Tank-a-thon 4.0

The Philadelphia 76ers, they have returned to their losing ways.  It’s time for the fans that have not already done so; shift from 8th seed playoff mindset and digest the reality of the situation. The high of a ten win January led by Joel Embiid which included a Friday night nationally televised game against the Houston Rockets has become a distant memory.

Losers of five out of their last six games, and 0-4 in the month of February, fans can encourage effort but it’s all about situating their positioning for the 2017 NBA draft lottery.

The eventual draft order for lottery teams won’t be determined until May 16th, and it’s far more than just the 76ers that dictate the percentages of how the ping pong balls may fall.  If there was ever a time for that Lakers top three protected pick to convey to Philadelphia, this is the draft class. The Kings are playing better than expected, even with the loss of Rudy Gay for the season they have not plummeted and the general manager has stated that DeMarcus Cousins will not be traded.  The Brooklyn Nets are terrible, their pick heads to the Boston Celtics, but there are a ridiculous number of bad teams in the NBA that will bottle up the bottom ten seeding.

With thirty one games left on the schedule, what should be expected for the 76ers?

First, when will Embiid play next, and how many more games should be expected for the future rookie of the year winner?  I project a dozen, which may seem like a low number, but the team knows what they have talent wise; a cautious approach should be expected based on their history with handling Embiid.

Will Ben Simmons make his NBA debut this season?  I had a feeling after Simmons went down with the injury that the 76ers would be as cautious if not more cautious then they were with bringing Embiid back.  Selfishly I l want to see Ben Simmons on the floor for a regular season NBA game before the end of the season.  I believe Coach Brown and his teammates want the same, but I don’t see it happening. Simmons like Noel and Embiid will miss his entire rookie season.

Jahlil Okafor to the New Orleans Pelicans trade rumors have been swirling for a few days with mixed reports about what form of compensation the 76ers would receive. The return value will not be what you or I think is enough for the former 3rd overall pick, the limitations on defense and lack of speed hinder the offensive game he possesses.   With Nerlens Noel a restricted free agent after this season, it’s hard to imagine any team giving up much in a trade, I see the 76ers matching any deal in the off-season and Noel remaining part of the “insurance” at center with Emiid history.

There are other role players/starters on the team that could help playoff contenders, I’m less confident with Bryan Colangelo finding ways to move these players then when Sam Hinkie was in charge.

The remainder of the 2016-2017 season for the Philadelphia 76ers will look and feel much like the month of February.  Effort will certainly not be questioned, but the lack of talent will certainly show.


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  1. Continued Terrible Guard Play Defensively
    From Monday Nights Game vs the below .500 Detroit Pistons

    TJ McConnel a -26
    Nick Stauskus a – 16

    Game in Game Out these 76 Guards cannot defend the Perimter and Dribble Penetration and make average Guards they play against perform as All-Pros let alone defend any of the Good Guards of the NBA
    This must be a priority or this Team/Franchise is going nowhere regardless of how well Joel Embiid plays or not…

  2. Ben Simmons (foot) remains without an official timetable to return, and there are no guarantees he’ll get back on the court this season.
    Simmons is currently recovering from a Jones fracture, which is an injury that can be easily aggravated if a player is brought along too soon. Remember, this is the same injury that Kevin Durant dealt with during the 2014-15 season and when he came back too soon he re-broke his foot and required a second surgery; the same thing happened with Cameron Payne this season. Even if Simmons does play, he’d likely only be on the court for a total of 20-22 games in an ideal scenario, and it’d be unlikely he’d ever exceed the 20-minute mark this year. He’s not a great standard league stash in re-draft formats.
    Source: NBA.com
    Feb 8 – 8:56 AM

    at this point keep simmons out, what the point especially with the reinjuries listed above… maybe give him a dozen minutes a game or so max to get a taste… at this point ya gotta just tank, but brown cant willingly do that anymore with embiid being so dominant… i look for a mystery injury to put embiid on the shelf for the rest of the year

  3. Frank Mason III, typically 2nd round picks for 76ers are not worth a conversation. I see a lot of Jameer Nelson in his game, if he were a few inches taller he would be considered top 15.

    Until the draft lottery is set, no reason to really jump into which player(s) I think are best in the top 8-10.

    Who should represent the 76ers as the good luck charm on lottery night?

    1. The lottery…the sixers second home. Funny, I was ready to go in on season tix in January but alas there are just too many horrible games in the nba on a nightly basis–

  4. Amen !!There’s no reason for us to make the playoffs this year. We are looking for the next 15 years not just this one year when we’re rebuilding still and have a whole bunch of 20-year-olds on the roster.

    We need a special guard to pair with these guys. We cannot rely on Ben Simmons to run the point guard all the time. We need somebody to run the offense NBA forced when he’s on the bench and so well so is Embiid.

    We all knew this was a five-year plan. some didn’t want to except it and some did. But the fact of the matter is we have the brightest future of any young team in the NBA. Next year will be year 5 and the final one in the plan.

    If you want a NBA championship this is what you have to do.

    Unless u want to be pretenders and just make the playoffs in the weak east and be a one and done. And Maybe even a second round exit,

    Who cares. We have waited this long there’s no problem with waiting a little bit longer.

    Sam hinkie hit home runs on embiid Simmons and nerlens who I hope and pray to god we keep.

    Okafor was the right pick at the time as well. And we can get something out of him. A player and another pick. At this point it doesn’t matter:.

    Let’s say we took Chris taps Porzingis I’m not even sure how he would fit on this team with all these tall players and weapons.

    Let’s see how the new staff takes their next pic and if they can hit a homerun as well

    1. noel wasnt a homerun hes a back up center… he gets steals and some blocks but hes not a shut down defender or above average rebounder…

      cosmic cliff hit it right on him from day 1 imo

      nerlins ok but id let him walk and roll with holmes. save that coin to see if we can sign a real one

  5. Ok maybe I’m dense but…it is my understanding the sixers have a top 3 protected pick from the laker (assume for a minute it’s number 5), they can swap with Sac and assume it’s 7…. What’s the tank for?

    1. I think the 76ers only get the Lakers Pick if it’ falls outtside of the Top 3?
      If the Lakers s get the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Pick then they keep it as the 76ers will only get theirPick if they are #4 and/or above… someone can correct me on this ..

      1. hac i think theyre being extra cautious with embiid and they can. fact is they cant win a championship this year. and playoffs are out. i dont think theyre tanking at all. the fact is theyre a 100000000000000% different team with joel and he is mildly hurt and out of an abundance of caution they are waiting until he is fully healed. imo he hyperextended that knee…. the team is a shit team right now without him. hopefully ben is legit and when and if he plays hes a winner too and then this offseason we draft a winner so the effects of 1 guy sitting wont be so drastic.

  6. Eagles released CB Leodis McKelvin.
    This was an easy call for EVP Howie Roseman. McKelvin was brought in last offseason to help with the transition to DC Jim Schwartz’s defense. He was probably one of the Eagle’s better corners in 2016, but the position group as a whole was one of the worst in the league. McKelvin, the former No. 11 overall pick of the Bills, will turn 32 this season and doesn’t have much left to offer.
    Related: Eagles
    Feb 8 – 3:09 PM

  7. Milwaukee Bucks Jabari Parker tears his ACL in his Left Knee for the 2nd time and will probably out for the next 12 months… Tough Break for him and the Bucks..

  8. So much for Sixers “taking back the power” with jah and nerlins. Jah flat out blows -14 last night , 7 points and 2 boards in 22 mins. downright awful

    the homie saric balled the hell out tho, that dude a winner

    1. Colangelos interview on WIP show had some awful moments. It sounded as if he were mad at how well they played in January but here we are creating a losers culture again…. They have some decent role players out there playing hard etc and the GM comes out and says we shouldn’t have talked playoffs this year OR even NEXT! What a completely awful, terrible organization… I was within inches of splitting a season ticket plan for next year…. No freaking way!

      1. I expect Colangelo to sit Embiid down for the remainder of this Season along with Ben Simmons.. They will add 2-3 Players thru the Draft and Re-Sign Nerlens Noel after Trading Okafor & Covington, Resign as they start anew at next Summer/Fall Camp..

        1. which means its yet another tank…. excellent! is this still the process or ‘process II’– or are we just a loser organization? noel and embid will sign huge contracts with very little game action under their belt, very few wins etc. (but i really don’t care about funny money)
          B. Brown spoke with reverence when talking about San Antonios culture and how important it is…he is the only one I trust on this thing– the guy deserves a medal.

  9. 2 Healthy Scratches for the New Orleans Pelicans tonight listed as “Personal” are Center Alex Ajinca and Guard E’Twaun Moore…

  10. Anyone see the highlights of Nuggets Center Jokic vs the Knicks Porzingas/Hernandez and then NO Pelicans Center Anthony Davis versus the Minnesota over their Towns… wow… There are lots of Good Big Men in the NBA right Now

    1. Thank god paulman. Everyone sleeps on the position because of Golden state. But they are 1 team.

      The big man will never day. No rebounds no rings.

      1. The Centers for the Bucks (Antekumpotko) and the Heats (Whiteside) are balling too.. the Future is back to having Athletic Big Guys paired with Strong Guards who can both Distribute, Create,Shoot & Defend which are hard to find..
        This Draft Class of 2017 is supposed to be the Deepest in Years so the Eagles Smart Play is to keep their Picks and Move Okafor as he’s just a bad fit and accumulate more Young Talent to grow with Embiid, Saric & Simmons under Coach Brown..

        1. Wow you really -antetokounmpolo is a center. Please don’t post about hoops anymore. U really are clueless

          1. Big-Men/Centers/PF , Its the same damn difference, The Greek is what’s 6-11 and plays in the lane most of the Time with Bucks Playing Greg Monroe/Thon Maker at the 5 but the Greek is their 1st option down low more times than not when the Bucks are on Offense … and add another good Young Big-Man in Myles Turner of the Pacers..The Key is availability & health!!!

            1. Paulman Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn’t really have a true position. If he did it would be a point forward. He brings the ball up and defends either the SF or PF. He has played Center when they go to a smaller lineups as well, but it’s not in huge bursts.

              The Bucks don’t really play traditional positions they actually don’t even have a PG on the roster believe it or not. When everyone is healthy Giannis can play anywhere from 3/5 depending on the matchup.

              1. Yes, I get the Versatility and matchup problems the Greek Presents.. being 6-11 and Athletic means opponents are going to try to defend him with one of their big athletic players… When the 76ers Play the Bucks, Who attempts to Defend him? Covington? Saric? ilysasova? Or is it Noel, Oakafor, Holmes, Embiid ? When Noel ,Embiid,Okafor, Holmes attempt to defend him, than does this mean that they are now considered a ” SF” too? Of Course Not, My bigger Point is that there are many more Big, Athletic & Talented Players around now in the NBA and Teams need to match up with these freakish players who can handle the Ball and who are 6-9/6-10 + and can create & shoot away from the basket..

  11. And that’s the last we will see Embiid the rear of the year…atleast I hope. We know what we got in the man.

    Bring back Simmons on minute restrictions and get him somewhat accustomed to playing at this level.

    Show case nerlens and Okafor rest of season and trade one or the other. Maybe even both. Lost as much games as possible and get that top 5 pick and maybe even La pick.

    We have waited 4 years. Next year is year 5 of the plan. No need in getting jumpy now.
    And for what? We knew damn well we weren’t winning the championship this year or even making playoffs.

    Lonzo ball? Malik monk? Jackson? Who do we take ?

  12. I think JAh just got traded u guys.

    He’s shaking hands behind he scenes with personell and other players like he’s saying goodbye.

    I could be wrong but from the looks it looks like he’s gone officially

    1. Saw that too Ct and this :

      Jahlil Okafor could be held out for the next two games prior to the All-Star break “due to ongoing trade talks” according to Philly reporter Keith Pompey.
      This would rule him out for Monday’s game vs. the Hornets and Wednesday’s game vs. the Celtics. Okafor was a DNP-CD on Saturday vs. the Heat because the 76ers are actively trying to move him, and Keith Smith of Real GM is reporting that the Pelicans, Bulls, Blazers and Lakers all have interest. The 76ers don’t want to risk an injury, so that is why Okafor is being held out. With Joel Embiid (knee) on the shelf, Nerlens Noel and Richaun Holmes will likely split the center minutes in the next two games.
      Source: Keith Pompey on Twitter Feb 11 – 10:39 PM

  13. Portland Blazers Trade Big Man Mason Plumlee to the Denver Nuggets for their Backup Center Jusurf Nurkic and a First Round Pick in the Upcoming Draft
    You can take both the Nuggets & Trail Blazers off the Potential Okafor Trade List .. A Rumor floating out there was Okafor to the Lakers for Jordan Clarksonn and with the Lakers getting their Protected Draft Pick back too which makes little sense to me…

  14. Jahlil Okafor News**

    According to my source, Jahlil Okafor could very well be on the move to the Chicago Bulls. No details at this time but it may include 3 players from the bulls..

  15. This is so strange. Sixers look desperate here. Although something huge does seem to be happening involving jokeafor gallinari mudiay and butler (just me reading the tea leaves)

  16. In all my years following sports I dont think I have ever witnessed a situation where players weren’t allowed to play for multiple games because of trade rumors or possibilities. They either get traded or don’t. WTF is this? Sooooooo sloppy… does our GM have a clue what he is doing?

    1. All I know that this “Yo-Yo-ing” Okafor around, is not helping his Trade Value or Confidence at All… They will likely end up to giving him away……
      GM Colangelo is going to screw up what Hinkie set up for him!!!

      1. hold on boys– I agree Colangelo is a turd– however, I disagree with this statement “is going to screw up what Hinkie set up for him!!!”- honestly, hinkie set up a team with three high lottery centers- making them less valuable assets–
        as for rehiring stinky…well all he did was make a terrible team with three centers– he hasn’t buillt anything and for some reason no one seems to want to hire him for that job.

        1. I disagree HAC. Hinkie gave us a core of Simmons, Saric, Embiid. Sac swap rights, sac first round pick, lakers 1st round pick, oakafor and noel are assets.

          just so happens jokeafor played like shit and decreased his value by showing he is at best 1 dimensional, with severe limitations and a suspect work ethic… cant ever be sure when it comes to people… the goal of the 2015 draft was russel and we just missed out, it happens.

          but we have a core that hinkie gave us (the 3 i mentioned) plus whoever we get with lakers pick, sac pick and our pick this year its all sam.

    2. henski i’ve seen you on this site say you’d take a rack of flat balls for Okafor and pointed out all of his weaknesses etc…. do you think the other GM’s don’t see the same thing you do? The sixers are in an impossible spot– a player with weaknesses, only two years left on his rookie deal, a logjam at his position–

      1. actually he is under control for 3 more years after this year and i dont think their situation is impossible at all. waive bye to noel via trade this year or let him walk and oak is our cheap back up center, hopefully over the years he gets better and u can trade him for something. i dont like him but its literally pointless to do it for nothing when noel should be walking… if we trade him for rocks cool but i dont think thats very bright matter of fact its dumb and shortsighted.

        but whats really dumb is pulling him from a game because a trade was close, then you whiff on that trade and look like morons, then you hold him out on future games in case something new pops up???????? WTF is that?????? GROSS INCOMPETENCE, youre just begging saying to the other gms please guys please i beg you, im on my knees here someone give me something i can sell to my fans and save the embarrassment …

        this is gross and the NBA appointed us this donkey?

    1. I believe Hinkie was going to get rid of Noel and Okafor anyway. He saw them both as assets and expendable.

      We have Simmons, embiid, Saric, and other top picks, along with very solid role players in TJ, Roco, Sauce, Holmes.

      He isn’t going to mess up anything Hinkie gave him because of the fact we all already knew Noel and Okafor weren’t part of the long term plans anyway. Get rid of them for late first rounders or maybe just a player.

      What did u all expect? Another lottery for Jahlil? Noel? No.

      We’re fine. Sixers do not want to a make a deal just to make one.

      I say drop both of them, especially Okafor and maybe even sign Nerlens as a back up center. He is Embiids best friend and has been vouched for by Joel.

      1. Jon Hart expected a lotto pick for them…

        Regarding sixers not wanting to make a deal just to make one, their actions say otherwise. They basically thought they had a oakafor trade and celebrated like desean jackson at the 1 yard line and now they on the bench with their head down like idiots

        1. It’s inevitable. The trade will happen. Either this year or the next.

          No reason to rush anything with this team. Just like with embiid and Simmons injury. Play this shit safe and let them play a little after the all star break on minute restrictions.

          Gonna be interesting to see who we take this year. Cannot wait for that special guard talent. We will have 3 players capable of running the offense

          BEN Simmons, TJ and draft pick.

          With a nerlens on the bench as well we will not miss a beat

        2. Henski

          So I expected a lottery pick for Okafor and Noel?

          When have you ever heard me say that?

          I know you like saying things for shock value on here but don’t make up stuff on me

          I’ve always said they could use them as trade chips to possibly move up in the draft of to get a star player. That was a long time I ago that I even mentioned any such scenarios

          But don’t try and sneak a lie in there on me. Speak facts not BS

          Seems like you’re forever mentioning my name, Paul’s name or Cliffs name. What’s with your obsession man?!

          It’s a damn sports website that you don’t own. You don’t run anything except your mouth

          Go find something else to do with your time because you obviously have too much time on your hands..

          1. U know what Jon ur right. I do need a life. I wonder if I made up fake sources like that would give me a better life.

            1. All of that is unrelated to your obsession with mentioning Jon Hart, Paulman and GM Cliff.

              You’ve gotten so desperate that your now lying saying I said that Okafor and Noel would warrant a lottery pick each

              You’re full of it

              Every Sixers post you mention my name or Cliffs, every eagles post you mention Pauls

              Get a life clown, stop harassing people

              You’re on this website waaaay too much

              1. My Paulman and especially fake life cliff takes are piping hot takes. Cliff especially was/is way more exciting than the content posted here. Fake family and degrees and lawsuits man what a hilarious day to day story. It’s ok if u don’t appreciate it. Stick to doing your job as u once called it fake source boy. And keep on posting ur dumbassed always wrong posts (e.g. Manziel draft day u got him wrong like 31 times in 4 minutes , ur fake lebron in philly news , dumbasses sixers have the power and controlling the draft …

                Let me know when u post one thing that goes right

              2. Also for their record your obsession with the expert analyzed paulman is well documented. Maybe ur gmcliff. Would make sense he likes fake families and degrees and saying bruh. You like saying bruh and have fake sources. And u both thought the sixers would or could get Lebron and Westbrook

              3. For you to remember just one of those things that happened 3-5 year ago shows how much of an obsessed maniac you are

                I couldn’t remember one damn thing you’ve posted of worth or even worth mentioning LOL!

                Now I’m obsessed with Paulman when you been on this site degrading him over being a former alcoholic etc, then talking down to cliff over his family and degree’s?!

                What the hell is wrong with you?!

                Like I said you show signs of an obsessed maniac blogger

                Getting way too personal and trying to investigate people’s lives to win an argument

                You sit at your cubicle typing all day on gcobb.com waiting for people to post and make a predictions so you can bring it up 5 years later LOL

                YOU CALL THAT HAVING A LIFE?!?!

                I post Sixers news here and there when I feel like it

                I don’t need this site. I’ve stayed off it for over a year

                Your on it every day with the same BS

                Learn to take a break sometime and get a hobby hermit

              4. And it’s funny, every time multiple guys call you out they gotta be the same person LOL!

                Get it thru ya head, you’re not well liked on here, you’re tolerated

                I couldn’t care less who likes or dislikes me. Don’t need anyone’s approval, but it’s obvious you need this sites approval

                Me and Cliff have disagreed plenty of times, same with me and Paul, but in no way did it ever get personal where were investigating and trying to dig up each others personal lives and post it on here

                You’re forever looking desperate, pathetic and flat out annoying on here..

                I’m done with ya buddy ✌

              5. i started writing out a reply piece to u but then I thought and remembered youre delusional, like not even joking you are (eg my sources) then i said to myself its pointless. ur assessment of me is pre

  17. However this team should have never fired Hinkie. He should have been the one to see this thru with Coach brown.

    He’s the one who got us here. Freed up the cap. Brought in all these role players. For us Simmons, embiid, Dario and our top picks this

    A shame someone took over this situation that they didn’t create.

    A guy with a track record that is nothing special when hinkie on the other hand made the rockets a damn good basketball team.

    Now he doesn’t have a job cause the dumbass media, and some of the clueless fan base killed him for “losing on purpose” LOL!!

    People need to get off the high horse and accept and love where we are at cause of that man.

    It’s a damn shame he’s gone.

    Hinkie the goat

    1. Question CT…if stinky went in and told the owners he plans on tanking another two years, if he didn’t have a plan to build a TEAM, not just an organization with assets should he still have his job? Also, consider that the sixers were pissing off 30 billionaire owners that they have to do business with. Consider that agents felt that stinky did not operate fairly and would steer them away.
      There is a lot that we don’t know but be clear…. It was not all roses.

      1. The second he quit or got pushed out he said he’s taking a year off. He ain’t in the job market. I know u don’t wanna hear it but that’s real.

  18. I would expect Sam Hinkie to be pursued by quite a few Organizations this
    Off-Season. Many Organizations like the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings with possibly the Denver Nuggets, Orlando Magic Chicago Bulls & NY Knicks could all be looking to make Front Office Changes

  19. Sam Hinkie never told the sixers he was going to tank for another “two years” either.

    He came in, and made it clear that we were going to lose, and that is what happened. He said this was going to be a rebuild, and a long process, and guess what? That is exactly what happened. We all knew this was going to be a 4-5 year process. Us Sixers fans were sick of being ass to mediocre. And that is exactly what was going to be in our future if somebody did not have the balls to do what he did.

    Having a 7-8th seed and losing in the first or second round is a joke. Especially in the east. The sixers wouldnt even make the playoffs in the west back then.

    He got fired before before year 3? I believe? It was a joke.
    If Sam Hinkie was our gm today we would have 20 wins on our way to 21 which by the way is the most in the Coach Brown ERA. he posted 19,18,and 10 in years 1-3.

    The league would have been pissed for a little, but would have gotten over it with the improvement this team would have shown.

    Look for him to take over a team, and make them a contender again.

    Sam Hinkie was never scared of making the BIG FA signing either. Go read up on his past and you will see to that,

    1. You have no way of knowing why he was canned or why he wasn’t. You weren’t privy to his conversations so please stop telling me what he did or didn’t say.

  20. Joel Embiid put it best. He posted of Sam Hinkie on his Instagram and said word for word “RIP Sam Hinkie, He sacrificed himself and died for our sins”

    Lol. You just said “if stinky went in and told the owners he plans on tanking another two years, if he didn’t have a plan to build a TEAM, not just an organization with assets should he still have his job?”

    No he should not. But let me ask you this question. WHAT GM WOULD SAY SOME DUMB SHIT LIKE THAT? Lol!!

    “I don’t want a basketball team. I want us to suck for ever and ever and just pile up on assets”

    That makes zero sense, and I do not need to be in a room to know Hinkie did not say that.

    He wanted to win. He wanted to build something special. And the only reason why he got fired was because of HOW he did it.

    Even tho Hinkie did not invent tanking. Teams have done that shit before. Who were the bulls before jordan? Cleveland before Lebron? San Antonio before Pop and Duncan? and thats just naming a few.

    Teams tank and suck on purpose. and know they are going to suck so they can get that top pick

    1. CT- for a little history lesson on the spurs ‘tank’– it was for 1 year when Robinson got hurt and played 6 games. Before that they had been to 7 straight playoffs including some decent runs. And its not like they drafted Duncan in 97 and said ” you know what we can draft Dirk or vince carter in 98 and then elton Brand in 99″– they went out and tried to win… ok the sixers obviously needed more of a rebuild but right now they have a lot of losses 3 centers, one of whom has a total of 30 games in 3 seasons, 1 of whom has about 80 games in two seasons and what seems to be zero trade value because they drafted 3 consecutive centers… GOAT or goat????

    1. ok we all love joel embiid– i get it but your mancrush on stinky is hilarious– joel embiid MAY have a future as a great player–however between college and pro he’s played maybe 50-60 games TOTAL- that hardly qualifies him to have a valid opinion– oh and btw for a 22 year old millionaire to compliment the guy who drafted him and paid him those millions…um why not.

  21. I’m starting to think this oakafor thing was just a or move to distract from embiids injury and the sixers hiding it or hiding their current tanking.

  22. i started writing out a reply piece to u but then I thought and remembered youre delusional, like not even joking you are (eg my sources) then i said to myself its pointless. ur assessment of me is pretty solid tho

  23. Toronto Acquires PF Serge Ibaka from the Orlando Magic for SG Terrance Ross and a 2017 1st Round Pick as Toronto’s prepares for a Deep Playoff Run in the Wide Open East…
    Serge Ibaka will be a Free-Agent after this Season and reports are that Orlando did not feel they could Re-Sign him nor that he wanted to stay with a Rebuilding Team..
    Remember the Magic traded Guard Victor Oladipo and the #11th Pick in last Year’s Draft (Domantas Sabonis) to acquire Ibaka to begin with so a Costly Move for the Magic

        1. since alternative facts are now allowed:
          1. they are REAL concerned with Embiid’s injury history
          2. the previous dumb ass GM drafted 3 centers and the sixers were offered a bag of flat balls for Ok
          3. The rest of the NBA saw that Ok is limited
          4. its the nba a joke of a league where countless 19 year olds are drafted way too early, undeveloped, unproven and fall by the wayside. In preparing a rebuttal to CT I looked back on a lot of drafts, going back to duncan and the names in the top 10 that were the next big thing and then fizzled… its a joke.

          1. Side note for HAC…
            Boone now has a Arena Football Team which Starts inMarch and will play a 10 Game Schedule at the Holmes Center on the Campus ASU .. They will Play in the NAL (National Arena League) with Teams from Lehigh Valley, Dayton, Macon, Ga, Valdosta, Ga & San Antonio
            The Team Name is the Hogh Country Grizzlies..
            5 Home Games at $15 a Game on Saturdays at 7pm (Season Pass/Parking is like $70 A Season
            I’ve met the Operations Manager at the Gym (Willie Robinson) a few times and seems like a nice old Football Guy.. Check out their Web-Site or if you Visit between March/May you can check out a Game if they are playing at Home if your interested..

  24. I think Okafor Plays out the Season as a 76er and they will attempt to Trade him come Draft Weekend or shortly after the Draft and probably hope that he can improve his Trade Value over the last part of this Season .. At this point the 76ers are likely to sit Embiid/Simmons out for the remainder of the Season and just Rotate Noel/Holmes/Okafor down inside and let the 2 “Franchise Players” get 100% Healthy for next Summer/Fall Camp
    If nothing else, Okafor becomes a Backup Center who is under Contract for the next 2 Seasons who can Score 6-8-10 Pts a Game with a Few Rebounds in Playing 15-18-20 Minutes a Game behind Embiid and to fill in/spot Start when resting Embiid.
    Okafor’s Overall Game is limited as his Metrics for Rebounding, Defense, +/-, Passing ability all are Rated low among Big Players in the NBA and he cannot stretch the Defense as he doesn’t Shoot Well enough from the outside nor can he put the ball on the Floor very well enough so he is what he is and just isn’t in demand in Today’s NBA where Big Players help stretch the Floor, put the Ball on the Floor and can shoot from the outside which helps create spacing, matchup problems and helps stretch a Defense…
    When Watching Okafor in College at Duke, anytime he went head to head with Average Centers in the ACC he was neutralized.. many of those ACC Centers were not even Quality NBA Talent that he now faces night in and night out…He’s just limited athletically and in today’s game, that just doesn’t cut it and other Teams see and realize this as well…

    1. Simmons will not play this year– his rookie bonuses approach $5M for rookie game, ROY etc– he ain’t playing 25 games blowing his chance for that cash and i don’t blame him.
      And to fraudmans point…. with all that said…WHY WAS HE DRAFTED!!!!

      1. Nah he don’t have 5 mill in rookie bonuses. That’s some fake news, sad haha

        But ur right he ain’t playing this year. Typical healing time for this injury is 2.5 months and we at month 5. Sixers playin the fans for fools.

        1. Paulman wrong embiid will be back this year. But ur plan on keeping oak is prob accurate and best for team. MAtter of fact keep him period and let Noel walk. And oak ur backup next year

        2. I heard it on the radio so it must be true!!!! LOL
          so much for the sixers seeing Embiid/simmons play together so they can figure out what kind of guard (or should i say asset- PUKE) they need in this years draft!!!!

  25. fultz, smith, monk, jackson all fit. they dont need to see simmons play to know that. not sure about lonzo ball tho

    think i heard sixers truly only have 5 days of practice left this season, it seems like it would be pointless for him to come back he would be lost…

  26. Just want to say after almost a week of this charade from the sixers regarding okafor, I am glad Collangelo decided to finally pull his pants back up. Embarrassing

  27. so theres reports out there saying the following:

    The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly benched center Jahlil Okafor in an attempt to generate additional interest on the trade market.

    Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported Wednesday that league sources believe the Sixers leaked details about his availability with the hope other teams would become involved in the talks. He noted the New Orleans Pelicans were the only franchise making a legitimate push toward a deal.

    O’Connor reported people around the league see through the Sixers’ efforts to drum up more suitors, stating, “No one is buying what [general manager] Bryan Colangelo is selling: a one-dimensional center who can’t defend, rebound or pass on a roster loaded with big men.”


    so couple things here:

    A. Collangelo is certified retarded, like does he think he is trading baseball cards with kids in the 3rd grade? what a dumbass move. words cant even describe how dumb this is. He lied to the media and fans to try to drum up interest? WHAT THE FUCK KINDA RETARDED BRAIN HE WORKING WITH?????????

    B. Collangelo getting caught with his pants down is embarrassing as it gets and detrimental to our team. He know has sunk Okafors value to rock bottom because of his foolish desperation. He needs to be fired

    C. The NBA made Philly fire Hinkie so we can get an moron that doesnt know what he is doing? DOes the NBA want us to lose ? Must be nice to have a daddy to just give you multi million dollar jobs

    D. Jon Hart mushed the sixers “taking back the power” literally as soon as he said that all power aka leverage went to the shitter with this noodle gm

  28. E. And most important. Collangelo did his players and jah real dirty. Made everyone think a trade was going down when there was nothing. Players talk. Who wants to play for a jackass that treats their plyers like baseball cards

    1. From an outsiders perspective, It as if it appears that Brian Colangelo doesn’t even want the Job of GM for the 76ers or put the Organizations Best Interests first.. It seems as if he was forced to take the job from his Father, Jerry, who didn’t have the energy or want to commit the time in being a full-time NBA GM in the first place so he hires his over-matched, unemployed Son, to take over the GM Position.. Now the 76ers are stuck with a Dud GM at it’s most critical juncture and time for the Organization, which is this Off-Season and this Draft … If Brian Colangelo screws this Up, then the 76ers wont be relevant for who knows how long, as no good Veteran Players will want to Play for them and the Young Players will all want Out as soon as their Rookie Deals are up… Good Grief …

        1. Y’all are really on the negative train today, colangelo wanted more he got hosed, the GM job is like that, oak value is still the same, everyone knows what he can do, we are riding a 3 game winning streak and if we see embiid after all star break we are going for that 8 seed, everything is fine, trust the swap, trust the Lakers pick, trust the process

  29. You know everyone has their own ‘take on the ‘tank’ (multiple) but in the end stinky was hired to tank and find a superstar. He was playing e shitty hand dealt him. He MAY prove to be successful. Colangelo was hired to use said superstar and build a team of pro ball players around him, he MAY be successful. He too was dealt a shitty hand, injury plagued 19 year olds, 3 young high draft centers etc…and again he MAY be successful. But really the whole thing even if you have a man crush on stinky has been an ugly, unprofessional clown performance…,3 years of D league players followed by a year when a playoff run was possible yet the GM said we don’t want playoffs after your superstar said “we can make the playoffs”…. It is a joke and assuming Embid gets healthy and more mature and Simmons is already mature and business savvy it won’t be long before they see through is shit and start doing what NBA stars do and act like a sissy prima Donna throwing a hissy fit … Shit show stay tuned.

  30. Hey GCOBB — PITCHERS AND CATCHERS HAVE REPORTED—most of the position players are in camp– Phils are young with a lot of high level prospects– how bout an article?????

    1. I think the Phil’s had a Nice Off-Season and expect them to be around .500 in 2017 and possibly contend for a Wild-Card Spot if their Young Starting Pitchers Pitchers step up and stay Healthy and have strong Seasons (especially Nola & Velasquez)
      Outside of the Washington Nationals who are starting to have some age on their Roster the rest the of the NL East is wide open… it should be a very Fun Year for the Phillies and especially if they can get off to a decent Start
      The New GM and Front Office Structure are doing a very job… McPhail has built Winners with every Club that he’s been with.. (Twins, Cubs & Orioles)

      1. I love their approach– young arms and developing field players with the thoughts of paying for bats if needed. what they really need is for 3 of the young pitchers and 3 of the young bats to really develop– Franco has to improve and Williams has to mature and not be dom brown.

        1. We have talked about this before HAC. It is all about development this year.
          Can’t wait to see what the staff does this year in (hopefully) a full season together. Bucholz will hopefully be a nice trade chip in the middle of the season. For the position players, I want to see if Joseph can be a consistent power hitter and then we need to see about Franco, Williams and Crawford. Those guys are centerpiece kinda players. What is great is that still leaves guys like Alfaro and Moniak as well. I do love the Saunders signing. You hope that he plays well enough (and stays healthy) to be another trade chip.

          And then there is the money. Theoretically so much money, so any FA will be in play for them.

          1. I assume Moniak is 3-4 years away from getting a sniff. The names you mention are key– IF joseph and franco are in fact major league power then you’ve sured up your corner infielders with young talent…
            also, there is high level competition at the next level pushing these guys at most every position.
            As for your thought as to having pieces to sell at the deadline….hold off on that thought my man! maybe we are making a playoff push!!!!!

            1. Damn man I wish I could bring myself to follow baseball like I used too as a kid.

              I don’t kno what happened. Hockey as well. I’ve been watching the flyers here and there.

              Good to know Phillies are on they’re way along with flyers

            2. haha… it is possible. I think that I was optimistic in another way in that I would hope that these guys would be supplanted by kids getting called up. Thompson, Eflin for Bucholz and Williams for Saunders.

            3. The Phils are a little thin with Left-Handed Pitching ..
              Their 5 Projected Starters are all Right-Handed (Hellickson,Bucholtz,Eikhoff,Nola & Valasquez) and their Projected Bullpen (Gomez,Benoit,Neris,Nesheck & Ramos are Right-Handed with only Joley Rodriquez as their only Lefty, maybe young Pitchers like Elvis Araujo (Age 25) and Elniery Garcia (Age 22) can make a strong case this Spring..
              Maybe even Young Starter Adam Morgan (Age 26) could be converted from a Starter to Relief…

              RF Saunders reminds me a little of a Jason Werth type,, long, lanky, with a big swing and when he’s on and sees the ball well, he can really drive the ball with authority in the gaps and hits a lot of extra bases (Doubles/HR’s ).. He plays a Solid RF and has a Big Arm and is in his prime at Age 30 with a lot to Play for in terms of a Future Big Contract..
              He’s only played in the AL during his 8 Years in Big Leagues (Seattle & Toronto) so he’ll have a little adjustment to make to the NL Games/Pitchers/Umpires and Ball Parks but he should be able to handle that as a Veteran Player..

              Phils have some Veteran Spring Training Invites who could compete to make the Roster like OF Chris Coghlan, OF Daniel Nava, Catcher Ryan Hanigan, LHP Sean Burnett..

              Manager Pete Mackanin will have a Full Roster to Utilize and the Phils open up with 18 of their First 21 Games all Against NL East Competitors so a Decent to Good Start could go a long ways with their Confidence as a Team

              1. paul, your first paragraph reminds me of this….. I’VE DREAMT ABOUT BEING 6’4″ LANKY AND LEFTHANDED…. if you can throw strikes you’ve got a job until your arm falls off!

              2. Ha.. Your Right about that, I got the Left-Handed part down, but that’s about it… Maybe this Spring Camp Invitee, LHP Sean Burnett, will still have some punch and control left in his Arm while the Young Arms get steady work down in the Minors to Start the Season…

              3. The right handed pitching is actually pretty ridiculous.

                Besides the guys that you mentioned, the following are RHP: Thompson, Eflin, Appel, Lively and even that Sixto Sanchez dude. All Right handed.

              4. Out of 25 Pitchers listed on their Current Spring Roster = 20 are Right Handed and only 5 are LHP.. Yikes… and a couple of those Lefties are Young Kids

              5. Wow. Crazy. I think that they will be looking for a college pitcher in this draft and hopefully, there will be a solid LHP that is worth taking at 8. I am always for drafting BPA, but this is a pretty strong need.

                How about going into the season with nobody left from the old regime? Not even Howard or Ruiz.

              6. paul– thats not a ”yikes’ …. normal standard operating procedure– WS champs have 18/25 right handers, nationals 20/25, cardinals 20/25 etc…… lefties are tough to find… SEE MY EARLIER POST ABOUT WANTING TO BE A LEFTY ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!

                bugs we hope that in 15 years we will be saying ‘damn there is nobody left from the glory days of franco, joseph, nola….

  31. another apparent setback– simmons foot apparently not fully healed— more misinformation from the front office– part of the conspiracy to let him have the opportunity to earn an extra $5 from nike? incompetence on the sixers FO? or karma for multiple tanks? so much for seeing him this year–

    1. I think it’s klutch sports they want him out for year to make him rookie of year next yr and earn more money, but this colangelo guy is off putting

      1. WIP has reported a number of times it can be as much as $5M with rookie game, ROY etc– honestly, i’m 19 on a rookie deal that will pay him about $5M a year, got a bad foot which we all know about foot injuries…i’d sit if i were him.
        point is you can blame colangelo all you want– he adopted 3 centers one of whom is a completely wasted draft pick whom he’s trying to trade, he tried to polish the turd and oppossing GMs saw what we saw…
        his handling of the media has been amateurish at best…. should have come out with a statement Feb. 1. “The sixers have decided that it is in the best interest of our young players/nucleus that Joel and Ben won’t pay this year”….”there is a possibility that they play summer league”… the cover up is always worse than the crime.

        1. i only have a few pieces of evidence to judge collangelo and theyre all awful

          1. huge embarrassment with okafor shenanigans. you dont pull a player from the team to drum up trade interest that is embarrassing and dumb

          2. the handling of Embiids injury, why did it take so long to say what was wrong? why was it a secret if its true? strange

          3. the handling of simmons. its a 3 month recovery and we at month 5 now. he had a scan like a month ago and every beat reporter said it went well. then all of a sudden the day after Brett Brown said he will play this year POOF all of a sudden the foot is not healed and he will get examined again next week. W T F ??????????

          If Hinkie was a snake oil salesman this guy a fourflusher

          1. common denominator = josh harris?
            “Stinky, you are hired to make us stink, your job is for us to lose.” he was good at losing, if losing is your goal the guy is in the HOF– he’s a loser-
            “Colangelo, your job is to help build us and be transparent, cause stinky was hiding”– Now maybe its harris telling him to mislead–
            dunno- tough to blame owners considering its their team but….
            It seems like Colangelo, brown and harris never communicate because of the conflicting messages–

  32. *Huge Trade News*

    News hit late last night of a trade that occurred between the Sacramento Kings and NOP

    New Orleans is sending Buddy Hield Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, one 2017 first-round pick & one second to the Kings for DeMarcus Cousins

    Of note, according to a source, the Pelicans offered Tyreke Evans, a 2017 1st rounder and a future pick for Jahlil Okafor. The same exact package for Cousins, but with Buddy Hield added to it.

    1. and not the same package. pick to us wouldve been top 20 protected, pick to kings top 3. so yea good pass, evans blows

  33. Well glad we didn’t accept Jon cuz that kings pick in 2019 and swap possibility this year just got a lot better.

    Man I can’t wait to see boogie and brow play together.

    1. Kangz worst front office ever, you give up boogie for bazooka gum and pocket lent…..lol….oh well sixers swap looks tremendously better, and that 2019 unprotected will be top 3 no doubt, Read over on sactown royalty those fans on suicide watch lol

  34. the real losers in all of this (besides the kings) is boston. like wtf are they doing? They are pretty good now and they couldve had booger by giving up a nets pick or two… wtf are they doing? does isaiah thomas hate him or something>?

    1. Danny singe henski thinks boogie is a coach killer, doesn’t want to ruin Stevens, he wants good ole boyz, lol, Celtics will sit back and let it play out, idiots

        1. I dont see the whiz with anything to offer for booger. they dont wanna part with porter, wall or beal…

          lame ass trade for sac imo BUT I LOVE THAT SHIT

          fkn hinkie… man i keep looking ath that deal that got us swap rights and a 2019 unprotected. WOW, how the league let the go through.

          1. added bonus of this sac trade. is they now the worst team in the nba and lakers should finish ahead of them in the standings come year end now…

            1. Another Genius all time goat move in Sam Hinkie.

              Buying out that cap room and getting Nik stauskas. And the right to swap pick with the kings this year and we get the kings pick NEXT YEAR.

              lol!!! Sixers will have a top pick this year and could go 82-0
              Next season and STILL get the top pick!!

              LOL!!! Thank u Sam hinkie

              1. Oh shit this shit just got real, mAgic is on takeover mode as he is now Lakers president, he loves him some jah, rumors floating either Russell and no protection on picks or Russel and Randee for jah, I want them protections out of here, bc patience was for the best

  35. I’m hearing that the Lakers and Pacers are discussing a trade involving Paul George..

    I really hope this doesn’t happen…

    But remember Bird and Magic are best friends so this may be a seamless trade..

    Magic Johnson being in charge of the Lakers is scary..

        1. Couple points

          What happened to us taking the power ?

          How would lakers getting George be bad? Way I see it if they get they’ll have 1 stud and nothing else (Lou is gone they would have to trade russsll and randle and multiple firsts. ) George would get them a few more wins maybe which could take them out the bottom line (that’s good for us). And he would give sac a better chance to fall below them in standings. (Also good for us ). But all these points are irrelevant there is no way lakers are getting George 0% chance, use ur brain, it would make no sense at all.

          Regarding ainge being stingy ur so right. If he doesn’t come away with George or butler he dumb as fuck and should be canned. There’s talk they are getting Drummond which would be a good move but they have the ammo to get him and George or butler. Guy should be canned if he don’t make it happen

  36. Regarding jah. David Aldridge is saying he will be moved and we have a lot of offers for him. Dunno if I believe this tho

  37. I don’t believe the Pacers are looking to move Paul George at all, but rather build around Him with younger Talent. They are very Guard Heavy and need another inside Scorer to go along with the talented and young Myles Turner…
    I could see a Deal where the 76ers Send Okafor to the Pacers for their 1st Round Draft Pick Plus one of their Guards (Rodney Stuckey or Montae Ellis though I’m sure the 76ers would prefer the younger Glen Robinson Jr)
    76ers move Okafor and take on some Veteran Salary and acquire another Asset may be as good as it gets this Trade Deadline…

    1. i cant imagine they would move him either paul. but if they got an offer of jaylen brown , kelly olynyck, the swap rights with nets this year and nets pick next year pacers would have to do that. boston should be offering that to bulls and pacers. not sure how that is not a perfect match for both teams especially the pacers

  38. and about that lakers pick…

    the lakers are looking dialed into a top 3 pick which means we likely wont get it this year and with next years draft looking weak and big/center heavy i wouldnt be surprised at all if we see that lakers pick moved at the deadline or on before the draft (once lakers likely get a top 3 pick). but then of course there is a doofus running our team so maybe not

  39. he Celtics are reportedly still interested in Jahlil Okafor.
    The Celtics still view Jimmy Butler and Paul George as their primary targets for any deadline day deal, but if Boston can’t pull off a major move, they may turn their eyes towards Okafor. Okafor seems like the most likely big to be dealt by Philly, although teams have also been re-engaging on Nerlens Noel talks, so he’s also someone who could be moved by Thursday.
    Related: Pacers, Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Nerlens Noel
    Source: ESPN
    Feb 22 – 9:54 AM

    IMO Boston has to pay a premium to get Jah. fuck dumping him especially to a divisional rivalry. The price for Jah to Boston starts at Cliffs fake son, Jaylen, plus swap rights with our pick and the nets pick boston so we would have swap rights with sac and boston this year and get brown ( to me thats a good deal for all parties) or we could give them jah + lakers pick which defers this year or next for brown and the nets pick via boston… have to get that nets pick if we dealing with them and we can give them lakers pick, future sac pick for it…

    in a deep draft and without a pressing need for boston to give us the swap rights with them they could still get a top 8 pick plus jah… while we could get our choice of guard most likely…

    not feeling collangelo will get something positive done tho

  40. Teams around the league have reportedly been re-engaging with the 76ers on a Nerlens Noel trade.
    Adrian Wojnarowski reports that if the 76ers are unable to find a trade partner for Jahlil Okafor they will shift their focus to sending away Noel, but the biggest stumbling block here for a Noel deal is that he’s about to be a restricted free agent. Teams reportedly want to know what it will cost to retain Noel as a free agent, and with Woj reporting that Noel is seeking a “big number,” that may be enough to scare some teams away who don’t have the cap room to re-sign him this offseason.
    Related: Jahlil Okafor
    Source: The Vertical
    Feb 22 – 10:19 AM

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