Howie Roseman/Joe Douglas Relationship Will Be Key For Eagles’ Success

Over the last decade, the Philadelphia Eagles have been plagued with power struggles and inner turmoil within the front office.

Whether its been Andy Reid vs Joe Banner, Joe Banner vs Howie Rosman, or Howie Roseman vs Chip Kelly, the team’s leaders have rarely been on the same page with one another, and have even more rarely been able to work cooperatively with one another. This has led to a lot of blown draft picks, and generally mediocre performances on the field, with the Eagles making the playoffs just once since 2010.

After the latest front office restructure, Jeffrey Lurie has once again restored Roseman to power, giving him final say over all decisions. But this time, Lurie claims a greater focus has been made on putting together a team that collaborates well with one another. The club’s intention was to hire a personnel chief to work with Roseman a year ago, but the team was unable to make their hire until after all of the major portions of the offseason had been completed.

With Douglas now in charge of the scouting department, it will be he who sets the team’s draft board. The question is, how much will Howie, who has long desired to be respected in league circles as a personnel guy, listen to Douglas’ input?

Roseman has acknowledged over the last year that he himself needed to improve upon maintaining his relationships with the people he works with. He’s also commented that the team needs to do things differently than they’ve done in the past. Hopefully Roseman can be taken at his word, and the franchise understands that they’ve made some serious errors in the past.

The Eagles can’t afford to have any more power struggles go down. The in-house fighting has absolutely trickled down from the front office and to the roster in the past. There are a lot of reasons that this franchise hasn’t won a playoff game since 2008, and has made the playoffs only once in the last six years. Putting together a competent front office capable of working with one another and making quality, informed decisions would go a long way towards putting the Eagles back in the right direction.

28 thoughts on “Howie Roseman/Joe Douglas Relationship Will Be Key For Eagles’ Success

  1. Everything now is reconfigured..with the hopes that wentz is in place ,the accompanying pieces are now critically important to be a true high calibre organisation.A gold standard..dare we say..its vital in this process for howie somehow acquiesce and lets get the pieces for 11

    1. I think the effort and commitment to get 11 last year shows a certain sense of maturity and purpose in the Front office. Further, bringing in Pederson, Reich and Difillipo and DANIELS shows that as an organization they know the importance of having ‘the guy’ and building around the guy. I think howie is high enough on the table of organization that he can say “Joe and the scouts did an amazing job on the draft board, made it real easy for us to work as a team and make picks we are comfortable with”– at least thats the hope.

  2. Everybody needs to take into account that Howie Roseman is only 41 years old.
    When he took over before being demoted he was one of the youngest if not THE youngest GM in the league who worked his way up from the mail room.

    He was young, inexperienced, and did not know a damn thing about running or drafting a team. Howie might have had his failures in the past, but it is only off our failures where we can learn how to do something the right away.

    When Chip Kelly took his job, Howie did not sulk and cry and give up. He was away hiding and plotting for this teams future. He a intelligent fella, who has been around for a while now learning from his own and off the minds of other football minds around the NFL.

    I think it is safe to say he has learned a thing or 2 off his past actions and matured very heavily.

    If you do not believe me just look at his last draft before being demoted, this years draft and the whole off season he put together to go get 11 and get rid of Bradford for a first.

    He hinkied everyone!!

  3. Eagles 2017 Mock Draft (Version #5)

    1st Rd – WR Corey Davis – Western Michigan (6-3 213lbs – 4.48 in 40)
    2nd Rd – CB Cordrea Tankersly – Clemson (6-0 200lbs- 4.48 in the 40)
    3rd Rd – OT Avery Gennesy – Texas A&M (6-5 315lbs)
    4th Rd (from Browns) – RB Samarje Perine – Oklahoma (5-10 235lbs)
    4th Rd (Own Pick) – WR Stacey Coley – Miami (6-1 195lbs)
    4th Rd (from Patriots) – DE Dawaune Smoot – Illinois (6-3 255lbs)

    Then Rest of Draft Addressing Depth for the OL,DB’s LB’s & DT

    In Free-Agency

    Resign DT Bennie Logan
    Pursue WR Kenny Stills – Miami or Robert Woods from Buffalo
    Pursue CB Morris Claiborne – Cowboys or CB Marcus Cooper of Arizona
    Pursue DE Mario Addison of Panthers

    1. Paul, I have to admit, after the selection of Corey Davis – The rest of the draft stinks bruh.

      I feel they need to resign Bennie Logan, but I feel that although Stills, and Woods are marginally better that what we have – I don’t think they’re worth signing for this team; That being said, they’re both so mediocre in terms of talent.

      No to Claiborne
      I like Cooper, but rather have Logan Ryans
      I’d also rather draft a DE, rather than sign Addison, if he is asking for big money. I would only sign him on the cheap.

      1. That’s your Opinion GMCliff which you are free to express
        The Eagles are not going to be in position to Sign Top Players in Free-Agency in 2017 due to having many large and already committed Contracts… So my list probably reflects a more realistic list of who they will likely pursue rather than a Wish List of who I hope they pursue.

        I stay away from the Overhyped and Overpaid Players for they seldom ever prove their worth
        I hated the Nnamdi, Maxwell,Murray, VY Signings of recent Years..
        Just like I said stay away from Safety Jarius Byrd, NnSuh, Revis, Houston

        A couple of 2nd Tier Free-Agent WR’s who I liked last year in Mohammed Sanu and Chris Hogan have done pretty well for their new Teams…
        It’s about giving up and coming Players an opportunity to show their Skills even though they may not be studs/all-Pros… but they can offer solid production for their Salary in positions of need for the Eagles a while still being young
        I think both Kenny Stills/Robert Woods/Morris Claiborne can be those type of Players for their next Teams, though I would not oversepend for any of them…
        I think these 3 Players are all under 26 Years Old

        1. This is not a. Very deep Free-Agent Pool of Players at WR or CB though I expect some big names to get released by Teams around the NFL come March/April for Salary Cap Reasons… look for Broncos to release Talib, the Jets Brandon Marshall, Giants V Cruz, Dolphins with B Maxwell, etc…

        2. They would Paul, if they do what Brian Dawkins suggested, and be completely, and painfully honest about who they need to let go; Some of which are players they already invested in because of severely overvaluing them.

          That’s where a lot of that money to spend on better talent would come from.

          I appreciate your mutual respect, but I really feel Still, especially Woods aren’t worth dealing with..

          1. I would have no problem of the Eagles clearing the Decks and releasing, cutting,trading every Player over the Age of 30 . I did not read or hear what’s Dawkins stated, but this means every player like Jason Peters, Brett Celek, Chase Daniels, Darren Sproles, and I also woulCut,trade, Release Players like Agholor, Ryan Matthews, M Kendricks, Marcus Smith, N Carroll, C Barwin too..
            Eagles need to get Younger, faster and Stronger across their Defense and outside Receivers…
            I’m the last person/fan who gets sentimental about any Players/Athletes.. it’s a production type of business and what havee you done for me lately and right now the Eagles are carrying a half-dozen to ten Players who are dead weight, tying up Cap Space and are really are not part of the future core moving forward.. what have they won with some of these players the last 3-5 Years anyways!!

            1. I was thinking more on the level of Barwin, Daniels, Kendricks, Agholor,
              R. Matthews, Kelce, and even Vinny Curry – my boy. – Not Celek, because Ertz doesn’t show up until the last 4 games of the season.

              Paul, I would come off of getting rid of Peters so fast, because if your boy Lame get dinged again without suitable talent at the OT Position they’re screwed.

              They need to draft 2 more OT’s, and 2 OG’s this year, and coach them up.

              1. They need to Draft their Future LT regardless !! Why not make the move this Year and see what LJ & Vaitai & Draft have have, it’s not like the Eagles are winning anything in 2017? They are a 7-9 Win Team for the next 2 Years…

    1. Dude mhenski compared to other bigs in league he’s plus 13 with the nearest one being davis at like -2 embiid is already best big in league his defense takes him over the top

        1. Profile photo of paulman
          ***Prognosis of Embiid’s Foot Surgery & Recovery have been
          Reported as successful with a 4-6 Month Rehab-Recovery time
          Before any real Basketball drills can be starter meaning his Rookie Season
          Will be a washout and most likely won’t see any action
          Until 2015-2016 Season and remember that Embiid does not have a lot
          of Basketball Experience to begin with.. I would stay away from him
          With any Top 6-8 Pick in this Draft…

            1. I stay away from Big Men with Foot problems now maybe Embiid becomes the exception to that and has a long health productive Career only time will tell. He’s already missed a Season but is Playing Great this Season..

              1. Vonleah has been a complete stiff, very immature and simply a kid who was unwilling to put the work in… many Scouts/Draft Geeks were wrong about him as just about every publication rated him as a Top 8-10 Pick with upside.. he flopped .. it happens every Draft where some of these 18-19-20 Year old Kids never grow up and fail to put the work in to better your skills and Game..

  4. June 20, 2014 – 10:58 pm
    Profile photo of gmcliff
    G – Dante Exum 6-6
    G – Andrew Wiggins 6-7
    C – DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
    F – Kevin Love 6-10
    F – LeBron James 6-9
    G- Emmanuel Mundiay 6-5
    G- Terrance Ross 6-7
    C – Walter Tavares 7-3
    F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0
    F – Keron Iverson 6-8
    G – Tony Wroten 6-6
    G/F Gordon Heyward 6-7
    F – Hollis Thompson 6-10
    F – Amere Kazemi 6-8
    F – Jarnell Stokes 6-8


  5. August 25, 2016 – 9:06 pm
    Profile photo of gmcliff
    I told all of you Ezekiel Elliott would be the next Trent Richardson well before the draft amidst all the hype about him.
    I’m sure he’ll have his moments – but overall in his career, it will fall well short of the hype.

  6. well the gcobbers may get their wish- jimmy kempski is reporting that the eagles may move on from Kelce– its about a $4m in savings i believe– move Semeolo in at C– So the OL now has to find 2 decent back ups as Wiz is a FA. We have Peters, Barbre, Sem, Brooks and johnson with Big V backup–

    1. HAC, I told you that Kelce was not in the future plans as his O line play at Center was detrimental due to limiting play calling and what they can do. Kelce is often put on a hover board and pushed backwards like the wheels were greased with Wesson vegetable oil. He’s good at getting out in space, but not in the trenches during one on one battles against bigger d linemen. further, he often was penalized for holding and misfired on a number of snaps.
      When Seumalo was drafted I stated on GCOBB that Kelce has been put on noticed. If Kelce would take a pay cut I’d keep him as an extra lineman for depth and to bring in for plays like a swing pass or run play.

      1. its not over yet– watch other centers– i even saw that huge center in dallas get put on skates this weekend. If cut he will start somewhere else i’d pressume. I still think he grades out better than average but on a team that is up against the cap he may not grade out at $4.
        i worry about subtracting anything of value from the OL….. as we know its such a huge factor in team play.

        1. Every linemen gets beat as some point in time, but Kelce gives it up a little too much for my liking. If you watch Markice Pouncey (Steelers) (mobile and stout at the point of attack) and Travis Freddrick…that is what I want in my Center. I think Seumalo is better equipped to handle what Doug wants to do on the o line and will deliver more of what Doug expects from his Center.
          Kelce is not worth his pay at this point.
          To many times I saw Carson not able to step up into the pocket because Kelce was being pushed back into it by one d tackle. He’s to light in the ass.

            1. Isaac Seumalo is the Center – 6’3″ 304 at the time he was drafted. He’s put on weight and strength and will get stronger during more off season strength and conditioning programming.

              1. This is a Very Deep Draft Class at the Center Position for 2017 Draft

                1) Ethan Pocic – LSU (6-6 310lbs) – Projected 2nd Rounder
                2) Pat Elflein – Ohio State (6-2 304lbs) – Projected 2nd/3rd Rounder
                3) Tyler Orlosky – West Virgina (6-3 295lbs) – Projected 2nd/3rd Rounder
                4) Kyle Fuller – Baylor (6-4 310lbs) – Projected 3rd/4th Rounder
                5) Jon Toth – Kentucky (6-5 310lbs) – Projected 4th/5th Rounder

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