out of FA. RB in 3rd or 4th rd unless one of the top talent guys are there higher and are better than the WR,CB,OL.

        An attempt to trade C Jason Kielce must return a 5. Also attempting to trade Barwin but likely he is a release type situation

        1. So regal you’d trade Kelce? why? yes he is a bit small and it hinders a qb sneak however if you look at a lot of the big plays out of the run game kelce is out front down field turning a 5 yard run into a 15-20 yard run– i’m telling you for people in the know he grades out MUCH higher than gcobbers believe.

          1. I don’t hate him. But in gotta have it situations that mean 6 points vs 3 or 1st down vs punt. I need more push there.

            I do love his downfield blocking though.

            1. If we don’t move him in trade perhaps he moves out to the TE spot on Goaline and Shortyardage packages. But then you risk rusty snaps from the fill in center in those packages.

              1. I do think that Kelce is a good player, but they have a lot of money in him. I could definitely see them trying to rework his deal. Isn’t the plan to get Seumalo into that spot eventually?

              2. The QB wedge has almost disappeared in the NFL– its not a significant play– teams attack differently on 4 and 1 then they used to– If you watch the all 22 of the eagles success running the ball Kelce is a huge part of it. as for his contract… well I don’t know how they do it but salary cap is fun for us to talk about but if you pay attention it really is fairly simple to work around– UNLESS YOU HAVE A $25 MILLION QB.

  17. Take best available at that spot since they have so many holes, but with some sort of plan to fill the other holes.

    I do think that Mathews and Barwin will be cut. Peters, they will try to rework and keep. Sproles, they will keep because they have no other talent at RB and he is too productive to let go. They will really try to move Kendricks because he doesn’t fit here. I wonder if they draft a MLB to move Hicks outside as well. Lots and lots of holes.

    1. Ryan Matthews will probably end up having a Medical Settlement after his Neck Injury and subsequent Procedure and Barwin’s Dead $$$ is only $600,000 which is chump change Both will not be in the Silver & Green

      I think Peters/Sproles play 1 more Season (2017)

      They will try to Move/trade Kendricks which will be difficult due to his Contract
      Kelce/Celek remain Eagles for 2017 as their Current Contracts make them difficult to move and its too much of a Cap Hit to Release them..
      Kendricks Due $6.6 Million in 2017 with a $4.8 Million Dead $$$ Cap Hit
      then he’s Due $7.6 Million in 2018 with a $3.2 Million Dead $$$ Cap Hit so he’s going to be around unless he re-works that Deal and why should he ? He’s been Stealing $$$ since 2015

      TE Celek Earns $5 Million in 2017 with a $4 Million Dead $$$ Cap Hit so he’s going nowhere . In 2018 Celek is due $5 Million but Dead $$$ Cap Hit drops to $1 Million so he has 1 More Year as an Eagle

      Center Jason Kelce is due $6.2 Million in 2017 with a Dead $$ Cap Hit of $2.4 Million and is Due $7.2 Million in 2018 with a Dead $$$ Cap Hit of $1.2 Million so he’s not going anywhere for the 2017 Season similar to Celek unless again they can re-work the Deal to make a Favorable Trade for everyone which is hard to do in the NFL

      1. Chimp I agree peters and sproles go one more year …I think hpwie will be vital in reworking a ton of deals and I think organisational capology is his strength..cover corners and pass rush who are the two obvious weak links not sold on the coach orchestrated that ..the cornerbacks coach has no idea what to do in simply looking for the damn ball..the wide 9 and not getting sacks isnt as bothersome as pressure was often or two wideouts will be interested in wentz communication that hed prefer taking more snaps under center,and how that goes

        1. In Free-Agency – The Eagles Need 1 Solid Cover CB (even if they have to Overpay) and 1 Solid WR (even if they have to Overpay)
          and then Draft 1 CB & 1 WR within the first 4 Rounds..
          They have to get more Talent and Speed along the outside on both Offense and Defense or they simply won’t compete within their own Division..
          Then used the rest of the Draft for RB,OL,LB,DL

      2. Fair trades are hard to pull off. Unless you are MR. B, of the pats, Have you read Howies reason for trading Starter Eric Rowe ?Seems like some far fetched reasons to me.,But I also have to say I am an Eagle lover of the team ,but pretty casual in the cap. and reworking deals etc. etc today , seems like a weird bunch of reasons/. to trade Rowe for a 2017 draft choce

          1. basically that rowe wasn’t in their long range plans– to me it sounds like there is more to the story– almost buddy ryan getting rid of chris carter type of thing– it really sounds like there is more to the story but thats just my conspiracy theory.

  18. cool ill look for the copied and pasted reply. must have been an odd coincidence that the timing of your disappearance was at the exact same time you got busted in another make believe story.

      1. no need to be sorry the school told me they never offered that degree online. i proved your degree to be a lie and a fake. you should just admit and apologize for being weird and making up a fake life. but you dont have to im ready to read paul’s 3000 mocks and your “reasonable” trades

        1. I don’t think you understand. I’m sorry for you being misinformed.

          I told you before you haven’t proven anything; I already have the degrees – and There is no need to apologize for stating my education.

          I did get a response from the university – and what you keep patting yourself on the back for is for nothing…

          I’ll reveal that very soon, and shut you, and havaseat forever on this topic – and I don’t want to hear a word from either of you again about my education – Just keep giving your uneducated opinions on what you think you know…..LOL.

          alright – just stay tuned…

          1. Lmfao. Ok the schoools website and administrators lied to me. Makes sense now. The schools website and personnel just don’t like you so they lied and said it doesn’t and never existed but they’re just being mean.

  19. Nice Lead In Mhenski as I am going with my Initial 1st Round Mock
    (#1 thru #20)

    1) Browns – DE Myles Garrett (Texas A&M)
    2) 49ers – DE Jonathon Allen (Alabama)
    3) Bears – QB Mitch Trubisky (UNC)
    4) Jaguars – OT Cam Robinson (Alabama)
    5) Titans – Safety Jabril Peppers (Michigan)
    6) NY Jets – CB Teez Tabor (Florida)
    7) SD Chargers – Safety Jamall Adams (LSU)
    8) Panthers – RB Dalvin Cook (Fla State)
    9) Bengals – OLB Tim Williams (Alabama)
    10) Buffalo – QB DeShaun Watson (Clemson)
    11) NO Saints – ILB Reuben Foster (Alabama)
    12) Browns – WR Mike Williams (Clemson)
    13) Cardinals – DE Solomon Thomas (Stanford)
    14) Colts – DE Derek Barnett (Tennessee)
    15) EAGLES – CB Marlon Humphrey (Alabama)
    16) Ravens – WR Corey Davis (Western Michigan)
    17) Redskins – Safety Malik Hooker (Ohio State)
    18) Titans – TE OJ Howard (Alabama)
    19) TB Bucs – RB Leonard Fournette (LSU)
    20) Broncos – OT Ryan Ramczyk (Wisconsin)

    That’s it for Now…

    1. thats a real bad mock paul. howie will need to get fired immediately if he passes on davis if he was there

    2. Obviously whoever the Eagles draft will depend on who’s on the board when they pick. If Dalvin Cook or Corey Davis is there I firmly believe the Eagles will select one of them. There is no way they will not look to significantly improve the offensive talent to grow with Wentz at the skill position this year early in the draft. You have to elevate the offense and the franchise QB by injecting greater talent for him to play with. Wentz needs weapons.

      1. After watching GM Roseman’s Press Conference and in the Studio Interview on, Henski is right, GM Roseman’s Top Priority is to surround Wentz with Weapons so a WR is very likely and Corey Davis should be there and would make the most sense at #15
        .If WR Mike Wiiliams & Corey Davis are already gone, then maybe TE Howard of Alabama becomes a surprise Selection.. this Howard is going to be another Jimmy Graham Type

        I just pray and hope that WR Jo Jo Shuster from USC isn’t on their Draft Board…

    3. Giving the Eagles the benefit of the doubt, there is no way they draft Marlon Humphreys before Corey Davis, or Malik Hooker to my knowledge isn’t even coming out this year….Although I would love to have him on the Eagles next year

      Humphreys is not a shut down corner, just because he’s a different name in the secondary. There are no shut down Corners in this draft, so it’s not worth it to draft one in the 1st round..

      1. Okay Paul, I just saw where Hooker was entering the draft – I’m sorry I’ve been in, and out of my office all day….

        Malik Hooker is a potential Perennial Pro Bowl Corner, but a Hall of fame Safety, he can play both, and I would draft him before Cam Robinson – but I absolutely need the Eagles to draft Corey Davis….

        1. I list CB Humphrey due to a Position of Need and the Fact that the Eagles New Player Personnel fella whose name escapes me,is a Former Ravens Front Office under Ozzie Newsome who love to Draft CB’s & Defense early and Kids from Alabama with Ozzie Newsome being an Alumni of Alabama and who knows many of their Players very well..
          I agree there is no true Shutdown CB’s in this Draft, but the Eagles to improve the Talent Level and get younger at the CB for McKelvin, Carroll are 2nd Tier/Backup Players, McKelvin would be much better at Slot CB than the Playing the Outside

          1. I get what you’re saying Paul,

            But we would also whiff on the better talent of need at the WR position in Corey Davis.

            I wouldn’t compromise that for another position of need where the talent is weaker.

            1. If Corey Davis Runs a Fast 40 time and has a Nice Indy Workout.. He will likely be off the Board by the Time the Eagles Select at #15

  20. To the gcobbers who want to throw the baby out with the bath water (the imbeciles who think Kelce should be gone)– go to bgn and watch some all 22– learn something about the game– not just what you see on tv on sundays–

    1. I have always thought Jason Kielce was a damn good center. The tempo Chip installed did not help him or anybody on that offense line. The tempo would cause him to miss snaps and assignments and make him look bad.

    2. Kelce is good in space but he limits the overall impact of the offense because he’s not stout enough to get push up the middle for QB sneaks in short yardage situations and running up the middle. Further, he had some pretty bad snaps this year. I’m all for Kelce coming in as an extra linemen on running plays to serve as a fullback type, but I’ve wanted an upgrade at Center since last year. If Kelce is here in 2017 that will be his final year as Seumalo will take over in 2018. Keeping Kelce for 2017 serves as keeping depth and helping Wentz one more year with line reads and protections…if he’s here next year(which he’ll most likely be), it’s a curtain call.

      1. Stupid and short sighted comment…. I expect better… So 4 or 5 qb sneaks vs a few hundred running plays where the design is to get OL out in front for big plays…. The bowling ball center is a thing of the part… Move on.
        Look and this from a guy who in my first year as a JV coach lost my QB and had a back up with no knowledge… I called QB wedge like 13 straight times. Got some first downs and ran out the clock.
        But it is not part of today’s NFL…watch he film and learn. Watch games this weekend, focus on the center….

        1. No, it’s an insightful and well articulated observation. If you’ve watched some of the Centers in the NFL and college lately, you’d know that there are stout athletic centers that can hold the point of attack, move the pocket and get out in space to block down field. Perhaps you should take your own advice and pay a little bit closer attention to some of the bigger and more athletic centers in the league today. I know you don’t watch college ball so I will not waste my time discussing Center prospects like Ethan Pocic with you as it would be a waste of my time. However, Seumalo has that ability and skill to do this. I think you are afraid of change and trying something new to ascertain a better product and overall outcome. Don’t let your ignorance and fear stand in the way of progress…ooops..too late!

          1. Kelce is 29 and obviously there will come a time for him to move on–however my point is that he grades out much better than all of you think, the qb sneak is a thing of the past– I bet this weekend there will be 2-3 at most for the entire weekend–and when its run well its not really a center thing– its a gap thing that of course the center is part of– all you guys getting rid of OL this off season are just being silly– on the board i’ve seen trade johnson, cut peters, trade or cut kelce– look i like big V and Semoulo but you need 7-8 OL that you have confidence in– your 6th OL will need to probably play in half the games so you better be sure he can play.

            1. HAC, I don’t care how old Kelce is..24, 29, 35, whatever. It does not change the fact that he is weak at the point of attack due to his size. He simply can not hold the POA and it limits certain things that can be done on offense. The QB sneak is a thing of the past? What are you watching and talking about, QB’s do it every week in the pros and college. The Eagles utilized the QB sneak this season (C’MON MAN)…lol. Honestly, I don’t think you watch much football saying things like that. Ialso find it peculiar how you are focusing in on the QB sneak but ignoring the fact that the Eagles had trouble running up the middle against more stout defenses. Further, Kelce was consistently put on greased roller skates as he was pushed back and Wentz did not have a pocket to step up in. Desert pointed this out to which you have conveniently yet to reply to. Why?…simply because there is no solid defense. You can look at grades and the all 22’s or whatever other tool you want to use to measure his performance. I’m using the eye test..I trust that more than what you have to say or think concerning this matter.
              I’m not in favor of getting rid of Johnson, whom I like, nor do I want to get rid of Peters, but Kelce is the weak link on the line when it comes to getting push in short yardage situations and holding the point of attack during obvious passing downs…which the Eagles find themselves in a lot.

              1. I will continue to maintain that he grades out higher with the people who matter than you think– I could be wrong but thats what I think–
                Obviously in the nfl all 53 men are susceptible to being replaced as every position is an open competition.
                as for the sneak, at some point someone said that the eagles can’t sneak because of Kelce thats why I brought that up.
                And yes there was a play or two where he was on skates– since people have been bashing him on here I’m careful to pay attention to centers around the league, also opposing centers against the eagles- it happens on occassion to most/all of them– the oppossing DT gets leverage and pushes them like the sled– its football and your opponent is paid to do that and sometimes he’s successful.
                Again, I could care less about JK– I route for the eagles- if they can replace him or any of the the 53 with a better player I hope they do it TODAY — my contention is that right now he isn’t killing the eagles quite as much as you say and I dont believe replacing him is a priority.

              2. You can maintain that position, it means nothing to me. When the Eagles drafted Seumalo I stated on GCobb that Kelce was being put on notice. You like to maintain the status quo even when an upgrade is possible, that’s not going to help win a championship. I believe the Center position can be upgraded for the better simply to improve the play of the running backs and QB on passing downs. Look at Travis Frederick of the Cowboys (6’3″ 317) all around type Center, that’s the type of Center I want…how often do you see pressure coming up the gut on Dak Prescott..very seldom. But hey, you’re happy with Kelce because he gets down field to block..whoopdi dam dooo..that’s not enough in the full scope of things.

              3. Again, I could care less about JK– I route for the eagles- if they can replace him or any of the the 53 with a better player I hope they do it TODAY

                I assume you didn’t read that.

              4. as for “being put on notice” I think every draft day several players are put on notice.
                Again, if he or anyone can be replaced to get the team to a SB…. DO IT! A couple of guys arguing on a dying blog don’t have any say!

    1. Hac. What about the sloth at nose guard? That’s the game too…I love kelce but hes on rollerskates too often. The last line of defense is often sproles ,all of that was distressing until wentz started to read and run in his repertoire..kelce is not going to fit in a pass happy ngl andvpass happy division,where often playing from behind accentuated it even more..

  21. Man the more I watch and read about Corey Davis I want him!!! Cool story about how he had a bunch of siblings and would walk 3 miles to football practice and how he was a stud wr in college but no college would offer him a scholarship as a junior because he wasn’t eligible due to grades. He worked his ass off and raised his gpa a full point as a senior. Man I want this dude. Hungry and knows hard work pays off. We gotta find a way to move up and get him if he’s available after say the 8 pick we gotta make a move. He won’t be there at 14 or 15.

    1. Yes!! My dream pick!

      Bring in FA WR in DJax, Brandon cooks, Kenny stills?

      Wentz will have weapons all across the board

      1. cooks isnt a FA, theres no way Howie is signing jaccpot jaccson based on his news conference… Howies basically stated the plan is to put young guys / weapons around wentz so they all peak at the right time and thats the right play, and that means no jackson. and while cooks is a nice player but if he aint dominating consistently (which he doesnt) with Brees than he’s not worth the 2nd or 3rd the Saints are gonna want from him

  22. Also, the birds finished 11th in rushing YPG, 9th in rushing APG. This without a bell cow RB and injuries/suspensions on the OL. Yet everyone wants to blow up the OL to some degree– I think they are really close to having 6-7 dependable OL– peters for another year, possibly 2– he had a decent year–
    To Desert’s point of Wentz under center– I don’t know that it was undermined by a player but if you look at the eagles O they ran that peyton manning/edge james stretch play quite well and set up play action etc– I think you will see that as more of a staple moving forward.

    1. I don’t want to blow up the Oline, I just think that they have a crapton of money in it and I think that they need to figure out how to save some. The obvious candidates (to restructure not cut) are Peters and Kelce.

      1. I think both will re-structure. I think an interesting thing is how the suspension affects johnson’s contract– first he lost a ton of money, second the eagles can void it– I don’t know what that looks like, whether they will renegotiate or just keep it as it is. spending money on the OL is a good investment.

        1. I do agree that spending money on the Oline is good, but I think that you have to constantly think about replacements and where you can save. With big contracts for Peters, Johnson, Brooks and Kelce makes it tough to plug up all of the other holes.

            1. I think the Eagles OL will be much improved for 2017
              Issac & Vaitai got lots of Game Reps, Practice Time with the #1’s
              Wisnewski filled in pretty well when called upon..
              Going in 2017 – Eagles have 3 Solid OT in Peters, LJ and Vaitai
              at Guards they have Brooks, Barbre & Issac
              Wisnewski would be a smart Re-Sign in Free-Agency as he can Play both Guard/Center
              I would Draft another Interior OL in the Mid-Late Rounds (5th/6th) to add to the mix but the Eagles if all are Healthy and Not Suspended or Sick
              have 7-8 Quality,Versatile NFL OL which most Teams would die for …

              They need Talent/Speed on the Outside and at the Skills Positions (WR & ,CB) and bigger Thumper at RB to complement Sproles/Smallwood

  23. I just read that Quintin Demps was named AFC defensive player of the month… we know that Connie Chung went to NE and won a SB and was a big part, I think kurt coleman went to the SB last year and was a starter on a very good D, E. Rowe is a starter for NE at 14-2…. whatever the hell we are doing in the secondary needs to be changed immediately!!!!!

    1. Corey Undlin is the problem with the dbacks. They are not being coached to turn around and play the ball..the dbacks technique is poor and flawed. Different corners, same poor results rooted in the same poor technique.

      1. I heard Franks say that exact thing on WIP today– if they are being taught poor technique from the position coach then quite frankly that falls on Shwartz…. he certainly has to have a DB philosophy that he believes in… I’m sure that position coaches report to the DC… makes zero sense to me…

        1. I stated a while back that DB’s Coach Corey Undlin was on the Hot Seat and not getting the Job done and will likely be Terminated as he was one of the few holdovers from the Chip Kelly Staff..
          Whats strange is that Undlin Coached a Secondary in Denver for 2-3 Years Prior to coming to Philly and had great Results with Talib, Chris Harris,Robey,etc,etc
          With Tim Hauck Coaching the Safeties, I expect the Eagles to Let Undlin go and promote Dino Vasso who Pederson brought from Kansas City as a Quality Control DB’s Coach.. Lots of People are Very High on Dino Vasso
          I expect

              1. Oh absolutely Desert…….There is plenty of blame to go around, but if you’re not talented enough or smart enough to turn, and look for the ball that can be a product of bad coaching, or lack of talent as well as lack of habitual focus.

                These guys are at the top level now – They have to be held accountable.

  24. Eagles deny DiFillipo permission to interview–hope they gave him a decent bump in pay! obviously they don’t want to lose the two most important offensive coaches to Wentz…..
    I still don’t understand that if Undlin is teaching poor technique how that doesn’t get trumped by the DC– the DC knows proper technique at every position etc– his philosophy, techniques and methods should be at the cornerstone of defensive play.

    1. DeFillipo will likely be promoted to OC as Frank Reich will likely be Hired by the Buffalo Bills as their New Coach
      (to keep DeFillipo long term, the Eagles will need by Promote him to at least the OC – Asst HC Level)

      On a Side Note — Jay Gruden of the Redskins Announces that the Entire Defensive Coaching Staff of the Washington Redskins will not Return in 2017
      DC Joe Barry, Perry Jewell and the whole gang are being Replaced..

  25. Philadelphia will most likely be winning 7-9 gAmes next year as well. It would be three years in a row we have a record similar to that. But that does not mean the team will not be improving.

    All that maters is that u have 7-9 wins. I get it. And u are what ur record indicates. But I repeat , that will not mean we are not improving.

    I take it back on desean Jackson signing after seeing roseman speak. You never know 100 percent with the guy, but he did use the term “band aid” which is exactly what desean would be if we signed a 30 year old WR.

    This team should be contending seriously by 2018-2019 when Brady and Rodgers and Eli and Bree’s are all up there in age etc.

    Running back should and will not be a priority this draft, and it shouldn’t be when u have 4 quality young backs on ur roster.

    Anyone remember how the chiefs used there running backs very effectively the past 2-3
    seasons when Charles went down? Doug and howie knows he can utliLize these backs with a better oline.

    Corner or LB should be priority in round 1. Maybe even DLine or Oline.

    I would love Corey Davis but I just say we beef up that defense another notch by going defense rounds 1&2. Get quality oline depth in middle rounds.

    It’s a very deep corner draft. Imagine getting another stud next to Jordan and a damn good corner to throw in that secondary.

    We’re going to need it with these rbs and WRs in the NFC east.

    Running back needs to be

  26. Damn I hate it when the Eagles are done…I really just don’t care that much about football now…I guess I’ll watch some games but so what….

  27. Exciting Eagles News!!

    The Washington Redckins are going to be caught dropping one hundred cap crushing dollarson Cousins.

    The New York Giants are stuck with a petulant, never win with guys like that crybaby who’d prefer to be chillin’ in Miami then preparing for playoff games. (can’t wait to see the circus over the next few years as Eli declines further)

    The future is even brighter.

      1. Imagine for a moment what kind of whiny little petulant sissy OGB will be when he’s got bubby brister, mark sanchez or that dude who played for Oakland throwing to him…. Oh man I can’t wait

        1. ODB is only 23 years old.

          Kind of unbelievable if u think about it. When u step into the league and do what no other wr has done before in there first three years

          1. I dunno bout that….john taylor for example won 2 super bowls in his first three seasons…petulant WR can be as much a hinderence as they can an asset.

  28. Less bring in chad Johnson or T.O to coach the WRs. They are mature now and could teach this WRs how to have fun and catch the damn. Ball

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