Evaluating Howie Roseman’s 2016 Performance

Howie Roseman returned to power within the Eagles’ front office in 2016.

After Jeffrey Lurie realized what a horrid mistake it was to give the incompetent Chip Kelly full control over personnel decisions, he returned to his comfort zone and restored Roseman’s position as General Manager.

A year ago, I evaluated all of the horrendous decisions by Chip Kelly.

Now let’s do the same for Howie, and see how he fared this season.

1. Contract Extensions

Zach Ertz, Lane Johnson, Vinny Curry, Fletcher Cox, Malcolm Jenkins, Brent Celek, Sam Bradford

The Good: One of Howie Roseman’s signature techniques throughout his tenure with the Eagles has been to lock up the team’s young talent well before they hit free agency. Roseman made it a priority right away to get whatever young talent Chip Kelly hadn’t thrown away under contract for the long-term. The majority of these resignings were praised at the time they happened, and the move that paid off the most was getting Sam Bradford to sign to a very team-friendly, tradeable contract that set the stage for the Eagles to acquire a first-round pick from the Vikings in August.

The Bad: A lot of these guys underperformed in 2016. Zach Ertz was expected to make his leap to the NFL’s elite at the tight end position, but didn’t show up until December once the team had been eliminated. Lane Johnson is an elite tackle when he plays, but his 10-game suspension really cost the team. Vinny Curry was almost completely invisible on the defensive line, and Fletcher Cox’s output was far from what you’d expect from a defensive tackle worth over $100 million. Malcolm Jenkins was the one big extension that played up to his contract throughout the season.

Verdict: It’s too early to call these moves bad contracts. I think its really important to remember that these guys are still fairly young players. No one is more frustrated by the annual talk of an Ertz breakout than myself, but there’s no denying that the ability is there and could still pan out.

As for the defensive line, production was down across the board, and I blame Jim Schwartz and his scheme for the lack of sack production moreso than the players. No Eagle had more than six sacks this year. Its very hard for me to believe that Cox, Curry, Brandon Graham and Bennie Logan all became mediocre players and forgot how to get to the quarterback overnight.

2. Free Agent Signings

Leodis McKelvin: The McKelvin signing hasn’t been a popular one, but I think a lot of people forget that the intention originally was to have him man the slot while Nolan Carroll and Eric Rowe started on the outside. Unfortunately, Rowe fell out of favor with Jim Schwartz quickly, and forced McKelvin into an outside role from Day 1, where he battled a hamstring injury and performed poorly most of the season.

Brandon Brooks: Brooks has been an excellent addition to the offensive line, solidifying the right guard spot.

Rodney McLeod: McLeod has joined Malcolm Jenkins to give the Birds easily their best safety tandem since Brian Dawkins and Quintin Mikell in 2008. How long has it been since we’ve been able to say that the safeties are a strength of this defense and not a weakness?

Nigel Bradham: A Jim Schwartz guy who was a solid, though unspectacular addition to the starting lineup. Affordable contract, quality production, not much to complain about here.

Ron Brooks: Another Schwartz guy signed to be a fourth corner, pressed into the nickel role once McKelvin was forced to the outside, was mediocre before going down for the season with an injury.

Chase Daniel: Expensive insurance policy at the quarterback position. Looked pretty bad in the preseason, and did not attempt a pass in the regular season. Safe to say that the Eagles’ offense might have looked historically bad if you had an offense featuring Chase Daniel throwing to Nelson Agholor.

Chris Givens/Rueben Randle: This is the part of free agency that Howie really whiffed on. The team needed some kind of effective veteran presence at the wide receiver position, and the two guys he took shots on weren’t even good enough to make the team on a roster starved for help at the position.

Stefan Wisniewski: Solid veteran presence for the offensive line. Was able to come in whenever called upon and perform at an acceptable level. I’m disappointed that Doug Pederson didn’t give Wisniewski more of an opportunity to compete for a starting position in training camp; I think he’s better than starter Alan Barbre.

Nolan Carroll: Carroll tested free agency and returned to the Eagles on a one-year deal. He really had a rough season, and may not be back in 2017.

Stephen Tulloch: Veteran insurance at the linebacker position rarely saw the field.

Verdict: I think Howie did a nice job with his 2016 free agency class. His two big-money signings, Brooks and McLeod, lived up to their contracts and were welcome additions to the team. Bradham and Wisniewski were solid, low-risk signings that brought something to the table as well.

No General Manager is going to hit on every signing or every draft pick. McKelvin didn’t help much in 2017, but again its important to keep in perspective that the team never expected him to be more than a stopgap.

The one aspect where I certainly think criticism in warranted is the failure to bring in a productive veteran receiver. There were good guys available on the market. Mike Wallace has been a great pickup for the Ravens, and would have given the Eagles an explosive vertical threat that they just didn’t have.

But anytime you can look at a free agency class and successfully come away with multiple starters for the long-term, you’ve done a pretty good job.

Especially when you compare it to Byron Maxwell, DeMarco Murray trainwreck orchestrated by Chip just a year prior.

3. Trades

The Trade Up To #2: Howie made his biggest priority to find a long-term answer at the quarterback position. He accomplished this with multiple trades that not only paved the pay for the Eagles to take Carson Wentz, but also jettisoned some of the albatross contracts and big mistakes made by Kelly in 2015.

Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso were shipped to Miami in the move up from pick 13 to pick 8. DeMarco Murray was banished to Tennessee in a swap of fourth rounders that would later be used to complete the deal with the Browns.

Roseman also made his deal to get up to #2 without crippling the team’s draft assets in future years by spreading out the cost over multiple seasons. The team gave up their first rounder next season, and a second rounder in 2018, putting them in a workable situation for years to come.

Mark Sanchez To Denver for Cap Relief: The Eagles mercifully wanted to move on from Mark Sanchez. They could have released him for a cap savings worth over $3 million, but a trade would grant them an additional million on top of that. Roseman found a taker in the Denver Broncos, shipping the turnover-prone quarterback out west for a conditional seventh rounder. Sanchez was released, and the Broncos no longer owed the Eagles a pick, but this was a nice move just to pick up additional cap flexibility.

Dorial Green-Beckham for Dennis Kelly: I know DGB isn’t a very popular guy in town after the 2016 season, but this trade was worth a role of the dice no matter how it ended up. Dennis Kelly was a completely replaceable spare part that the Eagles no longer needed thanks to the other additions they had made to the line through free agency and the draft. Green-Beckham was just a year removed from being a second-round pick, and offered considerable upside to a lacking group of receivers. Personally, I’m not ready to give up on DGB, but at worst the Eagles gave up practically nothing to take a shot on him.

Sam Bradford for 1st and 4th Round Picks: This move may not only be the crowning achievement of Roseman’s 2016, but also his entire career as a General Manager. When the Eagles brought back Bradford and then made the move to get Wentz, the hope was that Bradford would play well enough for the team to squeeze a third, maybe even a second-round pick out of him. Instead, Roseman picked up a top-15 selection for the disappointing failure of a quarterback, and an additional 2018 fourth rounder for good measure. The move greatly offset the cost of trading up for Wentz, and put the Eagles in prime position to speed up their rebuild. Oh, and it also allowed Wentz to get a full 16 games under his belt rather than waiting until 2017 to begin his career.

Eric Rowe for a 4th Round Pick: This is the move that a lot of people are going to criticize and question, and rightly so. The Eagles certainly may have jumped the gun on giving up on Rowe. He’s become a solid contributor for the Patriots, and the Eagles are still looking for long-term answers at both corners. I can’t fault anyone that’s upset by this deal, but I would argue that it was still the right move to make. I don’t think Rowe was going to succeed in Philadelphia. He had already fallen out of favor, and was only going to be buried on the depth chart here. The Eagles had an opportunity to recoup a pretty decent draft pick for a guy that wasn’t in their long-term plans, and they now have three picks in the fourth round in 2018 to use as ammo to either improve to the team or make other deals.

Verdict: Once again, solid to great moves across the board. To acquire a top quarterback prospect, while also collecting an excellent haul for the lame-duck starter that wasn’t part of the future earns this year’s group of trades an A-mark on their own. Seeing Rowe succeed in New England is tough, but its not as though the team received no value for him in return.

4. Draft Day

Carson Wentz (1st round): Ah, a legitimate franchise quarterback prospect. After watching the Eagles take shortsighted approaches year after year of the post-McNabb era, attempting to revive the careers of failed former first-round picks Michael Vick, Vince Young, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Bradford, to trying to get away with developing middling prospects like Kevin Kolb, Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley, it was refreshing to see them finally return to the top of the draft and commit to a guy for the long-term.

Issac Seumalo (3rd round): I initially didn’t like the Seumalo pick on draft day, but he performed well when called upon. He could potentially be a long-term starter at either guard or center, giving his selection considerable value.

Wendell Smallwood (5th round): Smallwood, at minimum, looks like he has a place in the league as a kick returner or a change-of-pace option in the running game. Not a feature back, but a solid reserve.

Halapoulivaati Vaitai (5th round): Pressed into action after the Johnson suspension went into effect, and held his own after a rough showing in his first start against Washington. Probably needs more development time, but there is clearly some upside here.

Blake Countess (6th round): Failed to make the team.

Jalen Mills (7th round): Probably the rookie who contributed the most after Wentz. Held his own despite being put into difficult situations all season. Should be very much in the mix for a starting role moving forward.

Alex McAlister/Joe Walker (7th round): Injured reserve.

Verdict: The long-term success or failure of Wentz is ultimately what will define this class, but things look good here after the initial season. The Eagles didn’t have a lot of picks to work with, but through the additions of Seumalo, Smallwood, Vaitai, and Mills, Roseman was able to come away with a handful of players that were able to contribute this year, and also may have the upside to do more in the future.

Final Thoughts

When you look at Howie Roseman’s 2016, you really have to admire the work that he was able to do.

The Eagles were run into the ground by Chip Kelly. This was always going to be a multi-year fix, but I think Howie really sped up the process the Wentz and Bradford trades alone. In addition to identifying the franchise quarterback, he picked up a starting safety, guard, and linebacker, while also improving the team’s depth on the offensive line.

Much work remains, and questions still linger about Howie’s ability to hit on key picks at the top of the draft, but for the first time in quite awhile, the franchise’s arrow is legitimately pointing up.

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149 thoughts on “Evaluating Howie Roseman’s 2016 Performance

  1. I believe if we have a offseason half has good as 2016 that Howie put together, we will easily be in 12-14 games next season just like this year.

    The only difference will be can we close out more games this upcoming season compared to this year where we went 1-6? i believe in games decided by 7 or less points.

    Bottom line is that we had a rookie qb and HC with new defenive schemes and coaches as well. We did not have the EXP to close games out even tho we came DAMN close week after week after week.

    You all can say “Alot of teams lost this year by 1 possession” etc and blase blase. But the fact of the matter is that those teams did not have a rookie hc and qb and everything else I listed above.

    As the season went on, we were able to get better at closing out games. For example the Atlanta and Giants game and even the Ravens game where we came back and went for the win instead of overtime. You can even include the cowboys game even tho it was meaningless in terms of postseason.

    Next year we should be better at closing out games just because of the fact of the natural development of being together for a year. Ertz will have his break out year finally now that he has a qb for the first time in his career in back to back season and will be healthy.

    Chemistry is everything!!

    Who do you guys like more? Mike Williams? Or CORey Davis?

    LAST NIghts came against bama showed why Mike could go top wr off the board

    1. Corey Davis CT….

      Many will rank Mike Williams ahead of him, but I see a more complete WR in Corey Davis – who I feel is a poor mans Julio Jones…….Corey Davis

  2. Just met Terrell Owens in the Center City Phila. Jos. Bank. store. He still looks spry. He was laid back. Taller than I thought..definitely taller. At 40 he’s probably still the best receiver on the Eagles!

  3. ***NFL NEWS****

    The Denver Broncos Hire Dolphins DC Vance Johnson as their next HC with a 4 Year Deal…The Buffalo Bills are expected to announce the Hiring of of Panthers and former Eagle DC Sean McDermott as their Next HC..

    Vance Johnson spent 3 Seasons with the Bengals as their Secondary Coach under Marv Lewis before becoming the Dolphins DC last Season..Johnson also did interview with the Broncos 2 Years Ago when John Fox was Fired.
    Also, Sean McDermott Interviewed with Buffalo before they Hired Rex Ryan so both these Guys must have made good Impressions along the way.

    It’s Interesting that first 2 Coach’s Hired are Defensive Minded Coach’s now we’ll see what the 49ers & Chargers will do.. The 49ers were also interested in Sean McDermott per Reports

  4. On a Side Note, with Coaching and GM Changes occuring around the NFL,
    It may be a good Time for Howie to make some Calls to the BIlls, Jaguars, 49ers and check on some of their Young Talent to see if any Players are available… The Jaguars are loaded with players with 3 Yeasr and Less on their Roster.. Maybe new VP of Football Ops Tom Coughlin would love a couple of Veterans who he’s familiar with and has won to be in their Locker
    Room … Could a Connor Barwin,Jason Kelce, Brett Celek, Chase Daniel, Michael Kendricks bring some added Value by Trading ? Is it worth exploring with Teams that have made changes by Trading Players who don’t your Team for Players who who don’t fit their new Coach’s/Schemes…

    1. most teams wouldn’t trade a young player for an old player but your point is taken– I would think they would look more into waiting till older players get cut like the eagles did with tollich… but we shall see.
      As for Daniel, I believe behind the scenes he is much more valuable than we realize. Pederson got a similar deal to come and tutor mcnabb… one last great payday but you are essentially a player coach– its a huge chunk of change and he becomes part of the Pederson/Reid coaching tree….

      1. Sean McDermott was just named the Buffalo Bill’s Coach
        When someone like a Tom Coughlin comes in to take over, you have to think he will move 3-4-5 of their Young Players who just don’t fit his Brand of Football for some proven Veterans or Players from his Past to help set a new Tone for their Organization..

        I would not be surprised to see the Howie try to Re-Work Daniel’s Deal, who is Due to Earn $8 Million in 2017 with a Dead $$$ Cap Hit of $7 Million then set Earn $8 Million for 2018 with a Dead $$ Cap Hit of $1 Million
        Maybe they Sit Down and rip this current Contract up and give him a New 3-4 Year Deal worth about $4-$5 Million which is what the Market is for Veteran Back-Up QB’s
        Now that Wentz has Played all 16 Games of his Rookie Season, I am not sure how much impact from Pederson Tutor, Chase Daniels, is still needed
        or a priority… Maybe they’ll just address this the following off-season (2018)

    1. He’s been there for a little bit and helped developed/Coached somebody young WR’s Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Chris Hogan the last couple of Seasons.. I would like the Eagles to pursue WR Robert Woods who is still only 24/25 Years of Age and has Speed & Upside

  5. Sixers blossoming before our eyes!! They’re pretty close to must watch status. Joe Joe close to a superstar. Bens close to his debut. Stars are gonna wanna play for and with these two. Hinkie was always right. 2020 title contenders.

  6. Knicks are prime example hinkie was right. Buy a fraud star in melo. Stack him with has been and broken down Noah and rose and that’s what you get. Mediocrity at best. We doing it right

    1. Jesus I was at the game tonight, embiid is a legend already, we are must watch, henski u gotta go to liberty ballers.com they are true hinkie lovers and always knew the process, embiid is already my favorite Philly sports star ever, the guy loves Philly, and we gotta vote for him as a all star he deserves it

        1. Oh I’m a lib ballers fan and agree oak blows. His trade value is shit too. I’d move him just to do it. Will see. This shits awesome. I pray Bens games translates to pro and he learns to shoot
          Great game to be at!!

          1. I’d trade oak to Chicago for mcdermott and second rd pick, they get some scoring besides wade and Butler and we get a sf off the bench who can stretch floor and dude don’t worry Ben is too talented to not translate he will have at least a 15 footer, oh by the way Noel somehow has a jumper now

            1. Yes sir!!

              Rebounds and defense over a post scorer anyday! And that doesn’t mean Okafor will not have a damn good career.

              But we have to cut ties with him now just to do it. Move on and get the team moving in the right direction. Get a late first rounder or player.

              Nerlens is a beast and is joe joe best friend.

              We spend the 3rd pick on Okafor tho. Gonna be hard to let that Go for a bag of peanuts

            2. I’d like the buckets deal but if we keeping illyasova then include sauce and get a protected 1 instead of a 2?

              Man this is great.

              Idk if we gonna be competing for a lotto pick or the 8 seed but awesome to see the team coming together.

              1. Better than having an okafor did not play coaching decision every night. Buckets with Simmons and embiid would be able to do what sauce can’t

  7. I feel like such a foolish heel. I turned the 6ers game off last night in the fourth. I just did not think they were going to win. Ahhhhh…I am kicking myself right now. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I heard they won…then I looked in the mirror and said “loser”. I am still so used to the 6ers losing. I have to get out of that mindset…and trust the process!

    1. Dude, don’t feel bad. I did the same thing. They were not playing well halfway through that game. I turned to some college hoops instead and got a text from my brother in law about the win.

      I have to admit that I was big on trading Noel for a long time, but now that I see Embiid in all his glory and how Noel can compliment him, I am on board with Okafor being the odd man out. I know that his trade value is low, but I am wondering if they can whip up a market from him by getting some clubs to compete. He is still a legit low post scoring big man. I guess at this point, I am ready for addition by subtraction to get the roster right.

      Lot of opportunity for guards and small forwards in this draft.

      1. Thanks bugs, I know Danny Ainge valued Okafor. I was on the same boat, I did not want Oak traded, but it appears Embiid and Noel compliment each other well. Oak is the odd man out. Imagine when Simmons gets in the mix and develops chemistry with Embiid..lights out. 10-9-8-76ers!

        Trust The Process!

          1. What Teams are heavy at Guard but need Scoring from the Post ?
            Celtics,Bulls, Nuggets, Wizards ?

            Would these Teams be interested in Okafor for one of their Guards ?

            1. That’s the thing gmcliff I think it’s gonna be harder to get fultz since he’s definitely going 1, then to trade for already proven star, we are too good as a team to get that #1 overall pick, so it will probably be Tatum and nkitloni

              1. Cliff I don’t know if u wAtch the sixers or look at the standings but the likelihood we end up with a top 2 pick to have a chance at fultz gets smaller by the day. And lakers pick is protected so the likelihood we can get fultz and Jackson is less than 10%

              2. I’m just stating what I would like to get out of this draft Z.

                Their draft position, will obviously determine who they can realistically get. But Fultz, and Jackson, is who we all should want.

                Tatum does nothing for me…

          2. Guarantee that Noel gets traded.

            If Embiid goes down, the Sixers will need to replace the loss of his scoring, and Noel can’t do it.

            Even if Okafor was traded, Noel would just be a back up center in the long range plans; Noel is not a beast, and as an upcoming restricted free agent, the Sixers will not give him a max deal to come off the bench.

            Simmons will be the long term Power Point Guard, Embiid at Center, and the 3 will be a high priced free agent, with the draft picks this year being the backcourt duo.

            1. Noel is fine as a bu, but if Joel goes down we are screwed either way, by the way Noel has a jumper now, he’s proven to be very useful in this new nba

              1. Z, Noel is really limited to just a defensive presence. He has hit an occasional jump shot, but he doesn’t have a real consistent jump shot…..stop it…

                I think all he is is a back up center.

                He, or Okafor could be used in a draft day trade along with the Lakers pick to move up to get a Jackson, or Fultz. The Sixers, won’t be a playoff contending team, and will be one of the 3 worst…..they’ll have a shot.

                Z, you wouldn’t want Fultz, and Jackson in our back court…I can’t believe that…

              2. Josh Jackson is who I want from this draft. He is more of a defensive minded scorer than the rest….but we can make a deal to get another guard with the Lakers pick, the swap with the Kings, and or Noel, or Okafor…..

            2. Fultz is gonna go 1 and I don’t think that they are going to get the #1 pick again. Josh Jackson has a long way to go to be a 2 in the NBA. Mainly the fact that he hasn’t shown that he can consistently hit a jump shot. I don’t want another 2 that can’t put the ball in the basket.

              1. considering noel is a free agent he isnt being traded in a draft day deal cliff..

                sweet new picture cliff. Have any personal photos?

              2. Bugs do we ever really know who is going to have the first pick??

                The Sixers have as good of a chance as anybody.

                I disagree about Josh Jackson, he doesn’t have a long way to go to be a 2 guard, his handle is better than Fultz – who is a two way guard PG/SG – and Jacksons jumpshot is no worse than his in terms of consistency.

                Jackson is a better perimeter shooter, and scorer – who plays great defense.
                I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree with you….

              3. He- Noel – Is a restricted Free Agent – He can be traded by giving the team he’s traded to – by waiving exclusive negotiating rights…

                I’m not going to keep changing the profile photo because you can’t accept it for what it is……move on….I’ll change it from time to time, but when I feel like it, not when you say so….

              4. Realistically, they are not going to get the 1st pick. They are not going to have the worst record. But if they do get the 1, then I would take Fultz as would probably everyone on here. But with the Lakers pick (if they get it) I don’t trust any of the guys will be difference makers but espcially not that impressed with Jackson. I guess I need to watch more games with him in it. I am not saying that he is not a good player, but I am not convinced of him at 2. Now, if you wanna talk about him at 3, then sure but at the 2 I want a better spot up shooter.

              5. That’s just it Bugs, they don’t have to have the worst record to get the number one pick. That’s why I said they have just as good of a chance as anybody being one of the worst 3 teams in the league.

                Cavaliers got the number one pick one year as the 10th worst team in the league – two years in a row…

                Fultz, and Jackson are who I would draft if I were in a position to do so, if I were the Sixers.

              6. just find it interesting you changed the newspaper photo with an internet photo of your son. i know if i was posting a photo of my son i wouldnt have to get one from the internet.

                still waiting for u to shut down the fake degree story

              7. I will Mhenski. The only game that I saw him was recently against UNC where they got annihilated. this is when I start watching a lot more college hoops now that the league games have started. I like to watch the conference challenges early on, but then all the teams go through a stretch of games vs cupcake st.

                Seen a lot of Nova, UCLA and ACC hoops this year so far.

                What do you guys think about Josh Hart as a late first round pick?

              8. Cliff, I know how the draft works. I am just playing the odds on this one. Tough enough to get the 1 at all, but to get it 2 years in a row. I am not counting on that.

              9. smith has the talent to come away from this draft as the cream of the crop but with simmons handling pg im not sure he is the best fit. best fit is probably fultz then jackson. dont think you can lose in the top 3 this, and it looks like ur getting a stud as low as the 10 pick this year

              10. either way this season is exciting as F

                will our gm cash in assets and get us a stud?

                will we be good enough to push for a playoff spot when ben comes in?

                will ben be solid this year and show promise?

                will we not make the playoffs and get a top pick ?

                will we get lakers pick?

                sacs pick?

                shits buzzing

              11. Cliff I never stated I didn’t want Jackson and fultz which I would in a heartbeat, I’m just saying its a flip of coin and not sure at all of happening so I’d rather get what I know I can get a superstar guard by trading our assets, by the way bugs I would love Hart as late first, seems like a good glue guy

              12. Unfortunately Mhenski, I didn’t get that picture from the internet. That was taken at the draft, and given to me personally, and I was told it was going to be in the Boston Globe – It’s been my desktop photo since.

                I’m really not concerned with your suspicions about my education. just know I have all my degrees, and when it comes to these prospects, I know more than you…..period

              13. That would be inaccurate my friend.

                And suspiciously your copy of the email you claimed you received, didn’t even have the school logo – justifying it’s legitimacy – which you will see very soon with the response I got from the University – along with my transcripts, and video of my dissertation.

                I wouldn’t be so anxious to be humbled Mhenski…..

              14. logo ? what in gods name are you talking about??????? logo? you cant copy and paste a logo in gcobb . com fool

                do you understand how dumb u sound?

                youre implying i found the most low level person at that school and created fake emails? lmfao

                fake draft kings 100k

                fake son

                fake rams job – admitted

                fake terminal disease – admitted

                fake job offer from the eagles – proven

                fake degree – proven

                stop being a lying weirdo

              15. Fake gm and Henski… I thought the war was over but since it’s not I have a confession to make. I too have a few bastard sons that I want to tell the world about. I wasn’t there as a father because I was young, their moms weren’t ‘marrying material’ but they are my sons and I want my gcobb friends to know about them. My first son is Deshawn Watson is coming out in e nfl draft, he called seeking my council even tho I didn’t raise him, he grew up in subsidized housing and I’m proud of how he’s doing. I have another son who will reach out to me just before the NBA draft…. When he does I will reveal who he is.
                Also, I talked on here about being a humble teacher and delaware football coach, well that is a lie I’m actually a very high profile professional that has degrees from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford…. My wife is Cindy Crawford and my mistress is Jennifer Anniston

              16. Haaaaa

                Make sure you tell everyone ur sitting courside when he gets drafted. Even though iversons mom never sat court side I’m sure u will just like cliff.


    Im talking Oakfor+our unprotected first + sacramentos first plus some 2nds FOR CJ McColumn.

    THis is way Hinkie was stockpiling first rounders. So when he got 2 or 3 studs (simmons and embiid) he could cash in some of those assets for a established player.

    Portland is hurting down low already has a stud pg, they aint winning with Lilly and him. Make a move Collangelo or however u spell ur name. BLOCKBUSTER. CASH IN THEM FIRSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. He sacrificed everything for this team to be what it is. Even his own job.

        You can make any argument u want but he is the reason we are where we are.

        Hinkie was going to be judged off the Embiid pick more then anything. Looks like that turned out ok we can all say. LOL!!

        Oh and nerlens and Simmons!!

        1. Did it take a genius ? Idk Took balls for sure

          Guy was smart enough to dump bums like mcw and jrue and stinkadala. He laid out a plan to compete for a title in 2020 and that looks real reasonable right now. Need one more stud that can shoot.

          Guy stockpile 1st rounders to cash them in when he got kids that can ball. Now would’ve been the time. Hopefully the new gm can make a deal. So far he’s been living off hinkie and has done shit.

          Fact is ur either the cavs getting bron and Kyrie then buying a player like love or ur gs drafting studs then buying Durant. That the only way to win. Ur either cavs or warriors or I guess a pop spurs team or ur shit just treading water winning some losing some and never having a shot of winning a title or drafting a stud. That’s the landscape. Hinkie and our owners knew their was no way to ever come close to being legit without tanking and they whipped out their balls and did it. Now we gonna compete.

          Really simple

          1. I don’t know id rather have George then cj, cj doesn’t pay defense that well, with that being said Indiana doesn’t need bigs, just not sure about mccolum, but definitely George or Butler.

            1. George ? I’d love him too but then what we gonna start 4 guys 6’7″+? Simmons George saric illyasova or Noel and embiid? Big ball

          2. Well guys who turn franchises into champs don’t stay unemployed for long. I have said all along I obviously understand a year of tanking…. I get it.

              1. I thought at least 3 maybe 4 years to find that superstar or two then boom make a run of at least 10 contending years, it seems we are right near the hinkie schedule

              2. Hinkies first tanking draft was 2014. Just missed wiggins and parker and ended up with embiid.

                year 2 of tanking (and only tanking b/c embiid was a huge medical mystery) we missed out on towns or russell. and got okafor, not bad pending we can move him. with okafor not a winning player and embiid still hurt we had a year 3 of tanking

                year 3 of tanking resulted in #1 pick and a guy that has all the tools if he can develop a shot.

                now we are no longer tanking.

                3 years of tanking for 3 drafts in all and now tanking is done, now that embiid is healthy and ben will play we are trying to win… pieces are coming together. the mcw draft wasnt the result of hinkies plan it was day 1 of tanking once that draft ended…

  9. Brian Westbrook just summed it up perfectly. Therw hasn’t been a sixers player in the last 10 years we wouldn’t have laughed at if they even mentioned the word playoffs. Finally with embiid a player (embiid) can say it and it not be dumb.

    1. Seattle just got destroyed on that bogus holding call on that Hester return LOL!! He trucked the atl defender and called it a hold.

      84 yard difference results in a safety then atl fg.

      Completely changed the momentum.

      1. You can’t pull a blocker down to the ground like he did…
        Bottom line Seahawks Defense has been hurting ever since Safety Earl Thomas was lost for the Season and had no answer for Atlantaa’s balanced offense ..

        1. Seattle’s D hasn’t stopped the Falcons all 2nd Half, that Penalty was damaging but was early in the 2nd Quarter with lots of game left

          1. No paulman. He trucked the defender and ran him over and both were kinda on the ground.

            Thats not holding.

            So instead of 17-7 Falcons
            Take the lead. And the momentum.

            Changed the whole game.

            Atlanta looks scRy tho and took care of business.

            1. Seattle killed themselves all first half with Penalties, in the end, their banged-up Secondary were no match versus the Falcons passing attack
              #23 for Seahawks filling in for Earl Thomas go to juked, burned, missed tackles all game long on the back end..

              1. CT you are completely correct. That was a completely bogus call that completely changed the game. At least an 8 point swing, but more likely a 12 point swing.

                I think if the return had stood, 17-6 30 seconds later and the game would have been over.


                This is nothing new. Last week Seattle was gifted a win with completely biased reffing. Did you watch the GB NYG game last week with the way PA was called? NYG had no chance.

                How about the Pitt Seattle SB? When Roethless was tackled a half yard short but they called a TD? Replay “confirmed” it. That was perhaps the most fixed SB I have ever seen.

                Its all par for the course. The fact that every game is now on TV in HD is only making it more obvious.

  10. Why are the Patriots allowed to blow that f’ing fog horn while the opposing QB is having the play relayed to his helmet? Watch Oswieller, he covers his ear holes each time they are playing that fog horn. If that is allowed, why doesn’t every team blast some noise when the opposing offense is trying to call their plays. I hate the cheating Patriots so bad. hate’m

    1. It’s crazy.

      Eagles went 4-1 against playoff teams at home and 0-4 on the road. Only loss came st home against Rodgers and was in the middle of this historic 7 game win streak.

      We gave up a game to Dallas in overtime. And Seattle got away with a bullshit call that took away a 66 yard td away from Ertz that changed everything because Nelson aghlor foot was a inch away from the LOS.

      Eagles played well against playoff teams this year including Giants and lions.

      Worse loss came against Rodgers.

      We can be there next year fellas. If not theyrsr after for sure.

      Corey Davis round 1
      Donta foreman round 2

      1. I hate Brock osweiler with a burning passion. Can’t really put a finger on why. Maybe it’s the contract he got for how Ass he is?

        Maybe it’s his face?

        I just can’t stand his game. I’d rather have jay cutler.

        He doesn’t inspire anybody worth a damn

      2. I hate Brock osweiler with a burning passion. Can’t really put a finger on why. Maybe it’s the contract he got for how Ass he is?

        Maybe it’s his face?

        I just can’t stand his game. I’d rather have jay cutler.

        He doesn’t inspire anybody worth a damn

  11. We could See Ryan Tannehill or Tony Romo QB for the Texans next Year.. Osweiler is not an NFL Stsrting QB which is why John Wlway had him on the back burner last off-season and was in no rush to sign or overpay for him…

  12. Mhenski I wonder how many more times Mr B , will be pemitted to make any kind of deals with the Eagles , until the Eagles. stop this constant fleecing by Belchick ,taking eagles cast offs turn them into beasts, and the Eagles get a borderline pro ? sub. such as Emmanel Acho in return?Eric Rowe is another fleecing a mild one, but still a fleecing,Mr Lurie should ban all dealings between the Eagles and the king of the nfl Mensa coaches Mr B , Downright embarrsing ,Mr B makes the Eagles look like Barney Fife! Time to call a halt to dealings between the Birds and Pats..At some point someone has to say to guy in the mirror ,I am way out of my league.

    1. Rowes a turd don’t care about him. Idk what ur talking about with acho , are u talking about us trading him to Cleveland for acho ? If yes that had nothing to do with belicheck. Look bill makes everyone look good. Is Dione Lewis special in New England ? Yes. Would he be anywhere else? Likely no way. It’s bill it’s not the players for the most part. Further Dionne wasn’t shit here and we had shady no brainer trade.

  13. We could very well see the Dolphins Sign Jay Cutler after he’s released by the Bears as HC Adam Gase & Cutler have a good relationship…
    the Dolphins/Gase were not happy with Tannehill progress and privately discussed about benching him for backup Matt Moore in the middle of the season but they kept Winning despite his Up and Down play….
    I see Romo with the Bears or Broncos, Cutler with the Dolphins and Tannehill with the Texans…

    1. Ryan tannehill won’t be anywhere but Miami. And lmfao u think it’s possible they’d dump him for cutler. Is the dolphins gm on drugs or have a mental disability?

  14. Really rooting for the chiefs tonight. I don’t see it but this is the game I’ve been waiting for and it’s great it got moved to 8pm and with a day off tomorrow the Henski house gonna enjoy this one. Just refinished the basement added a pool table and 16 foot shuffleboard table, got a dozen or so peeps coming through. Hopefully it’s a good game.

    1. I got a crew coming over myself. We’ll play poker through the first and then hopefully make it through the 2nd! (Though I would have much preferred had the NFL not done what society always does now and wimp out because of a little rain)

      Would have much preferred 1 and 4:30. Oh well. I too am rooting for Reid. I thought he was a pretty good coach – just couldn’t get over the hump.

      I think KC can win this round, but will not get past NE.

      In the GB and Dallas game I am hoping GB wins with massive injuries sustained on both sides.

  15. Wasted Time-Out called by the Chiefs with 2 minutes still to go in the 3rd Quarter on a 3rd & 5 Play coming up…

  16. Andy gonna Andy just when I started feeling nostalgic about this jackass he reminded me why I hated his scrub ass. Always out coached , always burning timeouts, never a killer instinct. So awful.

    1. Same thing!!

      What a joke. Andy is Andy! Useless time outs….8 min drive down 8 at the end of the 4th….I was screaming “Hurry up!!!!!” In my head.

      It was the SB all over again.


      1. I’m not real sure the criticism of big red is 100% justified. Down 8, sustain a drive, score, make the tying 2 point negated by a holding call….
        I think we’ve had one January game since he was fired.

  17. Looks like the Patriots Vs Falcons in the Super Bowl as I predicted back in November… The Falcons are more Balanced and are more physical than the Packers along the Line of Scrimmage , though the Packers are playing very well but at end of the Day , I like the Falcons Pass-Rush to get to QB Rodgers more than the Packers Pass-Rush getting to Matt Ryan…
    Falcons 36 – Packers 32

    I like the Patriots over the Steelers in a 27-23 Dog Fight

      1. And you and many you others on here were talking Playoffs with 10-11 Wins for the Eagles after their 3-0 Start.. LMAO!!!!!

        1. Can you copy and paste where i said 10-11 wins? seems unlikely i would say that, but certainly possible as good as we looked. i just have a feeling youre making an unsubstantiated statement here

          The other thing is so what if i did. Im not the type of guy that needs recognition on gcobb and therefor dont say things like “as I predicted” to get validation, but you do. So when you say things like “as I predicted” but only when youre right and you never admit or bring up the million times ur wrong im here to give you that reality check. when you predict last place and first place for the same team what did you really predict?

          1. Ain’t going to happen, I don’t waste time looking back on threads, copy and pasting, proving this or that, or disproving this or that, that’s your game which I don’t make the time for … It’s a Sports Blog !!!
            I originally had the Packers/Patriots from my Summer Prediction and then changed it to the Falcons/Patriots since early November as the Predicted Super Bowl Match-Up this Year ..Both Teams are just the most balanced and have the least amount of Flaws going into the Playoffs and of course, the Pats have the Best Football Coach on their Sideline so I expect a Patriot Victory regardless of who they face. Either way, it really does not matter who Plays,Wins or Loses for its just a Game and Entertainment and does not really make any real difference in my day or life at all.. Hopefully its a Competitive Game ..

            Now you say you are the not the type of Poster who needs recognition but continually seems to have the need to Copy and Post Statements made from last week, last month, last year or go even further back .. Whose got time to do that on a Sports Blog…Good Grief.. Maybe your not an attention seeker, but Just an Asshole.. No Biggie for I could give a Rat’s ass, one way or the other but you’re one the reasons & Poster’s on why many of the old regular Posters don’t even Post or Contribute on here anymore and why this site has been dying on the vine for the last 2 Years …

            1. i know its not gonna happen so i looked myself. i said nothing of the sorts. ill leave the lying and look at me 1 of my 50000 predictions may be right.

              now you’re right about something i am 1000% an asshole.

              ive told you once ill tell you again, its not time consuming to find statements from the past. you simply google (it takes seconds). For instance, for you i googled paulman+afc+south to find what you said this summer in seconds. I have seconds to spare.

              drop the rats ass line and just be real, you 1000% care otherwise you wouldnt have replied and/or you wouldnt have said “as i predicted”, you care lol.

              now onto your last statement im one of the reasons this site blows and nobody posts anymore? can you prove that? maybe it has something to do with it going from 20 articles a week to 1 max b/c gary doesnt want to pay writers anymore? maybe because gary openly allowed racists to fill the comment section? Or maybe vick and sam being gone eliminated 99% of the discussion? Id say they are more attributable to the reason this site blows.

              but i guess its all in the eye of the beholder.

              by the way how was new years eve on gcobb dot com??? HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA LOSER

              1. So Big Bad Henski is back with nothing better to do.. Your a Pussy with a Capitol P… Go Pick on Cliff for a Month, then go back and Pick on me for a Month, then wait for someone else.. You think your Big Shit and all your are is a Big Pussy… The Funny thing is, No one gives a shit whether I was posting here on NYE or not, besides you ? What a Moron.. Talk to me when your in your 50’s and have adult children home on College Break to enjoy and spend time with on NYE… I do believe there was a couple of good Bowl games on with Tennessee/Nebraska & Michigan/Fla State on that late afternoon/early evening as well…

              2. pick on you ? nah. youre white trash ass couldn’t have a normal discussion and felt it necessary to lash out like a child and call names because I called you out for youre “as I predicted nonsense” then I called you out for lying about me and saying I predicted 10-11 wins for eagles after week 3. you wanna throw stones and call me an asshole for pointing out u called for Atlanta to finish last and then a few weeks before the season was over call for them in the bowl and say “as I predicted”… well then im gonna stoop to ur level and point out the fact that youre a loser and were posting here just before midnight new years eve . and if your adult children were home on NYE visiting and youre on gcobb dot com instead of spending time with them then youre a bigger lowlife loser loner with no friends and a family that hates you than I previously assessed.

                by the way pick on cliff ? lmfao nah. guy posts fantasies I discuss them and when the truth no longer adds up I inquire. I wouldn’t call that picking on someone. but be a dramatic 12 year old and claim that.


              3. Paul, don’t pay any attention to Mhenski. He doesn’t bother me in the least.

                Now I see he and Havaseat are posting on here like they know it all. Paul , you know for a fact neither of them over the years has brought little(Mhenski), to nothing( HAC) to this blog.

                Hac cant commit to specific players year after year, because he scared to be treated like he likes to do to others when they don’t look so great or flop, because he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about

                – or Mhenski, who just guesses, and assumes – and is all talk.

                I can’t be too dumb when it comes to these prospects, when Mhenski is slobbering over a prospect I’ve been telling all of you about for the last 2 years – welcome aboard Mhenski

                but not so fast…..you like Christian McCaffery?? – never mind – says it all – still a dumb ass….

            2. At 50 years old if I’m telling internet people I told you so and flip flopping like a fish and calling people assholes for pointing out when I’m wrong after I brag how I was right. And spending my NYe on a blog comment section I will take a long hard look in the mirror and reevaluate my life that’s for sure

              If I’m 50 even commenting on a random cities sports teams all the while not even supporting them I’ll reevaluate

              Good grief get a life loooza

              1. and what is it you have brought to the table cliff? lets recap






                between all your fake made up hilarious fantasies youve also provided nonstop laughs regarding your love of drug addict josh gordon

                aside from all that what have you provided. dumb trade proposals and a wanna be mel kiper know it all on gcobb dot com – way to put your “skills to use” HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

                this site is for fans of the team, to discuss the team, to root, to talk shit on them? What do you do ? you dont root thats for sure, all you do is talk about drafts and cutting players and overall just shitting on philly sports. youre a dork living in make believe world who thinks youre a NFL talent evaluator (see fake rams job and fake eagles job offer)

                you need medication bruh. probably start with lithium then add a few others

  18. SIXERS!!!!!

    Embiid is absolutely incredible. +20 tonight.

    Pretty much have to go all in for a stud the way we playing. Basically just give the blazers jah Noel our pick lakers pick and sac pick for Cj McCollum and offer reddick or Lowry a max deal in the offseason too

    1. Embiid may be the top big in the NBA right now and a top 10 player in the league now in his rookie year. So sick

      Tanking worth every year , month , day, hour to get this bad mother fucker.

      1. Gotta try to pry Klay Thompson away from GS, Give up #1 next year.(Lakers or Sacrementos swap) Sacramentos #1 in 2 years and Noel. I cant believe that GS can give max contracts to KD, Steph and Klay.

        1. Agree brow is insane but he’s never healthy. I don’t think he has the winning mentality embiid already has. Embiids teammates love him every bit as much as the city does. Watch Joel cheer on his teammates And the way he loves them and the game. He got fire on him. I wouldn’t trade embiid for him straight up today.

          Regarding klay I can’t see anyway he’s being moved. If I’m steph and they move klay I’m not resigning. Heat paid 3 max contracts I’m sure the warriors will too. I figure them moving him is unreasonable so I’m focused on lowry and mccolumn but you never know.

          Whatever happens future is bright.

  19. Only thing fucked up is they canned the guy that put this team together. Fucking jackasses. Hinkie would be lining up a blockbuster and cashing in our assets this year for sure

  20. kings lost gay for the year last night who was averaging 19ppg, thats gonna result in more losses for them for sure. they already 4 games away from 2nd to worst record. that swap could play huge this year!

    1. losing gay makes it less likely we would package our 1st in any trade deadline deal as that sac pick now looks to go top 5

        1. Celtics future pretty damn bright with Thomas and brooklyns 1st next 2 years and clippers(who could lose cp3 and or Blake and or reddick ) 1st rounder and grizzlies 1st rounder in 2019.

          I like us a lot but celts r in insane spot to get any stud that becomes available or draft studs the next 3 drafts

          1. Dude we got sacs 19 pick they will suck worse then anybody. And the problem is Celtics still don’t have a superstar, we probably have 2, and don’t give me Thomas his 5 foot nothing ass can be shut down, and he can’t play d

            1. Thomas is a god damn savage man. Superstar idk but he’s close. And we only get sacs pick in 19 if we don’t swap with them this year

              1. Holy shit. This guy got fired? So let me get this straight they gave us sauce castillo and potentially 2 lotto picks so we could clear salary for them ? And hinkie got us stars in Ben and embiid and he’s unemployed. Wtf ???? The man should be given a lifelong contract by us. Wow

      1. Remember when you said you were going to prove you got that online degree that didnt exist at the time you say you got it and never proved it? LOLLLLLLLLLL


    The internet is a pretty cool place, people talk instantly and share information. Today I sent several instagram messages to Jaylen Brown and his brother and a few of his best friends I also sent a message on instagram to Tyler Dorsey. I have received 1 reply to my 5 messages, I wrote:

    “Ok weirdest question ever but do you know a Clif Dorsey from Wilmington? This guy is on the internet claiming he is Jaylens dad but he also said he once worked for the Rams and years later he admitted it was a lie”

    the first reply I got

    “never heard of him and 100% false lol People are crazy man smh. you have a link to any of this”. now who this guy is i dont know, his name is takef_light and he is certainly extremely close to Jaylen as he is one of a very few people Jaylen has pictures up on his instagram with.

    I know Jaylen aint writing back but hopefully his brother and Tyler will.


  22. So Im gonna send takef_light the link to some of these articles where you claimed you were his dad and at the draft and name dropping his mother and he probably gonna put you in a body bag Cliff. ITS OVER. FAKE LIFE BOY

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYM takef_light just wrote he was at the draft in the green room and know cliff was there.

    He just said Jaylen aint in any way related to Tyler either


    I just sent Jaylens boy screen shots of your dellusional fantasy.some of the back n forth:

    his dad is Marselles Brown wtf. this guy a weirdo man

    “WTF too bad his mom graduated from Michigan State and isnt married. And NEVER has been to Delaware. What a clown. The internet is a strange place man, dont feed the trolls lol”

    I sent him a few more shots of things you said his reply:

    Lmfao Im done man. All this is 10000000% false – crying emoji

    my final reply

    thanks for the scoop man nice talking to you. By the way celtics are good and nice and good luck but TRUST THE PROCESS. EMbiid the truth! Sixers coming

    His reply – no problem and LOL. Im glad he was worth the wait and he’s healthy. he is gonna be a hell of a player.


      1. Lol this bird brain wanna throw stones imma body his ass. Idk who takef_light is in relation to brown but what I know is he goes where jaylen goes was recently ice side at a bruins game with jaylen within the last 2 weeks. I think he knows. He obviously knows jaylens mom didn’t go to Delaware like cliff poop pants stated. Unreal. Fake kids fake draft kids win fake degrees. Fake job wtf ? And you trying to talk about what I bring hahhaaaaa

        I like to be funny and talk philly sports no doubt but you a whole other level of funny cliff. Fake kids. Hayahaa just when I thought the internet couldn’t be any crazier I run into a person loving a online life that differs from reality. Like 2 lives in one lifetime. Shits great.

  24. I can’t wait to go to Indianapolis with my son Deshuan Watson. I’m advising him to skip the throwing drills and wait till his pro day at Clemson

    1. Was reading old posts to screen shot jaylens boy and I stumbled up this rant where cliff was hollowing to Jeff to boot e0s for talking about cliffs fake son and fake family. Lmfao.

      1. If we make playoffs get sac swap for 2nd pick overall and Lakers pic around 4 thru 6 I’m going to go ape shit…..my excitement will be uncontrollable

  25. I am prepared to take abuse from the trust the process people, I deserve it. The process seems to have worked. Watched the game with an old friend of mine who knows basketball inside and out. He too has converted to a process guy. The sixers are fun to watch again… I’ve truly not had this much fun watching hoops since Moses, doc, Mo etc … I was a season ticket holder then and I will be next year. It almost reminds me of the Phil’s build up to 2008. Go sixers

    1. Welcome hac l……..was over at the blog for the kangz , sactown royalty, they are damn near suicidal knowing that trade they did with us is killing their future, Jesus all we did was take on salary for them and they gave us their future. Lol

          1. Nah hac you admitted you’re on board now and saying maybe you had it wrong. Men admit they were wrong when they were. Nobody giving you grief you’re not a look at me I got This that and the other thing right type of guy … so nobody giving you shit.

            Welcome aboard. Go sixers !!

            Tonight sucks embiid ain’t playing. Maybe nahlil okafor can do something and increase his value

  26. According to Adam Caplan The Eagles are set to hire WR coach Mike Groh to there staff .Also, the Eagles are turning DT Taylor Hart into an offensive tackle. Hart played OT in high school. He played scout team OT for
    the Eagles this year. Apparently he looked good so they are transitioning him to that position. Hopefully Hart can be Alejandro Villanueva in reverse. This will be his last crack with the Eagles.

  27. patriots WR position has no blue chipper– a couple of slow div 1AA dudes. All undrafted FA and they look like jerry rice– we have a first round guy that can’t run a route or catch a pass.

  28. Bill Belichick.


    A week ago Dion Lewis is ripping Houston to shreds. And this week, typically out of the blue, comes Kevin Hogan to destroy Pittsburgh. Lewis got 6 measly carries.

    No other coach does this. He is so far ahead of other teams and their preparation. He Always attacks with someone the other team will not expect.

    Its a marvel to watch.

    Imagine any other team losing Gronk. I know what would happen….the offence would fall back. PPG would drop and the talking heads on TV would have a year long narrative of, “they just haven’t been the same since…..”

    But in NE? The friggin’ offence gets better!

    This might end up being a pretty good game…The ATL offence looks unstoppable….but that being said….How can anyone think NE isn’t going to enter this next game with somethinng else completely unexpected and tearing it up?

    1. He’s been doing it for Years… He doesn’t need “Super-Star Players”, outside of QB..
      Look at their Defense… This Year he Trades his Best 2 Pass-Rushers in
      Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins since they both were up for Free-Agency and Big Contracts after this Seasons and replaces them with Jabbar Sheard (a Cleveland Brown Castoff) and Chris Long (a Ram’s Castoff) and 2nd Year 4th Round Draft Pick Trey Flowers..
      At RB, He’ll feature Dion Lewis 1 Week, then Lagarrette Blunt the following Week and James White the following and so on and so on….
      At WR, they will feature Chris Hogan 1 Week, then Danny Edleman, Malcolm Mitchell with Julian Edleman always in the mix with TE Martellus Bennett
      They Play and are Coached as a Team which is why they Win..
      They don’t get locked into long-term contracts and once they get a couple of good Seasons out of a Player, they generally move on to a Younger, Faster and Cheaper Version or bring in that Veteran who just wants a chance to Win a SB for a Year or Two until their Draft Pick Develop on their Rookie Deals

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