Thoughts Sixers’ Trade Deadline Moves

As the NBA Trade Deadline came and went, Philadelphia 76ers’ General Manager Bryan Colangelo made several significant moves. Gone are fan favorites Nerlens Noel and Ersan Ilyasova. In are four worthless second round picks.

Let’s take a look at each move and how they’ve impacted the franchise.

Nerlens Noel To Dallas

Sixers Get: Andrew Bogut, Justin Anderson, “first-round pick” (top-18 protected in 2017, becomes two second rounders if pick does not convey).

Mavericks Get: Nerlens Noel

I think all things considered, this could actually turn out to be a pretty decent deal for the Sixers.

They weren’t dealing from a position of strength when it came to Noel. Nerlens, set to be a restricted free agent this summer, was expected to command a pretty significant deal in the offseason. There wasn’t a great market for Noel, but I think the haul that the Sixers got in return was fair enough.

There are two keys to this deal. The first is the the future first-rounder, which will not convey in 2017 because the Mavericks just aren’t good enough to get out of the lottery, plain and simple. The future protections on the pick aren’t yet announced as of this writing, but with Dirk close to retirement, I’d expect Dallas to remain in the bottom half of the West for at least the next two years, so I think there’s a decent chance that the Sixers could end up with, at minimum, a top-15 pick somewhere in the next few years.

That above where the thoughts I initially wrote when the trade was first reported.

And then came the lovely little nugget of information that if the pick doesn’t convey this season, the Sixers instead pick up two second round picks.

That’s an absolute garbage return.

Sam Hinkie picked up first round picks from teams just for agreeing to take on bad salaries from other clubs. Bryan Colangelo has a quality young player to deal away, and can’t even secure a future first. That’s just not acceptable.

If the Sixers couldn’t get some kind of quality return for Noel, they were better off hanging on to him and seeing how things played out in the offseason. There’s still the question of Joel Embiid’s health. Noel was also a restricted free agent, so the team had the ability (and money) to match any deal that they receive in the offseason.

The one silver lining is that dealing Noel put the Sixers in a position where they don’t have to deal Jahlil Okafor right away. Teams had been trying to pry Okafor away on the cheap, but now that the logjam at center has been cleared up a bit with Noel gone, the Sixers now have the luxury of holding on to Okafor and waiting for a better market to develop.

Okafor is under team control for a couple more years, and remains a good insurance policy for Joel Embiid, whose health may always be a lingering concern. With Noel out of the picture, Okafor will get a steady amount of playing time, and a chance to develop and increase his value.

The other pieces that came to Philadelphia in the deal were center Andrew Bogut, a salary dump who will be immediately waived, and Justin Anderson, a cheap wing player that could fit into the rotation as a guy that can come off of the bench, shoot a little and provide some defense.

Ersan Ilyasova To Atlanta

This was another move I was pretty disappointed in.

Ersan Ilyasova had been a very good fit on the Sixers since coming over in the Jerami Grant trade at the beginning of the season. He was a good compliment to Embiid as a stretch four, and his presence has had a positive impact on the development of Dario Saric.

And the Sixers gave him away for next to nothing (expiring contract of Tiago Splitter, two second-rounders).

The argument for this trade is that it frees up minutes for the ever-improving Saric, and with Ilyasova set to be a free agent, the Sixers would be unlikely to re-sign him.

I don’t think the team would have had a to break the bank to keep Ersan in the fold. A journeyman like Ilyasova isn’t going to command top dollar on the open market, and I think he could have returned here at a fairly reasonable price. Even if the team essentially flipped Saric to the starting lineup, and Ilyasova to the bench, the bench would have benefited greatly from Ilyasova and his skillset coming off of it.

Final Thoughts

The other impact of both is these deals is that the Sixers are officially tanking once again.

With two key pieces in their recent improved play, Noel and Ilyasova, out of the picture, and Embiid and Ben Simmons continued to be sidelined due to precautionary measures, the Sixers are once again putting themselves in position for a freefall in the standings during the latter part of the season to ensure their position in the lottery standings (which I’m all for).

But my goodness, I can’t say enough about how disappointed I am with Bryan Colangelo as General Manager.

In the last few days, Colangelo has given away two quality pieces for a handful of garbage picks with next to value, and (in the case of Ilyasova) undone the only decent move he’s made after being in the organization for over a year.

Remember the good old days when Sam Hinkie was in power and you never felt like the Sixers lost a single trade he made? Good times.

Now with Colangelo, you never feel like the Sixers win them.

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138 thoughts on “Thoughts Sixers’ Trade Deadline Moves

  1. Shitty article

    Ersan was gone after this year anyway. We were not resigning him with Dario on the team. That’s not a argument. It’s THE argument. So that makes zero sense.

    Again with nerlens we were not going to resign a back up center to 70 million. I said it would have okay to keep him, but not a Huge deal to let him go.

    These tRades give sixers a better chance to find a gem in second and more flexibility in draft in terms of trading.

    This does not make or break us whatsoever.

    We all knew these centers were gone. And when it finally happens people flip LOL!!

    What did u expect a lottery pick and elite superstar for nerlens Noel? Give me a break

    1. This is article is trash, we were not keeping Ersan, we were not paying Noel 20 mill a yr, Jesus, the package was low but it’s better then nothing, and Anderson is a good bench player, it’s OK in the world of embiid and Simmons

  2. Not to State the obvious, If Ben Simmons is just simply Average and nothing really Special, then the 76ers & Fans are screwed .. Does Ben Simmons have the Mental Toughness to go up versus Grown Men night in and night out…
    This is the Million Dollar Question that 76er Fans and Coaches/Front Office will find out at some time and will really steer this Franchise one way or another and it appears tags to no one will know until about a year from now when Simmons actually gets some NBA Experience … 76ers Need Guard Fultz with early Pick and then Point Guard Frank Mason with a later Pick or Purdues Ryan Swanigan as a Rim Protector to help out Embiid.

  3. agree denny sixers were exciting for a month and our jagoff GM screwed all up in a big FU to the fans. take away noel and sova fine i get it they werent coming back but to replace them with bums and 2nd round picks is inexcusable and a FU to the fans.

    then you add to the fact the lack of transparency on embiid and u wonder is this real or fake?

    then you loook at simmons damn near 6 months and still “recovering” from an injury that typically takes 2.5-3 months to recover from and it all just stinks of lies and BS and tanking.

    the NBA made us take this joke of a gm?????????? our owners blow , sell and go back to NJ u spineless jagoffs

    1. Idk either Zilents. It’s like it’s rocket science lol.

      And HAC just in case u forgot, the draft is where all the talent comes from. 19 years old or not. That’s where u build. Getting draft picks isn’t a bad idea. Especially when it comes off a center that was never part of the future anyway.

      Weather it was Hinkie or Colangelo they were both going to be gone.

      Assets turn into players

      1. really? ok…. are noel and okafor players? I can’t really tell…obviously not valuable players or assets. Its very confusing- I thought the whole thing was to get players to help you win. neither of those two helped them win much–

        1. Noel – wasnt a part of the tanking process. We traded a bottom half of the league PG for the rights to draft him. this trade was 2 fold, to begin the tank, and to strip the team of marginal players good enough to win every other game and nothing more. again noel was not the result of the tanking

          1. you win bro– stinky shits gold- he drafted noel because he knew he’d help them lose– i get it. He drafted him then according to your response because he wasn’t a marginal player that could help them win every other. He drafted him because he only wanted terrible players. by that logic a 100% success– another golden turd pinched out by stinky!

          2. 3 years of tanking resulted in 3 drafts and we got hopefully core stars out of it in embiid and simmons. good trades by sam got us saric, lakers lotto pick this year or next, sac lotto pick in 2019, and our own or swap rights with sac lotto picks this year.

            youre naive if you dont think the corner has been turned. we now have talent and tons of good draft picks to use on the draft or trade in the near future

            only scary part is collangelo fucking it up, with the help of illyasova and noel a winning culture and an enthusiastic team began to emerge this year (obv w/embiid leading) and our GM just kicked em out for pennies. this brings back losers mentality to the players, dont like it at all… rather enjoy watching those 2 compete this year then walk in the offseason than have worthless second rounders. collangelo has been putrid so far. he has lots of opportunities coming up though

            honestly u sound like paul with the sixers always shitting on them

            phils gutted the team and didnt replace anyone and grooming young kids and some nobodies and i dont hear you hollering about them signing players or not to be better…

            1. you forget I thought the phils trying to win with their aging core was the right thing to do– I felt that because I feel you should always put your best team out on the field/floor– It obviously didn’t work for them but thats sports, you try your BEST to win but so does the other guy–
              I also am not so naive to think that you wouldn’t have been on here bitching about colangelo if he let two contributors walk at the end of the year-
              I’ve actually heard people on here say that the sixers are building for when James retires– thats the silliest suggestion yet– wait until a great competitor retires in 6-8 years before trying to unseat him… its just silly non-sense these last 4 years-

              1. I wouldn’t have birched if he let them walk bc that’s exactly what I wanted him to do with Noel. Let him compete this year then walk, u can’t give a back up center 80 mill

                And if the phils doing everything they can do to win, why haven’t they bought free agents to replace the core ? Are they tanking by starting galvis instead of signing one? Or did they gut the team to rebuild with youth ?

  4. Hinkie turns mcw into a lotto pick from the lakers

    Hinkie turns bad contracts into a sac lotto pick

    Hinkie gets us Dario embiid and Simmons

    But yea he sucks. Lol

    1. lol I don’t get how u can hate on what the man did.

      He didn’t want a 7-8th seed and a first second round exit as best. He wanted to build something special and to do that it takes time.

      We weren’t winning the chip with LEBRON JAMES in the east. So why not do something that takes time. By the time Lebron is retired our players will be in there prime.

      And yes Okafor and Noel are players. But they’re centers. We had too much. I don’t get it. U knew they were gonna be gone. One has even dealt. Get assets to turn into MORE players. Maybe a guard? Omg. And not another center?

      We have our superstar center in embiid. A young promising energetic prospect in Holmes. And a young 20 year old scorer In Okafor who could flourish with Simmons if we choose to keep.

        1. HAC & Me will probably be 6ft Under by the Time “The Process” Plays Out
          Good Grief… We just want a Team that Can Win before Trump gets out of Office … Is this Possible with Colangelo running things…..

        2. He shits gold… Well ere you have it gentlemen… Blinded by he gm that shits golden turds.
          A person CT who actually has so little knowledge that his philosophy is to wait until someone retires instead of compete with them. A man that backs the drafting of three straight centers with high value picks and trades them low because they were over stocked… Interesting,

  5. Pelicans are said to Releasing PF Terrance Jones who could be a nice Pick-up for the 76ers for a short-term Need at PF. Jones is 6-9 255lbs and 25 Years of Age and has Averaged 11.5 Pts and 6 Rebounds with 1 Block a Game this Year in 51 Games Played for the Pelicans

      1. Hac and Pman no one backing down from lebron we just need more great players to compete with him, dude your hate for NBA really blinds u hac, u being pretty knowledgeable as a fan, I thought u would understand by now, but I guess u stuck in your ways

        1. Z I was on board , yet they pulled out the tank again. Season tix to sixers was the FIRST big investment I ever made after college.
          CT absolutely said “no ones winning with Lebron in the east”
          That’s backing down.

      1. For petes sake HAC.

        They have Lebron James and a super team surrounded around him!! A guy who has been to seven straight finals. There is no way a whole bunch of 20-year-olds are going to compete with that right now.

        They have more talent and more experience. Not to mention let’s say we did beat Lebron. We’re going to beat that four-way superteam and Golden State?

        Now is not Our time. We have known that.

        Backing down? No. It’s common sense. We do stand a chance nor is it realistic. Why rush anything right now?

        When lebron who is 33 is done. It will be our time. Curry is also almost 30.

        1. Interesting take… I can only assume you haven’t played much sports…or done much research…jets, mets 69,buster Douglas, Ali v Liston etc.
          to not try to win because there are other good teams. I guess I’m a bit old fashion….
          Also young man if you ever coached or were coached you would have heard the phrase “the best team doesn’t always win”…. I’ve used it when I coached excellent teams and horrible teams …. And I’ve seen it come true in both cases…
          Refuse to compete because there is a James in the league.
          So what happens if let’s say his years number one pic or some other player is the next James… Do we tell Simmons et al to start tanking? Afraid of competition pussy?

          1. LOL!! Don’t compare yourself to the big boys in the NBA or professional sports for one.

            And two. This is basketball. The better team always wins. Especially in this day and era of the super team.

            It wouldn’t be a competition.

            Quit bitching and accept the situation for what it is.

            Ur one of those “back in my day” guys.

            Time to move on and realize times are different.

            Trust the process

            1. So why play the games?
              Comparing myself… Just a point of reference. Why would you watch a game if the outcome is predetermined?
              So if you ever played anything besides madden let me ask you…. Did you ever come up against a better team and say …well let’s mail in the results? Would you expect Simons and Embid to mail in the results against James! . Stupidest thing ever… Well the stupidest thing since you said stinky shits gold.

              1. i’m 55
                I coached for 30 years mostly football and baseball- with some asst coaches jobs in hoops- that was at the high school level– i never claimed to be a pro coach– thats a gm cliff move- my point to him was that its a defeatist attitude to say “no sense in trying to win because this team has better players”– which is exactly what he was saying–

              2. oh and btw i’ve been 9-1 and 1-9 and had a blast with the 1-9 team– i’ve beaten teams i shouldn’t have and lost to teams i shouldn’t have– its sports.

              3. Just finished Coaching up our Adult Men’s Basketball Team where we Finished
                7-8 and in 6th Place out of 11 Teams.. We started out well at 5-2 but struggled after the Christmas Break as we lost 2 Good Players who were unable to make Games due to Work/Injuries.. We were down to 5 Players the last 4 Games with no subs and we had the oldest Team with 2 Players 50 + Years Old (including me) playing against Teams with mostly 20 & 30 Year Olds, but it’s fun to still be able to Play and Compete … Full Court with 2 18-Minute Halves with Running Clock except the final 2 Minutes of the Game…
                Now it’s time to get ready to Play 7 vs 7 Adult Soccer and Spring Softball which both start in a few Weeks..

              4. paulman– with a below 500 record i believe its time to be critical of coaches decisions made throughout the season the way you do….. sorry man keepin it 100%

              5. I have suspended myself with full pay and benefits of course… HA..
                We had 3 Returning Players from Last Years .500 Team but the same story, we faded in the 2nd half of the Season with a lack of committed Players…
                I blame our GM!!! Get me Talent and I can Coach instead of having to Play the entire Game!!! Ha!

  6. I think a lot of us are sleeping on Justin Anderson as well. He is a damn good rebounder and shot blocker. He can also shoot the ball and three and has improved since his rookie year from 26% to 30.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Philly keeps him. His development will be very important and it all turns out right he will be a Harrison Barnes type of player. Just better at defense and rebounding

    I have a couple Mavericks fans telling me this who were friends and I’ve read this online as well. The kid barely got to play it was on the back end.

  7. To be honest, nobody should
    Play the games nowadays. We already know who is going to be in the finals and that’s been the case for 7 years now. Especially in the east.

    But why play them? Simple. Revenue. It is a business after all.

    Lebron will coast to the championship again considering he has had the easiest road to the finals year after year in NBA history:

    And nobody is stopping golden state

  8. By the way people want to hate on Sam Hinkie

    Magic Johnson is about to do the same thing. Tank. Already started when we got rid of Lou.

    Tanking is tanking. And all time goat player no gm is doing it

    1. tanking is part of the nba– its within their infrastructure to do it– its stupid and as you correctly point out makes the nba unwatchable at times. However this is officially year 4 of the tank and thats fraud in my humble opinion.

  9. **Ben Simmons News**

    I was told by a source that “Ben Simmons will not suit up this year for the Sixers, he has been shut down for the rest of the year”

    This was a foregone conclusion.. they determined he wasn’t going to suit up months ago… But the CT scan allegedly didn’t have positive results..

    That bone is healed but they want that high draft pick…

    Let the tank begin… again….

    1. That’s not news bro… He has a clause in his Nike contract that pays upwards of $5m if he gets ROY, plays in futures game, etc…. There is no way in hell he was ever going to play….that’s common knowledge …not news

      1. Fake news SAD alert

        There is no $5 million bonus for Simmons winning roy/ getting in future games (whatever that is) at least not a bonus that’s common knowledge.

        His Nike deal does have bonuses but nothing that indicates 5 mill for roy…

        Whether it’s ben, bens agent or our gm putting out this bullshit it’s dirty and fucked up.

        1. Guy should’ve been on the court 2 months ago. I see his workouts. He’s going hard, he’s not being restricted. That foot is fine. They selling snake oil on this and the league shouldn’t allow it.

        2. futures game– in the sham of an all-star weekend–
          so no its a scam to hold a guy out? shit for years they drafted players with the idea of sitting them. Then sat them extra long after healed– remember when embiid re-injured his foot mysteriously after video leaked of him doing through the leg monster jams at practice???? come on man have the same standards!!!!!

          1. alternative facts now? Sad . hahaa

            they never drafted guys with the idea of sitting them stop

            yea embiid against doctors orders was doing that shit and playing volleyball and fucked his foot up again and had to get a 2nd surgery because of it. guy was a jackass. embiid had a real serious injury where they had to milk the healing process to have a shot at full post up success.. see yao, the injury destroyed his career… this was on of the worst injuries a big could get…

            simmons on the other hand its fake, his injury is 2.5 – 3 months to heal and if they hold him out its gonna be like 8-9 months… thats the difference, fake shit vs real shit

            maybe if u stop hating and making up narratives and looking at facts you wouldnt post that nonsense

  10. This from USA today:
    The deal also includes bonuses that will push the value above $20 million. Some bonuses are achievable with solid efforts such as All-Rookie team and Rookie of the Year, and some, such as first-team All-NBA and MVP, are difficult to attain.

    1. “SOME” does not mean 5 mill…

      you know nike aint giving the same bonuses for ROY and all rookie team as they are the others… maybe 20% of the bonuses max are that dumb shit but more likely 10%. they gonna make mvp, all nba pay big cuz thats what helps their brand.

    1. they are?

      from who?

      i hope so! guys a lame

      I can sense brett brown is disgusted with what theyre doing with ben, brown keeps saying he will be back a day after the gm says Idk… he tried to put pressure on gm…

      1. look for Embiids quote– says essentially that they mishandled him with the public and he doesn’t like it.
        then simmons tweeted something about noel.
        and yes they drafted noel when he was hurt and had to sit and same w/embiid– they doubled down with injured guys–

        1. dont think they said oh ill pick him hes hurt like you are claiming they did… he / they were by far best players available that dropped b/c of injuries..

        2. look for embiids quote from when about them mishandling it? i dont see it?

          dont see any tweets from simmons about noel being traded either?

            1. see it now… thats good i guess but really no big deal. its clear as day sixers front office is toying with fans… glad embiid respects us and dont like that

        3. From my far away, casual perspective, It sure doesn’t seem like the Front Office and Coach Brown are on the same page, which will prove disastrous come Draft Time, without having a Clear Focus and Vision on how to Build the Team moving forward around Embiid,Simmons & Saric.. I sense that Brown is just not getting the Support and Communication from Colangelo that he was getting from Hinkie and doesn’t appear very happy working for him… Colangelo probably wants to put his own Guy in as HC anyways..

          Time will tell of course, but these Young Players have to get back into a Culture of Winning or at least Attempting to Win or they will lose their competitive edges before they even refine their game and skills.. This is a Critical Off-Season for the 76ers and their young potential Star Players..I’m not so sure that Bryan Colangelo is the right GM for the Job but Hoping for the Best ..


    Joel Embiid has some swelling in his left knee and is out indefinitely.
    Embiid is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday afternoon, so maybe we’ll get a better update on his timetable after that. He was originally ruled out through Mar. 3, but it sounds like he’s looking at an extended absence. The playoffs are basically out of the question for Philly, so the shut-down risk here is huge. The outlooks for Jahlil Okafor and Richaun Holmes have improved with this report.
    Source: 76ers on Twitter
    Feb 27 – 11:43 AM



    1. 4 years of tanking and we have a very nice player in Saric and a bunch of injured dudes . Embid has played 31 games in 3 years, the jones fracture in Simmons could spell doom– it was a joke under stinky and the joke gets funnier under Coangelo.

  12. Embiid another surgery— 76ers= Ruland, Toney, bynum, simmons, daughtery trade, flawed team because the last superstar was more interested in highlights than winning, 4 years of tanks has produced a nice player in saric, a one dimensional stiff and two very large men with very bad wheels. and 47 second round assets– oh i forgot TWO more 19 year olds in this years draft– yeah, i feel the winds of change.

    1. This 76er Franchise is Jinxed…

      76ers Need to Draft a PG and another Big Man..
      My 2 Predictions for Selections in the 1st Round

      Guard – Dennis Smith – NC State (6-2 195lbs)
      Center/PF – Isiah Hartenstein – Germany (6-11 245lbs)

  13. Given that they have a 7’1″ guy with bad feet, knee surgery and 31 games in 3 seasons and a shortened college season… Hmmm do the process people really feel good about Greg Odon? Oops I mean Embid! And the funny thing he will have showed just enough to get a max contract having played in maybe a total of 75 games in four years… I think it’s oddly funny…, process! It ain’t a process
    6’10” guy with a foot injury that won’t heal… Interesting.

    1. HAC – Let me know if you’re planning a Trip down some weekend over the Spring to check out that Property & Area. We have a new Arena Football League Team (High Country Grizzlies) that Starts Playing Mid-March thru Late May with a 10 Game Schedule (5 Home Games Played in Boone at the ASU – Holmes Convocation Center on Campus)
      They will play Saturday Evening Games at 7pm, when at Home, which would be a good time if your interested..

        1. None. Just best guess.

          Kinda with your previous best guess that they sitting him to Tank and to throw him and his agent a bone with his incentives.

          Although he gonna have a lot of competition for ROY next year

          1. Henski you are probably the most knowledgeable on this site– it pains me that you are now anti-tank with this GM and so into and forgiving of tanking by the previous- stinky has drafted no real players other than saric- you cannot say that embiid or simmons are players, there is no proof- the sixers are now THIS DRAFT CLASS OF 2 19 YEAR OLDS FROM BEING COMPETITIVE– we are looking at another 4-5 years from a playoff run that gets into the latter stages. We are talking of a 10 year PROCESS OR AS I LIKE TO SAY EXPERIMENT.– terrible.

            1. bad luck hac. to be clear i was for tanking by ridding the roster of marginal talent that was good enough to get you the 6-8 seed but there was no hope or interest in the teams playoff run b/c u knew they would get trounced 1st round of the playoffs. I wouldnt even watch MCW/JRU/Iguadala/thad young in the playoffs it was a joke they could even be there (thats on the NBA)… and then replacing that talent with shit (instead of bandaids).

              now im not sure if they are tanking now or not but what this gm is doing doesnt pass the smell test…. i read simmons foot shouldve taken 2.5-3 months to heal and that time has come and gone… shutting him down for the season ur talking what 6-7 months… i just dont buy that. also brett brown showed plenty of optimism he would be back long ago and as soon as he would speak the GM would basically be like nahh lets pump them breaks but offer no reason why.. that smells like shit and like they are intentionally keeping their players away from the court to potentially lose on purpose… and im watching simmons instagram videos where hes doing all kinds of cardio and putting massive pressure on that foot and im like yea NO WAY is that not fully healed. ITS BS

              further, regarding embiid that stinks REALLLLLL bad… ok so he has this “injury” all of a sudden where he is shut down for the year… first of all after he got injured he came out and played against the rockets and dominated (although he did look a bit hobbbled). then hes on stage with meek mill dancing like he in that chris brown movie you got served or some shit… then they strung it out, kept keeping him out for reasons unknown (swelling?). then Poof yesterday hes out for the year – this is stinkiest of them all. nO diagnosis, they are treated it and not sure of the options. OK YOUre not sure yet exactly whats going on then WHY TF did he need to be ruled out for the year? What was wrong with indefinitely? It stinks like shit

              to me they are intentionally losing by sitting talent which is night and day from a roster rebuild tank…

              the league better get league doctors to verify these teams claims of “injuries” and “treatment” b/c ur gonna see more teams tanking in the future and NBA needs to do something about.

              either way of tanking isnt really cool but its the only way to compete when jackasses like durant are joining one of the best nba teams ever assembled and lebron creating super teams in miami… teams are right to be like nah i cant compete let alone win against this shit, might as well rebuild and hope to get lucky in the lotto then get embarrassed in the playoffs

              1. works for me though, i can focus on school at night rather than watch the sixers while studying/writing…

                by the way, okafor getting roasted nationally for his pathetic effort on D last night. guys a bum

              2. fair enough– you kind of echoed a lot of my nba thoughts and why its a crap league. Non-competitive games, results of games and playoff series pretty much pre-determined etc. As i’ve always said i understand why the tank, i understand the necessity to lose to ultimately compete but just point out that playing ping pong for a 19 year old is a silly thing when billions of dollars are stolen from paying customers.
                As for my ping pong balls for 19 year olds…see your boy okafor…. and there are dozens of other examples.

              3. oh it blows hac, and the NBA needs to address. They already tried with the new salary rules but thats not enough imo…

                they need to make it that non playoff teams have an equal shot at the lotto, not weighted average…

                they need NBA doctors to review team diagnosis to avoid bogus information to protect their product…

                shits outta control and the league became quite a joke when the lebron colluding super team happened and now durant in GS. perhaps NBA should cap the # of max contracts a team is allowed to give? idk but they need to do something.

                as it stands tanking is the way and the sixers had the stones to do it

  14. 76ers coach Brett Brown believes that Joel Embiid (knee) will make a full recovery.
    “I just feel very confident given what he’s been through and what he’s seen himself do on an NBA court, that we’ll move on,” Brown said, “He’ll come out of this thing OK.” The 76ers want Embiid’s bone bruise to fully heal before deciding what type of procedure he will have on his meniscus tear, and they are going to consult with “leading specialists” on the best course of action. Embiid is in good hands and it sounds like he will be ready to go for 2017-18. Despite the durability concerns, The Process is expected to land a lucrative contract extension this summer. Mar 2 – 9:48 AM

    NOT SURE ABOUT NBA CONTRACTS but why would we extend him this summer? He has a team option for 6 mill… why wouldnt we just give him that?

    1. poor brett- i think he is a great guy and believe he could be a top tier coach–

      i meant after next year on the extension– assuming he plays 50 games next year—ASS U ME– that will make what 81 games???? and I believe after next year he will get max– ugh
      on another note there is video out there of Ok at 3:12 of first quarter-honestly i’ve never seen such an EXTENDED TERRIBLE EFFORT ON THE DEFENSIVE END

      1. when i asked about the contract i was referring to the contract extension the copied and pasted article references… its says hes expected to get an extension this summer?

        1. oh i forgot you read the “articles”– you were a guy that used to read playboy for the articles–I went right to the forum and the pics! lol
          nba doctor review would never pass a CBA– would lead to strike/walk out etc– remember these players are their own corporations– in it for max profit in the long haul –but i do agree it would help– but tanking can take all forms– coaches deliberately running flawed plays, coaches decision DNP or DNP certain minutes–
          i believe the only way is to dissolve a few teams- again, never will pass from EITHER side because they’d rather have a terrible product in 20 cities- decent product in 8 and 2 great ones—its their business model–
          i refuse to watch- got sucked in by sixers for a month but i’m off it — wont’ watch a minute of the playoffs–

  15. HUGE LOSS FOR THE KINGS LAST NIGHT, I mean if u lose to the nets ur as bad as it gets. HOPEFULLY THIS CONTINUES

  16. BTW- i check the delaware obits every couple of days looking for gmcliff– nothing– i can only assume he’s earning another fake degree while living with his fake millionaire son, while his fake super model daughter is sunning by the pool.

  17. Eagles Trade News

    Brandin Cooks OTB



    According to source, Eagles tried to trade for Cooks before the trade deadline but talks fell off

  18. Why won’t the Stinkyites engage me about that low light floating around that shows the most pathetic defensive effort EVER…for a minute there I thought it was an all star game!
    He was a stinky pick…GOAT

    1. he was BPA what u gonna do ? it was him or mudiay and mudiay is worse than him.

      guess u couldve went porzingas but when he was graded a lower prospect by every expert in the nba circles its kinda hard to do that. oakfor had the talent and pedigree and track record to warrant that pick, sucks hes a dog but he still got time to get better

      1. Well a genius would have seen through it! sorry– i understand BPA but — i’m busting stones– the process folks are like scientologists… they will believe in their saviour up until poison gets slipped into the kool aid-
        please understand, I invite Jehovahs Witnesses into my house when they knock on the door- have made a pot of coffee for them just so i can debate theology– its a fun time! I wonder if fake gm cliff ever came to my door!

        1. please tell me youre lying about the Jehovas, that may be the funniest thing i ever read here

          1. pot of coffee– two old ladies in big hats and a dude! pot of coffee and one took tea- that is 100% real– my wife wanted to kill me, she hid in the bedroom. I’m anti-religion but played christian and turned the tables and tried to convert them to catholosicm — lol
            I wonder if gm cliff also lied about being a JW?

  19. From 2015 Draft …
    Myles Turner to the Pacers at # 11 and Devin Booker at #13 for the Phoenix Suns looks like Steals and Potential All-Star Players for Years to come
    and even Frank Kaminsky at # 9 to the Hornets has been very Productive
    and probably has exceeded expectations

  20. **Hot Sixers News**

    According to source, the Sixers did in fact make a significant offer to the Pacers before the trade deadline for perennial All-Star Paul George

    Sixers were willing to give them Robert Covington, at the least two first round picks, and the Pacers choice of Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor. Pretty hefty offer..

    They preferred to include the Lakers and Kings first rounders rather than their own picks

    I’m hearing that these discussions are “on hold” for now but can be sparked up again after the season


    HUGE NEWS!!!!

    1. Why didn’t you just say, “I just read liberty ballers and there are sources (other peoples sources) saying the sixers…”
      You are an asshole and ex-con

      1. And who fuckin cares what we offered. That was a month ago. Nothing happened. Teams the same.

    1. This report doesn’t change my mind about Coangelo either. So he still didn’t get anything done at the deadline. I only fell marginally better about the Noel deal because Holmes seems to fill that hole nicely.

      1. Me either and frankly I think that trade was reckless, desperate and dumb. Give up top 5 picks and roco who has been coached up to a real good player and one of our bigs for a guy with 1 year left on his contract?

        That deal could’ve sent us back to permanent purgatory if the trade went through then he left.

        George a beast and I’d love him but not sure that proposal was very wise at all

  21. Sixers News!!

    According to source, Ben Simmons has been cleared for 5-on-5 play after a clean scan on his right foot today. Also being told that he is not expected to play in the summer league

    My thoughts: This is great news!!! Though he’s been healed for some time now, for them to go on record by publicly saying Ben is healed 100% is a good sign. Now all we need is for Embiid to recover well and be ready at the start of the new season

    They still need to add a number of pieces but we’re not too far off..

    1. Good News for Simmons but the 76ers are still a ways away.. Simmons has Played Zero Games and will basically be playing his Rookie Season next Year and have the growing pains that come with playing his first season in the NBA
      Embiid has played in what 31 NBA Games in 2 Seasons, so both these high ceiling Franchise type Players have to prove that they can remain Healthy and Play first and foremost and until they do, the 76ers will struggle .. Saric Played well but kinda of hit the Rookie Wall the last month or so as he was relied on too much to carry the load on a very Injury depleted Team that since February and that’s saw many Players Miss extended Games (Embiid, Simmons,Okafor , Covington and Noel was Traded) Next Year, Saric should be in a more complementary Role and benefit with having other weapons on the Floor
      Richard Holmes got a lot of Minutes which should be helpful as well as Rookie TL-Cabarott and Justin Anderson which have all been asked to play major minutes due to the other Injuries the 76ers have had since the All-Star Game..
      76ers need a True Point Guard and another Big Man in 2017 Draft and the Franchise will go as far as Embiid/Simmons can take them and right now the jury is still out due to their History of Injuries
      How would Guard Frank Mason Jr or Dennis Smith with a Caleb Swanigan look in a 76ers Uniform along with a healthy Embiid, Simmons,Saric, Covington, Holmes, Cabarott & Anderson …

      1. slight correction paul…embid has played 31 games in THREE NBA SEASONS!–so the funny thing is his contract is up after next season– so they will be in a position to have to pay a man who will still be on minutes restrictions and not playing back to back… HILARIOUS!

        1. Sixers aren’t a ways off at all. Boston is garbage and they the #1 seed in the east. That team is complete ass without Thomas.

          Pending embiid is healthy we a top 4 team next year. Dennis smith would be cool Paul. As would fox, monk, fultz. I love Josh Jackson but not sure he fits with this team. I think sixers have the ammo to move up and get Fultz and if Boston secures the #1 pick I see them taking Jackson so we only have to go to #2 for fultz. By the way what an awful trade by the nets to give the celts all that. Soooo bad. Boston gonna get playoff 1 seed and #1 pick. Wow

    2. finally ‘cleared’ on the last day of the season– what a freaking JOKE– the most inept organization in the history of sports– they make the bad news bears look like a well oiled machine.
      Meanwhile A SOURCE tells me that we are happy with our number of freaking PING PONG BALLS!!!! ping pong balls are our version of the playoffs.EMBARRASSING

      1. I ain’t embarrassed. We a legit team if embiid can get over these injuries (which looks more unlikely than it did). If he can get over it. He a top 5 NBA player and probably the best entertainer in the game. Put Simmons, roco, Dario, a high pic this year. High pick from lakers next year and we moving shit.

        1. your positivity towards this group of broken down crippled organization is amazing– the tank has produced so far: a guy who you got a bucket of balls for, a one dimensional, injury prone not even worth a bucket of balls (and while you say noel isnt technically part of the tank- lets face it they drafted him high, greg oden, saric a solid nba player, simmons who is unknown and so far you would have to say injury prone, a couple more unkown 19 year olds– so if they have the same results from the unkownd 19 year olds

          1. lol the future is bright. 2020 was always the goal, im not a flip flopper i was on board then and am now. we have franchise players on the team now and top picks for the next few years. hate all you want but reality is we now have tons of talent. noel, lmfao that guy is awful, as cliff said years ago hes dalembert 2.0, but reality is he is a poor mans dalembert, guy blows and am glad he gone. simmons isnt injury prone he had an injury. embiid is a god damn freak if he can find a way to make that 7’2″ frame hold up we are gold.

            hate all you want its fine. but i root for my teams, i was on board for competing for titleS come in 2020 and I see we are in solid shape to do just that. i understood the plan and agreed with it. why would i flop out now? top pick this year, top pick next year from the lakers, top pic year after from kings. money. tradeable pieces. shits gonna be popping. i got time.

            its like madden or those ea nba games i used to play where you trade marginal players for first round picks, collect a bunch of firsts, cash them in in future years than 5 years later ur in title town.

            1. sixers way more promising than these bum ass phillies and flyers thats for sure. maybe the eagles too

              sixers probably closest to title town out of all the philly teams

    3. That foot been heeled for months. This is fake news , how convenient this gets reported the day before the last game.

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    1. The 76ers have Young Unproven and Untested Talend but still remain 2-3 Years behind the Celtics, Wizards, Bucks, Pistons, Pacers, Hornets & Hawks and Heat who all have a Core of Young Players too that have been playing together
      Now for 1-2 Seasons or longer while the 76ers have not had their Young Core Play together at all yet.. it’s going to take a while, firs time get to .500, then make Playoffs and then Win a series or two and be ready to compete for a Championship Run..but it will take baby steps as the 76ers Young Core learn how Tom Play with each other, learn their Roles and learn how to Win together
      It’s coming but they still have a ways to go in the big picture of things

      1. I would suggest taking a look at those teams you mention before you make the claim we are 2-3 years behind them. Because its so fare from the truth its not funny.

  23. Core Players that have played together for Eastern Conference Competition for the 76ers

    1) Celtics (Thomas, Bradley, Horford, Crowder & Smart will be going to Year 2-3 together plus ass a Top Pick in this Years Draft, already a Playoff Team)

    2) Wizards (Wall, Beal,Morris & Porter going into Year 3-4 Together, already a Playoff Team)

    3) Bucks (Antekumpono, Parker, Middleton,Brogdon going into Year 2 Together

    4) Pacers (Paul George, Myles Turner, Jeff Teauge have been together 2 Years now by Next Season and a possible Playoff Team)

    5) Pistons (T Harris,R Jackson, Drummond,Morris & Caldwell-Pope going into Year 3 Together)

    6) Hornets (K Walker, N Batum, F Kaminsky, Zeller going into Year 3 together)

    7) Hawks (MiIllsap, Shroeder, Hardaway,Korver & Howard going into Year 3 together and 2017 Playoff Team already)

    8) Heat (Whiteside, Dragic, WInslow, Johnson & Johnson & Waiters going into Year 3 together and have 8 Players averaging Double Figures in Scoring and possibly making the 2017 Playoffs)

    Games are not Won on Paper Talent and right now until the 76ers “Franchise Players” actually Play and Prove themselves, then I am not buying that the 76ers are going to be any better than these Eastern Conference Teams I listed above.. There is something about having Core Players play together as a Unit and over time with Good Coaching of course, that translates into better Team Ball and Execution than just having Pure Talent, The 76ers have Talent, Every NBA Team has Talent, but they have not played together long enough to prove anything yet, so hopefully they can stay healthy and will have 2-3 Years to play and grow together and then could made the move up ahead of these other Teams in the Conference …

    Right Now its the Nets,Magic, Knicks & 76ers bringing up the rear in the Eastern Conference of the NBA
    Can the 76ers move up a couple of Spots in next Year, Sure they can,
    Will some of the Teams I listed above Improve or digress or make big changes.. Of course they will … but that’s how I see things for the near short-term for the Hometown 76ers.. You have to have Core Players that actually Play first and learn how to Play with each other and Compete, Learn how to Win before becoming a legitimate Team and they have a ways to go to prove that.. It’s not hate on my part, but just a realistic look at the state of the 76er Franchise as of today, in relation to who they are competing with and which is an improvement over the last few Years.. But lets see them Play and Grow and get to .500 First before saying this Current 76er Core Group is anything Special….
    They need another Good Draft of Healthy Players…

      1. How about the BS that the Nets are sitting out their Top 3 Players tonight due to Rest per the Team (Jeremy Lin, Brooks Lopez and Trevor Booker) all for the Reason of Rest, Versus the Chicago Bulls who need a Victory to make the Playoffs.. The NBA is so F’d Up where a Basement Team is going to sit its best 3 Players against a Playoff Potential Team that needs the W in the final Game of the Season… What are these 3 Players on the Nets Resting for ?? The NBA has become a Joke…

        1. The nba is an extremely flawed product. In January HAC had an agreement with a friend to go thirds on season tix… Lower level etc. Mrs HAC okayed it… Then Embid happened, the tank was back and I realized of my games next year there would be many times of other teams tanking (hell, no guarantees sixers won’t tank, it’s what hey do best) or top players sitting… I pulled out… I call bullshit on the nba

          1. Midway thru the 3rd Quarter the Chicago Bulls are leading the very short-handed Brooklyn Nets 68-40!!! So the Bulls will now make the Playoffs and the Miami Heat will likely be eliminated .. What a Disgrace the NBA is!

              1. I agree Paul. It’s ass and the league should do something but until they do the rules encourage this.

                Ps what a beautiful wAy to end the season lose by 1 and magic won! Think we are better than 50% to get top 3 now. It’s ping pong time hac !!! Next year everything changes book it. Like it or not the sixers future is bright

              2. Ps hinkie was right. Hinkie set us up for long term sustainable success. I’ll take where we are at over the majority of the east.

              3. I was checking the Phillies Score last night on my Phone and the Bulls/Nets Score was Posted as it had Playoff Implications so I shared it on here.. I think the Bulls Won by about 35 Points or so…What a Joke..

  24. Whew what a tanking success for the ping pong balls, we are set a the 4 spot and lakers won just enough to keep that 3rd spot…’s a 53 percent chance now that pick conveys to us this year and we now have 148 ping pong balls in lottery which only 9 behind the lakers thanks to the kings losing last night and solidifying their 8 spot…..the tank was in full go last night…we loss….magic won….m

  25. Our future definetly is bright…..with some young players on our team showing unexpected growth this year….TLC,TEEJ,HOLMES.SARIC,SAUCE, and even human highlight reel Justin anderson, with covington, embiid being our definite starters and maybe saric, this team is built for Ben to run a crazy show for us….and yes to all my anti tank people the tank if officially over…’s all about winning now….GO SIXERS>>>>a lot of raised cats next year

    1. except the tank was officially over in january…

      January 19, 2017 – 5:08 pm
      Profile photo of zilents44
      Yo the homie was straight balling last night, his stats weren’t great but his presence was definitely felt, we are too good and you know what that’s great. I hope we make playoffs

      1. why you keep playing dumb?

        then embiid got hurt. just like if Kawaii Leonard got hurt, or Russ Westrbook or Harden…. it would be over for them.

        nobody likes a flip flopper you were 100% onboard before he got hurt

        January 20, 2017 – 8:51 am
        Profile photo of haveacigar

        January 20, 2017 – 8:51 am
        …”Embid is the most fun to watch of any athlete in recent memory and what little i’ve seen of simmons i think he may be even better. So in that respect i’m on board…the process worked… “

        1. dude i understand– you know i’ve tried to be on board– I just think its hilarious that process people treat the lottery as a victory!!! woo hoo– gloating about being 4th best ping pong ball stuff is getting stupid…

    1. Dude went to China with the American ping pong team– that ain’t no special olympics– dude was as good with ping pong balls as the sixers!

      1. I knew mac dolo was some miserable low life that is dumb as fuck. But what I didn’t know is that he was that moron koolbreeze that got raked so hard over the coals he disappeared. What I didn’t know was mac was kool reincarnated. So ashamed and embarrassed you had to stop using kool and come back as mac with the sole purpose of being a jackass. “Have a blunt ” dead giveaway.

        Can we talk about howie the accountant and Bradford being our franchise qb? Or shall we stick to the 12 year old posts ?

        1. my sister in law who is now passed was a special olympian for many, many years and a truly remarkable person- i didn’t want to acknowledge his statement as assanine and tried to keep it fairly light and sport focused– thanks henski I appreciate it!

          1. Your pretty slick there old man I like your play on emotions with the sister in law story. You can really get people to come to your defense with stories like that even though your full of shit. I get the Forest Gump joke I expected better than that but, ill give you an E for effort. Now what was the ranger Smith thing you had that up for months what was the joke behind that? You like the Sixers and you know it so just cut the crap your just doing all this nonsense for attention.

            1. 1. my sister in law was the nicest person on the earth so fuck you.
              2. cliff used to claim that he had a sports management degree from on line U– I along with henski (mostly henski) debunked it– but i did uncover that the curriculum for his fake degree was a ‘parks and rec’ degree
              3. better than forrest gump the ping pong player? come on!!!!! The sixers watching ping pong balls… the process people happy because yet again we have a shit load of ping pong balls!!! perfect– you forget that forrest said, “even when i didn’t have anybody to play ping pong with i played ping pong”– forrest = sixers!!!
              i love the sixers but i think in hte last 4 years their record is like 73 and 250 or something– its BULLSHIT– and they have injured 20 year olds to show for it…. i call BULLSHIT

        2. Awwwwww Maaaaaan!!! I thought we were cool Mhenski I thought we were gonna hang out and have some drinks at Chadds Ford after CamdensOwn punked the shit out of you.Then we can go listen to Dr. Dre talk about killing black people and calling black women bitches and hoes cause your into that sick racist shit. Then we can replay Riley Cooper’s racist rant over and over on youtube and you can laugh hysterically like a maniac degenerate looooooooozah haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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