Joel Embiid Leads Sixers To 94-89 Win Over The Raptors

For years the Philadelphia 76ers were a joke.  You couldn’t give away a ticket to one of the their games, but the excellence of young, charismatic center Joel Embiid has changed things for our local basketball team.

Last night the Sixers behind a strong game by Embiid beat the Toronto Raptors, the team with the second best record in the NBA’s Eastern Conference.  The game was played at the Wells Fargo Center in front of more than 17,000 fans and the final score was 94-89 in favor of the Sixers. The young center led the team in scoring with 26 points, nine rebounds, two blocks, two assists and the team’s final four points on four free throws.

The importance of Embiid to the Sixers can be seen clearly by the following STAT from ESPN, “The big man played 27 minutes Wednesday, and the Sixers outscored the Raptors by 20 points in that time. In the 21 minutes he was on the bench, the Sixers were outscored by 15 points.”

Embiid, who before this season hadn’t played in two years because of a foot injury, is capable of doing nearly anything on the floor.  He can dominate as a rebounder, shot blocker, scorer on the block, and outside three-point shooter. As you can see by the full house at the game, Embiid has gotten the attention of sports fans in the Philadelphia area and his rivals around the NBA.

This was the tenth game in a row in which Embiid has scored at least 20 points.  That accomplishment is one game away from tying a Sixers record set by Allen Iverson in his rookie season.  During his rookie year, Iverson scored more than twenty points in (11) straight games.

He’s an athletic big man at 7’2″ and 270 pounds with the soft touch of a shooter, but the big, physical body of a dominating center to pound down inside.  Embiid is a young Superstar who is just getting started and he has his teammates excited about what lies ahead up the road.  The Sixers had lost their last 14 games to the Raptors before last night.

The Sixers have now won seven of their last nine games.  Last week, Embiid had the boldness to mention playoffs as a goal for the Sixers, who now find themselves sporting a 14-26 record.  They are 5 1/2 games out of a playoff spot, but with Embiid there’s no telling what this team can do now.

“Trust the Process”, the phrase used by former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie to validate his plan to lose games on purpose, get the worse record in the NBA, so that the team can stockpile top draft picks has worked.  I didn’t like it when they were doing it and I think it’s against the spirit of the game, but there’s no question that the Sixers are now a franchise on the rise.

You can’t argue against the fact that this team has outstanding young talent.  The NBA’s top draft pick this year Ben Simmons was on the Sixers bench in street clothes as he recovers from a foot surgery after breaking his foot before the season.  He’s expected to be ready soon and who knows what could happen if Simmons and Embiid start developing a chemistry.

Do you think the Sixers could make the playoffs this year?  If not this year, then when.

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  1. HOLYYYYYYYYYYYY A sixers article?????? I dont believe my eyes. An elementary article on them which includes the history of hinkie and the past few years of tanking and what the definition of tanking is was a little bit unnecessary considering who you audience is but ill take it. The headline implies the article was about last night but really it was like a wikipedia blip about the past few years…

    you shouldve talked about last night and of course embiid and DARIO!

    1. Yo the homie was straight balling last night, his stats weren’t great but his presence was definitely felt, we are too good and you know what that’s great. I hope we make playoffs cuz guess what the kangz are tanking for us, another hinkie killer trade, and they lost Rudy for the season so we will have a top 3 pick and top 6 pick with sac swap and Lakers pick and we still make playoffs, lol. Hinkie the mastermind

      1. Henski I think me and u are the only gcobbers who follow the sixers hardcore. I’m surprised lb doesn’t have a article on gay injury yet. That’s huge news for us

  2. If we make playoffs we can swap with sac which for sure should be top 6 now. And lakers pick if it’s not top 3 (which I wouldn’t bet on ). If we make playoffs we likely only get sac pick then lakers pick goes to us next year


    Man had the balls to do what no one else wouldn’t in this city. Lost and preach patience.

    It was the embiid pick that was going to determine how special and where the direction of this team would be going. You can also throw BEN Simmons in there also.

    It’s funny. We have 14 wins and have won 7 out of our last 9. We have a 6-2 record in January which is better then Cleveland, Spurs and okc.

    Crazy to think we’re beating top seeds in the east and this is without Simmons even touching the floor, along with two lottery picks next season.

    Lakers more then likely will not finish in top 3 and should get better as season goes on as wel for they are young also.

    Let’s say these two lottery picks are very solid and not superstars, that will be a win for us to put around Simmons and embiid. We do not need another top notch superstar on this team. It would be nice to have a elite guard such as Ball, Jackson, or monk and another shooter tho.

    THANK U SAM HINKIE for dropping Michael carter Williams when people bashed u for it. Genius!! Getting rid of iguadola who is a role player at best. dropping spencer hAwes and setting this team up for 10 + years plus.

    Just in time for when lebron gets very high up
    In there in age. He is already 32 and that’s a OLD 32.

    Hate all u want. We are where we are. Love it an accept it
    Trust the process

    1. Good shit ct.

      I want no parts of ball. Think Jackson will be a sf and he can’t shoot for shit. Jacksons shot will have to be rebuilt in the NBA I want fultz or smith bad

  4. You process people I have to say that at this point it has worked but as always my larger point is that as a former mediocre athlete and coach (better than mediocre) the thought of losing on purpose is such a bitter pill to swallow. To actually go out on the field of play and purposely lose is just a contradictory thought process. And it speaks to the sad state of the NBA as a whole– yes you need that transcendent superstar or two to win the prize and the only way to get him is by losing– it is an awful model .
    Embid is the most fun to watch of any athlete in recent memory and what little i’ve seen of simmons i think he may be even better. So in that respect i’m on board…the process worked… i wonder why hinkie cant’ get another job?????


      HAC’S ON BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I get exactly what you are saying, its shit it came to that but you know what it was the only way there was no other way. The NBA in the new CBA I believe made it a larger financial hit for a superstar to leave where they are coming from to join a superteam… They shouldve made the draft lotto anti tanking too, I am talking they should have made it so every non playoff team gets 1 ping pong ball and thats how the draft is determined to make tanking pointless. But they didnt tanking is the way.

      Hinkie stated he moved his family to Palo Alto and wanted a year off (who knows if true), but the entire NBA knows he is responsible for us having 2 stars to go with a Sac swap of 1st rounders, the Lakers first, the 2019 sac 1st rounder and trade assets potentially in NAHlil okafor and Noel… He gonna get a job soon.

      Its a damn shame they fired him the first year we were turning a corner. complete and utter bullshit, he picked the guys and lined up the assets this was his year to shine, but instead they canned him b/c of fans and media ripping him and the team. owners wanted to save face and try to act like they werent 100000000000% on board with tanking like this which they were and openly admitted. BULLSHIT

      anyways future is bright and it gets brighter every minute. I do pray everyday that foot dont go bad

      1. my interpretation of Hinkie’s fate is that he didn’t work and play well with others and the league office had a hand in it. its still to be determined, and impossible to tell if hinkie actually could win and build a WINNING team– could he get over his addiction to ASSETS and actually cash them in on piece players– we will never know-
        embid and simmons are his crown jewels no doubt but I really like Saric as a complimentary player. we all know that the complimentary players are very important to go with your stars–
        and to his credit the Sac swap looks to be a steal — its such a steal he should go to jail–

      1. HAC

        That’s what the fuck I’m talking about baby!! I know it’s sucked believe me. No one wanted to watch us lose like that. Especially in purpose.

        But we all had to look at what the man preached and I truely believed. I’ve been on this train for a long three years

        I tried and told my dad to get on as well. Him being old school. Didnt.


        I have never been this excited before over a team. It’s about damn life we remind the world where the true mecca of basketball is!!


  5. Just watched the recording of the hawks game.

    Okafor has to go. Now. Package him, Holmes, and one of your lottery picks for CJ or Klay!

    Let’s make that postseason run and pull off the upset of the century versus Cleveland

    1. So done with oak he has like 10 mins of bull in a China shop then turns into Casper the ghost, can’t stand his energy level and Jesus he played 20 mins and got 3 rebs WTF is he doing out there, no passion whatsoever

  6. So funny seeing everyone talk about Sixers when a year ago y’all ain’t even wanna mention the name Sixers

    You wanted to talk Eagles all day, when guys like JH and a few others saw what they were building

    Now it’s becoming a Sixers city again, they’re on a playoff push led by Hakeem the dream/ Wilt Chamberlain 2.0!

    And without Ben Simmons!

    Imagine if we had Ben all year, they’d already be a playoff team

    Saric’s playing his butt off! This team is defending the basket and playing great on ball defense, very crisp in their rotations and overall flow

    If and when Ben comes back, possibly in February, I expect him and this team to really take off. Of course rusty but he ll bounce back well. Again he passes first so it won’t take him long. Just has to get in ball shape and timing down

    Wait until Ben links up with Embiid and you see guys like Convington, Saric, İlyasova, Rodriguez etc wide open for shots from Embiid and Simmons getting double teamed…

    Just wait! We haven’t seen anything yet

    We’re just getting this thing started

    And the ones we must thank are… Sam Hinkie for getting the ball rolling and Brent Brown for development and staying the course..

    Keep the trade deadline in mind…

    If we’re anywhere near that 8th spot I expect a big trade to go down involving the Sixers

    It could involve Okafor or Noel or BOTH from what I’m told, bringing back a Superstar level talent

    Alot to stay tuned on involving the Sixers

    Show Ya Luv Philly!!!

    Trust The Process!!!

    Together We Build!!!

  7. And remember… when I was saying they may need to trade okafor everyone thought I was crazy.. now I’m not looking too crazy now huh

    He needs to go! Their is no need for him here. His style doesn’t fit this team, especially the defensive style of play that Brett wants and has with the team

    He has to go! And honestly Noel too. If he’s not willing to come off the bench then he must go too

    I’d keep Holmes. He’s young with talent on both ends. Can defend well and can score the ball too. Needs some more developing though

    So I think they may ship both Noel and Okafor out at the deadline if they’re anywhere in striking distance of the 8th

    1. Jh I’ve always approved of the tanking it was just hard to see embiid lose two seasons, but it’s all good now man no need to state the obvious, but you are right at this point I trade both and just let Holmes/illy play bu center for 20 mins a game, but yeah if Ben looks good and we are at most 4 games back, I feel a huge trade coming, but do u think Butler will fit with us, I kinda see him as a jerk diva

      1. butler a solid player but no superstar imo and i want no parts of him especially at what it would cost to get him. he doesnt shoot the 3 well enough for my liking to really offer a treasure chest for him

      1. It’s a process hac … ha

        Big men from the waste down are always scary Nonsense in risking anything with him right now. There will be a time where the reward is greater than the risk with him but now isn’t that time. Hopefully nahlil can show he’s worth some nickels the next 2 games but I doubt it. He probably 5th best in available bigs behind Dwight milsap bogut and chandler he needs to prove he’s worthy of another team trading 4 him

      2. Watch a game with Embiid in it. His enthusiasm and hustle brings out the best in the whole team. Not to mention how talented he is. They are fun to watch when he plays.

          1. Going to see them vs dirk as I think he will retire at years end. One of the most underrated players ever. Hopefully both play

  8. Man cliff don’t disappear we need to address your fake son and how for years you have been making up this weird lie about a fake son. Just come back and admit I busted you and you made up another fake story about yourself and let’s talk don’t draft.

      1. Embiid will be back Friday just precaution to let him miss today’s game and tommorow was already a scheduled day off, and where is this Simmons update no word yet, is he full contact now

        1. seems like misinformation being put out there at this point:

          Tom Moore ‏@tmoore76ers 5m5 minutes ago

          #NBA source: No final scans for BS Mon; had followup appt with operating phys. Continuing rehab prog. Still no timetable 4 playing. #Sixers


          Bob Cooney ‏@BobCooney76 6m6 minutes ago

          Embiid out tonight. Okafor questionable (knee). Simmons scan showed he can continue recovery process. No timetable for return.

          SO ONE BEAT reporter saying scan happened and all good and another say it didnt happen period. Collangelo did say it was happening last week. Im gonna guess he had the scan was cleared and all good but sixers keeping that quiet so they can milk his time to get him ready but without fan expectations….

          1. Jessica Camerato Verified account

            Ben Simmons had a planned scan yest with operating physician in NY. Per Sixers, he’s progressing as expected, still no timetable for return.

            if it was final scan with dr. and he isnt having anymore than that surgeon had to have cleared him

  9. According to source, Ben Simmons was scanned in NY and that bone is healed. The Sixers just don’t want to give a timetable and have us fans expecting him to comeback now

    They want to ease him back…

    We’re on a serious playoff push and doing this without Simmons…

    They can afford to ease him back slowly and potentially have him for the playoffs

    Let’s hope we get the 6th or 7th spot not the 8th.. We don’t need to play the champs 1st round..

    1. little late to the party but if we gonna update ben lets update him:

      76ers’ head coach Brett Brown said that Ben Simmons (foot) is still “a ways away” from being cleared for 5-on-5 work.
      Additionally, the “final scan” that Simmons had on Monday reportedly wasn’t a final scan at all, but a planned follow-up with operating physician Dr. Martin O’Malley. The have been reports speculating that Simmons could get back to the court shortly after the All-Star break, but the 76ers have yet to put an official timetable on his return. Even if Simmons is able to debut during Philly’s first game after the break on Feb. 24 (a best-case scenario), he’ll likely need about a month before he’s earning meaningful minutes, so he may not even be contributing until Week-2 of the fantasy playoffs. Jan 25 – 9:23 AM
      Source: Bucks County Courier Times

  10. hart what you want to see happen? us cash in all or most of our assets for a good player like CJ Mccollum or hold tight and get more draft talent?

    1. I don’t think anyone is worth giving up all of that

      As I mentioned years ago, I love the development program that BB has in place so I’d prefer to draft and develop then to give all that up for CJ

      I’m really not a huge fan of his game anyway

      Who I really like is his teammate Damian Lillard. I’d be willing to give up a 1st for him…

      1. well i cant see Lillard going anywhere and fyi one 1st and thats it would not get you him or probably anyone…

        I think id like the draft too but the top 3 is looking unlikely. this draft is 8 deep or so but fultz or smith the only players that would be a huge get imo…

        u gotta admit, this lineup would be sick


        DIRT NASTY IMO. think id prefer that to the same lineup minus CJ and + fultz.

        either way shits nice. NAHlil Jokeafor gotta go

  11. the more i think about the sixers really are in prime position to get something significant at the deadline without giving a ton up.

    teams will want to move huge contracts to facilitate trades and/or dump salary and not too many teams are in better position than us to absorb them. as we saw with the kings you can get a first or more for just absorbing bums… imagine what the knicks would give up for someone to absorb noah or the suns absorbing chandler and alot of other highly paid overrated players …

    now if u throw in a noel or jokeafor you getting something significant…

  12. The only person I’d give up a number of picks for is Paul George

    He is a superstar Guard, 6’9 long athletic with a knockdown shot and defensive prowess

    He’s the only guy in the NBA that I’d give up both of those 1st rounders for…

    He’s ready to win now. The pacers need to rebuild.. perfect situation for both teams..

      1. Man hart u got me excited with George now. If we could get him for any or all of our 1st Noel and or jokeafor we title contending next year especially if we can sign reddick too.

        1. From what I recall we have the money to sign 3 max players

          And remember with the new TV deal/CBA all salaries will be raised to astronomical amounts

          If we keep winning I expect us to attract FAs…

  13. Reading on espn knicks clippers need a 3rd team to get a melo trade done. Well hello!!! They saying they want a 3rd team to take Crawford. I’m in for some instant offense. Make a move get us reddick and or Crawford

  14. We are so close fellas!!

    We need a scorer that can defend, and two shooters

    If we were able to get Kahwi Leonard this past off season we would’ve been in a great position. He’s arguably the best all around player in the league next to Lebron and Paul George

    I don’t want Butler. Let him stay in Chicago, too much drama

    We need Paul George! He’s the perfect fit!

    We need a player like that to win games for us, games like we played last night against one of the best teams in the league

    Is Timothe Luwawu that guy? He had 25pts off the bench last night with a perfect shooting % again. He could be that guy

    We just need a few more pieces and we’d be playoff bound

    We have 3 winnable games coming up, we need to win them all!

    If we’re in striking distance of the playoffs, I expect Colangelo to make a significant move to add scoring before the deadline!

    We are so close!!! Let’s Go Sixers!!!!! Playoff push let’s go man!!!!!

    Show ya freakin luv!!!!!


  15. If anyone wants Brett Brown fired or replaced then you’re not in touch with the progression of the 76ers

    The man has changed the culture, the attitude, the mindset of this team and this entire organization..

    He has created the Eastern Conference version of the San Antonio SPURS! Like I said he would try to do. I said this when we sucked, and the diehards on here know that

    You look at the development of guys like TJ McConnell, Timmy Luw, Joel Embiid, R Holmes, Dario Saric, Nerlins Noel (who never had an offensive game, now has turned into a 2way player) just to name a few..

    My god, he was given garbage and turned them into gems and attractive pieces to trade or keep (minus Simmons & Embiid)

    I have always been a BB supporter bc I watched what he did in San Antonio to guys games like Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Sean Elliott, Gary Neal etc.. I saw it

    So we cant minimize the Brett Brown effect

    We are in a great position…

    BB now has clearly defined roles, everyone has bought in.

    The process is officially over

    Now it’s time to win

    When Simmons comes back and if we’re anywhere near playoff range, I expect a significant trade to be made, whether it’s for Paul George or Damian Liliard or other, maybe Jimmy Butler (who I don’t want).

    Alot can happen leading up to the trade deadline if we keep winning..

      1. The reason why Bird came out and said George is off limits is because he wants alot for him. Probably 3 firsts and a player, he’s driving up the price

        The Sixers have that but I probably wouldn’t be willing to part with all those 1sts, though I want George on this team badly and he fits this roster like no other superstar does in this league…

        But I’m sure Colangelo will weigh whether giving up all of those assets for George would be worth it or not

        He’s 26 years old, 27 in still young, not even in his prime yet..

        I’d make the move but not for 3 firsts and a player. I’d do two first this year and Okafor. It’ll allow the pacers to rebuild with two guards and a proven center.. while we get the missing piece to the puzzle.. a scoring, defending wing that is a top 5 player in this league..

        1. id give them jokeafor, our 2019 first, lakers first this year and kings 2019 first in a heartbeat for him. Or our first this year and lakers first and jokeafor

              1. Covington and George can guard 1-4 if needed, and Simmons has the quickness also but I’d rather him be on less offensive player at 1st so he can run our offense effectively

  16. The Sixers better not trade Saric or Timothe

    Those guys are core players and developmental guys and bench guys, for now, they could turn into starters soon..

    They’re both going to be really good

    Also with the loyalty that Saric showed and keeping his word coming over this year when he could’ve waited and got paid way more money, shows the type of guy he is. He’s a core guy. Must keep him here for long haul

    1. Wawa s value is nill. He ain’t going anywhere. I think in the right deal they could move Dario if they keeping illyasova. Don’t want Dario to go but to get u gotta give unless ur hinkie. I think illyasova could garner some real interest though, I love illy but if we aren’t gonna pay him he could get you something. What I’m trying to say is if they gonna resign illy Dario is expendable and if they’re not illy is.

      1. Illy can go. He’s almost 30.

        He’s not in the long term plans, Dario is..

        Timothe and Dario are keepers

        We can’t give teams all we’ve developed. We still need a bench etc..

  17. Also I was thinking, their are actually two guys I’d be willing to give up picks and or money for…

    As Ive been mentioning Paul George is one..

    But two would be Klay Thompson…

    Klay is one of the best SGs in the league, and can shoot from anywhere on the court, can defend and is a proven winner

    It would take alot to get him out of the Bay Area, but it’s worth a try.

    And I know Klay doesn’t like having to share the ball with another shooter in Kevin Durant. I m sure he wasn’t happy about that signing.. so he might welcome new scenery new system, just new.

    So I wouldn’t mind either guy, Klay Thompson or Paul George ..

      1. Pros and cons with both

        Klay is a better shooter while George is a better athlete and pure scorer

        Regarding athleticism, yes George is a better athlete but keep in mind we have Simmons who’s 6’10 and athletic

        We need a shooter

  18. Cliff where are you? I dont like this, I bust you and your fake degree then poof you disappear for a month.

    I bust you for having a fake soon, then poof you disappear.

    Cmon man. Get back here we need some goofy trades, goofy mock drafts and goofy fake life stories.

  19. so brett brown comes out and says jokeafor didnt play because hes not in game shape… thats not good for his value. im starting to guess theyre trying to showcase noel and sitting on jokeafor and have no interest in trading him..

  20. This allows the league to see Okafor and Noel exclusively

    I feel the Sixers are doing this on purpose, to sell their guys and drive up the price

    Embiid can play

    Trade deadline is fast approaching, they need to let Okafor and Noel play and play great

    Drive up the price!

        1. It’s ridiculous. I was all for tanking because we had nothing. Now we got a star and the team was winning and wants to win and they sitting him for no good reason. This is whack.

    1. Jon Hart how can you drive up the price when at the end of the day you are sitting with a logjam at Center. Every GM in the league knows that Noel and Okafor are young talented bigs they also know we have 3 of them. Just the fact the Sixers have 3 bigs and one due for an extension teams are going to low ball the Sixers regardless.

      1. I say this because it would appear that the Sixers backs are against the wall, that they have to just make a trade to rid themselves of Noel and or Okafor and for cheap

        But I’m beginning to think they’re using this Embiid “injury” as a way to showcase both Noel and Okafor to drive the price up

        Yes, I think they have to trade them both, but they have the money and flexibility to keep them all and surround them with shooters and adequate defenders. Kinda what they already have..

        But letting the two bigs play and them playing well allows them the opportunity to get what they want from teams..

        I feel if they don’t like the offers they will wait. Even risking losing Noel to Free Agency

        But with the way Noel has been playing and the way Okafor played yesterday are all positives for their efforts in trading them off and getting what they want..

          1. The tank looked good last night, kangz lost and Lakers won, pray for more Lakers win because they are plain horrible, need them to at least have 25 wins to secure that pick this yr

              1. They just won Henski and Okafor had 15 points.

                I’m far from a Okafor fan but he’s been injured and in and out the lineup

                Starting these games will give him a chance to get his legs under him

                But collectively the entire team played bad last night

                Can’t single him out or mention when he has a bad game but not mention when he plays well lol

                We all know he struggles defensively and with rebounding but offensively he’s a force..

              1. characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder

              2. Ain’t no power. Jokeafor blows. He’s -20 like every time he starts. He’s a lazy dog that don’t play d and doesn’t rebound. 1 rebound in 20+ mins last night. He’s our 4th best center.

              3. HAC, Cliff has never been a source guy..

                I have..

                I don’t know what you’re talking about..

                I don’t come on this site as much as I used to..

              4. “They just won Henski and Okafor had 15 points.

                I’m far from a Okafor fan but he’s been injured and in and out the lineup

                Starting these games will give him a chance to get his legs under him

                But collectively the entire team played bad last night

                Can’t single him out or mention when he has a bad game but not mention when he plays well lol

                We all know he struggles defensively and with rebounding but offensively he’s a force..”

                You were an okafor fan up until you just said you werent just now… you were saying this summer how he was valuable and unless we are trading him for a top 3 pick it wasnt worth trading such a talented guy….

                regarding you saying he has been injured, he hasnt been. he was out with what the team called “knee soreness”, sorry thats not a legit nba injury.. then brett said this week he hasnt played because hes not in game shape.

                hes not even a force offensively, he can get points but can only get them by going iso which kills his teams rhythm and he gives up more points then he gets. his +- is embarrassing as is his rebounding and defense, he cant block shots, he doesnt get steals…

                more embarrassing he tried to check into the game last night wearing a t shirt resulting in a delay of game. WTF R U KIDDING ME???????? Lazy ass

                okafors value is shit at this point. youre not getting a top 15 pick for him straight up.

                by the way dont wanna pull a paulman but damn this team would be sooo solid if we signed barnes and seth curry. seth wouldve been such a good signing this offseason as he was cheap and really starting to put things together.

  21. So the Bulls have been calling us about Jokeafor, hmmmmmm. yea give me buckets for him right now, he fits. you can never have to many shooters and adding buckets to the already wet jumpers of embiid and illyasova with simmons and tj setting them up, we would be nice. oaks a joke

  22. Okafor would possibly return Guard Rajon Ronda but not Jimmy Butler unless the 76ers are willing to send Multiple Valuable High Draft picks to go along with Okafor which doesn’t make sense right now..
    Bulls have 3 Guards in Butler, Wade and Ronda are that’s 1 too many …
    The 76ers need to keep Building thru the Draft

    1. Jimmy is just fine at sf. And no shit bulls won’t give up butler for oakafor. Jokeafor is worth a developing player and a 2nd rounder period.

          1. This is my proposal we send crapafor sauce and we take Ronda, Valentine, and mcdermott. Buyout Ronda or let him play idc, that would work for me

  23. Stauskus a -28 while McConnel a -20 versus the Heat…
    Brutal… Dion Waiters goes off… Dragic and Guard Tyler Johnson…. Really!!!

    1. Your first sixers post on the year and you talk about stauskus and McConnell and gloat in a blowout ? Never a peep from you about embiid and u post that?

      Man ur a miserable hating ass troll.

  24. Dunno what was a dumber thought by Jon hart. Was it they’re taking back the power by showcasing Noel or okafor or saying Lennon was in philly or saying 76ers control the draft. Which was dumbest?

    Bottom line is Noel is a backup center and Okafor is a really poor starter can’t bring that slug off A bench.

  25. I have a question. If the sixers have 3 good centers then why does every opposing center have career nights vs them. Its ridiculous every damn night the opposing center can go for 40 pts and 18 rebounds. Something dont add up.

  26. Both Noel and Okafor should be traded but I’m beginning to think it’ll be Noel 1st

    His value is the highest and he’s a free agent at the end of the year and is playing well…

    I think he ll be moved before the deadline and Okafor may be held onto until off-season| draft night then traded then..
    Unless they’re blown away by a deal

    I could be wrong but that’s what I’m thinking

    1. Jon Hart I was thinking the same thing as well. Noel is due for an extension and, if the Sixers don’t see him in their future plans they can’t let him sign somewhere else without getting some assets for him. Which made Noel to me the most likely big to be moved even before the season started.

  27. Daggolden one of the reason’s is opposing teams ball penetration Sixers have one of the worst perimeter defense in the league. Sixers guards simply can’t defend, guards keep blowing by our guards, and when Embiid or Noel rotate to help opposing centers get the dumpoff and score easily. You can also look at Individual defense in regards to that Okafor is the weakest defender out of the 3 not because he can’t defend it’s simply because he just flat out refuses to put in a legit effort to defend. Another problem is the high pick and roll if you watched the game last night Miami used it 100 times and the Sixers couldn’t stop it at all.

    1. Very True Mac. What 76er Guards in Recent Years could stop or at least slow down Dribble Penetration?

      1. Paul, given the hundreds of hours you’ve watched the sixers in the last ten years I think you should expand on your comment? You have no idea of what you speak

        1. Who needs to watch 100’s of Hours of 76ers Games in recent Seasons to understand that their Guards can’t play solid Perimeter Defense…
          Eric Snow was probably the last real good Defender at Guard out on the Ball…
          Andre Miller was a pretty good Defender when he was younger, and Holiday had potential but Guards such as Lou Williams,Willie Green,J ason Kopono, Jodie Meeks,Evan Turner, MCW, Ish Smith, Isiah Canaan, Kendall Marshall,Stauskus, Rodriquez, McConnell.. Perimeter Defense has been an issue with the 76ers for a good while and you cannot compete in the NBA if you don’t play good Perimeter Defense and limit Dribble Penetration…

      2. Jrue Holiday before they traded him was an above average defender that’s about as recent as your going to get. The Sixers have needs at point,shooting and small forward which they will address until then the defense is going to suffer. With the defensive struggles I can’t understand for the life of me why Brett Brown doesn’t incorporate more zone defense.

  28. Sixers get ken faried and jru holiday back and
    Pelicans get okafor and mudiay
    Denver gets buddy hield and nerlins Noel

    1. Terrible trade unless we get a unprotected 18 pick from Nola. Freaking jrue is fa after this yr, no way we give jah for a rental, bad trade henski

      1. That was my hypothetical trade that I could see as parameter with draft picks filling in. Jah and Noel have no value at all. Noel a rental and oak blows

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