Eagles Pre-Combine Thoughts

The NFL Combine is set to begin, manipulating draft boards and mock drafts after men in snug fitted shirts and shorts go through a plethora of drills.  Sprinkle in the start of the NFL tampering period prior to the new league beginning on March 9th, the potential to improve the underwhelming Philadelphia Eagles roster is available.

Free agency in 2017 will be a challenge for Howie Roseman, multiple roster positons that need to be upgraded, but without the financial flexibility of seasons past.  Roseman has proven to flex his muscle in freeing up salary cap and negotiating contracts that benefit the team both short and long. Roseman will have his social game in full effect hoping to trump the headlining trades from the 2016 off-season.  Could Roseman negotiate a trade that brings Brandin Cooks to Philadelphia? Could the time spent in Chicago together between Eagles wide receiver coach Mike Groh and recently released Brandon Marshall reunite in Philadelphia?

Expectations are mixed with how the Eagles will approach free agency. The cap situation looks murky at the moment, but if the Eagles want to land a big name at a specific position group they have identified, Howie will get out his calculator and find a way to make the numbers work.

One positon group that is also mentioned is defensive end.  If Eagle fans are fine with Jim Schwartz wasting second round picks, better you then me.  I’m not pleased with how Eric Rowe was traded because Schwartz didn’t like him.  How Mychal Kendricks faded out of the picture; likely to be traded for minimum compensation or outright released.  Or the 42.79% of snaps that Curry received last year after getting paid to be a starting defensive end.

If Barwin is traded or released, Curry should absorb a larger role  and project to play close to the same amount of snaps as Brandon Graham this season.  I’m not holding onto any hope that Marcus Smith could take on a bigger role, but I’d rather see the Eagles spend their higher draft picks on offensive play-makers and cornerbacks.

It’s going to be interesting to see which names at the combine see their stock rise and whose will fall.  With how close free agency and the combine overlap, there could be an increase in trades, and if nothing else, rumors of possible deals saturating social media networks.

93 thoughts on “Eagles Pre-Combine Thoughts

  1. My hopes leading up to the draft.
    – Trade Kelce for a pick
    -Trade barwin for a pick
    -Trade kendricks and a pick(s) for Brandon cooks that hopefully you’ve offset a bit in the Kelce/barwin trades
    -Sign a corner- seamalu takes over at center
    – Draft RB Dalvin cook in 1st round all picks beyond should be CB, LB, WR and at least 1 OL

  2. The Eagles hold the No. 14 overall in the 2017 draft, and the Colts will pick No. 15.
    The two teams met for a coin flip at the Combine on Friday to determine the pick. Eagles GM Howie Roseman won the toss and netted the 14th selection via the Vikings as a result of the Sam Bradford trade. Philadelphia’s first-round pick has been linked to trade talks for disgruntled Brandin Cooks.
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    Mar 3 –

    1. We gonna get us cooks baby he’s only 23 and still has 2 yrs left on contract if u 5 yr option him,either way a second rd pick for him is good

  3. man i didnt really wanna go corner but if Marshon Lattimore is there think we gotta take him.

    Sidney Jones maybe too if he put on weight

  4. With solid talent at the cornerback position, I feel the Eagles could land a guy in the 2nd round that typically would have gone in the 1st round in weaker CB drafts.

    Corey Davis is a nice WR, but I believe the Eagles are better to obtain either Cooks, or sign a top 5 veteran WR, and then focus on drafting a WR or possibly two WR’s in rounds 3-5.

    If Dalvin Cook is available for the Eagles at pick 14, he is a game changer, a 3 down back that the Eagles desperately need. He is my #1 target for the Eagles in the 1st round of the 2017 draft.

  5. I think Fournette is a better pure runner, but the ability to catch out of the backfield is a priority for how Doug wants to run the offense.

    I think Fournette can develop better in that area, but Cook is so natural as a receiver, with room to grow. I see him better then what Charles was in KC, or Forte in Chi. I see some Faulk in Cook, and I’m not a person who compares players to HOF guys, but I did so with Zeke last year, and I feel Cook can make that type of impact as well.

    1. id like cooks. dont get me wrong. its just kind of a direction of the team thing.

      i prefer fournette over cooks b/c he can impose his will, run with attitude and i would love this team to become smash mouth to set up PA if we could get a deep threat that could catch over.

      I prefer getting a corey davis over a midget in cooks, or a burner like ross for similar reasons

      1. cooks gonna want a big fat extension real soon and im not trying to give that to a dwarf that was ok with Brees but also disappeared plenty with drew brees which is virtually impossible to do… im not giving up draft picks for anyone at this point we are rebuilding….

  6. My Offer to the Saints

    A 3rd Round Pick in the 2017 Draft plus WR Agholor & either DE C Barwin or LB Kendricks in Return for WR Crooks and their 2017 5th Round Pick from the Saints ..

    I like Dalvin Cook who

    1. and the saint will laugh in our face. but id love that. best believe the starting point for cooks is a 1st and then some, or 2 2nds and then some. and no way in hell am i giving that up for a smurf

    2. Paul, have you been hanging with gloomy again???? barwin is %8M cap hit, kendricks has a huge cap hit and salary and years, WHY WOULD THE SAINTS DO IT?????????????????

      also, i’m not giving up on agholar YET– I have to see him one more training camp with wentz

      1. The Saints have to improve their Pass Rush and LB play that’s why..
        Sean Payton is 1 more poor Season of missing the Playoffs or will likely get fired.. Its Playoffs or Bust for the Saints in 2017 or they will likely blow up that Team and Coaching Staff

        Barwin/Kendricks would very likely have to be willing to rework their Deals to any Team that would think about Trading for them.. If they refuse, then the Trade wouldn’t happen… Most likely Barwin is Flat Out Released and Signs a 3 Year $10 Million Deal with someone and Kendricks probably not even that much .. I expect Kendricks to be a “June 1st Release” where the Eagles can spread out his Dead $$$ ($4.8 Million) over a 2 Year Salary Cap Window

        Also, If the Eagles Obtain Brandin Cooks, then keep Agholor is useless as he’s the same type of Receiver and if you have Cooks, then they simply don’t need Agholor.. Send Agholor/Kendricks out to the West Coast to the Rams/Chargers where they belong…

  7. Saints Offense likes to Spread the Ball around to multiple Receivers & Backs which is how HC Sean Payton likes it … Crooks is unhappy there for he wants to be a # 1 Target and has voiced his Displeasure which is why Payton wants to move him now while he has Value.. The Saints have last Years Top Draft Pick Mike Thomas who probably was Offensive Rookie of the year last Season if not for Prescott/Zeke of the Cowboys.. Saints also have the young Willie Snead, Brandon Coleman, TE’s Coby Fleener, Josh HIll & Houwainaa plus 3-4 RB’s who can all catch in Ingram, Cadet and 2nd Year Back Danny Lasco so they have plenty of Options…

    1. well then he won’t like it here– AR and now thru lineage DP like to spread the ball around, and you know wentz is going to do that. Ertz and matthews will get their share and of course a back will as well–

      1. Willie Snead with 72 Receptions & almost 900 Yards with 4 TD’s and a 12.5 Yard Avg per Receptions .. He would be a #1 if he was with the Eagles…

          1. What i’m saying is Snead as a #3 WR For the Saints is better than what the Eagles Currently have … This is how putrid the Eagles Outside WR Corps is..

  8. If Saints don’t want WR Agholor then I package him and LB Kendricks or Center Kelce to the LA Rams for a Draft Pick

    The Problem for the Eagles is if they can’t Trade and Shed Payroll by the time Free-Agency begins next week, then their hands are tied in making any moves during the early first few days of Free-Agency where all the Top Players usually move on and sign Deals… The Eagles will likely have to wait until making Trades at Draft Time help them with Draft Picks for 2017 & Beyond which is fine but doesn’t help them in Free-Agency for this Season.

    I think the Eagles shold move towards the Future and try to get as many Draft PIcks for 2017 and 2018 as possible and help clean their Books from overpaid, underperforming Players like Barwin,Kendricks, Kelce,Ryan Matthews etc so that they can be in much better situation for 2018 Free-Agency

    I also expect Bennie Logan and Trey Burton to sign Elsewhere for the Eagles are not really in position to resign them.. Burton will quietly be in demand as many Teams need an athletic pass-receiving option at TE… The Colts, Lions,Giants,TB Bucs,Dolphins, Steelers Rams, 49ers to name a few

      1. yup! no rush with wentz. keep building around him… when you got a qb everything else is EZ. question is do we have a qb?

      2. I agree 100% to build thru the Draft HAC but the Eagles should move,trade,release some Players to free up Roster Spots and Create more $$$$ to add flexibility in 2018 & Beyond

        I would have Released RB Ryan Matthews,Connor Barwin, Jason Kelce the same Day they Released Leodis McKelvin..

        1. what that tells you is there is some level of interest from other teams and/or the eagles consider them an option for the upcoming season. kelce is not the goner IMO that all you guys think he is.
          no to cooks for draft picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! build thru the draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! supplement with a malcom jenkins level FA

        2. no you wouldnt have released ryan matthews b.c if they do now they lose money bc of his injury. he will get cut when / if he gets cleared

          1. It’s a 1 Million Dead $$$ Cap Hit to save $4 Million total for Ryan Matthews,
            He will have to clear Medically first which likely will take a while due to his Neck Injury so very likely they come to a Medical Settlement which can be done at anytime the new Football Calendar Year Starts next Week.. Either way, he’s out and won’t be part of the Eagles Team moving forward and unfortunately for him, his Career is likely over…

            1. paul here is the thing at 2:07 your said you would have released him when they released McGelvin–then at 2:57 you gave the explanation as to why they COULDN’T HAVE RELEASED HIM….. weird man!!!!!!

              1. Ryan Matthews is not a part of their Future so when it’s officially done is a moot point.. I forget about his injured Neck , big deal, he’s a goner anyways whether this happened in January, Feb or now in March, or June or July.. The Eagles need to plan for his Replacement for he will no longer be with the Team

    1. id be shocked if the eagles sign anyone significant this offseason. theyll try to trade some players and see if they have any takers. but it wont be easy moving some of these guys and their bloated contracts especially that bum kendricks

  9. I think if the Eagles offered their 2nd rd pick and CB Mills, this would get the deal done. Mills is the only CB that can be penciled in as a potential starter for the Eagles, but his time at LSU in addition to his cheap price tag makes him attractive to Saints.

    I don’t think Barwin or Kendricks fits what they are looking for in their 4-3 defensive scheme. They have 2 OLB’s, and Kendricks can’t play the middle. Barwin did not look good as a 4-3 DE, I personally think he would be a great trade chip to the Ravens, possibly fetch a 5th round pk.

    Saints are looking to free up cap, which is why I believe Mills could fit that defensive player they are looking to acquire in addition to the pick.

    1. and start who at cb 2 rookies?

      i want no parts of cooks the more i think about it for anything less more than a 3rd.

  10. Look for Eagles to Sign RB Jamaal Charles and WR Pierre Garcon or maybe even a Brandon Marshall on Deals later in the Free-Agency Period after the Top Tier Players settle out the first 2 weeks of Free-Agency …
    The Eagles will probably be more active Post-Draft then During March/April-free Agency period.. Having $15 Million to play with a Draft Class to Sign and some Young Players to start thinking about resigning doesn’t leave them much room to do anything this Year which is fine by me..
    Obtain more Draft PIcks… Draft CB’s,WR,LB & OL

  11. damn i can’t get any phils play on the other thread!!! its spring training time and we had snow squalls here today! take me out to the ball game….

  12. Eagles in Talks with DT Beau Allen for a Contract Extension which means Goodbye to Bennie Logan who will be pursued my many Teams at a Nice Size Contract .. I expect the Redskins,Falcons,Colts,Browns,Titans,TB Bucs and Cowboys to have an Interest…
    The Cowboys have virtually No Cap Space so they are probably out..

  13. If you can get cooks for a young defender i.e. kendricks/graham/curry and a 2, maybe another later round or swap of picks, you do it. NO is only entertaining moving him because he was outspoken, they have other receivers & saw they were able to survive after J. Graham was traded previously and really need young talented defenders. Unless Tennessee is willing to give up one of their 1’s for him (both of which are slotted higher than he was drafted) they have no #2nd rounder to deal with. I wouldn’t be as high on a trade if we had to give up #14, I might take a step back at that point, because I want D. Cook in Round #1. Yes, Fournette is a more physical runner, but cook is better all around i.e. catching the ball, pass protection and fournette will be long gone by 14. An offense with Wentz, Cooks, Cook, Ertz and Matthews sounds like good start to me.

    1. At the most you give up Kendricks and Barwin and a second rounder.

      That a way Eagles give up 2 players they do not want to begin with AND save a lot of cap

      So u basically only give up a second roundeR for a 23 year old wr that will grow with 11.

      Draft your running back or corner in the first.

      Dalvin cook and cooks pairing up with Jordan Matthews and erTz and Burton? Could be unreal

    2. They should just draft a WR if that’s what they want. The Eagles have to build this team with draft picks. They can’t give picks away under any circumstances. Hopefully Roseman and the new front office people know that.

      1. U would be basically drafting a wr by getting a 23 year old and giving up a second round pick. A proven one at that.

        Plus u free up a decenT amount of cap.

  14. Trade to saints should be as follows
    3rd or 2nd rd pick Kendricks and dgb

    For cooks and a 6th rd pick

    And if they insist on a a 1st rd pick

    1st rd pick, dgb abd Kendricks

    For the saints 2nd rd pick and cooks

  15. I think everyone is over valuing Kendrick’s and certainly DGB…. Kendrick has a huge salary and could not even get on the field for a 7-9 team. Why would anyone want him? DGB…give me a break

  16. Barwin? Who wants him at that salary? Eagles will cut him and someone will give him a prove it contract…. Any team that trades for him , their GM should be fired.
    He can play but he will need to show me he still deserves the contract…. It’s the nfl

    1. You never know HAC.. All it takes is 1 Team..
      Who thought any Teams last Year would take Byron Maxwell/Kiko Alonso or even Demarco Murray’s with his crazy Contract?

      Teams that would be in the Market for Barwin would be the Packers, Panthers, Ravens, Browns, Colts , but not at his Current Salary

      Kendricks I think will have much less interest due to his attitude and lack of production and a willingness to practice hard which has been his bugaboo.. He has missed a ton of Practice over his entire Career and Coaches don’t like it, and especially Jim Schwartz, where if you’re not practicing, you’re not Playing
      He will be a June 1st Release Casualty… The big problem for the Eagles is that they are very thin at LB with Goode, Braman & Tulloch all are Free-Agents so expect 1-2 LB’s Drafted and added to the Undrafted list

  17. Let’s not forget that kendricks filled up the stat sheet pretty good two/three seasons ago, well enough to be given a new multi-year contract. He is still only 25 or 26 and lets be honest, fans frustration with him isn’t that he is absent of any ability, it’s that he has tons of ability and either can’t stay healthy, or figure it out on the field again outside of that 2013 season. Idk if the saints would want him or not, but he is young, with a pro bowl caliber year under his belt that he’s never been able to recapture. If he plays at 2013 level, his contract is market value. This is why your adding a significant draft pick to the package with kendricks. Are the saints willing take what will ultimately be two young defensive players for Brandon cooks? And we’re incurring all the risk of cooks not being willing to sign long term for big dollars. My point is kendricks and a 2 or 3 is not unrealistic- I can’t see anyone giving a 1 unless an extension is worked out beforehand and at the $$$ cooks wants, that’s not happening either

      1. While “everyone” is disappointed in Kupp’s 40 time, I know one coach up,in New England is smiling this am.

        Kupps time drops him from the 2nd to the 4th where the pats can scoop him up for a bargain and watch him dominate the slot for the next decade in the Pats system.

  18. Eagles Place a 2nd Draft Tender on TE Trey Burton to help Protect their Assets while having little Cap Space.. any Team in Free-Agency offering Burton a Deal and the Eagles have 5 Days to match the offer and retain him or they would receive a 2nd Round Draft Pick from his new Team… if no Team makes any offer to Burton that Burton remainsan Eagles but at a 2nd Round Salary which for 2017 would be $2.8 Million and then Burton could become a Free-Agent again in 2018

  19. I am extremely surprised by Zay Jones and Chris Godwin’s 40 time…Godwin 6’2″ 205 4.42 40 time…wow. Both players with very good hands.
    Godwin’s agility drill was geed too.

    1. My nephew coached Godwin in HS here in the first state. An absolute TOP NOTCH kid….. You will never read negative things about his character or off field things. His combine might push him to the second???

  20. I think he eagles are in for Cooks… I think it’s a first rounder and Kendrick with the eagles maybe getting a fifth in addition…so it’s essentially drafting a WR in the first. Here is the scenario… $2.5 this year, fifth year tender is $8 and in worse case scenario franchise him at $15 he following season… That’s $30 for 3 seasons but the important part is it’s only 2.6 this season and if u can minus Kendrick 4.8 you have a dynamic receiver and you actually create cap space….

    1. Pass. Would be an awful trade.

      Rather just take roSs or Corey Davis or cooks or fournette. Not giving up a 1st for a smurf. Saint dumping a cheap wr , why???? Cuz they know he ain’t worth resigning for dumb money. He’s a nice player but a product of Bree’s. Not a all around #1 wr.

      Saints knew Jim graham wasn’t worth the $ was a puss and a injury liability and knew Bree’s made him. And ripped off Seahawks.

      Hard pass.

      Gamble on Davis or if u want a speed guy trade back and get Ross later. He may even be available in the 2nd with his surgery and past injuries.

      Cooks is a 50-60 catch guy here with 4-5 tds a year. Not worth giving up a 1st

    2. I think the Eagles will keep their first pick. With the draft in Philadelphia, Howie Roseman stated how important it was to have that pick during the coin flip so they can make that pick in front of their fans. They will draft their player at 14, no shot they trade it for Cooks.

  21. I would think WR John Ross will now jump into the Top Half of the 1st Round with his record-breaking 40 Time at a 4.22.. I’m not so sure WR Corey Davis will be able to run or workout and his College Workday which start in a week or two and Davis was unable to participate in the Senoir Bowl due to a Shoulder Injury from his Bowl Game and then injured his ankle while prepping for the Combine.. I think Corey Davis will drop until later in the 1st Round , Teams want to see these Players with their own eyes that they’re investing a 1st Round Draft Pick for… Hopefully for his sake he can do personal/private workouts with Clubs by Draft time..

    1. Ross is also very dangerous in the Return Game..He goes about 5-11 & 190lbs so he’ s a ittle bigger, stronger than D-Jax and is a polished Route Runner..
      Drafting Ross at #14 and then signing a Free-Agent Veteran WR like Pierre Garçon who can help Develop & Teach Ross/Agholor/DBG just may be the way to go where the Eagles can utilize their Draft Picks on Drafting young Players to grow with Wentz instead of trading early picks away for an established WR them ..
      A WR Corps of Matthews, Garçon, Agholor, Ross & DBG could end up being a pretty effective & productive WR Corp and a big improvement from last year’s group..

      1. Then Eagles can then use Draft Picks in Rounds #2-# 5 on CB’s, LB, RB & OL
        and still have Players in Barwin, Kendricks to Trade come Draft Weekend to get additional mid/late Round Picks or be used with other Picks to move up 5-10-15 Spots in a Round

    1. Just saw that, Classic Belicheck, Get Crooks for 2 Years on the Cheap and then let him walk in Free Agency after the 2018 Season…
      The Pats are $60 Million under the Cap but have big decisions and $$$$ to Spend on their Secondary where 2 Starters are Free-Agents in Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan… Belicheck values his DB’s ..

  22. NE’s 1st is essentially a high 2. I like the idea of getting cooks a lot, but you can’t give up your pick at 14 as part of a deal. Too many other needs. Paul, your probably right about Ross moving up in the draft based on his 40 time. Funny thing is if you look at the list of top 10 combine performances for 40, bench press etc. – most of those players don’t amount to much in the league. Every year too much stock is put into the combine and someone is always overdrafted and some truly great players fall. Combine is a nice tool, but game tape never lies.

    1. Ross had a Nice Career at Washington playing against Talented and Athletic/Fast CB’s Week in and Week Out.. He had some Injuries in his background which is probably the only reason he was not a bomafide Top 20 Pick to begin with.. he’s a lot like D-Jax skill set wise coming into the NFL but a tad bigger by an inch Taller and and 10-12lbs heavier or so..

      1. 72 Receptions for 1,200 Yards with 16 TD’s for Ross last Year.. he missed most of the 2015 Season with a Knee Injury.. He also is a very Punt/Kick Returner which Eagles will need to address as Sproles is in his Final Year with the Eagles.. many Scouting Services have him in their Top 20-25 Players in this Draft Grade Wise

  23. If I’m the Eagles and the saints want to fix they defense I offer them

    Brandon graham abd a 5th Rd pick for Brandon cooks and a 7th rd pick..

    Or jordan hicks for cooks straight up then draft Ruben foster 14th

    1. I pass on Cooks all together , If I’m the Eagles I’m Drafting

      1st Round – WR John Ross – Washington
      2nd Round – TE E Engram – Ole Miss
      3rd Rd – CB C Awuzie – Colorado
      4th Rd – WR Zay Jones – East Carolina
      4th Rd – CB S Kadeeze – San Diego State
      The use the Rest theDraft for a LB,RB & OL

    1. I don’t think that I would do that Gloomy. Graham was the only consistent pass rusher on the team last year and the pass rush wasn’t very good. You would fill a hole by creating another one.

      1. I agree with you that someone will reach because of his 40 time. I am not sold on Ross. I wouldn’t take him over Williams or Davis.

        1. John Ross is no Reach Bugs, He’s been a Projected 1st Round Prospect all Off-Season.. He had 81 Receptions last Season for 1,150 Yards with 17 TD’s Playing for a very good Washington Offensive Team versus some very athletic Pac-10 Competition & CB’s from Stanford,USC,UCLA, Colorado, Utah that will have a few CB’s also Drafted and playing in NFL.
          He also is a Dynamic Kick Returner and the only real knock on him is Injuries.. He had a Knee Injury which made his miss all of the 2015 Season at Washington and he announced before the Indy Combine that he will have Labrum Surgery in Mid-March to clean up his Shoulder but will be ready to go for his Rookie & Summer Camp.

          At 5-11, 190lbs he’s built a little bigger than D-Jax & Brandin Cooks
          He’s very Polished and Run Precise Routes, there’s no doubt that he will have to get stronger as every young Receiver does, but if you want a legitimate Deep Threat WR from this Draft Class, a real blow the top off of a Defense and who can also contribute on Kick-Off/Punt Returns and Run a couple of End-Around and Turn those Short Bubble Routes into a Big Plays, then John Ross is that Receiver/Player and Most Scouts had him going in the 1st Round to begin with and now with this crazy 4.22 Time, he will likely move up to the Top 20

          1. so he getting labrum surgery.

            think he had a hammy issue after his 40 time was logged.

            he had 2 meniscus tears in right knee and surgery for it

            torn acl in left knee

            main issue is his injuries and the fact that he doesnt do well with press coverage in a limited sample size tho i guess

          2. Yeah, I saw Ross a ton last year. I am a PAC 12 guy, since I am originally from the west coast. I saw a lot of him last year. He is a good player and will be the fastest in the league, but that injury history is pretty scary to me. He is a top of the 2nd round talent IMO opinion that just got boosted because of his blazing speed at the combine.

            1. He’s been the 3rd Rated WR in this Draft Class and since the NFL is a Passing League, Talented and Highly Rated WR’s go in the 1st Round ..
              The NFL averages about 4-5 WR’s Drafted in the 1st Round

              2016 Draft (4) – Corey Coleman, Will Fuller,Josh Docton & Laquon Treawell (which was a below average WR Class)
              2015 Draft (6) – Amari Cooper, Kevin White, Davante Parker,Nelson Agholor, Breshard Perriman, Phillip Dorsett (4 of these Players have done nothing)
              2014 Draft (5) – Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks, Kelvin Benjamin (besides Watkins, the rest have been very productive)
              2013 Draft (3) – Tayvon Austin, DeAndre Hopkins & Corradelle Patterson
              2012 Draft (4) – Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, AJ Jenkins
              2011 Draft (3) – AJ Green, Julio Jones & Jonathon Baldwin

              A lot of Duds on this List above..


    the dude a bad man! insane body control, insane hand eye coordination, insane winning contested battles for the ball, insane footwork. tracks and adjusts to the ball brilliantly. as strong as they come.. great work ethic and back story

    i hope him skipping the combine will make him drop to us


    1. He’s had a Great College Career and has Put up Stats every Season while at Western Michigan.. in fact he’s the All-time Leader for Receptions at the FBS Level of College Football.. 332 Receptions for over 5,200 Yards & 52 TD’s and almost a 16 Yard per Catch Average over his 4 Seasons with the WMU Broncos which are unbelievable ..
      At 6-3 215lbs, Corey Davis is also a Physical Player who is Tough and is from the from the Chicago Suburbs (Wheaton,Illinois)

      The only Real Question for him is the level of Competition that he went up against week in a week out Playing in the MAC Conference which is pretty Good Football but not the Players and Talent and Coaching that you will have a Power Conference..
      In 2016 Season – He Played against 3 BIG 10 Schools (Northwestern,Illinois and Wisconsin and had 17 Catches for 240 Yards and 1 TD)
      In 2015 Season – He Played versus Mich State and Ohio State and had Big Games for a Combined 16 Catches and almost 200 Yards and 1 TD
      In 2014 Season – He Played Purdue and Air Force
      In 2013 Season – He Played Mich State and Iowa

      Another very Impressive Stat is the fact that he Played in 50 out of a possible 52 Games over his 4 Years at Western Michigan..He Missed 1 Game his Freshman Year and 1 Game his Sophomore Season, so obviously he’s learned how to play thru some minor injuries, pain, distractions, etc,etc

      He had a minor injury to his Shoulder in the Bowl Game Versus Wisconsin in late December which kept him out of the Senior Bowl Week and then while rehabbing and getting ready for the Indy Combine he injured his Ankle which he had a minor surgery on preventing him from participating in the Combine and he will miss his Schools College Workout Day and it may be late April/May before he’s out running again so he may not be able to do too much during his Private Workouts for Teams but there is 4 Years of Tape and Interview with Coaches, opponents & teammates who just love this guys..
      He also reportedly Scored a 31 on the Wonderlic Test per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ,
      Many Teams and Scouting Services have him as the Top WR Prospect with the Highest Upside out of this entire Draft due to his durability, toughness and willingness to compete, work hard and having the smarts…
      Chances are he will go Top 10-15 with the Titans (#5 & # 18) Bills (#10), Browns (#12) and Cardinals (#13) & Ravens (#16) all very interested in Corey Brown also as well as some Teams that may want to Move up in the Draft to Gt him.. A key will be how many QB Needy Teams actually Draft a QB pushing some Position Players down the Board..
      If the 49ers,Bears,Jets,Bills & Cardinals take QB’s than WR Davis could very well be there for the Eagles.. If these Teams Take other Position Players or Trade Back to get their QB later in the Draft , then another Team could move up to Select Davis
      Wonder if Eagles would move up to lets say #10 (Bills) or #12 (Browns) to ensure that they can get Corey Davis and what that would cost to go up a few Spots if Corey Davis is their #1 Priority of the Draft ?

      1. solid write up paul. google this:

        Seidel: How WMU star Corey Davis nearly slipped through cracks

        awesome story.

        this the type of guy i want

        1. corey davis is a football player and looks like dez bryant on type. thats what i want. mike williams pass. all these FA’s with question marks pass. ross guy pass. i want the guy thats gonna work the hardest and is hungriest, the guy thats most physical that guy thats not gonna take a punch and quit, the guy thats gonna go 100, give 100, and doesnt look for anything other than to dominate

          man reading about corey, watching his tape and imagining him pairing with the perfectionist, hard working, first guy in last guy out wentz gives me goose bumps.

          I WANT CORY and if we cant get him corner

            1. Corey Davis has all the attributes and skill & atleticism to be one of the Top WR’s in the NFL .. I believe he’s more athletic than Dez Bryant, more Physical than AJ Green and as hungry as any Player coming into the NFL which is what you like to see.. Getting a young stud like this in Wentz 2nd Year can really jump start this Eagles Offense and be that kind of playmaker that’s a Wentz can go to and who can make plays..
              I agree with Henski of the more you read up and watch this kid that the Eagles not only need to target Corey Davis but they need to be willing to move up a few spots to ensure they get him

  25. Eliot Shorr-Parks of NJ Advanced Media reports the Eagles “have interest” in free agent CB A.J. Bouye.
    Source: NJ.com
    Mar 7 – 3:45 PM


    1. The rest about Bouye

      According to Parks, the two sides are already talking. Cornerback was a problem area for the Eagles last year with Nolan Carroll, Jalen Mills and Leodis McKelvin (who was cut last month) all receiving negative grades from PFF. Coming off a breakout season in Houston, Bouye is widely considered the best cover corner in this year’s free agent class.
      Related: Eagles
      Source: NJ.com
      Mar 7 – 3:45 P

  26. Eagles have a lot of interest in a lot of Players but not enough $$$ to sign them with their current Cap Situation…
    There’s Probably 15 Teams talking with Bouye’s Agent during this next 24 Hrs
    To see what he’s seeking Contract wise…

  27. CB Stephen Gilmore played for Schwartz up in Buffalo and may be willing to listen and work with the Eagles

  28. Bouye will be this years bust of a FA signing– guy leads the league in CB penalties, pass interfernece — he is this years maxwell– played good on a great defense– a C player getting A+ player money!

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