Should The Eagles Target DeSean Jackson Or Kenny Stills?

Former Eagles wide receiver and now Washington Redskin DeSean Jackson, can definitely provide the deep speed the Eagles offense desperately needs.  He has been able to maintain his 4.3 speed through nine seasons and shows no sign of slowing up.  Jackson trains like a track sprinter during the off season and it’s allowed him to continue to get deep on anybody and everybody in the NFL.

His numbers are amazing.  Jackson has had five seasons where he went over 1000 yards, plus he has two 9 touchdown seasons. I’m still amazed that Chip Kelly and the Eagles released him for nothing in return, after he caught 82 passes for 1332 yards and 9 touchdowns.  Last year, he caught 56 passes for 1005 yards and 4 touchdowns, despite missing one game due to injury.  He has a career reception average of 17.7.

Eagles are desperate for a deep threat to open up underneath areas for their intermediate receivers, Jordan Matthews and tight ends Zach Ertz and Trey Burton. Jackson’s presence will also help the running game because it will force safeties to backup or run the risk of biting on a play-action fake and finding their way onto Jackson’s highlight reel.

There are few wide receivers, who are able to track the deep ball like Jackson.  He’s got baseball in his background and it shows when he’s running down a deep throw.  He had amazing touchdown catch last year against the Eagles.

On the negative side, Jackson is one-dimensional.  He will come up missing at times, if he’s playing against a cornerback, who is quick enough to move up into press technique and jam him at the line of scrimmage.  The veteran pass catcher is also not effective working in the middle of the field and he’s not a very good red zone target because of his lack of size.

One of the other negatives for Jackson is that he’s 30 years of age and there’s a good chance that he will soon lose his speed.  The final negative for Jackson is his attitude.  He can and will be a “me-first guy”, who you might not want on a young team like the Eagles with a young quarterback like Carson Wentz.  Jackson is going to always want the football and let the quarterback know it.

Miami’s Kenny Stills has the same 4.3 speed that Jackson has, and his speed shows up with his hefty 16.7 career catch average.  You can see him on tape getting behind defenders consistently.

Stills is listed at 6’0 and 200 pounds, which is quite a bit larger than Jackson, who is listed at 5’10” 180.  The additional inches and pounds make Stills a more complete receiver, who can block and take the hits that comes from catching the ball in traffic.  He does a good job of fighting for the football and he’s a threat to catch passes across the middle.

Stills, who played his first two seasons in New Orleans with Drew Brees, where he had his best year as a pro, catching 63 passes for 931 yards with three touchdowns in 2014.  Last year, Stills caught 42 passes for 726 yards, but he had an amazing 9 touchdown catches, which would be a big plus for the Birds who need to improve their play in the red zone.

One of the most important factors that leads me to believe that Stills is a better target than Jackson is his age.  He’s only 24 years old and will turn 25 in April.  He would give Carson Wentz a young pass catcher to grow with.   I like the reputation he has of being a hard worker, who isn’t screaming at the quarterback every time he’s not targeted.   At the same time, he seems to want to improve.

He’s the type of blossoming young player with the disciplined hard work attitude that the Eagles need to build this team with.  There’s no question that he’s gotten bigger in his time in the league from his work in the weight room and it showed up with his big year of catching the football in the end zone.

I think the Eagles should target Stills, but if for some reason they can’t close the deal early, they should sign Jackson.  They must sign one of these guys because Wentz and the entire offense will continue to suffer from not having a legitimate deep threat on the roster.

17 thoughts on “Should The Eagles Target DeSean Jackson Or Kenny Stills?

  1. Nope none of them, sign alshon bears are not franchising him, and before everyone says he’s missed games due to injury actually only 13 in 5 years, he will make this offense better all around, and heck in 1st rd I say screw it and get cook if there then defense next 3 rds followed by mix of receivers and oline

  2. Alshon will be getting 15mill a season.

    Desean and Stills will be around 8-9 I believe, correct me if I am wrong.

    I do know for a fact they both will make less then what Alshon will be getting. And the Eagles need that. We need to save as much cap as possible. Not to mention those type of deals always seem to come back to bite us.

    I can see us signing Alshon, and then him getting hurt, or getting into trouble or SOMETHING. I could be wrong. Playing in Chicago with Cutler and those other qbs is not necessarily a happy scenerio for any football player, especially a WR.

    Alshon has never had a Carson Wentz or Jordan Matthews and Ertz next to him. It could be deadly. Alshon has everything you want in a WR in terms of body, height, and speed. He was only hurt one time, and he did get suspended once and hopefully he learned off of it.

    We will see.

    I’d rather us go after Jackson, or stills, or even save that money and sign Britt. Draft a OJ or Corey or Mike Williams.

    If you do however sign one of those FA Wr’s it means you can go corner in first round

    1. The cap is going up every year we gotta strike now while Jenkins cox Graham, and cox in prime plus Howie always has a way in contracts that won’t hurt us too much, and I’m expecting we sign Kyle Williams to replace Logan on a cheaper deal, two years 9 mill for Williams, then draft replacement next yr

          1. I won’t be mad bro. Not at all if we sign Alshon.

            I have done this before. Where we make the BIG FA Signing and we all celebrate.

            I will be very skeptical if it happens this time.

            Alshon is a beast. And he could change everything for this offense. He is 26. And will grow with Wentz for 5 seasons. He has Jordan Matthew and Ertz next to him. Maybe just MAYBE a Alshon signing will open up Nelson Agholor.

            We go defense first round. Corner. Then running back second round to give wentz a everydown back with Sproles rotating in with Smallwood.

            It could be scary. Do not get me wrong

    1. I’m not so sure about Drafting an OT in 1st Round Pick at #14/15 and especially when the Eagles will have Peters/Johnson return to be Starting in 2017…
      Eagles don’t have the luxury of using their 1st Round Pick for a Player to sit and groom for 1-2 Years down the road as they need a Contributor right away at WR,CB or even LB in my Opinion than a Future OT
      This is not a Deep Draft for OT and in fact, most Draft Geeks have 2-3 Projected to go in the late 1st Round to Teams that have no Quality OT’s like the Broncos, Seahawks,etc.. Many Scouts now have Cam Robinson projected inside as a Guard at the NFL Level
      Eagles can Draft a Developmental OT in the later Rounds, They need a right away Contributor with that 1st Round Pick…

  3. They exactly have the luxury of using their 1st round pick on an OT precisely because they have Peters next season. Its an absolutely perfect situation for a mid-first rounder to be placed.

    Forward thinking. No more “need now” bandaids.

    The Eagles only “need” is for a ‘long-term” approach at Oline and putting together a squad that will play together and protect Wentz for a decade. That started last year and will continue this.

    WR is nowhere near as important in building a young, talented oline. That, as you stated correctly takes years. That process must continue with this draft. (and I believe it will)

    1. Eagles have 4 Younger OL as their Future already on their Roster
      LJ, Seumalo, Brooks & Vaitai
      This Guard (Foster) they signed from the Dolphins has some potential and is still Young with 2 Years as a Starter experience under his belt … Eagles need a Center/Guard and another Swing OT/Guard that can be mid/late Round Draft Picks to Develop.. Early Rounds need to be on Skills Positions for this is where the Eagles lack the most in terms of NFL Talent .. WR,CB, Pass-Rusher & RB & LB is where the first 4 Round Selections need to be…

  4. No way am I drafting any of this years OT’s at 14/15. Cam Robinson may be moved to G and Ryan Ramczyk may have DWatkins syndrome in that he has a serious passion for something else like Welding or something. No thanks. I will either take Corey Davis, OJ Howard, Sidney Rice or Mike Williams with my first pick.
    Later in round 3 I will take NC WR Mack Hollins.

    1. I agree 100%
      Peters is good for at least 1 more if not 2 more Seasons,
      Eagles Have LJ to shift to LT and Big VaiTai to Play RT so I just don’t see the urgent need to add an OT in the First 3/4 Rounds
      I do like Dawkins from Temple, The kid from Toledo, Troy, Michigan & Pitt but they can Draft one of those in the Mid-Rounds…

      Eagles Need Starting Quality CB & WR’s on their Roster .. This Draft is not very Deep on WR or OT but it’s pretty Deep at CB, RB, DL, TE, LB & Center

      I would rather see the Eagles Draft a LB than Draft an OT with that #14/15th Pick… (Reuben Foster, Zac Cunningham,Takarist McKinley,Tim WIlliams)

      This OT class of 2017 is not very Strong at all in terms of immediate Starting Talent.. The 4 Above LB’s are Day 1 Starters and Impact Players for a Defense in dire need of LB Depth & Talent… Eagles Currently have Hicks and Bradham and not much else …

    1. unless its a veteran minimum..MAYBE…but no way can they bring him in– played 7 games total the last two years i think… move forward with young guys–

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