Jason Peters Staying In Philly At Same Salary

PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 13: Tackle Jason Peters #71 of the Philadelphia Eagles blocks during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Cardinals won 21-17. (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

Jason Peters has won a lot of battles in his outstanding career at the left tackle spot in the NFL.  Well, it seems that he has won another tussle, this time against his current team the Philadelphia Eagles.  According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Peters will return for the Birds next year at the same base salary $10.45 million as his current contract allows.  He is not taking a pay cut.

There had been a report a couple of weeks ago about Peters being asked by the Eagles to take a pay cut.  The report intimated that the Eagles would make up their minds of what to do if he refused.  Clearly Peters, who was coming off another Pro Bowl season,  had plenty of leverage, because a player of his skill level would be scooped up immediately by antlers team, if he were to become available.

The potential Hall of Fame offensive tackle seems to be doing better health-wise now that Chip Kelly is no longer the team’s head coach.  Kelly pushed Peters and other veteran players to play and practice at a breakneck speed, which seemed to hurt them physically.  The damage showed up with guys like Peters coming down with multiple injuries and missing playing time.

Peters, who is 35, had a good year health-wise in 2016-17 and is looking forward to continuing on that level in the 2017-18 season.

7 thoughts on “Jason Peters Staying In Philly At Same Salary

  1. Perfect!! we need to squeeze every ounce of football out this man. Even at age 35 he is a top tackle. One of the biggest freaks in NFL
    History with how big he is and how he can move that damn fast. Even losing a step or 2 for peters puts him at elite speed and athleticism compared to other LT in the game.

    A lot of people questioned him last year. But I knew with a more slowed down offensively approach and a chip Kelly gone that he would ball out again.

    This gives Big V more time to learn grow and develop

    And Eagles will still be releasing a lot of players to sure some the cap. They will be able to sign whoever they want

  2. The Philadelphia eagles will more than likely be moving on from Jason Kelce and guard Allen barbre. We will be moving around our offense of line already, so having too much turnover would be a bad thing.

    Jason peters would have been by far the best tackle to hit the open market and it wouldn’t have even been close.

    It’s all about protecting Carson Wentz. Given him the best chance to succeed and allowing him to not take hits

    1. Eagles have to Decide on Kelce who may be the odd-man out along that OL.
      Issac Seumalo is just too promising not the be a Starter in 2017 whether he replace Kelce at Center or Plays LG and then let Alan Barbre be the Back-up to Guard/Tackle Positions where he is at least a proven Fill-In OL

      An OL of Peters,Issac,Kelce,Brooks & LJ could be a pretty good one with all 4 Veteran Players earning Top Salaries for their Positions ..

      If Eagles Trade/Move Kelce, then Issac Seumalo takes over at Center
      and then maybe have Barbree/Dallas Thomas Battle it out at LG
      I wouldn’t even mind seeing Big Vai get some reps on the Inside

  3. Yup, no brainer keeping Peters. Hopefully we can get at least 2 more years out of him. Eagles should at least trade Kelce or keep him. Seumalo and Big V showed us that they can be relied on if need be. Should have a solid line in 2017

  4. Carolina Panthers Released RB Jonathon Stewart Today for Salary Cap Relief
    Stewart who will turn 30 in March is still a Big,Strong Runner and a Good Blocker in Pass-Protection an a Good Locker Room Player with No Baggage,
    He’s not an every-Down Back anymore but he’s still money in Short-Yardage/Red-Zone Opportunities and brings a type of Physicality to Running the Ball that the Eagles haven’t really had since the Duce Staley days.. Maybe the Eagles can look at him with a 1-2 Year Deal with Incentives to replace Ryan Matthews and add some Bulk/Power to the RB Group

  5. Johnathan Stewart or Blount. Need a powerful runner that can consistently pick up 3 or 4 yards ever carry. Bang between the tackles.

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