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NBA Reporter: Jahlil Okafor Will Be Traded By Thursday Deadline

TNT’s NBA reporter David Aldridge says the Philadelphia 76ers are going to trade center Jahlil Okafor in the next 30 hours.  The NBA trade deadline is on Thursday at 3pm EST.  Everyone NBA fans who has a computer or television, knows that the Sixers are trying to trade Okafor.

The Philly front office thought they had a deal for Okafor a couple of weeks ago, but it fell through for some reason that hasn’t been disclosed as of yet.  The team was sure he was going to be dealt, that they sat him out a couple of games.

Although, Aldridge doesn’t know where Okafor will wind up, he says there’s no way the young center will remain a Sixers past the upcoming deadline.  Indiana was the number one landing spot for Jahlil mentioned by Aldridge.

He also says that Sacramento, who recently traded away All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans, is one of the teams in the running as well the Lakers.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that with Cousins gone, the Kings would have some minutes for a young center like Okafor.

Stay tuned.  I’ll let you know as soon as possible if and when he’s traded.  Twitter – @garrycobb on Facebook

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113 Comments for “NBA Reporter: Jahlil Okafor Will Be Traded By Thursday Deadline”

  1. “Everyone NBA fans who has a computer or television”…

    anyway you can re-post this in english?

  2. Some Teams in Need of more Inside Scoring that may be interested in Okafor and that are little heavy at the Guard Position

    Pacers, Kings, Bulls, Celtics

    Pacers Guards – Teague, Ellis,Stuckey & Aaron Brooks, Glen Robinson Jr
    Kings Guards – Affalo, Collison, Evans, Hield, Ty Lawson, Ben McLemore & Malachi Richardson
    Bulls Guards – Rondo,Wade, Valentine, MCW,Jerian Grant, Canaan
    Celtics – Thomas, Bradley,Smart,Rozier, Demetrius Jackson & James Young

    • Of course the Key would be the 76ers getting a 1st Round Draft Pick in Return to add to their Assets which would provide greater flexibility come the Draft
      Potentially the 76ers could have 4 Picks out the Top 25 Selections or so
      (Lakers,Kings, their Own and lets say a Trade Partner for Okafor or Noel)
      maybe moving Okafor now for a Mid-Round 1st Round Pick gives them the ammo to really go after a Stud Player come Draft Time
      If 76ers lose the Lakers Pick, then they could still have 3 in the Top 25 (Kings,their Own and the Trade Pick)
      Lots of Possibilities.. I believe they will look at the longer Term than a short-term big Trade at this Time..

  3. It sucks to tank and get rid of the number 3 overall for basically nothing, but we can afford to cause of what we have at the position. Embiid, Noel, and Holmes is perfect and I hope we keep Nerlens to come off the bench for Embiid..

    Imagine having TJ and Nerlens and Holmes to come play when we want to rest our stars. This teams wouldn’t miss a beat.

    We also have our top pick this year, the next and the kings 2019. Lol.

    Goodbye JAh!!

  4. they saying george on the market. uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hello offer

    lakers pick this year
    sac pick 2019
    and our 2018 1st round pick

    how the F indy say no to that?

  5. **Paul George News**

    Indiana Pacers are currently gauging interest in Paul George and I believe the Sixers are a dark horse team to watch out for in trying to acquire him

  6. 4 years 70 million for Noel? Who cares. Do it. We need defense. We need rebounds. We need depth. We need chemistry. He is Joel’s best friend.

    This is not the NFL. sixers can afford to spend that on nerlens for they have plenty of cap space.

    • If they get rid of him tho. Not a huuuuge deal. Just means we gotta keep Holmes. And hope he is a damn good player

    • I care. thats 70 mill that can go to a real player. i dont care who is best friends with who, thats what they said about mcw and noel too… noel isnt a good rebounder, hes is real athletic and can get steals and blocks but he isnt a lock down defender he is marginal. pass on him, id rather have holmes at 1 mill back up embiid.

  7. Exactly. Nerlens is still young and will only
    Get better. I think hinkie was going to get rid of them both anyway. So it’s not like it matters l

    70mill isn’t shit in NBA standards. Not with the current cap. Teams can make super teams nowadays and it not be a problem

  8. **Paul George News**

    It appears that Paul George will end up with his hometown team the Lakers whether before the deadline or in 2018 FA

    The Sixers need to step in…

  9. Wizards acquire Bijan Bogdanovic and Center Chris McCollough from Nets for Andrew Nicholson, Marcus Thornton

    Wizards now have shooters all around the court..

    The Sixers need a sharp shooter like Bogdanovic..

  10. Where’s Lebron going JH?

  11. When you read hoops rumors and other sites you realize that The trade deadline is littered with former lottery picks who at one point were going to help bring a franchise back to prominence only to sign a hundred million $ contract and be a drain on the franchise. What bull shit! There must be fifty names floated out right now with ‘GM doesn’t see him as a ling term answer…” Affalo, Ok, Rose, cousins, Anthony, George blah blah blah….and a hundred more…

  12. Sixers News
    Hawks are sending Tiago Splitter and a second round pick to Philly for Ersan Ilyasova. The teams will also swap 2nd rounders

  13. I think it’s the trade b4 the trade..

  14. Flat out disgusting and retarded and awful trade. Wtf

  15. We got an imbecile running the show

  16. Splitter is a salary dump

  17. Chi town still in the running for Okafor..

    If Butler ain’t involved, I don’t want any of those players there.. that team is trash..

    Caldwell Pope on the Pistons would be a perfect fit here.. I heard the Sixers put an offer in..

  18. The second-round pick the Sixers will receive is protected 31-39

    And as for Splitter, it appears that he’s not a salary dump

    This looks like a clear indication that Saric has warranted more playing time.. possibly even as the starting PF

  19. Lmfao at 2nd round protections wtf is that. A brain dead gm making some dumb ass deals that don’t help the org at all

  20. They weren’t going to resign Ersan this summer…

    I liked Ersan but he was a bridge to Saric

    They waited for Saric to develop, now they feel he’s ready for even more playing time

  21. Sixers will have the right to swap the least favorable of the Utah Jazz’s 4 2nd rounders…

    It will most likely be Warriors pick at No. 60..

  22. None of it is worth getting worked up about

    • Ersan was in the teams long term plan?

      Never for one second did I think or believe that. But everyone is different.

      We still have our lottery picks coming up this year and kings 2019.

      We’re fine.

      Ersan was not going to make or break us. Not with Dario on the squad

  23. By the way. Getting the Ersan Ilyasova deal
    Done tonight gives the Sixers a more flexible roster spot in the event of a Okafor trade.

  24. Yawn…. are we in game 7 of the eastern conference finals?

  25. Then none of it means shit. None of the moves around the NBA mean a thing. Such bull shit you are buying into

  26. Sixers in talks to send Nerlens Noel to the Dallas Mavericks according to source

  27. Sending Nerlins for a 1st and Justin Anderson

  28. Along with Andrew Bogut.. possible salary dump

  29. “Okafor is next”… according to source…

  30. I’m hearing Bogut may get dealt again!

    Stay tuned!

  31. What an incredible deal for Colangelo. Getting a 1st for a restricted FA that was leaving.. wow

  32. Now I’m hearing the Sixers may retain Okafor to play along side Embiid.. (I think they are going to try and build his worth up before trying to deal him, not 100% sure yet).

  33. And keep an eye on SG SF we just got Justin Anderson, he has Alot of potential, just needs to be coached up

    Some scouts said hes as good as Harrison Barnes just was stuck behind the veteran player they just threw Alot of money at this past off season

  34. Bogut to the Cavs for Future Assets

  35. Not good news

    If Sixers do not receive Mavs top-18 protected pick this season, it converts to 2 2nd-round picks. Mavs 2nds in 2017 and 2018…

    Not good

  36. Celtics, Lakers, Cavs, San Antonio have a long history of hanging banners from the rafters…. 76ers are league leading in hanging ASSETS from the ceiling– its awe inspiring!

  37. The Sixers are doing what they do best. Tanking the last 26 games. We will not see Simmons and don’t be too surprised if we don’t see Embiid.

  38. Okafor still available.. even after Nerlins being dealt

    I said a long time ago on here that BOTH Okafor and Noel would be traded and needed to be traded..

    If you bring up misses also acknowledge the hits..

  39. and what happens if Embiid gets hurt again?

    • same as always a scrub will take his spot and we will lose

      • My poor Delaware 87ers are going to have their roster depleted and moved a half hour north to wells fargo— damn and they were making a nice playoff push…. now the sixers will charge like a hundred bucks $$$$ more to watch the same players…. TANK ON GARTH, TANK ON WAYNE–EXCELLENT!

        • Tanking the remaining the 26 games is a bad thing? Who cares. We have waited 4 years and we all knew this was a 5 year plan.

          Next year is number 5. We have waited this long There is zero reason to rush this thing when our superstar is getting used to his recent growth spurt.

          We all knew we were not making the playoffs this year coming off 10 wins. We all knew we were not going to win a ring.

          Play this Shit smart and think to ourselves WHAT WOULD HINKIE DO?!?!

          I believe he was going to deal both big men in nerlens and Okafor to begin with to acquire as much assets as possible.

          One is gone already. Maybe they keep Okafor? Maybe Ben Simmons dishing him passes isn’t a bad thing. Especially coming off the bench

          • at some point during a 5 year plan you need players….NOT ASSETS– and look as i’ve said before these trades are insignificant. They spent high on noel and sold low– presumably same for Okafor– meaning they weren’t really assets– they were simply over valued, over drafted… mistake 1 and 2– they brought us a negative net value–

            • this was hinkies year i think he wouldve got us george by cashing in all those 1sts we have.

              he wouldve never accepted some dumbassed protected 2nd round pick . who protects 2nds, wtf

              he wouldve traded noel to boston a while ago for the first they offered as widely reported rather than do this dumb assed deal

              • Oh now we know the hermit so well that we know exactly what he would have done… sorry– doesn’t work that way– all we really know is he was a helluva good loser and collector of toys– we have no idea what direction he would have gone– as a fan of his i’m sure that you and the process people will ‘know’ every move that he would have made that would push the team to multiple titles— you are in the ultimate armchair winners circle.

              • lol i just think thats what he wouldve done. he had a plan agreed upon by ownership and laid out to fans… we got cornerstones in embiid and simmons so now u go hard for established talent with ur assets… its only logical. who knows maybe im wrong and he wouldve kept tanking but i dont think so

                this fake simmons injury is the worst

  40. For those that don’t understand what I meant by two 2nds..

    The protected 1st rounder from the Mavs is top 1-18 protected. Mavs are 7th right now and will lose more

    Therefore, next year that 1st turns into two 2nds..

  41. The Sixers started winning a little bit and panicked. Now they are back to tanking something they are very comfort in doing. It’s time they start spending money and trying to win. Noel is the perfect backup if Embiid gets hurt and for what 2 2nd round picks.

  42. This is about money not assets or winning. They didn’t want to pay Noel.

    • i agree with gm on that. i guess 2 2nds are better than watching him walk

    • Why Pay, who you feel is a Back-up Quality Player in Noel, to a 4 Year – $60-$70 Million Deal when you can simply Draft his Replacement and pay basically chump change the next few Years for similar Production to Play 15 Minutes a Game ? You can even add a Veteran Player for a fraction of that Contract if you need to Sign a Back-Up Center for a Couple of Years ?
      Noel just wasn’t in the Future Plans for the 76ers and I would venture to say that neither is Okafor…

  43. cant wait to see boogie and the brow tonight

  44. Our beloved Paulman coming in with the clutch comment of the day.

    Sixers are fine. Lol. We’re going to be contending for championships in the near future.

    Book it and jump on the bandwagon now.

  45. Sixers still showing interest in SG Avery Bradley for the Celtics

  46. and nahlil jokeafor still a sixer, what a fiasco this situation has been

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