Should The Eagles Pursue Alshon Jeffery?

Dec 15, 2014; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) catches a touchdown pass over New Orleans Saints defensive back A.J. Davis (20) during the second half at Soldier Field. New Orleans won 31-15. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not much of argument from Philadelphia Eagles fans that they need to acquire a number one wide receiver or at least a legitimate deep threat.  According to, the Eagles have only $9,842,349 of cap space available.  This is likely to be a major factor in their free agency moves this season.

Alshon Jeffery of the Chicago Bears is clearly the top receiver available.  He’s got great size at 6’3″ 216 pounds with 4.48 forty yard dash speed and the ability to make the great catch.   He had a disappointing season in 2016, when he caught 52 passes for 821 yards and only two touchdowns.  A violation of the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs caused him to miss four games.

Despite that blemish and a couple of injuries, the guy is a Pro Bowl stud, who had an outstanding 89 catches for 1421 yards and 7 touchdowns in 2013.  In 2014, he caught 85 for 1133 yards and 10 touchdowns. His biggest problem has been inconsistent quarterback play from the Bears Jay Cutler.

If you signed him, it would give Carson Wentz a legitimate number one target.  He would force teams to double-team him and that would open up opportunities for all the other receivers.  It would make your number two wide receiver Jordan Matthews a better player, as well as tight ends Zach Ertz and Trey Burton.

The problem with signing Jeffery is the fact that the Eagles will have to greatly overpay to sign him and it will likely prevent the Birds from doing much else in free agency. If the Eagles were to get into a bidding war for Jeffery, which is probably what it’s going to require to sign him, they would be probably have to make him one of the highest paid wide receivers in the game.

I don’t think the Eagles are at a point where they can afford to put so many eggs in one basket.  I think they need to also sign a veteran cornerback.

The Rams Kenny Britt is a big, veteran pass catcher, who had a good year in 2016, but he’s been an inconsistent receiver throughout his career.  He’ll be 29 in September, so I don’t see him taking his game to another level.   I think the Eagles would wind up paying him more than he was worth.

Terrelle Pryor of the Cleveland Browns is extremely talented and he has great size and speed, but last year was his first-season playing the position.  I think signing him to a big contract would be too much of a gamble because you might find out that he as a “flash in the pan”, now that teams have a book on him.

The Washington Redskins Pierre Garcon is a tough, veteran possession receiver.  He’s outstanding when it comes to working routes over the middle.  He will make the tough catch and take the hit.  Unfortunately he doesn’t have the deep speed, which the Eagles are severely in need of.  Garcon is also near the end of his career because he turns 31 in August.

Robert Woods of the Buffalo Bills is a potential target for the Eagles because he’s young with good speed.  Woods has been playing the role of  second receiver for the Bills,  He had his best year in 2014 when he caught 65 passes for 699 yards and 5 touchdowns.   Last year, he caught 51 passes for 613 yards with 1 touchdown and a 12 yard per catch average.

He doesn’t have the deep speed of DeSean Jackson or Kenny Stills, but like Stills, he’ll be turning 25 in April.  Despite the fact that he is a young receiver, who could grow with a young quarterback like Wentz, Woods isn’t the deep threat that the Eagles need.

The Patriots Michael Floyd has the type of speed, size and youthful qualities that would normally have NFL GM’s falling all over themselves to sign him.  Unfortunately, Floyd is serving a 24-day jail sentence because he was so intoxicated while driving that he had passed out, when the police approached him in the vehicle.

If he stays out of trouble he could be a steal, but that’s a big if.  Floyd is 6’3″ and he weighs 220 pounds.  He ran a 4.42 in the forty yard dash at the NFL Combine when coming out of Notre Dame.  This young man has the ability to do everything you would want from a wide receiver.  He can make the tough catch in traffic across the middle and take the hit.

Floyd also has the speed to get behind the secondary.  He’s had some good years in the NFL, when playing second fiddle to Larry Fitzgerald for the Arizona Cardinals.  In 2013 his second season, Floyd caught 65 passes for 1041 yards and 5 touchdowns. He’s averaged 15.4 yards a catch.

The big problem with Floyd is his problems off the field.  He got in trouble in college at Notre Dame and trouble found him last year in Arizona.

55 thoughts on “Should The Eagles Pursue Alshon Jeffery?

  1. NAh build the right way. Slow and methodical. Alshon puts too much pressure on wentz to go from developing sophomore to elite top 10 qb. Get him a real rookie to develop with like Corey Davis. And maybe a reliable catcher and route runner in garçon. No need for an Alshon yet

  2. ESPN’s Tim McManus reports “several free-agent wide receivers” are “drawn to the idea” of playing with Carson Wentz.
    It is great news for the Eagles, who need a No. 1 receiver in the worst way. Still, no receiver is going to take significantly less money just to play with an ascending quarterback, and Philadelphia might not have the financial muscle to be serious contenders for someone like Alshon Jeffery. Kenny Stills might be more in their range, but there are reports he will fetch around $12 million per year. If the Eagles really want to upgrade their receiver position via free agency, they will have to spend top dollar.
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    Source: ESPN
    Feb 28 – 9:19 AM

    1. I would never ever regardless of circumstances give kenny stills 12 million dollars. thats hilarious. guy was pedestrian with drew brees. HELL NO!!!!!!

        1. I know this is going to be unpopular here but…. traditionally it takes WR a bit of time to adjust to NFL–there are exceptions but …anyway, maybe just maybe Assholar steps up and starts playing like a first rounder– he’s working out with Wentz in the off season????? so????

  3. With Steelers WR Antonio Brown setting the Bar Very High with his new Contract 5 Years – $73 Million (almost $15 Million Per Season Average)
    The Average Salary for the WR Position for the next tier of WR’s will see a Rise

    The Agents for D-Jax, A Jeffrey, K Still, K Britt must all be smiling wide this morning ..

  4. I would like the Eagles to make a Run at both Pierre Garcon and Robert Woods. Garcon is the crafty Intermediate threat who still has 2 Good Years in him and can really help the Younger WR’s in how to prepare, read coverages,etc,etc … Robert Woods has Speed and Size (6-0 190lbs) and will only be 25 Years old this April and never seemed to quite settle in with the ever changing QB’s & Offensive Systems with the Buffalo Bills but I think he’s worth taking a flier on.. Not big $$$ for either Player but at least an Upgrade for what they currently have.
    Both these Receivers won’t likely sign the first few Days of the crazy, over-pay, frenzy of Free Agency.. but let’s be realistic, the Eagles really don’t have the $$$ to make many big name acquisitions this Year

    I would still Draft 1-2 Receivers this Draft to work along with Garcon,Woods,Matthews, Agholor & DBG for I really don’t think that
    Agholor/DBG are long term answers, Players at WR for the Eagles

  5. Current Eagles Cap Situation per Spotrak shows the Eagles to have Approx
    $11.5 Million worth of Cap Space and do note that the Eagles have to put aside approx $5-6 Million for their Draft Picks and Un-Drafted Players to fill up a Roster and have some of their own Free-Agents that they may want to Sign (Bennie Logan,etc)

    Here are some likely Salary-Cap Releases on Players that the Eagles can do to free up more $$$$.. I have taken the Dead $$$ Figures from their 2017 Salaries,Bonus,etc to list the Total Amount of Savings from the 2017 Salary Cap

    DE – Connor Barwin – (Save $7.7 Million Total)
    Center – Jason Kelce – (Save $3.8 Million Total)
    RB – Ryan Matthews – (Save $4 Million Total)
    LB – Michael Kendricks – (Save $1.8 Million Total)
    DE – Marcus Smith – (Save $1.5 Million Total)

    By Releasing these 5 Players above before Free-Agency begins would give the Eagles an additional $18.8 Million to Spend on Free-Agent players if they choose to do so…
    To Wait and Trade any of these Players, let’s say during the Draft Weekend in late April, would help the Eagles obtain some Draft Picks, but it will not help the Eagles with their Salary Cap Situation now to really participate for any New Players for this upcoming Free-Agency which begins Thursday March 9th

    Here are some other Players who could be Salary Cap Casualties if the Eagles choose to go this route which I don’t believe they will..

    LB – Nigel Bradham – (Save $2.5 Million)
    RB – Darren Sproles – (Save $4 Million)
    OL – Alan Barbree – (Save $1.8 Million)
    Possibly Rework QB Chase Daniels Current Deal

    Do note than when Cutting/Releasing Players to free up $$$, that you eventually have to replace them on your Roster with other Players who will also have a Cost/Salary.. I think the Eagles are good to cut the Top 5 Players I listed and then build thru the Draft and add some 2nd Tier Players at the WR/CB Position in Free-Agency

    Here’s a List of some Current Eagle Players who are Free-Agents and most are good bets to move on with better deals elsewhere

    DT Bennie Logan, TE Trey Burton & OL Stephan Wisnewski
    and then Veterans like LB S Tulloch, LB/ST B Braman, LB N Goode CB Nolan Carroll & RB K Barner who likely won’t be in big demand

    The Eagles need to Decide as a Franchise if they will be going Young and Really Rebuild from the ground up and if they do, then they probably need to Trade some Players to Acquire more Draft Picks and Build the Roster from the Draft and if this is their Decision then they may as well Start this year…

    They Need 2 WR’s , 2 CB’s , 2 LB, 1 RB, 1 OL and a Future TE if they lose Burton

    1. Do you really think the Titans who are rebuilding their Roster also are giving up the #83 & #100 Selections just to move up 4 Spots (from #18 to #14).

  6. All I know is this much..if the Eagles f**k up this years 1st rd pick, then we are screwed in more ways than one. The Eagles CANNOT screw up like previous years. Everytime I think of the Marcus Smith selection I just want to f**king puke! WR, RB or CB…with the first selection, PERIOD!

  7. Best Picks/Playmakers for the Eagles to consider for their 1st Round Pick- (Depending on what happens during Free-Agency)

    Offense – WR Mike Williams, WR Corey Davis, WR John Ross, TE OJ Howard or RB Dalvin Cook

    Defense – CB Marcus Lattimore, CB Teez Tabor , CB Sidney Jones,
    DE Dereck Barnett , LB Rueben Foster, LB Tim Williams or LB Zac Cunningham

    Some of these Players may go before #14/#15, but most of them should be on the Board when the Eagles Select ..

  8. **NFL News**

    Saints to Release Safety Jarius Byrd after a disastrous 3 Years between Injuries and Poor Play after being signed to a 6 Year $54 Million in 2014..
    Byrd who many people wanted the Eagles to pursue has had many issues with Injuries and I’m glad the Eagles were outbid and stayed away…

      1. Yes I remember it well HAC and was not a big Fan of Byrd either who just had various Foot,Ankle,Knee and Hip Issues and Injuries while with the Bills and really only had 1 Full and Productive Season and he Cashed in at the right time…I think I even stated that Byrd would likely not even see the end of his 6 Year Deal with the Saints ..The Saints Defense has been terrible and one of NFL’s worst all 3 Years that he’s been with them

        Byron Maxwell was another Big Free-Agent Signing/Player I thought the Eagles should have avoided and was a Product of playing on a Excellent Defensive Team and probably the Best Overall Secondary surrounded by Pro-Bowlers Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor

        This Year, I would stay away from Big-Names WR Alshon Jeffrey, WR Tyrelle Pryor, CB AJ Bouye & CB Trumaine Johnson who will likely all get Big Offers

  9. On a Side Note — Is Gary Cobb planning on having a Tent/Booth Set-Up for this Years Draft at the Ben Franklin Parkway? It would be a Nice Marketing Idea for him and his Group to Publicize his Site,Activities, Etc,Etc…

      1. guy cant pay writers and he talking about doing promos for a site max 50 people casually read. but lets be real we here for the comments

        1. “articles” or ‘content’ would produce more comments– and confession to be made…. GCOBB is like playboy, i don’t read it for the articles!!!!!!!!!

  10. Are any of you guys coming to the draft? I will definitely be attending on Thursday, maybe Friday too. It would be cool if we could all meet up and talk Eagles draft and football in person.
    They are going to have a 100 yard fly like an eagle zip line set up that I must get on.

    1. I was hoping to come up for the Weekend but my Daughter is Graduating from Western Carolina University the following Weekend (May 6th) so the timing is not good for me, but it should be a Fun Event to go to..especially that 1st Round would be neat to see live in person….

      1. Huh? You cant come to philly b/c of a graduation a week later? you take horse and buggies on road trips or something?

        1. We have some Family coming into Town for the Graduation Weekend which we be spending some of it down in Asheville and I already took 3 Days Off for that Weekend and have too many things to get done around the House which I will probably finish up over Draft Weekend.. It’s a Good 9 Hour Drive for me to get up to the Philly/SJ area and unless I am Visiting for 4-5 Days, it’s just not worth the Drive and Time to go for 2 Days or a Weekend, maybe the next time..

  11. I have been paying close attention to a rather crazy situation in dc, Chris Cooley brought up that mcclouhan had been drinking again and I believe he was told to do so by Bruce and Snyder, they are taking back control from Scott because he was suppose to have the power and he wants to trade cousins while they want to keep him, but it would be stupid to marginalize your GM that has done well for you, so you use stories like this to make it easier to get rid of him, this all came together today when I found out Scott was not even at the scouting combine due to a death of a 106 yr old gma on Feb 6, look we all have deaths in family but Jesus she’s old, death was eventually coming, either way this all stinks of snyder, this guy will ruin anything, he is the worst owner in league, not really eagles news but it’s fun lol

    1. It’s so funny they even gave Cooley a two day forced vacation after he brought up the drinking thing.. then boom radio silence no one even mentions it in the front office, like it never happened

  12. Eagles Trade News

    Brandin Cooks OTB



    According to source, Eagles tried to trade for Cooks before the trade deadline but talks fell off

      1. nah the saints aint taking anything less than a first for him i dont think mostly b/c he still has 2 years on that rookie deal.

  13. Titans have 2 Picks in the First Round (#5 & #18) ..
    I see Titans going with WR John Ross at #18 to add Speed to their WR Corps instead of trading away Draft Picks for Brandin Cooks..

  14. well you know hac is a X and O geek– man there is some cool video from the combine when the eagles interviewed carson wentz– got there thru crossing broad

      1. I just find it hilarious that they haven’t caused more of a uproar here under Dan snyder, it’s like they are blind to his terribleness

        1. AS i always say… he’s the owner…. there is not one thing a fan can do other than boycott and nfl fans in good markets don’t do it much.

            1. and the kicker is that even with a boycott because of revenue sharing its no big deal to the owner….
              owning an nfl franchise…its like owning a printing press at the mint.

    1. If the Redskins Trade Cousins to the 49ers which has been rumored then I would expect Tony Romo to sign a Deal and Play for the Redskins in a heartbeat..

        1. It would be which is why this Scenario will happen…
          D-Jax back to Philly, Tony Romo to the Redskins, Adrian Peterson to the NY Giants the NFC East back on Top in terms of Ratings and Hype for the NFL

  15. I am of mixed mind about the Brandon Cooks and Alshon Jeffries rumors.

    I usually don’t like the idea of FA or traded WRs. I think its much better to develop drafted talent at the position. There are a million factors why most (not all) FA or traded WRs never live up to expectations.

    In Cooks case, he’s had Drew Brees throwing to him for the past 3 years in a completely pass-whacky offence. I cannot see him matching his numbers from the last 2 years in his first year in Philly. That could spell trouble as the fanbase/media will have very high expectations for the guy.

    Jeffrey, for me, is covered in red flags. Dude played with Cutler, the reigning king of ‘garbage time’ TDs (Soon to lose the crown to Bradford). I have no stats to back this up (though could find them) but I bet a huge chunk of Jeffries yards and TD have come in the 4th Q when the team has been down 3 tds and the defenses are in prevent.

    Eagles will just draft Kupp in the 2nd and move forward.

  16. Do Note that the Eagles were very high and very likely to Select Brandin Cooks in the 2014 Draft with their Pick at #22 right up until the Saints moved up and Selected him at #20 in which the Eagles then Traded back with the Browns down to #26 which resulted in the Selection of Marcus Smith II..

    This is not a very Deep Draft at WR in Terms of many Playmakers/Game Changers but it does have some pretty good depth of Players at CB,Pass Rushers,TE, LB and RB’s… I always say its better to Select from the Positions of Strength in the Draft rather then for a specific Need/Position…

    I do like WR Kupp in the 2nd Round as well..
    I am concerned about the LB Position for the Eagles …
    With Kendricks likely a Cap Casualty or Traded and other Veteran Back-ups like Najee Goode, Stephen Tulloch & Bryan Braman all being Free-Agents, Who else do the Eagles really have outside of Jordan Hicks/Nigel Bradham
    that’s young and promising to compete for Playing Time?

    I really Like LB Reuben Foster who will be a 10 Year Stud for a Team at ILB/MLB which the Eagles could then shift Jordan Hicks to the WILL Position to replace the unhappy and under-performing Kendricks..
    A LB Corp of Bradham, Foster & Hicks would be a Young, Exciting LB Corps to Watch and Mature together.. (Foster can be the next Luke Kuechley/CJ Mosley type and just dominate Games from the MLB Position)
    I also like LB Zac Cunningham (6-3 245lbs) who is long, rangy and very athletic who needs to get stronger at the point of attack but I see many similarities to a Jaime Collins/Chandler Jones Type where you can line him up just about anywhere along the Line of Scrimmage and he can make plays in the backfield, get after the QB, Cover TE’s, RB out of the Backfield and even spy on those running, mobile QB’s …

  17. I know that most phils fans are gone from GCOBB but…

    The phils are stocked with young arms and position players making noise early in spring training. They are going to have some internal log jams which is INCREDIBLE!!!!
    To the last of the Amaro haters let me shoot you straight… after years of losing number one picks to secure high level free agents, trading prospects for deadline help he did a very nice job in 12, 13, 14, 15 loading up the YOUNG farm system. It didn’t save his job nor should it have but i’m just saying.

    1. Phil’s are hitting ball.. Looks like OF D Nava, N Williams & Altherr are all off to good Starts

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